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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  October 25, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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this wild night coming to end near catholic university were students were on lockdown for a period of time overnight. we have team coverage this morning and we'll begin with "fox5" annie yu from new hampshire avenue in silver spring. annie, what's the latest. >> reporter: wisdom, good morning to you both this is multi-jurisdictional incident involving montgomery country police, d.c. police and tacoma park police. that hour they're searching for one person they believe was responsible for robby and shooting here new hampshire avenue, 9300 block behind me still an active scene. officers still processing the scene that happened here 1:0. they're taking pictures and canvassing the area. we're told just after 1:30 they got the call for a robbery and shooting out here. we know that one person was shot. right now there's not much information about the victim. i did ask many questions about how this kind of unfolded. all we know is that t
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victim is being treated at a nearby hospital right now. suspects got away in a black nissan sent ra headed to d.c. i'm told it was alert tacoma park police officer that informed d.c. police that this vehicle was heading down new hampshire towards north capitol. that's when d.c. police were able to track this black sent ra speeding heading to taylor avenue. that's where it crashed. and as you have been mentioning all morning that two suspects bailed out of that vehicle and that is where my colleague, christine leon s and she has that portion of the story and she'll pick it up from here. chris tip what do you have. >> this is not a drill and as i step out of the picture -- >> reporter: that's right the scene has cleared for the most part. again at last check one suspect was apprehended and at this time we're waiting on confirmation whether or not they caught the second sus suspect. i want to show you the scene now like i mentioned it has diminished here on taylor and hawaii in the northeast part of d.c
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sext ntra there the police unit surrounding perimeter on the grassy median. there like you mentioned earlier, they were last seen taking off in that black nissan sentra before crashing in the area. the suspects in montgomery county they took off there like i mentioned in the black knee sap sentra headed to catholic university. at one point catholic university was on lockdown. that lockdown was since lifted since police have given the all clear. they say the suspects then crashed into that curb nearby. police like i mentioned before, did catch one of those suspects and we're still waiting to hear whether or not they caught that second suspect. at last check police were looking for a man, black man about 6' 1", with dreadlocks last seen wearing dark clothing and rather large build. so if you have any information on that you're asked to call d.c. police. we're waiting
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whether they caught the suspect since they have given the area all clear. we'll bring you the latest on here on and loin stay with the lightet own this developing story. live in north east this morning, christine leon, fox local news. >> and we're following breaking news from louisiana. two students were shot on campus in a campus courtyard. the shooter is on the run at this hour. 4:33 the time now. we're following a possible political bomb shell. the hillary clinton campaign and democratic national committee helped fund research which resulted in the infamous docer about allegations of trump's connections with russia. mark elias is a lawyer that reped hillary clinton and the campaign and he hired fusionto who hired british
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officer to do the job. fusion was not retained until april of 2016. before that reserve was funded by still unknown republican client during the gop primary. it in unclear how much information from the dociere was shared with the clinton campaign. >> another member of republican party says he's had enough and does not plan to run for reelection. arizona jeff flake is second senator to announce he would not seek reelection. first senator bob quarker who the president tweeted about multiple times calling quarker little and light weight. tuesday, arizona senator jeff flake said he was done after describing president's behavior as reckless, outrageous and undig fewed. >> at some point you have to have policies that work not just rile up the base. >> this political model and governoring mod sell to di divide. >> despite the members of senate and white house they agreed on something. they a
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relief aid package which the white house says the president man's to sign. >> 4:34. disturbing details of d.c. man trying to rain and kill a prince george county woman. prior to attack 23-year-old kerry edwards was on high risk monitoring for a d.c. rain case in september. court records show he all allegedly tampered with monitoring device on october 16 but was not immediately arrested. they were notified that edwards be put back in jail and three days later the prince george county attack happened on an 81-year-old woman. edwards was finally arrested and officials have not revealed why he was not arrested earlier for tampering with monitoring device citing federal privacy is laws. >> 4:35 is the time and let's goat mike make and talk weather. >> good morning to you as well. happy fall. fall returned to the d.c. region. feels cooler outside than this time yesterday. when we were waking up to temperatures in the 6
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some indications 70s. today replaced with 40s and 50s. satellite and radar showing a little bit of cloud cover comeing across. we'll have clouds from time to time today. generally speaking should be a partly cloudy day and most importantly dry day today. no concerns for rain like we had yesterday morning. 56 at reagan national. dulles 56 as well. bwi 51 that hour. light jacket weather for sure as you head out the door and some suburbs have us falling into 40s before sunrises. 59 by 11:00, 2:00 into the 60s we go and into the 60s we will stay this afternoon. erin como has traffic. >> 4:36 now and we're dealing with overnight construction lingering cambridge road closed between fairfax boulevard and 66 with active construction sdovrnlt you see the green on the map behind me. however smooth conditions on beltway through annandale and inner and outer loop. as you make your way out keep in mind the green belt area. kenilworth avenue malfu malfunctioning traffic light treat that
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stop sign. slow down and take turns this morning aside from that we're seeing nice conditions 50. inbound gw parkway nice and quiet now. we're not seeing slow downs. things in bethesda looking good in secondarys, dulles toll road to and from the airport and problem free 395 and things on the way to bwi looking good. questions erinfoxdc on twitter is ter. back to you guys. >> a former president is apologizing after accused of sexual abuse. >> and mcdonald's planning roll out a replacement for the dollar menu. >> thread already done that. let's going to break. 4:37 back in a moment. ent.
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ralph northam: i'm ralph northam and as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him.
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virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. >> had:39 now we're back with what is hot on the web. the stories you're engage
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>> efforts to rebuild puerto rico continue on the tiny island and one severity raising eyebrows, 2-year-old montana company that had only two employees when hurricane maria struck puerto rico was awarded 300 million contract to rebuild the electrical infrastructure and they're calling for investigation into the company white fish energy holdings which is based in white fish montana hometown of interior secretary. >> and apology from george h.w. bush after an actress said he sexually assaulted her from his wheelchair during a photo shoot. heather lynn starred in amc series turn washington spies and says while promoting the show four years ago elder m mr. bush touched backside as they posed for a picture while his wife bash what ra was by his side. it was attempt at humor an not meant to a offend the actress. >> a dec
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was tossed out. fcc will no longer require local tv and radio station -- the goal is to produce cost savings to help broadcasters improve programming and equipment and other services and democrats say the change will make it easier for stations to abandon city and towns they observe. >> say good-bye to robert gilm dayed after a battle with prostate cancer dry wooded butler benson dubois. he was the first black actor to within the award. he was 89 years old. >> and finally mcdonald's t timely replacing dollar menu. company rolling out value men with items priced at $1, $2 and $3. it was pulled in 2014. >> they did get rid of it sometime ago. >> yeah. >> took them a while to come up with this new option. >> it's hard to run a business when you
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that's it. >> right insert your own. >> coming up on "fox news morning" off duty volunteer fire chief is facing multiple charges after a troubling incident in maryland. >> atv joy ride through streets of arlington will cost one man three months of his life. >> and a live look across the region this wednesday morning. 4:42 right nowment chillier out there than it's been the last couple mornings. grab a jacket before you head out. >> mccold. >> give me a mcbreak.
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>> checking top stories wednesday. all over news this wednesday morning looking live at two scenes part of wild overnight. police and d.c. and montgomery county as well as local college students on the left 9300 block of new hampshire avenue and silver spring th theres with a robbery shooting 1:45 this morning two suspects fled the scene in a nissan sentra that crashed near catholic university. that's what you see on the side of the scene. one was captured and other on the loose. catholic university was under shelter in place an hour overnight and all clear has been given. >> new information is given about who paid for research into infamous trump
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including a claim to russia has embarassing information about him used for blackmail it was researched and written but by former british spy apparently funded by hillary clinton presidential campaign and democratic national committee rjts supreme court dismissed the last remain ago peel challenging president trump original executive order limiting travel to the united states. that original ban now spird. executive order issued in march was replaced in september with broader restrictions and since been blocked by federal districts in hawaii maryland and the supreme case removed it from the docket and vacatesed it under appeal. it cannot be used as prec precedent. >> astros versus dodgers in 6 tied one a piece justin turner goes deep to left sesht, two run home line fortuneer, la takes game one of series and
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game two tonight. coverage begins 7:30 here on "fox5". >> good morning to you thank you for joining us. >> it's wednesday, october 25. >> airport erin watching roads and michael thomas talking weather, good morning. >> good morning to you as w well. big storm system that brought us rain yesterday morning and rain cooler air today. will feel like fall unlike 70s around the region yesterday afternoon. let's get to it. sat light and radar showing you the storm system again mostly what it's doing today is filtering in cooler air. here's fruit fewer cast. clouds comeing across time to time. only location that could see showers or mountain tops west watch as we head toe evening hours whiteitising on the scene know shower activity miss mixing in. nowhere close to the districts here. it won't come east of the mountains just mountain tops. fall feel is back. tomorrow even cooler than today. cool air continues to push the way down. tomorrow's high only 60. all right guys let check the
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erin an has the roadways this morning. >> 4:47 now keeping eyes and ears on road. things looking good on 270. light volume increasing and just 19 minute trip 121 to beltway and 395 quiet. spur looks good and moving fine across the american loming leenlon bridge. i'll let you know if that changes. a look in the district. keep in mind secondarys kristin leon is breaking news. police continue to search for a suspect involved in an rarmd rocky in montgomery county and she'll have the lailingtet from the location. as you can see flashing lights caution this morning. we're dealing with construction outbound rock creek parkway virginia avenue norm west. that is closed off to avoid that area on out bound side. as we make our way over to 66 during the clear. cambridge road dealing with construction fairfax and 66. caution there. metro service picks up 5 . any questions erinfoxdc twitter holly and wisdom. >> thanks
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supreme court agreed to hear auto peel by redistrictsing advocacy group. they argue the current redistricting process focuses too heavily on protecting incumbent and political parties. a judge ruled to uphold current lines and the group claims during the 2011 redistricting process lawmakers violated requirement that election districts must be compact. >> and time now 4:49 a d.c. man will spipd more than three months in jail for illegally riding atv in arlington. he was sentenced to four years in prison and us is spenled all but 105 days he has to serve. he was part of large atv and dirt bike riders that drove on arlington boulevard last april. he dropped his cellphone during the ride and that's how police tracked him down. >> off duty prince george county volunteer fire chief under arrest and facing 49 traffic citations, police respond
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about a man threatening to slash tires on girlfriend's car. officers arrived and spotted matthew fouler in a pickup truck. they tried to pull him over and say he took off and returned to the scene about 90 minute later in marked silver hill fire department vehicle and took off again. when officers tried to pull him over and eventually stopped and the officers arrested him. >> the investigation is wrapped up for the d.c. police officer accused of wearing offensive tee shirt. vincent alderi is back on the job and the department won't reveal information. officer came under fire wearing a power shift tee shirt a sun cross symbol used by ku klux klan the officer was spotted wearing shirt while on duty in d.c. superior court. >> and the annual lgbt event attracts thousands of people eye year and this the 1 year was no different. groovy go-go dancer you see her there end
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contestants dressed from i iconic to some may say weird to all-out fierce and fab fabulous. they all came out to compete. >> coming up on "fox news morning" an oil spill in gulf of mexico is nearly twice as large as first told. >> and pretty soon, visiting national park koz come with a fee. >> all right as we head to break now a live look outside across the region, 4:51 the time. 4:5 5, back in a moment t
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>> time now is 4:53. lumber liquidators closed out a $36 million settlement between the chains and customers. they will contribute 22 million in crash and 3 million in store voucher
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in store vouchers that processed manufactured flooring they sold. it has unsafe for mald hide levels that could increase cancer risks. >> an oil spill believed to be twice as large as first reported. coastguard officials reported spill on october 14. they said a crack in pipeline sent 34,000 gallons into the gulf. it's reporting the spill may be 672,000 gallons. if accurate this would be the largest gulf oil spill since the bp explosion back in 2010. >> maryland governor larry hogan is calling the gone nor to way in on the peace gern. he wrote to brian frost and said the case was wrongly decided last week after a federal court ruled decades old memorial sent dorsment of christianity and unconstitutional hogan called it outrageous and over reach. six minutes before 5, entrance fees at yosemite
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other parks in the west could be going up. national park service wants to double per car entrance fee from $30 for one week pass to $70. that same increase would apply to visitors grand canyon, yellowstone and zion national parks. 0 day public comment period. on the proposal starts thursday. increase in fees would pay for much needed maintenance and infrastructure at the parks. >> despite warm temperatures this fall winter is around the corner and some families in our area can't afford a winter coat to keep children warm. today washington redskins charitable foundation and macy's join join together for share the warmth giveaway. it was held macy's dulles town center. some redskins turned out and helped youngsters pick out a coats. overall 3 0 0 coats and hats were given away. that's great they do that. >> uh-huh. >> you'll need a bit of coat this morning when you head out, mike
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there. >> absolutely and wait until tomorrow morning cooler in the d.c. region. jacket weather out here snapping back to fall feel outside with temperatures back in the 50s and in some cases 40s. nice cool pattern settling in. cooler air this time of year and highs this afternoon. both today and tomorrow in fact. are likely to stay in the 60s in d.c. and in fact some suburbs struggle to make it to 60ss. they'll stay in 50s particularly tomorrow. >> this morning as the kids gets off to the bus stop and temperatures mid to low 60s where they should be this time of year. average late october day coming up. 64 degrees is what we're going for daytime high in d.c. clouds coming across. 60 in city and back up we go. 67 friday up to 71 on saturday ahead of what looks like a very wet and rainy sunday afternoon. >> all right. that's a check of the forecast over to erin como for traffic. >> all right. it's 4:56 now and we're taking a look
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camera behind us has increasing volume 66 eastbound fairfax county parkway. we're in the green between 234 and beltway. same story outer loop 295 to 0 spur and topside college park and no usual congestion yet and 95 look going between dale city and beltway. no problems there. looking in in maryland and virginia across the drive times this morning. like what you're seeing 270 as well. quiet montrose on southbound side. metro rail line on time. questions erinfoxdc on twitter holly and wisdom. >> thanks, erin, coming up on "fox news morning" one day away from stricter security rules coming together at the airport. >> and world series goes down as one of the hottest games ever. >> literally. >> let's look live across the reej wron. time 4:57, 55 degrees out there. "fox5 news morning" coming right
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right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. >> today on "fox5 news morning" breaking news a robbery, shooting, attempted robbery and shelter in place order for a local college campus. it's all part of what has been a wild overnight for police in d.c. and montgomery county. "fox 5 news" is live with team coverage. >> more questions than answers a man charged with sexual assault and


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