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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> this is fobbing five local news at 11. right now at 11, virginia, we have witnessed yet another democratic sweep today. ralph northam's big win for democrats in virginia. we'll have live reactionment plus, a former teacher indict td. we're live with new accusations of sex abuse of a student. then baseball fans are mourning the sudden death of a former star player, new video of a maryland woman's recovery after she was shot in the las vegas massacre. new profiles for children, why privacy experts say beware. the news at 11 starts right now. and we gin with a big night for democrats in virginia. they won all of the top races including the race for governor. demerol of northam defeated republican ed gillespiement here's a look at the final numbers or next to final numbers we should say. with 100 percent of the precinc
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percent over gillespie 45 percent p. tonight we have reaction from both campaigns. ronica cleary is live at northam 's campaign. i understand there were some chaotic moments right at the beginning of h his speech. >>reporter: that's right, tony ralph northam was predicted to be the winner at around eight:20 . it was nearly two hours later when he finally took the stage and almost immediately his remarks were interrupted by protestors. these were not gillespie supporters these were very far left protestors if you you will holding up signs that said sanctuary for all. this was the end of a wire problem that ralph northam faced, his stance that he would maintain the status of virginia being a no sanctuary city state. it led one progressive group to call him a racist, others to just say he was flip-flopping on
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issue. northam was quickly escorted off the stage until they could get those protestors out of the room, but as soon as they were out he took the stage again and just continued as if it didn't happen. i want to take you to some of his remarks, a memorable line perhaps, a new tag of his, the doctor is in. take a listen. we will not condone hatred and bigotry and to end the politics that have torn this country apart. ( applause). i want to let you you know that in virginia it's going to take a doctor to heal our differences. to bring unity to our people and i'm here to let you you know that the doctor is in.) applause) big applause there for that line and many of the states big democratic
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nors cane and warner, dnc leader tom perez with a common theme that this vote was a vote against donald trump not just a vote for and in favor of ralph northam. as you heard there, though, northam trying to convey this idea of county across the state after what began as a very mild race, but ended as a quite contentious won between northam and gillespie, but he is the clear victor tonight. the party is slowly winding down. we'll continue to keep you updated throughout the evening. >> thank you much are. meanwhile republican challenger ed gillesie offed his congratulations to the governor elect. here's what he had to say from his election headquarters earlier in richmond tonight. as i said throughout the course of this many contact pain, governor elect northam is a good man and i appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth and i wish
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nothing but the best successes as our 73rd governor and told him that if i could be helpful to him in making our commonwealth better that i would be happy to do anything i could in that regard. this morning president trump tweeted an urged virginia yas to vote for ed gillespie. he also weighed in via twitter and he wrote especially gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me what i stood for. with the economy dog record numbers we will continue to win even bigger than before. let's take a look the at the results of the other big races in virginia. for lieutenant governor just justin fairfax beat out jill vogel 53 to 47 percent. and in the race for attorney general in virginia, mark hearing, the democrat beat his republican challenge 53 to 47 percent. keep an eye oot top of your screen for the results of some of the other key races fr
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also have rules on our website and on our fox5 d.c. app. a transgender woman in virginia has made history. she is now the first openly transgender person to be elected to the state legislature. disem dan contact roam beat incumbent bob marshal. marshal served in the house of democrats since 1992. fox5 news morning you can catch that interview at eight:30. let's talk about the weather because i know there was some concern it might hamper the vote in virginia, but clearly it did not. i'm so happy about that. we're going to miss all the commercials, aren't we, shawn and tony. >> no. probably not. i have more time for weather and we have good news in terms of your morning commute tomorrow. it's not going to be nearly as wet as the evening commute was tonight we are seeing the system pull away and most of the measurable rain is out of here with just a few exceptions down through south eastern virginia. this is
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came through with a half inch to one inch of rain. i love all the snow. hey at least we didn't have to shovel the rain, right. at some point that wibl changing that is for sure. these temperatures, though, a little sample of what our winter may be like. mid 30s all over the area for daytime high temperatures. they have not budged much tonight. they may drop a few more degrees overnight but wind out of the north at about ten to 14 miles an hour. definitely keep the chill around. it feels rather raw for november 7 and even current wind chill temperatures are in the low to mid 30s all around the region. so it is a dryer day for you you tomorrow. a lot of clouds, maybe a little bit of drizzle in the the morning, 35 to 43 for the kids at the bus top. after school maybe a lot of clouds with a few peaks of sun, but at least it should be dry, 49 to # 53-degree s. much more on the big chill forth the late week. coming up with the seven day forecast in a few minutes. we
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news in the districtment right new a deadly shooting in northwest is under vague. fox5 's evan lambert is live at the scene which is on rittenhouse street. evan, what can you tell us more about this? >>reporter: well, tony, accord ing to police this was a drive-by shooting. it was reported in this alley behind me about eight:15 tonight. and this is near the 1300 block of rittenhouse street northwest. the view this alley obstructed by some of these police cars, but as you can see they're still on scene investigating this and what we know from police is that two men were walking in this alley around eight:15. they reported that a red sea dan was driving by them and from the driver's side window someone started firing shots. one of those victims was hit multiple times and that victim has been pronounced dead according to police. another time had gunshot wounds to the leg. that victim
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ed that this was potentially a red mustang where these gunshots were coming from and that car left the scene. police were looking for thread mustang. at this point they believed that it had a role in this at this time and that is consistent with the information from the surviving victim. those two victims have not been named at this time and there is no information about if that suspect is in custody. for now reporting live in northwest, evan lambert, fox5 local news. >> a former charles county middle school assistant is accused of sexually abusing 42 miners today pled not guilty to ten counts of child pornography he is accused of sexually assaulting the students knowing that he was hiv positive. today he told the judge he would provider a jury trial. p exict ed he could face up to ten years in prison for each child. latoya nicole parker was indict ed on rnlg cha
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abuse of a minor. parker was a teacher at saint charles high school. fox5's marina maracco joins us from the news room with more on the new allegations. that's right more sexual abuse allegations for charles county public school employees. this right here is 40 year old latoya parkerment she worked at saint charles high for two years in family and con up zooer science teacher and since may of this year she's been under investigation for allegedly sharing inappropriate pictures and electronic messages with a student. investigators say between the fall of 2016 and march of this year, parker who was still a teacher here at saint charles high engaged h in the inappropriate behavior. tonight, parents at the school reacted to the news. it's ridiculous. itself it's crazy. i'm not too happy about it. they ought to do a better investigation before they higher these teachers dealing with kids >> very disturbed. being as though i got kids in school. i just red about the
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teacher. i forgot what school was indicted, but i wasn't aware that it was a teacher here. >> and tonight we knocked at latoya parker's home, no one answered the door. the school principal sent out he e-mails to parents yesterday and today notifying them of the investigation. since may parker parker had been removed from the classroom and was on an administrative assignment. tonight she's out on $20,000 bond and is facing charges for sexual abuse and sexual solicitation of a mine eras well as displaying obscene material to a miner. >> a judge has ordered a competency hearing forth the text man accused of traveling to the district to quote, kill all white police. michael agreeing a was arrested outside the white house near lafayette park yesterday. the secret service said he was not armed when he was taken into custody.s we currently we go held without bond. tonight d.c. police are looking for a third man connected to the murder of a
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\police\police detective's dean age daughter of the earlier this up ser 17 year old jamahri sydnor was shot and killed as she drove along saratoga avenue northest. she was caught in the cross between who were shooting each other. police are now looking for this man, james mayfield. phillip manning daniel and robert mosts were also arrested in connection with . former major league pitcher roy halladay has died. holiday was piloting his private plane when it plunged into the golf of mexico off the florida coast today. he was the only person on board. holiday spent 16 years, 12 of them with the toronto blue jays and four with the philadelphia phillies. he won the sigh young award twice. he was only 40 years old. incredible images tonight of maryland native tina frost on a road to recov
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another justly hurt during that mass shooting in las vegas last month. she's undergoing physical and occupational therapy at johns hopkins baltimore. they shared this video of frost walking in the hallways. a bullet hit her in her right eye. she now recognizes her family and friends. that is very good news a. yes, it is. q. new information is coming in tonight about the man accused in a deadly shooting at a small texas church. what we're learn ing he did before he went on that shooting rampage. a pretty unusual item up for sale as one school is getting a lot of attention. why the school says something in your child's backpack can help them stay safe . our coverage of the va virginia governor raisin ts. jim lokay breaks down the results. catch the final five coming up at 11:30.
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while his behavior dw not race any red flags authorities say kelly was clearly a troubled man . he was admitted to a mental health facility in new mexico in 2012. he later escaped from that facility. investigators say kelly killed 26 people in sunday's attack. a florida school says it wants to protect children with an unusual item for sale. bullet proof backpacks. the panels are de signed to slip into student's backpacks that could protect them in the event of a school shooting. school officials call the panel a tool to help children in case of a horrific event. veterans day is this saturday. it is a time when our nation pauses to honor the men and women who served in the u military. tonight at the vietnam veterans memorial volunteers are reading the names of every solder killed in that war. corey coffin is live at the memorial with the latest. >>reporter: it's
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night as far as weather goes to be doing it. it's frigid outside. earlier it was very wet with the rain. thankfully we've seen a lot of the rain stop for the most part. but coming out here and being dedicated to this, to be able to read all 58,318 names on this wall will take 2,000 l volunteers four days. so they've gun this afternoon as you can see they continue and we've heard as some of the volunteers are reading they do gt emotional because some of these names they recognize. on a night that cuts to the bone when most people wouldn't leave the comfort of their own homes, itself dedicated still come out to speak the names of every soldier killed in the vee anti-inflammatory war. it seems to me like it almost means a little bit more that this is strenuous, this is difficult. it's cold, but there are sll
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are still people here to read these names. like lieutenant colonel retired tomorrow griffin . west point class of 56 . we have eleven names on this wall. griffin will stand out here an hour in high temperature the rain in order to read his buddy's name, lieutenant commander walton sutton wood missing in action. we see the impact it has on people and the fact that their names are here and they can be forever here and people leave momentos here, which is important. in this solemn reflection they are alive forever. there's the sentiment that a person never truly dies until the last person forgets their name or their name is not spoken any longer. family members, friends and the people that have fallen in their footsteps come here to remember them every day and this is one of the most important memorials that we have. you can hear the names continue on and you thoa as they will continue out here until midnight tonight
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as wevment we've seen people walk by with tour groups leaving little me moant owes, these flowers even these pictures in the rain to make sure their lov ed ones are always remembered . we're live on the the national mall. back to you you. such a moving memorial. >> but we saw corey out there and it is kind of a yucky night to be out there, it's a rough night that is for sure. very somber feeling as well as look ing and what a great cause, though. i'm very proud that they're gooding that. >> absolutely. >> a great idea and the weather will be better for that tomorrow >> good. still not going to be warm, but it won't be as wet. we've got clouds and drizzle now . the more measurable rain deposited pretty close to an inch of rain. bad timing. we had such a dry october. when we need people outside, not just veteran's day of the names that we're seeing, the
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people still showed up and i love that. our area of low pressure pulling away. and now we're left with the left officer , the clouds, the drizzle , maybe a touch of fog here and there. the setup tomorrow morning is still going to promote more clouds around, but just patchy drizzle l. there goes the tomorrow. it kind of keeps the east flow in flays place. there could still t be a couple of more measurable showers across central virginia, southern maryland tomorrow. temperatures, even though it won't feel as bad because it's not as wet we're going to be in the upper 40s which is chilly. important to check out the futurecast for tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. you can see that most of us are just seeing clouds, but a few of us still see very light showers around and then as we take this out to the noon hour there is some of the more measurable rain tracking adros
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southern portions of delmarva. that kind of disappears as we go through the afternoon and by late tomorrow night we see clearing north and west. clouds still try to linger south and east and they may still be in that position as we start thursday morning with perhaps one or two very loan i showers, but after we get to the mid to late afternoon on thursday i think we're really going to clear out. it's a strong front that's coming, though, in the thursday nighttime frame that's going to bring the chill in for friday and saturday. we have a pretty good chill going tonight as well. especially with all the dampnessment it seeps through your coat. thirty-nine for dulles and manassas. forty-one culpeper, 43 lear in the district. winchester, you're 46-degrees. this is quite a bit colder than it was last night. we're about 15- degrees colder in many areas. no surprise that it's a little bit hard to take. let me show you you what's coming. our next cold shot still up here through the northern planes. that will
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frontal boundary and that cold air is going to be getting into town again friday, saturday and a big freeze expected friday night into saturday with temperatures dropping into the 20s in the suburbs to about 30- degrees downtown. your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast, not a lot of rain left now, just a little bit of drizzle. sun and clouds thursday, a bright day friday, a dry day saturday. veterans day only about 45 greece and a freeze for the morning hours. next chance of showers looks like it comes in sunday. we may still be dealing with them monday at 56-degrees and dryer tuesday at 54. but all of the temperatures on the seven day forecast are well blow average for this time of year. q. that's your seven day. >> you can now make u2 profiles for your kids and personalize them based on age and interest. however, some privacy groups warn it may be an advertising play for google. google denies the claim, but the children's
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>> two women who have been pen pals for 50 years recently met face to face for the very first time. ivan bet towel is from huntsville, a.m. bam a her pen pal is from albert a, capital hill. sheta
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each other when they were 12 years old. after all these years they finally met on sunday . that is very cool. jim lokay is up next on the final five, the very latest on today's elections.
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>> your election night final five, as the gun debate continue s lawmakers are also talking about how to make sure local gun members are in force. back here in washington the push for tax reform continues and how donald duke caused a big argument during the 2016 race. this is the final five. let's do this. don't mess with america. i don't know if you know this, there was a little election tonight in virginia. a win for demerol of northam tonight and hopefully virginia voters didn't take their queues


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