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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  August 19, 2019 6:00pm-6:10pm EDT

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>> ourson $1,0 out,0 goice. w ae enforcement lodgedhit w detentir on on august13th, failed to t honor
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released castro from custody. i'll show you a picture of ro as well as other video here, ice said it has a yo posted bond before and that was go. montgomery county officials say the jail contacted iceet to l the federal agency knoo c was getting out.ou according to crt documents on a at a hotel in rockville. shdrove to a hospital to be examined and polic m etgaged in of text messages, and that castro admitted to t sl a stenemt, a spokesperson for monertgor ciore usinnug a tmb ero
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nin order to inform them tha castro was being processed f ar 6:00 p.m. six hours later. correcons ikar m foalflltac this executive order no t wde thave both sides of t story and trying to figure daniel pan lay yo, he n
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tid firing is yieears late. h dd.ion, e t plans appeal today's firing. coming up. on the e630, w pnce alandre fromage shows the duke of york tonng the front door, j attor.
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this serious corruption and probm from the inside out. re there are plenty ofte aboute we hit 98handrore ts the record. b
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repecially south of94, balmo fredericksburg at 102. trg slightly as it boutoaches shady side avsol uray tomorrsderm,o aseround
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ri tng uhep in a little bit.onatoght.20-year-old andrewni do valithersburg. they noticed the smell of marijuana told him tthcar. when policeut s caughot mts lat. officers say they found mariaan and two loaded ha igunsthpr wed to have guns rbi a lookg a reco agnthizt a stoora avenue n silver springs earlier this month. two of forcedev teshi tor stcar. if men. stillca ll absolutely .esc have theong time
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n> for twois msing firefighters off the coast of florida. one lives and works in northern virginia, coast guard announcing they're focused on an area 50 houteir cagnuto igsonville where
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do.>>'s nothing we can 0 h flk. heastan m
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dswalker's firefighter friends virginia stay hofu >> a tos o o waiuttingeded d im heinhiy able to continue their senarchewtrehe t stat trooper killed in his home years ago todas somestabbed johnny bowman 45 hars during anorlyar
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2-ar-o dauteras consungeeth stable ire itis inbaby condition, she is now i othe custody child protective ft services. daer the baby was abandoned,ou police f the hospir orse a humiurdi escu
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ha♪ d ptr oethus n a is in critical kenhot>
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maryland wsease juoer laof adserppmocttued,ea ss
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b reehedaay is b luckyhtigtf o a
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9:ening storms vis lth around, diminish quickly. ever losinghee war sch ettog at ce lhrghstorm-freeou can hrs dn
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rd tpou wednesday, the recorisd trkingtorms like tple digi mentioned mostly south orew eas dc. we had one storm we've beeny o and shady de thesi w,as lightening with that, down to soth reported f morse
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ki ofulsi u a taking a to com dt reseveid s back einto the mid 9s and most t areas andhat's because of this heat pumpou y'ln humidity r back into the region, prechy ll 80's wil fe tmuels long as we still have this frovici,t i for additionalni sichors iwes n
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in eigy t t5 weekend will be here e dbefore you know it and you nee hrtoea little help from laurel police. they hiv dpedel three officers visited he saifad when they were hoping to get an escort raed first aid i m s tit a knd n hefeet. because if it was ,feet thank goodness, we saw headnd t
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need to make a makeshift delivery room in the passenger t se >> the baby's name angeline, innina ime sozof fish
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. ade more than just the spicy lerted n fthouey iler. eamarijuana inside thesend green pa agmillion, no wodc in of ended o up in the hospi psin osyate jun may be linked to svapirtnengss breath, chest 10
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may be linked to svapirtnengss breath, chest 10 a.e casesiles orashee, ainep
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se wake's. rht. may be linked to svapirtnengss breath, chest 10 a.e casesiles orashee, ainep nt ones erhegoin mple. easy. awesome.xf want gig-speed internet? we've got you covered. art stnoted ic want gig-speed internet?
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>>n fongou a
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facebook, russian rep is i letter with hisds oea pi rze ndhance'ke here for
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♪ . this is the 5@630. following developing news out of new york city, an nypdop fired . also, recession fears. could see a resecsion end of 2020. more fall-o following news of his brea kinghatmz.
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first sending ip to shawnowing who u tsed thatan b was capture york's picenod o oicer dielommi out. >> commissionero'neill, i thank you for doing the right thing. i truly sincerelyhank you for firing the officer. regardless however you came up to your made a decisio that should have been made five years ago. b i should not here sta gnd fle garden in fami, i kw with th


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