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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  October 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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upper marlboro on. it happened this afternoon at the babes boy tavern on marlboro pike. fox5's paul wagner is live at the scene . paul, i understand you you spoke to the driver of the car. what happened? >>reporter: she said her brakes failed, shawn and we're going to have what she had to say because we were able to talk to her. we're here at the corner of marlboro pike and old crane highway. you can see that there's a median right over here . she says she was coming around the corner doing about 25 or 30 miles an hour and she comes across the median and starts coming up this hill. you can see the orange paint has been laid down by the prince george's county police reconstruction unit. take a look at this. the car is still inside the building. there are three metal yellow barricades that were protecting an air-conditioning unit. she went through those, lieu the air-conditioner and then into the building breaking down the wall which is made of cinderblk.
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the left here you'll see a flatbed crane. they're waiting to take the car out of the building, but we're told that the billing is not safe. so they cannot pull the car out just yet. now we did speak with the driver earlier today. her name is veer nel robinson. here is what she had to say about happened. do you know what happened. >> i was coming out of this oald crane highway and just slowing down and my brakes went out. i was probably going 25, something like that. and then i came over this little hump right here. this car is a little l to the side, so i can't of panicked and my car went clear. >> and your brakes gave out on you. >> brakes out totally. >> the lunch hour was just coming to a close and the restaurant was packed with patrons when the rec happened. she said she is doing okay, but a number of the patrons
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. some first responders were already in the establishment and began treating the injured, including a prince george's county judge and a number of county government employees. that's before paramedics got on the scene. seven people were transported to nearby hospitals, two in serious condition. mark brady, the spokesman for prince george's county fire and ems say s in the immediate few seconds after the crash there was some confusion as to exactly what had happened. talking to off the patrons and employees inside they said it sounded and felt like a bomb had hit the building. that much percussion the ceiling shook. some of the panels fell. additional brick and mortar all over the place inside. everybody was able to evacuate rather quickly and safely. fortunately there were some public safety people here on the screen already enjoying lunch with the rest of the crowd that were able to pretty much take control of the scene until other officials arrived
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>> we talked to the owner of the tavern, py wilson. let me show you what he he says. where that car went into the side of the building he says just a few minutes before it happened there was a couple sitting at a table right against the wall. he said it's just pour luck that nobody was seriously or very, very critically injured we should say or killed in this accident. we're live in upper marlboro, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> we have more breaking news tonight. this time out of the district. two people are in the hospital after a shooting in southeast d.c. fox5's corey coffin is live at the scene tonight. what have you been able to find out in. >>reporter: so we know it happened just before 2:00 in broad day light, but we fowngd out that the actual shooting happened just down the street here and then they were able to drive their vehicle into this parking lot into the complex here right off of pomeroy road. the police had the entrance blocked off as they investigated earlier. residents were not
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out that things have just opened back up. the act l ul shooting again happened at stanton road between pomeroy and douglas, d.c. \police\police had that part of the roadblocked off as well. we're told three men were driving when someone shot into that car. that's when they were able to drive back to this complex. according to police two of the men went to the hospital with gunshot wounds. the third man has unknown injuries at this point. all are conscious and breathing accord ing to d.c. police. this latest shooting has neighbors on edge and calling for city leaders to do more to help ward eight. at least seven people shot in the last 24 hours. three in this particular incident. two incidents yesterday. two over the weekend . so we're outraged that the violence happened in our community and we called on other council members to join in the struggle against the crime and violence that is playing our community. you may remember this
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where a 16 year old was shot and killed in event s and where a puppy was tollen at gun point earlier this month. d.c. \police\police could not confirm to me whether or not they're sympathomimeticking for a us s pect or whether or not they know who that suspect is who is responsible for today's shooting only to say that they were not looking for one. live in southeast, corey coffin, fox5 local news. >> new tonight, police are searching for the man who attacked and sexually assaulted a person on a trail in bowie maryland. the attack happened yesterday around four:30 right near sequential million drive and sequential lane. the victim told police a man came out of the woods along a jogging trail the victim fought him off, anyone with information is asked to call prince george's county police. police in the district also need your help finding a man wanted in an armed assault. take a look the at this surveillance video. you can see the suspect crossing the street aproaping someone someone than a then opening fire before fleeing the scene. this happened saturday along
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minnesota a avenue northeast. if you you recognize the suspect , you're asked to call \police\policement in northern virginia, a woman is under ar rest for child neglect. police responded to a home in woodbridge after marilyn morton reported that her two kids were missing. the investigation revealed both children, ages eight and 11 left the home in the morningment officers later found the children at a playground unharmed. police also found the conditions inside the home were extremely dirty. >> a d.c. man will spend more than three months in jail for illegally riding an atv in arlington. a judge sentenced is it a fon williams to four years in prison and then suspendedded 105 days which he will have to soivment he was a large part of atv and dirt bike riders who drove last april. he dropped his cellphone during that ride and that is how police tracked him down. a man wanted for threatening to bomb his ex girlfriend's apartment turned himself into police. garret perkins is suspected of making the
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he's also facing misdemeanor charges for talking. the debate over illegal i am graition in ts . protestors rallied in fairfax today demanding local authorities not assist ice agents with their agents. the group called fairfax for all wants local leaders to stand up for immigrants instead of target ing the community. the trump administration is pushing forward with enforcing tough immigration laws especially when it comes to gangs and those committing violent crimes. we're looking to not be profiled as some ads have shown us just as members of ms13ment we're just here to really fight for those that are too fearful right now to come out of their houses to fight for themselves. tagger targeting, arresting and re moving members of ms13 sends a message around the world, you're not welcome in the united states . the police chief was also at the rally. he
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accident is not an arm of the immigration police and his job to protect everyone in the community. by now you know it was a very busy day on capital hill. president trump met with republican leaders to hammer out a deal on tax reform and cuts. even before he he sat down, the pamly freud ignited once again. tom fitzgerald is live on the hill tonight. there was also some sort of disturbance when the president arrived. >>reporter: we talk about dramatic days all the time on capital hill. this one really was, the shocking announcement from senator jeff flake that he won't seek reelection. the announcement by bob corker, the senate republican chairman of the senate foreign relations committee he that the president was untruthful and then this seat. take a look atv this. this is as the president entered the united states senate to meet with republicans on the tax plan . there are russian flags thrown up in the air by a pro testor who somehow managed to make his way int
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as the president of the united states was walking by with republican senate leader mitchell mcconnellment tonight that protestor has been identif ied as jason clayton of virginia. he has been arrested by united states capital police, charged with unlawful conduct in the united states capital. now the president was up there to talk about tax cuts earlier in the day he says this is a vital issue for republicans and one he says is tied to creating more jobs. we are one of the highest tax nations in the world, anywhere in the world, one of the highest tax costing us millions of jobs and trillions and trillions of dollar as. our tax cuts will restore america's competitive edge and lower the crushing tax burden on the american people. >> of course not many people up here were talking about taxes today. in can pennsylvania, they were talking about the freud that continues between senator corker and the president , the president t
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twitter this morning calling the senator incompetent. we're live on the hill tonight, tom fits yerld, fox5 local news. >> we're going to talk p more on that at 5@6:30. big talker today. what to wear versus whatnot to wear. it's the center of a controversy over halloween costumes. gary mcgrady is in the thick of it tonight. it happens every year, doesn't it? speaking of being in the thick of it. you can find all kinds of costumes here and the question is are they all appropriate? we'll talk more about that. maybe even try and answer that question coming up in just a few minutes. fox5 news at six will continuement stay with us. gary, i'm plan ning to do my costume without makeup. that will be scary. standby for that. i can't believe that we're talking halloween a week from today. october has just gone so fast. we're also talking about temperatures that are going to tank a little bit. all of that coming up in just a few minutes shawn. thank you, sue. if you have a tip or a story idea we want to hear from you. give
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q. we're just days away from halloween, choosing the right costume can sometimes be a challenge. it can a little tricky. every year there's a story that pops up about someone wearing an inappropriate costume . this year, the poll knees and princess from the disney movie is sparking some controversy. fox5's gary mcgrady is at party mania in bethesda to explainment are you having fun out there. >>reporter: there's a lot of folks coming in. that would be like me at the last minute searching for their halloween costume. when you're searching for your costume at the last minute you might make a choice based on what's left based on what is appropriate. this is
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the second year in a row that disney finds themselves in a controversy. last year it was the maw i costumement they had to pull it from the market. that's the character that the rock made famous. this year, same movie. now it's the mow want a costume that is a a little bit controversial, the poll knees and princess and a lot of people are making a big deal about it, whether it's culturally unsentive about it. you you have to find the right costumes. and so that's a very, very important question. i weren't to talk to somebody because this is a way fer arguing a and she's the owner at party mania. every year you have to do all the ordering for these costumes, don't you. >> yes, do. >> when you're doing that not only do you have to know the hot costume but you thattive to be culturally aware with what may be crossing the
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you figure that out? a. parents are sometimes very liberal around here. so if the skirt is a little shorter, we recommend that they get a pair of tithes. we workaround that and try to make the parents and the children happy. have you you ever had a situation where maybe you've ordered something and once you got it in you thought it did cross the line and you you you you pulled it off the shelves or anything like that. we don't want to be offensive to anyone around here we don't want to be offensive to our customers. we want to make the parents happy so they will continue to come back. what is the hot kows toom this year. wonder woman and annuals are always fun so we have a lot of onis with panda bears. is it super busy. >> thursday is when it all happens. two days for halloween for adults. she's got a good supply. tony and shawn a, i've talked to some parents and they really did think it's a fun
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. let the kids have fun. but the decision on where that line is, it's pretty much use commonance s and if you think that potentially you you are offending someone you you probably are. that seems to be the standard here. again, live from party mania in bethesda, gary mack mcgrady. >> in case you needed an excuse to dress up, chip pole tea might be just the deal you're looking for. three dollar burritos, bowels, salads and tacos to anyone who comes in wearing a costume from 3 p.m. to closing time on october 31ment you better pull out all the stops because it's at the sole discretion of chip pole take you staff to determine if you're qualified. what if you want to come as a chik-fil-a cow? a. then you probably won't get the 3-d burrito. >> d.c. police chief peter knew
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add some men and women to the force. they hosted a breakfast for d.c. council members this morning. they discussed the city's effort to recruit news of oners. the current force is about 3800, but he doesn't expect that number to expand. he does want to replace the officers who leave from natural attrition. he wants to replace them with the best and the brightest. part of that is making sure that our police officers, first of all, are well trained and then you you have to make sure they're safe, making sure they work in a good environment to work in. the mayor says the city provided some incentives to recruit and retain officers like offering them rental and housing assistance. >> did you you bring your pajama s to work today. >> no, i did not. >> because we have a late night here? a. did you you? >> yes, i did and i'll be wearing them on our late show tonight? a. i'm going to take a picture and tweet it out. the wall classic begins tonight, major league
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a seat to the length of the time .
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vo: john adams' prescription for health care would be a disaster for virginia families. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged thousands more. 685,000 virginians would lose their health care. and adams is against medicaid expansion - denying coverage to thousands of veterans, children and the disabled.
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mark: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. >> there you go, all eyes will be on dodger stadium tonight for game one of the world series. as the houston astros and the loss angels dodgers get set to take the field. but the length of the game may take the spotlight. this post season the average nine inning game has lasted three hours and 30 minutes many that's seven minutes up from last year and 18 more from 2015. so doing the math with first pitch set at eight:zero nine tonight that means last pitch will probably come sometime pation 11:30. of course you can watch the game night right here on fox5. the other thing in addition to the length of the game people are going to be focused on the temperatures out there. we just did some checking. what have
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>> the temperature right now in loss angels, 104. it's an excessive heat warning. it's crazy. a little bit of santa and as well as a couple other systems set up. first pitch temperature. we're going to show it to you. it looks like the first pitch could be 99 or 100. this will be the hottest game ever for the world series. the previous record was 94 set in 2001 in phoenix. and this will be hotter than any game they would have played even in houston this year. i think their hottest day. they only had one day that they got to one 4u7b degrees. who is going to do better in kind of heat, i don't know. la is eight:zero nine tonight. he i just think that's going to be so tough for a lieutenant of the players. many reasons to watch the game tonight and the weather is one of them. today he we ended up with just a spectacular day. 7 late last night and early
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could have used more. we only ended up being a half inch. a second front comes through later tonight closer to morning and it brings october temperatures back into the picture. overnight it's going to be a chilly one. fifty-two here in the city. maybe points south and east stay near 52-degrees as well. suburbs back in the october chill which feels fantastic anyway. 49-degrees for dulles, 47 gaithersburg, 43 for hagerstown and winchester. here's our big system that went by, a strong frontal boundary. it stalled a little bit out here so we're still seeing some rain pushing from south to north. this is the second front that will come through. a few showers maybe for the mountain, but we think the d.c. area stays dry overnight, but this front swings through in the morning and that's the cool air that you'll be feeling and to give you you some idea it's still p 30 here in d.c. after our high temperature of 73. you you get out towards chicago they're in the middle of it and it's 47. detroit
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and columbus 48-degrees. we will be getting cooler, enjoy these last few hours of mild temperatures because the upper 60s to near 70-degree readings including 73 for annapolis that ill with be disappearing in the overnight hours. so here's your evening forecast in case you want to get out and get a little l l exercise in before you you watch the world series on fox. sixty-eight at seven. by 9:00 we've got some qulowdz around, partly cloudy, 656-degrees. by 11:00, 63 greece. this cool the pattern will continue into the middle part of the week. thrts ' a big pool of cool air that the jet extreme is going to be delivering, the northeast and we'll see again that cooler mid week pattern continuing on as we go through temperatures. you can also see d.c., 70-degrees, chicago, 47 as we just showed you and i guess i didn't need to load that twice, but you can certainly see the heat out in the southwest. tomorrow with that area of low pressure to our north, the chilly air continues
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little bit breezy. we'll be feeling more like fall with temperatures only topping out in the six 06s. i wanted to show you you tomorrow's planner at 8 a.m. by the noon hour 62 and by 5:00 65-degrees. a quick look at temperatures and we'll wrap it up. mid 60s. it will be even cooler with a temperature of 60. buns back a little bit on thursday at 66- degrees. and so much to see here on the nfl player. a warm weekend. a warm weekend relative speaking. sunday is a redskins game. i think it's going to rain. and then tuesday halloween. would you rather have rain on halloween or redskins. >> don't answer that. not on halloween, there will be lots of kids out trick or treating. football players can play in the ra.
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ahead to 2018. the new line of bottled drinks the company is set to launch next year and where you might be able to find them. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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good news for starbucks lovers. the l company will release. a couple of different flares. check them out. keep it here, 5@6:30 is coming up right after the break.
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expwhru can call it the tuesday take down. a family freud within the gop. two republican senators break rank, made scath ing comments about president trump. as you can see on the run down on the side of your screen that's what we're talking about tonight at five and 6:30. >> i have children and grandchildren to answer to, and so mr. president i will not be come police and the or


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