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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 6, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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cold case solved. what we've just learned about two philly teens who vanished in 1968. where their bodies were found. and local fourth graders fed dog treats at school? how it and local fourth graders fed dog treatsofa... desk...ow it you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v
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redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> tonight at 10:00 a soda machine blown to peaces in the middle of the night. people in the area say they felt explosions several blocks away and tonight police tell us the blast was so strong it could have been deadly. good evening i'm iain page. thanks for joining us. investigators are working hard to find whoever did this and w why. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in mayfair tonight. what are police saying about this tonight. >> reporter: they're saying they have good leads and they are determined to find out whoever did this. now we're standing right where
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the soda machine stood when that blast went off. you can see all of that debris is cleared away but this window shattered from the impact of that explosion. police say they're just glad nobody was injured. >> i was on my back deck talking to my son and we heard a loud explosion. it was -- it shook the deck. it shook several houses around here from what the neighbors said. >> what bob heard just before 11:00 o'clock thursday night was this explosion. caught on surveillance cameras going off on the 4200 block of magee avenue in mayfair. just a block from where he stood with his son. >> we both ran out of the front door. pretty much every neighbor in the area ran out the door. >> cops say it was a homemade explosive device placed in inside a soda machine. you can see how it tore apart the machine and shot debris as far as 65 feet away. >> this was a significant blast. very lucky that no one was injured. >> investigators are pouring over additional surveillance video of someone planting the
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device and leaving the scene. within seconds the blast shook the neighborhood and shattered windows. >> it broke the window. the soda machine is trapped. >> reporter: rob owns the vending machine that sat just outside his plumbing business he's been here 30 years and says the explosion seems sense. >> a bomb went off in front of the building much it's insane. totally insane. >> this is someone that constructed an explosive device, powerful one and somewhat sophisticated one, and we need to have them in custody to make sure that we have them and any other components they may pose to make another device. >> and tonight the atf is investigating. they've already sent peaces of the device to their lab for forensic testing and they're looking over the surveillance video to try to identify the suspect. iain? >> sabina, thank you. happening now, major news involving one of philadelphia's sports teams. the sixers revealing plans to build a new head quarter and
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training facility in camden, new jersey. fox 29's dave kinchen live on the camden waterfront tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, big development the sixers saying goodbye to pcom in northwest philadelphia. they're looking to move the training operation here to an area between the susquehanna bank center and the aquarium and we're learning also going to move the basketball operations over as well. >> the familiar camden waterfront landscape will see a big change now that the philadelphia 76ers organization has confirmed to move to bring its training operations across the delaware. building a 100,000 square foot state of the facility here near the aquarium. >> good tour the city. good for the region, you know, this camden and philadelphia is still part of the same area. the delaware valley you know so it's good overall. >> reporter: juan gonzales another big win for his hometown which has attractions inn clueing the battleship new jersey, susquehanna bank center, rutgers campus and many
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apartments and condos. >> i'm born and raised here in downtown camden by the waterfront. that's a another piece of of the puzzle of making camden a better place to live. >> they're waiting on vote on tack credits by the new jersey economic development authority. philadelphia's mayor says money talks with the state of new jersey making the team an offer it conrey fuse. >> if you have tens of millions of dollars that are being thrown at you, just to entice you to do something, that's a business decision that someone has to make. >> it will bring more finances into the city. it will bring mr. jobs into the city. things like that and then the kids will love it. >> steven forte is a injuries see based sixers fan and likes the move. why stop at a training facility. i wish they would bring the whole stadium over here so we could gain the sixers we don't have the nets any more. >> the phillies mayor says, not so fast. the philadelphia 76ers are under a long-term contract to play their basketball games at
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the wells fargo center. it is where they will play their games. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia put up self offers over the course of two years to keep the training facility in the training but, of course, it looks like it's coming right here to camden. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. the platt bridge in southwest philadelphia is shut down this weekend for repair work. the bridge is getting a coat of sealant part of $43 million overhaul. it will reopen at 5:00 a.m. on monday morning. >> it will be a beautiful weekend to be outside. here's a live look in old city tonight a perfect night if you want to eat out or just walk around the city. chief meteorologist scott williams is live outside of our studios with a weekend preview. scott? >> good evening, iain. old city is packed here on this first friday. folks are out and about just enjoying the festivities the beautiful weather as well. temperatures have been comfortable throughout the entire friday evening across the area. that will set us up for pretty nice weekend as well. 73 degrees that's the current temperature.
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humidity low at 39%. so just beautiful here across our area. right now, it's in the 50s toward millville. 61 degrees in pottstown and we have 66 right now in lancaster. so temperatures are pretty comfortable and what about that saturday snapshot? warm weather on tap for the city. 84 degrees will be the high tomorrow. the pocono mountains we're looking at temperatures right around 78 degrees and down the shore, 77. but don't forget that sunscreen. high pressure will give us a nice weekend but will it last? details on some weather changes when i come inside. when to expect some rainfall with that seven day forecast. iain. >> scott, thanks. you can track the weekend weather any time you'd like just head to our website and click on the weather tab. >> investigators identified two sisters in law whose remains were found more than 40 years ago. in october, the bodies of martha stiver and sandra ann stiver
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were exhumed from a potters field in berks county. investigators believe that there were similarities in their cas cases. authorities sa say sandra died m multiple gunshots. a cause of death was never determined for martha. both women were reported missing by philadelphia police in 1968. well, why were 75, fourth grade students fed dog treats? that is the question the boyertown area school district is looking to answer tonight. school officials at new hanover upper frederick elementary school say that a recess aid gave the treats to the kids. they may have been misrepresented as cookies or crackers. letter was sent home to parents about this last night? no word yet on how many students actually ate the treat. the employee has been placed on administrative leave. >> philadelphia will seek to play a big role in the 2016 presidential election. mayor nutter announcing the city has officially bid to host the next democratic national convention. organizers say the convention could bring $300 million to the region's economy.
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a decision expected to be announced in november. philadelphia hosted the 2000 sand republican national convention. the world honors the legacy of the brave troops who stormed the beaches of normandy on d-day 70 years ago. ceremonies were hell at the world war ii memorial in washington today. among the speakers, the granddaughter of general dwight eisenhower and great-grandson of president franklin roosevelt. in new york city there was a ceremony at the statue of liberty. helicopters showered the statue with 1 million rose petals. in franks world leaders including president obama gathered to honor the allied troops who stormed the beaches of normandy. most participants in the nor hasn't dee invasion have died and many survivors are in their 90's now. fox 29's bruce gordon spent some time with a couple of these brave men today. >> you are about to embark upon the great crew side. >> reporter: this us what not the first time harry schneider had a front row seat to the invasion of normandy. >> we will accept nothing less than full victory.
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good luck. >> reporter: 70 years ago schneider was an army draft tee who hit open in a had a beach six days after the initial assault. he remembers his reaction to the carnage left behind on the beach where so many americans had been slaughtered. >> apprehensive. not fear at that time. just what's happening here? >> reporter: schneider a member of a replace many crew linked up with the second armored division as it fought its way inland. in what became known as operation cobra. (laughter). >> we got caught there in the battle at the second pantry division and i didn't think i was going to come out of that. we were -- we got a lot of vehicles shot up. and a lot of guys got killed. we traveled from the beaches over the way through france into germany, belgium and holland. came back for the balance of the bulge and went back again. >> reporter: michael axelrod was host of seaport museum event at which schneider was a guest.
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his take on d-day veterans. >> they saved the western world. they saved democracy. they saved freedom. and they saved liberty. >> reporter: schneider is like many world war ii veterans stoic when describing his war efforts. just another soldier doing his job. but he has a lingering question after all those fire fights? i don't know why i wasn't killed. >> reporter: later to become a father, grandfather and great grandfather, 92 year old harry schneider thinks he was spared for a reason. >> i think i -- somewhere along the way in future generations someone is going to come through from my family and do something great. >> reporter: more than 16 million americans served in world war ii. more than a million and a half are still around to share their stories first hand.
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their stories worth hearing told by folks who gave us the life we now enjoy. in the newsroom i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. ♪ >> a suburban doctor arrested for child porn. what neighbors tell fox 29 they witnessed when cops showed up at his home. also ahead, a tough lesson. a father finds racey text messages on his 15 year old's phone. allegedly from her teacher. what he did when that teacher showed up at his door. it's a wild robbery. what one suspect tries to pull off while another struggles with a local store manager. and a road trip with a goat? why a man is walking thousands of miles with his why a man is walking thousands of miles with his so brian at citizens saids side.
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>> a three-month investigation shows the shooting of a mother and her unborn child by a pennsylvania state trooper was accidental. montgomery county da says no charges will be filed against joseph miller. officials say an investigation of the march 7th incident in east norriton shows that miller was trying to clean his weapon when it discharged. a single shot to the head killed his wife and unborn child. >> a bristol township doctor is busted on child pornography charges. investigators say they found explicit images and videos on his computers. neighbors are in shock tonight. fox 29's thalia perez reports. >> he's a sick person, you know. very sick. >> reporter: neighbors are reacting to the disturbing details of the charges against quinton parker the 36 year old was hauled away by penndel
10:15 pm
police and fbi after they say he downloaded child porn to his home computer between apri april 19th and june 3rd. >> i saw them take him away in handcuffs and take some, you know, bags out. >> reporter: police say parker has admitted to downloading 58 images and videos of girls between the ages of nine and 13 engaged in sex acts. >> that is the ages of my grandchildren. >> reporter: no one answered the door at his home on dark leaf lane in levittown. while police tell us parker was arraigned on the felony charges. >> i'm glad he's in jail because, i'm glad i didn't know about it. he would have had a hard time with me. i'll tell that you because i don't like that -- i don't like that at all. >> when you hear this about child pornography something like that it -- yeah, it sort of changes your -- your perspective in terms of this is just some random normal looking guy. he's a doctor. he helps people every day. but then there's this obviously other side to him, you know, i doubt his own wife knew about. >> reporter: thalia perez, fox
10:16 pm
29 news. >> statement has been issued by aria health regarding parker's arrest. it says in part quote while a parents pant in ari yas physician training program the trainee is not a medical of arrow ya staff. they responded by playing the individual on administrative leave as the investigation proceeds. two people are a in police custody accused of trying to remove wire from train tracks. it happened this afternoon in bensalem, bucks county near the neshaminy train station. the incident held up a septa train for 10 minutes. fortunately, there was no damage to the tracks. >> a substitute teacher in northern, new jersey, is under investigation for allegedly taping students mouths shut. the students say they were punished for talking during quiet time. a nine year old girl complained to her father about it. police in the state's child welfare agency are now investigating. the elizabeth school system says it's taken the teacher off its substitute list while the case
10:17 pm
is pending. pottstown police and fbi need your help to identify the gunman who tried to rob wells fargo bank on east high school. authorities say he fired several shots into the ceiling and a bullet proof divider. no one was injured and the suspect left empty handed. >> pressure is mounting for the white house to explain why it side stepped congress on deal to release five taliban guantonimo bay detainees for sergeant bowe bergdahl. fox's michelle macaluso reports from washington. >> reporter: the political fire storm continues on capitol hill. many lawmakers are outraged over the obama administration's decision to release five taliban prisoners in exchange for american soldier sergeant bowe bergdahl both democrats and republicans alike say the white house broke the law by not telling congress about the deal. an intelligence committee leaders are furious that they were not notified by the president. >> the law clearly required the administration to notify congress 30 days before such a
10:18 pm
prisoner swap. wort. >> reporter: white house officials insist they had move fast on the deal because they were worried about bergdahl's health. the obama administration says there was a threat the taliban might kill the soldier if about the deal was leaked ahead of the prisoner swap. >> presented with an opportunity to recover sergeant bergdahl. we believe time was of the essence. >> lawmakers are not jumping to conclusions but members of the bergdahl's platoon are branding him as a deserter. >> i would have done everything i had to do cursing them, trying to escape, swinging on them, trying to steal a gun, shoot them i'm not going to be a propaganda piece so my familiar confidential see me on the inter 93. >> reporter: pentagon says bergdahl's health is improving each day as recovers at a u.s. military hospital in germany. he will eventually be moved to one in texas. there's no set time on when he will return home. in washington, michelle macaluso, fox news.
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>> beach goers head to do from and delaware shore could add to the traffic trouble from the i495 bridge shut down. delaware senator chris kuhns toured the damaged bridge at rush hour this morning. he's working to get federal money to help make the emergency repairs to the tilted vertical support columns that have shut down the bridge. >> let's check in now on your fox 29 weather authority and scott williams has look at your forecast. you know iain a beautiful were there here on this friday night. i think it will continue as we move into the upcoming weekend as well. a lot of folk out and about on this friday evening. whether you're in center city or down the shore just really a nice conditions. 73 degrees right now is the current temperature. humidity is low. look at this only 39%. winds out of the northwest at 6 miles per hour. so as we look at those temperatures area wide, you can see, hanging on to 70s in philadelphia. but move outside the city already in the 50's in millvil millville. 59 degrees. 53 currently in the pocono mountains. so as we talk about what to
10:20 pm
expect over the next 12 hours, it will stay dry, it will also stay pretty mild. we're looking at those temperatures by 7:00 a.m. 64 degrees and what about 72 by 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. find out when you'll need the rain gear with that extended seven day forecast all coming up. >> all right. scott. well chaos at the courthou courthouse. still ahead tonight gunman fires at officers. what else he was carrying and why police believe he may have had more sinister plans. plus if they show a force volunteers in one local community are lining the streets to be extra eyes and ears for police. how they're promising to keep their streets safe. also, ahead, a tiny lifesaver. a little boy gets an award usually reserved for firefighters. what he did for a friend that brought a room to tears. >> jersey shore beach welcomes doing on the sand but don't run >> jersey shore beach welcomes doing[ male announcer ]on't run tv's come a long way.
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play the pennsylvania lottery's new instant game, $1,000 frenzy, with 8 top prizes of $300,000. it's kinda fun to make a splash. keep on scratchin'. ♪ >> a man suspected of repeatedly stabbing a fellow sailor near a virginia naval hospital is under arrest. the manhunt in hours long search. authorities say the suspect got into an argument this morning with a fellow service member near the naval medical center in ports smith. the victim was stabbed in the chest and neck and has critical injuries. the incident forced the lock down of the facility while investigators searched there's no word on a motive.
10:24 pm
>> i do not at this time what led to the argument, law enforcement agencies will get to the bottom of that in due time. >> the suspect was captured nearby in virginia beach. this incident comes just one day after the facility conducted an active shooter drill as part of training. tonight authorities say a man who shot a deputy outside a courthouse in georgia was heavily armed and planned that take hostages. investigators say dennis marks exchanged gunfire with eight officers before being shot and killed. he had numerous weapons ammunition and homemade bombs on him. investigators are attempting to search his home which they believe may be rigged with explosives. court records show marks filed a civil rights complaint against the sheriff's department last year for allegedly illegally searching him and using excessive force. the alleged gunman in yesterday's deadly shoot tag seattle university tells authorities he planned to kill as many people as possible. according to an affidavit filed
10:25 pm
by see at physical police the shooter had been planning a mass shooting for a long time. he also admitted he wanted to kill himself in the rampage and now says he's sorry for what happened. he was order to do be held in jail without bond. today pending an a rain many next week he is charged with premeditated murder and assault after shooting three people killing one at seattle pacific university. a building monitor took him down using pepper spray. classes were canceled and a vigil was held on campus for the shooting vick tick. >> in canada heavily armed suspect on the run is under arrest in the shooting deaths of three royal canadian mount twos. authorities say 24 year old justin bourke was armed with high-powered firearms, knives ammunition an cross bow. he had been on the loose sin the deadly shootings on wednesday. >> father of a maryland high schooler accused of attacking a teacher with a bat. the father says the 42 year old teacher exchanged dozens of inappropriate text messages with
10:26 pm
his daughter. the girl's mother told police who said no crime had been committed. police say the teacher then showed up at the family's house unannounced. he was asked to leave. refused and that's when police say the father hit hmm with the bat. other parents think the teacher went too far. >> you got something to say to a child, you need to say it in school. i mean your inter ax should be in school if you're their teacher and it should end there. >> the teacher suffered minor injuries. there had been no criminal charges filed on either side by the teacher or the girl's parents. stopping violence in its tracks. coming up how one neighborhood is banding together to fight crime and they're doing it one street at a time. >> plus he's not your typical six year old. he saved his friend's life and now he's getting a huge award for it. his heroics act have brought a room to tears. >> and men marching around in high heels? the important message these guys are sending high heels? the important message these guys are sending by stepping into stilettos.
10:27 pm
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♪ >> terrifying moments for workers at a church's chicken in southwest philly. check out the surveillance video. a gunman jumps over the counter then gets into a struggle with the manager. police say another suspect then started grabbing money from the safe. the manager had some minor cuts on his face and head. the robbers got away with an unknown amount of cash. police say some thieves got away more than breakfast at a hunting park dunkin' donuts. employees say they took cash when they robbed the store on the 4,000 block of north fifth street yesterday. workers say one of the robbers was armed and walked in the store demanding money. then a money bag. employees told him they didn't have one. investigators say the suspects got away in a gray honda sedan. egg harbor township police chased down an alleged drug suspect in bargain town last night. officers say 26 yeared jimmy black was showing up for a drug delivery set up by investigators
10:31 pm
but when he saw police, he took off running. police say he tried to throw away evidence during the pursuit and now he's facing drug and other related charges. chester is a city plagued by violence. tonight its residents are stepping up on a volunteer mission to make sure the high school students celebrating graduation night are safe. shawnette wilson has the story. >> reporter: volunteers are out manning the streets trying to keep chester safe in the wake of recent violence and tonight is more important than ever as kids will be out celebrating a big night. it's graduation day for seniors at chester high school. they put on quite a show on ninth street friday evening still wearing their caps and gowns. also on the street, community members wearing orange shirts that below the slogan safe corridor. see something, say something. anything strange our out of the ordinary. >> reporter: safe corridors is a city initiative these people
10:32 pm
are all volunteers. they man corners throughout chester every monday 49 day afternoon serving passion the eyes and ears for police. >> we care about our city and we want our city back. >> they're stepping it a step further on graduation to protect children from potential violen violence. >> we believe that the presence of adults being there and communicating with these young people will give us an opportunity to let them know we love them. ♪ >> reporter: the volunteers started out by supporting the youth at graduation before spanning out across the city. >> it's a way to get to the children to talk to them, know who is doing what. make them know that people are there for them. >> reporter: mayor john linder was there and is asking everyone to get involved. >> we're asking everybody to be conscious, and be safe. we are prepared to have safe corridors as you probably have heard throughout the city. we're going to turn the lights on. for the graduates to night and we have people including the police and community volunteers who will be looking out for
10:33 pm
them. in chester, shawnette wilson fox 29 news. >> in bucks county ben sal let me police need your help to identify a burglar who stole from a farm market on bristol pike. the break in at lou's farm market was caught on camera. police say the burglar pride open a rear door and then stole the cash register. the dogs will be out next saturday in wildwood the official ribbon cutting as the pooches are now welcome on the designated dog friendly beach. the event takes place at popular avenue -- at popular avenue at noon. fun filled day is planned for pets and their owners. last month city commissioner passed an ordinance allowing the dogs under the terms fido has to be licensed, leashed and owners have to clean up behind them. officials hope the change is an economic boost for the city. it's not the type of story you hear every day. a six year old florida boy is honored for helping to save his young friend from drowning in a swimming pool. fox's andrew jackson introduces us to the young hero.
10:34 pm
>> this is a typical thursday night at city hall in bombay but not your average city council meeting. >> as mayor i'm honored that i could recognize a young man for something so heroic that he did. >> reporter: that young man is six yeared romeo rod rouges who saved his friend kathy from drowning in a pool during a memorial day weekend party. >> i asked for help. >> he notified everybody. if it wasn't for him being so observant it could have turn out 100 different ways. >> reporter: officer amy happened to be patrolling the neighborhood with a portable did febrillator in her car. a nurse at the party performed cpr after another adult pulled her from the pool. >> everything in line perfect toll get this done and she's absolutely perfect. >> reporter: perfect tribute to a six year old hero and a thursday night in pom bay. >> pom bay certificate of heroism the city of pom bay great physical acknowledges and recognizes romeo rodriguez for
10:35 pm
your extraordinary bravery, courage, actions and saving a live. from the bott to the many of my heart, thank you very much young man. (applause) there you go. thank you. >> a man caught robbing a local grocery store coming up how he scared the clerk into handing over hundreds of dollars. plus a big black bear wandering around park. why witnesses say this bear may be a fan of lumber jax and fighting childhood cancer. the local kid with an incredible attitude and the star power he's trying to get to help him and on the children like him. scott? >> iain, beautiful friday across our area but the big question is will it hold through the and tire weekend? coming up, the will it hold through the and ti[ gecko ] what a lovely night in philadelphia.
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♪ >> philadelphia police need your help to identify a masked gunman who held up a ken sipping ton grocery. the rob before he at medina's grocery store was all caught on camera. the suspect pulled a gun and got about 300 bucks from the cash register. in your money tonight the app powered car service uber is dominating the financial markets today the business described as one most rapidly growing companies is valued at more than $18 billion. the firm relies on the app to match riders and drivers and those wanting a ride can get one just by using their smart phone. uber has been round since 2010 operates in 120 cities across 37 countries. >> the cia shows a sense of humor in its twitter debut today. agency's first tweet we can neither confirm nor deny this is our first tweet. it's handle is at cism a and win an hour it gained 67,000 followers. the move comes after someone tried to impersonate the agency
10:40 pm
on the social media site. >> back in february, of of this year president barack obama unveiled my brother pots keeper an initiative aimed at improving the lives of young men of color in this countrily task force was created to implement the program calling for americans to mentor and empower black and latino boys. a study was released and today some of that information was shared with mayor nutter and others during a meeting at the anti-violence network. also, on hand was president obama's assistant and cabinet secretary broderick johnson who chairs the task force. what we wanted to do with this visit today was, first, get people of a sense what is in the report and how important this is to the president and what we have recommended to him, second, to come to philadelphia to hear from the young men who are here that the mayor so strongly represents and leads in the city. to hear what it is about their lives that has been changed. >> also, today' the gag was the
10:41 pm
on-going need for more jobs, education and housing. a real life black bear is caught wandering in a minnesota park. several people frantically called 911 it appeared the animal was a fan of lumber jack he was seen hanging around the paul bunion statue. he was tranquilized and a release tad nearby state forest. >> a road trip with a goat. coming up why a man is walking thousands of miles with his non traditional pet by his side. and fighting childhood cancer. the local kid with an incredible attitude and the star power he's trying get to help him and other children like him. scott? >> iain it's been a fantastic friday, but will it last? that's the question everyone wants answers. details and the answer com
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
♪ >> here's something you don't see every day. a group of men wearing red high heels. the idea walk a mile in her shoes. this unusual charity walk in say lewis is to raise money and awareness for victims of sexual assault. money raised will help offer clothes, shelter and support for victims. some of the men say their feet
10:45 pm
hurt but the cause is worth it. a man and his goat taking one long journey all for a good cause. this is steve wescott walking across the country with his goat leroy brown they started in seattle more than two years ago. right now, they're in sane lewd missouri on their way to new york city. he's trying to raise money for an orphanage in kenya he founded with a friend. well it's lemonade day kids will be raising money to fight childhood cancer alex lemonade stands all over our area. 10 year old south jersey boy is hoping to get a big jersey star to visit his. let's got john bon jovi to head to woolwich tomorrow. fox 29's karen hepp has mario's battle. >> reporter: mario a is a dare devil. he loves fun. fire trucks and all the saints. his family has been doing a lot of praying. at four he was diagnosed with inn op per rap brain tumors. >> when he was first diagnose, um, they said he had three months to live.
10:46 pm
and there was nothing they could do because huge mass in his brain. it was the worst day ever of my life. i will never forget it. and it was really hard. >> reporter: mario is fighter. >> it doesn't affect me. it may affect other people because god led me through it. >> reporter: padre pia is one hero. his other jersey guy john bon jovi. it's his favorite song. yes, his he asked his mom if he could come to his lemonade stand tomorrow at woolwich fire department to help kids with cancer. >> anything can happen. you always tell me never to give up. id always told you never to give up. keep fighting for what you believe it. i made a facebook page out of fun. >> it's gotten thousands of likes and south jersey shout outs. mom throws herself into having
10:47 pm
mario's fourth lemonade stand be the best ever. their house is packed with raffle donation items, signed bats, fancy handbags. >> i can't take the tumors away obviously so doing this is the next best thing for me. >> so far they've raised $150,000 over four years and the spirits of the little boy whose got everything to live for. >> nothing put you down. nothing will make you go down. never stop believing and no one can tell you what to do. >> that was karen hepp roaring. you can check out mario's lemonade stand tomorrow at woolwich fire department on kings highway in swedesboro. the upper darby police get some help from middle schoolers this morning. skyfox was over drexel hill middle school as students formed a giant udpd on the football field. they will be cover model for the department's annual reports.
10:48 pm
>> let's check back in with scott williams and it was a fantastic friday. how is the weekend looking. it will be a super saturday an spectacular sunday. i mean really what we saw today is what we'll get by the up coming weekend. now, temperatures still pretty comfortable at 73 degrees. humidity in the 30s. and look at these winds that's a drying wind out of the north and west. beautiful here in old city. first friday lot of folks were out and about. the vendors were out as well. the restaurants open an beautiful friday across our area. the low this morning, 60 degrees. the afternoon high we made it up to 77. just a few degrees off from the normal which is now up to 80 degrees. but look at the record high for today's date. the century mark well back in the 1920s. 1925. temperature wise looking pretty comfortable across the area right now. the cool spot the pocono mountains checking in at 53 degrees. we have upper 60s in wilmington.
10:49 pm
low 60s right now down the shore. it will be a beautiful weekend down the shore as well for the poconos. take look at that saturday snapshot. what about 84 degrees for the city. the pock notice tomorrow 78. down the shore, 77 degrees and beautiful weather will continue into sunday as well. we'll look at the complete forecast for the poconos and the shore coming up. the reason for the nice weekend, high pressure. this is going to bring happy weather across our area. singing air, wall to wall sunshine for saturday. a few more clouds on sunday but we'll stay dry. this high pressure will suppress the showers and thunderstorms to our south and also keep them to the west. but eventually we'll be watching this system as it approaches our area sunday night into monday with the beginning of an unsettled pattern. as we move into early neck week but in the meantime, things trying to heat up in the tropics in the southern gulf of mexico
10:50 pm
bay of campise watching this disturbance moving inland right now. so not anticipating any development out of it as it continues to just move into the mexico with some heavy rain as we move into the upcoming weekend. we'll keep you posted on that. for the poconos once again tomorrow 78 degrees. beautiful weather. sunday, 77, of course, we have the pocono 400 taking place this weekend. no weather worries expected. down the shore, don't forget the sunscreen. 77 degrees on saturday. 76 on sunday and look at those water temperatures in the 60s. i even have a forecast for golfers tomorrow looking beautiful any tee time we're looking at temperatures warming as we move into the afternoon into the 80s. don forget the sunscreen there either. for tonight, mostly clear, dry and pleasant. and then tomorrow, 84 degrees will be the high temperature. so just get outdoors and enjoy it. forecast by the numbers, we're giving tomorrow a 10. 84 for the high.
10:51 pm
86 degrees on sunday. and then early next week, you'll need the rain gear scattered showers and pop up thunderstor thunderstorms. really a good bet any time throughout next week. >> all right. but the weekend is looks terrific. you got a tee time? i do, sunday. thanks scott. >> i love that forecast. no pun intended but pun intended. fork cast. >> could one of local phillies be on the move? coming up who might be skipping town plus cole hamels gets something he doesn't see too often. hamels gets something he doesn't see t[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v ♪ >> after losing six straight games the phillies arrived in cincinnati to face the hottest pitcher in baseball johnny cato. 1.68 era against a free falling phillies team. it almost seemed too easy for the reds. well, it's a wild fourth inning though for cueto. first, he hits chase utley who would eventually get picked off second any way but then he walks ryan howard and he even hits marlon byrd. so first three batters hit, walk, hit and then dom brown finally takes advantage here and rbi double to put the phils on the board. two to nothing. and then the very neck at bat john mayberry, jr. looking for this third straight game with homerun much gets a piece of it.
10:55 pm
rbi single and three run fourth for the phillies. thenly? me rollins in the fifth, first pitch, and it's into the phillies bullpen. his seventh homerun of the year. now, six hits away from mike schmidt's all time record with the phils. and that would be the last inning for cueto. his shortest outing of the year. he's not happy with it but not the case for cole hamels. another strong night from him. goes seven innings for his sixth straight start. the play at the plate, keeps the reads scoreless and the phils score for more in the ninth to beat the reds eight to nothing. who are these guys? chicago miami this afternoon at wrigley. blackhawks finding ways to fill their free time now so batting practice it is. the marlins thai the game in the ninth. reid johnson singles to right. two runs score. tied game. extra innings, now we go to the 13th. even the birds want this thing to end. this is going on forever. thanks to anthony rizzo. the cubbies within their fourth
10:56 pm
straight. anthony rizzo two run homerun his second career walk off to beat the marlins five to three. >> 76ers could be moving to new jersey. at least they're practice facility. the team filed an application for a new state of the art practice facility along the camden waterfront. the new jersey economic development authority must still vote on the proposal. >> and all eyes will be on california chrome tomorrow nasal strip and all. the belmont could have its first triple crown winner since a firmed back in 1978. since then, 12 horses have tried and failed to win the third leg of the crown only 11 horses have actually won it. starting with sir martin in 1919. little known fact. >> a little known fact. >> how about that back then? they had the races all over the place. preakness, like run second and it was all different. but yeah, only 11 horses managed to do it. that's rare feat and we'll what happens tomorrow nasal strip and all like you said.
10:57 pm
>> how about that. exactly. it will be exciting. thanks for spending your night with us. fox 29 morning news of course comes your way at 4:00 a.m. that won't cull your way tomorrow because it will be saturday. >> right. join us six and 10:00 o'clock tomorrow. tmz is up next. enjoy this wonderful weather and have a terrific weekend. thanks for watching, everybody. have a terrific weekend. thanks for watching, everybody. so brian at citizens said
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warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz", >> so chris brown is sworn off drugs. he has sworn off people who might be bad influences on him. he had a big party and people came out wasted. >> it was like a dodgers game. we were down by five and in by seven. [laughter] >> i'm not saying you should go to jail. i'm just saying that the party after looks like it's worth it. >> depends on what happened in jail, i guess. >> yeah, i guess. >> we got clark gregg. he's agent colton in all the marvel moves fiftieies. we talked about this new show called born in the wild. >> women are giving birth naturally outside. the greatest thing. >> she's birthing in a creek. >> oh! [laughter] >> regis philbin was trying to hail a cab and unsuccessful.


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