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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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nights the nationals all decided to not button their top button on the jersey. not that they're superstitious, but that's the go-to look right now for washington, trying to get it going. >> joe: they've only beat atlanta once this season. two out, nobody on, ninth inning. should end it. espinosa! game over! untuck it. and a 3-0 win for the nationals over the braves. as they take game three of this four-game set in a 2:44 game. fister the winner, 6-2. teheran the loser. save number 66 for that man, rafael soriano. for harold reynolds, tom verducci and our producer and
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director joe webb, joe buck. we'll send it to the truck. so long.
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then garrett jones called out looking. casey mcgee, first thing here. struck out seven. he would get his first major league win. this helped lucas duda. we look at the n.l. east standings, which keep flip-flopping. the marlins a game and a half back and the phillies and mets, they don't look like playoff teams on paper. >> they can be spoilers. you never know. philly is capable with key veterans to get back in this
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race. >> the n.l. east is wide open. next saturday on fox, baseball night in america featuring the red sox against those surging yankees. the cardinals takes on the dodgers. braves against the phillies and nationals against cubs. next on fox, your late local news followed by a double episode of "animation dom dommination." we are! fox sports!
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fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> a bizarre string of break ins in upper darby has police and residents on high alert tonight. instead of stealing things investigators say the man has been discovered standing over women while they're sleeping. thank you for joining us tonight. after the game. i'm joyce evans.
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ton night police are working to find this intruder and lock him up before something worse can happen. fox 29's drew dickman is live at the upper darby police department with more on this unusual crime free, drew. >> reporter: they've had four reports of this happening in the past few months. and they believe the same person is responsible for all of them. >> this is horrible. i mean, we have to find those guys. >> reporter: iman couldn't believe the news has she was gardening in front of her upper darby home. police say four women in her area have woken up to an intruder standing over them in the dead of the night. >> my peaceful night sleep will be gone. i will have to keep an eye for any noise. >> reporter: only once does this bedroom creeper touched one of his victims rubbing her groin area. a bizarre break ins started in april and happened twice in the past week including yesterday morning oh the 200 block of sheffield road. >> thank god it wasn't my house because there would have been an ambulance coming to get him for sure. for sure. >> reporter: investigators say
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the victims have been as young as 16 and as old as 32. >> he's nasty fool. >> suppose it was a chill child and it wasn't a grown woman. how far would he have gone. >> reporter: the predator may be entering the homes through unlocked doors. residents are going to watch out for themselves and others while making their homes more secure. >> if it's necessary for extra grill, you have to iron bar or something, do it. don't wait until something happens to you. >> reporter: police have described the suspect as man in his 20s with facial hair and a gap in his teeth. they say he may go with the nickname rel and wear a surgical mask. joyce? >> thank you, drew. developing tonight, police are searching for the man who followed a woman home and then attacked her inside her house at rittenhouse square. special victims detectives were at the apartment on the 1900 block of spruce street today
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hoping to find clues that might lead them to him. now police say the 26 year old victim was assaulted twice just after midnight. police say she was walking home from a restaurant at 15th and sansom when a man rode up on a bicycle grabbed her neck from behind and forced her to open her door. then he attacked. neighbors are stunned. >> makes me feel a little unsafe and i'll have to think of something to make myself feel more safe when the sun goes do down. >> surveillance video from the area is being reviewed tonight. now, police say it shows a man getting off of a bicycle. the victim is recovering tonig tonight. she's spending time with her family. 20 year old james daniels of new castle, delaware, is facing charges of rape and robbery. police say he picked up a young woman on tuesday, took her to a secluded area nearly c and d canal and paid her to perform a sex act. then they say daniels punched
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the woman several times before she ran away from him. but the victim says he caught her and hit her with baseball bat then sexually assaulted her. police have identified the second suspect in two separate robberies outside gun ranges. investigators are looking for this man. this is jeffrey chandler. they say he and another woman stole nine guns and shot and wounded one person during their robbery spree this month. police are warning that chandler should be considered armed and dangerous. happening now, the search for another robber in the latest of what could be a different string of armed robberies. this time it was a grocery store in north philadelphia. here's the suspect in surveillance video from thursday afternoon at the 56th street food market which is actually located at sixth and spring garden. now, police say the man walked up to the counter as if he were going to buy something then instead of pulling out cash he pulled out a gun. he demanded all the money inside the register.
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that was about $200 in cash. then he ran away. police believe the same man has robbed three pizza shops in southwest philadelphia in just one week. >> police are looking for two men who may have been involved in a deadly shooting in philadelphia's lawn crest neighborhood. the victim was found shortly before 2:00 a.m. on the 500 block of colgate and rows sal lee streets. pardon me. police say the 20 year old was shot in the chest and found lying in the middle of the street. the two men police are looking for are reportedly took off from the scene on foot. they were both wearing black hooded sweatshirts. in north philadelphia, a man is shot while sitting outside a store on the 2600 block of lehigh avenue. the 23 year old told police he heard a gunshot around 1:15 in the morning. and then he felt a sudden pain in his groin area. he realized he had been hit. the man was taken to temple university hospital. he is in critical but stable condition tonight.
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>> philadelphia firefighters working overnight to get control of a house fire in oxford circ circle. crews arrived at the 7100 block of rutland street just after 1:00 this morning. flames had taken over this duplex. evidence of the battle that they had there can be seen from all the damage that's left behind. luckily nobody was hurt there. and a one-day strike was staged by health care support workers at chestnut hill hospital. workers hitting the picket lines over wages. they're also asking for a stronger voice in the future of the hospital and for better working conditions. the striking workers include nursing assistants, secretaries and er technicians. their one day walk out comes after a year of negotiating and still no deal. >> we want to make the whole neighborhood aware of what's going on here at their community hospital and hopefully get their support in trying to make their
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hospital understand we're out here not just for ourselves but mostly for the community and for the patients. that's our main goal is to keep good workers to help with the patients and the hospital. >> the workers say they'll be back on the job for tomorrow's shifts starting at 7:00 a.m. the negotiators will be back at the bargaining table later this month. and we have learned the name of the worker who was killed in a building collapse in south jersey. camden county officials identified the victim as 38 year old jose ortega of camden. he was part of a crew working along route 38 there yesterday afternoon. they were trying to demolish an ban donned building when it collapsed on them. no word on what caused the building to come down. another crew member was taken to the hospital but he is okay. >> more cities in iraq fall into terrorists hands as the white house pressures iraq's government to work toward a
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diplomatic resolution. now, thousands of heavily armed militia men loyal to the iraqi government paraded through baghdad today vowing to defend the city and the government at all costs. fox's molly henneberg has the latest. >> reporter: white house says there's quote strong concern here and among our allies over the quote rapid progress that the sunny muslim militants have been able to make in taking over parts of iraq. president obama has sent 300 military advisors not combat troops to help stem the insurgency but some military analysts say that may not be enough. >> i think it's absolutely a step in the right direction. it's not sufficient, though, to truly address the crisis that we're facing in iraq in terms of security crisis and i don't think it's sufficient to really address the political situation where we have to reach out to the sunnies and attempt to reconcile some of them and also put together a coalition
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government. 300 advisors i don't think will convince the parties that play here that the united states have really making a commitment and is serious. >> reporter: the president also left the door open to order quote targeted and precise air strikes if baghdad requests such help. but at this point the president says he wants to see if iraqi leaders including iraqi prime minister al maliki can rise above religious and tribal differencedifferences and compr. the president said in annd view yesterday quote if they can't, there's not going to be a military solution to this problem. there's no amount of american fire power that's going to be able to hold the country together and i made that very clear to mr. maliki and all the other leadership inside iraq. u.s. officials say there are manned and unmanned u.s. aircraft flying over iraq 24 hours day now on intelligence missions. in washington, molly henneberg, fox news. >> tension rising in egypt where a courthouse now sentenced more
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than 180 people to die. today's court confirmation is being called the largest mass death sentence in recent memory. the charges and convictions stem from violence that erupted last year. some relatives protested outside the courthouse. veterans often struggle to find jobs in this economy. the transition to civilian life is not easy. we'll introduce to you a new program that is allowing vets to take their skills learned in the military to the workplace. plus, wildfires causing problems all over the country. we'll show you some new technology that can help fireproof your home. caitlin. >> joyce, it was the first day of summer but actually relatively cool one. high temperature in philadelphia just 79. the normal is 84. we should be back there tomorrow. your first look at the sunday forecast coming up next. ♪
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♪ >> one person is killed and seven others are hurt when a tractor trailer carrying two decks of cars crashes into a restaurant. this is what it looks like tod today. the crash happened in central new york. as night shift workers were just arriving for work yesterday. now, engineers are now evaluating the property to see if it is structurally sound. a soccer star behind bars. olympic med list hope solo facing multiple assault charges. officers arrested solo early this morning after responding to a 911 call reporting the woman
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hitting people. police say so low was drunk and upset and hitting her sister and nephew. she's expected to appear in court on monday. three people are shot after a concerta historic venue in colorado. they were all inside a white suv leaving the parking lot of the red rocks amphitheater last night. now one of the performers rapper schoolboy q was and side that car. he he wasn't among those hit. police say the gunman was allegedly hiding in some burbs and when the suv came around the corner, he stood up and opened fire. he's still on the loose tonight. >> an oil spill in colorado causes clean up issues for crews. more than 7,000 gallons of crude poured out impacting 57 at a takes for about a quarter mile. officials say spring flood waters broke a valve on board an oil storage tank causing the leak. now crews are still using -- using a vacuum truck to try to
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remove all that oil from the water. fortunately, no drinking water was affected there. a fat-moving brush fire in california causes evacuation. crews worked quickly to evacuate homes in the bay area after this fire starts to spread. huge plumes of smoke could be seen from the air. it started on friday evening and high winds caused it to spread to several homes nearby. what started the fire is unknown but it did cause major traffic delays in the area. home builders are now using the latest technology and design techniques to create cutting edge highly fiery assistant replacements. fox's adam housely takes closer look. >> reporter: urban wild land communities and neighborhoods are built out in rural areas and with that comes an increased threat to wildfires all across the west but there's a way homeowners can do a better job to fireproof their homes. wildfires across the western united states are more frequent and burning bigger over the last
10:26 pm
30 years according to recent studies. a tendon that has homeowners from colorado to california looking to stop fires at their door steps. >> it goes back to security of knowing that if there is a fire or harsh weather they're more protected than anybody else in the neighborhood or protected as they can get. >> reporter: that protect starts with walls built out of styrofoam block forms that look like large legos. called ics. once filled with cement the wall is virtually impossible to penetrate. >> here we are on the inside of the house. as you can see, these blocks have all been stacked on top of each other. this is a 6-inch core block meaning that they'll be 6-inches of concrete poured into these blocks. >> reporter: homes are also more energy efficient, repel termites and most bugs and hold up well against hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes. >> it's really construction friendly. it's been around for while, and i think they're a great product. >> reporter: if you own home there are a few things you can do to help fireproof. wrapping the outside of rock is
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one way or suck companying the eaves. it does cost five to 8% more to use icf. however you do save money in insurance costs as well it's more energy efficient. in the oakland hills, adam housely, fox news. >> and taking a look at world news now. a bloody attack in china. 13 attackers were killed today after they apparently stormed a police station. reports say they drove a truck into the building and set explosives. three officers were hurt. then police opened fire. demonstrators in brazil kick up a storm in protest against the world cup. they say too much money has been put into the world cup to make up for that they want the government to use some of the profits on things like housing, education and health services for the millions of people living below the poverty line. this world cup has been dubbed the most expensive in history with an estimated price tag of
10:28 pm
$14 billion. >> and speaking of the world cup, next up for the american team is a game against portugal taking place right in the middle of the amazon. fox's brian llenas tours the city known for its many attractions above and underwat underwater. >> reporter: it's the sound of every day live in brazil. fish, some big, others more lethal like piranhas and then man yack the ruin of the rainforest. the amazon's biggest city and world to the first home cup games to be played in tropical forest. americans have flocked here for usa's second world cup game against portugal. >> we're going on an amazon tour, three casework nights. sleeping in hammocks with mosquitoes nets. >> reporter: the only way to get to the city is by boat or plain strap in, get gas and you're on your way. it's a large city of 2 million people in the middle of the
10:29 pm
amazon rainforest but it's roots lie with the population that called the rainforest home. above water village communities survive and thrive on the currents of the rio and amazon rivers just watch out for river dolphin. this is the meeting of the waters it's where the black river the ray yo negro on the left and the brown water on the right run side by side with one another without mixing and it does this for about 4 miles and that's because differences in temperature and density in the waters. it's one of the main attractions here in brazil. >> meanwhile the local traditional cuisine is you guessed it based on the rivers. turtle is the dish of choice. turtle stomach, turtle ground meat. then there's fried stingray and then alligator. for those looking for a slightly less exotic dish you can fine the most popular meal in man nouse. this soup is made from a broth of manayunk and paired with shrimp and jam about and served around mid afternoon in 80-degree humid weather.
10:30 pm
and that's your taste of man nouse. in brazil, brian llenas, fox news latino. >> now on to your fox 29 weather authority. the battle over rising flood waters in minnesota. first here you're going to see the swollen crow river just in inches from flooding this bridge and forecasters predict the river could rise another several feet before it crests. the crow river is just one of dozens of places in the midwest dealing with flooding from torrential rains. caitlin, how about our weather? >> well, much calmer we've seen our share of the flooding rains. in fact minneapolis one of the cities having their wettest year on record. so it can always be worse somewhere else. luckily we had beautiful day. beautiful first day of summer. satellite and radar right now showing some clouds just towards our south, and they've been there all day. it was a little bit cloudier, little bit cooler down in delaware and south jersey with showers moving across our shore points earlier this evening. right now, back home here in
10:31 pm
philadelphia, gorgeous evening. 72 degrees. very comfortable with the low humidity. 66 as you travel back towards lancaster. 68 in pottstown. 65 in wrightstown. it's 70 in dover and overnight tonight i think temperatures fall into the 60s and even the 50s in some spots. that's where we are right now up in the higher elevations of the poconos. wake up weather forecast, sunrise around 5:30. another one of the longer days of the year. 62 in the city. 55 in the burbs. partly cloudy a little bit of fog south where we have leftover moisture otherwise looking at a beautiful first full day of summer that forecast and the week ahead still to come. joyce? >> all right. caitlin, thank you so much. >> and couples try to protect themselves in the 21st century with a new kind of prenup. and it has to do with social media. what those agreements ban. plus they used to be all over the place. you've seen them on tv, in the movies, on the street. we're talking about checkered cabs. why they're now lining the cabs. male announcer: commemorate the war of 1812 bicentennial
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and join our traveling celebration as the chesapeake campaign visits town festivals up and down our shores. visit presented by at&t. maryland. land of discovery.
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maryland scenic byways hit the rguide and mapnew to explore all the beauty, history and culture along our 18 byways and other driving tours. order yours today at land of wonder. ♪ and they're off to do some good. the navy yard in philadelphia was overrun by super heroes today. this event raises money and awareness for the wish upon a hero foundation. now everybody who registered got a super hero cape to wear during the race as you can see today. the organization partnered up
10:35 pm
with chop helping to grant wishes for children among others with needs. now those old-fashioned cabs you see in tv shows on movies some of us remember them on the street are on display in brooklyn this weekend. the checkered cab car club brings its annual show to the big apple and fox's laura ingle checks it out. take a look at these beauty. vintage checkered cars produced by checkers motors corporation from 1922 to 1982 and kalamazoo michigan. 50 vintage checkered cars on display in green brook, brookl brooklyn. people know them by the well known checkered cabs made famous on tv. they worked city streets in chicago, pittsburgh and minneapolis. yellow, big and box see and haven't been cruising the streets in over a decade but people still love them. >> they a special look. they had the checker boards on
10:36 pm
them. they were just different. and i think that's one of the attraction. it's real new york icon. you know it kind of goes along with pizza and bagels and that type of thing. >> reporter: last time an authentic checkered tax rang up a fair here in new york city was 1999 which is when new york city stopped allowing the checkers to operate after they began to fail inspections. still collectors say they enjoy the cars because they are rare and unique. >> i get a lot of waves. people -- had people follow me for 10, 15 miles until i stopped to get a look, picture in the back. car shows very popular car. every time i pull over at a gas station people come over to look at it. and then once they hear the history they're amazed it's a survivor from new york. >> reporter: this car could be considered the rock star of the show. remember the tv show taxi? this is the original checkered use in the series. and cars have come from all over the united states to be here for the show including michigan, florida, ohio and pennsylvania n brooklyn, new york, laura ingle,
10:37 pm
f news. >> pretty cool. well, veterans often struggle to find jobs in this economy. the transition to civilian life is not easy. but we're going to introduce to you a new program that's allowing vets to take the skills they learned in the military to the workplace. >> plus, takin taking to faceboo fight back against gangs. police say it's a strategy to reach young people. the age of some of the youngest gang members they're targeting is next. caitlin? >> joyce, stormy weather and humidity for that matter all stayed out of our area but they're not too far away. our next chance for the showers they're not too far away. our next chance for the showers anthe wonder of summer is that
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i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 with complimentary first month's payment.
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♪ >> a school project left behind at a train station shuts down roads and trains in connecticut. police found the device friday just before the friday morning commute. but they took no chances with it. so they closed everything down. it turned out to be a device like a clock made to look like a
10:41 pm
cartoon character from an animated tv show. commuters weren't too happy. >> third friday in a row there has been a problem with this train. three weeks ago was the bridge. last week was police activity. and today again police activity. >> well, service was restored later in the morning and everything was okay. new york city police are turning to facebook even more in their battle against gang violence. as they try to target young people. fox's rick leventhal reports some gang members reportedly are as young as six years old. >> reporter: police are calling it the largest gang take down in new york city history. 500 officers swarming two harlem housing projects arresting dozens of young men allegedly involved in shootings, stabbings, robberies and more. >> no one in this city should hear gunshots or be afraid to have their child go to school or
10:42 pm
parents go to the grocery store. >> reporter: 40% of the shoots in america's biggest city are blamed on gangs or youth crews with members as young as 14 often battling over turf. street smart cops say dumb enough to post on facebook and social meeting. they know what they did so they know what's going. i'm going to get a pistol and go over there. guns don't kill people. we kill people. >> make no mistake about it. the motivation here oftentimes is not about drugs. it's just violence for violence sake. >> reporter: community activists say poverty is to blame. >> when people have less they try to make the best with the less that they have. and sometimes the less is just a block. and if i don't have nothing else, i got the love for my block. and i want to look good. and i want to be safe and i want to eat. and sometimes that translates into violence. >> reporter: vernon williams is a former gang members and ex-con trying to convince teens
10:43 pm
to find a better path. crews are recruiting little kids to join the ranks. >> i've known them to be as young as six. no brat just fact. i know them to be as young social security six. >> reporter: activist is working with at risk teens with some of the roughest neighborhoods. >> we have to be carefully and not criminalize our young people, their parents and look towards changing the language, helping to change some of the behavior and the things that they see. so if this is what they're surrounded with, this is what they will become. >> reporter: there are fears violence could escalate in the summer months. in harlem, new york, rick leventhal, fox news. >> women in new york city are flexing their muscles and taking part in tough training all to prove fire fighting isn't just for men. it's part of a new push to get more women to become firefight firefighters. new yorks sports club and the united women firefighters are preparing women for the force by
10:44 pm
offering training courses free of charge twice a week. for one woman, joseph feign smith becoming a firefighter isn't just a job. it's a way to honor her father who gave his life during the 9/11 attacks. >> they used to go to the firehouse with him a lot and he used to always dream of being a firefighter. >> women can do just about anything that guys can do, you know. we've proven it. we have to push a little bit harder physically but i think that makes us even stronger. >> she's right about that. to get the job the qualifications are the same for men and women. with a final test that includes 14 stories of stair climbing wearing a 75-pound vest. there are more than tepp thousand firefighters in new york. only 40 are women. veterans often struggle to find a job in this economy and now a new program is letting them take the skills they learn in the military to the workplace when they get back home. fox's garrett tenney has the story.
10:45 pm
>> yes, we do offer tuition reimbursement. >> reporter: wearing a shirt and tie in air conditioned office is the change for gary veto used to wearing lawyers of body armor in the heat of ire rack. his transition to civilian life hasn't been easy. >> for about six months there really just finding part-time work here and there just nothing that really could support my family. >> reporter: after eight years in the army including two tours in iraq, gary had the quality, skills and ability that is employers should love like discipline, commitment and working well in a team but like so many veterans returning home he struggled to find a steady job. then he heard about a new program aimed at helping vets like him in western michigan. >> a lot of our veterans have great military experience, and there was this between taking military experience and converting into civilian. we want to bridge that divide. >> reporter: renee' who served five years in the navy is another of the few dozen veterans taking part in spectrum
10:46 pm
health veterans explorers program. a 30 week paid internship that allows vets to spend 10 week rotations in various departments throughout the company's network of hospitals learn job skills along the way with the goal of landing a job. >> they need to do this program. they need to make it nationwide because it's a really good thing report roar spectrum health has decided to expand its program to include more than 60 veterans by the end of this year. across the country this is a much bigger problem with more than 720,000 unemployed vets. the group hopes with the success of its program that other businesses across the country will be encouraged to develop their own program programs as w. in chicago, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. >> a world record attempt in the philippines. these couples want to enter the guiness book. what they did for their chance at fame. >> plus a new civil rights museum now open. what visitors to the galleries can expect to see when they travel to georgia's
10:47 pm
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♪ >> parade in germantown today. it's part of unitith. a celebration created to honor the 13th amendment abolishing slavery in america.
10:50 pm
it was hosted by the johnson house historic site and it featured historic reenactments, story telling, art and music for the entire community. >> next week the late martin luther king, jr., and his wife coretta scott king will be honored with congressional gold medals. the honors coincide with the 50th anniversary of the civil rights act of 1964. king had deep roots in atlanta and as fox's jonathan surry reports that city is now the site of a new museum about the movement he led. report. >> we're trying to take you back an era that doesn't exist any more. >> reporter: doug ship man ceo for the center of civil and human rights. the museum takes visitors on path path that begins in the segregated south. >> we've taken very seriously the fact most people don't remember the civil rights movement. it uses a lot of technology. >> visitors can immerse themselves in lunch counter sit in hearing the angry taunts of segregationists overhead phones.
10:51 pm
julia experienced those taunts first hand as freedom rider. >> i'm it's a wonderful place for people to see the struggles and i think our young people to actually realize that whatever freedoms they are exercising it has come as a result of the fact that people shed blood, sweat and tears. >> reporter: visitors exit the civil rights galleries the museum takes them into present day social struggles around the world. >> in the human rights exhibit you can enter simple information about yourself and this display will introduce to you someone in another part of the world facing discrimination for having a similar trait. really no other place in the united states in which human rights around the world are explored and i think that's the real innovation here. >> reporter: located near the world of coca-cola georgia aware yum and other popular tourist sites the center for civil and human rights hopes to attract more than 400,000 visitor as year making a lasting impression on each. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news.
10:52 pm
>> couple try to protect themselves in the 21st century with new kind of prenup. it has to do with, yes, social media. what those agreements ban. >> caitlin. >> summer officially began earlier today. kind of cool, though with temperatures only in the 70s. warmup the way. i'll tell if you it gets as hot as this past
10:53 pm
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>> catholic organization in the philippines attempts to break the world record for the largest number of couples renewing their marriage vows at the same time couples for christ says that 2,874 couples repledged their commitment each other at a ceremony in manila today. the group submitted details of the event to the guiness book of world records. we'll see what happens. social media has the power to bring people together or rip them apart. now couples are trying to protect themselves with a new type of agreement made for the 21st century. fox's kyle rothenberg explains. >> reporter: more and more of us today are loving our lives online. couples are adding a social media clause in that prenup agreements. here's how some of them work because each contract can be
10:56 pm
different. when couples sign a social media clause each party can agree not to post, tweet or share anything that has to do with social med media. this can include nude pictures, even em bar raving or negative posts. >> there's a lot of jealousy. a lot of relationship dissatisfaction that can come from online postings on facebook, for example. >> we put in clauses like no tracking, no friending the other person's friends online. no stalking them. every time someone puts a like up you can see what they're liking and you can follow them. >> reporter: some couples don't believe in pre-nups and say trust is all they need. >> i hope whatever he does post would reflect me in positive w way. i would trust him to do that. that's part of the trust we have. >> reporter: experts say social media is not just affecting the younger generati generation. >> it's not just a phenomenon among young people. even people um in their 40s and 50s. >> it's something that comes as a shock for some.
10:57 pm
>> i just can't fathom somebody doing that to the person that they're married to i guess. report roar couples are agreeing to pay each other money if they break the social media contract with each other, and just to give you an idea how much money we're talk bowing who are i spoke to an attorney who told me couples are agreeing to pay each other as much as 50 thus san dollars per post if they break the contract. in jackson, mississippi, kyle rothenberg, fox news. >> thousands gather at england's famous stone hinge to mark the summer solstice. here's a look at the sunrising rising above the ancient stone circle there known as the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. now stone hedge is believed to have been built in several faces between 3,000bc and 1600bc. the actual purpose of the stone circle remains mystery. now, on to your fox 29 weather authority. something that's very recent and happening right now, great weather, caitlin. >> that's true.
10:58 pm
our first day of summer it's very summer like weather earlier this week. but we actually are off to a comfortable start temperatures only in the 70s today and by the way tomorrow actually just as long as today. sunrise sunset same time. if you want to max out on today light today, do it again tomorrow. it looks beautiful tomorrow, t too. >> are you coming to work. oh, yeah. >> yes, we will be here. >> we will be here. reporting more good weather news hopefully for you because it will be a nice stretch coming off of a week that was not exactly the best week of weather. we saw our first taste this summer earlier this week. temperatures bell enough the normal as we rounded out or last week of spring. two days in the mid 90s with humidity because the summer in philadelphia you just don't get that type of heat without the humidity paired with it. heat index values close to or exceeding triple digits at times but then temperatures fell off we're back to normal if not below normal today with that high temperature of 79. quiet across the northeast right now. pockets of stormier weather with showers and clouds and a lot of humidity to go along with it.
10:59 pm
the ohio valley down into the southeast but closer to home here, we mainly saw sunshine. from philadelphia and points north and west. if you were down in delaware, even along our shore points today the clouds rolled in mid afternoon and even brought some showers with a little bit cooler a little bit gloomier i think it will be brighter and much more of a beach day come tomorrow afternoon. for today, 79 was the high in philadelphia. the normal 84. the record 99 set back in 1923. and when you max out your daylight your sunrise is at 5:30 in the morning. sunset was at 8:30 this evening. and that will happen again for tomorrow. 70 in philly right now. mild but very comfortable. 65 in lancaster as well as pottstown. 68 in millville. 70 in dover. as we get a little bit more local you can see temperatures have already fallen back into the mid 50s up into the poconos. 64 in lehigh and ton. 67 in bethlehem. also looking at 65 no doylestown. 66 in limerick down into south jersey it's 68 in millville, and it is milder along the coast 71 in oc as well as down into cape
11:00 pm
may. fox future cast shows we go partly cloudy overnight. we start off with decent amount of sunshine sunday morning only exception there might be leftover fog down south where we have some of that leftover moisture. fox future cast once to paint in showers popping up later on tomorrow afternoon. i really don't think we see a good chance of that. maybe further north and west up into the lehigh valley and the pock knows. otherwise, i think it is mainly a dry day. this is not the only model we go by even though it's painting in some showers. looks pretty quiet as we go through monday, too. nice start to the work week. mostly cloudy with that fog south late tonight 62 in the city. 56 in the burbs. for tomorrow 83. so little bit warmer. but still very comfortable we don't see that humidity creeping back in at least not quite yet. down the shore as i mentioned a better beach day for tomorrow. we've got a lot of sunshine in spots down in delaware and along south jersey. high temperatures in the mid 70s southeast winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. that ocean temperature is rising up to 70 degrees right now but there is a moderate rip current risk we had this l


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