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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 23, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> a truck slams into a home hitting a crib with a child inside. the one reason the baby surviv survived. >> and a four year old helps survived. >> an[ male announcer ]helps tv's come a long way. from color. to the remote. to flat screens. now it's taking a quantum leap. introducing fios quantum tv. record up to 12 shows at the same time. store up to 200 hours of entertainment in hd. plus watch live tv anytime with the fios mobile app. redefining what tv can be. that's powerful. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v [cell phone chime] yeah! [giggling excitedly] [splashing water] c'mon! (announcer) ready for a little fun? you could scratch your way to instant winning.
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play the pennsylvania lottery's new instant game, $1,000 frenzy, with 8 top prizes of $300,000. it's kinda fun to make a splash. keep on scratchin'. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> we begin tonight with breaking news. a possible break in the rittenhouse rape case. late this afternoon, police release add 67 of the man they say grabbed the woman on spruce street early saturday morning, forced her into her home and sexually assaulted her. right now four people are being questioned about that attack by police. >> good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. let's get to fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the special vick testimony unit in hunting park. dave. >> reporter: we have breaking details here from the special victims unit. police telling us that they conduct add raid at eighth and moore streets in south philadelphia taking four men into custody for questioning,
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and we thunders they have recovered items that had been traced back to the rape victim's spruce street apartment in rittenhouse square. let's go to some video right n now. police also recovered two bikes and as you can see, in this surveillance video, released today, police say the suspect got off a bike before following the victim and grabbing her as he directly her to her apartment where investigators say she was raped, beaten and robbed. police released sketches of the suspect, two sketches, one with him wearing a hat, one without a hat. again, we know four men taken in for questioning at eighth and moore in south philadelphia. following a rape. two bikes have been recovered there along with items traced back to the victim's apartment. police stress no arrests have been made. they say no charges are pending right now. just four men in questioning right now and several items that have been recovered from the victim's apartment. this situation still very active here with the investigation
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going on here at svu. down, back to you. >> thanks, dave. developing now a robber is shot and killed after trying to hold up a health food store in mayfair. the woman who owns the store and pulled the trigger a retired police officer and she spoke with fox 29 just homes ago about this terrifying ordeal. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson live in mayfair tonight with the story. shawnette? >> reporter: well this woman actually held on to a cross around her neck when she returned here tonight. she says she believes that is what helped her. in the meantime police say this will likely be justifiable homicide but the investigation continues tonight. >> i just did what i had to be to be here. >> this is the woman police say shot and killed an armed robber. she returned to her health food store hours after it happened. >> when i first heard i was scared to death. my wife called me on the phone and said, you know, sharon, you know, shot somebody. oh, my god! >> reporter: joe is the woman's father. he says she's 46 year old sharon doyle, also a retired police
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officer. >> she just said somebody came in to rob her and he got money and very strong woman. she did what she was trained for. >> doyle is a retired police officer from philadelphia lower makefield and warminster police departments. her family says she also worked with the secret service before taking over this health food store at frankford and wellington in mayfair about if you have years ago. >> i think i'm more shaken up than she is. >> yeah. >> i talked to her. she called real quick. she says she's fine. >> police say just after 5:00 monday afternoon a 47 year old man with a knife walked behind the counter. grabbed the cash register and through it on the floor and took money. police say he then threatened doyle. >> the suspect put the knife to her chest, she pulled her gun a revolver handgun, fired one shot striking the 47 year old suspect in his torso. he collapsed. >> when police got there, they say the suspect was unconscious still holding a $100 bill and a 6-inch folding 95 next to him. he died at the hospital. doyle's family is both nervous
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and proud. >> always worried. because she's always here by herself. i can handle it. that's exactly what she would say. >> i'm fine. >> police say the robber was just released from prison sometime earlier this year. they declined to say for what. dawn? >> all right. thank you, shawnette. all to you name advisors canceled following a mag any feud 7.9 earthquake in alaska. that quake struck this afternoon and widely felt in small fifty three villages 1400 miles southwest of anchorage alaska. no reports of injuries or damage. tonight residents in one philadelphia neighborhood are fed up. they have spent two days without gas and costing some businesses big bucks. our sabina kuriakose is live in southwest philadelphia tonight where frustration is growing. sabina? >> reporter: tonight people on this block and many others still without gas, they want answers from pgw. >> we expect to hear two or
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three clicks and for the gas to come on. but we not getting anything. >> reporter: demetrius is among a thousand southwest philly residents and business owners who have been without gas since saturday night. all customers of philadelphia gas works. >> thank god it's not february. and it's june. >> reporter: pgw says the gas had to be cut after water main broke at saturday and 56th street and wood land. the company says water got into gas lines and has to be removed. so far workers have taken out up to 40,000 gallons. the outage reaches a 10 block radius. >> restaurant closed, 20, 25 employees sent home. no jobs. customers coming and leaving and there's a big problem and i don't know pgw trying but i don't know they cannot find the solution. >> reporter: local business owners like this mantle fox 29 they're losing tens of thousands of dollars waiting for the gas to be turned back on. they've had to send workers home and cancel shifts. >> no business. this is the third day and i don't know how long it's going to take. >> reporter: pgw says it hopes gas will be restored in the next day or so.
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the company says it's responding as quickly as it can but some customers may have have to pay for repairs if the water came through the gas line and damaged their appliances. that's upsetting news for folks like dee me truss. >> get on the case. treat people fairly. that's all we want. we pay our bills. we good citizens. treat people fairly. >> reporter: and again, pgw says it's trying to return gas as quickly and as safely as possible. meantime the water department says if you have any property damage, you can file a claim with the city. dawn? >> all right, thank you sabina. a local little girl's brave fight for a lung donation that saved her life permanently changes the way children qualify for transplants. a year after sarah murnaghan's fight sparked a national debate the board that makes the decisions regarding organ transplants today ruled today children are eligible for adult lungs. now that vote was set in motion by sarah'ings parents who filed a lawsuit to get their dying daughter on the adult waiting list. the original guidelines barred
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children under 12 from receiving adult lungs. federal judge grant add temporary order last year that allowed 11 yeared sarah who was battling cystic fibrosis to join that adult list. sarah under 22 double transplants the first failed but she's now breathin breathing onn for the 33 years. the family says they're thrilled the rule is permanent and that other children will benefit. >> it was great. i knew it was possible. >> of course it was wonderful to make and impact for sarah but to made an impact potentially for other kids. there's been one other child who received lungs from a donor over 12 as a result. >> sarah who's now 12 years old is able to go to the park, swim at the pool and do all the things she couldn't do before when she saw so so sick. the nation's acting veterans affairs secretary takes steps to improve access to care at philadelphia's va hospital. secretary sloan gibson toward the hospital along with congressman patrick meehan and jon runyan. gibson promised to take action
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to make sure vets get the care and services they deserve. congressman meehan says, that's an important step. >> he talked about specifically making available care outside of the va system where it's necessary and where it needs to be done to create timely and responsive, you know, care for the veterans so i think those are good signs. >> the philadelphia va hospital recently created 100 new appointment slots to expand access by adding weekend and evening hours. and now to the crisis in iraq. secretary of state john kerry is in baghdad and warning the united states is prepared to take military action even if baghdad delays political reform. kerry met with iraq's prime minister today urging him to give more political power to political opponents. he also met with other iraqi leaders a firming washington's commitment to iraq's security. sectarian violence is making this the most dangerous time in iraq since the withdrawal of
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american troops back in 2011. and insurgents in eastern ukraine promised to honor cease fire declared by the ukrainian president. they say they will engage in more talks to help resolve the conflict of left hundreds of people dead. rebels have been fighting government troops for months. president declared the weekend cease fire on friday. meanwhile russian president vladimir putin spoke with president obama urging talks between the parties. ♪ >> a truck smashes into a home and comes dangerously close to hitting a crib with sleeping child inside. what the toddler's parents did just days ago that they say prevent add tragedy. >> and this bucks county woman says her daughter overdosed on heroin but her life was saved with a nasal spray. coming up why she fears others won't be as lucky if things don't change when it comes to narcam. >> and this baby is safe at home tonight after a terrifying day. she was inside a car when it was stolen and then abandoned in a field. crew hear from the jogger who
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found her. >> great white shark surfaces off the coast of the jersey shore. and a group of fishermen record it all. next what the shark ripped from the boat. scott? and dawn, it was a beautiful monday summer evening across our area but coming up the timing of humidity plus our next storm system. when to expect rainfall with the seven day next.
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♪ >> relaxing day of fishing turns anything but relaxing for a cape may county fisherman. he and his crew came face to face with this species.
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that is great white shark. the encountered happened saturday about 20 miles offsho offshore. as chris o'connell found out the siting has beach goers staying out of the water. >> reporter: it was 39 years ago this summer when the movie jaws had us all asking the question, is it safe to go back into the water? this man says no. >> i told them as soon as they got here don't go too far. i told the little yesterday weigh one to stay on the sand. >> and he his family are on vacation from arizona. >> ut-oh, he'll take our chum bag. >> reporter: once he saw this video of a great white shark chomping on a chum bag 20 miles from where he and his kids were playing this dad of four said the ocean is now off limits. >> i've seen dolphins swimming 20, 30 feet out there, okay, sharks can absolutely come in here. like anything it's a game of odds. you can get killed by lightning eaten by a shark. >> reporter: the video was captured by avalon fisherman
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steve clark. it shows the great white circling the boat trying to take a bite of the outboard engine. >> marine biologist with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration seeing great white sharks in our water social security actual guilty thing. they're increasing numbers is critical for these top of the food chain predators to control other marine populations. some who visited cape may weren't going to let a shark siting ruin their vacation. >> i think it's scary but i think, you know f you're out in the water it's kind of your own risk. it's kind of on you. >> they don't usually bite. it's a mistake if they do i think. >> reporter: even though actual documented shark attacks are considered rare, some are not taking any chances. >> sharks have been around for at least 200 million years so we're not getting rid of them any time soon. >> reporter: in cape may, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> a 27 year old man is in the hospital tonight following a police involved shooting in
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philadelphia's west oak lane neighborhood. now, this was the scene along 18th street just after 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. the investigation is on-going and detectives are not providing many details at this point but they do say police fired their weapons. that man is in the hospital in stable condition. and two convenience stores along city avenue were robbed overnight ton night police are looking for the people responsible. one happened at a 7eleven at city and haverford road. a masked thief with a knife got away with an unknown am of cash. no one was hurt. then about an hour later, a gunman held up a sunoco mart at city and conshohocken state road. again no one was hurt. police have not said whether the two robberies are connected. >> police in one new jersey town are warning parents to be on alert after an attempted luring of a child. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for in toms river. a woman says he tried to lure her nephew away from the front yard it happened friday night on terrace avenue. the relative says the young boy was playing in the fenced in section of the home.
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she says she saw a man in dark blue or black suv drive up and tell the child quote come on, i got candy ". the woman says she screamed and ran towards the vehicle but the driver got away. >> to the sex abuse scandal now that rocked penn state. the pennsylvania attorney general says the jerry sandusky investigation took too long. >> fox 29's jeff cole breaks down the ag's report which includes a stunning revelation. >> reporter: in a blockbuster claim attorney general kane says two victims say they were sexually abused by jerry sandusky in the fall of 2009 months after then attorney general tom corbett opened his investigation of the child predator. >> the two people who come forward in the fall would not have been abused abused that the the decision you're now advoca advocating. >> logically speak f'ing different tactics and a different route was chosen and sandusky was in jail, of course, there wouldn't be more victims. >> reporter: the statement
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came at the end of a press conference she held monday to unveil her review of corporate its could be's handling of the investigation and it was a immediately attacked by the lead prosecutor in the case. >> we never had any information that someone was assaulted, any credible information somebody was assaulted during this investigation. >> reporter: kane reviewed the sandusky prosecution as part a campaign pledge to answer why it took 35 months to charge the child predator and whether politics played role especially in light of corbett's plan to run for governor. attorney jeffrey molten led the review. >> the report explains we found no direct evidence that electoral politics influenced any important decision made in the investigation. >> reporter: heavy dense report does state that sandusky probe took too long and mistakes were made including a delay in sevenning season did you say ski's home where pictures of victims and a list of boys were found. >> so it appears that the leadership of oag making the decisions, not the line
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prosecutor, had a real lack of urgency in taking sandusky off of the streets, and also made some tactical errors that could have brought him off the the streets sooner. >> reporter: attorney general kane's big report makes no mention of those victims from the fall of 2009 and governor corbett issued a statement today. he says this review refutes each question raised by attorney general kane. jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> and now a look at your wake up weather and it looks like we're looking at another hot and humid day. the humidity definitely will be increasing. in fact during the overnight and especially during the day tomorrow. right now 72 degrees. humidity close to 50% across our area. so what to expect for the overnight and into early tomorrow morning. let's take look at the neck 12 hours. you can see it stays mild. upper 60s by 7:00 a.m. on your tuesday. mid 70s by 10:00 a.m. so temperatures will warm pretty rapidly during the day tomorrow. the satellite and radar right
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now, still showing quiet conditions across our area. but the change that is we'll watch for tomorrow, a warm front will advance across our area. that will increase the humidity. but take look at the showers and thunderstorms off to the west. coming up we'll have look at what to expect for this and tire first full week of summer, but also when you'll need to pull out those umbrellas. we're timing that rainfall chance and we're looking ahead when those temperatures will flirt with 90 degrees. flirt with 90. >> all right. scott, thank you. a lightning bolt knocks a man right out of his boots and across a yard. what he says he could smell and taste just after it hit. >> and signs of hate at a local synagogue so disturbing we're not going to put it on television, and sadly it's not the first time it's happened. what the synagogue did just a week ago that might put an end to it coming up. >> and this daddy daughter dance goes viral. the little girl is living with a
10:20 pm
condition that prevents her from walking or talking but her message is reaching millions around the world. how you can get involved.
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mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this. ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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>> we're following breaking news for you tonight.
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skyfox is live right now over a fire at 13th and race streets in center city. we're working to get some more information for you. right now you can see a lot of smoke gray smoke on your screen. it's unclear exactly what is burning. you can see that smoke as i talked about billowing. you can see fire crews on the seep. obviously there are some emergency vehicles there and as skyfox is panning down. clearly there's situation going on there. there's a crews on the scene. we'll stay on top of this breaking story and keep you updated. this is near the convention center again in philadelphia. we'll keep you updated throughout the hour. >> three people are dead after amtrak train hits car in massachusetts. this happened just after midnight. officials say the train was going 125 miles an hour when it hit the car. more than 200 passengers were on board the train but no one was hurt. police are now investigating how the car got on to the train tracks in the first place. u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl is now in outpatient care in texas. officials say the former prisoner of war in afghanistan is working on his reintegration
10:24 pm
process. he's being exposed to more people and is gradually increasing his social interactions. the idaho native was captured back in june of 2009 and freed by the taliban may 31st of this year. the army is investigating the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and capture. they say they will not interview him about those events until he is fully recovered. a hot air balloon forced to make an emergency landin landinn residential street in oregon. neighbors say the balloon came down after hovering for few minutes. it was taking part in a festival a half mile away. no one was injured. >> a georgi georgia man has an g story of survival to tell after struck by lightning it happened while sean o'connor was doing yard work. the way he describes it he was blown out of his shoes and clear across his yard. >> little dazed and confused. i wasn't sure exactly what had happened. i had the taste of blood in my mouth. i could smell burnt hair. i looked down at my leg, it was burning little bit.
10:25 pm
high leg hairs been searched. >> doctors are i was mazed he survived. i believe the bolt of lightning struck his heel toed -- steal toed shoes and traveled through his body. >> this bucks county woman nearly watched her daughter dye as she overdosed on heroin but like her life was saved by a nasal spray. she's images are hard to forget. a gas explosion rocks a new jersey neighborhood. coming up, how school looking to return a favor is helping some families who lost everything. >> and a babysitter allegedly hatches a plot to steal from her employer. but her plan is spoiled. how she was outsmarted by the four year old
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>> we want to update you on breaking new. skyfox is live over 13th and race streets where fire officials are telling us a steam pipe burst. fire crews are on the scene. but what you see billowing is actually steam and not a fire. >> and breaking news in connection with weekend sexual assault. police have taken four men in for questioning after raiding a
10:29 pm
property at eighth and moore in south philadelphia. now this is surveillance video released today. investigators say they found items they could trace back to the rape victim's spruce street apartment in rittenhouse square. so far though no arrests have been made. >> surveillance video of the guy wanted in connection with several robberies in philadelphia's cobbs creek and port richmond sections. police say the man robbed jim's meat market on the 2300 block of east clearfield street this friday morning. they believe the same man hit the 56th street food market on the 600 block of north 59th street. he got away with cash in both robberies. staffers at a synagogue in philadelphia's rhawnhurst section are hoping security camera footage will help them catch the vicious vandals responsible for some hate full graffiti fox 29 policy not to show messages of hate. >> our bruce gordon says this is not the first time the congregation has been targeted. >> reporter: nearly 70 years after the fall of nazi germany the swastika symbol of hatred
10:30 pm
and cruelty still has the power to wound. especially when spray painted by vandals out front of a long-time synagogue. >> oh, that's too bad. >> not right. sure. it's not good what they did actually. >> hate full. that's all you can think about is that it's very hate full. >> reporter: sometime overnight a vandal or vandals spray painted a pair of swastikas out front of the congregation. the 7500 block of bustleton avenue. it is not the first act of hate filled vandalism here. just six weeks ago, a rock was thrown through a glass front door. several years ago, others were sprayed on the sidewalk out front. and the building out back. >> this type of action does not promote a good society. it does not promote peace. it only drives people apart, and away from each other. >> reporter: a city cleanup crew responded quickly swabbing the symbols with chemical solution that literally seemed to melt the swastika away. neighbors say if only hatred and
10:31 pm
ignorance could be wiped away so easily. >> i live in this neighborhood, you know, and i feel just tower reasonable about it. terrible. >> reporter: congregations have been here at this site for some 50 years. it is an elderly community of faith that includes nearly a dozen holocaust survivors. >> they obviously want to have a degree of safety and peace in their lives and they believe by coming here they have it when they see the building or the grounds being defaced in this way, it make them feel less secure and less safe. >> reporter: we know that a sparsely attended kkk rally was held on saturday. along the sketch hundred block of torresdale avenue just two or 3 miles away from the synagogue. but police tell me that's a coincidence. they do not believe it had any connection to this antisemitic vandalism. in the newsroom, bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> a gas explosion rocks a new jersey township killing one person. but the small community of ewing township is responding with generosity and support. the explosion back in march was devastating.
10:32 pm
many victims lost everything but today some victims received a generous donation. $5,000 worth of gift cards from a local school and church that operates on the philosophy love thigh neighbor. >> gives us a lot of joy by helping and extending our hand to the needy and the people who are in need our attention and help. more than helping or giving some money or gift cards is more than creating something in us, culture of love. >> the school almost closed back in 2010 but the ewing community stepped up with an outpouring of support and kept it open. the school is happy to return the favor today. >> just the past 48 hours in our area two more people's lives were saved by narcan. >> use of the drug that rescues people experiencing an overdose is spreading fox 29's shawnette wilson shows us, it can really provide a second chance. >> it was the most traumatic thing i've ever experienced in my life.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: this bucks county mother recalls the late night in april. >> i was in a panic. she wasn't in the house. i didn't know where she was. >> reporter: her 20 year old daughter overdosed on heroin. >> she was snorting it that night she used -- she injected it. that was the first time. >> reporter: but that first time injecting heroin nearly cost the young girl her life. we're concealing her identity to protect her daughter who also has a young child. >> society is not educated very well on addiction. >> suzanne shoemaker works with steps to recovery. >> i felt she was definitely in a life or death situation and that she didn't want to die. >> reporter: she'd been somewhat of a counselor for the girl who reach out to her the night she overdosed. >> i received a text message from this young woman who stated that she did inject heroin for the first time, and felt she was going to overdose. i immediately had to pick up the phone and call her. she had blurred lines. she couldn't see straight.
10:34 pm
>> susan discover the girl was walking home. she suddenly stopped responding she called 911 then the girl's mother who found her unconscious in the driveway. >> there were screams that i -- i heard and witnessed from her mother that i -- never want to hear again. >> reporter: paramedic arrived shortly after police and saved the girl's live using this, narcan. in pennsylvania, only paramedics can carry and administer the drug which reverses the overdose and sends the user into accelerated withdrawal. >> do not know if she would be here today. the only reason she's still alive. >> narcan has been around for decades and an injection form has but recently drawn criticism because of the newest form. it can now be administered as a mist through the nose. and there's a push in the state to have all first responders armed with it. >> it's in a pre loaded syringe. dr. barry burton the sift tan medical director for bucks county rescue.
10:35 pm
>> we're having a significant public health problem right now with the supply of heroin. our goal is to save those that can be saved and hopefully give them the opportunity to make the critical decision to make better choice report row feels narcan helps provide that. proponent of drug, yes, but he uppeds why it's so controversi controversial. >> the concern that we have about someone deciding they can take more of the drug because they have an immediate rescue to them. >> narcan is not the solution but a bridge to treatment for the drug use sr. >> they're still going to want the fix if you gotten to the root cause. the point of this is to give those individuals who have made bad choices the opportunity to change their opinion, to recognize that they have a problem. >> while some may still oppose narcan this mother says it gave her daughter second chance. >> it saved her life because if they didn't administer the narcan, she wouldn't be here. >> reporter: if you'd like to help get a bill passed that would allow law enforcement and
10:36 pm
first responders in pennsylvania to carry and administer narcan, go to and click on seen on tv. in the newsroom, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> who can administer narcan varies from state to state. proponents nationwide are fighting to get it into the hands of recovery counselors and families of those people dealing with drug abuse. a babysitter accused of setting up and elaborate plan to steal from her employer but the fer year old she was watching wasn't having it. how the little girl crack the case. >> plus called leap it and it promise that is change the way you surf the web. how it makes internet search as social network next. >> and this felon getting a lot of attention since his mug shot went viral a lot of women thinks he's down right dre
10:37 pm
10:38 pm
10:39 pm
♪ >> picture has gone viral. tens of thousands of facebook likes and shares but the wife of the man with the mug shot seen around the world says she's not happy about it. a friend says jeremy meeks' wife does not like that everyone is joking about her husband while he's locked up in jail. mostly cloudy skies was arrested on gang row lated charge and five weapons charges. his mother says his criminal
10:40 pm
life is all in the past now. >> in your money a search engine that wants to change the way you brows the web called leap it and it essentially makes searching a social network similar to other search engines you get website results but you also trending topics and real time updates from facebook and twitter. the goal is to be able to see what's happening online right now. leap it saw over a million users in its first four weeks. >> some parents are shelling out an awful lot of cash to make sure their teenagers do something meaningful this summ summer. according to an article in the new york post, some moms and dads are paying about $300 an hour for an expert to work with their children over the summer. everything summer consults with teenagers to help them write the perfect essays to help get them into the best colleges. he encourage teenage to work internships and experience different culture. >> this sweet baby is safe at home tonight after a traumatic day.
10:41 pm
she was in car when she was stolen and left in field. hear from the jogger who found her next. and a truck smashes into a home and comes dangerously close to hitting a crib with a sleeping child inside. what the toddler's parents did just days ago they say prevent add tragedy. >> plus the daddy daughter dance that's gone viral. she's living with a condition that prevents her from walking or talking. but her message is reaching millions around the world. how you can get involved. >> scott? >> it was beautiful monday across our area. low humidity, dry conditions, but coming up, the timing of our next storm system. but coming up, the timing of our next storm system. when what's with the suit?
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♪ >> a baby girl who was and side a car when it was stolen from a houston gas station is found safe. a jogger actually found the child in her car seat near a bush. she immediately called police and stayed with the child until police arrived. she says she was happy to reunite the baby with her parents. >> that's my duty as a human being to do that. >> god was watching over this child. even though the witness had found the child said for some reason she decided to turn left as she was jogging north over
10:45 pm
here. for some reason she decided to turn this way. >> amber alert had been issued for the baby but it was canceled once the jogger found the child. so far though police have not made any arrests. a babysitter alleges tries to steal from the family she's working for. >> but a wise four year old is several steps ahead. last week young abby dean helped police nab the bad guys and who are they, police say the child's 17 year old babysitter orchestrated a false home invasion along with her 16 year old boyfriend and another male. she then told authorities the two armed men committed the crime. police thought the neighbor was involved because the sitter said the suspects look like him. they detained him for hours. >> kind of sad because i just don't think she realizes like the dangerous position that it put me in. >> i thinked about that was really -- that was really her being bad. she is not a good babysitter. >> rabb bee was able to tell police the right description of the suspects. the family received all their
10:46 pm
belongings back and the trio was arrested. they now face several charges. >> a florida family is counting their blessings after a truck barrels into their home and almost hits a crib with their young daughter was sleeping. fox's kimberly has the story. report. >> we heard big bang. >> reporter: awake up call stephanie mcdonald never expected. >> we didn't know what it was. >> reporter: but one that woke up her family instantly. >> big boom. >> big boom. it felt like it was going to, i don't know, like the house was falling apart. >> reporter: around 3:00 a.m. security cameras outside their davenport home caught a truck driving into their yard, plowing into a car parked outside and then leaving. >> you could hear the reversing that he was just trying get away. he didn't want anybody to know what had happened. >> reporter: stephanie's two year old daughter was sleeping right here in the crib when the truck plowed into their home. it push the crib forward and stephanie says there's only one reason why her daughter surviv survived. >> if that car wasn't there my daughters wouldn't be here today. would have been a different
10:47 pm
story. i honestly believe that that car saved their lives. >> reporter: stephanie's husband christian just bought the car this weekend. >> my husband says it's the best $3,200. >> christian says it's only money and it's a small loss compared to what could have happened to their three kids. >> i had couple of cuts just from the glass flying in but we were just more concerned about them. >> reporter: now their focusing on the surveillance footage and finding out who did this. >> it was disgusting to see that anybody could just do something like that and just leave. >> reporter: and why they didn't stop. >> he could have at least made sure that what he did that everyone was okay n nobody was seriously hurt or injured. >> young girl who cannot speak and use as wheelchair is helping inspire others all thanks to video. >> take look. ♪
10:48 pm
>> millions of people have watched this video of mckenzie kerry and her father mike performing to miley cyrus' climb. mckenzie was diagnosed with my can't degree ya'll disease when she was a year old. her family says her disabilities have not prevented her from enjoying her life the girl's parents have set up a go monday fee page in the wake of the video's huge success they're hoping to raise money to help pay for their daughter's medical treatments. >> and let's check back in with scott williams an look at your friday forecast. >> iain, tomorrow is tuesday. not friday. but we are looking at some changes as we move into the upcoming work week including humidity and also the threat for some rainfall. taking a look at the current temperatures right now still comfortable. 72 degrees and look a the that humidity. only in the upper 40s. those winds out of the south southwest at about 7 miles per hour will help to pump more in the way of moisture overnight and especially during the day tomorrow. the low in philadelphia this morning, 63 degrees. we made it up to 83 degrees for
10:49 pm
the high temperature. that's 2 degrees blow normal. the normal this time of year highs should stop top on the out in the mid 80s. temperature right now looking at those numbers in the 60s and low 70s. 64 degrees in millville. that's the cool spot. 75 still in allentown and 71 currently in wilmington. so as we look at the satellite and radar we still have scattered clouds across our ar area. but it's dry. we have to look out to the west for our next storm system. here's a warm front and that front will advance overhead tomorrow increasing our temperatures a couple of degrees from today. but also put us into the warm sector. more humidity and then we'll watch for some showers and storms by the middle of the week. so by tomorrow morning, at 8am, we're looking at a mixture of sun and clouds. tomorrow is going that be pretty noise day. a little warmer and also more humid than today. but it stays dry. then as we watch the clock moving in to your wednesday morning, mostly cloudy. there could be a few scattered showers across the area.
10:50 pm
but most of the rainfall arrives from lunch time into the afternoon as well as the evening. we could still have some showers across the area. here's 7:00 o'clock you can see i-95 north and west. and then the activity starts to taper off wednesday night. but it lingers little bit into the day on thursday before we finally dry out for the latter part of the week. tonight scattered clouds, mild overnight. humidity returns tomorrow morning. and then you'll need an umbrella for the middle of the week. so for tonight, 61 degrees in the suburbs. mid 60s in the city. and let's take you counter by county and show you those forecast numbers. 85 degrees in the city of philadelphia tomorrow. but toward the lehigh valley, the peck knows, upper 70 70s, lw 80s. what to expect right around the immediate philadelphia area, i-95 corridor, 84 degrees in bensalem. 85 for you in chester. and as we move into sections down the shore, 80 degrees ocean city. 78 degrees in cape may.
10:51 pm
that weather authority seven day forecast showing you mid 80s tomorrow and you can see the muggy conditions mid to upper 80s for wednesday with that rainfall on and off throughout the day. leftover shower on thursday. highs right around 86 degrees. that's going that be a popular number into friday as well as saturday and then sunday we could see the threat for a few scattered showers and thunderstorms and then upper 80s warm and muggy to start next monday. >> friday looks good. >> really looking forward to friday. >> hang in there. >> thank you. >> howard? >> okay. flyers general manager ron hextall made his first trade as the boss sending a fan favorite out of philadelphia. and the phillies back home after the five-two road trip. and they did the honoring of jimmy rollins.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
♪ >> the phillies they won five straight last week but that looks like it was a while ago after the way they ended the road trip they had last two straight. so coming home tonight would change all that again the marlins, right? let's go at the ballpark. jimmy rollins was honored tonight as the all hiv time phillies hit leader before the game. so did that spur on the team? not likely. roberto hernandez in the first inning gives up this two run
10:55 pm
double to kc magee. so the marlins score two runs in the first. and it's two to nothing marlins. bottom of the first chase utley really struggling. batting average below .300 now struck out and jimmy rollins is out by -- where was he? but doesn't matter. still two to nothing. let's page forward to the ninth inning. chase utley simple play, right? uh-uh. that led -- he bounced the ball to first. that led to two earn runs. the phillies have been shut out eight times at home. they lost to miami four to nothing. >> the flyers did something i didn't think they could pull off. scott hartnell has a contract that strangled the flyers. today the gm ron hextall pulled off the trade. they found team that would take on hartnell's contract. five years left. the flyers traded hartnell to columbus for former plier center rj umberger an fourth round pick. the good they know about the deal umberger has two years left on his contract and this is hextall's first big trade as the
10:56 pm
flyers gm. >> we gained flexibility and one of the things we look at. we're going to need it at that time. so when you look at a move you look at a lot of thing. you look at tomorrow and you look at a year from now, two years, three years, four years. >> i'm looking ahead. interesting note to the trade is today's date. the flyers traded jeff carter and mike richards on this date in 2011. james van riemsdyk on this date in 2012. to toronto and scott hartnell today. all right. even eagles fans would not root in any way for a quarterback of another team. but you may have to alter today for something off the football field. atlanta falcons starting quarterback matt ryan was the host today at his golf tournament to support risk -- children at risk. the organization is called believe and achieve and ryan as a young quarterback talks about the eagles young quarterback. >> for me he was probably able to separate all of the other junk that goes along with playing quarterback in this league and then focusing on doing his job and he seems like
10:57 pm
he's mature for his age. >> you really have to try and put blinders on. and stay focused on what's important and that's getting prepared week in and week out and trying to go out and play the best that you can. >> great event by matt ryan. raised a lot of money and that's good thing for anybody whether he plays for the eagles or another team. >> terrific. >> thanks for watching. the fox morning news comes your way at 4:00 a.m
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz," >> kim and kanye put this huge over-the-top first birthday party for north west called kidchella modeled after coachella. >> free food and cotton candy and popcorn machines and a ferris wheel. >> those kids will remember that too. >> you know what bothers them the most, how much fun it probably was. >> i want to get hair braiding. let's go into that teepee. >> the north korean government is pissed off about the new movie called " the interview." they're working for the government and supposed to kill kim jong-un when they're out there. >> north korea released this title. >> this is a guy who knows a guy. >> he has an old brother typewriter. >> we have patrick fibian.


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