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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  November 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> i. the accusations, apology and fall-out, new details about millions of dollars paid to capitol hill accusers using taxpayer money >> hacking your home security will show you how plus, the group his at a jewelry store . rose ma gow and is a no show and a teacher in trouble because of a that jab. your news hearts of starts now. we're going to begin tonight with sexual harassment accusations against al franken. the minnesota democrat is facing heavy criticism and will likely face an ethics investigation. this follows revelations that he kissed and groped a radio talk show hoat's host without her con sent back in tweaks. wing the half hour president trump weighed in on the scandal. fox5 m
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with more tonight. reporter roar that's right and he sent two tweets in reference to senatorial franken, the first one saying the al franken sign picture is really bad, a thousand words where do his hands go in picture two, three, four, five and six while she sleeps and then president trump continued with another tweet say ing and to think that was just last week he was sexual harassment for women and then he poses the question leslie stall tape and then president trump alluding to an incident back in 1995 when al franken choked about raping then cbs news journalist leslie stall in a 1995 new york magazine article. of course today senatorial frank en has not made any public appearances since the picture that was release earlier today first was made public and we've been out here at his tenly town condo. we, too, have not
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with some neighbors earlier today who say he is a good man, but did not want to speak on camera. there are so many others who are calling for him to step down and resign in light of this picture that was publish ed earlier today, this picture here made public by lee and tweet, a los angeles-based journalist apparently on a flight back from afghanistan following a u s so trip with senatorial franken back in tweaks. what you're going to hear is a press conference from earlier today. this is how they describe anen unitier with that very trip. he put his hand on the back of my head and he smashed his face. it happened so fast and he just smashed his lips against my face and he stuck his tongue in my mouth so fast and all i can remember is that his lips were really wet and it was
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i called him fish lips the rest of the trip but that's just what it reminded me of. i dent know why. he stuck his tongue down my mouth. i remember, i pushed him off with my hands. >> earlier today in a statement in response to that very picture senatorial franken said, in part , quote i look at it now than a i feel disgusted with myself. it isn't funny. it's inappropriate it's obvious how lee and will feel violated in that picture. in that very statement he also asked for the committee to investigate these allegations and that picture and says he'll do anything to cooperate, but the senate may decide to not discipline franken because the allegations happened before he became a senator. and tomorrow the ethics committee could very well make public if they are going to investigator if they're in the going to investigate it will be the last chance they have to do so before senate goes to recess until
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tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news well, in a related story, fox5 told you last night the congressional office of compliance has made out more than $15 million in settlements to more than 230 people since 1997. new tonight, updated numbers show how much has been paid out for congressional workplace violations, including sexual harassment year by year. noticeably in the years 2002 and 2007 alone, a combined $8 million was awarded. it is unclear why the payouts were so high during those years. in the meantime, the alabama gop announced it its tanning by roy moore despite the growing calls on the national level for him to step aside. moore is running for the senate. today his campaign hired a handwriting analyst to try and discredit one of his accusers. they want her high school yearbook to compare moore's signature to the one she claims he signed in her year back in 1977ment t
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accused moore of senatorial franken that she says happened when she was just 16 years old. moore denied that and denied signing the yearbook. the woman 's attorney said they will not hand over that yearbook to moore's campaign. despite calls to dropout, moore says he's stay ing in the race. >> imagine finding a burglar in your house in the middle of the night rummaging thraw your things. well, it happened at multiple homes in a fairfax neighborhood and the thieves got away. fox5's corey coffin spoke exclusively to one of the victims tonight. >>reporter: that man didn't want to be identified out of fear for his own safety but he tells me police believe there could be multiple people acting together in these neighborhoods what's happening in all four of these cases is that people are coming up to cars. these thees are finding these cars unlocked and they're taking the garage doors openers out of them and they're easily able to get inside the garage doors. the mawe
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happened to him about two:30 in the morning. i heard a lot of footsteps so i said this is not g. i went upstairs and i saw that the lights were on. he turned on all the lights on the first floor, in the kitchen. i opened the door and i said, hey, what are you doing here. and then evictionly bolted out. it did stress me out a lot. i couldn't sleep afterwards. i was just glad that no one got curt, even him.en even though the thief took his wallet he believes this was a bugger alreadily of opportunity. they dusted for fingerprints. that was on recall oh oak drive. a next night calls in abington hall place and edge moore circle came in. in three of the cases, including the man we spoke, the homeowners walked in on the man as he was stealing things and he immediately ran getting away with their walls. in the fourth case
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sound of their garage door chime but they didn't find anyone in the home. police believe that could have scared the man away. police brought out a k9 unit and he was able to follow the suspects into these woods, but that's where they lost him. they say they believe that's because there was a car waiting for the suspects. they believe there's multiple people working the case together. bring your garage door clicker in with you at night. certainly a good reminder for residents in these neighborhoods and a good remainder for all of us rgs really. reporting in fairfax, corey coffin. fox5 local news. >> we have an update on story we first brought you last night. eighteen wood son high school players in the district were suspended from playing in the annual turkey bowl game on thanksgiving day following this fight during a game with players from ern high school. the fight stemmed from a late hit and out of bounds. d.c. council member advice event gray says he was at the game on saturday and is ask
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be reinstated so they can play in the turkey bowel. instead he's asking that they be suspended for the first game of the season. that is the punishment that the eastern high players received. gray says if the wood son players missed the turkey bowl it's a much more de veer punishment and is not fair to them. developing tonight, a man hunt is underway for the gunman who killed a baltimore city police detective the award for an arrest in the deadly shooting has now reached $169,000. detective shawn shoot era d.c. native was following up on a homicide case in west baltimore yesterday when he con fronted a suspicious person who opened fire hooting him in the head. he died today. investigators think the suspect might have been hurt during the confrontation. we will find the person responsible for this ridiculous, absurd, unnecessary loss of life. the shooter knows what he did and he knows
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did it to. a baltimore police detective. detective suitor leaves behind a wife and five children. maryland governor larry hogan has ordered flags to be flown at half test to honor the 18 year veteran of the force . a fake go fund me can is set up in the officers' name. right now there is no official account set up. >> fairfax county police are hoping this surveillance video of a jewelry store robbery will help them catch the thees. look closely it happened friday afternoon on the bt jewelers in falls church. six people distracted the store owner while a seventh person crawled under a counter and stroll jewelry and cash from a safe in the back room. they're offering an award for information that leads toen a arrest. if you recognize anyone in the video, call police . fighting the opioid crisis in prifns william county medical professionals and members of a community join
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was called project stop. it was organized by a nurse at sen tara medical center to address an issue she sees often in the eo. demonstrations focused on how to administer narcan injections during an overdose and the importance of properly suiting up while treating victims who have come in contact with the opioid medication fentanyl. it brings county. community is the antidote to this and i really feel like it's important for everybody to be involved. without the community, what are we? police officers every day we have to respond to the overdoses, fatal and knob fatal and you see a lot of destruction in families. one of the things you see these guys there are repeat drug users that you go to their residence, rescue goes there they use narcan to bring a person back and then we're there a few hours later, another overdose, the same person because they refuse to go to the hospital. last year there were 52 fatal overdoses
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william county alone. up next tonight, a teacher is on leave accused of pulling off a muslim 's student's that jab. was it just an accident. protecting your home security video system. a local cyber firm security system, what you need to know. >> on the final five tonight we've seen the political fallout of sexual misconduct, but what about the psychology behind it. jim lokay is disiefg deep with the doctor tonight on the final five at 11:30.
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>> accusation rest rose ma gow and did not appear in a loudon county quoter, a judge agreed to waive that appearance at the request of her lawyer and schedule ul another hearing for january. the act easies facing a felony cocaine drug. variety ors say they found drugs in a wallet that they found in an airplane. they told the new yorker she didn't turn herself in if she didn't feel it was real. she felt she was being targeted after she claimed harvey weinstein raped her. she denies the drugs were herself. the fairfax county teacher is on leave tonight accused
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a hijab from a muslim's student head. head. the student tweet ed there she was infuriated by the actions of the teacher, but some students we talked to say it may not have been act of disrespect, instead it may have been just an accident. some people say it was intentional and others are saying that it was unintentional because of how she wears her that jab. >> i've had multiple people come up and ask me about it. teachers shouldn't be putting their hands on student at all. fairfax county public schools re lease a statement saying the teachest actions were inappropriate. school system officials apologized and say they are investigating the incident. >> it's a scary thought here. imagine hackers watching you through your home security cameras or even taking control of those cameras. a
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cyber security firm release startling new research shows just how easy it to watch you. the idea of somebody watching you through your home security camera is bad enough but because of vulnerabilities in camera systems from some major manufacturers hackers can manipulate your cameras. we'll she you how. we linked up with all former nsa employees. in this demonstration we have a security camera that's keeping an eye on a truck and then this would be the footage that you'd see online or on your phone link ed to the camera. we will take over the camera, what we planned to do here is freeze the image and then make you as the end user think that what you're seeing is real when, in fact, it's not. we should be able to go ahead and steal the vehicle, if you will, and you as the end user will think that everything is just fine. and there goes the car. the researc
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with a startup called refirm. they took us inside where we saw that there is a public website you you can go to to see people 's home security cameras around the world. we found this office space in bull gair yeah. your footage could show up here if you don't have a pass password for your system and hackers can potentially do the same thing you saw with that truck demonstration. the research done by refirm also looked at routers in addition to cameras and found similar vulnerabilities that could let hackers could see even more. anything that you did do on your network at home, checking your banking accounts, doing financial transactions, anything that you would consider private would be in the hands of criminals. so it could lead to stolen identity, financial transactions you didn't plan on implementing. so it's just battled around. here's the best advice to protect yourself. find out the manufacturer of your home security camera as well as your router. plik sure your checking that company's website on
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when vulnerabilities like what we've outlined for you are discovered manufacturers typically develop firm wear updates, basically security patches. you can download those , but you you have to make sure that you're checking for them. >> the cameras and routers test ed were made by trend net, bell kin and do you what. they're taking measures to addressing the findings, includ ing firmware updates and stopping shipments of products. we have more details from our company on our website. >> maryland quong man he lij yeah cummings is demanding documnts from the tsa. the classified reports showed the agency's security efforts were not up to standards and undercover operation by homeland security investigators found that more than 70 percent of the time undercover officers were able to get through to tsa checkpoints with mock niefs, guns and explosives. amid the criticism tsa has recently
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than ever. take a there at this discovery at dulles airport. they found these weapons this week inside one traveler's carry-on bag. at bwi a traveler was caught with this knife dis geused as a hair brush. this might serve as a reminder about the tighter screening that you might face during your holiday traveler. this showed how someone could show a laptop into a bomb. what looks like serial is actually inert flakes of dynamite. that freaks me out a little bit. it definitely does but hopefully they are on top of it especially after this report they will be even more diligent a lieutenant of fear out there. why are people even doing that? >> i don't know. things are cooling down considerably tonight. we're still in the 40s and it's still a little bit breezy, but as the breezes continue, the wind chill will be real noticeable and we're heading for the low 30s. it's a chilly
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the warmer coats have been handy most of this week, especially a couple of nights that had us bottoming out in the upper 20s. i think a few spots could be closer to 30-degrees tonight. winchester has dropped to 39. d.c. is still 47. it's still kind of breezy out fl. a check of wind gusts, not everybody is seeing them. we are seeing sustained winds of ten and 15 a. d.c. is still getting a gust of 21. twenty-one in winchester. you feel that when you go out. that's why you see the wind chills in a few spots down into the upper 20s and hagerstown down in the upper 20s. frederick you feel like 30, so does winchester. overnight we are probably going to be close to freezing if not a little bit blow north and west to about 39- degrees in the city for a chilly start on our friday. but a sunny day and ultimately i think a pretty nice finish to this workweek. it will be on the cooler side, but nothing you can't handl
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breeze will be much better by the time you get into the afternoon. for the kids at the bus school, 32, but after school 50 to 54. not as warm as today was, but still not bad for november. here's the situation for tornlings the storm system that passed us by, the weak front gets stronger over the northeastern us. we have a little bit of a breeze, but eventually high pressure will take over that will settle the breeze, bring in plenty of sunshine and temperatures that will range from 50 to 54 or 55- degrees. not as warm as today, but fredericksburg not bad, d.c. 53, annapolis 52 and frederick coming in at 53-degree s. high temperatures for your friday. i wanted to show you this storm system that we've been watching. it's affecting california, the rock ies, that's the system that we're going to be tracking moving into our area saturday. it could be a spotty shower around on saturday. mostly i thin
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that we get warm again, warm front goes through first, a couple spotty showers, but it's this you want to watch. at night i think this front comes on through. we get windy behind it. we get some rain out ahead of it. that may begin as early as nine or 10:00. western suburbs swings on through our area, maybe a lingering early on sunday, but then we're chilly and breezy with temperatures falling from the 50s through the 40s for a blustery day on scund as well asman. here's your forecast. sixty saturday. rain late, can't rule out a pot situate shower during the day and then the falling temps on sunday. check your seven day forecast because we're chilly on monday, but the most important thing, this is a big travel week coming up as we all know for thanksgiving, the weather loose like it's going to cooperate for travelers. fifty-seven, wednesday, 55, thank giving outlook right now so far so good , about 50-degrees, that's a good for
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thanksgiving. tony over to you thank very much. coming up tomorrow on, morning crew will be live with santa clause, an early spotting of santa.s yeah inging to be riding a firetruck on the beltway. a stylist is checking out the best winter accessories. it all kick s off 44:25 tomorrow morning . if you'd have told me three years ago... that we'd be downloading in seconds, what used to take... minutes.
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that we could video conference... and do it like that. (snaps) if you'd have told me that i could afford... a gig-speed. a gig-speed network. it's like 20 times faster than what most people have. i'd of said... i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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>> would luca a taste of thamtion gichg dinner in a potato, pring also has you covered. the company plans to role out ate new flavors. cranbury sauce, green been cas role and others. the chips will be hard to find, though. they'll only be available on a limited basis. you said you would try them? a. i think they sound kind of cool. i wouldn't eat the pumpkin pie chip. i could go to a green bean cas role
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though. >> sue pel contact. jim lokay is up next with the final five.
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oh no, everything is just fine in wash top. ahead on the final five tonight, the al fraken, the latest accused of sexual misconduct. the house passes \tax\tacks reform. not popping the champagne yet. a mistrial in a crushing case against senator bob mendez me nen december. the justice department cracks down on the ms 13 and an oil spill could hurt the chances of the pipeline. >> this is the final life. let's do this i wake up a little bit laivment i don't know about you, but this morning when i got up, a lot of tweets, a lot of texts, did you hear about al fraken. today new


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