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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> president trump names north korea as state sponsor of terror. what does it mean. >> as you can see from the rundown this is the big story first at 6:30. distinction comes amid heightened nuclear tengs on korean peninsula. president trump said designation imposes restrictions on the kupty and officials at the state department argued north korea did not meet the legal standard to be relisted as a state sponsor of terrorism. >> let's break it down for you. usually week of thanksgiving is supposed to be a calm one in d.c.. started off eventful. ronica cleary standing by with more on this one tonight, hi, ronica. >> hey, jim, shawn
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it would be slow week and we got this announcement at a cabinet meeting the president held. he officially held north korea state sponsor of terror and reheard from rex tillerson unexpectly at the hearing when he addressed it further. take a listen to both of them. in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorismen including assassinations on foreign soil. as we take this action today our thoughts turn to otto w warmbier and the contless others bruts alley affected by the north korean oppression. . >> north korea was designated state sponsor of terror nix 1988 and were designated before and that was lifted in 2008 as part of effort to negotiate with north korea at the end of nuclear program that
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well additional sanctions are expected to be announced tomorrow against north korea as well. i spoke with jenny tawn these expert on the subject at the u.s. korea institute at johns hopkins and she explained the designation of north korea as state sponsor of terror it's really just a political designation since punitive measures against the country could be addressed by executive order. this essentially says today's announcement is really escalation of rhetoric or language. not necessarily escalation of action since new sanctions could be imposed with or without the classification of the nation as a state sponsor of terror. i asked town for her thoughts on what we might expect next. >> i would expect retaliation coming out of north korea for being relisted especially because
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because tensions are high anyway and especially at a time when administration was talking about you know still wanting to pursue diplomatic efforts and still thinking you know putting out formulas into which we could get back to the table. and this certainly doesn't help that and certainly pushes that further into the future now interestingly enough at today's press briefing in contrast really to what we heard jenny town sed say the second of state said we still as a country hope for dip mromcy those are his words with north korea in light of today's announcement. back to you, jim, shawn. >> ronica cleary at the white house. thank you very much. senate republican leaders have to sell tax plan this week to members of the gop. but others expressed about the current version. we talked about the house one that passed but senate would remove obamacare rel requirement that everybody have health insurance or pay a fine and save the government
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money to pay for tax cuts and could cause premiums to rise and leave a lot of people without helm insurance again. it's slated for a vote after thanksgiving. >> it will be interesting to see how it goes down. we know the president very much wants to get it done end of year. >> there was a lot of talk ba us they slit the obamacare repeal into the final version of the senate version which is not house version and then even if the senate pass it's will house stand in its way. i think the house supports it we see that a lot. >> here we go again a second woman accusing democratic senator al franken of touching her inappropriately since he took office. lindsay men's told cnn the senator grabbed her bottom as they posed for picture of minnesota state fair 2010. interaction made her feel gross. frangen release aid statement that said he did not recall meeting mrs. men's but felt badly how they felt after allegation. >>
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frank ebb of forcibly kissing and groping her during uso tour and franken since apologized. >> back to alabama republican roy moore says he's staying in race for u.s. senate. alabama was warned it would be a vote against tax cuts. >> comments comma mid continued calls for roy moore to step down. following numerous allegations of is sexual miss con sglukt doug jones in alabama folks don't be fooled. he'll be a vote against tax cuts. he's weak on crime and weak on borders and he is strong on raising your taxes and terrible for property owners. >> so vote roy moore? >> i'm telling you he want votes in the senate to get this tax bill through. >> despite conway's comment whte house remained neutral opt issue and it was interesting here. she didn't want to come out and say yeah vote for roy moore but the message was we want to
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republican in that election we want a tron come out victor. >> we heard in briefing sarah huckabee sanders was asked would the president support write in cam pain for lum are strange that was president chosen candidate in primary and again he said the white house doesn't want to get involved in a election with people of alabama but we see kelly anne conway there. we see two different message. >> it's confusing this is more about him wanting to make sure he keeps base in place. don't want to upset the base. >> republican democrat doesn't matter white house always you know find a way to interest veern into certain races and to say the president doesn't want to get involved in the race. >> we've seen them not involved. >> you wanted to see a republican fill the seat and that's understandable and question is is which one do you support. >> congressional black caucus firing back at fb. over recent unclassified co
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activists as dangerous domestic terrorists that pose actual threats law enfor enforcement. live tonight at the fbi. with the story, hate, fits. >> jim, shawn, you know the justice department has been putting out fires left and right over he all kind of things from the russia investigation to decision in doca. they have another one on happened and it's one of their own creation by way of fbi what this is about is is something called intell jaent sessment. twelve pain document that the fbi puts out to police police departments around the can'ty. now this mr. speaker one that has raised eye of congressional black caucus entitled plaque extremist groups targeting law enforcement and it goes on to detail this intelligence assessment from the fbi standpoint warning police that groups that identify themselves racially have been targeting and are
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targeting law enforcement police departments. and now, this came up on capitol hill hearing democratic congress woman karen bass had jeff session if fronts of her an she wanted to know more about how they came one this report specifically why they came up with this report. because in view of the report it was not able to identify any of these groups or any of these instances specifically. so heres a bit of how that exchange went. >> where people would are rightfully protesting what they consider to be injustice in their khunty which is their relationship with police officers are now being targeted and labeled as extremists and are going through periods of surveillance and harassment. >> hear asking
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with information where this assessment came from and what is goal of all this and in the letter it calls report faulty. and concern is from the cbc standpoint they don't want to see fbi go back to practices from the 50s or 60s where under j. edgar hoover the bur pure owe was used to discredit civil rights leaders. they do not want the burro used add smear campaigns against the current civil rights movement in 2017. for his apartment turn general jeff sessions has not read the entire report. it's only twelve pages. he says he's familiar with some findings. i would be interested to see the con chewings of that report and i'm aware that there's groups that do have record fairy commitment to racial
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transformed themselves toll violent activists. >> and tim, shawn, we're told by law enforcement experts these intelligence assessments are not necessarily directives of policies. rather they don't base statements on people's first aamendments but based on criminal activity. they're waiting for that response from fbi tonight for the congregational black caucusing there. >> certainly understand the concerns. we'll wait for that. thank you fits. sdpt president went on a tweet storm and the president is talking about that. 5 at 630 comes back.
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>> peat of roy you moore and donald trump. >> you're the guy with discipline problem. >> that was arizona senator flake has been open critic of president hitting back tw tweeting senator jaev make unelectable in the great state of arizona was caught purposely on mic saying bad things about your favorite president. normally he does up preings well. predictbility went from frustrationing to mere annoyance on capitol hill.
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we saw this not a surprise they hit against jeff flake i think jeff flake this person was building ego and he's not running for reelection. >> he wrote a put. >> but i think he's not in any danger you have jeff make becoming mauthe in some ways against own parties president that's to be expected from someone what is at this point a little bit irrelevant but yeah i think there not much for trump to worry about. >> and when we talk we have a lot of guys that wield influence. when you look at guys
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jeff bob and corcoran they found new found sell bety jeff flake wrote a sglook they were fine come supporting trump's agenda while still in office pretending to run for reelection and now they're not. at this point i think trump shouldn't worry about it as with any case when he's attacked he'll respond. >> this had to do with the nfl games. marshawn lynch stands for the mexican anthem and sits and boos our anthem. they should us is spend him. i felt like the anthem protest were calming down and settling down. >> then this happens again. >> you saw the clip of what
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>> he sat for the national anthem stood forbe the mexican anthem if they get that wall but i hope marshon is on the other side it's a cultural rule the president loves took wrapped in this is his forte a cultural thing a lot of people who voted for him were based on cultural making the can'ty great again. he's getting involved in an issue that speaks to him an his face and works for him in some cases i don't know you see difference in ha approval numbers or whatever when it comes to this he lives to are this type of thing. >> he knows who his audience is is. >> absolutely. >> i don't think it will change any time sgloon it worked. it's worked and i think i think this is again what hes with elected in large part based on. if he keeps doing
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think it will hurt. form are vp joe biden happy birthday on twitter. mr. obama wrote happy birthday to joe biden my brother and best vice-president dmoyb have and if you see closer it's a conversation of them going back and forth talking about you know whose birthday it is. >> he's exciteable >> all right. big business around this country and new law in maryland to affect local breweries. we'll talk more about that on the other side of the break.
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at dennison brewery the only female owned in maryland what's the deal. >> what the deal is take it from hundreds of billions into millions across the state they want to be able to compete to better compete with d.c. and virginia and tourism dollars going to d.c. and virginia that maryland would like to get and millennials love this stuff. this is back of house. is this what wow call this back of the house jimmy is with us and you are one of the owners here. it's been here for a few years now. i want to ask you this is proposed legislation.
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would it affect what you do on a daily basis. >> impacts us dramatically business is open three and a half years and we're looking to expand to another location. if the law doesn't change immediately we'll be impacted for restrictions that exist immediately. >> there were wholesaleers and retailers and members of the public and this is a great opportunity to come together and move this industry forward. >> as a business or brewery what's holding you back with this. >> for us biggest thing self distribution rules. >> which means what. >> we're limited as amount of barrels we can sell to bars and restaurants and back am stores this has to go to legislation and
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means a done deal with this and proposed legislation. like everything else political it will be tinkerred with and changed and from brewer's perspective things will gel a little better and so much for tourism dollar and so much to make maryland open up. >> gary fossae long. we have a spot for den ison beer on the set. if they want to send some over it sounds good to me. i'll ask. that's all i can do is ask.
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snv as god is my witness i swore turkey koz fly. the most female us turkeys had a news conference today an
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ritzest hotels in washington. >> they're in town for the pardoning vare money at the white house which is cool before trump pardon on birds we'll get a chance to meet them. bob barnard introduces us. >> hey there guys we're in first floor a room for these two guys two 20 week old male turkey from min money and driven down here to have their porment with the president tomorrow at the white house. joining us to talk about them is carl whittburg chairman of the national turkey federation this year. thanks, bob. >> you're a turkey farmer yourself. these two will be spared and the president will pardon them. this is the 70age anniversary of ceremony at the white ho house. it is a great celebration and kicks off and americans. >> we're paying for turkeys
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and ends up on anyone's plate and this is tradition of kickoff of the holiday season and president since harry truman were pardoning turkeys is that right. >> harry s. trueman made the first pardon in 1989 by president bush. >> think were food. >> and these were males and wild turkeys will get you. these giza parentsly they don't mind. they've been gobbling a bit. you can bet these guys. our role carl and charleen has been to get electricy's use to people and lift them on ones and trying to fly away and we tried to get them to gobble on que we're hoping he didn't attack
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>> that's a big piece. >>. >> they will be presented to the white house one a wing man and they'll head out to virginia tech and live out their lives. beautiful. coloring is gorgeous. these are officials turkeys of 2017. back to you. >> why athey both guys, why is one at least a girl. >> that's a good question. >> we're going to find that out. why just the guys get spared. i have to find out. turkeys by the way wishbone and drumstick. >> christmas arrived at the white house. first lady melania trump accepted the white house tree. they typically receive it first friday after thanksgiving but they're going to spend the holiday as mar largo the tree is from wisdom martin
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>> malia obama, she was at the harvard-ucla game smoking cigarettes and making out with some guy at thtailgate. >> yeah! >> i want know his race. i want to know his race. >> he is a white guy. >> what? [laughte >> snoop dogg just wt off on donald trump over the comments trump made about lavar ball. >> [bleep] you donald trump and everything you stand for. >> lavar ball is nown a legit celebrity feud with the united states of america. how more $500 shoes is lavar going to sell because of this thing? >> he should do a blank trump edition of the z02, bozo2s. >> the bozos. [laughter] >> the victoria's secret fashion show in shangi.


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