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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  March 12, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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he's putting us on the clock. he's daring us to stop him. (indistinct conversations) kickin' it old-school? the white board's always worked for me. i've been going over subway routes, trying to see if i can trace a pattern from grand central to the carousel to the next location, and so far, nothing definitive. well, maybe there's something about how he chooses his victims. first a man, then a woman. a lawyer and a dog walker? let's face it. there's no pattern there. there's no way to predict where he's gonna go next, and it's already 9:00, and we're out of time. and every murder he commits in the name of nikki heat... a very wise woman once told me, you can't blame jodie foster for john hinckley. but you can blame her for "nim's island." (chuckles) (man) lead just came in now. (man) let's get it to avery.
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what have you got? lab results came back on that bandage. tested positive for formaldehyde, methanol and ethanol. embalming fluid. embalming fluid. the lab found traces of formaldehyde at grand central and ethanol at the carousel. our killer works at a mortuary. or he could be a hospital employee or a janitor at a morgue. no. castle's theory is more likely. bring up all the mortuaries in the city. we've got over a thousand in the new york city area alone. we can't hit all these before midnight. can you cross-reference mortuary experience with criminal records? or job finder groups for ex-cons. yes! i can try. six names. mobilize the troops. i want every one of these guys in our custody before midnight. i see what you mean about him being helpful. any of these undertakers look good for it? they all say the same thing, "we work with dead bodies all day, we don't need to make more."
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then final minute, pinson finding johnson again with the soft touch off the glass. that game tied at halftime. second half, u.v.a., they don't often run but they can and look at this pass by brogdon. malcolm off the glass with the assist but carolina keeps the offense chugging along. berry pulls up, knocks down the jumper, two of his 19 points and paige assertive offensively. misses here but jackson, huge rebound. up and in. final minute, the knockout blow in hicks. north carolina holds off the defending tourney champ 61-4 -- 57. mark armstrong joins us live in the district and roy williams really wanted a championship for this team and now he's got two. mark: absolutely. this team has taken over in the postseason. joel berry told me after that
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tough fight. we kept on grinding it out. >> talk about this being a test once again for north carolina. >> our seniors have been here for four years and we were able to get them another ring and that's what we compete for. >> at the end of the day, i love my teammates. we're warriors. we came out and -- hey, we already got the regular season. it feels great, man. jrgets we knew he -- we had to play 40 minutes. they're a great team. >> so there you have it and again, it was defense the key to victory. u.v.a. unable to buy a basket for huge swaths of the second half and that's what made the difference for the tar heels and they look to be a very tough out now once the ncaa tournament fires up later this week. surely i would expect a number one seed now for the tar heels as they are a double champion in
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between cary san ford and robinson. justin kick called for a carry. looked like it was a decent call on the replay. then robinson with the ball, will get the hoop down low. it's daniel spencer, a guy who averages about four points a game. j.r. up by a point. samford hits two but the ball won't go down. robinson finally rebounds then things get a little ugly. there's a scuffle for the ball. some extra aggression after the whistle and then a j.r. player, rashan gray gets popped by a fan there in the red shirt. actually lands a punch. robinson takes the title in 3-a. 59-54. mill brook and northwest gillford in 4-a. mill brook trailed bill five at the half but come out hot in the third.
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he might not have had time to switch the plates. we put out an a.p.b. i'll get my guys to get a roster of all the people who had monthlies on this floor. my people are already on it. i got way more people than you do. your captain has a unit on your apartment. go home. get some rest. it's not necess-- no argument. you're no good to me if you're burned out. (roaring) (martha) he roars like an angry, caged animal. concentrate towards the outer hatch area. the blows don't seem to be injuring his hands. there's no--there's no blood that i can see. (castle) hey. hi. what are you still doing up? oh, can't sleep. too much on my mind. you know, decisions to make and... wow. one of your old wedding videos. (laughs) oh-ho-ho. are you kidding? this guy's a pushover compared to my ex-husbands. (remote beeps)
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new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> hockey, it's a good thing the hurricanes have such a young group. for the fourth straight time the canes played a into overtime and battled for a playoff spot. jeff skinner doing most of the hard work in the first period. knocked down. chad johnson is there to pounce
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(gun clicks) whoo! wow! castle? what are you doing here? (pants) wine? (cork pops) so what happened to your security detail? i didn't see anyone outside. i sent them home after i got in. what? the windows are locked, the door is locked, i'm armed. so our guy killed the others where they were found. why not this girl? why didn't he just leave her in the garage where we'd find her? he's changing it up. or this victim is special. oh, no, thanks. no, no, agent shaw said we need to decompress. nothing decompresses like a 2000 ch teauneuf-du-pape. oh, well, if special agent shaw said so... what is that supposed to mean? nothing. i just see the way that you listen to her,
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now my murder board's not enough for you? now you need a smart board? are you jealous? i'm not jealous. i'm just embarrassed... (scoffs) the way that you act like a 10 year old, all impressed by her data matrix. "oh, it collates information so quickly, agent shaw. tell me all about it." you are ridiculous. and then to top it off, you are now building theory with her. so? so you're supposed to be building theory with me. you're supposed to be on my team. well, i thought we were all on the same team? we are. it's just... i think that if you have an insight, you should run it by me first. fine. i will. now drink your wine. thanks. but i am tired. and... i need to go to bed. oh, no. i'm not leaving. i'm here to protect you. what, with your vast arsenal of rapier wit? there is a madman gunning for you because of me. i am not going to leave you alone. okay, fine. i am too tired to argue.
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i will have you know, mr. castle, that i sleep with a gun. understood. (grunts) (dishes clatter) (clank) (sizzling) you're still here... and you're making pancakes? i was hoping for bacon and eggs, but your eggs are expired and your bacon has something furry on it. yeah, well, i mostly order in. i figured that from the styrofoam temple you've got going on in that refrigerator. coffee's brewed. i think your filter's broken though. i'll order you a new one later. wow. looks like you thought of everything. (snaps fingers) except the paper. castle, we don't have time for the paper.
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over at four corners and we have some video. it was very rowdy on the inside of the bar. you could see a sea of carolina blue and people shouting and screaming every single time u.n.c. scored. listen to their reaction. >> well, they'll have to hold the turnovers down a whole lot better. but shooting, if paige and berry goes, they'll be all right. >> it's amazing because a lot of people doubted us a lot this year. but they were able to put it together and pull it out. >> the way we played the last couple of games, we could be unstoppable. >> there you go. u.n.c. fans believe that they can go all the way. they are very excited here. there is security out here just in case things get rowdy but i don't think that's going to be the case tonight. back to you in the studio.
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so that means the killer had a 3-hour window where he could've left the body there unnoticed. and exactly what time did you and mr. castle go to bed last night? i think we're done here. dude, i see beckett in her jammies... (clinks glass) wine glasses on the table. there's nothing going on with beckett and me. no more than there was yesterday. dude, you made her pancakes? it's just breakfast. pancakes is not just breakfast. it's an edible way of saying, "thank you so much for last night." castle, come on. we're your friends. details. (camera shutter clicking) (whispers) all right. come here. (indistinct conversations) (loud voice) there are no details. i can't even look at you right now. witness refuses to cooperate. (camera shutter clicking) now we know why he took the body. "i know where you live." this was a threat. more than that.
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in his mind, he gave you fair warning that he was going to kill again. if you had been smarter, you would've been able to stop him. he's saying, "this one is on you." i'm profiling him, detective, not agreeing with him. the guy is a friggin' nut bar. don't let him get to you. talk about irony. do we have an i.d. on our vic? no, not yet. there's no purse, no missing person's report filed. the coroner's van's downstairs. we need to get the body to the morgue and pull the slugs. only four entry wounds. if the pattern holds, he should have a 4-letter word for us. that's funny. i have a 4-letter word for him, too. why don't you two escort the body to the morgue and let me know what you find? okay. once you're dressed, of course. (police radio chatter) hey. heard you two were making pancakes when the body dropped.
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so what do you got? letters on the slugs. "b-u-r--" "burn." nikki will burn. well, that's chilling. our victim's fingerprints aren't in the system. do you have anything that can i.d. her? well, i found formaldehyde on her. yeah, that's from the killer. he left it at the other scenes as well. not traces. it was under her fingernails, in her hair. she worked with embalming fluid. i also found traces of clay, polyurethane and animal blood. i don't know who she is, but i can tell you what she does. (castle and beckett) she's a taxidermist. it's so cute, the way you two do that. taxidermy? embalming fluid plus animal hair equals norman bates' favorite pastime. it can't be just a coincidence that we found embalming fluid at our first two crime scenes as well. so the killer and this victim were connected. (beckett) it seems so. so there's only seven taxidermy shops in the city. my guys are running them down right now. but if there was a connection between them,
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or going to the same gym. like you said, it takes a mind to hunt a mind. yo. we got an i.d. on our third vic. her name is sandra keller. she works at a taxidermy shop downtown. any connection between her and our killer? a colleague of hers said she had a run-in with a guy who maybe matched our sketch-- a customer whose bichon frise had been killed in the park by another dog--a rottweiler. customer was heartbroken. he paid half up front to have his mr. bumpkins preserved for eternity. when he came back to pick up his dog, didn't have the fee. when sandra refused to give up stuffed bumpkins, the guy went ballistic and stormed out of the store. two nights later, they had a break-in. among the things that went missing are this guy's stuffed bichon frise and a bunch of embalming fluid. that explains why we found traces of it at the murder scenes. he also trashed the store's computer. there's no client data, no name. my agents interviewed all of michelle lewis' dog walking clients. one couple had to put their rottweiler down because
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so everyone looking forward to the race tomorrow. the good news is, chris, you said should be pretty nice. >> absolutely, heather. may not be bright and sunny but that's probably good with temperatures that warm. a look another forecasts through the morning hours for that marathon. rain chances very low in the morning. i think at 30% around 9:00 or 10:00 is a little bit high. they ramp up especially mid to late afternoon. we'll show you that coming up. but a warm one today. remember, the average high now is 62. 82 fayetteville. low 70's near the virginia border and there's no cold air anywhere in the central or eastern u.s. the twin cities right at 70 with their average high about 40 degrees. way out of whack for them. downtown raleigh, 6 . 67 at the airport 6.
11:52 pm
the sunrise tomorrow morning, 7:29 with that time change. 60 at south hill. 67 r.d.u. and mid 60's, fayetteville. a lot of clouds around but a dry day overall and another warm one. some sunshine and a pretty nice saturday overall. the storm system which has plagued the deep south finally moving out and weakening. a piece of that will be coming our way tomorrow. you see a little area of rainfall here across parts of alabama, that's going to shift to the north and east and bring us some rain by tomorrow afternoon. a flash flood warning still in effect for west tennessee. a disaster across the valley with historic flooding in many areas.
11:53 pm
mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies. first alert predictors, 8:30 in the morning, just some clouds around. midday, mostly cloudy. after lunch towards mid, late afternoon, scattered showers rolling through and maybe a rumble or two of thunder. and there will be breaks in between but still some around through the evening hours. at ash as we get past monday, that will get out, leading to a try start to your monday. it will be mostly cloudy and showers into the afternoon. we could use some rain. for march we're already an inch and a quarter or so below average. this will be welcome and not much. low to mid 70's tomorrow. stilwell above the average of 62. then another cold front comes our way heading into monday. it's cold front in name only. it's really a disturbance in the atmosphere with a wind shift
11:54 pm
not until late in the day and evening we'll see a round of showers and maybe a gusty or thourm too in the late evening hours. jet stream into tuesday and wednesday. it's going to be unseasonably warm with temperatures back at or above 80 but here comes a dip in the jet stream by the end of the week and look at the dip in the eastern u.s. a trough here and those cooler temperatures means temperatures going to near or even below normal by the end of next week and into the weekend. we may see some 30's for lows again, which is not at all unusual. there's your first alert forecast. tomorrow, showers in the afternoon. another chance of a shower storm late in the day monday, monday evening. looks great for the primary tuesday.
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yeah. okay. okay, sweetie. mommy's gotta go arrest somebody, okay? i'll be home for dinner. all right. i love you. bye. you're a mom? yeah. and you can holster your gun. you're both staying here. what? no, come no. this is the final takedown. you can't let her do this to us. no, agent shaw is right. i'm his target. i can't compromise your team by walking into the line of fire. we'll take him down. it'll still be your collar. mm-hmm. wow. she's a mom. i never would've pegged her for that. (cell phone ringing) i figured she was a career-driven woman with no time for a family. well, not everybody makes that choice. beckett. he's calling for you. put him on. hello. oh, you think you're so smart, don't you, nikki?
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(whispers) he knows we're here. (normal voice) it's over, ben. time to give up. no, it's not over! ben, listen to me. you're surrounded. i need you to put the gun down. you know i can't do that, nikki. ben, i need you to step outside of your apartment with your hands raised. that's not our game. one of us has to die. no one has to die. somebody always has to die! and since it can't be you... ben. (gunshot) (shaw) go! (man) go! go! go! (man) kitchen's clear! (man) bathroom's clear! (man) clear!
11:57 pm
but given it's a .45, it's probably the same one he used on our other victims. and probably the same one he was gonna use on you. uh, actually, no. he was planning something a little bit more spectacular. cell phones? he was making a detonator. (three beeps sound) (male voice) good-bye, nikki. good-bye, nikki. (beeps and clatters) he was extracting formaldehyde from the embalming fluid he stole to create cyclonite-- a near military-grade explosive. when you profiled him, you said he was probably an arsonist. i also said he liked to make a big scene. schematics of the precinct. he was planning on killing you and taking the whole station with you. "nikki will burn." i can see the poetry in that. the terrible, homicidal poetry. i just wouldn't have profiled this guy as suicidal. i guess once we found him, it was the only way he could control the situation.
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no contest from the charges. in 2014 baggage handlers in los angeles taken away in handcuffs after police claim they stole electronic, jewelry, even clothes, the same type of crime investigates say is shown in this video from philadelphia. and while locks and plastic wrap may not be much of a deterrent to thieves, experts say there are ways to avoid becoming a victim. keep valuables and medication with you when you travel and opt for inexpensive luggage. >> if you travel with expensive luggage, it's probably the one piece of luggage that's going to be targeted more than anything else and the chances of you big targetted goes up dramatically. >> also, take a photo of your bag and if you have to you can prove what was in there. >> perfect afternoon for baseball. all three of our triangle teams
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listen... it's a fact of life. people we love leave us. unless you chain 'em to a radiator, which for some reason is illegal. (chuckles) but, uh... knowing her... (whispers) she'll be back in six months. (martha) oh, good. you're both up. darling, i need you to help me decide on what to take. oh, and i need to get my bags down. richard, could you give us a hand? (normal voice) a hand. what? the bruising pattern on the second victim-- the killer used his left hand. and... you see his handwriting? look at the slope on the "4" and the loop on the "6." yeah. so he was left-handed. well, ben conrad shot himself with his right hand. if the man in the window was ben conrad, he would've shot himself on the left side. (gunshot)
12:00 am
ben conrad was murdered by the man in the window. ben--ben's not our killer. the real killer was just playing with us. but the evidence-- no, it was--it was planted there to lead us to ben. he wants us to think it's over. he wants us to drop our guard. he wants to make a big scene. "nikki will burn." beckett. oh, god. (keypad beeps) montgomery took the detail off her place. she's alone. (phone rings) (cell phone rings) (water running) she's not picking up. call the precinct. tell them to get over there right away. tell them we were wrong. tell them the killer's still alive. you lock this door behind me. don't let anyone in. captain montgomery, please. yes, tell him it's an emergency. (water running)


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