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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  November 23, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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good evening, everyone. welcome i'm kelly ring. i'm mark wilson e. if you think the roads are crowded, look out in the next few days. more people are expected to travel this holiday. then a in the last 9 years. we're going to start our coverage with evan lambert. >> traffic looks like this in la this week. here in the bay area we're thanksgiving holiday to bring out the most travelers in nine years. >> this will be the busiest travel period since 2007. we're going to see busy roads and airports as can you imagine as we always do but more travelers than last. >> 50 million people will travel. and a aaa spokesperson said nine out of ten people will drive.
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will be the lowest since 2008. >> affordable gas is why robert came from tennessee to bradenton for the holiday. he realized he was not the only one with that idea. >> we came down here through ocala and gainesville and there was a lot of traffic. >> airlines for american said 27 million will take to the passengers braved longer waits at other airports across the country, i got there two and a half hours early. it was -- it took an hour to get through. >> that's the busiest i have seen. >> that's evan lambert. officials recommend you that leave an hour and a half to two hours through to get through security. this sounds like a no brainer
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you cannot take them through security. >> a lot of people head somewhere else. >> some are staying here. paul is now with a look at the weather. boy, we love this weather here. >> we'll be up in the mezzanine to the north and the northwest and rounds of rain and snow, a housey day in chicago. damp and 43. and heading into the northeast and new york city. new jersey. a mixtu rain in the big cities not a great day. going and hopping in a plane there are delays. newark and a flight delay and surprisingly at la guardia and at jfk and no delays and logan is okay. boston. chicago o'hare has a 30-minute delay.
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lax is okay. and san francisco is good. and no delays. there is rain and snow inland in the pacific northwest. so for tomorrow through thanksgiving. when you are calling or tweeting or texting friends back home. and will be in a sweet spot. highs up near 80. >> a messy rain in seattle. our forecast is good. 69 degrees in the morning. a mixture of clouds and sun. 78 on say 5:00, 6:00 then after that. friday the weekend look equally as nice. we'll talk about that and the prospects for a cold front. that's at 620. thank you, paul. we have a us news alert.
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killed at a home on 40th avenue north in st. pete. now here is where it gets bizarre. the police they want to talk to took off in that mobile home. -- motor home, actually. it waspen on i-4 in hillsborough. the motor home was. that's all the information that is being released we'll keep you posted as we find out more information tonight. even though they lost their home to a fire a family will still have a lot to be for this thanksgiving. the father was able to rescue the four day old baby from the burning home. and dan matics shares the story, the condition of the home in st. pete was not any brighter but it could have been worse. >> and all the smoke would have killed my kids. a neighbor alerted that his home was on fire.
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started inside of the wall near the porch. >> the reason we came in and got my child and rushed out. more relieved, we got it away from here, four days old. >> the baby's mother is in the hospital with complications from gifting birth and mark owns another they will be staying in. >> i could not, i have grandchildren,. >> they are stepping up to help. >> yes, was wondering if they needed them, they wanted to help. >> and the timing before a holiday and good timing the family was able to make it out alive. >> and everybody is safe. >> i'm all right. >> in st. pete, dan matics. >> and the firefighters say the fire was started by electrical issues. new at 6:00 an obsession
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murder. jill boone was shot and killed in broad daylight in the bowling alley parking lot. and the police pulled the trigger is headed to prison. and gloria gomez is here now to explain the sudden turn. >> the defendant was supposed to start the trial on monday but without warning he accepted a deal that he just rejected last week. >> jill boone took her last breath in this bowling all dead in broad daylight. jill's mother has been heartbroken since, people say that you have to move on, there is no moving on from this, 15 months after the crime, he has agreed to skip a trial and take a deal from the state, we are here to enter a plea, in august of 2015, he con fronted jill in a parking lot and it got physical right away, he pushed
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the defendant raised a pistol and fired it at the victim two times after he shot her he shot himself and collapsed. >> under the deal he pleads guilty to murder and spend the next three decades in prison. prosecutors were set to go to trial but it was a question by the judge that revealed a bomb shell in the case. >> was the victim known to the defendant? >> they knew each other he was introduced to the victim as her employer but through other evidence it can be shown they were actually more lovers in some sense, he has a wife who stands by his side and his kids who will not see their dad for the next 30 years. the victim left a daughter
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>> despite what the prosecutor said, jill' mom said her daughter and the defendant did not have an intimate relationship. he is spending30 years in prison followed by ten years probation. back to you, thank you, gloria. a pot operation has been busted in pasco county found after employees suspected something was wrong and someone was stealing power. they were, they checked out this house and 3 deputies and this is what they found. a grow house. with a street value of, get this, half a million dollars. the power company said it was wired to bypass the meter and estimate more than $40,000 in power was stolen. nobody was home but they are now working on finding out who was in charge. one of the "hometown heros"
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champ going andre burr toe gave away turkeys today a homecoming of sorts for him. he is a winter haven native. he is sponsoring a free festival this weekend with bounce houses and other activities. he has never forgotten about polk county he wants to be a role model for kids there. >> i wanted to be there so i can do things like this and give back to the county and let the kids know it is possible. they can and give back. >> two of his high-profile friends will help out, tracy mc grady from the magic and seven streeter. it will be the northeast rec
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johnny yong knows how to carry the weight of the world and johnny young knows how
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shoulders -- the world op hits shoulders t is the weight he can carry. >> and kimberly kuizon shows us he takes weight lifting to a new level. >> good morning. >> at the jail -- >> he is available, johnny young makes sure everything is running smoothly. before he puts on this uniform he wore another. he was born into a family of ting acrobats he performed for royalty. career on hold, he wanted to try something different so he got a job here at the sarasota sheriff's office. >> one of my friends said, johnny time to come off the road and do something that you can fall back on. >> he found another calling. a co-worker asked him to lift weights i benched 300 pounds the first time he looked at me he said are you telling me the
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in your life, he credits it to his days as an acrobat. and time after time, i get butterflies i want to make sure i put the first lift in. >> he broke records over the years. at 71 he bench pressed 440 pounds and the state's oldest corrections deputy. i would show off and things are going bad, they found out i could rip phone pages, the inmates said do not mess with lieutenant young he will tear your head of off. >> at 81 nothing stops him. a medal on his desk proves he is a champion. he won for his age group after bench pressing 250 pounds. proving age does not mean a thing. >> tough work at it.
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>> he is, can you tell he enjoys it, too. >> he looks fabulous. >> mad passion. >> 81. >> keep the phone books from him. >> i love that. >> paul, we're setting up for a perfect weekend here. we had a cool snap coming in. that's gone maybe another front in a week or two. that's about it. >> we some clouds today and three days in a free skies that led to a great sun set. here it is in motion and a view on the beach come are a again. clouds watching the past couple of nights cloud free. this is great. can you see this is mars and venus the top of the set. rain fall.
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inch. we'll stay dry. there is a chance that maybe wednesday tuesday, wednesday we may get rain in the bucket but until then i don't think anything. temperatures today back to above average. not by much, the high is 77 and we hit 79. we'll stay between, oh like 80 to 82 into the weekend and then maybe drop below average for a day or two. no dreams around the way. both sides no c is on the way. partly cloudy. high clouds from the west. and lower clouds from the east. a patchwork sky. right now it is a very nice evening. temperatures are holding in the 70s. the only 06 is brooksville at 68 and the dew point, which on monday, they were running in the teens, the teens. now they're back into the 50s to near 60.
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and sebring it is kind of muggy and it will lead to areas of fog tonight. this is tough to believe. this is otto which is way down there in the southwest caribbean sea. the first time and going back to the 1800s and a hurricane or tropical system of this far south. and there has been flooding in pretty hard from the storm that's a cat 1 as it approaches then moves across costa rica and then gets into and does it change its name when it goes from the caribbean into the pacific? as long as it maintains its itemty -- identity it will be otto in the pacific and
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atlantic and pacific a wild scene. no impacts to us. 72. and northwest at 7. cold front is west of us a mixture of rain and snow from memphis. and rain and snow a damp day. berming >> 50s and 60s. a pretty typical, you know say what is your average thanksgiving in tampa? this is pretty much it, a mixture of clouds and sun. highs 75 to 80. that's normal. >> and no air mass and tomorrow,
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i don't see it heading our way partly cloudy. fog there could be and in polk highs back near 80 and friday. it is good. there is a chance of rain and will not be until at some point next week. the weekend is good. >> and back at amalie arena to
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and super bowl championship under his belt. may have to worry about his receiving skills. keeping him under wraps.
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the bucs look like they are getting guys back from injury. and they were able to practice today no corner back at this point. you know last week they benefited from a defensive injury. it pay happen this week. maybe without three defensive starters bennett, thomas and shed both in question this week. >> any bit helps against the tough team led by russell wils games and in those games wilson has thrown 6 touchdowns and no interceptions. he caught a touchdown, bucs will have to limit themselves. he can get away from trouble and
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can you see he was a player. and slinging to first on the double play and he is very accurate. i think he is one of the most under rated in the football league. i believe that. it will be a challenge. hehe is playing at a pro bowl level. tailgate sunday at 10:30. fox team in los angeles takes over at 4:00 from republican james. the lying looking for a win. a big assist today 367890 people from the front office spent the day at the ministries collecting food for thanksgiving. and the drive is continuing if you're heading that way bring out non-perishables. the lightning return home winning four of five on the road trip.
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possible. they returned without stamkos and strahlman. and winning in philadelphia last time 3-0. jon cooper likes the way they are rallying around. >> it's not ideal when you have a lot of regulars out but and they have adopted and the guys are doing whatever they can to win hockey games. we didn't get to the nashville game and more they are playing each other. >> the name of the coffee franchise last night the golden nuggets. cool logo but it was not perfect perfect stretch. and the logo they revealed it on the web site. that blows it a bit.
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thousands of fans the wrong video airs. they fixed it and ran the correct video. we're not done. after the twitter page t is official the our nfl hockey team. and nfl hockey team. the envelope next team may be the raiders but there is no nfl hockey team. so you know they're trying to get under them. they have a year to figure that out. get on it. people are watching. they are fired up. yes it will be a little bumpy at first. >> thank you. 6:30 and donald trump adds three more names to the list of appointments. who he is picking and one final
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>> and the surprise that the president had for them. hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes...
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yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other.
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my first time traveling we're going to go to miami keys so i'm excited about that. >> now at 6:30, thanksgiving
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more hitting the roads. trump transition the president-elect names three new people to the team and including two women and a former rival. and tonight a sea of yellow cover as nap map of the us all the planes in the air right now many of them taking people to thanksgiving reunions with families. but this year more americans are taking to the road. 90% traveli out tonight, it will make heavy traffic. >> don't be surprised if are you stuck in traffic, aaa expects 48.7 million americans are going to travel for thanksgiving. that's one million more travelers than last year. and the pussest turkey day since 2007. we're attributing this to the improvements that we have
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28 billion on gas this year. >> drive something the most popular way to travel with the travelers hitting the roads. air travel is up, too. aaa said this weekend some 3.7 million of us are going to fly and for the 10 days around thanksgiving. a trade group said 27 million will take to the airways. >> they need to make sure they arrive early for a domestic flight and look the tsa precheck it does not exempt you from getting there early. they will be extra long this weekend. >> where is everyone going out west apparently. aaa lists vegas and san diego as the top three destinations this weekend. >> but if are you heading east prepare to have a lot of company. the experts say that our area is the fifth more popular and two of the airports here.
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busiest. we have a update on that school bus crash in chattanooga. blood tests show there were no drugs or alcohol in the driver's system. the driving record was clean but for a minor accident in september. the ntsb says they down loaded the video from the bus but they have not looked at it. they have revealed the road where it crashed normal route they don't know why. six children are hospitalized five died in the crash. as we head into the thanksgiving holiday now, president-elect announces two new additions to his cabinet. one was a citing and one supported common core. dr. ben carson accepted the
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hud. joel wald span has more from washington. >> reporter: president-elect trump at his resort announcing another nominee for the cabinet, naming advocate of charter schools betsy devos as his secretary of education. it prommed concern because she previously supported exxon core a controversial standard that mr. trump railed against during the campaign, i w people who disagree but school choice is a big one, vouchers creating competition for the government monoply on education. >> and he chose another woman, nikki haley, pick for the u.n. ambassador to the the south carolina governor supported marco rubio and criticizing donald trump openly. the team said in part, the governor has a proven track
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background or party affiliation to move critical policies forward for the betterment of her state and our country. president-elect trump will remain while the vice president elect will be in mississippi visiting his son who is a marine. joel waldman in washington. a police officer in detroit is out of surgery and in critical condition after being shot in the head. collin ros theft investigation when he was shot. fellow officers say he was found on the ground unresponsive. hours after the shooting they named deangelo davis as a person of interest in the case. he has been arrested. >> the person who we took into custody at this time, we took into custody on warrants that he presently has. and they were misdemeanor, we
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several years ago with the subject, and the chief there said he does not believe that he was targeted but no official charge has been filed. and the fight in alzheimer's a treatment tested by eli lili has failed. the drug maker said it does not work any better than a placebo on people with mild alzheimer's and failed of people with moderate forms of the and the stock plunged 11% after the news. in the world news tonight progress in the fight for mosul it has been six weeks since it started and forces have mosul almost surunder ared. and a bridge has been disabled and it cuts off the movement of isis and supply routes and iraqi forces have been hampered by
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in india, people are lining up to withdraw their cash. this is after the prime minister of india announced the cup would stop using the 1500 notes. some lawmakers were outraged by that. the government said it will wipe out counterfeit currency and illegally obtained currency. the decision is causing chaos for those who use cash two birds avoid the dinner table. they take their place in the white house tradition going back to the days of trummian. the last turkey pardon. this is a responsibility that he has revelled in. the president said they were fed up with the bad jokes. and his nephews joined them. >> they have a surprise, they
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turkey pardon. what i i have not told them we e going to do this every year from now on. no cameras just us every year. no way i cut this habit cold turkey. >> that was pretty funny. >> the white house association said lincoln may have the inspiration after he spared his son's turkey from becoming christmas dinner in 1863. on thanksgiving day when you start dosing off after dinner do
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speaking of great, check out these hot riffs. you like smash mouth? uh, yeah i have an early day tomorrow so... wait. almost there. goodnight, bruce. gotta tune the "a." (humming) take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. it is almost time for family and friends across the nation to join together to celebrate thanksgiving but the popularity of turkey fryers and a charged political climate and things could get overheated. >> we have more on keeping your gatherings cool as well as how americans will be celebrating.
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the americans gather to give thanks and fill their plates with turkey. >> and officials estimate there are some 1400 cooking fires on the holiday every year and pay attention if you plan on frying the meat. >> since 2004 the commission is aware of 100 fires and incidents with turkey fryers that have caused dozens of serious injuries a >> it may not be the elects has divided and relatives may have a lot to say about it, can you say i'm excited to have everyone here i want us to focus on catching up rather than the political conversation eurpbgts i i would be grateful. >> they are not having a traditional dinner. they will be celebrating.
6:42 pm
this up. and like are you having it at home. >> and the 5200 service members on the eisenhower will mark the day fighting isis overseas. >> and you are your family. and home away from home. >> the eisenhower is dishing out 5000 pounds of turkey and potatoes for the holiday. in new york rob schmidt, fox news. it may not be all the turkey's if you need a nap after the meal a dietitian said that it does contain trip owe fan the -- tryptophan, it is the carbs that are the cull culprits.@ and they will all affect your blood sugar. fasting all day ahead of the night may not be the best plan
6:43 pm
day and that you're not eating at much but getting a regulation. >> the cost of the dinner is down. and dinner will cost $49.87 crepts for a group of 10. and they say when it justed for inflation it is the cheapest turkey dinner since they started tracking the cost 30 years ago. to do than shop perhaps. maybe take in a movie. play cards. what is going on around the bay
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when the suspects are caught on security cameras. they are getting smarter. how do you decide which is best. anything at the house can you check in on today. >> real time. >> i'm sorboni banerjee. >> how to shop for security at 10. >> see you then. the dow and the s&p 500 closing at record highs.
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the s&p is down a point and a half today. it is not friday yet and feels like a friday of course because it is the start of a long weekend. >> there is plenty to do besides shopping on black friday. starting at the movies. >> did not see that >> i am moana. >> all right get over it. we have to move. >> a new tale from disney. a young woman uses her talents to set sail for an island. joining her is her hero the
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mr. cook but we're a charity, when he walk out you are representing us so please try to make us look good. >> we'll make you look great, we promise. >> billy bob is back as bad santa and he teams up with marcus to knock off a charity on christmas eve. , you will make it if you cry and try to be up the mountain. she is a treasure. she will be in concert at amalie arena. she set list will include and a few new songs set for release this summer. that should be quite a show. >> i love her. >> a great show for the little
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and elm, abbey, big bird discover instruments that they never knew existed as they look for new instruments, fun. >> a lot of fun. we have just about the best weather we could ask for some -- get some exercise in before you eat, we have two games on tv, we have three now. don't we. the early game, mid thanksgiving. pretty much it is almost like noon to midnight non-stop. what a day we had and the weather is warm and nice. out and about. that means we get good sun set pictures now. check this out. over tampa bay. looking over pinellas to the west. andrea walker took this a few minutes ago in south tampa. that's a good sky. nice to see a couple of clouds, we actually went three days in a
6:50 pm
look at the clouds here. >> they are kind of lit up. that's good. nicely done. and always has great photos from the beach tonight. wow. you send these photos back hostage and people get jealous and sometimes they show up at the front door. that's how nice it is. and in from our buddy david sharp. beautiful sky. along the west coast. and the temperatures today after having a cou sunday and monday. nice bounce back today. 70s and the low 80s. i don't see any drastic changes between now and monday. minor changes day by day. less humid but what you see is what you get. high clouds coming in from the west, then low clouds the other way from the east. gave us a patchwork sky. it's a mess in the northeast
6:51 pm
chicago and cloudy and dismal and rain up by cleveland. the drive along i-90 through buffalo and erie is not great. there is snow approaching in new york. flight delays in newark, nothing at logan. jfk and la guardia and there are delays when the weather is good. hartsfield and the west a wet couple of days in the pacific northwest but lax and vegas and phoenix, all are okay with no flight delays. and 9 a.m. patchy fog. 77 degrees by noon and 78 degrees by 5:00. >> the dew point is still under 60. it is very comfortable outside. a northwest wind at 7 and as i said you get the frontal boundary which is producing rain
6:52 pm
and 35 and chicago is 43. columbus at 43. little rook and dallas is 65. and tonight no heat. the temperatures are back in the 50s and the 60s. you may have to click ac in the heat of the kitchen and around 80 the afternoon. toasty in the house. air conditioning tomorrow. the think they have a lot of impact. this is not going to do much. and the second. we're looking good. here is the forecast in writing. partly cloudy. fog and 63. mix of clouds and sun. please want day. have a good thanksgiving. near 80. coming up on friday, partly cloudy, nice.
6:53 pm
forecast is good. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s. they will stay in the 50s and the 60s. this is like a best four, five days stretch of the year. and thanksgiving eve and most people have four days off. three days of football. three games of football. hockey on and that's great. >> i saw the turkey, we're ready. we're ready circumstances that be. >> getting it in before he is on the table. >> he is basted. next, a program small businesses and helping them
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more?
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>> that's a nice shot. >> she wanted endless possibilities with her career. she decided to take advantage of the program from the black business investment corporation called catch. >> coachable, action oriented, time sensitive, collaborative and health. %e wanted people who moved it along, they pay a fee for refunded when they finish. >> there is a 2500-dollar stip end to start your business. we have to get those reports in. >> and they can receive ongoing support for up to two years. >> make sure they continue to get the nurturing they need to continue to launch the business and get it off the ground, you don't like the camera? you're a natural, ands program will help her keep her business goals in focus.
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up and coming business people. and especially for those who may not have a foundation of business and what it may take to be a business owner. >> that's cool, i like that. >> that's something. >> very special. she will have a lot of support to be successful. >> it shows and great to see. >> we keep on going. not quite done yet.
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lights, camera, access. why did you ultimately decide to postpone the wedding? >> maybe it had something to do with it. >> where did it all go wrong for mariah and fiance james packer? i'm liz hernandez. when it comes to the fate of the $10 million engagement ring, >> i have to ask, though, did you give the jewelry back? >> what? >> did this mean more to you than you anticipated or realized? >> laurie and val. >> yes, adorable laurie is dance's new champ. i'm kitt hoover. is there any truth to the talk that she's feuding with julien? >> are you kidding me? >> they're saying temporary psychosis. what does that mean?


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