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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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now 0 for 10 with runners in scoring position are the dodgers. they ask for something out of the longest tenured dodger, andre ethier. he joined the organization in ' '05. missed the majority of the season with a bad back. >> john: professional hitter, been around. would love to extend it on, turn it to the top of the lineup. if you can get to the top of the lineup with less than two outs, dodgers and dave roberts are going to like their chances getting really close in this game. >> joe: how good was clayton kershaw? four innings, did not allow a run. two hits, two intentional walks in four strikeouts. etheir hitting for him.
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all one. -- ball one. >> john: of this kind of game, talking to the managers, you realize everyone has a platform to second-guess, like you said. everybody will be taking their own so-called knowledge and spinning it in a different way. if they would have done this or if that team would have done that. >> joe: etheir late with the swing. 98 from charlie morton. >> john: i can already hear what's going to come down the pipe if the dodgers didn't win. why didn't you start kershaw? he went four innings for you. different circumstance. he came and down 5-0 as opposed to coming out of the gate. >> joe: etheir to the right side, base hits. here comes pederson. he will score. 5-1.
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>> john: well, it's the sixth. they got 1. they usually bank 2. ground ball finds the hole. gives the crowd something to cheer about. >> joe: charlie morton threw 76 pitches in game 4. this is only the second time in his career he is pitching on three days' rest. the other time, in 2008, his rookie year with atlanta. it's been a while, and he's out there in game 7. a 4-run game. good pitch in for a strike. >> john: all dave roberts can ask him to get to the top of the lineup.
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less than two outs. down 4. >> joe: nobody up for houston in their bullpen at the moment. the 0-1. good pitch from morton again. strike two. >> john: interesting strategy. walking two guys with the bases loaded to force the hand of a.j. obviously make a pitching change along with a pinch hitter. >> joe: morton in a jam. the 0-2. taylor has been a tough out. he was last night for verlander, and delivered the key hit in the sixth. rbi double down the right field line. sent chase utley to third and he scored on a sac fly.
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houston. those were the big runs for the dodgers last night. struck him out. two out in the inning, and the batter will be seager. >> john: i will tell you something. not an easy pitch to throw. when you haven't got the feel for your changeup. he just threw two great changeups to taylor after he chased a fastball up. mccann went out, talk to him, a committed pitch. got a result. >> joe: correa liked it. mccann out to talk yet again with two on, two out and corey seager, the
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national league rookie of the year. hit home run in this postseason. 22 on the regular season. shattered bat. ball to the shortstop correa. got it out of his glove and to first for the out. morton had to deal with that. charlie morton gives up just the one run. dangerous broken bat. correa makes the play after a double clutch. it's a four run game. after six in game 7, astros lead 5-1.
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longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. >> joe: kenley jansen, his numbers. he is in there to face the top of the lineup for the astros. that means springer prayer last night, jansen went two innings for the saved, his fifth of the postseason, secretary of the world series. threw 19 pages, struck out three. did not face george springer last night. or any of the guys he will face to start this seven. a fo
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>> john: similar to last year, although clayton kershaw started the game, the elimination game the dodgers. jansen came in. nine up, nine out but the cubs were victorious. >> joe: cubs beat the dodgers in last year's nlcs and won the world series. dodgers rolled through two teams, including the cubs after they beat arizona. but they have run into a team that won 101 games during the season. the astros. that's fouled back. springer is 2 for 3 with a double, run scored, two run home run in the
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chased yu darvish and set in motion what we've seen, the domino effect out of the bullpen. morrow had to be used in the second. clayton kershaw in the middle innings and now jansen is in in the seventh. 1-due to springer. in the air to left center field. on the move. got it. one away. covered a lot of ground and left-center. >> john: like he's been doing his whole career, but he hasn't. gets one in the gap and check who is going over. taylor covers and pederson peels out of the way. great catch. >> joe: now bregman.
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it was a good at-bat by bregman that helped both runs in the first inning. strike one. after the double by springer, bregman was up there to move him to third, grounded to the first baseman bellinger who threw wide to darvish, covering. runs scored, put bregman on and he stole a base, scored on a groundout by altuve. that's out of play. strike two. >> john: bregman's bets bet of the season was when correa went down with an injury. rumors, would he be a piece in a trade to get a pitcher? he stepped in and they didn't miss much of a beat, and he's been outstanding at third eve
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0-2 pitch. he's been a tough out too. last night, had a hit but did not drive in a run. he had driven in one run in each of the first five games. second guy to do that and his first five world series starts. another 0-2 from jansen. foul. >> john: i know we say this a lot. there's no guarantees in sports. getting back to the spot you hope to. both these teams are in a good position to return back to the playoffs and make another run with the core players they have and the pitching staff in place. >> joe: dodgers have won five straight divisional titles. the astros, you get the
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surface of what they can do. they are good. they are young. they are well-managed on the field and in the front office. 1-2 from jansen. 2-2. >> john: the shot of alex cora. he will be moving on after this is all said and done. >> joe: off to the red sox. a 3-year deal to manage. 2-2. struck him out. two out in the seventh. the batter will be altuve.
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junior home run derby allows kids to compete for the national home run derby championship during the 2018 all-star week in washington, d.c. sign up today at >> john: wbc, championship game was here in l.a. bregman, gregerson on the usa team. correa, beltran. kike hernandez. full circle for bregman and bergerson may be. >> joe: altuve, one ball, one strike. team puerto rico. a guy like carlos beltran, he got into the game last night, struck out
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wonder what the future holds for him. he was on a one-year deal with houston. what a career he has had. altuve waits for a 1-1 from jansen. just inside. ball two. the numbers for the houston astros during this postseason. the wins and losses have a lot to do with the prefour combination does in the lineup for the astros. altuve and
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there are ten wins combined to hit .412 with 11 home runs, 25 rbis. seven losses, will two .135 with one home run and two rbis. tonight in game 7. altuve has an rbi groundout, correa a single and that's all. 3-1. altuve takes all four. 2-out walk. that will bring in carlos correa. in the bottom of the seventh after the stretch, it will be turner, bellinger, and puig. looks like charlie morton will head back out there.
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here are the numbers, just to show it this way. average, home runs, rbis, runs scored. the combined totals for these two during the postseason, wins and losses. they make this team go. >> john: they sure do. for a while i think that's going to be the case. >> joe: astros have not done much running at all in this world series. one steal. 1 for 1. that belongs to maybin in game 2. there goes altuve. throw, not close. stolen base. and so altuve, who not only led the major leagues with
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average but lead with 32 steals. he is into second easily. power, speed, great defense. he does it all. >> john: he really does. he does it all having a really great time as well. >> joe: stolen base. 30-plus in the last six years for altuve. that's foul. correa now trying to drive his buddy in. tony watson gets loose. 1-1 pitch. popped
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i want out behind second base, seager. ends the top of the seventh. heart of the order coming up for the dodgers. game seven, getting late. 5-1 houston. of kind women and kind men. it would be spectacular if the golden rule was golden to every man. and the good things that we ever did was everything that we can. (vo 2) treating others like we'd like to be treated has always been our guiding principle. so i've got one question for you. do you believe in you? because i do. i believe in you so much, i've already booked the tickets all the way to the championship game. because we're not flying home today!
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♪ ♪ >> joe: world series game 7 slides into the bottom of the seventh inning. george springer with a two-run home run, one huge swing of the bat made it 5-0 in the second. ties a world series record with
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astros have used five pitchers. kershaw was great. dodgers have left ten on base and are 1 for 13 with runners in scoring position. that's the story of the game. opportunity for the dodgers. but they cannot cash and to this point for the most part. a drought will be ended here tonight. we go back to 2004 and obviously the red sox ending their drought. giants ending their in 2010. one of these two will be next. astros have never won. they are in their 56th year of franchise history. dodgers haven't won since 1988. white sox were on that list, and they won in 2005 at the
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expense when houston was in the national league. three, four, five hitters. >> john: cora will put together the team for team puerto rico. >> joe: what's going to happen happen? over the last three innings. charlie morton will have a lot to say about that. the bullpen for the astros is quiet. turner. good pitch in on the hands from morton. strike one. >> john: regardless of what happens to morton in this inning and for this game, with the astros have found out about charlie morton in his postseason, last two starts will serve them well and him next year. >> joe: he's got talent and
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guts. a.j. hinch told us before the game, you just don't know until you see these guys in this type of series, this type of environment. morton doesn't seem overwhelmed by the size of the chance. he misses down and away. 2-1. three of the first four reached against morton lessening but then a strikeout and a groundou groundout. ended the threat. >> john: three starters for the astros in this game. dallas keuchel warming up in the bullpen as we speak. a couple relievers came out, got out of a jam.
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keuchel will go through his normal routine, i would imagine, as if he was going to start the eighth inning. >> joe: he just got up. he was matched up against clayton kershaw in game 5. kershaw was good tonight. four shutout innings with two hits. verlander is down there if they need him. there is the 2-2. pop-up. gurriel to his right, one out. >> john: brian mccann's have the pleasure of catching a lot of great pitchers. he told me the stuff morton has in houston was the best stuff he's ever caught. >> joe: wow. >> john: on that particular game, he said you just can't believe how good it was and how locked-in he was. >> joe: that's a guy
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to catch you. >> john: yeah. >> joe: 6 1/3. one run, three hits in the game 4 start. good, tight breaking ball for a strike to cody bellinger who was had a rough night. >> john: he has. this game would be a little different maybe with contact in certain situations. >> joe: a lot of that. 0-2. >> john: this game, even in the greatness of aaron judge, as he was in the first half, monster. then the league exposed him a little bit. he went through a rough stretch and adjusted again. same thing for bellinger. he will have to adjust next year to the pitchers who have seen some things in this series. >> joe: got tim looking. third strikeout of the night for bellinger.
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adjustments. a door opens and it's up to that player, pitcher or hitter, to close the door. then you wait for another door to open. what the astros are so good at, spinning a baseball, throwing off-speed about 50/50. fastball ratio. they have exposed bellinger in the series between lot of strikeouts. >> joe: overall postseason record, not just a world series record for bellinger. such a good guy, good kid, had a great year. just 22 years old. he has now struck out 29 times this postseason. >> john: he will be fine because as the league faces him, they don't have a bunch of guys were going to be able to do the same thing. he's going to have his numbers and he's going to learn how to adjust and take from this postseason. anybody who comes into this game, there is rare times where you see a young kid just domite
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maybe mike trout, albert pujols and carried all the way through without peaks and valleys and struggles. >> joe: grew up around the game. his dad played for the yankees. grounder to short. correa takes care of puig, and that sends us through seven in game 7. astros will bat. eighth inning. 5-1 houston ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ while other insurance companies just see a truck, state farm sees something you've worked really hard for. so why not give it the protection it deserves. state farm. donte, what are you looking at? (music)
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