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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> here they come. >> here o comment buck eyes of ohio state. >> almost exactly what you expected out of the rivalry. >> disaft artily play. >> down the bill. >> one of the major rivalries, and really in all of sports. >> can't tell you mean more people. it's a game that is the game on the schedule. >> so special because of its tradition and people that play in the game before. the amount of talent on the field each year. >> you go out there. you are talking trash, play your heart out. give everything you got. you have to tighten up your own a little tighter. everything has to be done to the max. >> michigan state game is unlike anything else. >> the team beats a team up north. there's no
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game. >> this sate, first time ever on fox michigan. ohio state. coverage begins 10:30 eastern, we are live from ann arbour, to preview two teams that don't like one another. >> one. the story lines coming into the game. jim harr bow, never beaten urban meyer in this series. for the buck eyeless, they have to approach a little differently than the michigan mindset. >> that's all michigan need. they have enough motivation. this might make michigan's season. on the other side. with ohio state, okay, they are looking at this thing. they lost an iowa team that lost the week before to north western. put your guard down. the game is at home. we beat them on
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there wen be any this week. >> they are looking at more than winging the championship. they are looking at a path to the playoff. >> and the path to indianapolis for the big10 game. they have wisconsin, a team above them. another big game. matt, the iron bowl. auburn, hosting alabama. major implications for that one. >> auburn might be playing as well. you look at that defense, and what they did against georgia a couple of weeks ago, shutting them done. they were fast, big, reckless. >> offensively. we talk about johnson. he's a legit heisman contender. he combined that. throwing the ball well down field. they are not asking hill to do a lot. they are executing. bama is beat up. this is not the same pass
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we have seen. they are really good. i think this game comes down to jaylen throwing the football. he has improved. can he beat you throwing the ball. on the road. auburn, if they went out they'll get in the play-off with two losses. this game, if ub urn wins -- auburn wins, you look at bama with a loss, how will the committee view them. if auburn loses, they are out. this is huge. what is the game for you? >> beyond the michigan ohio state. you can make michigan's season. i'm curious what clemson will do against lionel carole. they are 8-3. he's a good quarterback, rivalry games. a lot of people are circling the hay. they play an undefeated miami. it's the acp coming out party. >> what about the other team. >> that's supposed
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the a.c.c. championship in miami. miami played down to the competition all year long, day after, going to pittsburgh. no one goes into the high like that. no one walks in behind the field. >> it's a turnover chain. >> taking it off the bus. i know. >> they thrived off the energy of playing at home. it will be interesting to see they don't look over the opponent. >> what do we see after all the games are done. we can't figure out what georgia beating notre dame and notre dame losing to miami, auburn turning around. we can't figure out what any of this stuff means until all of this is over. these are fun exercises to get into. let's let all the games be played. and we'll figure out what everyone's resume is. >> what is this. >> cos the camera is here. >> debbie downer,
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>> playing it out. >> i feel importance. >> your intelligence is getting in the way of the show. >> don't over-think it, robert. >> run the ball, you know. [ laughs ] . >> get me off the bus and throw me the ball. >> chaos is common. >> you know how you coach great running backs. make sure they get off the bus. >> bang. >> let's go. >> so can we just say let's go to chaos right now. >> let's do it. >> let's go to chaos. when we return, teams are lose of course, you are not winning championships, you have a ♪ no one knows where it comes from. hey! stop! ♪ why some have it... ...and some don't. it's the fighting spirit. it consumes fear... ...and weakness. it stands ready to fight, whatever shape the battle takes. [explosions & gunfire] because as long as there are battles...
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>> announcer: chaos, the chaos theory states wherever does happen, will, we don't know, we can't predict the future. no matter how certain it seems, in college football every year chaos rules. >> all right. we hit the time in the show. time to embrace our love for chaos. coac i
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starting with moderate chaos, and then go full boil. let's talk buckeyes and guide me. how do they get up here. >> i picked ohio to win it all. i had it in the final four. i believe in the buckeyes, there's a path. >> show me: alabama is undefeated. eliminating auburn. >> and georgia. >> all right. all right. >> we are out of here. we don't want in e miami is undefeated. this takes clemson out. and puts them where they belong. >> okay. oklahoma remains, and that eliminates tcu. now oklahoma - ohio state beats wisconsin. big 10 championship. that moves them down. >> by badgers. who will you compare them with on the list.
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>> i thought they'd get hosed. >> they should get hosed. they are not playing in a championship game. ohio gets the nod. >> person losing in the season finale against south carolina. >> okay. >> then sitting there with the two losses, and winning the a.c.c. championship game against miami. >> knocking miami out. >> a.c.c. is done. >> then the a.c.c. can't have ta team in there, right. >> then what are we looking at. >> oklahoma wins ou. oklahoma probably goes to number two. >> okay. >> but then we have alabama lose to auburn in the iron bowl. now we have two loss - all kind of stuff. >> one loss bama. >> are they right there? >> so the f.c.c. to me, i think ub urn - they -- auburn - they beat georgia.
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themselves. >> yes. >> you have oklahoma... >> i don't think it's... >> let him get there. >> what do we do. >> ohio wins out. ohio state has to be in there. >> are we talking about... >> what are you doing with bama, what are you going with bama. i don't know. you are looking at the resume, looking at it purely as resumes at that point. i'm saying that clemson would have beaten miami, that's miami's first loss though. clemson, who is in. >> what do you want me to do with the magnets, robert. i have to have four teams playing january 1st. >> i know. >> remind me... >> if i get a coaching job... >> i think you need... >> i think you need to have ohio state and alabama in there. i think you have to. >> let's get back to the base. here is the base, one through
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six. right now. matt enter chaos. >> what is most interesting to me is a one-loss alabama team that doesn't win the conference. let's say louise st-aubin beats bama, and australian are or georgia, it doesn't matter. number one, they beat bama, and they beat georgia, they are gone. >> clemson, miami. let's go clemson. and miami with alabama. oklahoma wins out. let's go ohio. 13 is between a one loss barack obama, a one loss bama and two loss ohio state. >> not a champion. >> not a conference champion. >> not champion.
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putting georgia at number one, alabama is in the jarmionship. losing a game to chargio, how do you view alabama. how is it viewed as a loss. >> let's take a poll of you six. it's down to the last three battling to the last spot. conference champion two losses. non-conference champ but one loss. bama. conference champ, put in ohio. >> bama. one vote for ohio. >> i would say alabama. >> where is the resume builder. >> that's the thing for me. >> here is the problem. >> let's say tcu beats oklahoma. you have a two loss that went to columbus. thrashed them. painted the flag. wouldn't you love to see the rematch. >> yes, i
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>> i want to see the turnover chance. >> both were hand illy, one against an unranked team that blew them off the field. alabama's wins are not as good. >> what does the committee say though, that if a non-conference champion is selected over a conference champion, then they need to be clearly significantly better. that's an interestings are interesting thing. >> championship one, head to head. compared to outcomes of common opponents. what is number one, championship one. >> you want chaos, we'll give you chaos, we'll have a 2-loss team in the play-out. let's say auburn is the f.c.c. champ, two losses, they are in. over. >> bama is out. slets say tc -- let's say
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wins the big 12. ohio wins the big 10, two losses. we have a lot of two loss teams. let's say clemson loses to south carolina, and beats miami, you have five two loss. move over u.c. f. they run the table. undefeated. where is the difference though. if you want so they are in the power. >> it is a significant difference. that's in the conversation. >> that's why i'm with coach. this is the problem with me, the way we do this is not fair. it will screw someone ever every year, and one of those people... >> two if notre dame is involved. >> where does the difference go thi dominated mary line. they beat navy more handily than notre dame. talk about game
6:17 pm
they have handled - i've seen them in person. >> saturday with u.f.c. i4 war. a team that should strengthen them. >> it's not a power five. >> who wins the i4 war. call it a win. that's what i'm saying. >> going to tampa, okay. is oklahoma in here at this point. you don't have anyone in the four. f.c.c. is a lock. i'll throw them a two for giggle. i may throw clemson a one at this point. right. one loss clemson. and now, now if we do a brand war. i'm a little bit of grand snob. >> what do you do if michigan beats ohio, and ohio wins the big 10. >> no way.
6:18 pm
>> that's both ways. that's is an outstanding point. >> it opens up notre dame. >> you have to give one loss wisconsin a little more credit. do the trojans have a shot. >> i think that danny's point. the only thing with ohio losing to mish dan. one lose is not giving the play off. steven stamkos beating notre dame, eliminating notre dame in the head to head with u.f.c. i don't think it's a shot. n handle washington state in a revenge game. in a pakville championship. >> if u.f.c. gets the late seen momentum, plus chaos, because of the grand recognition, it's hard to
6:19 pm
>> brand recognition. you spend too much. >> don't act like it's not a big deal. >> last year, how do they get in. it's waiting on the edge of the seat. >> there's know way you can put u.f.c. is. people will talk about it. it's the quarter back. the west coast is dormant after if they blow the doors off washington statement. this is college football. a budge of kids. they make big mistakes. they are coming here. defended loss. they play washington
6:20 pm
my head hurts a lot. any chance name gets in. it's not a link. >> if miami builds out clemson in the a.c.c. championship. maybe, maybe. >> if georgia wince the title. that would be another thing, that would help them. >> the beauty is the empty slate tells you where you are. >> coach, coach. that goes back. we still have one more segment left. we'll fill out the four and tell you who the national champ is. it's not going ( ♪♪ ) ♪ one is the only number ♪ ♪ that you'll ever need ♪ staying ahead isn't about waiting for a chance.
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>> oh. [ siren ] >> keeping it down. flat back. go flat ir, what do you have? >> there's two teams i feel like have a great advantage if they are to get to the college football playoff. one is auburn and the other is oklahoma. if you look at everyone else in the top 10, the struggle, the question mark is surrounding the offense. that's why the offenses are suited to put pressure on whatever team they face. let's start with oklahoma. they can run the ball inside and outside. baker mayfield is unbelievable. auburn is averaging 43 points per game. that would be a difficult offense in particular. they run the balls well. those two teams are a match up nightmare in the playoff. >> off camera. auburn and oklahoma are the two best. if he had to paying a champ, it's oklahoma. now, we have to vote for
6:24 pm
oklahoma. let's go through the final four. and who the winner is. >> my time four is alabama. clemson, wisconsin. i like alabama, they are the best team in the s c.c. i click clemson, mark rick is doing a fabulous job. miami is over achieving. i like wisconsin, because i think they are destined to get there. oklahoma is my champ. so i agree with joe. >> two votes. petros. >> make it three. i have bama, i have miami, i got oklahoma and wisconsin. and oklahoma would be back with by committee, receivers by committee, the kind dynamic quack, and the fun defense while mike holds the table. they'll win it. >> matty? >> i have bama, oklahoma, clemson, ohio gets in, the first few loss team we see and i have oklahoma as
6:25 pm
>> ou. >> they'll have the next heisman trophy winners, and we know what dynamic quarterbacks have done, and the coach's point earlier, the defense stepped up. >> who is ready for some... who is ready for rematches. i have oklahoma. playing oklahoma state in the first round. rematch. baker mayfield playing the plastic bag. >> 1 v 4. two versus three. clemson versus auburn. rematch from the earlier part informant season. remember that, 14-6. auburn is going to win the championship. complete team. run game. they play oklahoma in the championship game. they can keep the ball away from baker mayfield. the defends legit. >> you are an f.c.c. homer. >> no one can please bruce. >> i hate i sit next to him a
6:26 pm
i have oklahoma in there with clemson, auburn and ohio, and the same national champion in ub aurp. ith auburn wins in the iron bowl. >> wow. >> i believe this auburn team has thinks figured out from the first loss from clemson, that will be the difference. >> gerard in the offense. gusz rolls on. the dual threat and the defensive line is lights out. >> look at danny acting like he's your best friend. he's a gospel man. >> notre dame before. >> everyone out. >> i had the same four that mat has. oklahoma. alabama, ohio, they'll role in there. and clemson. i'm going with oklahoma. the same reason as last year, i picked clemson. deshone watson put the programme on his
6:27 pm
i think that's what baker mayfield will do. i don't think the defense is better, but he'll find a way to take them to the national title. he's in control and they have confidence with him. >> who do you have? >> i have 1 v 4. bama, wisconsin. oklahoma, clemson. i believe in the sooners. >> wow. >> yes. so i go with oklahoma as well. to me, the interesting thing, defending national champ. >> yes. >> and everybody's perennial favourite to win it all. >> the good news for hertz is that he runs like a running back. the bad news is he throws like a running back. >> you have to go with baker. >> they want a national championship with coker, and they play a better quarterback. >> just when you thing you have it figured out. >> that's why we play the game. >> brando, where are you,
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>> right now on "fox5"a search is underway for a burglary and sexual assault suspects after a woman woke up with a strangerer touching her while she was asleep in her own home. violence in the district. and details we're learning tonight about two overnight shootings. and it's a busy travel week. "fox5" has you covered ahead of thanksgiving celebrations. the news starts right now. >> one man is dead tonight an a second is hurt after two overnight shootings in the district. >> both happened in nort northwest. one year pet worth and the second close to dupont circle. watt swat live with the details. lindsay. >> lauren and marina we're on spring road near georgia avenue not far from the pet warj metro station where a man was found shot in the road this morning and he has unconscious when investigators say she was not multiple times in the back. this i
6:32 pm
man later died at the hospital. he's been identified as 25-year-old christian lopez ramirez and lives around the corner from here. at this point police have made no arrests and they have not given us any indication of a motive. they're still looking for the person or people who did this. and just about five minutes before this shooting, police responded to another shooting. just a few miles away from here on m street. and we can show you video of of that location. just off connecticut avenue, so a very high traffic area. and police say that there's novdz that these two incidents are related and they say, in this case, on connecticut avenue the victim was attacked and shot in the stomach by two suspects. and the police report says this was club related and of course, it did happen in an area with a lot of night life activity. in this case, the victim did survive and police have already arrested both sus suspects. 26 years troy jenkins of hyattsville and 26-year-old david
6:33 pm
back here live now i was just checking the violent crime statistics for the district and violent crime is significantly down. about 16 fewer homicide this year after last year and overall violent crime is down 5%. we're live in northwest, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> and terrifying moments for a woman asleep in her home in northwest. and police tell us someone broke into the woman's home n street 4:30 this morning and the man touched her and then stood over the woman. he then left. police are looking for the person responsible. they say once he's caught he'll be charged with burglary and sex offense. >> we have update tonight in shooting in annapolis involving a teenage vick tem and police tell us 17-year-old terri bossily died of his injuries. the shooting happened on president's street and knew his killer and early reports bossily has when
6:34 pm
the the group fired a deadly shot at teen's head. those in the group got in the car and drove off. a go fund me page is is the up for bozly's offenses. >> the fbi aoaking for information of three teenagers from prince will yount coupe a week ago. investigators say they're worried the teenagers would be in danger. ashley lemis, brianna tim less and wright left last sundays morning and maying driveing a sill vir suv possibly honda crv. police want to hear from you if you know of there whereabouts. >> tomorrow police say they will clear the scene where a baltimore police detective was shot and killed. it's been locked down since wednesday when steven suit or was shot in the head while working a case. he died a day later. a reward for information leading to an arrest now stands at 215,000. a go fund me page set up today for suit or's family has also already raised thsa
6:35 pm
dollars. >> incredibly windy day today. really a change for some whipped. app you can start to see all the fall leaves familiaring to the ground because of the winds. >> not cold out there gwen. >> absolutely not. it may have felt cold because the winds were coming from the west, northwest. yesterday coming from the south. i know i said warm and windy and you may say it felt chilly out there. that's why it would have felt chilly. temperature-wise we made it to mid 60s today, 64 reagan national airport and 60 dulles and 6 at bwi thorough good marshall. so well above where we should be temperature-wise. so, not bad for this time of the year at all. and right now, though, temperatures really cooled down. take a lock at chill. 47 in d.c. and 41 gaithersburg and 41 dulles and 41 winchester and 43 baltimore. winds gusting 16 to 22 miles an hour. and tonight will be a cold o one. air
6:36 pm
radar. to the far west snow showers over high her elevations and evening forecast if you plan to go out, grab a warm sweater or warm jacket. we'll see partly cloudy skies as we move only into the 30s. for an overnight low. and for this evening we're talking 40s. 35 degrees gusty winds and we'll see some improvement for that workweek. i'm serving it up nice on the weather buffet. back to you. >> developing tonight congress working hard to tackle an unexpected item on its fall ajen dax the problem of sexual harassment on capitol hill. caroline shivly has more. a current senator and wanna be senator are crushed for sexual misconduct claims with female members of congress calling for change. democratic senatorial franken of minnesota has a disturbing photo to answer for. pretending to feel up a sleeping woman through her bulletproof investigate. franken was roasted on his old show, saturday night live.
6:37 pm
accused of misconduct on 2006 by leann tweeten and posted this photo of him groping her breast while aleap. is looks bad but remember it also is bad. >> women legislatures are drawing attention to the problem on capitol hill re revealing a slush fund that pays for sexual harassment by members and staffers. >> i'm calling them all on the carpet and all of them should take responsibility for their behavior. >> there is despicable ugly behavior across the country. and men and women together you know, here we are women's panel. this is not going to get fi fixed. men have wives, sisters, daughter, friend, families, we got to fix this together and change the concert. >> those are two of many congress woman training investigations and enforcement on capitol hill. in washington, caroline s shivly, fox news. >> d.c. police asking for help from a public tonight to identify people who robbed a business this morning and it
6:38 pm
northwest. one of the men pulled out a gun and demanded a worker opened the cash registered. the worker complied and men left with money. no one was hurt and police are asking anyone with information about this to given them a call. >> well the rush to grand mother's house is about to reach full throttle how do i say it full throttle to grand mother's house we go in the next few days. tens of thousands of americans will be on the move. >> aaa predicts this is the biggest travel period. in a dozen years and most travelers will be driving. "fox5" evan lambert on the roads and prince george county and evan if you have been out this weekend you can tell already the traffic is moving and people are getting out. >> and shopping is happening, too. >> there's already a lot of people on the roads.
6:39 pm
members in the use expected to most congested and dravl take three times longer than normal. experts say this is one of the buzzest travel years since2 2005 because of strong economy and labor market which is boosted consumer confidence. here in the dmv three million people are expected to drive to their thanksgiving gatherings and it will definitely be con guested on area highways. to avoid some of that congestion google suggests leaving the d.c. area to lead thursday 6 a.m. and when returning return sunday morning also around 6 a.m. if you can. i know it's early. you will avoid some of those worst times and worst times to travel will be tuesday afternoon and wednesday afternoon and sunday afternoon. live on 495 in prince george county, evan lambert. "fox5 local news". >> walmart truck headed to the stores to deliver goods and i'm sure that will be
6:40 pm
black friday. i'll stay in town and noting on the roads. >> i'll be in town as well. >> you won't be part of the millions heading out. >> the airports will be crazy too. >> all right especially in this area. all right we'll be rights back. back.
6:41 pm
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>> it's not something you hear about but the united states and china holding joint military exercises troops from both currentyes conducting drills in oregon. both sides say sharing information and tactics has been a huge benefit and the program began in 199 and more than 400 troops participating over the years and latest rounds of military exercises are scheduled to end tomorrow. >> and heads up if you travel overseas for the holidays.
6:43 pm
the state department issued a warning for americans headed to europe. and the warning alerts travelers to be cautious if you plan on attending holiday festival over avenue seas and expect security. last year christmas attacks at mark net germany and fight club in turkey new year's eve. >> to a recall trader joe's recall packaged salads after told there may be plastic inside the packaging, currid white children and turkey cranberry salads. those expired from november 10 to 1. if you bought one of those salads usda says you should either throw 2 away or return it to the store. >> all right. more online shopping gifts for this holiday season mean more opportunity for porch pirates unfortunately those people that steal packages right off door steps. so how do you protect packages from the modern y
6:44 pm
to you know first. they're think about packages dloyvrd where you were. if you work all day have them shipped to work. >> talk to neighbors if you're not hope you can have them get it from you. be on the look yut for suspicious activity following a delivery truck. >> another measure install home surveillance and they should be visible at the front door and high enough to be tampered with. a lot of common sense. life gets in the way and it's inevitable and these screws been key in solving some of these. >> you say it will never happen to you but we see case after case. >> we do them all the time come holiday she with have the video and story. >> it's sad people did that. >> and we
6:45 pm
absolutely. >> be cautious. >> hopefully cold enough to avoid the grinchs coming out. >> i don't think that will stop them believe me yeah. >> it looks like thanksgiving may be chilly. >> today was not bad. >> we have westerly winds and it was mild. we hit into mid 60s today and unbelievable daytime high this time of year. and few clouds and sunshine out there. not quirt as windy as yesterday and those winds continue to hit in the morning hours. rights now looking at partly cloudy skies into the overnight area. chilly one. highs today into the 60s. it is november. so we did fairly well temperature-wise. it was windy and the winds were still around at least for one more night. temperatures now, 47, d.c., 4 more. same dulles. chilly 41 winchester and 46 fredericksburg and let's
6:46 pm
take look at current winds gusts. anywhere from 21 to 28 miles an hour and see moving in from west, northwest and that is the bringing in cooler air. and tonight, as we start to he see the skies clear out just a little bit to partly cloudy conditions we'll get a chill settling in. and light precipitation and higher elevations moving through. so over areas of the moun mountains, once again the fronts dealing with snow showers and winter weather advisory in effect until 11:00 for them tonight. and we don't have any of that yet around our area. but i cannot rule out maybe a stray flake or two near mason dixon line and hagerstown you may see a passing flake or so but nothing stick. temperature-wise cold air settling in and huge portion of currenty in that deep, deep cold and we'll feel that once we get into tonight for overnight lows. only into the0s. so that is something you will have to really keep in mind if you head out anywhere. cold fro t
6:47 pm
the colder air settling in. for tomorrow, we see a ridge of high pressure building in. that sets us up for mrentstive sunshine tomorrow. and our temperatures for daytime highs tomorrow will be into the 50s will still feel cool. especially early morning ho hours. make sure that you dress a little ones fairly fwarm they head out tomorrow and they'll be at the bus stop. here's a look at planner for tomorrow then, by midday, 46. mrentstive sunshine. chilly 37 as we start the morning around the 8:00 hour as you're moving out. 5 degrees then for tonight. becoming partly cloudy and winds make it feel colder. and tomorrow, we're warming up to 51 degrees and let's plan for turkey day. i have dancing turkey, 47 degrees. mostly sunny skies and chilly day. and it's going to get pretty cold as well thanksgiving night. here's a look at 7 day forecast for you. things are dry right across the board and chance of shower other than that sunshine each
6:48 pm
look at those lows in the overnight hours. we're starting to get down to the chilly point where we're flirting close to freezing mark if we look at tuesday at only degrees and to the south of us that could get a little colder. otherwise, not bad. at least a dry day for that wonderful thanksgiving dinner. >> enjoy jurors, back to you lauren. >> will having the dancing turkey gwen. >> thank you. >> all right. the museum of the bible is now open and it promises to bring the old and new testaments into modern times. and fox's lauren blanchard gives us a look. >> the most read book in the world has a brand new 50 0 million museum letting visitors experience the good book firsthand. museum of the the bible is located a few blocks from capitol hill and the national mall. some seven years in making the 40,000 square foot facility features thousands of biblical texts and artifacts from all over the world for both the faithful
6:49 pm
>> we're using best technology, new technology that is being developed to try to learn as much as we can from the audience we have. >> putting it altogether was no easy task there are three central exhibit floors exploring bible history, narrative and impact. >> even if you're atheist we want you comfortable coming realizing we're not pushing agenda or faith we want you to learn about this book. >> museum worked with scholars of religion and consults turz from all over the world to make sure exhibits were presented in a way they hope it welcoming. >> we think that the bible is a book of many people. so a museum that features many traditions has much stronger message to offer to more people. and this is a respectful message to more people. >> what's old is definitely made new. a massive 140 foot long led ceiling in the grand lobby helps bring biblical times into the digital age. >> it really bring the bible to life.
6:50 pm
thought it would be. >> the museum says they believe it would take smun nine days at rate of eight hours a day in order to fully see, read and experience everything here. and at the museum of the bi bible, lauren blanchard, fox news. >> and live imitating art when is comes to classic film now you have have breakfast at tiffanies half century after audi help burn starred in the romantic movie. tiffanies flag ship fifth avenue store opened a restaurant and offers breakfast for $29. tiffany creative director is the idea is to attract millennial. >> of course the movie was in our mind when we created this space knowing that people will of course want to come and have breakfast at tiffany's it's more than that. it's about coming and being an exception of grabbed and enjoying space and spending more time in our
6:51 pm
having breakfast or lunch or even afternoon tee at tiffany. >> and for those of who you like to sleep in they also offer a lunch menu. i'm sure you can expect to see a lot of people posting on inis it a fwram and snap dmrat the blue box cafe. >> look they do there with the boot and everything. >> pretty cool we'll be right back. i no longer li
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>> here are this week's top trending stories and mattel inveiled barbie doll wearing hijab. >> this is part of the shero program. olympic fencer she this year's on reand first muslim top compete in olympics while w wearing a hijab. it's set to the go on sale early next year. >> prince fill up and queen elisabeth marking their an verse yix the royal couple got married appeared november 0, 1947. two years after the end of world war 2. queen elizabeth has longest royal
6:55 pm
royal marriage followed by 57-year-old for george iii and queen charlotte and young fwrom india just won miss world beauty pageant. >> she was the winner and 6th indian woman to win the crown and first 17 years. the pageant was held in china with contestants for more than 100 country around the world for participating. >> it won'ting long before decking the halls. but before you put up christmas tree lights we have a warning you need to hear. experts say you should avoid putting christmas tree lights near wifi router. they say is the bright lights can actually interfere with wifi i signal. baby monitors and fish tanks also to have negative effect on internet speed. >> news you can use. >> with thanks give around the corp are may wonder which outfit will accommodate the fourth helping of turkey. >> stove
6:56 pm
these super stretchy prants perfect for hiding after dinner bulge and comes with stuffing pattern on waist band and in case hungry for second they have xxl pock totes stash goods. they come in four sides and cost $0. i have a feeling a lot of people will get these as secret santa gifts. >> i want one. i'm the not going to lie it would work for me this year. >> lift it up and there you go stove top stuffing. >> all right. it is the ends of era for high school football referee in maryland. paul friedman is a referee in montgomery county for 5 years. he is officially retiring this year but on friday, he officiated last high school game. 1-year-old ref says key to long give at the is being arounds people that kept him long. here's what he said about the special moment. >> after doing this 52 years, it's very sentimental and i'm going to give the same effort as d
6:57 pm
as i did over the last 5 years. it's very important. as i said emotionally internally i can feel it. >> wow. >> freedman entire family surprised him by showing up for final game. congratulations to him as w well. >> cool i heard that before. hang out with young people stay young forever. >> good idea. >> 81 years young looks great. >> getting skerz running up and down there too. >> always active. >> tomorrow, what do folks need to know when they head out the door. >> it will be chilly as we start the day. no winds tomorrow 2459 we've had this weekend. we have minutety of sunshine for you. up to low 50s. cooler. and tomorrow night it will be kind of chilly. tonight, it's going to be chilly. and into the week we've got a chilly thanksgiving day for you and good news for thanksgiving dry, sunshine but 47 degrees may want to eat your food just kind of get on the sofa and turn offer "fox5" and chill with us. >> hank hang out for the di. >> too cold to
6:58 pm
>> cold and sunny we'll take it. >> exactly. >> we'll see you 8:00 on "fox5plus" and then again at 10 and 11 here on fox a. >> see you later dang. ok, i gotta run... hey wait. there's something i need to tell you. dang. dang. dang. dang. daaaang. see zero in a whole new way.
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