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tv   FOX 29 News at Five  FOX  December 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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their probe of fdr middle school and they're not done yet. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. there are as you can imagine a lot of questions from many parents tonight. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live in bristol tonight with the story. dawn? >> reporter: iain, it is particularly upsetting because we're talking about middle school students. children between the ages of 11 and 14. it is not known how long this sex tape has been circulating here at fdr but police say whoever made the tape and shared it with his or her friends could face serious charges. >> i'm just shocked that this is happening. i mean, the first time i heard of it. >> gary bon ski picking up his grandson from school today and not too happy to learn that seventh and eighth grade students here at fdr middle school were sharing a sexually he can plus sit video on their cell phones. >> it's amazing. it's amazing that they just don't care what they share. >> i just think it's gross and i really don't like it.
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>> reporter: are you surprised to hear this? >> yeah. really surprised. >> reporter: bristol township school superintendent dr. samuel lee holding a news conference today regarding that video. >> it's my understanding the video has been distributed among our students which shows minors engaged in activities that are inappropriate and in fact illegal. it's disturbing on multiple levels. >> reporter: the superintendent says the tape was not made on school grounds. he says the school district notified police after learning tuesday that students had been sharing cell phone video today choral concert. at least 10 cell phones confiscated by police are vowing to get to the bottom of this. >> this might take a little while. it won't be done overnight. there's a lot of that's involved in many. >> reporter: counselors on hands at fda middle school to talk to students about the sex tape. the school encouraging to tell their parents forward this kind of video that their friends is against the law. >> this is my grandson i definitely will go home and have conversation about this. >> reporter: i think a lot of
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adults are going to be heart to heart conversations with their children tonight. a recent pennsylvania law makes it illegal for anyone under 18 to share images like these of children between the ages of 12 and 17 with anyone and even if this exchange is consensual, the center and the receiver both could face criminal charges ia iain. >> all right, dawn, thank you. philadelphia firefighters race to save a woman trapped in a burning building. fire broke out around 1:00 o'clock this afternoon at tenth and olney. rescuers pulled the woman from the second floor. she was not hurt. there's no word yet on what started the fire. >> happening right now, a man who opened fire in a philadelphia neighborhood is stopped in his tracks. a philly police officer the one responsible for the peaceful ending to the violent situation not one person was hurt. tonight the officer is being prayed for his quick action. fox 29's bruce gordon is live outside police headquarters in center city. bruce?
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>> reporter: lucy, fatal police encounters involving unarmed black men in suburban st. louis and in new york city have of course prompted national protests and rallies and demonstrations, but it's important to note it's worth noting that there are lots and lots and lots more incidents about which we hear very little. potentially deadly encounters that do in fact end without a loss of life. skyfox aerials showed a scene that could have come from a battlefield. but this ar15 assault style rifle was actually put to use in the middle of a busy philadelphia street. 39th district police officer colin berg was near the 2800 block of north 20th street wednesday afternoon on foot patrol holiday duty looking for store thieves and stop lifters. >> while i was walking my patrol i heard 10 to 15 gunshots coming from the area of 20th street and somerset. >> rapid fire? >> rapid fire. consistent non-stop. >> reporter: berg arrive on the scene to find a man later identified as 39-year-old rick
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barnes holding the ar15. there were lots of people arou around. though they were given the gunman wide berth. >> he doesn't see me at this time. i started to proceed towards him. i announce myself as police order him to drop the weapon. he looks back in my direction, i believe realizes i've got the beat on him, and just drops the weapon. >> reporter: barnes was taken into custody. police learned he had fired nearly 30 shots a check of the ar15 showed he had taped together ammunition clips to give him additional quick fire power. search of home his near turned up a glock semi-automatic handgun, a situation that could have ended in a deadly shootout. instead ended without a shot fired. >> there was fortunate for everyone that just my mirror presence was enough to deter this individual from attempting to fire at any body else or anything. >> reporter: police commissioners charles ramsay notes police involved shootin sg and fate shootings are down this year.
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>> these are the stories that don't get told all that often. officers are confronted with very dangerous situations, very dangerous people on a regular basis and all of them don't end up in shootings. >> reporter: consider this story told. eric barnes faces firearms charges to night. officer berg credits his police training but also his military service. eight years as an army inn fan free man including two years combined in iraq and afghanist afghanistan. his calm handling of this volatile situation assured not only he could go home to his wife and three-year-old daughter but that mr. barnes and all of those innocent bystanders were also unharm. iain? >> bruce, thank you. boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev was back in court today for the first time since july of 2013. tsarnaev walked into a courtroom full of police officers survivors and family members at his final pretrial hearing got underway today. jury selection for his federal trial begins january 5th. he's facing the possibility of death penalty if convicted in
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that april 2013 bombings -- april 2013. three people lost their lives and more than 260 others were hurt during that attack. >> temperatures are dropping in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a life look at blue mount fenn from our pocono mountains cam a it's even colder. you can skies out there. >> love it. >> these temperatures are setting us up for chilly weekend and possible trouble. chief meteorologist scott williams standing by with an early look at what we're facing, scott? >> iain, folks are definitely bundled up today. i know you were bundled up coming in to work. it felt even colder than the highs we saw in the 40s because of those winds coming out of the north and west. but high pressure will continue to settle in overhead. so we'll stay dry for now. but look at the temperatures. 30 in the pocono mountains. we have 39 in philadelphia. but you have to factor in the wind. how it actually feels. it feels like 19 degrees right now in the poconos. it feels like freezing, 32 in philadelphia. it feels like the upper 20s in millville and atlantic city. so stays pretty blustery as we
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move toward the 9:00 o'clock hour. 35 degrees by 11:00. it's going to be a cold overnight but what about the upcoming weekend and if you have travel plans early next week i'm tracking a storm system. details on if it will bring rain or snow with the seven day coming you up. iain and lucy. >> scott, thank you tonight three kids are recovering from minor injuries after the schoolbus crash in new castle county, delaware. skyfox was over the scene this morning just after a car rear ended the bus in middletown odessa and marlpit roads in middletown. police kreider the driver of that car for following too closely. no one else was hurt. >> just in time for the holidays thousands of casino workers will keep their jobs much the trump taj mahal is not going to close in the nick of time a deal will come through to save that casi casino. it was closing its doors this saturday as we've been telling you. billionaire investor carl icon has agreed to nearly all of the unions demands. what he's getting is significant tax breaks from the state. the deal should be inked today.
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now, this year, of course, already seen four other casinos in atlantic city go out of business. the trump plaza, revel hotel and casino, showboat and the atlantic club are all history. >> new jersey is not well prepared for outbreaks of infectious diseases. that's according to a new study. the robert wood johnson foundation says the garden state got passing grades for public health funding preparing for emergency threats and having toddlers vaccinated against hepatitis b. but new jersey falls short when it comes to getting residents vaccinated for the flu planning for climate change and preventing the spread of an infection and health care facilities only west virginia was ranked worse. new jersey schools may soon need to keep allergy medicine on hand. state lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow school nurses to give the treatment to students suffering allergic reactions without contacting a parent first. it's an effort to address the school aged children with ld food allergies. >> the bulls are running at the
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corner, the dow jones just closed up by more than 400 points. it is the biggest gain in threes years. nasdaq and s&p up tonight. the market continue a surge that began yesterday. the feds said it was in no rush to raise interest rates. >> cyber terrorists have been empowered that's what experts say happened the moment movie chains gave into hackers demands then sony pulled its 40 million-dollar move the interview. >> the big ticket comedy centered on a fictitious blot to kill north korean leader kim jong-un. u.s. officials say yank is behind the debilitating hack. >> reporter: sony calling off plans to release the interview on christmas day after major theater chains said they would not show the controversial mov movie. those decisions coming after the group respond of responsible for hacking the studio guardians of peace warned audiences to avoid seeing the film. threatening 9/11 type attacks on the theaters. >> once it moves into a
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philadelphia world you're talk bowing possible physical harm you're right it was a little bit inevitable that -- that, you know, choices would be made. >> reporter: the interview a comedy starring james franco and seth rogen. the plot centers around an assassination attempt on north korean leader kim jong-un. u.s. officials now say north korea or proxies are behind the hack. but so far, that country has denied any involvement. >> this is a matter that is still under investigation. both by the f boulevard. and national security division of the department of justice. sony releasing a statement saying it's disappointed by the out come. franco and rogen are staying quiet for the moment some hollywood stars are furious with the studio taking to twitter to vent their frustration. actor rob lowe tweeting "wow, everyone caved. the hackers won. utter and complete vick four for them. >> steve carell wrote "sad day for creative expression #fear eats the soul. >> carell was planning to star
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in an upcoming thriller set in north korea, however, the studio new regency now canceled plans for that untitled movie which was set to begin filming in march. in los angeles, william la jeunesse, fox news. >> the loss of a bensalem teen has the community coming together to try to stop something like this tragedy from happening again. >> she was killed yesterday trying to get to her bus on a stretch of road some call dangerous. to night a mother who lost a child the same way on the same road calls for change and honors her son's memory. >> the instagram post that has ignited a social media fire storm. it's one from paramedic and some say it's a slap in the face to the police department. tonight the paramedic is in trouble. >> and it's their dream house. everything is picture perfect until the $20,000 tax bill comes with no answers as to why. until fox 29 stepped in. what we discovered that saved this couple thousands. ♪
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. ♪ >> counselors spend the day at bensalem high school helping students deal with a tragedy. student mow net was hit and killed as she crossed bensalem boulevard at bridgewater road yesterday morning. the accident is bringing back painful memories for another local family. 17-year-old ryan was killed at the same intersection two years ago. fox 29's jennifer joyce spoke to his mother about how she's coping with her loss and she's life for us tonight in northern liberties. jennifer?
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>> reporter: iain, that's right. we are at the gift of live family house here in northern liberties. viola family tells us they're trying to do their best to turn a negative into a positive. they made the decision, the family decision to donate ryan's organs in turn his organs saved five lives and tissue saved as many as 80 lives. so the family likes to give ba back. they are here cooking in the gift of live family house and they often are. they told me they like to come every other week tonight they've volunteered to cook dinner for all of the families here are waiting transplants. ryan have i yoel la's life was cut short on nor 29th, 2012. he was 17 years old. walking to the bus stop when he got hit and killed by a car. now, two years later at the same intersection bensalem boulevard near bitch water road another teen mow net on her way to school was hit and killed. ryan's mother alice says she's fighting for change trying to get the bus stop moved away from the busy boulevard. >> the last two years i have
5:16 pm
been to the mayor's office. i have talked to the township. i have talked to the bensalem police department and asked them to police get these kids off bensalem boulevard. get these kids off of these major roads. off of street road. there's no reason for it. >> reporter: and the family says they feel better when they are helping others as they are doing tonight at the gift of live family house. mom alice says nothing will bring back her son but the best christmas present at this point again would be to get that bus stop moved off of bensalem boulevard and to try to prevent other deaths from happening in the future. iain? >> all right. jennifer, thank you. in northeast philadelphia, police say a thief watched a fed ex driver deliver a package and then check it out just swooped in and stole it. surveillance video showing a black car pulled right next to the fed ex truck on the 1900 block of tuscan street after the driver dropped off the package much police say the car came back the thief got out and stole it right off the front step. police say it happened in the middle of the afternoon on
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december 1st. if you recognize this guy, please call police. >> upper darby police wasted no time getting a man off the street that they say assaulted a woman at a drive through fast food restaurant. police say right around 12:30 this morning a man walked up to a mcdonald's drive through at state road in lance dawn avenue. 23-year-old michael jenkins began flirting with a 31-year-old employee then started making crude remarks when she tried to close the window police say jenkins reached in and grabbed her. >> absolutely asinine. a 31-year-old woman trying to work and make a living and this bum walks up and sexually assaults her. >> police say jenkins then walked right across the street to a bar afterwards and that is where they found him and arrested him. he's charged with harrah's many, sexual assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. >> philadelphia police are trying to track down a missing 17-year-old girl. alicia was last seen her home in the 4200 block of belmont avenue
5:18 pm
back on october 3rd. she had on light blue jeans arc pink hooded sweatshirt and sneakers with no laces. she's described as 5-foot two, 122 pounds with brown hair. if you've got any information contact the police. free meals, drinks and ticks to events could soon run out for pennsylvania lawmakers. one state senator says he'll introduce a sweeping bill next month to ban nearly all gifts to public officials and employees in pennsylvania. that would include both state and local government employees. governor elect tom wolf is already pledging to ban gifts to executive branch employees and officials. >> where bake goods are actually baked at the center of three lawsuits in new jersey. the suits filed by consumers claim acme, wegmans and wholefoods markets do not make their baked goods from scratch in the stores. they say they're bake at other places. the lawyers are asking for $100 for every single customer who has bought items labeled fresh baked.
5:19 pm
representatives from the stores say they haven't seen the lawsuits and they are not commenting. >> eight-year-old boy who is blind has his cane taken away for alleged misbehave your. the school gave him a pool noodle to use instead. what the boy got after people across the country became enraged by his story. >> and you may not even notice you're doing it constantly reapplying lip balm many or chapstick. are you addicted. the new research suggest the answer could be yes. >> california man under arrest after police say he went to the wrong house and broke into it then got shot by the homeowner all while he was drunk. how the man still managed to all while he was drunk. how the man still managed to escape serious injuries.
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>> three cuban intelligence agents imprisoned in florida are home tonight. cuban president raul castro greeted them when they arrived in havana. the u.s. released them as part of a prisoner swap. they were part of a spy network known as the cuban five and their mission was to infiltrate the us military and cuban american groups. authorities arrested them in 1998. their release coincides with the release of american alan gross who spent five years in a cuban prison and another american who was imprisoned for more than 20 years in cuba. u.s. officials describe him as an intelligence asset. president obama says he wants to restore u.s. cuban diplomatic relations. but seismic shift in us policy has a lot of descenders from both lawmakers and those win the cuban american community. of the president wants five major changes including expanding trade and easing travel restrictions to and from the island nation. raising the amount of money cuban americans can send back home to family members.
5:24 pm
u.s. would review cuba status as a state sponsor of terrorism and the us would open an embassy in havana. >> i think it stinks. i think it's wrong. deeply disappointed in the president. >> menendez says he's not happy he didn't know about the president's negotiations for a year and he says it's unrealistic to believe cuba will reform because an american president has offered friendsh friendship. pakistani children who survived this week's horrific terrorist attack are taking a stand even as they mourn the loss of their classmates. distraught children stood together outside the public school's main gate in peshawar. tuesday's massacre killed at least 148 people most of them children. it is the deadliest attack on innocent lives in pakistan's history. memorial services and protests are being held across the country to honor those who died. >> a night of drinking ends really not well for a california man. he broke into a home ended up getting shot.
5:25 pm
a couple was asleep when they heard someone pounding on their glass door. seconds late they heard a crash. police say 24-year-old true hash used a plant rack to smash through the door. that's when the homeowner grabbed his gun. >> the guy got in again. my dad yelled you don't belong here. get out! i have a weapon. the guy came in. went into the family room and that's when my dad fired a shot. >> police say hatch wasn't trying to steal anything. he was just so drunk he thought he was breaking into his own home. he was treated for his gunshot wound and then arrested. >> one online retailer is offering a dream come true to last minute shoppers. >> customers can get their stuff delivered in less than an hour. >> wow. we'll explain how it all works and. instagram post that ignite add social media fire storm. from the a philadelphia para medic and some say it's a slap in the face to the police department. tonight that paramedic is in some trouble. scott. >> iain right now temperatures are dropping across the area but what about the weekend and what
5:26 pm
about the first day of winter? we're just three days away from
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philadelphia paramedic instagram getting a lot of attention tonight. >> people say it's a slap in the face to the police department. chris o'connell has the story. >> reporter: this is the picture some philly police officers say goes too far. the instagram post shows two african-americans pointing guns at the head of a white police
5:29 pm
officer. the post reads "our real epp me need to stop pointing guns at each other and at the ones leg legally killing innocents" what makes this picture more disturbing for police that is the photo came from the account of a philadelphia firefighter paramedic. >> it's despicable and it defames the police. >> reporter: philadelphia police union chief john mcnesby says the image is a slap in the face to police much the first responders poo work side by side with firefighters this is the paramedic who posted the pictu picture, marcel salter who's works at medic 23 in southwest philadelphia who incidentally in the very same building as the police department's 19th district. >> it's a brotherhood. we're out there doing the same work. public safety. and to do something like that is just -- ridiculously stupid. >> oh, my god. >> that's the reaction we got after showing the photo to several residents whose lives salters protects in southwest
5:30 pm
philly. >> it's appalling. it's very insulting and i don't even understand why he would do that. report roar the picture was followed up by another post from salters account it says there are numerous crooked and corrupt cops mostly white and mostly they harrah's beat or kill innocents mostly blacks. the account does not indicate that salters works with the fire department but he is seen in several pictures wearing his paramedic uniform. >> this is business. but for the people out here, they don't think so. >> reporter: no one answered at the door of salters home and he didn't respond to messages. same goes for the philadelphia fire commissioner when we called. we're still waiting for a response. but once we started asking questions, another post appeared from salters facebook page. this one an apology saying that post was out of anger of what is going on around the world. mike brown, eric garner and et cetera. and past experiences i've had
5:31 pm
with police. my intentions was not to slander or hurt anyone or my brothers in blue, again, i am sorry. still some say salters should be disciplined. >> you don't want to see anybody lose their job especially around the holidays, but, you know, if -- charges of stupidity was in the handbook manual he probable woman get a live sentence. >> philadelphia mayor michael nutter releasing a statement this afternoon which reads in part "we celebrate the exercise of our first amendment right to expression but there are clear limits and this posting went far beyond standards of decency and film ma tower speech or behavior like this is simply irresponsible and could potentially insight other toss inappropriate actions" that picture comes from rappers music video and that video has quickly become viral. joining us now via skype to talk about the image from that music video is a biehl marsalis from chasing. you sat down with this rapper known as uncle hurt.
5:32 pm
what did he have to say. >> i spoke to uncle murder. this image of this police officer with two cops -- drew two guns to his head really upset police officers. i sent it to the police union. they forwarded it to police for investigation possible criminal charges. when i spoke to uncle murda this is what he had to say about it. >> the cop didn't get shot. the actor didn't get shot. the other things you did see around was real life things like police punching female in they face such like you repeatedly. you see them punching a kid that's in cuffs. >> basically he defended his video the police reaction was over exaggerated because that was just a still frame with a police officer with the two guns to his head. that was an actor. didn't actually show that police officer getting shot. but the video the violence and rap video was actually what he
5:33 pm
said was real police footage real -- footage of police brutality and he believes the police should have been investigating the shooting of unarmed black men. that should be their focus not him and his rap video. >> thank you so much for the insight. we appreciate it. >> all right. of course you can remember that chasing new jersey comes your way every night after our 10:00 o'clock news. we've got two hours of news info taken many. tmz and inside edition and dish nation at midnight and chasing at 12:00 their. >> fox 29 weather authority now. chestnut hill. back to our studios today. that is a beautiful neighborho neighborhood. it really is. >> i thank you so much for giving us the tour of great stores. great stores. great restaurants h a blast out there in chestnut hill yesterday of course the weather today is much colder than it was yesterday. yesterday highs were in the low 50s. today only low 40s. and tomorrow is going to be cold but sunny for your friday. what about the up coming weekend? it looks like it's going to be dry but we stay
5:34 pm
chilly. earlier in the week we were talking about the potential for coastal storm. that activity will stay to our south. however, as we move toward next week, in particular christmas eve, wind and rain in the forecast. so we'll have much more on that coming up. but the temperature high today only 41 degrees. below the normal by a couple of degrees which is 44 but look at the record. 70 degrees back in 2006 on today's date. so as we look at the temperatures right now chilly 30s area wide, 34 lancaster. 33 pottstown. 37 in atlantic city and wildwo wildwood. but those are the air temperatures. what it actually feels like how your body reacts it feels like 29 in wilmington. 28 is what it feels like in atlantic city. it feels like the low 20s right now in the pocono mountains. so the satellite and radar showing dry, quiet conditions but it's been pretty blustery. low pressure well off to the north. high pressure off to the west. so we get that wind tunnel
5:35 pm
effect. high pressure will be moving in over the next couple of days. so that will keep us dry and also keep that storm system to the south. watch the clock. during the day tomorrow, we're looking dry, sunny across our area. continuing into saturday and then saturday night you can see that area of low pressure is well to our south. so the weekend it's going stay dry but it's going stay chilly. moving into your sunday, we still have sunshine and dry conditions across our area. but early next week, we're going to be watching for scattered rainfall chances on monday and then tuesday but by wednesday, watch what happens. we're watching a potent area of low pressure but the track is going to keep it inland and that will mean it's going to be warm enough for all rain across the philadelphia area, even north and west. you have to head to the western part of the state to see some snowfall for christmas eve. so once again we're looking at a wet travel day on christmas even along the eastern seaboard and
5:36 pm
it's just going to be all rain for the i-95 corridor. so for tonight, partly cloudy, frigid, 26 degrees in the suburbs. 31 in the city. and then tomorrow, similar to today. mostly sunny, bundle up but 42 degrees will likely feel more like the 30s when you factor in that wind out of the north. saturday, staying cold. 40 degrees. that's it for the high temperature but once again dry for holiday shopping this weekend. winter officially arrives sunday evening. a high of 43 degrees. then we start to warm up. 54 degrees for christmas eve. >> perfect. >> rain and wind and then drier and colder for christmas day a high of 44 degrees. this saturday, of course, the eagles on the road. takintaking on the redskins it s like it's going to be pretty chilly as those temperatures drop into the 30s throughout the game. >> all right. we need to win that game. >> yes, we do. >> christmas eve looks great for me and lucy. >> we're happy about the warmth thank you very much. >> happy about the rain?
5:37 pm
>> the rain is okay. we need a little rain. >> i don't mind that either as long as it's in the mid 50s. >> no ice. we're okay. >> no white christmas. >> just go north. >> i'm okay with that, too. >> poconos beautiful this time of year. >> you may not even notice yourself doing and i don't mean check your phone all. i mean constantly reapplying lip balm many or chapstick. could you be addicted. >> you know when we asked that question in the newsroom everybody said y the new research the answer indeed could be yes. and what seemed like the plot from a classic christmas movie comes to life in one neighborhood. can you say griswolds. the holiday competition that comes with a heff fee price tag and takes months of prep. >> coming up at six a transgender student fights back against his new jersey school and wins
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5:42 pm
lip balm tom try to address th that. >> doctors also check avoiding salt and drinking lots of weather especially in the winter that can help keep your lips from chaffing. i'm hope you take note of that. yes. >> i brought you guys some. >> thank you. perfect. i actually am somewhat a dick to do it even i know it's habit forming. raspberries cream. >> you like that. >> almost as nice as getting your dream house. >> everything is picture perfect until the $20,000 tax bill comes with no answers as to why that's until fox 29 stepped in. what we discovered that saved this couple thousands. >> the continued outrage after a school takes away a cane from a young boy who's blind. what the boy just received and the new plan to make
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>> young couple moves into philly lured in by the big tack break on their new home to be labeled tax delinquents. they reached out to fox 29 investigates. jeff cole reveals how they got caught up in a the city's push to collect every single penny it says it's owed. >> we knew where my office was going to be. >> reporter: when matt and theresa curtis followed work from the big apple to philly, they had a choice to make. city or suburbs. they found a little of both in this brand new three-story home on delmar street. with room enough for them and their dogs. >> all right. it's the perfect mix of city and suburbs. >> would you like anything? >> we're able to have parking. we're able to have a yard yet we're still having to have a great restaurants and lots of events going on. >> the cherry on top a 10 year break on their proper taxes. this abate many as it's called
5:47 pm
is meant to entice new construction and rehab in town. for the next decade, homeowners are taxed only on the assessed value of their land, not their home. matt curtis said of the savings -- >> it's probably in the four to $5,000 a year range. >> so it's important to you. >> yes, very. >> incentive for to you come here. >> very much so. report roar the young couple paid 2013 taxes were they selled on their home that february. they took care of 2014's bill. they have the cleared check to prove it. >> this is the best. coffee or cocktail from the wine bar. >> as the couple enjoyed another spring with a view of center city from their upstairs detectives, they suddenly found themselves fighting city hall. tax recertification bill said pay up to the tune of more than 12 grand. >> it turns out that our abatement had been pulled because we were behind on our tacks. and that's kind of where we're
5:48 pm
stuck right now. >> reporter: matt says the department of revenue told him their account was delinquent thinking of paper work or reassess many snafu he filed a board of revision of taxes appeal which failed. they aid paid a lure 700 bucks to help them with a second appeal. it too was denied without explanation. meanwhile, with outstanding taxes, interest, penalties and 2015's bill the newlyweds now owed $21,000. so they hunkered down, cut spending -- >> we have familiar until different parts of the country we want to visit and right now we're kind of on hold. >> reporter: and reached out to us. >> all that we're asking for is someone to explain to us what's going on. >> reporter: so why does the couple owe? after contacting three different city departments we found the real reason why the a basement was never applied. it turns outgate way court lp the owner of the property owed a small monthly bill that has grown for water and sewer rents
5:49 pm
on this vacant lot across the city in the northeast. >> your builder owes the city all of $362. >> really? >> reporter: $362 for unpaid water or sewer bill. >> that's, um, that's just laughablely small. >> reporter: that's not all. notice of the bill wasn't sent to the builder until a month after settlement on the curtis' home. why wasn't the couple told their builder owed? we asked the department of revenue. >> why is it that they couldn't learn that? well, the city's general policy is absent a court order that we do not disclose the liability of other taxpayers. >> reporter: a staff of three handles up to 3,000 abate many as year for the city. each application takes two to three months to process. or longer. if they're overdue accounts. >> if all three of those -- >> revenue tells us the builder
5:50 pm
in this case should have finalized the abatement before settlement but admits these situations aeries from time to time. >> we would have -- should have told the couple that there was an issue and that the abatement was not granted because the developer did not qualify and they then should speak to the developer to fine out why they didn't qualify. >> reporter: that is apparently not what they heard. unfortunately. >> in addition to holding developers accountable before granting approval, the city is also aggressively working to collect back taxes, revenue proudly says it has a 10-year collection rate of 99% and last year brought in a record 100 million in past due real estate taxes although that leaves 250 million still collectible plus interest in penalties. is the city doing enough to make sure willing taxpayers aren't caught in the middle? we asked
5:51 pm
marian tasco chair of city council's finance committee. >> we have to be very careful, and i believe that, um, there are glitches and there are people who get caught up in situations that they may not be aware of. >> reporter: we asked tasco -- >> i think the abatement is -- >> reporter: about the curtis' case. >> i found the revenue department has been very sensitive to people in certain circumstances. this seems like an unusual circumstance but i'm going to straighten it out. >> reporter: council recent hal a hearing on a bill that would turn anyone with tax bills over to debt collectors after just one year. >> tasco opposed the measure. it was tabled. >> i'm not sure that this bill would really need to -- as for the curtis, the city says it will allow a retroactive abatement if that water department debt is paid off. developer buckley says the bill went to an old address.
5:52 pm
he's cut a check to make things right. matt and theresa aren't just happy this didn't mess up their credit they're not holding a grudge against their new home city. >> if i can have got resolved and remain happy. if this would have drug out or if we ultimately would have had to have paid substantial amount we didn't oh, i probably would have very negative opinion. >> missouri school district is apologizing after an eight-year-old boy who is blind had his cane taken away from him on the schoolbus. the bus driver took away dakot dakota's cane for what was being called bad behavior on the bus. district says he hit someone with his cane and then took it away to prevent him from huring himself or others. the eight-year-old was given a pool noodle to guide him around the school in the days after the incident. >> why would you do that? why would you take the one thing that he's supposed to use all
5:53 pm
the time. that's his eyes. >> the national federation of the blind found out about the incident and now has donate add new cane to dakota so he can have an extra one at home. dakota' parents say they are unsure if they'll be stepping him back to the school after holiday break. >> thank goodness he has his cane now. some big named hollywood celebrities are speaking out about sony canceling the release of interview. chris rock promoting has new film top five told our chris murphy today it's all rather unbelievable. >> the whole thing is weird, man. the whole thing is weird. 'cause i don't -- won we be mad if there was a movie about killing obama? you know. i don't know if we'd hack anybody but you'd have a right to be mad about it, right? philly, come out and see the movie. it's very korean friendly. hopefully, upping, nick foles will come back and mark sanchez will go back sitting down and you guys will make the playoffs.
5:54 pm
>> the one and only chris rock. top five is in theaters now. you can see more of what chris has to say and you know there's a lot tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". >> fun neighborhood holiday light competition is going way over the top. check this out. two families in a town near detroit battling the out for the title of best lights. it's not just about lighting the house. their sip compromising them to music homeowner says it takes two full weekends to set up the lights and several more hours to synch them. >> it takes about anywhere between four to eight hours depending on the song, each song for him to synkh each little beat to it. ethos sit at the computer and sing compromise each beat. he loves doing it and loves to see the smiles on all the kids faces. >> it's a lot of work. >> it is. >> the families say the lights jack up the electric bill but hey it is all worth it. >> led lights put that price way down. all right. >> straight ahead at six a local
5:55 pm
police officer whose very thankful this holiday season. >> look at what he survived. how this happened and how the officer lived to tell the story. >> and the mourning continues over the loss of a bensalem teen. she was killed yesterday trying to get to her bus op a stretch of road that some call extremely dangerous. to night a mother who lost child the same way in the same place calls for change and honors her son's memory in a special way. howard? >> there's some problems with the three team trade that would send jimmy rollins to the la dodgers. not on the phillies end but on the dodgers and the padres end. i will explain how that affects the phillies part of the trade coming up in sports. >> and coming up in weather, i'll talk about a storm brewing for christmas eve that cou
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>> city leaders are responding to a fox 29 report. a lot of controversy over this picture you can see it two men pointing a gun at the head of a police officer. and now a philadelphia paramedic is facing punishment for reposting that image. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the fire commission are in just spoke about the image and the paramedic who posted it. fox 29's chris o'connell is live tonight in front of the fire department headquarters with the story. chris? >> reporter: that's right. iain. the fire commissioner here in philadelphia addressing our report last night over that controversial picture posted by a philadelphia fire department paramedic. we have now learned tonight that paramedic is facing disciplinary action over that picture that
6:00 pm
some called racist and anti police, picture that was posted on instagram. take look at the controversial picture. it shows two african-american men pointing guns at the heads of white police officers. it was posted to the account of a philadelphia firefighter paramedic who has since apologized for that post. he has since taken it down. the paramedic marcel salters a three-year veteran who work at medic 23 in southwest philadelphia. the post also mentioned that he has a dislike of police officers, of course, it got the attention of those police officers. some who call the post despicable. >> i thought it was disgusting. literally disgusting. i think that we have a great working relationship with the police in our city and i think we want to keep that and a lot of our members have family members that are police officers, also. so it wasn't -- it was in poor taste


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