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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  June 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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highway rescues a baby crawling out of a ditch. what her parents say they were doing while their child crawled a quarter pile away from home. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. >> and first at 5:00 what difference a few months make on the left hand side of your screen images from the coldest day of the year, january 7th. you were probably realing bundled up that day. temperatures dropped down to just 4 degrees. on the right a live look at old city. it is the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures right now in the low 90s. good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page those rising temperatures not going any way any time. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams whose live outside our studios in old city tonight. scott? good tuesday evening iain and dawn. this is a day we never thought would arrive. our first 90-degree or better day of 2014. it is hazy, hot and humid here
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live in old city. there are few folks out and about and some of those them they are dressed in shorts. we are talking a summer preview across our area. let's talk about those temperatures right now. 93 degrees but look at the dew points. above 60 any time they're above 60 it's going to feel a little muggy stepping outdoors. the field like temperature with the heat index right now 94 degrees. look at the the low 90s atlantic city, into degrees. 91 in millville as well as wilmington. 90 right now in trenton even the low 90s in reading. berks county 89 in allentown but look at those dew points. basically the dew point temperature is a measure of the amount of moisture in the atmosphere and you can see area wide, pretty much above 60. so as we look at that muggy meter, if you will, you can see once we move into the 60 or better category, it starts to feel sticky and uncomfortable with those dew point temperatures at that level. feels like temperatures right now in the mid 90s for millville as well as wilmington it feels
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like 94 degrees right now in reading. so for the evening it will stay hot and humid there's still that air quality alert code orange limit your outdoor exposure asthma upper respiratory disorders and then moving ahead to tomorrow, the hottest day y yet. we're talking about a heat advisory for tomorrow afternoon and strong thunderstorms. we'll talk about both plus when to expect a break in this heat coming up. >> all right. thank irk scott. and skyfox over an accident involving a couple of cars and a lawnmower in delaware. this happened about 1:30 this afternoon. police say a jeep cherokee slammed into two vehicles on route 13 in wilmington and then veered off the highway hitting a person riding a lawnmower. the person on the lawnmower and the driver of the cherokee and in critical condition at christiana hospital. no word yet on why that jeep cherokee collide with the first two vehicles. happening now an armed thief on the run in philadelphia. police say the suspect pretended to shop for shoes and then pulled a gun on store workers.
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it happened at a foot action in the northeast and tonight cops are trying to figure out if this person might be response al for some other robberies in the area. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside northeast detective that is night and dave i know police want this guy off the streets. >> in doubt. iain ease laying real concerns tonight when you see this surveillance video, you will know why. police are hoping tonight that someone recognizes the suspect or the big begun he's waving around at store employees. it was just after 7:00 this suspect pulled out a big semi-automatic handgun and held up the foot action store at the roosevelt mall. it happened just off cottman avenue after the suspect posed as a shopper for almost 20 minutes. >> taking his time, patient, wasn't worried about other people cupping in. >> reporter: sources tell fox 29 the suspect had been shopping for size 13 sneakers and had a store employee pick out lots of clothing supposedly for his son's graduation presents then he announce the robbery and threatened to blow an employee's
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head off. >> some large caliber gun, semi-automatic. it's silver. it's huge. and we're a little concerned about that the report roar suspect had female employee empty the cash registers then locked all the workers in a back room piling stems in front of the door so they couldn't esca escape. then the suspect can be seen picking up bags of merchandise and escaping. >> he made out with more clothing than he did cash. >> wow ! that's really scary. >> reporter: this woman shops here at the mall on lots of occasions. she was concerned for the store employees and worried about her own safety. a private security guard is now stayinged at the store. >> i don't even want to go in the store because you never kn know. there was actually people in there shopping. >> hopefully someone will recognize him or the gun and give us a call. >> reporter: the suspect is described as 6-foot one to 6-foot two weighing 250 to 275 pounds. police are trying to determine if he's connected to any other robberies in the area. coming up at sick we'll take a
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look at some new security measures at the mall in the wake of this robbery. that's coming up at sick. dawn? >> thank you, dave. the wilmington fire marshal is trying to determine what started a fire that killed a man and critically injured two women. the flames broke out on the were hundred block of bird street late last night. two women got out but suffered significant burns. firefighters say the building collapsed with a man inside. both women are being treated at crozer chester hospital tonight. the delaware fire marshal is assisting in the investigation. >> a 13 year old is charge chard after with arson after a fire at an apartment complex in bensal bensalem. it happened friday night at the bensalem court apartments on cedar avenue. investigators say the teen intentionally started the fire in the boiler room as a result 29 families were left homeless. fortunately no one was hurt. and happening right now, crews are cleaning up the apartment of a man accused of sending ricin laced letters. officials have been working at the hatboro residents all day long. nicholas hellman was arrested
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back in march for allegedly se sending a race si laced card to the boyfriend of his girlfriend. he's facing attempted murder. public safety officials are coordinating the decontaminati decontamination. it includes testifying all items in that apartment. the effort and the key there is knowing just what to look for. >> this treatment basically decomposes the ricin which is a protein made by plants and is toxic. it decomposes it to harmless chemicals that eventua eventuall evaporate. >> authorities say they were tipped off about the alleged crime by hellman's co work can he. the company helping in the clean up effort has been used in the aftermath of the world trade center tragedy, hurricane katrina and super storm sandy. major development tonight in the deadly benghazi attack made against americans. the pentagon says one of the militants responsible for it is now in u.s. custody. military officials say special
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operations forces apprehend today tallah in libya. he is now sailing to the united states. he's the first person captured over that 2012 attack. u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed after the u.s. consulate came under siege burning to the ground and more us troops are heading to iraq with militants from the islamic state of iraq and syria now in control of a large part of the country. their mission, securing america's largest diplomatic post abroad. meantime, at least 10 people were killed and dozens wounded in a car bomb in baghdad. fox's connor powell is monitoring the situation from jerusalem. >> reporter: iraqi families continue to flee cities taken over by al-qaida inspired militant. men, women and chirp leaving their homes and belongings behind safe haven in kirkuk is controlled with kurds. the black flag of isis flying in the distance as truck filled with people travel through a checkpoint. others are taking up arms
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against the sunny insurgents. hundreds of shiites joining iraqi forces as the federal tight quarters in baghdad volunteers are giving fatigues and training. >> we are possibly on the cusp of a regional war and that is something we're very concerned about. >> reporter: u.s. ramping up its presence in the area as militants continue their march towards the capitol. several war ships already in the region and now 275 american troops will now secure the u.s. embassy in baghdad. some of the posts several thousand staff members are being reassigned to other areas. >> our view is that iraq and the successful out come here is not contingent upon the intervention of any country. they need to take steps on the political front to be more inclusive, to govern in a non sectarian manner. >> that was connor powell reporting from jerusalem. another sign of the escalating violence four dozen detainees
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killed by pro government forces as insurgents tried to storm their jail. >> back here in this country veterans are getting top priority at a new jersey medical facility. cooper university hospital in camden now launching same day service for vets and it's called the cooper veterans vip program. the hospital says the goal is to provide same day service for primary care visits. currently area veterans wait on average 43 days for initial primary care visits at va facilities. >> for this institution to step up one of the first in the country and there's lot of big health care institutions in this country, this in camden, new jersey, a city under the rebirth -- under going rebirth, hey, veterans, we'll take darned good care of you and we'll do the best we can. >> cooper's program comes the heel of an audit that found veterans are experiencing long waits at va hospitals all across the country. as summer vacation approaches philadelphia school officials are not thinking about
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the break, they're thinking about the budget. >> still ahead the desperate plea for more money to fund philadelphia schools. also, a man driving on a highway can't believe his eyes. a baby crawling out of a ditch on to the road. still i was head what the little girl's parents say they were doing as their child crawled a quarter of a mile away from ho home. >> and police arrest this woman for vandalizing a strangers home wearing nothing but her birthday suit. where they found her hiding out still ahead. howard? >> the eagles, they're depending on jeremy maclin this year to do a lot for the departed desean jackson. he told me now he's better in one area sin the injury. but there are concerns and there may be some with nick foles much that's coming up in sports. >> also devastation from those deadly twin tornadoes that destroyed everything in their path in a tiny nebraska town. what we know tonight about the lives that were lost. scott? dawn, right now your weather authority monitoring our first 90-degree or better day. currently it's 93 degrees.
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feels like temperatures in the mid 90s but we're not the only ones baking right now. 97 in mid land. mid 90's in raleigh it will get even hotter tomorrow. mid 90's in raleigh it will get even hotter tomorrow. details next.
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>> right now philadelphia police are searching for this man. they say he stole someone's wallet inside mack's tavern on market street in old city. then an hour later he was caught on camera using one of the credit cards at a wawa, a target and a wal*mart. he's even caught on camera
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carrying a flat screen tv he just purchased. if you recognize this guy call philly police. >> several budget clocks running out philadelphia school officials are once again tonight pleading for more money without it they say schools that are barely hanging on will fall into chaos. bruce gordon was on hand when the plea was made and joins us live from the newsroom to explain what's at stake. bruce. >> reporter: all too familiar story. the school district begging for bucks from the city, from the state, from its own teachers just to keep school buildings open and there's no guarantee any of that money will materialize. with final grades already in on this last week of the school year, parkway center city high school isn't exact al beehive of activity. but take look around and you'll get an idea of the new normal for philadelphia schools. the building is 90 years old. it's cold in the winter. blistering hot come june. there's one full-time school police officer. one guidance counselor for nearly 600 kids and one part part-time nurse.
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they are short textbooks and lost three teachers to layoffs this school year. pushing average class sizes above 30 kids. karen dunkley spent seven years at school district headquarters before becoming parkway's principle this year. >> that isn't what you -- better than what you expected or worse under the conditions which you have to op. i think the conditions under which we have to operate or really intolerable. >> superintendent william hite sent letter tuesday to governor corbett, mayor nutter and darrell clark begging for $96 million in additional funding simply quote to maintain the status quo which is holy inadequate. >> stop acting like these are other peoples's children. these our children. (applause). >> reporter: hite was joined in the news conference by school reform commission chairman big green. who said school kids have already sacrificed enough. the city, state and teachers union must step up to the plate. >> we have to give this team the resources to transform our schools which will transform our city. >> reporter: but with none of
5:16 pm
that money certain the schools teeter along. back at parkway, 81 seniors are practicing for graduation. 80 are preparing for college. one for the military. but their principal says they deserved a better education than the one they got. >> i'm wondering why we don't see this outcry that says equity and access and excellence now? >> reporter: we said those budget clocks are running out. city council for example will likely head to summer recess after this thursday's meeting with no indication they will add new funding to the pot. in a statement in response to today's news conference council president clark suggested city lawmakers have already done plenty to fund the schools. described the district's budget crisis as quote self inflicted. dawn? >> thank you, bruce. moon time drexel university closes a deal with the philadelphia school district. drexel purchasing university city high school in west philadelphia. that nets the school diss track more than $21 million much the university has big plans for the sight they plan to building a
5:17 pm
residential retail and recreation space that includes a lab and research office space, approval on rezoning the site is expected this thursday. >> good news for new jersey teachers. the state assembly passing a bill that delays the use of standardized tests to evaluate them. unions that represent teachers and school administrators say the process has been rushed and schools need more time to implement the program. the tests have been scheduled for students in grades three to 11 beginning in the year 2014-15 school year but the bill now awaits action by a state senate committee. >> police in new castle county need your help tonight. they are searching for a missing 21 year old man. christian figueroa was last seen after midnight in the unit block of auburn drive. family members say left his home after an argument and has not been seen since. there's concern for his save he too and welfare. if you see him you're asked to please call police right away. a big contribution today to save the ss united states. the ship docked along the delaware river in south
5:18 pm
philadelphia is in desperate need of fixing up. $220,000 donated today will help those efforts. a big part of that was made by jim poland. crews industry executive son of the late washington capitals and wizards owner. the money will help save the last of the ship's propellers from being scrapped. it's something poland says he's more than happy to do. >> i'm just totally speechless, because i'm emotional because it's the first time i've been on this ship, and it's a national monument just like the washington monument or the statue of liberty or the empire stat building. we need to sos, save our ship. >> the propeller was once classified as top-secret by the u.s. government during the height of the cold war. and turning now to your weather authority. the last few days of spring are going out on a hot and humid note. fox 29 in trenton, new jersey, today where temperatures made it into the 90s.
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chief meteorologist scott williams is here now and scott we're looking at an even hotter day tomorrow? yes. summer preview underway across our area. today in the low 90s. tomorrow likely the mid 90s with even hotter feels like temperatures. we have this area of high pressure to our south acting as a heat pump much those ones ouster west southwest it's hazy, hot and humid. haven't had to say that much this year. let's go county by county and talk about the current numbers. a little cooler toward the pocono mountains right now. 84 degrees. 90 in bethlehem. allentown 89 degrees. as we move closer to the philadelphia area, right now, limerick none. montgomery 91. we have low 90's along that i-95 corridor in bensalem into degrees. chester right now 93. down the shore, we have 86 degrees in ocean city as well as cape may but move a little farther inland, low 90's in millville as well as egg harbor. so temperatures above 90 degrees today for the first time this year and then tomorrow take look at the i-95 corridor.
5:20 pm
and also a immediate suburbs we're talking about a heat advisory kicking in from noon until 7:00 with feels like temperatures approaching the upper 90s even close to 100 degrees. how long will this heat last and also coming up we'll talk about the threat for some strong thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening as well. >> all right. scott, thank you. a man is arrested for making mess inside his retirement home. how a routine traffic stop helped police make the bust. >> and a pennsylvania police officer under investigation after punching a woman during a gay pride festival. it's all caught on video. what the officer says he was trying to do when it all went down. trying to do when it all went down.[ male announcer ] tv's come a long way.
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♪ >> what are you doing? >> cell phone video catching a pittsburgh police officer grabbing a woman by the hair and punching her. it happened at the city's gay pride festival this weekend. the officer claims he was trying to break up a fight. the woman he hit reportedly fought back kicking him in the groin. she's now facing charges for
5:24 pm
assault and resisting arrest while the cop is on desk duty while the incident is under investigation. >> a five year old little girl with one of two people killed by a rare twin tornado that tore through a small nebraska town. 74 year old motorist also died. the twisters hitting monday afternoon destroying dozens of homes and businesses in the town of pilger. the sheriff says the tornadoes wiped away 50 to 75% of the town. pilger school is damaged beyond repair. the town's 353 residents all had to evacuate. >> i've never seen a tornado atonal my life and i grew up in northeast nebraska. i got my -- wasn't a wish but i got to see something today i wished i never would have seen. >> those tornadoes were part of a storm system that brought severe weather to many midwestern states and forecasters are looking at the possibility of more severe weather today. a robber in michigan does not even get out of his car to pull off a heist. check out this video here. the man actually lunch noose the window of a mcdonald's drive
5:25 pm
through and swipes the cash register drawer. police say he had a gun and was extremely aggressive and an employee got scared and took off running and that's when the robber grabbed the cash. >> so many people out here just willing to do whatever, don't care about the consequences, none of that. >> no word on how much cash was stolen. the restaurant is right across the street from a police station. officers are hoping someone will recognize him and give them ca call. police in georgia arrested this woman for a burglary but there's a twist to the story. they say she was naked when she did it. investigators say a homeowner living just outside of atlanta called 911 saying a naked woman vandalized their home. when officers arrived on the scene they found 34 year old suzanne hussein hiding in a closet. they say she damaged the home extensively, even flooded part of the home. the homeowners say they have no idea who this woman is. >> remember this? 20 years ago today millions of us watched the white bronco chase unfold on
5:26 pm
life television. ojs son was sitting in the back seat of his vehicle his friend behind the wheel. police were pursuing oj simpson in connection with the deaths of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. simpson of course was found not guilty in their murders. the the food at your famil family's family restaurant may taste difference in the future. >> the fda wants your chef to ease up on the salt. plus bizarre behavior. unique styles. even some scuffles. it is the wild world of septa. if you think you've seen the all just wait until you see this. >> plus a nine year old goes on a joy ride with a four year old passenger. the kids say they were on their way to grandma's house. what two teenagers did when they saw t
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>> more video tonight of a bear wandering around in burlington county. debbie, says she took the footage as the bear was looking around in her backyard. many residents want the bear gone. state wildlife officials say there's nothing they can do unless it poses serious threat to someone. they say the bear is not being aggressive at this point. it's being tracked based on all of its recent sightings. >> police release a surveillance fet tow of a gunman who held up a claymont delaware what were hoping someone recognizes him. take a good look at this guy. he robbed wawa on ridge road last month. they say the suspects walked up to the cashier, pulled out gun
5:30 pm
and demanded cash. anyone with information about this robbery is asked to call police. it will cost you more to drive along the pennsylvania turnpike next year. the turnpike commission approving a 5% increase for. z pass and cash customers. the increase starts just after midnight on january 1st, 2015. and while the hike affects cash and e seem pass rates e see pass customers will save at least 35% on tolls. >> anyone whose ridden septa probably has a story or two to share. now, some of those mass transit moments are appearing online. it's entertaining for some, but it's creating problem for law enforcement and others say it's down right cruel. fox 29's dave kinchen introduces us to the people of septa. >> reporter: take public transportation and you are sure to see all sorts of things. >> anything from people like picking their nose. people singing. >> reporter: there's much more happening on septa buses, trains and trollies captured on smart
5:31 pm
phones and posted on social media. like the infamous people of septa facebook page. it's one of the biggest sources of digital side shows with more than 80,000 likes and a humorous tag line. what the l? >> it is kind of funny. it's comical. but then they are real people. >> reporter: it shows pictures and videos of riders with unique looks and styles. >> it's kind of awkward. >> reporter: it also shows several people in a phenomenon known as dipping. passing out and nearly falling out of their seats. >> if i saw myself on there doing something crazy i'd be mortified. >> you don know if they're just really tired or what's going on. >> i think it's disrespectful. they don't come outside to be taped or video taped and they personal life put on social media. >> reporter: but some of the images are more serious. >> would that alarm you. >> yes, yes it would very much report roar this is cell phone video of a fight between two women on a bus and here a man
5:32 pm
appears to inject something into his arm. yet it's this video that started a national fire storm after being posted on people of septa. >> mom. a little girl tries desperately to wake her mother who appears to be impaired on the track less trolley route 66 on frankford avenue. riders speculating the mother was high on drugs or alcohol. the video spread like wildfire online prompting philadelphia police and social services to get involved. eventuaeventually takely the dar away from the mom. >> she seems to be the only individual trying to wake up her mother. >> reporter: we showed the video dr. frank farley head of psychological studies at temple university. >> classic bystander effect, terrible things, people stand around and don't do anything about it. >> reporter: we showed him this video. >> you really want to keep doing. >> reporter: temple student captured this man on septa route 2 23 masturbateing in the seat next to her on a crowded bus which even included childr
5:33 pm
children. >> transportation we just can't have that. >> there are pebble in front of me, behind me, obviously couldn't go around him. >> ida cold fox 29 she recorded the man thinking it would make him stop. but this exchange happened instead. >> sitting here the whole time. why wouldn't you say something. excuse me, get the bleep out of my way. move or something like that. >> i did. as soon as you pull it out. >> you didn't. oh, my god you didn't say nothing. >> does someone need to tell you not to touch yours in public. >> when he started trying to backpedal and convince me that i wanted it in some way, um, or that i should have moved or it was my fault, that's what made me feel like it was okay to post it to put it out there. >> out there was the people of septa face become page. september tan the philadelphia police department then picked it up found and arrested the man wanted for the lewd act. dr. farley says this time around the website's videos played a positive role. >> in the sense it's using our contemporary hand-held technologists to reveal important things that need to be
5:34 pm
corrected in the public sphere. >> reporter: but it's different for the images of overweight people or people with a different lifestyle that may be seen as hurtful. >> people could be destroyed. literally destroyed. how do you ever get back your reputation? how do you ever get back your image? >> reporter: i asked him why people post such pictures. >> the same game. if you can get something highly unusual and post it there's fame there. >> reporter: what should you do the next time you're on septa and see this? or this? or this? >> if you see somebody videoing, talk to them and say, you know, why are you doing that? why don't you just leave this person alone. they've got enough troubles. >> reporter: founder of the website declined to comment on camera. they've been getting death threats since the page was publish. they say if person complains about their picture online it will be taken down. dave kinchen, fox 29 news. >> moat of us do this all the time. you walk into a room in your
5:35 pm
home and turn on the tv and then you leave. go about your business. if you're a parent of a small child, leaving the tv on in the background could actually harm your child's language development. also, ahead a man is arrested for making mess inside his retirement home. how routine traffic stop helped police make the bust. >> coming up to note at 6:00 o'clock, is there danger lurking in your wine rack? bottles of this type of wine have been pulled off pennsylvania shelves. why the state says you should throw your bottle away right now. scott? >> and dawn, today we hit 99 degrees for the first time this year. but even hotter conditions expected tomorrow. i'll tell you how hot it will expected tomorrow. i'll [ male announcer ]t will tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time.
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>> in helder news tonight food companies and restaurants could soon say pressure from the government cut out some of the salt. the fda is preparing to issue voluntary guidelines asking the food industry to lower sodium levels and this is a long-time in coming. the institute of medicine add advised the government to establish these guidelines back in 2010. experts say we eat about one and
5:39 pm
a half teaspoons of salt and every day and that's about one third more than what officials recommend for good health. most of the sodium by the way is hidden inside processed foods and in restaurant meals. also, in health news tonight, parents listen up. you may think it's a good distract by leaving the tv on as background noise but it could harm your toddler's language development. researchers observed parents of toddlers interacting with their children while they play with the tv on in the background and they say the quantity of words and phrases as well as the number of new words spoken by parents was lower than when the tv was off. researchers say children learned language skills from listening to their parents and parents don't talk to them as much if the tv is on. the study is publish in the journal of children and media. >> a teenager in new york city is taking his love of sneakers to a whole new level. he and his father opened up the world's first sneaker pawn shop. troy reid got the idea when his son asked for money and he took his son shoes as collateral.
5:40 pm
he then realized kids and parents probably have loads of shoes laying around the house so he opened up sneaker pawn in hair little. the owners say they've seen a steady march of customers all with different needs. >> pawn for funerals, for bail, for school books. for storage fees for rent, for cell phones. >> limited edition sneakers off sell for hundreds of dollars more on the resale market than they do when their released meaning the shoes at sneaker pawn could be worth a lot of money but the owners say the store still hasn't turned a profit. a man driving on the highway cannot believe his eyes. he see as baby crawling out of a ditch on to the road. >> coming up what the little girl's parents say they were doing when she crawled a quarter of a mile away from their home. and a nine year old takes a ride on the wild side. he hops behind the wheel of a car with a four year old passenger. the plan, to drive to grandma's house. what happened when two teenagers saw the car speeding recklessly
5:41 pm
down the road. >> and there may be another dynamic duo on the eagles offense. nick foles takes about new target that has become very
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>> a 64 year old man is busted for cooking and side his retirement complex. employees in california pulled the man over during a traffic stop and learned he was on pre baying for selling methamphetamine. they searched his car and found drugs. then police went to his apartment where they say they found materials for a small meth lab. neighbors say the man moved into the retirement complex just few months ago. he's now facing multiple drug charge. >> a one year old georgia girl is safe tonight after a good
5:45 pm
samaritan stopped to save her. he was driving along a busy hoy way when he looked over and saw her crawling out of a ditch. bryant collins says he was so shocked he stopped his truck in the middle of the road. he says the little girl was crying and crawling towards the traffic. collins and other drivers then called 911. deputees say the 15 month old was quarter of a mile away from home. they believe she crawled through the woods and fell down a 10-foot embankment near the highway. >> from smoke bites to insect bites to allergic reactions to traffic accident. it could have been an awful situation. >> the little girl's father timothy pickens showed up and told deputees he'd been looking for her along with family members. deputees arrested him for child cruelty and reckless conduct. investigators say pickens and his wife told deputees the girl's older siblings were supposed to be watching her while they did yard work. >> a car swerving out of control is finally brought to a stop by two teenaged drivers. as it turns out the car's driver
5:46 pm
was just nine years old. with a four year old passenger. this happened last week along highway 33 in west bend, wisconsin. police say the two, one ought year old drivers spotted the car driving erratically. they quickly real life the driver was not old enough to be sitting behind the wheel. so together they cornered the car and got the driver to stop. >> he's using this blinkers. he was using brakes, gas, i was shocked. >> i knew i had to do something but i knew he wasn't the age of driving. >> fortunately and amazingly no one was hurt. the children told police the car was unlocked and the keys were in the ignition. no word on any charges. but in case you're wonder wrack they were going, police say they were headed to grandma's house. >> it's been an exciting day two of the 2014 special olympic usa games in new jersey. today athletes competed for medals in track and field and swimming. as fox's sharon crowley reports the games aren't just about winning. some athletes say they're live changing.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: now we're here at princeton university where swimming and track and field took place just more exciting competition. new jersey special olympics athletes 17 year old jack lip fuentes pull far away the pack to take home a gold medal for track and field. some learned about the games a few years ago and has been competing ever since. like so many of these athletes, the games have changed how she feels about herself. >> i'm more friendly to people. i'm not as shy. i'm more outspoken and open now. >> princeton university is helping to host the special olympics 2014 usa games here this week in new jersey. athletes competed on the ivy league campus and track and field and swimming. nicole is a special olympics athlete from hawaii who swam her way to gold. >> how do you feel? i'm feeling really good about. >> what keeps her moving so fast? my main thing is perseverance i never give up.
5:48 pm
>> susanna brown made ithica, new york proud. my coach told me i need to be proud of myself and give myself more confidence in what i do. >> 21 year old keith fisher from piscataway new jersey didn't let the heat outside slow him down. he credits the special olympics with building his confidence on and off the track. >> it's helping me open up about myself more. i'm not as shy any more as i used to be. >> reporter: the games indicator to athletes with intellectual disabilities. more than the thrill of competition, the games are an opportunity for those who can often feel isolated to feel like they belong. >> i made lot of friends. meeting new people that i compete with. >> i love it. everybody is so kind and nice to each other. >> it's unifying and another word for togetherness. so that's good. >> reporter: very good indeed. more than 3500 athletes are competing this week and their friends and family are here to cheer them on for a very exciting week of competition.
5:49 pm
sharon crowley, fox news. >> we'll will be for all the action at this year's special olympics usa games. you can be there, too. head to you'll find a link to our coverage right under the home tab. >> and time now for the fox 29 weather authority. first day scott in the 90s. yes. it was hazy, hot and humid and we're looking at even hotter temperatures tomorrow with the heat advisory that will kick in tomorrow afternoon. but for your evening, hot, humid, we still have that air quality alert so just be mindful of that and then the heat advisory for tomorrow so tomorrow it's going to feel even hotter than today. there could also ab few strong thunderstorms late tomorrow evening. moving toward the latter part of the week it stays sticky a little uncomfortable and also scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. look at the high temperature today. 93 degrees. so 10 degrees above average for today's date. but still nowhere close to that
5:50 pm
record high of 98 degrees set back in 1957. currently it's 93 degrees stepping outdoors. the dew point temperatures, that's a measure of moisture in the atmosphere any time it's above 60 degrees it will feel a little more uncomfortable. the heat index, though, just 1 degree hotter feels like temperature at 94 degrees. but low 90s in atlantic city. millville, dover, 91 degrees wilmington. we have upper 80s in pottstown, allentown, 89 degrees. none current until reading and you can see those dew point temperatures above 60 pretty much area wide. even in the low 70s right now for dover. so take look at that meter. once we move to 60-degree dew points it will feel sticky, mid 60s uncomfortable. over 70 down right oppressive. you factor in the dew point temperatures and it feels like 98 right now in dover. it feels like 94 in rea readingd lancaster it feels like 99 degrees. so because of that increase in humidity, the increasing dew
5:51 pm
points, a heat advisory kicks in tomorrow from noon until 7:00 o'clock, we're talking feels like temperatures approaching 100 degrees. right along the heart of that i-95 corridor. also, the immediate suburbs. so just be manned full of that. stay hydrated. limit your outdoor exposure during the peak heating time frame. for tomorrow, parts of our area north and west a slight risk for severe weather. that includes lancaster, berks county, moving into sections of the lehigh valley as well as the poconos as we watch a front move through with some scattered showers and storms. but in the meantime, it's going to be hazy, hot and humid as we roll the clock you can see by midnight, temperatures still in the low 80s for most and then moving ahead to tomorrow afternoon, temperatures climb into those 90s. so for tonight we're looking at temperatures in the 70s. so 74 degrees will be the low and then tomorrow 95 degrees for the high temperature but once again, temperatures will feel closer to 100 degrees during the
5:52 pm
heat of the day. 87 on thursday. still team me little stormy and then not as hot for friday. more seasonable. and then a little unsettled but cooler upper 70s saturday. near 80 on sunday. it looks like you'll need the umbrellas for most of the weekend. >> all right. >> scott, thank you. >> unsettled. >> unsettled. >> okay. >> no pop-up showers. >> it could be anything if it's unsettled. >> okay. a little football. it was hot today for these guys. the eagles have three more days of practice. but this week it's called a mini camp. now that's the difference from the ota' which is were last week. this week this is how ridiculous the player's association is. this week the coaches are permitted to have a meeting with the players after practice. some of the player associate rules really are a joke. but otherwise, it's another day of players becoming more familiar with all the plays and the new schemes that coaches have added in this off season. there's a lot of focus on the offense. one main concern obviously to
5:53 pm
replace the loss of desean jackson and that would be jeremy maclin come back from his knee. he told me he's actually faster now and the knee is fine. >> we got some plays i've had to kind of stretch out, you know, and kind of dig a little bit and i made those plays. kind of jump and try to catch the ball. i think the next step is actually getting tackled and i think once you get passed that, i'm going to be the 12 months any way. it's healed. >> what he can't make up for from last year is time and reps with nick foles. >> jeremy and i are on the same page. we understand different looks and we've actually, you know, during practice he'll have a certain route and see something else and we'll be on the same page and route you have to throw on time and we did it. so several times different routes. so that just tells you we're, you know, same page. >> mark sanchez brings an outside perspective. this spring is the first time he's worked with maclin. >> he's a study. great route runner.
5:54 pm
just great feel. high foot fall iq. and just loves playing. you can tell he's just excited. you see guys they're just excited to be at practice and they look like a kid again just having fun it's encouraging. >> got to have fun. the phillies play again tonight after an extra inning win against atlanta last night. i'm still trying to figure out what dominic brown was doing at a point last night's game but the ninth was a problem as welch let's go to atlanta. jonathan papelbon, 15 straight saves, the score is one to nothing phillies in the ninth. two solid base hits and then this blood pressure hit and that's a tie. and that's blown safe. it's one-one after the ninth i inning. all right. we go to the tenth. you watch dominic brown. freed dee free man. dominic brown in left field. i'm he was a little afraid of the wall and then he doesn't run because he thinks the ball is in the stands. you got to watch the ball you would know it wouldn't be but he gets a triple with one out but they get out of the inning. they go to the 13th.
5:55 pm
ryan had you ward up with a men on first and third. ball right through freddie free money's leg it's an error which scores a run. the phillies go on to win it, six to one. >> all right. maybe the quickest time a ball has left the ballpark for homerun. to miami jean carlos stanton. watch this. now, if you're counting, it is 3rds. that ball took to get out of the ballpark. that guy is really, really, really good. and he's really strong. but to get out of the ballpark on ball hit in three pop one seconds. might be an all-time record. that was pretty -- it was hit hard. >> impressive. >> he's really good player. miami has got young players, too. they do. thanks, howard another half hour full of news straight ahead for you tonight. at six a freak accident knocks down a utility pole and injures a person riding a lawnmower in delaware. the bizarre chain of events. >> and police officers across new jersey will soon be carrying
5:56 pm
something extra. today's big announce many about a nasal spray that can save someone whose dying of a heroin overdose. why the governor says the time
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> right now at six, a gunman storms a store terrifying customers. demanding cash and locking up employees. >> in telling what they would have done if a cop would have walked in. >> why the suspect's weapon police so concerned. >> ♪ >> and check your wine rack. you could find a ticking time bomb. why pennsylvania wants to you throw this bottle of wine out
6:00 pm
right now. >> but we begin with your fox 29 weather authority. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. a live look at center city while illustrates why it was uncomfortable to be outside today. a of us sweating through the warmest temperatures we've felt in a long time. >> chief meteorologist scott williams is outside in old city on this very warm night. first time in while we've seen the 90s, scott. it's the first time this year, good evening, iain and dawn. of course, 93 degrees that was the high temperature today. the first time we've been at or above 90 degrees since september of last year. so here live inned city, of course, it is hazy, hot and humid. folks are out and about but, of course, that heat, it is creeping up. let's talk about the temperatu temperatures for today. 93 degrees. that was the high. 10 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. and right now it's still pretty hot.


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