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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 4, 2017 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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fox 5 exclusive larry hogan shares his thoughts on the investigation into allege rape incident. a change in the weather, what the rest of the weekend looks like. >> after the game. >> tim: a very long conversation during the timeout. jim harbaugh and the officiating crew, side judge, back judge, we have two coplayers that been ejected. after some pressure coming, and peoples-jones will field it.
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beyond of the 40. if he had slept that tackle, he had wanted it. let's take a look in the huddle, you'll see what jim harbaugh had to say offensively, he also had a lot of concern for what had happened at the end of the quarter. >> spencer: he's trying to get his guys focused and get some clarity on what actually happened in the huddle. it was a tough situation. you've got the hit, it was obviously a personal foul. as it was instigated. i love he's trying to get the players off the off theg to calm the situation down. you can see these guys are on pins and needles. >> tim: chris evans in the backfield were going to have a penalty free snap. >>
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number 76. >> tim: we are not sure they are calling this a fighting penalty but i know this: a punch was thrown by number 73 donnell greene. >> spencer: there could be a targeting penalty called in that situation, hits to the head and that area quest market that a can be ejected. >> tim: i think he's the guy that was thrown out. as you accurately pointed out, it was kinnel who instigated. this was after the punch had been thrown by green earlier. my came over, we don't know wht was said. >> spencer: if you get in their personal space in a context like that your expecting trouble.
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good penetration by minnesota defensively, barber, number 41 shops and out. >> spencer: we are taught that context matters. if you come in there and get in front of a big offensive tackle that outweighs you by 70 pounds -- 2 feet from him, an inch from him, that's intimidation. these guys are humans like anyone else. they should hold their composure, no question. that in my opinion was instigated. >> tim: that's mcdoom in motion. the defense was aligned for it, that's blake cashman. >> spencer: he stayed home and his position an outside linebacker. it was a nice read and
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>> tim: got statistical history for you, 385 combined rushing yards, that's breaking the previous michigan record by a duo, 1979. 373 against whom was mark minnesota. minnesota. 1979 was a great year. 47 yards on that boot, the wolverines in total control of this one.
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the official hamburger of the ncaa. >> spencer: a lot of times you're trying to make sense of why things are the way they are. certainly p.j. fleck doesn't need to make us any excuses. 49 of minnesota's 110 players are freshman or redshirt freshman. 16 of the top 22 tonight. >> tim: coming off of a nice season a year ago, coverage was a bit bare for him. i'm not sure everyone in the college football world was aware of that. you're right. this is a team, they know where they are going. their direction will change because of his leadership. like a jim harbaugh, a guy they understand played the game too. there are only a few in fbs currently who have nfl pedigree.
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two. >> tim: in this conference, yes. that is mark williams and the ball skill is there. i think we got a marker down. will check the flag. >> spencer: kinnel was involved in extracurricular activity, that got a couple players ejected. nice coverage downfield. >> referee: pass interference, defense number 23. 15-yard penalty, automatic first down. >> tim: minnesota needed this just to get some field position. >> spencer: he's locked up and then he comes back. tries to put himself in the position, he's all over him like white on rice, he's not going anywhere. >> tim: the ball out to the 30 one-yard line.
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he ducks under here after a gain of four. you'll be seeing him in his sleep tonight. >> tim: you look ahead at what michigan has come up from the big ten's perspective now, wisconsin is your bell cow if you're talking college football playoff possibilities, start with that. and they get to ohio state after that. michigan has a lot to play for after tonight. smith dragged down shy of the first down by a couple, making the tackle, number 59. six 6-2 yes, wiscoin
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wisconsin needs this michigan win, they would hope that michigan would be ranked. that's the story in the east with ohio state losing today. there are other loss to oklahoma who won at bedlam today. michigan state right back in the thick of it and controlling its destiny. they get ohio state next week. smith stopped behind the line again. >> spencer: take advantage of the turn of events that happens today. if michigan had any modicum of a passing game, they would be in prime position to have a late run and make a lot of noise down the stretch. >> tim: the issue for them is they are so young at that position. as young as peters is, so too are the white receiving corporate we've gotten injured -- he's been injured some this season.
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missed the game that we had up in minnesota. >> referee: scoreboard operator, michigan has two timeouts remaining in the half. >> spencer: those are the three top receiving targets, to receivers and one tight end. >> tim: let's get a quick game break back los angeles, greg wolf. >> history made in the pac-12, dante pettis said coming into this year, he didn't think he would get many return opportunities because this is what could happen. this one goes to 64 yards, that's a new ncaa record. they leave the ducks 10-32nd quarter. >> tim: that's his first punt return that we have in colorado about a month or so ago. the crowd responds as he makes
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his way back to the minnesota sidelines. they really need him, he's the center. he means a lot to them as they try to move forward and become bowl eligible. >> spencer: most centers are going to be making all the line calls, he gets rolled up here. he gets rolled on the back of the heel there. that's a lot of humanity. >> tim: you look at that, every time you see one of those injuries you say you would think it would happen more than it usually does, particularly between the tackles, guys are just jammed up in there. fourth and three, he's been outstanding again tonight. that's a heck of a hit at the 3. he's meeting business as the game goes forward, we will be back.
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>> tim: another edition of saunders wonders. if >> holly: you guys make me feel so good about myself, yesterday i wandered over to the ice arena, it became home of thu of m hockey team. i toured a locker room, tried on equipment. the highlight is the zamboni, everybody loves a good zamboni ride, i'm still a spartan at heart. i can see the hate mail coming my way already. >> tim: let's just leave it this way, it's been a great day for the state of michigan. you mentioned bob hooper a little earlier.
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he always compared him to patto patton. >> spencer: this ground game has been outstanding. >> tim: some of the great legendary radio voices were across the country at that time, similar to someone the outstanding voices in the great game of college football. that's evans stopped by a blake cashman, touched on him earlier. he made that play on a moment ago. p.j. fleck is going to be really satisfied with him as he goes into the film room. >> spencer: what's the pantheon of michigan coaches? >> tim: beau, gary moeller had that period along with lloyd carr. tom harmon, desmond howard.
11:17 pm
winningest program in college football history, 941 victories overall. harbaugh was on the field watching take part in some of those big moments, he knew he was going to be here. i loved his story about bo schembechler, at his house when he was in fifth grade. he wouldn't come down, he was playing with a talking football. he and his brother john were up in the attic, they had a home on the other side of the tracks. >> spencer: their house was considerably smaller. >> tim: trust me, he was recruiting even then when he was in the sixth grade. our friend les miles tonight, i know he's thinking about bo. there is a fumble by hmielewski. >> spencer: that's twice tonight. >> tim: i think he recovered it
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>> no man is more important than the team, no coach is more important than the team. the team, the team, the team. we play as a team. when the season is over, you and i know. >> tim: life lessons learned from the great bo schembechler. >> spencer: those who stay will be
11:21 pm
>> tim: dropped by rashad still, he should have caught that. it was difficult, he had to look over the off shoulder but david long was right there with him. >> spencer: that's one of the toughest things to track a ball shoulder, it's a tough catch on the sideline. >> tim: i'm old enough to say that i actually covered again that bo schembechler was coaching. into the 86 season, finished third in the heisman balloting. they told him i was on the sidelines at the time. i talked with him before the game and begged him to do an interview with me.
11:22 pm
he said i don't want to do it and then he talked to the longtime sports information men and he said he seems like he's all right, i talked to him if i win. but to make sure he asks me questions i like. he was a softy, he really was. that's one of the things you had to love about bo schembechler. on the third down. fresh legs from jonathan, redshirt sophomore out of ontario, from north of the border. we are almost north of the border here. >> spencer: nice vision, presence of mind to put that right stiff arm out there. he got about five more after that contact. >> tim: still a lot of pride in this minnesota team. >> spencer: no question about that. this will drop them below .500.
11:23 pm
the game but khaleke hudson all over there. >> spencer: he comes out of that hole and he comes hell bent on back. when you guy who was a luxury of not having an assignment to worry about it that's the greatest form of freedom for a defender. no assignment, no responsibility other than to go make a tackle. >> tim: at michigan with 13 tackles for loss in this game. you see the numbers for hudson. looking for and finding tyler johnson, at long last. he makes a catch. that is the first reception of the game. >> spencer: watson defending him on that far side, nice throw, enough air underneath it, he gets pushed out-of-bounds. that was a perfectly thrown pass on the far side of theie
11:24 pm
>> referee: the ruling on the field as a completed pass, that ruling is under further review. >> tim: we'll see if the touch for tyler johnson holds up. coming into tonight's game he had 31 catches for 591 yards, only five completions for minnesota on the night. you see that ball coming loose, did you complete it? you've got to complete it. >> spencer: i think that may end up standing. it looks like to me he completes the catch there. his feet are in balance as he goes to the ground at that angle me suggests a catch. >> tim: let's hear from dean blandino and see what he thinks. >> the issue here
11:25 pm
receiver completed the catch. >> referee: the ruling on the field is confirmed. first down. >> tim: i'm with you, you are eloquent in your description that he had the ball for a long enough period of time. it's such a pleasure to have dean blandino with us when we have those situations. i've gotten to a point where i'm watching the game and they have this and without their expertise, i missed something. i want to hear from those guys virtually every game. a head for couple yards. now a quick word from duracell. >> duracell is the number one trusted brand. >> tim: make sure you have
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your clocks battery charged, because we fall back. >> spencer: we appreciate that with the 6:00 a.m. flight we got tomorrow. >> tim: second down and nine at coming up. he saw a lot of green grass, a smart move, really. he's only a few yards away from the first down. >> spencer: i don't know if you can appreciate was taken place, any threat of a receiving attack changes what a defense is doing even at this late stage, i can see soft spots developing on the back end for michigan's defense and it's because of the big play given up on the perimeter. the corners are playing a two deep concept to help out. it softens up the middle of the field. if you can play that chess match, you can have success.
11:27 pm
>> tim: he looks to be may be about a length of the ball shor short. he got the right foot a spot it's first down. they can't get a first down without benefit of the touchdown. >> spencer: one of the rare opportunities where the viper was fooled on an option. >> tim: in most games, and men coverage tyler johnson would be targeted in a heartbeat. there he is out of the top. >> spencer: he plays the deep third, he's got a one-on-one opportunity. >> tim: that pass is overthrown, intended for the tight end, number 86. >> spencer: it was triple coverage on that side. if you've got one legitimate receiver that can beat men coverage, this is like stealing over here t
11:28 pm
>> tim: philip howard is over there, so was tyler johnson as they set their formation here on 2nd & 10. >> spencer: you can push this right up your to do this if you want to. you can do a switch route if you want to, he's probably going to drop in coverage. >> tim: this is great bootleg action, give him the option to run or throw. i like that to the wide side of the field. >> spencer: of the guys pulling the ball down so fast it's usually because he's not surveying or diagnosing what he's doing in the coverage. given don brown in credits. he'll have defensive lineman dropping back in coverage preach what you read initially isn't what it ends up being. you've got to make sure that you are making the right lead to.
11:29 pm
read. he was a high school coach in 1981, it all took off after tha that. flags down presnap. >> referee: false start, offense. number 76. >> tim: don brown was a high school coach at white river junction in vermont. in the winter of 1981 his opportunities came some way. he warmed up staying up in high school. i love that signal. >> spencer: you've got to watch the hook route. >> tim: get the announcer off the field. >> spencer: this is a bunch formation right here. >> tim: trying to ad lib. and
11:30 pm
white river junction is across white river and we've got a flag down. >> spencer: he was telling us -- to remember the narrative? >> referee: offsides, number four of the defense lined up in the neutral zone, 5-yard penalty, repeat third down. >> spencer: he's finding out what happens to the coverage guys as jones makes his way off the field. >> spencer: you look at the vision, his eyes come down. there is a pass into the end zone, incomplete. johnson
11:31 pm
able to knock it to lose. >> spencer: i'll put this on the shoulders of the quarterbac quarterback. when he's that wide open, just put it on him right now. don't put any air underneath it. put that ball up in the air, that guy can go up and contest that shot. >> tim: it that was a third down play, so they will try to get 3 out of this. carpenter comes into try the field goal. and a timeout taken by michigan. 1:55 remaining. it's been all wolverines all night long. seats, a panoramic sunroof,
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>> tim: 33-7 our score, 1:55 is remaining at a field goal try coming for emmit carpenter. 91%. very efficient kicker. and he boots it through. the golden gophers get on the scoreboard in the second half. time now for the expectation shattering drive of the game, sponsored by buick. >> spencer: wouldn't you rather drive a buick? he's driving all night long. caring at high and tight, evans doin
11:35 pm
move. both of them did a fantastic job, there is just no answer. >> tim: we've shown him enough, we needed to show evans. he had 191, higdon with 200 eve even. i love that story we were talking about with don brown, different ways for coaches to make it in this business. for that guy to be told by friends of his go back to high school, you'll get the job in college and he did. he wound up with dartmouth and then when he did get the opportunity, the tycoon joe mobley was the guy he replaced. >> spencer: he is still a emeritus chairman of that organization. >> tim: gave a lot of money to coastal carolina.
11:36 pm
even one the college world series a couple years ago. a different path a lot of guys in the coaching profession. stutter stepped, he hits the deck at the 19-yard line. this has been a vintage performance by michigan tonight. still one of those games were a lot of those other guys can say we've got to do a better job of protecting our quarterback in the passing game. >> >> spencer: the quarterbak has acquitted himself and his second start, we've got another signal color in. >> tim: youngster from farmington hills, michigan, . >> referee: number 97 for michigan is now wearing number 72. >> tim: that's stephen spinella's, he'll go back to his usual 72 and be part of that
11:37 pm
offensive line. alex mel zone at quarterback. the mccaffrey kid is outstanding, he's another one of those youngsters. he carries for the first time tonight. >> spencer: they were in that tight look as you mentioned a minute ago. you know what the big running joke around michigan is this week was ? you know what's inside the jug? a michigan depth chart. [laughs] i've been hearing that when all week. jim and i are good friends, we had a great talk. i want to thank the staff, all of the coordinators that we had a chance to visit -- we go way,
11:38 pm
it wasn't one of my finer moments and he was protecting his team and wants the competition level of all of his players to stay great, that's the reason why he does not pull out a two deep depth chart. i was able to apologize, he accepted and we move on. >> spencer: it was a great moment, to your point of how they treated us, it was outstanding nearly two hours. >> tim: the most thorough meeting before games in my 32 years of broadcasting. samuels remains in the backfiel backfield. one of the great things about our profession is that you can be in it for a long time and still experience a first. great to share it with you. p.j. fleck, you know what he'll do this week. teach,
11:39 pm
his team looking to go bowl eligible. a lot of commonalities, albeit with different approaches to their profession. >> spencer: you and i speculating what that meeting at the midfield would be if it were a tightly contested game. there was more than a 10-second embrace and conversation that took place between two competitive guys. >> tim: michigan has -- the last time that happened old mis. tremendous player and dennis northcutt. those two guys got it done in 1999. a remarkable performance in the little brown jug stays in ann arbor.
11:40 pm
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>> tim: they've been playing 1496 times in the little brown jug will remain in michigan after tonight's 33-10 win. >> holly: karan higdon and khaleke hudson, you guys ran for 379 yards, how important was it to get that one going early and often? >> we knew we had the perfect plan in place, we were going to run our tails off. >> what does it mean you you to keep the little brown jug here in ann arbor? >> it's important, . >> holly: your defense is such a big part in everything you do, at such a big night tonight.
11:45 pm
spurred you guys want to shut down the minnesota offense? >> keep going, keep pushing. we want to have a third quarter shut out, keep putting it on the rest of the game. >> holly: your defense has been stellar the entire year, how much fun has this been for you guys to just shut down different offenses? >> it's a lot of fun with your teammates and coaches, everybody wants to be great. it's fun. >> holly: you guys could have very different names instead of starting with k and h, thank you so much. >> tim: i know you can handle that, holly. it's so much fun for them to play in this defense because it's run and chase and the guys in the middle, they occupy so many people with the linebackers and khaleke hudson, he had 11 solos and 13 tackles overall. >> spencer: he was all over the place, to
11:46 pm
they love a challenge, they challenge guys to come off the field particularly on the front four. clearly those corners are on an island by themselves. number seven the viper is all over the place. those tackles that you talk about, 11 of them were solo variety. he was omnipresent, everywhere all the time. outstanding defense. >> tim: college football is a game of evolution. a couple of weeks ago, this team was blown off the field by penn state. now they have lost twice, ohio state has taken a defeat at the hands of iowa. now you look at the big ten standings, it's all right there for them. michigan state is controlling their destiny, they get ohio state next. remember that other loss for the buckeyes was nonconference to oklahoma. that helps the badgers out of the west division get some credibility? there's
11:47 pm
wins the wolverines to play for. >> spencer: what happens last ten to be remembered most. if michigan can put together some semblance of a throw game they can be dangerous, stretch. this fan base that was treating them as if they were two-6, they will change their tune quickly. >> tim: a lot of fun partner, always good to be with you. thanks to holly saunders, tonight's game produced by jake, directed by mitch riggins. the director did a wonderful job spotting for me tonight. everyone else on our crew. don't forget we've got a great slate of games coming up in the national football league. cam newton and the panthers taking on the falcons tomorrow. for holly, spencer, and our entire fox sports crew, i'm tim brando saying good night here from
11:48 pm
narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. michigan independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
11:49 pm
local news at 11:00. a dc police sergeant shot and killed while off duty. details on the vine expressway. >> it's a story you saw first on fox 5 alleged grade fixing in prince george's county schools. govern larry hogan shares his thoughts in an i
11:50 pm
wet weather moved in. what's in store for the rest of the weekend? the news starts right now. with begin with the mart of an off duty dc police sergeant >> tony mason junior was shot and killed while sitting inside of a car. a woman was also shot but survived >> we're learn the sergeant mason was also under investigation by the dc police department at the time of his death. krysten leon is in northeast dc tonight at the sixth district. >> reporter: we're learning a little more, he was a 17-year-old veteran with the force and off duty during the time of the shooting. before i get into more information about him. i want to tell you a little bit about the investigation. baltimore police say they responded to a shooting at around 12:45 on the 2800 block. they say
11:51 pm
you see on your screen and 43-year-old woman inside a parked car with gunshot wounds. mason with multiple gunshot wounds and the woman with a gunshot wound to her leg. both were transported to the hospital, where mason died. and that woman was treated at the hospital. we're told an unknown suspect came up to the car and started shooting and that suspect, as we mentioned is still on the run tonight. if you happen to have any information on the investigation, you're asked to call baltimore police. we have their number posted on our website as far as more about my son, a source tells us during the time of his death, mason was under investigation by dc police after he allegedly pointed a gun at one ofs had colleagues and threatened to kill that colleague while on
11:52 pm
now, a no contact status, he was placed under that while this investigation was going on. it was also transferred here to 6th districts. and we're also told on that note that mason was going to be fired. at 6th district police headquarters, krysten leon fox 5 local news. five people are under the influence after a bizarre chain of events led to deadly crash. police say these men held up a check cashing business in wheaton and led officers on a commonplace on the inner loop of the beltway. the alleged robbers crashed into two other vehicles. driver of the van, 37-year-old carlos gomez died at the scene. police believe the group is responsible for two or robberies. the suspect is in custody after a man died following a bar fight in centreville. 27
11:53 pm
found in the 5800 block of artificial intelligencety parkway with injuries to his upper body. taken to the hospital where he died. officers searched the area and found 38-year-old in nearby bushes. he was arrested and is being held without bond >> a virginia man is behind bars for allegedly grabbing a girl's hand and kissing her on halloween. the loudoun sheriff's office charged him with assault and battery. on halloween a group of children were trick treating near tournament parkway. the group kept walking he grabbed the victim's hand and kissed her on the cheek. investigator, they say they have had other complaints. there was a fire in
11:54 pm
that fire broke out on massachusetts avenue. it spread into the wall and addict. in northeast, one person is without a home after fire tore through it. flames broke out in a two-story row home on the 11 hand block of 6th. firefighters say a resident was not home the cause is still being vested. repairs are underway after a water main snapped in takoma park. four westbound lanes of university boulevard near carol avenue are closed to traffic. wffc tell us us about 14 customers are without water. we're told those repairs should be finished shortly and service be restored. maryland governor larry hogan weighing in on the audit of prince george's county
11:55 pm
of an investigation into allege grade fixing to boost the graduation rate. that investigation found that in last two years, thousands of seniors had grades changed at the last minute and nearly 30% didn't have records to professor they were eligible to graduate. lindsay watts was first to report ahead of the newly released reports. >> reporter: it came out yesterday. and at this point, it's still anyone's guess, what the fall-out is going to be. so far, no one has lost their job. school ceo kevin pack well was quick to point out, investigator did not as i found evidence of systemic corruption. he and the majority of the school board are saying the results are due to sloppy records keeping and untrained staff. the governor isn't buying that. we asked him about the findings that 30% didn't have
11:56 pm
show they earned their diploma >> if this is true, i believe it is it's outrageous and unacceptable. something is definitely wrong with. school system and cheating the kids. people getting grades fixed and graduating. the superintendent dismissed it and said it was a lack of crossing. s and dot,i's, >>ing your it was sloppy record-keeping >> i believe that's nonsense. i think this was a thorough investigation >> the school has 60 days to respond to the report and submit a plan to the state showing how it will approve it's processes. it was forced a -- asking for an investigation into what they called
11:57 pm
fraud to boost the graduation rate. what was talked to with his empty blowers who agreed with that assessment. county's graduation rate shot up under dr. maxwell. this audit was done by an independent consulting firm and despite the serious findings, dr. maxwell is saying it became political when they went to the governor and all of this should have been handled internally he have wered ask for governor hogan's in response. >> they refused to do it internally which is why the entire prince george's county, unanimous's everyone is a democratic unanimously requested the stated do it. only after that did we ask the state board to look into it and they went through an outside contractor. there's nothing political about it. what they just said was completely dishonest. they repeatedly refused to do the investigation. only after the legislature
11:58 pm
begged for help did the state step in >> the govern will make sure he gets to the, parent students and teachers seem to have been to cheated. a question i had. will students lose their diploma if it's found they shouldn't have graduateed? a spokesman tells me that will not happen but students and families will be notified. lindsay watts fox 5 local news. rain has moved into our area and you could see it out there. there's more on the way. >> we had a nice day earlier on. it started out cool. wound up a little bit. gwen, what's it looking like timers? we'll deal with some of this wet weather in the early part of the at any, then we'll have a little bit of sun through those clouds. we're definitely under the rainfall at 54. winds shifted from yesterday as well. we had a southerly win
11:59 pm
have a north northeast easterly wind and really cooled things down across other air, the wet weather continues to push its way towards the northeast and we'll be into the thick in the overnight hours. fog anticipated and we'll see this lingering through to the early part of tomorrow. then it will be out of the way and we will get improvement, so sunday is not a wash-out. today, 61 at reagan national, 57 at dulles, that's the same at bwi. temperatures below the seasonal average. but it is going to be warmer but elsewhere, we got low 50's and 40's across the board. 53 tonight, mostly cloudy. drizzle and rain continuing and we're talking tomorrow about nicer weather. i'll have the details later back to you. >> thank you. while president trump is overseas, republican led congress
12:00 am
up support for the track overall. more from gar writ tenney >> they're they will be able to get it passed by thanksgiving and send the bill to the president's desk by christmas. current tax brackets reduced to five with highest remaining over 39% the standard deduction is doubled to $24,000, child tax credit increases and the rule for 401k stay the same. it elements deduction for state and local taxes and lowers the cap cutting it in half from $1 million to 500,000. those two changes will have a big impact with folks living in states such as new york and new jersey and unless changes are made the


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