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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 22, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> five seconds to go. the the redskins are up by three. >> that was a dagger. it was painful. eagles eliminated from the playoffs. who should take the blame for this december collapse. jon and sean from 97.59 fanatic are here to break the game down and alex is wearing black on a monday, wearing black. >> this is the third straight monday. >> it is sad. >> it takes a couple days too. this one will be worse because it will go through the christmas holiday. >> thing that under scores it is we were looking so good, sue mentioned on thanksgiving day we beat dallas in dallas, getting excitedded. >> we had a that pep band in here. >> they are in retirement now. >> just the the fact that it is over, what now. >> someone tweeted me we will see new september. >> yes. >> so many months away. and now it is officially winter, all kind of bad things this winter.
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>> but chris eve is wednesday, christmas day. of course, christmas eve forecast isn't so great. >> it is a weird one, thunder. >> thunder, lightening possible, thunderstorms, mild, kind of crazy but you know what rodolph have that bright nose and he will find his way, don't worry. we have got a six out of ten today, dry to start but rain arriving in the afternoon, probably for most of us after lunchtime unless you are south of the city. your pal bus stop buddy does have the umbrella for later on in the day when we do get that rain but he is smiling because he is counting down, some kids may only go today and tomorrow to school. some kids maybe less than that. but it is chilly. good thing beer not getting precipitation just yet. once rain gets here it will be only rain. it is hazy. calm wind. 31 degrees. 7:19 is your sunrise time on the first full will day of winter. forty is our high, afternoon showers, and rain on and off
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throughout the night with the low, that should say 38 degrees tonight. we should have, more rain in the forecast, we will break it down coming the in the seven day. how are the road, they are light. >> light volume, so, good morning. this is a live look at i295, this vehicle here upside down, wheels in the air, accident northbound lanes, of i295 right at route 29. anyone heading north this morning heading up north towards trenton you can see backup here, stacked and packed with the headlights heading north on 295, into route 29. otherwise a live look here at route 73, in maple shade, new jersey. no problems or delays at all through the garden state. roads are dry, that is good news. the at least as we begin our morning rush hour, here's a live look at 202 as you work in towards their 30 bypass. a new traffic pattern that comes into play.
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penndot was busy over the weekend. slow go south on i-95 into girard, we are seeing that crunch. schuylkill running slow between conshohocken and city avenue. south jersey north on the freeway slow and towards 295 and as we go for a ride, west, on the pennsylvania turnpike, getting word of a vehicle fire right here near the willow grove interchange. the and the lights are out. the the overhead street lamps are out ahead over at the lincoln drive heading southbound toward the kelly drive this morning. because of the down wires septa is using shuttle buses on route 13 trolley line between mount mariah and yeadon station. otherwise we're in good shape. chris, back over to you. time is 703:67:89 we will begin with the latest on the deaths of the two new york city police officers who were killed by a 28 year-old man in brooklyn this weekend. >> we now know it happened so fast they never had time to pull their weapons. officers rafael ramos and wenjian liu were sitting in their car when ismaaiyl
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brinsley walk up to the passenger side and opened fire, striking both officers in the head. he then went true a subway station where he took his own life. brinsley, who shot his ex-girlfriend in baltimore, before driving to morning, reportedly carried out sheetings as revenge for the deaths of michael brown and eric garner. he vowed to put quote wings on pigs in retaliation and moments before the shooting police say, brinsley talked to two people on the street. >> he asked them to follow him on instagram and then says watch what i will do. >> each of the officers leaves behind a wife. officer ramos had two sons and reese lint celebrated his 40th birthday. officer liu was married just two months ago. police departments around the country are reacting to the death of both officers, in new york. >> here in philadelphia, officers are warning officers and officials, to be on at alert, to be very careful right now. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in the news room with this part of the story.
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sabina, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it goes without saying these are at the very least uneasy times for police and for protesters, last night police commissioner ramsey spoke of some chilling incidents, his officers, have had to deal with involving people firing shots in the direction of police, and ramsey says those situations may have had something to do with the tense state of police community relations. while he is walling on his officers to be alert and vigilant, ramsey is also urging them to react calmy and have a measured response. he is also asking protesters to remain peaceful and not let things escalate any further, last night around six run people. the group says it wants to call attention to what it claims is police brutality. commissioner ramsey says the majority of the protests that have been going on in recent weeks have been peaceful including one last night and there have been some cues for alarm. >> just listen to some of the
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rhetoric thaw can hear, some of the protests. not all of the protesters but there is a a small group that would begin to chant, you know what do we want? dead police. and you could see some of the signs and so forth. it is not to say that those people would do it. it doesn't take that much to trying their reaction in some people. we have some violent people. it doesn't take very much to have them go off. so, i was concerned that it could trigger a very negative response, because of the very few era and a here we are now because of this tragedy. >> reporter: this all comes on the heels of the tense week in our city. last monday police shot and killed 26 year-old brandon tait brown, whom they say reached for a gun during a struggle with police. when they pulled him over during a traffic stop. then a philadelphia paramedic caused outrage when he posted a picture showing two men with a gun, pointed at a cop's head. and friday, somebody spray painted graffiti on a fence in west philadelphia, and it read cops lives don't matter. mayor nutter released a
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statement condolences to the family of the two new york city police officers murdered saturday. police say the man that killed home, wanted to make a statement about police/community relations but understood the evil of violence. and at 7:30 we will hear from commissioner ramsey in person. he will be right here on "good day philadelphia" to talk about the horrific shooting in new york and give us some per speculative an how his officers are reacting and how they are failing as they work to protect this it is i, chris and alex. >> a lot of questions. let's get to florida where there is another police officer, shot to death from a shooting. >> this happened early sunday morning, in the gulf coast, in central florida. this man, 45 year-old officer charles connsack was checking out a nuisance call when a suspect shot and killed him. at alleged shooter tried to drive away and crash in the pole and hit another car. he was arrested. authorities say the shooter knew exactly what he was doing. >> this guy is a cop killer, who said that he felt like a caged rat. he felt the officer's
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presence. he knew what that meant. he knew he was going back to prison where he should have been. there is, absolutely, no excuse, there is no, you know, mistaken, i don't wear what he told you guys walking in the jail. it is a bunch of nonsense. this by knew what he was doing. he killed a cop. he needs to be held accountable for that. >> underscoring the fact that this officer, seen here was a father of five, and a 17 year police department veteran. he was an officer with the ny pd before working down in florida. and one man is dead following a police involved shooting in dover, delaware. police say the man pointed what looked like a firearm at them, police department spent out this picture of the weapon. two officers were called out around 10:30 to the country club apartments on green way square, to respond to a suicidal man identified as james long. according to police when officers entered the apartment, long pointed the bee-bee gun at them and then officers fired back, not knowing the the man's weapon was not a firearm.
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police say that long has made similar suicidal threats before and vocalized the plan to commit suicide by cop. police also said that long rigged his apartment with the booby trap that would have created a toxic gas. philadelphia police are searching for a suspect in an armed robbery, it happened shortly after 12:30 this morning at the 7-eleven on 54th and city avenue. police say two suspects, one armed with the gun stole an unknown amount of cash from the register. the suspects reportly fled, on foot. and at 7:09 a dive team has made a discovery they hope leads them to a missing west chester university student. >> shane montgomery has not been scenes since early thanksgiving morning. fox 29's steve keeley is live with the very latest on this search, steve, good morning. >> reporter: sad statement from shane's mom whom we have seen shared so much strength throughout the four and a half weeks since thanksgiving and, very grim reality and grim
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behind. you can see with daze light how is there a steep drop from this parking lot. chris fox, the man behind the lens here, will pan overall way to the right and show you, we will show you, this way to the manayunk main street here. you can see this parking lot, sits on the other side of the canal. kind of like an island. the you can see the back of the stores on main street to that face kildares. we saw shane go over the walkway over canal on surveillance and that was last evidence anybody had until the keys were found on this side of the parking lot in this schuylkill river, and shayna's mom talked to the daily news, reporter mar again, last night, after the keys were found and she said this: my hearties broken. my sonnies somewhere in that require. i need to find him and i need to bring him home. i don't think you can print a mother's broken heart. unlike the delaware canal, or the search teams originally where they were only up to their waist, this schuylkill river much deeper, much more
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swift inner terms of current. it had has been four and a half weeks. the as much as where they want to search the key were likely way down, not far from the edge and any sign of shane may not be anywhere near here by now and that is the most a sad part of all. shane's mom went on to say appreciate everybody's prayers and thoughts and want you to know we will not stop looking until we fine shane. we need prayers and thoughts. we need to find him. we need to bring him home. so, very sad news, they had hoped and some have of them still have hope, the uncle is still hoping that somehow maybe somebody tossed shane's keys in the river but mom seems to be hit with reality as they approach christmas without their son. >> cold harsh reality steve, thank. a vigil and fundraiser will be held it in at 6:30 at souderton area high school in honor of the victims of the montgomery county killing spree. seventeen year-old anthony flick, shown in the picture is only survivor from the rampage. after six of his family members were either shot or stabbed during the attack,
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last monday. police say that the suspect murderer brad liz stone, targeted his ex-wife's family, before claiming his own life, the next day. and a fire in new castle delaware leads several people injuries. >> fire fighters responded to an apartment on butter nut court around 9:30 last night. investigators say two residents and two emergency workers suffered injuries, none of those injuries, is life threatening. another fire in new castle county delaware claimed a life this one happened midnight sunday on the third floor of the harbor house apartments. a seven two-year old resident is also listed, in serious condition at christiana hospital. this is cell phone video of when it broke out. fire investigators are trying to figure out why the building burned so fast. now, the red cross is assisting dozens of misplaced residents. well, let's get to the latest on the sony hack. it is a war of words between north korea and the u.s. after the feds put the blame on the sony hack on the regime. >> for his part president obama is reviewing what steps to take, against north korea.
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north cover least a still denies involvement in the attack, or hack i should say but now they claim that the u.s. was deeply involved in the film, the interview, which sparked this sign's tack. north cover least a's defense commission says it is prepared to use, quote all types of warfare, to defend itself begins the u.s. meanwhile sony is defending the the decision not to release the film at least not in theater. >> the theaters were subject to threats of physical violence, against the the theaters abe against their customers. quite understandably a large number of them decided not to show the picture when it was scheduled. when that happened sony had no alternative. >> meanwhile, sony says it could eventually release interview with you it does not know what form. comedy key picks as you have definitely heard by now an assassination attempt on dictator kim jong un, who currently holds power in north korea. all right.
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doing what it does best saturday night live took on this whole zone a tack and hack. >> the skit held from actor mike myers repricing his doctor evil character from the austin powers thrilling. lots take a look at this. >> i have created this program because i'm furious, that north korea and sony pictures have both given evil organizations, a bad name sony, north korea it is time to get a trapper keeper and lose leaf because i'm about to take to you school. let's start with you, north korea. you are one of the most evil countries in the world and your act of war is to kill a movie. it is ease toy kill a movie, just move it to january. the sony hack was also, who. i'm surprised he didn't do a signature move, the pinky. >> he did. >> okay. there he did it. >> you know what i'm talking about.
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>> for one million-dollar: >> $1 billion. >> did he that too. you should see the whole thing, when he first came out, the applause was thundering, and he did. >> that is just past my bedtime on saturday night. >> only thing missing was mini me. >> that is true. >> maybe next time. >> all right. for our count down to christmas this is the week. we have sun to showers today, and we will make it a little bit of sunshine this morning. tomorrow scattered showers as well. christmas eve, rain and a possible thunderstorm, with 30 miles an hour wind gusts, for rodolph on the night time of christmas eve. christmas day clouds, showers in the morning and then a sunny blustery afternoon. so we are expecting above average temperatures, that is why this forecast is for, rain and only rain, and then we will take you through the. we still see temperatures in the 50's on friday and
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saturday. by sunday, the last sunday have of december, it is colder with a high of 44 degrees. so yes, you will have some sloppy travel, if that is your travel day, on wednesday, with a possibility of some, thunder and lightening. we got to have drama on christmas, bob kelly, there it is. >> 7:16, sue. good morning. we're off to a good start except on 295, here's i295 northbound an accident, just got put out of the way. only two right lanes are opened. we are stacked up for about a mile, northbound i295, approaching route 29 for the gang heading up towards trenton, this morning. an accident in the tunnels here, than 30th street station on the schuylkill. it is eastbound on the the schuylkill. they have it moved off to the side but we're starting to see the brake lights tapping here coming into philadelphia, it is stack up from girard after knew into and through, 30th street station. otherwise, your delay west on the schuylkill, slow up the hill into girard avenue.
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you have a delay full of girard avenue. nothing out of the ordinary. slow go working your waste in towards i295. a vehicle fire on the westbound pennsylvania turnpike right here near willow grove interchange that is causing delays. the lights have been all morning long, overhead street lamps, lincoln drive lamps to the kelly drive. that is throwing you for a loop there heads up in willow grove, shoppers alert, they are shutting down easton road, which is a main drag, through willow grove, right by the willow grove park mall there. that is from 9:00 to 1:00 so they can make repairs to a water main break from last week. they want to make sure it is fixed and ready to go for the holiday. so unfortunately the holiday shoppers will be sent for a loop today. keep that in mind if you intend to roll through willow grove. taking pictures all morning long, your holiday lights, whether it be on the inside of the house or outside of the house. lets take a picture that was sent to us earlier this morning. can we take one? we do have one? hang in there it is coming, i
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promise there we go. >> johnny. >> yes. >> check this one out. >> my gosh. >> it is his first christmas. they put him under the tree. what do they call that the bum many chair i think. i remember that one. that is a little christmas christmas cain there. >> yes, he is a present on christmas. >> thanks very much for send ago this in. >> he is amazed by the lights there if you have a fun picture to show us, use the hash tag fox 29 lights and we will put it on tv this morning. >> we will get these candy cain all by himself. >> awe by himself, yes. >> 7:18. a young girl in new jersey is doing her part to help the home less during the who holiday. >> mia montgomery didn't want a birthday party, instead, she wanted to do something to help the less fortunate. so mia came up with an idea called blessing bags. she would fill the bags with food, hat, and gloves and christmas card and hand them out. tonight, the at the ministries in camden, mia will be handing out the blessing bag and
7:19 am
survey hot meal to more than 250 people. now, that is a blessing. >> great kid. >> that is sweet. how about this a ballet dancer refuses to let autism from reaching thinks dreams. >> twenty year-old philip martin nelson was diagnosis with the most severe form of autism at a young age. he says for the first three years of his life he could not speak, make use contact or anyone to touch him but at the age of six he took his first ballet class and suddenly things changed. >> it was the first time they saw me less focused and first time they saw me like really wanting to do something and paying attention. >> are the main is a personal dancer. he credits his therapy piss and his support system forgetting him to where he is today. ups is getting ready to ship millions have of packages on what is known as their biggest shipping day of the year, but last year as you will remember, things were a mess. packages lost, not getting delivered on time. the changes they are make to go make sure that does not happen again. and if you are looking for
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a last minute travel deal, well, we've got you covered, the best day to fly to make sure you pay the lowest price. we will te
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i love that. i don't know if i told you this, chris, but i did a lot of my shopping on line. >> yes. >> bye was worried about delivery times. they say just two days, guarantied or three days. little worried. today is a big day too. >> well, yes, thursday is the big day, we have to get there by then. so as, alex said, today is biggest day for ups. company is hoping customers will see major improvement from last year, so joining us from the fox business network lauren simonnety. last year was a mess that caught ups off guard a little bit. >> reporter: millions of people didn't get their gifts in time for christmas. i have a couple gifts i still haven't received but i have pictures of all of them so i can wrap picture in casey
7:24 am
didn't get the item. mom and dad, trying to intercept santa you cannot grab a picture of a toy. it is an idea for certain people. ups says to themselves, how do we make sure that this major debacle that happened christmas 2013 doesn't happen this year. they invested half billion dollars in technology, automated system, that workers scans the item, tells them exactly where to put the item and if there is bad weather automatically reroutes those items. unbelievable. we have to see if that 500 million-dollar investment paid off. it used to be back in the day which was maybe a couple years ago, ups, would know hundreds of sip codes just like that and reroute items based on their own being and experience. but now computers do all of that. >> sometimes it can get tricky. i went to the other office one day and gave them my zip code and it was not listed in there. i said i promise, it is an actual zip code. it is there somewhere. hopefully it will work out. that is a good idea putting
7:25 am
pictures and wrapping that up. >> so 34 million items. >> million. >> to daze alone. >> this is just mind boggling. >> 34 million is a a record for ups, it is also double the average volume. mind boggling to even consider. then we have retailers just pushing the holiday shipping deadlines further back and closer to christmas. amazon with that two day prime shipping. macy's, i think it is today also. and then toys-r-us if you want to pay for shipping, tomorrow at noon, i mean, really that is waste too close for comfort if you ask me. >> a lot of pressure on ups i guess. >> thank you so much, lauren. >> don't miss lauren on our sister network and if you are not sure where to find fox business network in our area, log on to fox finder. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> it is okay. if you prefer to get your gifts in person we have some great shops around here, with awesome gifts you won't find
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anywhere else. how you can just wow, even the the most hip trend setters this local holiday season. but you know what the best thing to bring, someone, to their home. >> what? >> quincy does. >> is that quincy. >> nice hat. >> how about a nice chocolate cake or some cookies. >> well, i'm here in winerich and i'm going to bake today. i'm a baker. bakers more about the temperature but coming back germantown. butter cookies. the holiday season is here,
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pen. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on select new volkswagen models. bus stop buddy, i think his smile is wider because he knows a couple more days of school and then off for winter break. umbrella ace what you need for later on today. it is really chilly in the 20's and 30's but by the time we get our precipitation it will be warm enough for rain for most of us. any freezing rain north and west when things start later on in the day and throughout the night but for most of us it is just rain. we have a six out of ten in weather by the numbers. here comes the the rain, that is north of norfolk, virginia and eventually we will head into probably southern delaware, first, jersey shore, and then on up through delaware and eventually here in philadelphia and north and west. so it is hazy outside right now in advance of the rain,
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31 degrees with calm winds and sunrise a happening at 7:19. this is second shortest day of the year today, 40 degrees is the the high with showers arriving probably after lunchtime here in philadelphia, 38 is your overnight le tonight and overnight showers. and we will have that don't. and not so much. >> not so much, not that bad right now, ready to reset the maps there and askew kill expressway, and, downtown philadelphia. and earlier accident, in the tunnels, under 30th street station, here's a live look at girard avenue coming into center city. good morning to collegeville, the the headlights between royersford and collegeville time to make the doughnuts, heading eastbound in towards king of prussia late start to
7:31 am
our morning rush hour, southbound i-95, working your way out of the north east in through construction zone, a again, starting to see volume. brand new traffic path a earn that will catch you by surprise this morning, long 202, penndot, shuffled barriers around and all northbound lanes are now rolling on that newly constructed, stretch of the roadway, between the bypass and 401, and a vehicle fire, westbound, on the pennsylvania turnpike, out near the will will owe grove interchange causing delays, and then in willow grove itself, shoppers alert, they will shut down easton road, which takes you straight through willow grove there right by the willow grove park mall all day to make repairs to the weekend water main break. they want to make sure things are good to go over the holiday. that will tie us up big time through willow grove today. the chris and alex, back to you. investigators in new yorking looking in the social media account of the gunman that killed two police officers over the weekend.
7:32 am
ismaaiyl brinsley vowed in the instagram post toss put wings on pigs as retaliation for deaths of eric garner and michael brown. police departments across the country are telling their officers to be owe alert in the wake of this shooting. >> to that end joining us is philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsey. thank you for taking the time to come in this morning. >> thank you. >> you are the head of the commission appointed by president obama to basically look into this and you talk with president obama last night over the phone. >> yes, difficult. >> what did you talk about. >> first of all he expressed his outrage over this senseless murder of two new york city police officers, but also the sense of urgency we have as part of the task force to come up with concrete recommendations to build stronger relationships with communities. now whether or no that had any impact yesterday, who knows, but certain liz there are issues that need to be addressed and he is very, very serious about doing it. >> did he ask you to add any more things to the list of things that the task force has to do or does this change the
7:33 am
mission at all. >> it doesn't change the mission. we have a very short time line, 90 days to have a report on his desk. i told him we would have it done in time for him to review, the recommendation that is we make. these would be concrete recommendations not pie in the sky. things that need to happen and happen quickly. >> and, so much here, hard to imagine, 90 days from now with the ways that the streets of america are just in flamed with anger and is there a real tension, and one of the things that we asked you what are you telling your officers here about what is going on in new york and other places. >> well to remain calm, have a measure response, and never think that all communities, is not true. they are. i think part of the problem is it is a very emotion at period of time but it has been blown out of pro portion in the sense that it gives the impression that there is a widespread hatred towards
7:34 am
police by everyone in the community. all police are engaged in conduct and reviews and both are extremes and neither is really true. we have to find that middle ground, have thoughtful discussions what are problems and issues. >> are there any concerns, we just showed spray painting of cops lives don't matter on the fence. we have a recent, police involved shooting of brandon tait-brown who shot in the back of head and they did find a gun. are you concerned about the climate here in philadelphia about what is going on here and what that could mean. >> i'm always concerned about the the climate in philadelphia but i think people always need to be reasonable in understanding that we have encountered very violent people on the street, people that are armed, people that can cause great deal of arm. we saw that in new york the other day. we have seen it in philadelphia when i first came here with all of the officers shot and killed in the line of duty. we do have occasions where deadly force is used. but we need to make sure that it is only as an absolute last resort. >> turf ask you a question and this is a behind the scenes
7:35 am
questions, philadelphia in in be where brinsley shot his girlfriend in his stomach, and he starts posting on instagram and going to go kill cops. somebody calls and note that is on instagram. they then warn the the police in baltimore county. it took 40 minutes for baltimore to contact new york officers and then they faxed a wanted poster of the suspect what happened? it seems like it took too long because in that time, those two officers were shot and killed. >> you have to remember too most police departments especially large police departments we don't have smart phones, ways to instantly message one other when officers are out in the field. i don't know the technology they have in baltimore f they faxed it. you would be surprised the number of threats we get on a daily base that is we have to sent out to another departments that we get towards our departments. these officers were already out of roll call. how they would have received it if it would have made a difference but certainly
7:36 am
technology could be improved in policing across america. >> that is something that you will talk about. >> we will talk about technology and how it can be improved so information flows quickly. >> and some people are blaming the new york mayor and president obama saying they have blood on their hands for supporting some of the protesters and how things have been going on so far. >> i don't sign off on that at all. these extreme positions do no good for anybody at all. the it is fault of the individual who pulled the trigger and killed those two cops. that is the guy that did it. whatever motivation was, does it matter? it doesn't matter. it is unjustified. it makes in difference. probably what else is going on. the environment may have played a role. who knows. we will never necessity probably but don't start pointing fingers. >> have there been more threats though when it comes to police. >> sure, sure, we get them periodically. we don't publicized them but we get them. >> commissioner ramsey, it has been a long weekend. thank you had for your time this morning. >> thank you. speaking of long weekend if you are an eagles fan my
7:37 am
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no. uh-huh-huh! i love this one. that is nat king coal for a christmas song. look at philadelphia international airport. not too busy just yet but it will be as people will be heading out for the holidays. >> it might be tomorrow, right. >> huge travel day. >> yes. >> day before christmas eve. >> so quincy hanging out this morning, long time family owned bakery in willow grove, a german one at that. >> this is baker q now and we hear they are huge fans of the show. they especially love steve keeley, right. >> yes, steve keeley came in. he did have his shirt on but he got some sweets. i'm here now. i'm making some stuff. i have michael and i have
7:41 am
shawn, they are twins and i have beth, how are you doing. >> good, how are you. >> this is a family own bakery. >> been a family owned bakery for nearly a hundred years. >> you guys make everything here. >> we pride ourselves on on specialty cake, wedding cakes, bridal shower cake, babies shower cakes and we make them for christmas and local holidays. so we are featuring christmas trees, snow men, we have yule logs and thinks all made with our, specialty all bulter german pound cake. one of our features, small little petit cakes featured for victorian teas. we will make them. >> i will make some right now. >> okay. >> we're running through this, like tops, we're running through, okay, i will make it. this place is big. they have so many things. i'm here with steven. how are you doing. >> i'm doing great. >> these are pound cake inside, and then what we will do with thesis put little pictures right on top, just
7:42 am
like this. >> all right. >> well, you are quincy the baker right here. >> yes. >> and, see how nice. >> yes. >> amazing. >> yes. >> then decoration right on there. >> each one that is done by hand. we will probably do about i don't know 600-pound of these. you will be around and available tomorrow and tonight. >> now, that one is yours. >> now next hour what we will do is i may make a german pound cake and some cookies but we are here, we will be here having a lot of fun. >> wait a minute, quincy, we just saw a violation. >> did you put your finger on that, really. >> no, but this is what you have to do. you have to taste it to make sure that it tastes right. >> if you taste it, you have to eat it. >> i taste them a all. >> good thing you you are in the on the payroll.
7:43 am
>> yes. >> i don't think he takes that. >> this is good. >> this is good. >> i will be here eating, decorating and takes continuing, we will make a german pound cake next. >> don't bring any back doing all that. lets get to the eagles. it was painful. eagles lose it, to the redskins, and that means those stinking cowboys are going for a playoffs and not us, jon and sean are here and maybe they can tell us thousand avoid a heart break li
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
you may have a chance of seeing a white christmas this year, anyway for 2014, is the poconos mountains, there is already snow on the ground. things are going to be warming up on christmas eve. we will see what happens, with that snow situation there, let's look at the the rain, that we've got coming our way here. it is now, still down in virginia, as we look at ultimate doppler radar but eventually making its way here first to the south, and in delaware, where jersey shore we will see some rain first as well and eventually after 12:00 noon we will just keep talking bit. eventually we will show you what is going on, on ultimate doppler radar. but rain a arrives later on in the day, this is sort of a
7:47 am
preview of coming attractions, we will get some heavier rain, coming our way on christmas eve. here's storm number one and temperatures right now are still pretty chilly. good thing we don't have anything in the area. twenty in lancaster. twenty-seven pottstown. thirty-one in the city. twenty-three in atlantic city. your forecast for christmas eve, christmas day and as they say it across the pond, boxing day, days of christmas. sixty-two on christmas eve. unusual liz mild with showers and thunderstorms. a few left overs in the morning christmas day but sun comes out in the a afternoon and then for friday it looks like a high of 53 degrees. that takes care of your weather. lets check out our traffic on this monday before christmas, how sit looking, bob. >> not that bad. we are seeing volume popping, light quiet morning so far looking live at 42 freeway for gang leaving south jersey heading in towards walt whitman bridge. no major backup.
7:48 am
curb check. septa bus in the background dump truck eastbound not bad right there. light volume on the schuylkill, roads are dry but a problem on the blue route, 476, northbound on the right there, watch for an accident as you head up toward route one. later on today, westbound, lanes of the schuylkill expressway, naughty penndot cruise they will be working cleaning the drains out here between gladwynn, and the conshohocken curve. after a 10:00 a.m. up until about 1:00 we will have have only one lane opened as you work your way out towards conshohocken. pack your patients and check your list twice. they will be working on the ramps from 30th street to the schuylkill and vine expressway throughout the midday and brand new traffic pattern north on route 202, penndot shuffled lanes around and so watch for the 30 bypass and route 401. we have been showing you who will daze lights, all week long and this latest one, is
7:49 am
from die and, of her contacted hiding underneath the tree. we will take a look at your pictures all morning long. isn't that cute. they have the inside of the house, outside. send us whatever you have. make sure you use the hash tag fox 29 lights, so we can show your light pictures on the air this morning. alex and chris, over to you. >> we need our spirits bright went those lights because in playoffs this year, of course, for the eagles. birds were officially eliminated yesterday when cowboys killed the colts. so, what changes need to be made for next season? jon and sean from 97.5 is here to talk about that. first of all to that end let me read you a tweet from a guy named joe. first of all, the hash tag is chip must go. he is not an nfl coach. can't make adjustments. defense wins championship. lets start with chip kelly. >> easy to say that today. i was down at the game, and what will you say bit.
7:50 am
that is biggest thing for me, they had an opportunity to bench bradley fletcher. he gets beat every week. they were stubborn bit. they had a chance to put somebody in there. shawn, they could have gone in and it cost them the game. they have to bring in new guys obviously. >> it is obviously if we're talking about championships, this team is not on that level. they have a lot of holes including the secondary that jon pointed out. my biggest beef is chip kelly wanted to tell thus off season cutting desean jackson about culture, culture this was one of the most undisciplined football teams i have ever watched in mize life, leading the league in turnovers, with the penalties, missed field goals. you cannot count on that because parkey had a good season. when push comes to shove in the end you cannot do that and expect to make a playoff run. that goes out the window. if you cut desean jackson a play maker bring a guy back like riley cooper who has more
7:51 am
baggage than desean jackson and say it is all about culture. you better deliver. they failed to do that this year. >> let's talk sanchez too. some people say he fooled. >> he did. turnovers. >> here's bottom line he is a backup quarterback. he performed pretty well in that game. is is he the reason. >> he knew he was coming. >> it was one of the reasons. >> this throw right there. >> you knew it was coming. >> if nick foles is the quarterback next year? i don't know. it will not be mark sanchez. mark sanchez as your starting quarterback good luck. this is biggest collapse in 20 years as far as eagles. they were seven-two in 1994 under rich co kite and they lost their last seven games. it doesn't matter what happens, because they lost three straight games in december. you cannot do that. this is tough to take. >> third time in the 25 years a team started off nine-three and failed to make playoffs. >> yes, so huge. >> think about where we were,
7:52 am
thanksgiving, turkey day, going nuts, before christmas being eliminated. >> someone said could this be one of the worst times in philly sports. we have phillies. we have the flyers. >> one, two, strike on. yes. >> would you agree this is probably one of the worst times. >> it will be an interesting off season from our perspective talking sports on the radio every day, we don't necessity who quarterback is, we have a problem with chip kelly, they need to do different stuff. what we have to do is it is year two of the building process. chip kelly owes us one. this is ridiculous. the who is quarterbacking forward. andy reid had donovan mcnabb has first year. they will go to the super bowl run. >> looking across the landscape of the league and teams constantly in the playoffs a, you know i look at the steelers. they are back in it. right to the quarterback. it doesn't matter hot coach is, hoist the quarterback.
7:53 am
roethlisberger gets them back in the playoffs. >> thanks, guys for depressing us. >> happy holidays. >> okay. so pack your bags we are telling you about the best last minute holiday travel deals, after this conversation you just want to get out of here.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
we have another look at philadelphia international airport. the we're all thinking about traveling. but nye is a always a big one if you forgot to make travel plans for new years while getting ready for christmas there are some great deals to help you ring in 2015. >> travel expert mark murphy is here with all of the details. is what up. >> not much. >> i'm so happy you are here. one of my friend just text me with the excuse it is too late, i cannot come, it is going to be too expensive.
7:57 am
>> well, check flights on new years eve and new years day. they can come day of or the day after. that is a great time to get out. if you haven't booked your christmas trip yet go christmas day and you'll find deal because a lot of people are home and don't want to travel christmas day. >> but christmas is two days away. >> you can do it a still get a great deal. >> why is it a good deal. typically, ticket prices go up and and up. >> closer in, higher the the price. but because of supply and demands seats are opened, prices are down and you can still get a good deal. >> for nye where should we be going, are there chip areas where you can get a better deal. >> go to chicago, one of the cheapest places to go. so definitely check out chicago. atlanta, washington d.c. these are all places you can go. fuzz are leaving philadelphia and want to get away, go there. chicago is mize hometown. that is where i was born.
7:58 am
we had a great time anytime of the year there. >> we're not going to dallas. >> no. >> we will stick with chicago, or if you can stay home, you ever think about staying home. >> have a little stay vacation. >> so take your loved one, go to on new years eve a hotel in the city, right, $319, but you get a three-quarters dinner for two, as part have of that. now that is a really good last minute travel deal for a hotel and food and you don't have to go anywhere. >> we don't need airfare to get to new york city there are deals in new york. >> the teams all over the place. hotels depending where you look will have little pockets. is there an app called hotel tonight. that is last minute thing. go on it the day of and see what is available and it is hotels that are opened, dumping inventory. we have done an app that is not public out there so therefore they can lower their prices verse parity pricing and give you a a great deal.
7:59 am
it is very limited, all right. you will not get extra benefits. you will get worst room in the hoist but you will see the room. >> you will see the ball drop. >> they will let you know. >> you will see the ball drop if you have x-ray vision and super man because you have to look through a million buildings. >> we will let you know what hotel. >> yes. >> great deal but we are not telling you that. >> you will somebody where in this area. >> and not anytime soon, and $4,000 a person and do the cultural exchange program. that is still there licensing takes three or four months. it is expensive. it is not opening up until an act of congress comes through. all of the talk, rhetoric not going to let it happen. >> so many status and tweets, i'm going to cuba. >> if you are an american and go there legally, very
8:00 am
expensive or illegally going through mexico or canada which you can do. >> mike murphy, thank you merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> good day. >> it is monday, december 22nd, 2014. philly police are on high alert after murders of two new york city police officers, commissioner ramsey is telling his officers, to do. steve? >> reporter: after shane montgomery's keys are found here in the schuylkill river yesterday, his mother comes to the acceptance that her son's body is in the river too, sue. >> we have a forecast for your holiday coming up, wet instead of white but the timing is what you need to know, we will break it the all down for you just ahead, hey, quincy. >> you guys didn't know i was a baker, well, i have won many competitions, i'm here at winerich bakery in willow
8:01 am
grove. how am i doing. >> doing great. >> thank you. >> moved on to cup cake. >> sue, you had a name for him. >> i said he is a faker, not a baker. >> he didn't like that. >> look at that face. >> we love you, quincy. >> sue, you are so nice. >> i'm on the naughty nice. >> bring back cup cakes, it will reverse that. >> that is deal we have. >> i was just kidding, darling. >> okay. >> winter arrived last night, thinks the first full day of winter. >> longest night of the year good it was. so tonight is second long et cetera night. >> we have a six out of ten. it is cold to start. but it is dry, good thing. we've got some rain on the way but not until later on. probably not until after lunchtime around here, and
8:02 am
then freezing rain, possible north and west of the city, bus stop buddy, you you have to be warm at the bus stop, kids so excited, winter break is days away. temps in the 20's and 30's. here comes the rain. starting to edge in the chesapeake bay now but still a few hours from reaching us here, so we will see a little bit of sunshine and clouds. northwesterly at 5 miles an hour. that makes 32 feel like 27. forty is our high with the afternoon showers lingering on and off throughout the night with an overnight low of 38 degrees. that gets monday out of the way. we will have the rest of the forecast coming right up. >> 8:02. we have a nice quiet start on this monday. this week will be a upside down cake, little bit of everything, a lot of folks have the whole week off, some kids have the whole week off, others have a full day, half day tomorrow, like the snow globe, take it up and shake it up, that is what we will fine. live look at 295 in south
8:03 am
jersey. earlier accident on the southbound on the ramps to the 42 freeway. we have a jam in the traffic jam, heavy from approaching city avenue out towards belmont after a new, and folks coming towards us. now septa a is running with some delays, and, shuttle buses are being used on the route 47, and, and, and, and, and north on the freeway, delays in towards that bellmawr construction zone, and so far so good up and down the new jersey turnpike for the gang coming south on i-95, from academy from girard avenue. heads up for later on today from about 10:00 to 1:00 penndot is working on the schuylkill expressway, westbound and between gladwynn and, and, only one lane from ten to 1:00 they will fix drains there. so expect delays, leaving town, from 10:00 o'clock until after lunchtime on that
8:04 am
westbound schuykill, chris, back over to you. meantime detectives in new york state say a gunman who killed two police officers in brooklyn on saturday was driven in part by his a hatred of police. twenty-eight year-old ismaaiyl brinsley shot rafael ramos and lou when liu lou. he threatened them were the shooting. he wanted to put wings on petition as retaliation for killings of michael brown and eric garner. >> police department, drug right here, in philadelphia, are telling their officers to be on alert after in the wake of the shooting say bean a kuriakose is live in the news room with more. >> guys, fail police commissioner charles ramsey actually spoke with president obama just last night about the murder of those officers in new york. the president is telling him he was horrified. they also talk about ramsey's role on the task force obama convened to compile a report about how to build trust between cops and the
8:05 am
community. ramsey has 90 days to file that report. speaking of the two murders than, ramsey says it does not pay to take ex-political positions. he adds his officers deal with many direct threats every day. commissioner ramsey is warning them to remain vigilant about their safety but he wants them to remain calm as they continue to do their duty, day to day. now last night with 600 people marched in center city to bring attention to what they say is police brutality. that protest was pete full. now commissioner ramsey is asking protest leaders to call for calm and not to further inn flame tensions. speaking of recent tensions in the city between officers and members of the community, ramsey says officers encountered violent people in the streets, people were armed and said on occasion deadly force is used by the city but city strives to make sure it is only used as a last resort, guys? >> all right, thanks, sabina.
8:06 am
and in florida another police officer is dead from a shooting. the it happened early yes, sir morgue, along the gulf coast in central florida. forty-five year-old officers charles conndack was checking out a nuisance call when a suspect shot and killed him. at ledge shooter tried to drive away but, he pulled the car. he was arrested. the officer was a father of five and a 17 year police department veteran. he was an officer with the nypd before working in florida. so sad. father of five. week before christmas. >> yes. 8:06. a dive team has made a discovery they hope leads them to a missing west chester university student. >> shane montgomery has not been seen since early thanksgiving morning. fox 29's steve keeley is live in manayunk where he was last seen, good morning, steve. >> reporter: with his keys being found in the schuylkill river here not far from where he was last seen on the surveillance shane's mom grim fears got so much closer to a likely grim reality yesterday
8:07 am
with those divers finding the schuylkill river and not manayunk canal but this deeper swifter current, schuylkill river after his uncle confirmed there were shane's keys filled with the landyard by unlocking therfamily's front door in roxborough. his mom karen told philadelphia daily news reporter morgan last night mize hearties broken, my sonnies somewhere in that river amy need to find him and i need to bring him home. i don't think you can print a mother's broken heart. well, last night those attending a prayer vigil in manayunk at catholic church that has been this gathering spot for so many searches, vigils and prayers had everybody wondering how family held up through this exhaust continuing time for the last four and a half weeks and began thanksgiving and now close to christmas they will get the the first physical evidence, that shane is somewhere here in the schuylkill. >> they are inspiring. each and everyone of them, even shane's grandmother.
8:08 am
i think that is where the colonel of this faith begun. she was here this evening praying with us. they are remarkable people of faith. >> we all feel so sad and the community has come together and it is just so sad. i cannot inn begin. i mean it is all we think b we're very close here. >> green ribbon, just walking around trying to find shane and hoping that he will come home to his family. >> reporter: because so many bar goers pack here and so close to closing time, if shane was in this parking lot and schuylkill river how did no one see him or hear him if he yelled for help or if somehow the worst thoughts of reality possible questions if he did not just fall in by accident, did he come across someone who got in the fight with him not knowing someone being shoved so hard might toss him over and into the
8:09 am
water. lots of thoughts and unanswered questions that may be forever left unanswered even after shane's body may be found sometime as his mother now sadly believes i want people to no we are not stopping looking and we need prayer and thoughts and we need to find him and bring him home. >> alex and chris. >> turf say the mother is very strong. we had her in along with the family and they are very strong. >> we will continue to follow this story, you can get latest on our web site at my fox 8:09 is the the time. war of words between north korea and u.s. after feds put the blame on the sony hack on the authoritative regime. we're talking about north korea. >> president obama is now reviewing what steps to take against north korea country still denies involvement in the hack buzz now claims that the u.s. was deeply involved in the film the interview which spark the sign's tack. the defense commission says it
8:10 am
is prepared to use all type of warfare. sony is defending the decision not to release the film through theaters, the theaters were subject to threats of physical violence begins the theaters and against their customers, and quite understandably, large number of them, a majority of them decided not to show the picture, when it was scheduled. when that happened sony really had no alternative. >> meanwhile sony says it will eventually release interview but it does not know in what form. the comedy key pinks as you know an assassination attempt on dictator kim jong un. time right now is eight credit ten. cheat sheets are a thing of the past a. do you remember when we used to write little answers on our hands. now kids are using something else to cheat, and what you should be looking out for with your little ones. but first, forget the shopping, frenzy right now, it turns out the day after christmas is one of the
8:11 am
biggest retail days of the year, coming up the one thing you should hold on to as you shop, to snag those great you should hold on to as you shop, to snag those great
8:12 am
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8:14 am
we are counting down to thursday and let's see what weather issues we have to tiehl work issues, and well, today not a big deal. we will have some showers and they should not be extreme. that is not until this afternoon. we have scattered showers for tuesday and christmas eve we have rain, a possible thunderstorm. we're talking rain heavy at times and some thunder and lightening. it will be mild but for rodolph we have 30 miles an hour win gusts. i think they are ready. they have handled it before, bad weather and santa and reindeer will handle it again. for christmas day itself, morning we will have a shower and sunny and blustery afternoon. that will get you ready for the holiday itself. this is first of two storms hitting us this week. this low pressure system climbing up the coast and leading edge of that rain will hit the south before it hits
8:15 am
us and then by 4:00 o'clock, just about everybody getting some rain in the higher elevations though, there may be freezing rain and chicky travel. and then it is christmas eve which is wednesday, of course. we have heavier rain moving in by 8:00 in the morning. it is raining all day. if you have errand or you have saved your shopping until christmas eve, it will be very sloppy outside. if you are traveling to visit your family that will be a mess as well. you can see thunderstorms moving up toward the the north east. they will be around the day wednesday and even as a maybe a 6:00 in the morning on, christmas day, itself, might hear some thunder while opening up your presents on christmas morning but by afternoon the sunnies out and it looks better. right now we have temperatures that are mostly in the 20's. 29 degrees in bethlehem. we have 32 here in philadelphia, and 35 in bensalem and 24 in millville. 32 degrees in cape may. our december chill by was here
8:16 am
over weekend with 35 degrees over weekend and 40 for first day of winter. that is where we are today. look at that warm trend into christmas eve we're in the 60's. back down in the the 50's on chris mayday and we don't chill down to normal until sunday with a high of 44. that is your seven day forecast. >> exactly. crunch day. last couple days of shopping before christmas. live look at the blue route, heading up past our camera at route one, stacked up on the on ramp. they have ramp meter working there this morning. i a say if fishtown. heavy from the betsy ross bridge in through downtown. good morning to pennsauken, new jersey. airport issuing is will where 38 and 07 all come together. we will see volume and throw in sun glare along the the way there as well. the delays up and down route 202 between chadds ford and route one, and septa uses shuttle buses on route 13
8:17 am
trolley between the mount man rice a and yeadon stations, and tacony palmyra bridge scheduled a test opening at 10:00 a.m., this morning. what time? >> 10:00 a.m. santa is coming. 10:00 a.m. the chris and alex back to you. >> bobbies all fired up. big kid at heart really. december 26th is now being dubbed the second biggest shopping day of the year. >> financial experts dan ri coto is here to talk about what we can do last minute. i'm looking for a deal. >> yes. >> do you think i might get a deal on season ticket for eagles next year. >> cheaper today then they were on saturday. >> yes. >> that is for sure. >> it is all about supply and demand. do you got your shot. >> 20 percent of all americans say they wake up last minute christmas eve to get their christmas shopping done. 20 percent. 58 percent say they will use their smart phones to help them out this year. >> yeah. >> listen to this the last minute folks have.
8:18 am
we will make this reallies i. no stress. we will save you money in the process. kohl's win the prize. they were opened from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. christmas eve, at hundred hours straight. they give their employees a test for bladder function. no one can do that. macy's if you order by midnight tonight, guarantied delivery christmas eve but for ultimate procrastinator for all of us, chris. >> i know. >> or my parents. >> in 12 markets, including philadelphia, you can order, listen to this, guys up to 10:00 a.m. christmas eve for christmas eve delivery. >> same day delivery. >> wow. >> so that is great. >> if you really get lazy or just forget, christmas morning in bed um-hmm, i forgot something i better get downstairs quick you can do an e card, and e-mail to it someone just like that. >> yes. >> just in time for christmas morning.
8:19 am
>> i know mike will do that. >> probably. >> but some people what they are doing now, they went do anybody and they think everything will be cheaper. >> here's the deal. second largest shopping day of the year, guys is the day after christmas. >> right. >> it is not all returns. >> it is not all returns. huge retail shopping day. more and more as you said, more and more we are conditioned to believe there are better prices after the holiday. so why wait. here's a couple tips for you. use this little retail app called retail, okay. put deals on your smart phone based on your location. use gps. it knows where you are and shoots you deals as they break in your specific area. >> wow. >> press i cool. >> talk about big brother. then save those receipts. merchants will give thaw difference back. some folks even by something they know is wrong size or color to get that sales price
8:20 am
to return it later. keep that sales price. finally, you have to have to fun witt. retailers have done a great job with his tore use and hype but reality is you should have fun at christmas and over the holiday season and not go crazy if you use that little app, we will navigate through this thing, no problem. >> i like it tells you where they are, in relation to where you are. >> gps, right where you are and they will tell you local deals in your area. >> for those who don't have cars, that really helps out. >> it makes it easy and saves you money you not only give us the deals but you help us psychologically, just relax, it will be okay. >> i am the the money doctor. >> yes. >> everybody is in town, we will have a good time. >> appreciate it. >> some of the most really struggle with gift wrapping, do you remember this scene from love actually? so we will shoal you how you can wrap a present like a crow. >> you will want to see this. >> i'm the world's worst
8:21 am
rapper. but too lazy to hit the gym. there is a new serve that is will book your class for you and send someone with you to keep you motivated. you won't believe how much this costs. >> probably a lot.
8:22 am
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i need to get to the gym. lose weight for holidays. >> help is on the way for those too bus toy book those work out sessions. >> so, thin work outs is providing a new service just for you, work out, cons sagers will schedule a car service and make sure you have a job. so they will even join you in a class to keep you motivated. the fee for services will run, wait for it. >> $350 a month. >> what? >> so it is more than $10 a day, but that doesn't include the cost of the class as well what do yoga class cost as well these days like 50 bucks maybe. thin work out in new york and
8:25 am
miami. >> our producer jessica said it would be like $18. >> twenty bucks. >> for one class. >> yes, so this will cost you 30 or 40 bucks a day to do this. >> that is a lot. >> but lou great because you are motivated and encourage to you get to the gym and actually work out. >> sometimes you need that extra push. >> that is half of the battle. >> so true. >> new cough east is promised to go put to you sleep instead of keeping you awake. >> that is because it is mostly caffeine free and contains a herb that aids sleeping. it comes from a canadian company. now company officials are meeting with wal-mart to get tonight to their major chain. then it would be worldwide, right n newark, new jersey, cough east roaster is involve in the product. he got the idea because his wife loved coffee but complained that she could not drink it after 3:00 in the afternoon. otherwise she'd have trouble
8:26 am
sleeping. >> that makes sense. i'm more of a tea girl but when it comes to tea, tea that keeps you to keep awe wake, coffee should be able to dot same thing. >> black tea hasof caffeine. >> yes, i like it when you buy packets. they have little things that tell you how much caffeine is in it. there are black tease without caffeine tonight. it depend what you are getting. >> you don't have any coffee at all. how do you get amped up, for the sure in the morning. >> a lot of sugar. >> and then the crash. you should see her in the morning meeting. >> alex, 10:01. >> i'm done. >> okay, ladies, we will take a look at this picture, a positive pregnancy test on a craigs list ad. why these are just selling like crazy on line, right before the holidays. there is a big reason for it. plus, christmas is just, three days away, and, if you are still trying to find that perfect gift you are in luck, we have some great options, for all of us, procrastinators next.
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8:30 am
bus stop buddy is so excited about the holidays there he is with his big smiles, mittens and nice warm coat. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. that rain does not arrive until later. it will be warmer and rain. it looks good with sunshine. showers arrive, and, far north and west, and, we will get some freezing rain. here comes the rain. we will see it moving in the mouth of the chesapeake bay there. still well to the south. so a few hours a away from that happening. 30 degrees right now. feels like 27. that is your wind chill. 40 degrees is the high. but showers linger on through the the night on and off and overnight low of 38 degrees. so, a couple of big days
8:31 am
coming up, christmas eve and christmas day. we've got the forecast for you coming up, bob. >> hey, sue. we are starting to see sun glare as we look live, schuylkill expressway between 30th street and university on the left there, gang coming out of the south philadelphia, trying to head in towards downtown philadelphia kind of delay freeze there. we have a normal delay here southbound i the 95 on the left stacked up approaching betsy ross bridge down through girard avenue. otherwise, coming from new jersey, not bad on 295 working your way out of cherry hill. 31 miles an her on the freeway working your way in towards that 295 interchange. we have down wires on route 13 trolley line. they are using shuttle buses between mount man rice a and yeadon stations. tacony palmyra bridge set for an opening at 10:00 a.m. so mark it on your calendar. put a sticky tab, 10:00 a.m. time to beat or head for betsy ross bridge. an accident with down wires at 56th and chestnut and they
8:32 am
will doing work leaving center city in the area of 30th street station. ram tops both 676 and schuylkill expressway, penndot is working from 10:00 to 1:00 throughout the midday. alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. we know you had those people you know what to get them for christmas but then we have those others harder to shop for. that trendy person, you are supposed to buy a gift for or the foodie or the tech i. it can get tricky. pay attention. you will want to see this we have to bring in our lifestyle ain't anna here with luxury last minute gift for our trend centers out there. >> hello. >> good morning. >> but first i have to say, first official day of winter. >> it is. >> take a look at what she is wearing. i love it. >> are we go to go hawaii. >> yes. >> i have love the print. >> let's get back to it. >> it can pass for the holiday. >> yes. >> all of these gifts we have here you can find in philly. >> these are gifts you can
8:33 am
pick up in philadelphia through christmas eve. it is at the last minute. you have that trend i person you want to shop for. here are your go to gifts. >> okay. >> all right. this is, m u.s. e, you know those wearable texts, in a track your steps, cycling. this is wearable 2.0. the the 2015 version. thinks m u.s. e a brain sensing head band. you put it on. it tracks your brain activity. takes you through a guided exercise through a accompanying app that heat you strengthen your muscle of attention and focus. less stressed out and happier overtime. i tried to use it a few times and i said this thing does not work. every single will time i say it doesn't work the the ocean waves, that kind of come through the app get louder and louder. spoiled again. this thing actually does work. >> how much does this work. >> it is a hard rate monday ton for your brain. >> thinks for the techy. >> thinks for stressed out
8:34 am
supervisor in your life this one i'm so excite to see. i just discovered this. i have this on my list. i want this you will go crazy over this. >> this is basically a silicone, unit. if you take a look there is these tiny silicone touch points here. so much more high again i can then the clear sonic. look at clear sonic use it a few times and it starts to get dirty. you turn it on. it has a sonic powered. you are getting a two in one here. what you are getting is the cleanser on one side and then you are getting a massage tip on the other side, so you can massage in your serum so that they, penetrate, a lot better. >> yes. >> how much is this. >> this is 199. >> okay. >> and then, oh, some food over here. >> we will inn dull being in these. for the food die in your life who loves to take instagram photos of whatever they are doing and eating, this is great because thinks a mack
8:35 am
ruin kit you can pick up at bed, bath and beyond. they can use curry, bacon. you can do anything their heart desires. it comes with a silicone baking sheet and all of the specials thaw need to make them. >> wonderful. >> how much is this. >> this is $24.99. >> that is more my price range. >> okay. >> of course, cologne. we all have have to shop for guys. >> i love this thinks for devastatingly handsome man on your list who you cannot afford to shop for. you will buy him all of the scents you you cannot ordinary, soft suede, there is tobacco smoke, it smells so, so, delicious. >> bring in our own devastatingly handsome. >> chris. >> do you want to dress it up. >> thank you. >> all right. >> he needs a little bit of that this morning. >> do you like it. >> it smells so good. >> you can pick this up a at the macy's. >> we love it. >> so good.
8:36 am
>> real quick, this is some little bit, it is smart home kit and it snaps everything including your dog and toilet paper to the internet. it is insane. fourteen different modules. all these different tutorials to teach you how to leave your window open if the sun comes out. if your dog barks. it will text message you. it will tell you when you are running out of toilet paper. >> this must be for the techy. >> this is for the geek in your life. >> that is for sure. >> all right. well, thank you for everything. >> you can get these all in philadelphia up until the last minute, christmas eve. >> thanks very much. >> now let's go to had wiz. i will be joining us. so philadelphia magazine named best new restaurants in the area. the the top five restaurants, that you need to know about, we will tell you about it next. no matter who you are,
8:37 am
if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle
8:38 am
to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in ... and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections,
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changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
8:40 am
welcome back on this monday morning, the monday before christmas day. what a food theme we have here. it is hard to name the best restaurant in philadelphia but philadelphia magazines are trying to. they have released the list of the 50 best restaurants in the city, we will show you the list of the top five. lets get to number five. >> number five is kevin spraguea's first restaurant in center city. philly mag says dinner there, displays excellence in everything from eating, influence, fried chicken. >> so good. >> service is great. defines hospitality and it has post fine dining world. >> number four pumpkin. the in the city's graduate hospital sexist number 46789 magazine says this byo has meals built from an ever changing list of knock out dishes. they also say that the chef, iain is making his food with
8:41 am
complexity and simplicity. >> i love byo's. >> yes. >> save so much money. >> that is true. >> number three, thinks my favorite restaurant, verdict food and drink in rittenhouse. the restauranter, and his crew created a neighborhood restaurant that is a favorite of everyone in town. when you get in there greeting us is hostess and wife, co-owner. >> our neighbor right here in olde city, fork, comes in at number two. magazine says cooking at fork is deeply rooted in a adventurous style. >> they have the best bread. >> yes. >> as well. >> let's get to number one. >> this is where i took my wife for our 15th wedding anniversary. >> isn't that sweet. >> laurel. >> on passyunk. >> it is owned by top chefs winner nick, the food magazine says he works wanders with one well conceived plate after another. >> you knew what you were doing, didn't you. >> saw i saw him, on a national show in new york. they had him talking about his
8:42 am
food and everything else. they had him sign the plate and whole thing. i said, we have had some friend who went. they were there that night. they were disappointed. they got a comped meal. >> what? >> they are cool as well. >> small place though. >> yes. >> some other best restaurants include vet ri, and a mad a. >> the garden is favorite of so many. >> vegetarian restaurants in the country. >> fantastic. >> well, you know what is there a great baker also in the area. >> yes. >> quincy you are a faker or a baker. sue called you out earlier. >> sue really called me out and it hurt me feelings but i'm okay, we're at winerich, and guess what they have so many stuff here. i will bake some special cookies and guess what, she's a long time customer. >> say hi. >> hi. >> good morning. >> special coo (vo) nourished.
8:43 am
8:44 am
rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:45 am
8:46 am
it comes in as number ten of the best songs of the year. we will tell you the top three in just a bit but we have to get to quincy. he is hanging out at a long time family owned german bakery in willow grove. hey there quincy, what are you working on there right now. >> okay. we have these cookies. these are like some of the hottest sellers. >> these are the new things in whole world right here. this will be the number one new item, right here, for winerich bakery, fox 29. >> yes. >> you got to come by. look at this. this is the steve keeley. look at the steve keeley cookie. >> yes. >> we could not simulate the snowplow, that was next best thing right there. >> we have you all dressed up here for christmasy don't think people will want to eat. that they will just bring that home, they will just want to look at that. >> you wouldn't know what to do with that. >> i can come n you decorate. >> what will we start with because i messed up last time.
8:47 am
>> right here bus stop buddy is chilly. he will need scarves. that scarves goes right on there then we will, do that. then we will get some buttons on his winter jackets, right there. and my assistant, is taking care of that. >> you guys, are four generations. >> thinks a fourth generation right here. >> we have been here, you know, i'm third generation. we have been here for 60 years. it just continues on. >> we are getting jen fred right here. >> this is jen fred, and alex and chris. >> you you a little bit too. >> okay. this is my alex. >> yes. this is a little messy. >> i want a discount on that one. >> this is a little chris murphy. >> we will put a little chris murphy. >> we will put it on his face right here. people can come in and get them. >> they can come get them. this is all edible. it is delicious.
8:48 am
we sell hundreds of them. >> but, these will sell. >> look at the quincy. >> yes. >> look at that. >> she's red i for her holiday party. >> i was going to ask to you bring some of those cookies back but now you ruin mize outfit. now i don't know. >> is what up with my eyes. >> your eyes, you shine like a diamond. we wanted to show that chris, that was it. >> wonderfully done. >> um-hmm. >> yes. >> that is pretty cool though. >> look at steve keeley. this is steve keeley. >> i like his shirt. >> he is delicious. >> i'll be back next hour. >> is he good. >> he is doing more eating than baking. >> ken rottweiler brought these cookies in last week. >> we love cookies. >> yes. >> he is polite. >> members of the memphis grizzlies basketball team wanted to make this christmas very special for one of their
8:49 am
interns. >> everybody is chipping in, it is holiday season. that is what we wanted todd do. >> okay. >> all right. >> so intern was reportedly identified as brandon on the team's facebook page. what was waiting is team members who surprised him with a brand new, nissan, after his car got stolen. the it was so sweet they did that. they have a big old bow on it. >> yes. >> you are interning for a very wealthy offerings around rich people, something goes wrong that is good. >> am i going to get a job too. i'm looking for a job if i'm an intern. >> that is pretty neat. >> are your kids on winter break? according to one study there are five things have to have them do while out of school. coming up why not everyone agrees with this list. >> but first thing on the list get them out of the house. no matter who you are,
8:50 am
if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar?
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imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in ... and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney
8:52 am
problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
8:53 am
well, it is almost here, with just chestnut roasting on the open fire. thinks one that is most troublesome weather-wise, because even though we have 62 degrees in the outlook, we have i rain and the scattered thunderstorms on christmas eve. you need to make your plans around that or anything you will be doing outside. keep that in mind. this is not the storm bothering us christmas eve. this is priest christmas eve storm. other one has yet to come. plenty of rain on the way as we look at the future cast here by this afternoon on and off throughout the night.
8:54 am
we will get a break on tuesday before the heavier rain comes in on wednesday which is, indeed christmas eve this breaks it down in your seven day forecast. we are a's mild on wednesday but we're also wet and wild with the possibility of thunder and lightening. now christmas day itself will clear out. the sun will be out, in the afternoon, maybe some rain in the morning and clouds thingering but he but then it turns colder on sunday. that takes you through the holiday and beyond, bob kelly, what do you got. >> and beyond, good morning, sue. 8:54 on a monday morning. we have been off to a great start. it is a big daze to be traveling. probably best day to travel with the weather, kind of changing over next couple have of days. we're in good shape on arrivals and departures at philly international. willow grove, heads up, shoppers alert by will other grove park mall. they are closing instead road through the day at 9:00 to is
8:55 am
1:00. to make final repairs. so expect delays throughout the neighborhood. septa uses buses on route 13 trolley between mount mariah and yeadon station because of wire problems. tacony palmyra bridge set for an opening at 10:00 a.m., the the betsy ross bridge is your best bet, around 10:00 a.m. what time is santa coming? 10:00 a.m. >> yes, that is what time santa comes. fifty-six in chestnut. fifty-sixth and chestnut in the accident in the neighborhood and we are in good shape up and over the bridges. >> what are the four food look groups. >> candy, candicans, candy corn and syrup. >> and syrup. >> syrup like a pasta. >> yes, all over the pasta. >> i love that. >> so, cheat sheets are now things of the past. remember when you use to write little answers on your hand. now kids are using something else to cheat. what you should be looking out for, we are warning you this
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
sing it. >> yes. >> we all know jordan sparks. well, today is her birthday. she did this with chris brown, breeze. well, she's 25 years old today. happy birthday. she's so sweet. i don't know her. i would imagine if i met her she's sweet. >> what you did not see is alex knowing the words. >> yes. >> we have to get you a little earring in your nose. >> so i can be just like her. >> well, good day, it is monday, december 22nd, 2014. >> now are your kids on winter break just yet. >> they are. >> yes. >> and they are already on
9:00 am
winter break. >> well, here are five things you should have them be doing while they are out of school. plus why not everyone agrees with this list. plus this... >> ♪ i'm all with that base ♪ >> all about that base, it is one of the top songs of 2014. but megan's hit is not in the top three. >> what? >> i'm shocked. >> the songs at the top of the ap charts. >> and, then we all know, and love rodolph the red nosed reindeer. only reindeer coming to town we have a reindeer on our show today inn about a half an hour. make sure you gather these kids, reindeer and chris, you are in charge of clean up of the reindeer. >> thanks. >> shovel and the bucket. >> yes. >> i know. >> that will be cool. >> that sounds like my house. i get all of the bad


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