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tv   Fox 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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developing stories. a philadelphia house fire has made history in the worst kind of way. it is the scene of the first death of a female firefighter in the city's history. 36-year-old joyce craig-lewis a mother of two died in west oak lane this morning. the investigation into her death is just getting underway tonig tonight. we do have live team coverage in just a few moments. but first we're tracking a nor'easter that still packing a punch. here it is on ultimate doppler radar. we have gotten lots of rain and heavy wind even been flooding in some areas. >> and it's not over yet. now we are looking at the possibility of some snow. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. it will be another busy night. let's get right over to fox 29's meteorologist caitlin roth. >> hi, iain and lucy. the worse of the storm long gone that occurred earlier this morning with the heavy rain, flooding and win. there's chance of snow far north of philadelphia and pretty light. i don't think we see too much in the means of accumulation and any accumulation should be in the poconos but right now it looks a very busy radar.
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north easter moving across portions of new england. heavy rain cleared new york city and boston and now changing to heavy snow for parts of interior new england upstate new york. wrap around showers have been with us all day long. very light but still make it drizzly, dreary, damp type of weather and because this storm is moving more northwest war these showers are going to stay over us through tonight and into early tomorrow morning. that is starting to change to snow in the higher elevations of scranton, wilkes-barre and the poconos. winter weather advisory in effect until 6am wednesday for carbon and monroe counties for icy roadways and even light snow accumulations. for the rest of us temperatures well above freezing. 45 in philadelphia. winds coming down a bit, too. for the rest tough night, what to expect. rain tapers. it stays windy with sleet and snow in the poconos. scattered showers tomorrow mai mainly north and that will continue into wednesday night. we'll have much more on the week ahead still ahead in your seven day forecast. >> lucy and iain. caitlin, thank you. >> we're watching the roads for you tonight on the look out for any problems. here's a look at the schuylkill expressway at the conshohocken
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curve in montgomery county. we'll of course keep checking for you throughout night. >> in montgomery county the rain closed a road weather concerns prompted the shut down fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in west conshohocken, montgomery county. shawnette, what are you looking at right now? >> reporter: lucy, the road we're talking about is bala good minute go road closed between portland and front street also known as route32. it's hard to see in the dark but behind me in this hill west conshohocken borough police are concerned about. but take look at these pictures a police officer took earlier today. he sent them to me. they'll give you a better idea of what is happening. we're told that the rain has caused heaps of mud up on that hill to cause trees that were already down to begin to fall down and slide down that hill. of course, the concern is that it could turn into a mudslide situation and all of that mud and those trees would end up on bala good minute go road. that has not happened yet. but as the rainfall continues, there is a greater concern. police tell me they've been
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advised by penndot to close this road. not many homes down here just a few businesses. so not a whole lot of threat. we'll come back here to me. the biggest concern they have the road is used as a cut through. potentially cars could be traveling back and forth and be put in danger. the latest news from police the road will remain closed until morning. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. you can keep track of this nor'easter just head to our website at click the weather tab at the top of the home page for live radar images and the latest forecast information. >> developing story that we've been following all day long. the philadelphia fire department and the city are mourning the death of firefighter joyce craig-lewis. she died this morning while battling a fire in the west oak lane section of the city. she is the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty in philadelphia. police say she died trying to rescue an elderly woman. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the scene of the fire. dave, a tough day for the department. >> reporter: no doubt about n
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iain. fire investigators just wrapped up their work for the day. they will return here to the fire seen tomorrow to continue their investigation tonight city officials say this dedicated 11 year veteran of the fire department lost her life trying to save life. >> when you go down into basement you actually running down into that heat and smoke. >> reporter: that's the way fire officials described the basement fire at this middleton street row home that took the life of veteran firefighter joyce craig-lewis early tuesday morning. >> like running down into a chimney. >> reporter: veteran firefighter had entered the row home through the front with a three person attack team from engine 64 trying to get an elderly victim out and knock down the fire. conditions in a basement fire can be treacherous. >> it's quite hot and it's visibility is typically near zero, and it's very hot. >> reporter: 11 year veteran and her fellow firefighters descended into the basement and then conditions deteriorated rapidly. our team was ordered to exit the basement.
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she didn't make it out. she sounded a may day alarm according to the firefighters union. >> understand that there was a call, she did call at some point and indicate she was in distre distress. >> reporter: fire officials say her personal safety alert system was also supposed to go off. >> when you're not moving for a certain amount of time, it automatically goes off. >> reporter: firefighters raced back inside located her and administered cpr and other life-saving tactic. they raced her to the hospital where she was pronounced. >> the membership in the department are real, they're hurting. everybody is hurting. >> reporter: fire marshals were quickly on the scene looking for the cause of the fire. all of the firefighters equipment was shipped to federal investigators for examination. officials refused to speculate on what led to her death. >> it's impossible to say what happened exactly at that moment until there's a full investigation. which we will do. >> we'll talk to the first batallion chief and first in deputy chief to fine out everything that happen. >> reporter: now, fire
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investigators will also review radio tapes and interview all personnel on the fire scene. her equipment has been shipped to the national institute of occupational safety and health to see if it was workly properly much the medical examiner has not yet ruled on her cause of death. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. the loss of firefighter joyce craig-lewis is of course simply immeasurable. her family is grieving as her colleagues in philadelphia fire department. our bruce gordon is live outside engine 64 with more on the life of the veteran officer. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, joyce craig-lewis was a dedicated woman. dedicate to do her fire fighting career and to her family. in fact while she is based here at engine 64, she was in fact working out of engine 73 to earn overtime when she was called very early this morning to the fire that would ultimately claim her life. >> long after the predawn row house fire was extinguished firefighters union president joe visited with his members at the
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scene. they were still shaken by the loss of their comrade g they're heart broken. everybody on that fire ground inevitably today is sitting at home reflecting thinking what they could have done different. how this could have been prevented. >> reporter: 36-year-old joyce craig-lewis was an 11-year veteran of the fire department. a dobbins high school grad and certified emergency medical technician before that. she was a single mom to a 16-year-old son and a 16 month old daughter. >> she loved her job. she was a highly trained firefighter who served in some of the busiest stations in the city on behalf of our citizens. >> reporter: joyce craig-lewis was based at end skin 64 on the 6,000 block of rising sun avenue. where on tuesday afternoon, the engine left the station to be specially ut outfitted to carry her casket. grieving far officials said she had always wanted to be a firefighter. always wanted to help others. >> everybody is heart broken and i did know her personally. i knew she was hard worker. i knew she was a firefighters
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firefighter. >> reporter: at the for house abu key of flowers adorned her red locker off camera firefighters sang her praises. describing her as a hard worker and a good friend. >> tell me a little bit about her. >> she was just a great firefighter. she did her job. she cared about being a firefighter and beyond that she cared about everybody she worked with. >> reporter: candlelight vigil organized by neighbors around this firehouse is set for 7:00 o'clock tonight. in honor of and in memory of this fallen firefighter. lucy? >> all right, bruce, our coverage of this developing story continues on get the very latest on the fire investigation and more on the life of joyce craig-lewis on our home page. >> happening now in philadelphia's fern rock second, police have a person of interest in a robbery of a rite aid that was caught on camera. a woman robbed the store in the 6100 block of north broad street just after 7am last wednesday. she got undetermined amount of money and took off north on broad street. if you've got any information, you're asked to call philadelphia police.
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lawmakers in new york and new jersey want the governors of both states to sign legislation reforming the port authority. legislators have been making their case today. one day after they released the report summarizing their investigation into the lane close shower at the george washington bridge which the port authority oversees. the report did not find evidence of a direct connection to governor chris christie. the offices for both governors say that bill is under review. >> a new bill in new jersey could make it easier for a transgender person with a new name to get a new birth certificate. if approved, the bill would no longer require transgender people to get sex change operations. all they would need is a form from a licensed doctor stating they have completed gender transition treatment or have inter sex condition. >> santa is going high tech this holiday. the new adventure that's giving kids the chance to search for santa and even letting him video chat with them. it's happening right here in our area. >> that sounds fun. and we are learning about
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pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf security detail. you might be surprised by who exactly is paying for it. howard? >> i like to sit in stan's lap actuallily one of the favorite targets of many median it drips down to some fans that's riley cooper. the coaches are just fine with riley cooper and the team looks ahead to dallas much that's all coming up in sports. >> and recapping the rainfall from today, highest amounts certainly down the shore. sea isle city just shy of 2.5-inches of rain over two in atlantic city. a lot less here in philadelphia. just over a half inch of rain. more in the forecast ahead in the seven day. >> caitlin here's another look the traffic tonight. a look at 476 in plymouth meeting montgomery county. we'll continue to watch for any trouble for you throughout the evening. >> and check your credit card statement police say a local pizza shop was over charging customers even detectives and you probably haven't noticed tonight at 10:00 where you may have paid too much for that slice.
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>> watching the roads tonight as this nor'easter creates tricky driving conditions. this is i-95 at broad street in south philadelphia. looks like everything is moving along very nice. that's good news but we're watch fog any trouble throughout this night. >> pennsylvania governor elect tom wolf is picking up the tab for the security detail at his own home. decades of governors usually lived at the official residence in harrisburg but wolf a very successful businessman has decided he'd rather live at his current home in mount wolf. he plans to pay for the office space for state police troopers when they're guarding him there. wolf also is not taking the governor's salary of nearly $191,000. he takes office january 20th. >> santa mall -- the thing going on santa kids go see him and all that fun stuff. >> yeah. >> he is about to enter a whole
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new realm. new north pole adventure taking children on very high-tech search for mr. clause. in fact you can check out several places including the cherry hill mall. but that's not all. a new app is putting santa right at your fingertips. fox's matt king has got all the details. >> reporter: 10 yeared hannah and her friends and leanne waited in line in the cold yes to have some fun primarily to gape audience with the big man on his own tundra. >> are you already to see santa claus? >> yes. >> reporter: bridge hill dream place one of interactive santa adventure houses assembled by dream works reveal santa's left until next christmas which zen the group on a shrek led sleigh ride to the north pole. >> shred, we're ready. >> reporter: so much for tired san to sitting in chair at a mall. now shrek takes you on sleigh ride to meet him at the north pole. norad offers an app while you can track him while he delivers presents or video chat with the
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big man himself. >> hoe, hoe, hoe. i did want to let you know that i've been tracking you and your sisters and guess what? you have all been santa's good book for many, many years. do you think -- do you think we can continue doing that? >> the levels behind talk to take reservations to video conference with santa as young morgan did here. >> you're a trainee at fox5, is that right? >> with so many new technologists providing so many new ways for jolly old saint nick to meet with children, mr. clause now sees more kids than ever before. more than 11,000 at the ridge hill dream house a lone with 260 reservations a day, santa is book this enter active experience every day for the rest of the holiday season. >> he was awesome. >> in yonkers, matt king, fox news. >> that's pretty cool. all right. here's the deal. your holiday shopping days are running out. we are at 15 days, five hours,
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what does it say, 43 minutes. >> 16 seconds. 15,. >> 14, 13. who's counting. actually we're counting here. i still have got shopping i got to do. you have 15 days. >> i know. now 43 minutes and four seconds. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. you know, caitlin roth is all about the numbers. >> might be -- today probably won the day to get your shopping done. >> you can did what i do online shopping strictly. don't tell my boss that. >> you just did. >> i just did. i'm sure i'm not the only one. online shopping savor. and we are seeing at least a break from the wet weather too which probably may have deterred you earlier from heading out but right now it's not so bad. here's what to expect from our departing nor'easter. brought heavy rain and win earlier today right now the rain continues to taper off. the wind is with us though basically. through the rest of tonight some sleet and snow in the poconos winter weather advisory is in effect. for tomorrow, a couple of showers still rain and snow
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showers on the back side of this storm but that will be mainly north of philadelphia. still breezy but the winds diminish wednesday night and again a few snow showers are still possible thursday. then i think we should finally be done. here's why slow moving nor'easter it moved inland earlier this morning starting that see it taper that heff 53 rain changing to heavy snow as it moves no colder terrain upstate new hampshire and upstate new york. albany seeing heavy snow right now that will be their storm for the neck 24 hours. on the back edge of it these showers continue to spiral through the delaware valley which means even though we're not seeing the heavy stuff in the big impacts for the next two days, we'll still see the gloomy weather, the leftover showers and again some of those showers will be snow showers like they are up in the poconos right now. we've been seeing this change over over the past hour or so at least on radar. indicating snowflakes and sleet are micking in and making it to the ground although it will be hard to accumulate through tonight after all that rain. winter weather advisory still stands for carbon and monroe counties that's until sex am
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tomorrow morning so icy roads are possible late tonight. for the rest of us temperatures are so far above freezing we don't have any of those concerns. 45 in philadelphia right now. low 40s north and west. still only 35 up in the poconos. now winds were the biggest factor earlier this morning. right now some of us seeing occasional gusts over 20 to 25 miles an hour. otherwise, we're not seeing those wind advisory type gusts we had along the coast earlier today. fox future cast shows those showers with us through the rest of this evening. even they start to dissipate. snow showers maybe up in the higher elevations overnight. but this looks pretty quiet. even tomorrow morning at 7am a lot of clouds. even maybe a few weeks of sunshine we'll see. best chance will be south. into thursday morning this is still in the back side of the same system that's actually moving further northwest ward that's why we've seen still got all this wrap around. light showers west of philadelphia is possible. although it looks pretty brief and those clouds hang on. any estimated snowfall coming from our computer models looks very very light. less than an inch even all the way up in mount pocono.
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for tonight rain continues to taper off. it does stay windy at times, 35 degrees. the low temperature. just 40 for tomorrow. it is still chilly the next couple of days. a couple of scattered showers especially north. seven day forecast 39 and still a chance for snow showers on thursday. by friday we should see the storm exit. leftover clouds and then by saturday, the sun is back. the weekend itself looks pretty decent. a little chilly on saturday but by sunday we at least have the sunshine and then monday we're back into the 50s high temperatures in the low 50s monday and tuesday that's not exactly what warmup but it is certainly milder than what we have right now. with the sunshine it will feel even better. >> absolutely. anything in the 50s i'll take. >> i call it a warmup. >> okay. you say it i'm done. >> whatever you guys take i'll take. >> all right. it's the second time the eagles play dallas in span of three weeks. so what do the players think of how this game will go this time around? >> and how does riley cooper fit into the eagles offense taking a look at the cowboys again? it'
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♪ >> it happens every week. the coaches and the players talk about the upcoming game being the biggest of the season. one week season. this week it really is the biggest game. this week it's the dallas cowboys. win and the division is really the eagles with all the issues the eagles had last week it's
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amazing how the media and then some fans always start to blame riley cooper. he's the whipping guy in town. for the most riley cooper has done what the coaches have asked him to do. many media and fans complain about his $5 million salary this year. but his catches will be up this year. no wide receiver is perfect but chip kelly made a point that he is doing a good job earlier in the week and offensive coordinator took the complaints head on today. >> you guys must get together on that. every week we're answering questions about coop. i mean he's out there playing and competing and, um, the last time i checked he's only had two drops. right? we all remember what game they were in, right? >> both in the end zone, right? >> i don't know. but we remember what games they were, right? >> yeah. >> all right. other than that, when we throw him the ball he catches it. so we don't have a problem with him. somebody does but we don't. >> so i asked riley cooper why the the median fans constantly get on him. >> philadelphia is such a
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passionate city and everybody loves the eagles and everyone wants to win every single game, and i think that's what it is. and i love that. i love that type of environment. i was telling them would you want to be somewhere where no one is going at the football games, no one cares about it? >> all right. eagles won by 23 points just two games ago against dallas that was on thanksgiving. the expectations for the cowboys to change things up this game? >> i think it's going to be different just considering what's at stake. like i said but i think you get whooped the first time you want to come back and play the next time. we understand we got the best of them on thanksgiving and we'll get their best shot. so, you know, we always say we got to be the best team in the nfl but the best team over at the stadium. >> i think it will be a different game. it will be closer. however, the cowboys are frauds and i think eagles will beat them again. fraud len. >> it is. >> i was just waiting for it's a joke.
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>> it is a joke. >> that does it for us here at
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the royal highnesses. no smooching for us. will and kate say no to the kiss cam. >> lebron james, royal breach of protocol. >> he put his arm around -- >> you did not put your arm around the future queen of england. >> then, this train shall not pass. die in protest sweeping america. a pregnant woman trapped in the chaos. >> i have a female in labor stuck in traffic. >> and. >> drop the knife. >> to shoot or not to shoot. >> the deadly stand off. >> i would have probably shot a lot sooner. >> plus, tears for an angel. >> she touched your heart. >> what caused this basketball star to brkd


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