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tv   FOX 13 1100 News  FOX  September 8, 2016 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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this. a man almost had his car burned down all because of his cell phone. anchor: we begin at 11:00 tonight after that news alert in polk county. shooting erupted after a man how things turned violent quickly, haley. reporter: they're thankful that officers are going home tonight. francis perry is in the hospital tonight. this all started as a traffic stop. a drug trafficking stop from three officers. they knew who he was.
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arrest. police believe he was carting around a large amount of drugs. terry shot at them and the officers returned fire. he was the only person in the car. the officers called for an ambulance and began cpr. the officers gathered says they're grateful this did not end worse. >> these officers have families to go home to and tonight they were faced with a very dangerous situation and had to make a decision to defend themselves and like the sheriff said, we're not going to apologize whenever someone pulls a gun on us and fires at us.
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enforcement officers if you don't want to be shot. we shot back because he shot at us. and we shot back a lot. >> anchor: there's no word from terry. he has a long history with attempted 2nd degree murder, and other drug charges. the sheriff said that eight least two law enforcement agents that he's a white supremecist: there's many many officers we're hoping to learn from the state. the sheriff expects those details tomorrow. anchor: all right. the cost of fighting back.
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fighting for his life after a robber ran him over. that thief made out with thousands of dollars in jewels. defectives are still investigating this robbery. anchor: well, the robber had a he jumped off the hood of the car and when the suspect decided to drive away, he was thrown off the car and was ran over. >> video surveillance shows a man in a dark blue hat. he asked for help in trying on a gold necklace.
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the mirror, the man bolts. he makes a fateful decision. stunned customers as an employee appears to trip an alarm. then the victim jumped on the hood and held on until it got out of the mall parking lot. >> he has injuries. >> deputies say there were devastated for him and his family but urged others to comply. >> just be a good witness. write down tag information. nothing out there is worth your life. >> deputies say the thief will only get pennies on the street
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he stole. >> he hope we can make an arrest and bring this guy to justice. >> anchor: and deputy is offering a cash reward and celeste is still to be lingering in critical condition. anchor: thanks, evan. anchor: well, up in flames, a man says his cell phone exploded after it was c it was a samsung 7 which the company has now recalled. >> i saw that photo and that was intense. that thing was engulfed. >> anchor: yeah, just imagine if that was happened if he slept right next to it and it could have set the whole house on
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damage. that jeep had a lot of modifications. it was the family vehicle. >> it was his samsung phone that sparked the fire. this came after at least 35 similar cases have been reported. keep in mind, this is a brand new phone and it's the market. he's dornaker with his torched ride. >> that was my last thought that something as simple as a phone is going to be bring down my car or my house or hurt a family member. reporter: now dornaker says he was not aware of the recall which is a little bit too late but is glad that the phone was
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10-year-old daughter which exploded. samsung appeared to reach out to nathan. samsung we're aware of his case and are working to ensure we do everything he can for him. consumer safety is samsung's high priority. it seems that things are working out and samsung is working to make things right. >> he were so many things that could have happened and that was a serious fire for sure. anchor: and new tonight a tragic story tonight out of marion county. a 10-year-old cousin is accused of hurting his 2-year-old
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happened but after further questioning detectives started to get answers. >> we talked to the juvenile witness that spoke to us saying thre was abuse of that 10-year-old who was abusing. the boy got emotional and told us that he was running with a child and fell. pushed her over again. again these injuries, this story does not much the injuries that were seen. they said it was called by excessive force. anchor: that 10-year-old is
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manslaughter. >> this happened on labor day where a trailer was sftolen. that truck and the equipment have since been recovered but deputies are looking for the thief. anchor: well, the days of monkey bars are fading and take a look at what combines exercise and technology. they choose activities and then runaround and try to get the most points before the time runs out. unlike i-pad or x-box, their goal is to get them on their feet. >> the kids love it. they're running and playing and they're just being kids.
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merry-go-rounds and now they have this electronic merry-go-round type thing. >> anchor: kids need to be more active and that game seems to look like it does it. >> yup, good stuff. well, a local man fell victim on a scam because he did not put a month's health. >> how this man lost nearly $1,600. his story is ahead. anchor: and it has a longer battery life. meet the i-phone 7 and see what it's missing. also, beautiful september weather out there.
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we have an palm bay... where a anchor: we have an update out of paul beach where a helicopter fell and crashed. the repairs were made and the pilot was testing the repairs when a crashed he was making low maneuvers and seconds later it quickly
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the identifitiy ty /* identifity identities have not been release of the three victims. anchor: electricity customers have been scammed. his company claimed that if he did not pay up, he would lose power. his mom was his first thought. i thought, i could not have my mother's oxygen and she said the only thing we could do is pay the back payments. >> he said they did small things to make them sound more
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pose at the supervisor ready to talk to him. tico says between 10-15 people that are hearing about these scammers every day. tico says they will never call anyone and if you hear about them, hang up and call the company. anchor: and a new i-phone unveiledy is missing, the headphone jack. instead, the port will be put in or shell out more money for wireless earbuds. i-phone says that the apple 7 is water resistant ant /* fee
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featuring new sleeker designs. meteorologist: and i tell you what a beautiful day today with clouds cutting across the sky. moisture level are still low and around tampa bay, we were rain free. and the only rain i could find were some fast-moving showers and tomorro thing. we have the best chance of rain south of tampa bay down by with the lake and down by miami. if it does rain, the winds are strong enough it will move from east to west. this is common. once in september, if it gets
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tropical moisture shows southwards and a prevail east to northeast wind continues. if you want to thank anyone for the drier air and lack of rain, it's the remnants of hermine dragging down dry air. 81 in tampa, and 81 in sarasota. the something. 66 in orlando, and 65 in gainsville. and if you're down there you can feel a touch of dry weather. and it drops from 90 degrees to 80.
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and june had almost 11.5 and july is finally below average and august, way above average and september, we're above average. 3.4 and 2016, 50 inches. and if it does not rain another drop, we'll end the year running below that's a big drop. in the tropics thing are quiet. there should be some development in the atlantic. all the models indicate that if the storm getting going, that's good. with the peak of the hurricane season a few days away, there's not a single main storm anywhere on the planet which is tough to
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winds are east at eight. tropical moisture and it's still 75 in new york city and 75 in burlington. 80 in ohio. chicago land is 87 and then there will be a string of mid 90s. and summer hangs we'll be right along the boundary of drier air and i think over time the battle of the drier air and the moisture will be one from the moisture. what does that mean? a better chance of afternoon storms. nothing widespread and typical afternoon storms getting cranked up. on the weekend there will be a
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right along. sunshine storm with a few passing shores. we're back up to 91 with a chance of slight storms on friday. 91 is the high. and we're locked in. i don't see anything out of the 7-day out of whack. and daytime highs with a high of 90s and lows in the mid 70s. anchor: well, coming right up after don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. by choosing flonase, you're choosing more complete allergy relief and all the enjoyment that comes along with it. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment
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e, changes everything.
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as we first reported last night... the senate tried .. and failed again .. to pass a anchor: well, as we first reported, the senate tried and failed again to pass funding for
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are pointing fingers. the zika virus on the house floor. this is what floridians are worried about. >> pushing the crops, he brought larva to the floor. still divided on how to combat the zika virus and their potential to hurt birth defects. >> people say why don't you just show the pictures? it's just too horrible. last night house majority
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republican effort to combat zika. their issues-prohibition for planned parenthood. it contains a measure to prevent veterans to fly the confederate flag. >> this is the third time they have had an on the issue and they chose the special issues that they have. >> despite the repeated rhetoric, senior lawmakers are indicated that they will have a massive spending bill before it runs out. anchor: now not passing that bill will shut down
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that's a move that they will avoid. scratch our itch for sports. >> anchor: well, he looks comfortable leading the charge but don't take my word for it. heard from him. and the sox sfx: "gulp" what are you doing? sfx: "burp" i'm having a small snack. ith ants. get raid ant & roach spray. raid??? raid kills bugs dead.
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fox 13 news is brought to you by sports team 10. getting comfortable and we're confident and comfortable with him being more comfo comfortable. anchor: four weeks before at the played and geling with teammates will hopefully make buck fans comfortable on sports 13. and meanwhile, a smile on this coach's face.
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confident in his ability with this young quarterback as his skillset continues to refine which is a pretty good reason to be confident. >> i feel a little more comfortable because jim is doing well. i go by what i see is practice. we were in that phase where jamison was turning it over and he's not doing that now and i'm confident that ems go out there and play well. well, just after three
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says he feels leaps and bounds. >> it's different and going through two training camps and it's my second year in office and i'm just more comfortable. well, here it is, the lineup coming up. new bucks and falcons starting at 1:00 followed theater today. this is the "punderome"-- the and the art of the pun. this is the superbowl of puns
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well with the crowd. >> i was here with my friend, actress, last name hendrix and i'm finally in the limelight. >> did anybody say blueberry. they're kind of like cabbage. >> see, cabbage, cabbish. one.still waiting for a better - >> don't set your expectations too high. >> thanks for letting us talk. from all of us at fox 13, have a
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