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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 4a  FOX  December 15, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EST

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breaking news at 4:00 o'clock city under siege as hostages are held in the cafe in australia, how some managed to get away and then, steve keeley, live this morning. >> reporter: well, bridge gate was nothing exhaled to tailgate governor christie news scandal a super box seat next to the cowboys owner, just over the delaware river from his home state, has the home crowd, wanting to i am peach. it is, an uneventful weather morning, i think we will take it especially when you see what is in store for maybe, for this weekend, we will talk about all that coming up in your weather authority forecast. >> is what in store.
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>> oh, boy. >> good day, it is monday, december 15th, 2014. glad to have you with us. >> good morning to you, you serio. got news is with this shift we slept right through that eagles game. >> i know. >> i saw it on twitter this morning thoughy didn't watch one play. thank goodness. >> waking up, to this news. >> but we're happy you choose us to tell you. whatever that means. anyway, good morning. monday morning, uneventful on our satellite and radar picture. we have some clouds around but not really showing up on the radar and anticipating our next system coming through probably tomorrow, with a little bit of rain but we will talk about that. that is not until later on in the day. we are right now at 43 degrees, in philadelphia. not bad, for a morning in december, when we're often in the 20's and 30's. in fact, mid 4s is our average high for the the year. we will call it a little milder then average. breeze out of the northwest at
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9 miles an hour. 7:15 is now our sunrise time as we get close tore that first day of winter. temperature, elsewhere, 43 in the city, 41 in lancaster and allentown. thirty-two mount pocono. forty-two millville and dover. this is what it feels like with the bit of the breeze outside temperature feels like they are in the mid to upper 30's. that is what you should dress for this morning. typical winter wear, nothing out of the ordinary for us. it was a december chill over weekend with at day's high of 42 degrees and with the clouds yesterday, we will get to 47 degrees, a little bit above average, as i said average was in the mid 40's. we will be in the mid 30's, by 9:00 o'clock in the morning. 44 degrees by noon. topping off today with partly sunny skies that would be a mix of sun and clouds, 47 degrees, so an uneventful monday at least weather-wise, can't say, what is going on in the rest of your life but we will take care of the weather for you today, bob kelly, good morning, good morning, sue.
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good monday morning, everybody. we are beginning our trip here on a monday, i guess my clicker out the of the back of the monitor here, we got it. good morning, everybody. 4:03. we will begin with a situation here, in maple shade, new jersey. this is a live look at our traffic camera right above, an accident scene, it is ramp from northbound route 73, to route 38, in maple shade, new jersey. it looks like a vehicle in the woods here. this is a vehicle actually on its side if you can look closely you can see rear tire and front tire. fire crews working and the ramp is block. it is a 73 ramp to route 38, in mount laurel, maple shade, new jersey there. this morning. then our next camera looking good. schuylkill expressway a all that eagles crowd unhappily, headed home, already so no problems at all into or rather the the city on the schuylkill expressway. i-95 coming to the stadium area looking good this morning as we head southbound down
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towards philly international. we have an accident though on the northeast extension, this is northbound, tractor trailer involved here right the here near lehigh valley interchange. septa, no problems on the regional rails but they kick in a new timetable over the weekend so there is a new schedule in effect and that begins this morning. so make sure you grab a new timetable as you wait for what you think may be the late train. it the may not be late at all. the war minister line, paoli thorndale looking good. speedometer readings no glimpse at all, looking good coming out of the downingtown on the turnpike, same deal on the schuylkill in and out of the city we're in good shape. no problems up and down i-95 out of northeast philadelphia and we're in good shape at philly international. chris and kerry, back to you. we've got the some breaking news we need to get to. one suspect is dead after he was shot the by police earlier this morning in northeast philadelphia the details still coming into us. it happened before 3:00 this morning, on the 6600 block of frankford avenue. at this point, we're not sure
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what led to the shooting and we're also waiting to hear on the condition of the officer, jenny joyce is at the scene, she's gathering information, she will have a live report in a little bit. meanwhile, at 4:05, five people are free but others still being held captive in sidney calf faze where a gunman took dozens of people hostage this morning. it happened in the height of rush hour in australia. after those hostages were taken police say they saw a black flag with arab script being raised in the cafe. it is normally very busy, very crowded. it is a business district in the city and right now it is on virtual lock down. some sports news to get to this morning, if you want to anyway, eagles in second place this morning after losing at home, to the dallas cowboys. how does that happen. >> it started with the first play. >> yeah, it can't. >> even making a play after this point will be a struggle. >> dallas jumped out to a 21 to nothing lead thanks in
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large part to an eagles turn over on the opening kick off. you just knew this was going downhill from there. eagles eventually for the back to take a a 24/21 lead but then they gave it up, defense and secondary was awful. romo picked them apart all night. dallas took over and won the game 38-27. >> romo maybe might be the weak link. >> he was awesome, pinpoint accuracy, first time in a long time in december for him. >> lots of disappointed eagles fans this morning but it is not game that has a lot of frowns on peoples faces. >> fox 29's steve keeley is live at penns landing with the story for you this morning, steve. >> reporter: that could be the last football we see in philadelphia, this year and if it is, the the last image a lot of people will have on their mind is one of new jersey's governor, the man who runs the state right across the delaware river here, sitting not in jeff lurie's box but right next to jerry jones, cowboys owners box.
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what made watching eagles lose most important game of the year even worse not seeing not so cute cutaways of the in the so cute couple huddled together in the visiting owners box. jerry jones and guy who allegedly represents the state visible from that state hollering, having a cozy cowboy kind of time there while dressed like gilligan, tweeters wrote. most angry came from another politician, and if christie is known for being a tough straight talking don't hold back common guy well, jim kenny out touched talked him with very colorful language in his tweets. we cannot repeat all of it but his tweets are getting a tension calling him a fat bleep, a creep, telling him to go home in a 700 level kind of way, not, no politician, from new jersey, he thought should be sitting there rooting for the cowboys. he said pennsylvania and taxpayers paid for this building you are in support and support dallas watch it on
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tv. go home, take the state helicopter and chris, kerry he is a alluding to his first scandal flying around seeing his son's games at tax pair expense and ended up having to reimburse the state. if he took a car to the game you can bet jim kenny probably wanted to shut all of the lanes down to all of the bridges and make him wait for five hours like did he in north jersey, unfortunately he realized a lot of eagles fans have to go home the same way. the whole thing is ridiculous. the it is bad optics, i a agreed. steve keeley, thanks much. meantime, 4:08, president obama will be in new jersey to mark the end in the war in afghanistan. it came during president's weekly address. president obama will greet troops as they return home. governor christie is expect to join him. also happening today, a arraignment is scheduled for suspect in the susan johnson murder. police say the 59 year-old gloucester township woman had been in murdered inside her home and body dumped in the woods of the willow ridge park
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in evesham. thirty year-old miguel diaz of mount laurel is accused of beating and killing johnson, diaz lived in johnson as home. today at the national constitution center, the original copy of the bill of rights will be on display, one of the dozen surviving copies of the president george washington sent to the states back in 1789. pennsylvania governor tom corbett will attend a opening ceremony of that exhibit, rather a little later today. we will take you live to the ceremony in the 8:00 o'clock hour of good day. 4:09. deadline to sign up for health care coverage is today. new customers have to pick a plan today that will go into effect january 1st. current customers have until midnight to make change that he is could reduce, expected, that could reduce the expected increase before next year. horrifying moment at oxford valley mall for a seven year-old boy. his foot got lodged in the bottom of the escalate or. >> this happened yesterday afternoon in front of the holiday shoppers.
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the escalator had to be shut down as crews took 20 minute to free that kid. can you imagine being stuck there for 20 minutes. boy was air lifted to chop after the terrible accident where he is still recovering this morning. no word on the extent of his injuries but we are told there was no amputations, thank goodness. 4:10 is the time. fire marshall is investigating whether a firebomb was thrown in the east germantown home, partially destroying it, the incident comes just weeks after nearby home had a similar incident. the the incident happened early yesterday morning on east colter street a family including a four month-old baby was inside sleeping when they heard a big bang. fire fighters were able to rescue that trapped family. >> i was asleep and i heard a bang and i went and looked down t steps, i said my god they threw a firebomb. >> the house next door had been struck by suspected
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firebomb just two weeks ago, all eight people survived, fire officials a say there has been more than one incident next door. meanwhile fire rips right through a home in chester, fire fighters walking through charred remains here on the 200 block of west 22nd street. it started just afternoon time, yesterday. crews on the scene tell us that it sparked a debate and that there is in word what caused it. the red cross is offering to help family that lived there a family of nine by the way. two philadelphia police officers are recovering from injuries after a car crash in the frankford neighborhood it happened at frankford avenue and seller street. one officer had a broken leg, others had minor injuries including one to his hand. no names have been released, in word yet on what caused it. at 4:11, bill cosby is breaking his silence, why he says he hasn't spoken about these sex abuse allegations and what he a had to say about his wife. former vice-president, dick cheyney, speaking out about the cia torture report.
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why he s
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welcome back. we will have sue's forecast in just a minute but look what is happening in the west. a big clean up will continue in california this morning, as more rain is in the forecast, but experts say, that the coming storms won't pack damage like you just saw here. what a major storm last week that caused flooding and power outages throughout the state. today's storms are expect to drop an inch to 2 inches of
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rain filled by second storm on wednesday in the bay area and they saw brunt of this storm, sue in southern california, the last couple days. >> a tornado. >> which they will never see in that part of the country. wish for an end to the drought, but be careful you what wish for because this is not the way anybody wanted it. so hopefully, more beneficial rains coming this week with less drama for us no drama at all weather-wise. no precipitation. we are watching this frontal system in the center of the country, for tomorrow, but probably not until late in the day, tomorrow. for us right now, a few cloud around and clouds are keeping us from being too cold this morning. it is cold. it is december but nothing extreme, so, the future cast, is showing us ideas president day to day. plenty of room for sunshine. that is good. we will probably go with a very high number in our weather by the numbers, when we're ready to show you that, and here comes tomorrow, we will make it to 1:00 and then
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scattered showers move in between 1:00 and 5:00 o'clock and throughout the night it will be light rain. don't expect heavy rain but it will be around. by the time we're together again tomorrow morning or wednesday morning at 4:00a m for fox 29 morning news that rain should be gone. so it is the not a big deal even when it gets here and happily it is forecasted only to be rain. so temperatures 43 in the city, right at freezing in mount pocono, 40 in trenton, 40 in wrightstown. we have 43 in wilmington and 43 degrees in millville the at the moment. wind out of the northwest on the chilly side 9 miles an hour in the city, calm down at the shore but a few win gusts as well. 16 miles an hour win gustness philadelphia so all that makes it feel like it is in the upper 30's. mid to upper 30's are our wind chills for today. we are looking at a seven day forecast, which actually a has a high in the 50's perhaps on wednesday. it is just when we get to the weekend that things get dicey. here comes the last weekend
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before christmas, and, we have mixed precipitation, in the forecast for both days, bob kelly, so that should be an adventure. >> we have a few days to work on that. >> yes. >> sue, good morning everybody. 4:17. happy monday. we are off to a good start here. maple shade, new jersey is what left of an accident. it looks like they have just pulled fire trucks out of the way. this is ramp from 73 to route 38 in maple shade, new jersey. some lane restrictions still in play on the ramp there as you head out the the front door. good morning to malvern. in problems at all a on 202 working your way up past construction on route 29, nice and quiet there. same deal on i-95 in northeast philadelphia looking fine near cottman avenue. accident on the northbound northeast extension right at lehigh valley interchange, accident involving a tractor trailer telling me that the tractor trailer rear ended a vehicle here on the northbound side of the extension, near the lehigh valley interchange.
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a crash in willow grove and upper moreland overlook avenue at new street and a new traffic pattern change is coming this week to 202, it is going to be southbound lanes of 202, between route 29, and down through to route 30. by this time wednesday morning, penndot will be have all of the southbound lanes, moved over to that newly construct stretch of the roadway, so over the next two days watch for lane restrictions and see blinking signs for the next couple days as well. bennie, whitman tacony palmyra all looking good to kick start our monday, chris and kerry back over to you. 4:18. bill cosby breaking his silence with a interview in the new york post page six. he told papers stacy brown who by the way also writes for african-american publications that i only expect the black media to up hold standard of excellence in journalism and when do you that you have to go in with a neutral mind. he added his wife has endured this ordeal with strength. he has been in mum on
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accusations that he drug and raped numerous i think up to 20 a allegations at this point of woman, accord together report he has been advise had not the to discuss ongoing cases with the media. civil rights groups in the united states and abroad are renewing abroad to prosecute those in the government agent shows use harsh cia tactics to pressure terror suspects. this is as some of the biggest critics of the enhanced up tergation program are identified as the the same ones that were briefed the earliest about the methods that were being used. man overseeing the operation says that house in minority leader nancy pelosi knew about things in september 2002. former president dick cheyney is deeven ifing cia brutal tactics saying would i do it again in a minute. a american citizen has crossed in to north korea and now denouncing a u.s. >> the man is criticizing the u.s. for alleged human rights violations. martinez made a public
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statement in north korea listing one of his grievances of the war in iraq as his words, illegal. he says he entered north korea by crossing the river boarder with china, but there is not appear he has been taken in custody. he is seeking a asylum in venezuela a his mother says martinez is bipolar and had tried to event earth nor korea but was stopped and shipped back to the u.s. an arrest is made in the number of an auburn university, in the murder of an auburn university football player, 18 year-old jakel leonard michigan hole was the shot in the off campus apartment complex. his girl friend told police mitchell was arguing with someone at a party when a third person started shooting. investigators say that gunman was 22-year old markhail heart. he was taken in custody yesterday afternoon. more than a dozen catholic league youth basketball teams are raising monday think weekend for family of shane montgomery, they were starting to do that over the the weekend. the recent 21 catholic youth
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organization teams are donating money from the sale of food during games and they are also collecting donations. shane montgomery has been missing for more than two weeks. he was last seen leaving a manayunk bar early thanksgiving morning. >> our kids live in the neighborhood. they are very familiar with what is going on. >> meanwhile the philadelphia police marine unit was back on the schuylkill river saturday, following up on another tip but they found nothing. all right. there could be a big logistical roadblock in the way of the upcoming super bowl. >> why there needs to be action now to make sure that big game still goes on n
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beginning, middle end, eagles started slow, came on strong i wish i could leave out the end. cowboys had 111th downs in the first quarter, eagles had none. bryant promised cowboys would be a different team and was not lying. three touchdowns in the game. cowboys score first 21 points. eagles come back with 24 unanswered. chris polk with two touchdowns runs. whatever he said work. eagles sacked romo, he fumbles, eagles recover and then they would take the lead on a darren sproles touchdown run but cowboys don't stop coming. tony romo all his small time performances in big games he
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doesn't come up small in this one. eagles turn it over and lately it has cost them. with two games left cowboys take sole possession of first, 38-27 your final. as we speak with two games left eagles on the outside of the playoffs looking in. two games to change that. i'm keith russell, and that is your sports in the minute. >> speaking of sports at 4:25 kobe bryant hit a career high on sunday. >> unaudible. >> kobe bryant has passed michael jordan and now number three on the nba all time scoring list. >> bryant needed nine-point to pass michael jordan, he made it, with those two free throws, lakers went on to win the game against minnesota timber wolves one hundred-94. pride of lower merion senior
4:26 am
high school. congress must ask quickly in order to prevent next super bowl from being canceled. insurance will expire if lawmakers don't renew terrorist being risk insurance act. it is spet to expire december 31st. nfl joined other sports league toss urge congress to reauthorize it. 4:26. protesters from the delaware valley bring their message to washington d.c., rally organized over the weekend and why the trip was worth it for those involved. then friends of an alleged rape victim at the university of virginia are defending themselves, why they say the the now infamous rolling stone article about the situation was wrong.
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we're on top of breaking news, a hostage crisis in australia, details as they unfold this morning. a disappointing loss for eagles, what went wrong and where the eagles stand right now. and, a farewell to fair a's first female fire fight ther, killed in the line of duty how friend and family remembered joyce craig. good day everyone it is monday, december 15th, 2014. thanks for being with us. >> absolutely, 4:30 in the morning. time to check with sue serio. today we will get a respite you were saying and then there
4:30 am
is some something in the works. >> it is no not until the weekend. we have sometime to work on it. but for today as we just tweeted uneventful and that is a good thing. satellite and radar picture is showing on clouds around, no big deal. our next system is way out in the midwest not expect to bring us in the rain until later on in the day, tomorrow. so, today, we're starting off at least in the city with 43 degrees, a 9-mile an her breeze slightly higher wind gusts, 7:15 is now our sunrise time. so these sunrisees are getting late but we're getting closer to the shore to stay in the year in the 21st of december, the the first day of winter. forty-three in philadelphia as we said. thirty-two mount pocono. lower 40's just about every where. wind chills in the mid to upper 30's, so that is what it feels like outside, and it feels like to the's in the mountains. the so, our, december chill
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all these clouds and we still get to 47 degrees. and, 42 on saturday. as we go through rest of today we will be in the mid 40's today by noon. we will get colder before we warm up again and get up to 47 degrees today. some sun and some clouds around as i said, uneventful but that is a a good thing at least as far as weather is concern. we wish it was uneventful on the roads but we already have have something, something. >> yes, a little something for shaders this morning 467:89:31. a live look, you can see fire fighters, working around a the ram from route 37 to route 38 in maple shade, new jersey. a one car accident off the the roadway and into the trees here, as they have here is a a flatbed to put the car, up on to the back of the truck but right new ramp from 73 to 38, a block from maybe some slippery spots this morning. i-95 is looking good heading down toward philly international n problems or delays up and down that i-95 corridor. we are looking good on 422, in
4:32 am
problems between royersford and collegeville. northbound northeast extension an accident right here near lehigh valley interchange this one involving a tractor trailer. upper moreland a crash overlook avenue at new street just outside, willow grove. and police activity in the neighborhood. we will tell but this in a second. frankford a avenue is block at unruh, at least for beginning of the morning torresdale avenue would be the best bet. if you use septa's regional rails this morning be ready for adjustments, they have put in a new you timetable that took effect yesterday. grab yourself a new schedule this morning, all schedules are brand new on the regional rails beginning this morning with the warminster paoli line starting out of the gate with no delays, chris and kerry, back over to you. it is 4:32. breaking news, we have learning more details about a police involved shooting. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce just a arrived on the scene in northeast philadelphia, good morning, jen. >> reporter: homicide detectives are investigating their case we're live along
4:33 am
the 6600 block of frankford avenue. what we know so farrah cord go to police around 3:00 a.m. a philadelphia police officer fires his weapon at an armed suspect after someone struggled with him the the suspect was pronounced on the scene. there the was a white vehicle that police are paying attention to. it is unclear how this all unfolded what led to the confrontation. we are waiting to get an update from police. what we know is the suspect is dead shot by a philadelphia police officer after the two were engaged in some sort of struggle, kerry and chris. >> we will check back. i know you just got on the scene. great hustle jennifer joyce. we will check back with northeast philadelphia and jennifer joyce in a minute. five people are free but city is on virtual lock down as others are still being held captive in the sidney australia cafe. gunman took dozens of people hostage in the height of the rush hour this morning, shortly after, two people inn identify that cafe were seen holding up a black flag with
4:34 am
arabic writing. first three people were freed six hours in the hostage crisis with two more women being released shortly after wards. all right. 4:34. we have to talk bit. the eagles second place, after losing at home to the dallas cowboys. now even making playoffs will be a bit of the struggle. if you didn't see the game, it got off to a very bad start. dallas jumping out to the 21 to nothing lead, thanks in large part to the eagles turn over in the opening kick off. eagles eventually for the back to take a 24-21 read but defense could not hold it. dallas took over in the fourth quarter and they ended up winning 38-27. >> we need a whole new secondary. defense needs to be addressed in the off season. philadelphia community continues to mourn loss of fallen fire fighter joyce craig following her funeral saturday. >> thousands gathered to pay their final respects, fire commissioner derek sawyer led
4:35 am
procession with mayor michael nutter and other city leaders just behind the engine. and much of services focused on her love of the job and family emotions were very raw for those close to her. >> i was with joy when she was first hurt on the job... and i was with her the last time. i was mad at god that day. >> mayor nutter posthumously promoted fire fighter craig to lieutenant, and declared a 30 day mourning period where flags will be flown at half staff. friend of an a alleged rape victim at the university of virginia are calling out rolling stone magazine. why they say there are key points to an article about the alleged attack that were entirely wrong.
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good morning, welcome back. the getting in the mood here week before christmas week. shooting stars lighting up the night over germany. annual light she reached its peak sunday morning. shooting stars are really just a meet your shower burning up entering the atmosphere of our earth. experts say in perfect
4:39 am
conditions, around 120 fragments could be seen in an hour. pretty cool. >> yes. >> a four year-old building comes crashing to the ground in less than ten seconds. it is called an implosion. >> that isn't that old. >> even more than 40 years. >> yeah. >> pretty new. >> i'd say so too. crews brought the 17 story building. >> this building is 40 year-old. >> crumbling to the ground. >> that is how i feel every morning, crumb brink to the ground when that alarm goes off at age 46. community college, redevelopment the site, will be in addition to the campus. officials, whatever. you know, they imploded the building, who cares. >> my god, thank you. >> historic 40 year-old building. >> real quick to that end, i'm starting a new work out program with this guy tre and he is on me. good morning, eat right and
4:40 am
get those 5 miles in today. most importantly have a happy, healthy day, tre the trainer. when you are crumbling down and eagles lose you have to do something to pick yourself up. >> thank you for share. >> thousands of protesters marching in the nation's capitol in the justice for all rally, held this past weekend. we knew it was coming. we marched down pennsylvania avenue calling attention to the deaths of unarmed black men in the hands of the police. area resident among demonstrators demanding change. >> things have to be done differently. just can't shoot to kill. >> i think it is something wrong with the process, it is imbalanced. >> the march was in response to the deaths of several unarmed black men at the hand of police. friend of an allege victim of the gang rape of the university of virginia fraternity says rowing are stone article was attack was wrong on a number of levels, most importantly, three friends encourage victim identified as jackie in the
4:41 am
article to report the article to police. that conflicting with the article that friend encourage her to keep quiet and preserve her reputation. editors of the magazine apologized last week saying the the mistakes in that article were its fault but prior to that, they blamed the victim saying quote, our trust in her was misplaced. >> combination of a little bit of both. children's charity providing holiday cheer to special needs kids and their family. i should say a children's chair. the these kids part of the the variety kids, it is a non-profit organization that provides services and programs, to improve the quality have of life for kids. they were treated to lunch followed by a dance party at sheraton hotel in society hill. of course, big guy in red, not elmo, but this guy right there, stopped by bearing gifts for all. 4:41 right now. tough loss for eagles. but that is in the what is trending about the game this morning, why governor christie
4:42 am
is picking up all the attention. but first, hello, bob. >> good morning, everybody. we're in good shape on the roadways here but our fox future cast shows us something is brewing out west and that will cause some problems for our weekend, we will check rest of the roads and sue will fine tune that forecast, when we come
4:43 am
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4:44. that is the time. only for the next better part
4:45 am
of the minute. 4:44 if you want to play that number. high pressure is in control today and it means a mild monday. meaning that a normal high is 45, and we will get to about 47. a little milder then normal but here comes a warm front that will come our way first and bring south rain probably late in the day tomorrow, followed by a cold front for wednesday, that will chill things down in time for the weekend. lets go through the future cast, rest of the day looks fine, in mix of sun and clouds. now we're into tomorrow 9:00 in the morning. we have some sunshine. here comes the rain moving from the west and it lets here, anytime after 12:00 noon. by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon you the should be a messy rush hour but it looks like it is all rain in our area for this whole event, warm front after all. we will go into wednesday and things dry out by about 4:00 in the morning and then we will have sunshine in store for wednesday as well. the lets go through some numbers, 43 in the city.
4:46 am
thirty-two in mount pocono. forty-one lancaster. millville 42. so is dover, delaware. wind speeds north west at nine to 15 in miles an hour depending on where you are, higher win gusts in the higher elevations. what does that do? it makes it feel chillier. the dressing yourself or kids for the the bus stop, temperatures in the mid to upper 30's is what they feel like outside. that is what you dress for. a couple of layers. seven day forecast, here's where it gets tricky, by the weekend, i don't want to say the word nor'easter but it looks like one may form in time for saturday and sunday, and more immediate concern is tomorrow night, the first night of hanukkah, it looks like, if you are going out to visit family and friend you may have to bring umbrella but doesn't look like a big rain event for hopefully happy hanukkah time starting tomorrow, bob kelly. >> good morning, sue. good morning. busy weekend in northeast philadelphia, a live look at the ramp here from princeton
4:47 am
avenue to head north on i-95, construction crew is it looks like they are getting ready to pick cones up and open up for a morning rush hour. i saw the sweeping truck go through here and hose it down and be ready by 5:00. we will give them another ten minutes to be back in business here out of the great northeast. good morning to the conshohocken curve schuylkill expressway, no problems or delays in or out of the city this morning. roads are dry and we're in good shape this morning. southbound i-95 into wilmington the ramp to south 202 closed until tuesday night, as part of the reconstruction project down there in wilmington. an accident north on the northeast extension right here near lehigh valley interchange, fender-bender in upper moreland overlook avenue at new street. that police activity that jenny joyce told bus here frankford avenue blocked in northeast philadelphia right at unruh street. we will go around the block in the northeast or use torresdale as your alternate. over next couple nights we will see changes coming our
4:48 am
way to 202, penndot will do the penndot shuffle here this week, tonight and tomorrow moving lanes around southbound 202 stretch between route 29, through frazier, down to route 30. all of the southbound lanes will be moved over to the right so that newly construct stretch of the roadway and that will occur tonight and tomorrow. this morning septa's rolling with the new timetable and they an ad just ted scheduled for regional rails. grab a new schedule as you wait for the train. this morning. otherwise mass transit a off to a good start. chris and kerry back to you. 4:48. two years after sandy hook school shooting massacre activist continue to call for tougher gun laws. >> that includes at home here as well activist in springfield delaware county held this march yesterday, that mark second year, since the tragedy. group is called delaware county united for sensible gun policy and it will push state lawmakers next session for
4:49 am
universal back gun checks for all guns that are sold in that state. right new background checks are not required for the private sale of long guns and even semiautomatic weapons. >> it started with the first grader and it is just something that we all rally around, it is a very important cause of gun violence prevention and we will do all we can. >> six children and have staff members were killed in the sandy hook school shooting. welshing local holidays will be a lot happier for chester county kids this year. seventy coatsville area kids were treated to a christmas shopping spree thanks to local police officers in parkesburg. teams were teamed up with a member of within of nine chester county law enforcement agencies for a day of holiday shopping. local businesses donated $100 wal-mart gift cards for kids to buy whatever they wanted for themselves or their
4:50 am
families. >> relationship between community and police is really important and starts at a young age. too often home time they see police is when something negative is happening and they are smart they connect the dots. >> before the kid left helper elfs were in the back wrapping all of the gifts. this is eighth year for coatsville shop way cop program. >> very good. >> 4:50 right now. it was an early christmas present for fans of the new british royal family. new photos of george have been released. prince with the yam and pregnant duchess kate releasing three official photos. the last time photos were released was for george's first birthday. he is now about 17 months old. royal watchers say george very similar to the way his dad prince william looked at the same age when he was photographed with his parents, prince charles and princess diana. gods and kings topping this weeks box office dethrowning hunger games
4:51 am
mocking day part one. >> the biblal epic starring christian bail debut with 24 abe a half million-dollar in ticket sales bumping in mocking jay part one from the three week long reign down to second place. rounding out top five are penguins of madagascar with 7.3 million, chris rock's new film, top five. >> i heard that is good. >> not a huge debut though 7 million. and big hero six with a little more than 6 million. is there a new miss world, miss south africa, was crown miss world on yesterday on in london the 23 year-old ace fourth year medical student at the university of mississippi state. there she is. you can see the the hair,
4:52 am
thank you. miss u.s.a. elizabeth from the u. is, came in third. miss world. >> halle berry was in the miss world competition back in the day. >> was she. >> she still looks fantastic. >> she's approaching 50. david gillmore repricing wish were you here at an legendary london venue. >> i wish i was there final performance at bomb bay bicycle club at london's earl court before demolition. >> ♪ >> we're in a fish bowl at the fourth and market, looking in, look at us. >> watch us for sure. >> making faces at us. >> pink floyd first played at earl's court in may of 1973,
4:53 am
during the the first year that rock band started appearing there. 197 three, same year they released dark side of the moon. >> thank you, a little bit of trivia. fox 29 would like to see your holiday lights. i saw a bunch of them going up this weekend. the just post your pictures, your video, social media, facebook, twitter, instagram, use the hash tag fox 29 lights and we will put your display on tv throughout the show and probably until we have christmas wining down. 4:53. a baby beats incredible odds why a birth like hers won't happen again for
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:56 am
things are looking up for a florida woman who watch helplessly as a sink hole swallowed her car. >> my goodness. >> the florida woman recently received keys to a brand new car, images are hard to forget. a a month ago. >> look at the that. >> it swallowed her car which was parked in her drive way. >> i'm very, very, very happy. >> she lost her husband last year and then she has a gigantic sink hole right in front of her house. >> that was evidently who owns the the car dealership. town engineers are checking to see if nearby construction caused that collapse. >> my goodness. in cleveland a baby was born at just the right minute,
4:57 am
at 10:11 on saturday, december 13th, of 204. so that means little girl was born at ten, 11, 12, 13, 14, get it wait until she's 15 she will have quite a story to tell. >> she's 7-pound, 14 ounces, good size too hazel grace is her name. she was born saturday morning at cleveland's fair view hospital. her family knew she would be born on saturday but they didn't know that she would get it right down to the very minute that she needed asbell. hazel by the way, got a visit from her three older sisters, mother and new daughter are doing great. >> cute. >> family of four kiddos. could facebook be the key to living a healthy life, why experts say you should dive into social media and keep up with it no matter how old you
4:58 am
4:59 am
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you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! it is 5:00 o'clock. hostages managed to break through in australia after a sidney cafe is under siege. the details as they unfold this morning. a police involved shooting overnight and we're live on the scene. this is juicy, more documents leaked from that sony hack attack and a big movie could be in jeopardy


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