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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 1, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> tracking trouble and our next chance for winter wet. live ultimate doppler radar shows what we're talking about. rain as you can see moving into our area. this is going to stick around for awhile. as temperatures take a major drop and as we all know this can be a dangerous mix. good evening i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy nolan. let's get straight to fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. caitlin. >> good evening lucy and iain. we have ran right now and luckily it looks like just rain for tonight. but this is round one of two rounds of wet weather over the next 24 hours and the second one looks a bit more complicated. that's tomorrow afternoon and evening. right now, though, after a mild gorgeous afternoon in the 60s, here comes the cold front. very chilly air behind it.
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it is sparking some showers starting to fill in across the delaware valley. northern delaware, south jersey, southeast pa all seeing rain light to moderate at this point. we have a winter weather advisory out for our western county this is lancaster county. this is for tomorrow. 10am tuesday morning threw 7am wednesday. that's the best chance of seeing some slushy snowy weather that could really cause some hazardous travel. we don't have any other winter wet advisories out at least right now. temperatures are at 51 in philadelphia. they're dropping a degree or two almost every 10 minutes. very cold air coming 32. noticeable change as temperatures are in the fours and 50s right now and those winds are gusting too. currently 30 miles an hour winds gusts at philadelphia international airport. future cast shows the showers moving through i think by 10, 11:00 o'clock it's basically over with. this rain moves offshore. we'll start tuesday off pretty dry. the only exception our far southern counties but then come tuesday afternoon as i mentioned our second round of wet weather will come through but it will be much much colder tomorrow. so that's when we can see snow or sleet at least briefly.
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but for tonight, 35 in the city. 30 in the suburb scattered showers we'll talk more about that much much colder change still ahead in your seven day forecast. lucy and iain. >> all right. talk to you then caitlin. breaking news right now. bill cosby resigning from temple university's board of trustees. he, of course s an icon at temple. but the troubled comedian says it's time he steps away from his alma mater. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in center city. chris, you've been talking with lot of people. so how are temple students rea reacting to all of this? >> reporter: well, this is really another big blow to the legacy of bill cosby. under fire for sexual assault accusations. the comedian and alumni here at temple university announces his resignation stepping down from his post of the board of trustees here at temple university. mixed reaction here on campus. cosby who is synonomous with that phrase i can have gone anywhere but i chose temple.
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today that famous al lump sent his regular nation letter never mentioning the allegations, just say it's what's best for the university after nearly 20 women have come forward saying cosby has assaulted them in the past. cosby has never been prosecuted for any of those accusations. now, if a statement to the university cosby says i've always been proud of my association with temple university. i've always wanted to do what would be in the best interest of the university and its students, as a result i have tendered my resignation from the temple university board of trustees. students on campus had this reaction. >> i mean he was an icon of this school. it was like one of the reasons i came her because i was just like, you know, i try other places i was like he did. he was successful. >> he meant everything. i don't know. he's given us money. he work incredibly hard. i don't know. i feel like we shouldn't immediately shut him down yet.
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>> reporter: the university so far not commenting on the reason behind cosby's departure but in speaking when with a lot of students out here the distraction of this whole mess, they say is probably this was the best decision cosby could have made. lucy, iain. >> all right, chris, thank you. developing now all out search for local college student whose been missing for four da days. billboards across the city now showing the face of 21-year-old shane montgomery. fbi have joined with family and friends looking for montgomery. >> the last time the friends of the we have chester university student saw him was early thanksgiving morning when he left manayunk bar. dawn timmeney is live in manayunk where references from that bar have been talking about what happened. dawn? >> reporter: well lucy the reward for information to find shane montgomery is now $25,000. $10,000 of that being added today by kildare's the last place that shane was seen before just disappearing.
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now, police are going over surveillance video from nearby businesses hoping to see if they can find him but it was so busy that night so many people out on the street they're having a difficult time. his family, however, is not giving up hope that he will be found. >> anybody that saw anything, please come forward with anything we'll take any tip that we can get. kevin montgomery appearing on fox 29's "good day philadelphia" this morning fighting back tears as he asked for the public's help in finding his missing son shaken. >> just a plea from father who really misses his son. loves his son. >> the 21-year-old vanish without trace just before 2:00 o'clock thanksgiving morning after being he is cored out of kildare's irish pub in manayunk following a night of partying with family and friends. management says the we have chester university senior accidentally bumped a dj booth but was not intoxicated when a relative who works there said it was time for him to go.
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>> based on our investigation shane did not appear he is cored by our staff. there was no confrontation when he left the premises. >> he turned left walking south on main street but has not been seen since. a police helicopter once again taking to the skies above manayunk on day five of the search for shane. the philadelphia marine unit out on the schuylkill today. one day after officers painstakingly combed the murky canal waters for the 21-year-o 21-year-old. hundreds of volunteers spending the weekend searching for shaken but his uncle says people need to look beyond main street that shane could have tried to walk to his roxborough home. >> if you think you saw shane, we need to you reach out to us, because we can't find him. we have -- we're pretty much at a dead end. >> reporter: shane's mom says it's out of character for him not to call to just abruptly leave and not tell anyone. west chester university issued a statement today saying they're thoughts and prayers are with shane's family.
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they're providing counselors and support to students and staff who are trying to cope with shane's mysterious disappearance. anyone who has any information or may have seen shane montgomery is asked to call the police or the fbi. lucy and iain. >> hoping somebody will come forward. thank you very much. dawn. new at 6:00 viewer video sent for martin rue wiz shows the massive flames coming from fire in newark, delaware just before 2:00 this afternoon. one person is in the hospital for smoke inhale laying. at least three homes on lower valley lane are damage. the red cross helping seven people. investigators are looking into what started that fire. >> another group of demonstrat demonstrators in university city today protesting a grand jury's decision not to indict former ferguson missouri police officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. sky fox over the scene earlier today. protesters marched down the street but remained peaceful. all streets are back open right now. philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay has been tapped to help lead a task
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force on 21st century policing much president obama chose the commissioner and lori robinson a former assistant general to lead the panel in the wake of the crisis in emergency ferguson. mayor nutter was alongside commissioner ramsay for the announce many and praised the president for his actions. >> charles ramsay police commissioner of the city of philadelphia 40 plus years of leadership in policing this work is critical to the future and as i said to the president it is because of his leadership and his voice. >> the president says the task force will look at how to boost trust for police officers win communities and ways to cut crime. >> a group of philadelphia police officers are now testing body cameras as many as 31 officers in north philadelphia 22nd district will wear cameras as par avenue pilot program to try that out new technology. the officers volunteered for the program which should last six months. >> an attorney is fired from his law firm after charges of having
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sex with underaged girls. 56-year-old brian meehan of berwyn was fired from bishop dorfman construction man and bishop the first bore his name. meehan faces several chafers after investigators say he had sex with a teenaged girl several times in his downtown office. the da says the victim was held captive by a germantown couple who hired her out up to 20 times week. >> happening right now an investigation into fire bombs forced a local familiarly from their home. their germantown house caught fire early this morning and tonight the red cross is helping eight people including two young children. right now police are trying to figure out who targeted the home and why. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, this is the second time that home has been targeted in a suspicious fire in a month. the last time being novembe november 9th. tonight a citywide arson task force is looking into this and family members are saying enough is enough.
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>> they're cowards. they're really coward. >> reporter: choice words from family member after residents in two row homes at the corner of east colter and lena streets had to make a mad dash to escape monday morning when a suspected fire bomb went off. >> the if a you can't that someone leave the device at the front door of someone' home you know that doesn't happen every day. so there is some type of issue going on. >> somebody tried to fire bomb the front door. the front door was actually on fire. >> reporter: this woman asked us not to use her name but her sister and seven other family members were forced out of their beds just after 3:30 monday morning when two devices were reportedly found at the house. >> it's really scary. because you never know, you know, what might happen. what could have happened. or what did happen. >> there's something that's very dangerous. something that's very serious. >> reporter: fire department arrived and found family members had escaped out a rear entrance to the street. the fires were immediately extinguished and fire investigators took over. >> any motive or anything like
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that at this point? >> don't know off hasn't. but i do know investigators are going to look at every as spec of it. >> any idea what this could be about at all. >> no, no. >> reporter: monday afternoon family members were packing their belonging avenue the red cross found them another place to stay. damages can be repaired. arson investigators are still trying to get to the bottom of this. >> like our pastor told us yesterday don't let the end knee take your joy. that's one thing our familiar lull not allow. >> reporter: now evidence from both fires have been sent to the police lab and the national atf lab again no family members have been injured and they have been relocated tonight by the red cross. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. a strike on the west coast sends ripples all the way to the delaware valley. why christmas tree prices could soon start to rise. >> and another day, another honor for taney dragons super star mow thai davis. a title she was just handed by sports illustrate. >> howard. >> the rumors have started up again with chip kelly leading the eagles.
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i will address that and how the nba teams are now giving it back to the tanking 76ers with some of their own medicine.
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>> we're just entering the holiday season talking about put a damper on it. a problem 3,000 miles away could lead to shortage of christmas trees this year. a problem involving port on the west coast. >> fox 29's joanne pileggi shows us how it could hit us in our wallets. >> fraziers, we got dig laws firs. we got blue spruces. we got pennsylvania douglas. we also got big ones. >> reporter: trying to fine the perfect christmas tree? there are plenty of the popular christmas tree varies in all shapes and sizes, but there's a short supply of trees from the pacific northwest. like the norman, norman fir and noble trees. >> the trucking is backed up much the shipping on the rails is back up. so we're waiting for them and ready to sell them.
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>> reporter: this family has been selling christmas trees for more than 30 years. >> it's affecting our customer because we have customers who come in every year for norman, noble and grand fir which we had received, um, so it's affecting them. it's affecting the folks we wholesale toes well. >> reporter: a strike by longshoremen on the west coast was to blame for the delay in ship manies. then the early season snowstorms caused further delays. leaving an empty spot on their lots and he says people do care. >> the whole thing about the holiday the tree means something. yeah. i mean we have people who come in who came in and bought a tree from my dad. >> they're not going to suffer with another nice tree it's not the one they want. they'll be disappointed. >> reporter: when you are dealing with a very short season for christmas tree sales, time is of course money and if the specialty trees come too late, sellers could get stuck with excess trees. >> then i did cancel a couple late loads because it's just too
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risky. >> reporter: for now they are killing the normans and nobles they have and sending some of the supplies to other vendors. they're goal as a family business to keep customers hap happy. in northeast philadelphia, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> a big hahn for for mo'ne day veigh. taney dragons star named sports kid of the year. here's the cover of the si kids magazine the news was tweeted out this morning by first lady michelle obama. she said mo'ne quote knock it out of the park for girls everywhere. the magazine said davis earn the honor because she can inn spear no no matter her age, gender or race. mo'ne davis just ninth person to earn the honor since 2007. >> big congratulations to mo'ne davis. fox 29 weather authority right now. i'm not sure that i want to congratulate caitlin on this particular forecast but it was great earlier. >> great earlier. >> cats from the tee good for december 1st. 65 degrees was the high temperature certainly felt nice earlier today. a brief fling with the warm weather before we see the big
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changes starting all right. cold front moving through right now scattered showers temperatures are falling very quickly already in the low 50s here. by tomorrow morning, it's dry and cloudy but we are looking at a big return of the cold air. temperatures don't get out of the 30s tomorrow, and then even a mix of some snow and sleet that's pretty likely especially towards our northwestern suburbs tomorrow before changing back to rain. let's start off with ultimate doppler here's the cold front showers stretching from new york all the way back down through the ohio valley there's a little bit of pink and purple in the northern edge of this into northern kentucky southern high ohio. for the most part it was mild today. we're only going to see rainfalling. that's what we've got as we zoom in across the delaware valley right now. light rain even some moderate rains we're seeing a lull here in the city but otherwise we'll have on and off showers through the rest of the this evening. as i said high temperatures well above normal today. 65 in philly it was 71 in atlantic city. 70 in dover. nice little treat there already we're falling. 51 in philly. mid fours north and west. hanging on to the 60s south and
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east but that's about to change. here's why. very potent cold front moving through. temperatures back towards our west so much colder. 34 pittsburgh. 26 detroit only 18 degrees in chicago. temperatures are below zero up in international falls 15 dismiss we saw the arctic air a couple times last month. we're about to see it again. not as cold as it is in the planes but we will only be in the 30s tomorrow. fox future cast shows showers moving out quickly this evening. again mainly dry start to tuesday. so while it's cloudy and colder, shouldn't have too many weather related problems for the commute. by my afternoon we see light rain and snow showers move in this looks like more of a mix or better chance for snow into the lehigh valley and poconos. not expecting any accumulation maybe though some issues for the drive home at 5:00 o'clock. especially north and west you see the purple that's steadier snow and sleet mixing in rain here for the philadelphia area. i think that philly mainly sees rain tomorrow. maybe a few frozen flakes mixing in. and we gradually all change back to rain as a warm front lifts through from south to north
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seeing that change tomorrow night. and then we should finally be done at least for day or two. scattered showers tonight, 35 in the city. 30 in the suburb. thirty nine is it for the high temperature tomorrow. that snow and sleet mix changing to rain and much, much colder so dramatic change. definitely dressing differently for tomorrow than today. all right. we clear out there by wednesday and it gets a little bit better, 52 degrees with the clouds around wednesday but the rain should be done thursday we get the sunshine back but colder 45. bit of a mix is possible on friday. we're watching the chance for some more rain and snow. and then lingering showers through the rest of the week and but because temperatures look to stay above freezing in the upper fours for highs. lows in the upper 30s we should be just seeing rain no big systems this week just these little annoying ones one after another we got to deal with. >> all right, thank you caitlin. >> you're welcome. >> speaking of annoyances for howard anyhow the 76ers strate strategy. >> how about everybody that has half a basketball brain would be annoyed with this? since the tanking 76ers are not trying to
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>> we'll do it monday evening. coaching rumors always start at this time of the year in college football this one involves chip kelly, who else? there are reports i'm sure by some blogger with nothing better to do that the university of florida will talk to chip kelly. now i will say this. not chance chip kelly leave the eagles this year for the university of florida. all right. eagles have many areas of the team playing well. playing better. one area is the running back and that would be lesean mccoy. he rushed for 289 yards in one week. 130 against tennessee and four days later 159 against dallas i think it's obvious that one thing has changed. offensive line. >> i just think there's a continuity. the same guys are playing neck to the same guys and communication has been better. so as a group they've gotten a chance to line up next to the same guy for a couple of weeks. >> all right. there was a moment in the eagles game in the fourth quarter with dallas in this case what you may have seen with mark sanchez getting on riley cooper was not all his fall.
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all right. the time out had to be called because at least a couple of the players were not lined up correctly. if i had more time i could explain it. it was where the ball place many was and confusing the players but easy for fans to blame cooper chip kell hal insight into the situation. >> what they were going to eat for thanksgiving after the game. guys yell at guys all the time. i don't know why that's a big deal. you can catch someone yelling at somebody probably on every play. not big deal. we weren't in the right formation and we were trying to get lined up. cooper wasn't the guy that wasn't lined up right. other guys weren't lined up right way. >> i don't think they'll be here this week because their pissed off. >> not a big deal. >> 76ers playing tonight but now it's obvious that the fans who want to see the stars from the other teams aren't going to get a chance in many cases. nba teams are giving it right back to the tanking 76ers. tonight tim duncan and tony parker will not play. saturday dirk novitski did not play when dallas came in. why play your best players when
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the 76ers organization not doing their best to win and watch something and i'll show it to you tonight. it's
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pig on a plane! >> deborah: passenger revolt after a woman boarded a plane with a giant pig. >> you've got an 80-pound pig squealing. and can you believe a mile- long line at airport security? >> what you can do to avoid the long line. >> there are things that people can do to make their lives easier. then, the congressional staffer what bashed sasha and malia for wearing short skirts. wait until you hear what she did as a teen. and ray rice's wife speaks out but what was she really thinking? straight from a body language expert. >> you can really see there's defection happening. plus,


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