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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  March 18, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EDT

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police' -- by 'next week'. 'lorrin - freeman' says -- she's still waiting for some 'evidence'.... and a 'final autopsy report' -- on 'akiel- denkins'. he was 'shot' -- on 'february 29th' -- by an officer trying to 'arrest him' -- on an 'outstanding warrant'. the d-a's office -- released a 'preliminary report' -- showing denkins was 'shot' -- in the chest, arm, and shoulder... ...his 'family' says -- 'one shot' -- was in the 'back' of the shoulder. freeman says -- she's trying to 'move forward' on the case -- as quickly as possible.... but she can't release 'any information' -- from the 's-b-i report' -- until she's 'examined the evidence' -- and determines whether to 'present the case' -- to a 'grand jury.' two people now facing charges in connection with a 'double - murder' in johnston county. 'gerald -paul- junior' is charged with murder and 'tara - wilson' with 'accessory after the fact' in the deaths of 'matthew - jones' and 'jessica - pyatte'. paul is being held in harnett county jail. jones and pyatte were found dead in their home near newton grove last week with gunshot wounds. a toddler found in the home was safe. the sheriff's office hasn't said anything about a possible motive.
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-- "wanted" in connection with a 'double murder' -- on 'glenwood avenue' in raleigh 'last week' -- has now been 'arrested'. 20 year old "daekwon - ragland" -- is charged with 'two counts' of murder. he's accused of killing 'pedro - reyes - diaz' -- and 'allan - rodriguez'. they were found 'shot to death' in a car. the 'other suspect' -- "denzel - dancy" -- is still 'on the run'. if you 'know' -- 'where he is' -- call 9-1-1. new tonight... governor mccrory declaring victory in his battle with legislative leaders in the fight over 'coal ash cleanup'. the governor telling the state panel in charge of overseeing the closure of duke energy's coal ash ponds.. their services were no longer needed. joel brown joins us from the raleigh eyewitness news center with more. here's the letter from governor mccrory's office.. sent to the coal ash management commission-- basically telling commission members, 'thanks for your service'.. but the mccrory administration.. will handle coal ash management from here on out. north carolina's coal ash management commission was formed out of the outrage over duke energy's massive coal ash
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republican leaders in the general assembly openly doubted the department of environmental quality, led by governor mccrory appointees.. to 'police' duke and 'oversee' the closure of the company's 32 coal ash ponds. - "to provide oversight for deq, to help make sure all the coal ash near our communities gets cleaned up properly." but governor mccrory sued.. accusing the legislature of overstepping its constitutional authority-- arguing before the state supreme court.. that the job of appointing the commission was his 'alone'. mccrory won support from former governors on both sides of the aisle. - "i hope very much the court will rule in the governor's favor- all the governors who've served would be on this side." in late january the supreme court sided with mccrory.. now word tonight, the state's coal ash commission is no more. the governor's letter to the commission-- effectively put the panel out of business. in a statement to eyewitness news.. a mccrory adminstration official says-- "the north carolina supreme court made it clear that the commission is an
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body that cannot take any action. however, there will be absolutely no change in the department of environmental quality's implementation of the coal ash management act". - "the supreme court decided that the legislative appointments to the coal ash commission were unconstitutional not the body itself. so, it's unclear on what basis the governor thinks he has the authority to dismantle a commission created by the legislature." it is still unclear tonight-- whether governor mccrory intends to appoint his own picks for a brand new coal ash commission.. or whether he'll leave the task of coal ash oversight, completely to staffers at the department of environmental quality. turning now to "vote 2016". ...'hillary - clinton' -- picking up 'more delegates' tonight. she's been declared the 'winner' -- in tuesday's primary -- in 'missouri'. her opponent -- senator 'bernie - sanders' announcing today -- he won't 'ask' for a 'recount'... and he 'conceded' the race. clinton finished '15 hundred votes' ahead on 'tuesday
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margin was 'close enough' -- sanders could've gotten a 'recount' -- under 'state law'. clinton 'also' won in the 'other four' states -- that had primaries on tuesday.... including here in 'north carolina'. former presidential candidate lindsey graham says he'll help ted cruz with fundraising. graham has been outspoken against cruz in the past but says his announcement today is part of an effort to stop frontrunner donald trump. house speaker paul ryan is trying to squash suggestions he might emerge from a contested convention as the party's nominee... telling commentators to "knock it off" supreme court nominee 'merrick - garland' -- had his first meeting with a senator today. he met with the top democrat on the judiciary committee, vermont senator 'patrick - leahy'... and senate minority leader 'harry - reid'. president obama
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the seat left open by the death of justice 'antonin - scalia'. even before today's meetings -- senate republicans made it clear that they won't consider a new justice until the next president takes office in january. 'proof' -- of "racial bias" behind the wheel... now 'out in numbers' -- for the 'durham police department'. the department... pledging to enter a "wave of transparency"... opening its files -- to have an 'independent company' -- review 'years' of traffic stops. angelica alvarez... 'breaking down' the numbers for us tonight -- from the durham police department... the interim police chief says they heard what the public was saying... and believe this study... now out in the open... is a sign that they are working to do better. "cautiously optimistic." fred foster... with durham's naacp... treading lightly with new numbers of 'racial disparity' in 'traffic stops'. two hours before interim police chief larry smith... presented the findings to us in this news conference... he shared them with foster... and other advocacy groups.
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figures, we had presented to them before." for foster... it was a bit redundant when this study by research group... rti... showed that out of more than 150- thousand traffic stops from 2010 to 2015...the odds of black men getting pulled over... were 20-percent higher... and the group bringing that number up...was the 'high enforcement abatement team'... or heat.... which focuses on drug and gang violence. "our heat teams have been asked over the years to go out in our highest crime communities, which unfortunately are often mostly minority communities, to try to help us deal with the crime problem in durham, and if you're not careful when you do that, you can feed into that implicit bias." which is something chief smith says they're working on... and with the last two years of the study showing that 'pull over' rate going down... he hopes its a sign new initiatives are working... such as: cameras in cars...and investigating officers with high numbers of traffic stops...with the majority being minorities. and despite any
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hopeful... in the community's future with police. "we've got to find a way to bring us back together." and rti is also developing an online tool to help dpd with traffic studies. it's something the department plans to use... and it will also be open to the public. 'new restrictions'. as the 'state' -- releases the 'newest numbers' -- on 'flu deaths'... 'duke' has new rules 'in place' -- to protect patients. we'll 'break down' -- what 'visitors' need to know. plus, finding a "forever home". 'hundreds' of 'rescued animals' -- are ready for adoption. 'how' you can 'make one' -- part of 'your family'. but first... a live look outside of the raleigh eyewitness news
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a high school student accused of firing a shot at a man he was trying to rob in a parking deck. he's being held on several charges related to that incident. hospital officials say cooper and another person went to the hospital parking deck to do a drug deal but cooper then tried to rob him.
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class president and trying to get into college now this man is now charged in a murder more than 15 years ago. lopez was reported missing in may of 2001 and dna was used to identify remains found in 2002 as his >> the governor announcing a reward today in two separate murder cases in johnston county. a $5,000 reward in the murder of richard longmyer plus in vincent the murder of james smith, a reward of $5,000 is being offered. if you have information about either case, call ben son police or the fbi another person in north carolina has died from the flu. so far for a total of ten this season. flu season typically ends in may
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year's total of 218. duke is joining the list of hospitals imposing restrictions on visitors because of the flu. the restrictions apply to all duke hospital and surgery centers. patients are only allowed two adult visitors at a time. no children allowed to visit who are under 18 except in special circumstances. highlighting community needs. hundreds of dogs and cats are ready for a new home. we've been following their journey. they were found living in fillth during a raid at an animal shelter. they're now ready for a forever home. the adoption fair begins tomorrow and runs through sunday at a temporary shelter in nash. bring a photo id, proof of address and a pet crate if possible. there is no fee for adoption it's time for the must see
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let's begin in the u.k. with a fire ball streaking through the sky. you can see it here. people reporting it in several locations across england. astronomers are now looking at the data trying to figure out what it is. many people are quick to link it to st. patrick's day. now to colorado. a store clerk saved a baby from getting hurt. the clerk says a young woman seems a little dazed. you can see the clerk reach out and grab the baby just as her mom starts having a seizure. mom and baby are okay now. the clerk says she wishes she could have kept the mom from falling there to the floor. that's what the fox says. at least this arctic fox. that's archer. he's 4 years old and has been living with his human family
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you can actually hear that happy sound. archer is laughing right there along with his owners. they say it's typical behavior or archer and that he does that when he's sleepy. >> are you sure that's a happy sound? >> i don't know. he sounds miserable. >> sounds like a cry. >> it does. >> they claim it's a laugh though. but i think you're right, maybe hungry or sleepy. needs a nap right now. >> that's right. he's out. he's done. really cute. >> let's circle back here. you said things are going to be falling apart. >> compared to what we've had. warm, dry weather the last few days. turning chilly. getting rainy. and then it gets better heading towards next week. it's been a nice ride so far. temperatures aso far this month in march have been running almost 10 degrees above average. remember last december the warmest december on record, that was 12 above average so we're getting close to that. it's mild out there right now at
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temperatures in the 60s in north hills. falling into the upper 40s. that's mild for this time of year. 59 at 11:00 o'clock at rdu. humidity 42%. high clouds overhead. the airport down to 54. lewisburg at 59. 59 at the rdu airport. 63 in fayetteville. about a 10-degree spread across the region. high clouds coming in after another gorgeous day across the region. temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday but still 14, 15 above average. northwest florida to the south of new orleans, large hail across the gulf states again today. doesn't look like much but those are showers moving through new york with isolated thunderstorms. nothing severe but as that flight approached new york city,
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around that build around there. then they were struck by lightening and diverted to jfk. fortunately no injuries. it doesn't take a lot with that one lightening strike as you heard doesn't cause many problems on a flight. planes get struck fairly often, at least once a year. but different story tonight. mostly clear. couple of high clouds around tonight. temperatures by morning upper 40s to low 50s. should be a nice, bright start to your friday. could be a few high clouds around. 47 at 7:00 a.m. 66 by the noon hour. low 70s tomorrow. around 70 anyway. mostly sunny skies. running above average. these front's come through and gradually cool us down. 71 raleigh tomorrow. 70 in durham. sunshine tomorrow. light westerly wind. hopefully the fire danger is a bit lower.
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68 in rocksborough. great day to kick off the weekend.d. saturday won't start off too badly. just after midnight into saturday morning notice we start with sun but this is midday. clouding up and rain down to the south. the timing still needs to be resolved exactly when the rain moves in. late in the day into saturday night. the rain spreads in. our model has it coming in through the evening hours but certainly evening into overnight into sunday morning rain and by afternoon the rain beginning to shift to the north and northeast but it doesn't clear up too quickly. even though we may dry out we're not going to dry up completely. remains to be seen just how
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we're going to be just rain but certainly a chilly rain. 45 tomorrow night. 58 saturday. much cooler with clouds increasing. rain by evening. rain overnight. ending sunday. probably the first half of the day. remaining over cast and chilly. 49. that's the average high in the middle of january. and a little bit warmer after a cold start monday. monday and/or tuesday morning we could see a light frost or a freeze. because it's been so warm of late, we're about two or three weeks ahead of schedule with our spring development of flowers and buds coming, that frost and freeze warnings will probably have to be issued. >> they're going to go into shock. >> i think we are too. >> yes. thank you, chris people all over the country celebrating all things irish today. >> st. patrick's day commemorates st. patrick and the
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ireland. there were some big parades today. the first taste of freedom. do you remember how it felt to ride your first back?
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we're looking forward to that. the tar heels went into the locker room at the half in the pnc arena tonight. >> mark armstrong, tell us all about it. >>reporter: we saw the good and the bad tar heels tonight and in the process roy williams eclipsing dean smith on one front. plus the story from providence where duke also needed to turn it up in the second half to get
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stick around for sports. all right. welcome back, everybody. the first half with the tar heels tonight was maybe their worst of the season. they were up by just one point by 16 seed florida gulf coast. the second half a completely different story. roy wins his 16th tournament game passing dean smith. the story was bryce johnson and his human helicopter act in the second act.
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rebounds. joel barry with 14 points. tarheels showing the team that could go out early in this tournament and the team that could potentially win it all. >> all the coaches were getting on us. davis was just so mad. he didn't even say anything. we just had to go out there and play better. we know we're a better team. >> playing with more effort and being the aggressor. we were back on our heels the whole first half but in the second half we were the aggressor. i hit a shot right out of the gate and it was a quick 5-0 blitz. >> coach gets on me because he knows what i can do. took a while for me to realize but i finally realized what i can do. >> isaiah knows it now. 26 ncaa tournaments now.
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from the seahawks at uncw today. >> a couple of uncw players said they would not be intimidated intimidated when they squared up against duke. their play backed it up with a seven point lead at one point. but then duke got to business. the mask had to come off. broken nose -- he made a physical statement, then a verbal one with his team trailing at halftime. >> i just wasn't myself and there's no excuse for my play. there was some locker room that i'll keep in the locker room. i'm really proud of the way my teammates rallied. >> it could have been theirs. any kind of timidness we had went away. >> the defense intensity was
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turned in their favor for good. >> in the second half we were very good. really good. we have to be. >> obviously it wasn't our plan to come out all sluggish like we did but it happened and we can't have that happen again. i think what's hard in the second half was marshall coming over getting those two blocks like he did and allowing us to get the rebounds and push the transition. i felt like that got our groove going. >> coach will be happy with who they'll face next. yale upsetting baylor so they'll face another higher seeded team on saturday. yale versus duke, a lot of people having fun with that one. canes at pittsburgh tonight. what a start. scoring opened less than a minute into the game. canes with the lead.
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said -- sid crosby with his 30th goal of the season. the all right. thank you. that's going to the for us tonight. thanks for watching. it's the song that signals the bride's grand arrival. but -- >> everybody has a seat, because this wedding is about to take a drastic turn. >> what the deejay did that is downright dirty. >> a video making the rounds this st. paddy's day shows a bartender's big mistake. the alcohol is what is burning. >> find out how the woman who
2:08 am
>> raccoons leave a surprise open the porch. >> mama decided to have the babies in the cooler. >> and meet the mom of five, living her dream. >> she is a real life barbie doll. >> before you run out and copy her, wait until you hear what it's going to cost. >> what? >> a wedding, the thing a lot of women look forward to from the time they're little girls. until now. without further ado, let us all rise and receive the bride. there she is, bouquet in hand. about to walk down the aisle with her father. the song you hear playing is the wedding march. everybody have a seat. because this wedding is about to take a drastic turn. [ bleep ] the deejay switches
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playing "i'm in miami." how do you make that mistake. it is a wedding. a big deal for them. >> i would have thought -- >> people in the audience are like, she's quite progressive. >> from the wedding to the reception, you know, the first dance. all eyes on the bride and groom when certainly the best man joins them, turns the party into three's a crowd. get out. >> this one is never getting invited ever, ever, ever, did i say ever, again? he grabs the groom from the bride, pulls him into the pool. the bride is like, i got your
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you're never invited to the house. st. patrick's day, getting ready to have fun at the bars? you may want to keep some things in mind. this video, a couple of years old from moscow, shows a young lady and her friends at the bar. the bartender serving up one of those really cool intricate drinks. little fire involved there. holy cow! that poor girl is now on fire and her screams, terrifying. like i said, this video, a couple of years old. we like to get the story behind the videos at "right this minute." we're going to do an update. though you may have seen this particular video, it is going viral yet again because it is st. patrick's day. here is what you may not have seen. that's the girl interview ed by a russian television station. she is completely crying. doesn't even look like she


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