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tv   Good Day Philadelphia  FOX  December 26, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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her baby on the septa train, and the two officers who just sprung into action. >> i want to say merry christmas to kim junk un. >> some people have a tradition of going to the movies on christmas day but, they have a strong message they want to send to north cover re. looking ahead to the new year, lot of people are making resolution toss get into shape. but is cardio the way to go. doctor mike will let us go how we melt away pound. i have been told the way to get rid of the cold is lots of fluid. >> well, you've got that covered. >> that muggies huge. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> what is in it. >> water, of course. >> yes. >> it has to be water. >> you will be going on a potty break every commercial break. >> no, in the at all. here's my idea. extra long traffic and weather for the next three hours, please. >> yes. >> is that the the way to go seriously. >> we apologize in advance for
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hearing all of the coughing, that is going on because we are all fighting a cold. sue is only one. >> i'm knocking on wood, i will just bat h in hand sanitizer. >> the buggies going on. the bug in your work place? tweet us. everybody has been hit by this. >> in homes, families, and all kind of things. >> i would stay inside but sun will be out, yes. >> all right. >> i opened up the windows. >> yes. >> let the fresh air in. >> it is a nine, sue. >> i did give it a nine. somebody on twitter had an issue with that because it is cold right now but it is december, it is speaksed to be cold and we will be in the 50's today. >> that is not cold for december. >> exactly. normal high is 42. we will be in the le to mid 50's throughout the the afternoon. idea even if my nine and i will stay with it. clear and cold is our current temperature situation with bus stop buddy who is not waiting for the school bus. he is nice at a home but we will make him get dressed so we can tell you what to wear.
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temperatures in the 30's. wind chills in the 20's. make sure you have your gloves and nice warm coat on today. nothing to show you you on satellite and radar, not even any clouds. 38 degrees. you can see our gorgeous sunrise, official sunrise time is 7:21, 12 miles an hour wind give us a wind chill of 30. keep that in mine. dress for 30 degrees out there this morning. and once again your weather by the numbers, we are going to give thaw nine and that is our story, been kelly and we are sticking to it. >> that is our story and we are sticking to it, exactly. good morning. a live look light red ways, 30 bypass in the a problem at all. we have had a zero morning rush hour, so far this morning. i think all of the kid are off from school, mom and dad daddies off sitting at home watching us. welcome, route 73, right here near styles avenue interchange there an accident in the neighborhood at 16th and master, that vehicle hit an
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actual, fire hydrant and therefore we have a water issue there burlington bristol had an earlier opening, traffic slow across the span but all other bridges are in good shape and here's your speed meeting reading 55 down i-95, no problems on the schuylkill expressway between conshohocken and center city. using mass transit today maybe take kid for a train ride the regional rail lines are running on a regular schedule, the buses and trolleys are operating on a modified schedule. alex, back over to you. lets get to this story. new this morning a man is recovering after being stabbed, on christmas in the holmesberg section of philadelphia, this was overnight, police say man was stabbed in the chest in the 5600 block of ditman street. the man was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition, no word on an arrest. a local couple gets a special present on christmas and fox 29 has the the only camera on the scene to catch septa officers in action.
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>> sabina kuriakose live from center city with much more on this story for us, hi sabina. >> well, we don't know where parents caught the market frankford el, we necessity their baby got off here at 15th and market. lets take a look at that video we were talking about. we have an up close look in the thick of it as the septa police officers car that i had little baby outside from underground from the subway. it happened around 6:00 o'clock last night that video just warms your heart on this chilly december morning. officer daniel cabone and darryl james got the call, on their radio of a woman going in to labor and as they were running over to the train car, frantic passengers were trying to tell them exactly what was happening. lets look the at surveillance video. the this is new this morning, that the release where you can actually see the officers go into the the train car, they look around, they stopped would the man. she was surround i had bypass eveninger and husband helping her out.
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they go over to her and the baby you guys is already crowning. he he is not waiting for anybody. so of course they roll up their sleeves and they catch this baby as he comes out. we were told there were issues with the umbilical cord possibly being around the baby's neck. they took care of that, and helped deliver this healthy baby boy. let's listen to one of the pass earnings who saw this whole thing go down. >> it happened so fast we went right into action. we called for medics. they were on point too. i was happy. they're happy. the family was happy. >> the people were in shock, they were excited, they were congratulations, calling the baby, one lady got pink, she was like he is a cutie pie. have one was happy for the mother, the baby, congratulating the police officer, it was just a really positive moment, good moment. >> reporter: how could you not smile, with that on christmas
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day. we are told that mom and baby at last check they are both doing just fine and guys, later this morning at 8:30 we will have those septa police officers on "good day philadelphia" to talk about exactly what went down and exactly how they were feeling as they delivered this christmas miracle. >> we can't wait to have them coming in the studio. here's your chance to stump out hunger with the cast of the international percussion sensation, stump. student, fans and theaters goers will receive a special lesson from the cast today at the kimmel center. participants are asked to bring canned food donation which will go to philabundance. >> chosen 300 is continuing the holiday giving today in west philadelphia, volunteers will hand out meals and gifts to families in need in mantua. now the charity is opening up a new facility in that neighborhood. police arrested a woman for hitting a val wet a car outside a main line restaurant and then taking off. >> police say michelle same opposite pulled up to the valet stan at season 52 in
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upper merion wednesday afternoon. they grabbed one valet's cell even if when a second asked what was going on that is when police say she hit the gas hitting the second valet throwing him on the hood of her car. he then for a short time and then fell, several departments tried to pull sim ons over before she crashed and she's now in custody. yes, another blow to atlantic city a's trouble revel casino. florida develop inner line to buy the property now wants it at a discount. liars for glenn straub say in a court filing the casino should sell for 87 million, that is eight million-dollar less than what he bid at the auction. he says that the auction was just not fair, and a judge is set to consider the sale on january 5th. crowds around the country turnout for theater premiere of sony's the interview. >> penn cinema in wilmington delaware was one of the three pun that decided to show film after sony reversed its
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decision to pull the move any response to the massive hack attack, that is down from 3,000, screening. hackers threatened to attack showing of the film, so bomb sniffing dogs were brought in as a precaution in wilmington but then people went to see the movie said they weren't too worried about their safety. >> good way to spend $12 for free speech. >> rush ace offering support to north korea, the white house blames the the zone a tack or hack on north korea which denies these allegations. now a spokesperson says north korea's anger is understandable and that the u.s. threats of retaliation are counterproductive. >> it is now considered the second biggest shopping day of the year, folks are really heading out to make returns and the malls, they are opened early. >> quincy is also, out early, out there with all of the other, madness going on. it looks calm right now. >> i'm at cherry hill.
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how are you doing, ma'am. people, they are still waking up. i'm in cherry hill mall. it is pretty calm right now. we have seen a couple people, a couple people returning things, people are coming out here early to get a jump on the savings. we have a guy with an eagles sweat shirt on. i guess he got the that for a really low price, because it is the season and i don't know how that is turning out. we have mall walkers, plenty of people in here, yeah, it is not a lot of movement right now, guys but we will have some, i can feel it, it is coming and cherry hill mall is opened up at 7:00 a.m. mall is just opening. people are walking in and i have seen people with bags, returning things, a little angry about what they got yesterday. we will see some people this evening. >> did you get anything that you did not like. >> no, i love everything. that my parents and my wife gave me. it was great. everything i got it was
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amazing. i'm so happy for my family. >> are they watching right now. >> look at quincy's face. >> are they watching. >> do that same smile. >> everything is great. >> look at that smile. >> that is quincy's liar face, do you see that. >> no, seriously, no, i got some really cool things. i would never do that. hold on, how are you doing sir. >> how are you. >> do you work here. >> where do you work. >> over here. >> are people coming in, for returns. >> not for us. >> did you get everything you wanted for christmas. >> i don't know if i got everything. >> i'm in the returning anything. >> okay. >> thanks for the coffee, sir. >> don't take his coffee. >> people. >> he really took the coffee. >> thank you. >> oh, quincy. >> we will check back. >> so you probably heard about this because everyone was
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talking about this, is there an office party contest in salt lake city that took a wrong turn. is there a new video after a co-worker end up in the hospital. a worker accepted alcohol free eggnog chugging contest invitation. you can hear them say chug, chug, chug, and they say, everything was going well for a little bit when declared the winner but 12 seconds downing the quart of eggnog he wasn't doing so well. >> it felt good at the time until i could not breathe and like, you can see the video where i bend over but it wasn't because i was going to throw up, because we had to keep it down but i could not get my air. >> he is okay now but it turns out he had eggnog in his lungs and it took him about a week to recover. 7:11. former president george hw bush, unfortunately did not getting to home for the holidays. he spent christmas at a
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houston who have after experiencing shortness of breath earlier this week. family spokesmen says the 90 year-old had a terrific day and was in great spirits. police say six people have been arrested in connection with the threats following the deadly ambush of two new york city police officers. meanwhile a wake is scheduled for rafael ramos, who was shown in the left, with his partner on the right wenjian lou. funeral services have not been announced for liu but six more people have been arrested. jet blue is planning to offer free flights to police officers, cross the country, to officers, who want to attend the funerals of those fallen nypd officers you just saw. the new york post reports two officers from each department will aloud to fly for free, officer rafael ramos will be laid to rest tomorrow but jet blue it is important to bring officer liu's family from china to new york at no charge. christmas dinner in a south jersey synagogue, now
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goal, just to help people in need. >> twelve home less men were there. they will receive more than just a meal. as fox 29 reports volunteers are working hard to get them back on their feet. >> it is that time of the year when people are giving back this congregation here in cherry hill is nourishing the heart and soul of people in need. >> there are enough goodwilled people that want to help and this is one of them. >> reporter: he is here to lend a hand at this reformed temple's annual christmas dinner for the homeless but many years ago, he was on the receiving end. >> i had business in cherry hill, even for two years and then financially went downey could not pay rent. i got evicted. i have no family here. ended up being homeless. >> reporter: for the the past 22 years synagogue takes in 12 home less people for two weeks as part of an inter faith outreach program. >> we arranged transportation,
7:14 am
for them, all of their meals are taken care of, our congregation comes together and delivers amazing meals, act its. >> reporter: and this night christmas night, congregation hold a festive dinner for their home less guests. >> it is very hum blink experience to give back to know you are helping someone with a roof over their head and a warm place to sleep, have a bed, have people that love them. >> reporter: ruben cotton has battled a addiction and has been thankful for the support and fellowship from the synagogue especially at christmas. >> by grace of god and programs like this it gives you an opportunity to not be homeless, you know, and to find your way one day at a time. >> reporter: homeless families will be staying here another three days and it is the goal of the program to give a hand up, rather than a hand out. in cherry hill i'm joann pillegi, fox 29 news.
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i'm moving to the side here. >> i just sneezed. >> you just gave it to me. >> i don't want to get it again or some different strain of whatever it is. >> everybody is leaving me, sigh is way over here, sue do you want to come over here. >> you should have a force field around you to make sure that this doesn't spread. >> i didn't want to leave you guys hanging, that is you why came in. >> you may want to just open up the window and get those germs out of there. that is why so many illnesses spread because everybody is stuck indoors with each other. well today we have a decent forecast, 52 degrees, and sunshine, how about that and throughout the rest of the weekend 55 degrees, tomorrow. sunday we will have rain in the outlook, not raining every minute and it is still 50 degrees. if you want to do stuff outdoors, there is so many ways to be a tourist in your hometown even if you don't have family here come see historic sites right here in olde city.
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it would be fun. ultimate doppler no precipitation to get in your way at all, today or tomorrow, for the future cast we have to jump ahead to sunday to find some rain and it is saturday that looks great which you can see there, sunday in the morning we are socked in with cloud. we will get rain moving in by middle of the day on sunday and then it is on and off for the rest of the afternoon and evening. the that looks like it is it from that are but there is a cold front so cold air will be rolling in behind their cold front on sunday. so monday we will start a new weather pattern that is chillier. temperatures are in the 30's right now, most of them, but the wind chills are in the 20's, feels like 23 in allentown, feels like 30 in trenton in philadelphia it feels like 23 in millville. it is a cold one out there and sunshine could deceive you this afternoon at least in the early part of the morning but by this have afternoon we may not be 65 degrees like we were yesterday and that was misleading but the high came
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own while it was still raining and to 2:00 in the morning when we reached 65 degrees. we ended up averaging in the 50's and that is where we will to be day, tomorrow a high of 55. sunday is our transitional day with that rain we will get that cold front rolling through here, maybe a little bit of the mix monday morning. should not be a big deal if you are going back to work for a couple of days before the next holiday which is new years eve and that is when it is sunny and colder during the the day 35 degrees at night in the mid 20's, around mid night. that would be cold but for mummers they are expecting sunshine. it is child sunshine bob kelly but it is still sunshine. >> i hepp doctor mike brings his little doctor bag with him today, three for one special in here, when he comes in. good morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway no problems or delays, road are dry, this morning we are off to a good start coming in or out of downtown philadelphia. if you are heading down to the
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zoo taking the kid to the zoo you are in good shape. an accident in wilmington delaware at route 13, near the northbound route 40, and an accident at 16th and master that knocked over a fire hydrant and there is water gushing out of the roadway, busy day in south philadelphia. the frozen's disney on ice is in town and there is three shows today. you will see change overhead nothing and out of the south philadelphia. show at 11, three and 7:00 and we will have a jammo in the parking lot with everybody with their elsa outfits on. east on the schuylkill no problem at all, southbound i-95 we are looking good from wood have tone downtown. for gang leaving west chester delaware county chester county you are in good shape up and down route 202. in problems up and down blue route down toward airport and using mass transit, regional rail on the regular schedule but buses and trolleys are operating on a modified schedule, back over to you. >> i know everybody is sleeping in today. people normally on twitter
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with us at 4:00 in the morning are just now starting to tweet at 7:00 something. >> somebody got a chance to sleep in i don't blame you good morning. >> good morning good everybody is just waking up. >> did you hear about this or see this, a prankster had still some fun on the new jersey garden state parkway. >> clark gracewold, someone turned tonight to clark griswold a dad in the original christmas vacation film. the taped on sign has been since removed by the turnpike authority. take a look at this picture some people are calling this guy a great dad, while others say he is not being a dad at all, the controversy this photo is now sparking. unforgettable christmas for one of atlanta's finest and bravees, how a fellow fire fighter helped him pop the big question. no matter who you are,
7:20 am
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may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. good morning, we are in the 7:00 o'clock hour of good day philadelphia did you ask if this was kanye. >> mike jerrick would know that answer. >> i'm pretty sure thinks kanye west. >> if it was rolling stones would i know it. >> let's check over at cherry hill mall to see, there is a line, that has formed here, so i'm told this is for foot locker because lebron james and kobe bryant has some new shoes that will be on sailor maybe they are being released
7:24 am
and they want to make sure they get them. line has begun for shopping on the day after christmas, which we're told is the biggest shopping day of the year. >> i want nerlens necessity he will model, with all those rebound. >> look at that they need chairs or something. >> yes, is that a seattle seahawks hat,. >> somebody should take that off his head. >> go back. i think so. >> seriously. >> that is what it looks like. >> go back home to washington state. >> it hearts as we get ready for the the last eagles game. >> wow. >> it is a giants. >> all of these traitors. >> nobody wears eagles stuff have we given up. i still believe. i'm still a fan. >> the the giants one hurts more because we are taking them on for the last game of the year. i'm sick of these people. >> i don't want to see this anymore. >> giants and seahawks. photo of the pennsylvania father hanging out with his two little girls has sparked controversy on line. >> not everyone sees the the
7:25 am
same thing, happening, okay. here's the deal, this is from erie. you see the dad getting his toenails painted by one daughter while playing video games but this photo he has received 2,000 comments on line, the reaction is mixed, with some saying that the nail painting shows he is willing to have fun while other slammed the dad while playing video games even steady oven gauging with his daughters. he thought photo was fun and having grown up with male cousins wanted to show how differently boys and girls play. >> how many interaction can he do, is he supposed to lean down. how flexible is he to talk to her and hang out. >> he is there with his kid, hanging out, and daughter probably loved it because she has connection with her dad. >> i came home the the the other day and my daughter had painted her face with in the painted, well, put all this make up on, i mean all done it. it was ridiculous. >> playing dress up with the full on make up. did you play dress up with
7:26 am
her. >> so here's the thing i took the dog out for a walk. when i came back she painted my wife's face and it was awful. >> those are the best moments. >> she begged me to do it. >> of course, i did it? you have to. >> when i was little i opened up my own massage parlor and it had prices, laminated it and gave to it my parent. i said what to you want today. would i have to ask for money. would i give them back massages or foot massage. to me that was fun. i was opening up my own business. >> i feel bad about in the summertime when you past lemonade stand in the neighborhood. you don't even have any money, you are not thirst think you don't want your grub i hand. you want the the spirit, right. >> what did you do my mother cooked, it was good. >> we had fun. >> did you eat too much. i know difficult.
7:27 am
are you looking for a way to slim down in the even of year. bring in doctor mike to let you know best way to shed those holiday pound and it may not be the way thaw think. >> stick around. >> here comes the guilt trip. >> air men reunited after serving overseas, the organization, that took care of his buddy, while he was away at war.
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thinking ahead what you might want to use in the gym to melt the fattah way, and it is not the treadmill. and it is video you will only see here on fox 29, really this is making national news this morning, the two officers who delivered a baby on the septa bus and it will be here in the studio we will ask them what was going through their mind on this christmas delivery. santa is giving this girl flowers for christmas but that is not what she asked for, the real surprise, as santa has in store, coming up. it is a good one. they always have the best gift, santa would be bringing great gifts. >> yeah, the kid were thrilled. i want to necessity how to fit this giant nerf gun. >> they are the best. >> that is magic of santa,
7:31 am
that is were it is christmas magic. >> somebody filled stockings in buddy's house. clear and cold this morning. we are starting to see sunshine at 7:21 has passed the official sunrise time. we will give you a nine out of ten for day after christmas because of the sunshine, there it is, 38 degrees but it is december. a breeze from five to 10 miles april hour, and we have a rest of the weekend, we have new years eve, new years day, it is all included in our seven day forecast which will be coming up, in a few minutes. that concludes or weather portion of the weather program at this time, and here is bob kelly. >> go back to the december being there miss sue.
7:32 am
476. there is nothing going on. everybody has the day off here even social media is quiet. folks talking with facebook and twitter this morning. everybody sleeping in live look at the blue route, 476, road are dry, and nice and quiet this month. >> so far, so good. keep in mind here's a head up for center city to day, it is move in day for fancy brigade. they are moving in for the practice and of course the big show, on new years day, so race street will see extra volume, and a lot of activity with the truck there and back end of the convention center. accident on route 13 right here near route 30 ape crash at 16th and master. frozen, three big shows, moms and dad and change over in the parking lot down here in south philadelphia.
7:33 am
mass transit, looking good, chris and alex, back over to you. >> there is new evidence on why we may want to pump more iron as you tried to get rid of the extra weight. >> you are all pull and up. >> only in my own mind. >> but anyway. >> it is not necessarily the it is dumbbells. >> everybody now is starting to get ready for their new years resolutions and say, maybe you got a gym subscription for the holidays. so now you will go to the gym. where does everybody go, right to the treadmill but new data suggest if your belly is a problem, if you have not seen your belt bucket in two decade what you need to do is weight training. get on the weights because study found, they took people, and they dit for 20 minutes and to be on the treadmill for
7:34 am
20 minutes and people on the weights had less abdominal fat, then the people on the treadmill. now, for all of us out there you really the best way to do this toys combine the the the both but you must have some weight training. >> that is not weight training but stretching is good too. >> you have to stretch,. >> all of those things are so vital to making your body and engine would properly. >> i'm a treadmill girl so to know i have to go, and lifting those weights, usually i lift a bar. >> perfect example of this is mike jerrick. >> look the at how he is so buff. it is incredible. >> yes. >> how do you pick on someone who is out of town. >> yes, he can text me. >> that is true. it is not just about working out but food and your diet y don't want anyone on the diet. i want you to change your
7:35 am
lifestyle. you will be in better shape. you will reap reward of your health for a 1k if you put money in to it now. exercise and keeping your weight down. >> sugar us want to focus on. >> there is some other information out there. diet guidelines will change. they will start saying hey, 10 percent is the maximum added sugar tour daily calories. >> that doesn't sound like a lot. >> it doesn't but you would be shocked and mortified if you found how much sugar is in everything, little pancakes, high fructose corn syrup is ubiquitous. what do i mean wye that? it is every where. you get sugar without even knowing it. fructose or high fructose corn syrup in particular, and i have been saying this for years is a problem in, my personal, professional opinion, it is not metabolized the same way as regular sugar,
7:36 am
adds to weight and all kind of problems. >> just avoid soda at all cost. it is so easy to put in and so hard to get out. >> my mom always said that. she would realitier eat her sugar and after a piece of cake because it just go down so quickly. >> that is what you need to do. if you think bit, if i gave you $10,000 to drink a coke in under two minutes do you think you could do it. >> in under two minutes. >> i guess so. >> get a coke now, of course, you could. i give you a million dollars to burn that off in a treadmill in under two minutes, 120 calories do you think you can do it. >> no way. >> good point. >> don't put it in, a lot easier to get out. >> alex and i are sick do you know a good doctor. >> i will examine everyone, nothing below the the belt today. >> we don't want that. >> it turns out she was in the
7:37 am
top of his good list this christmas. >> and, we want to know how you spent your christmas, send us your photos use hash tag fox 29 good day. so send us your picks, we want to see the aftermath from all of the christmas present.
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by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] this morning we have a look of the special proposal. >> one lucky lady had no idea she would get such a special present by just heading to the mall. >> unaudible.
7:41 am
santa brings gift why not bring a diamond ring too we are looking at kimberly robert who said yes, by the way her new fiance is stationed in afghanistan. he enlisted the help of this mall santa and, to pull off, this surprise. >> that is a big one. >> look the at santa filling in. >> that is cool. >> yes, we love santa. so an emotional reunion between an air men and his dog he he just got back home from serving overseas for over a year, the organization that took care of his four legged friend while he was fighting at war. and quincy's getting ready to battle crowd at the mall this morning. about a half an hour ago it was quiet, starting to get
7:42 am
more crowded out there. >> these guys are waiting for the sneakers, kobe's and lebrons, the kd's that is what they are waiting for but did you know it is boxing day. who would have thought it, coming up next.
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>> hi, sue. >> i'll take that. we're being very minimal will today because of all of the excessive christmas. i want to tell you it was one of the most sloppy christmas eves we have had in recent memory and now we are in the new weather pattern that should be nice today and tomorrow. sunday is a different story, but is there your ultimate doppler radar picture. we cannot find any precipitation to show you, even in the entire northeastern part of the country. so we will take it to the future cast and we will go through saturday. saturday looks great. lots of sunshine. the hardly a cloud in the sky. sunday cloud start to roll role in. by eight or 9:00 we have got some showers. they will stick around for the the balance of the day, on and off, we will not be raining every minute on sunday but still this is our transitional day into another new weather
7:46 am
pattern, a colder weather pattern as we get in the first part of next week. it is cold right now but sunnies come up and we have promise of another bright day. 30 degrees in allentown. thirty-five in trenton. 38 degrees in philadelphia 33 in wilmington. 35 degrees in dover. this is what it feels like outside. not a lot of whipped but just enough to give us wind chills in the 20's in so many places. it feels like 30 in the city, wind chill of 33 in wilmington delaware. our temperature trend over past five days as we got into christmas eve it was messy, wet, and all that rain. sixty-five, in christmas day but then arranged in the 50's after sun came out. it was windy as advertised. today is first day of kwanzaa a we have a kwanzaa segment in the 9:00 o'clock hour of good day and that should be fun. 52 degrees today, 55 tomorrow. sunday is our scattered showers day. maybe a little bit of flurry
7:47 am
activity in the morning on sunday or wintry mix often monday as we get colder air rolling in and it looks cold on new years eve and new years day. daytime temperatures in the 30's. nighttime temperatures if you are going to be outside celebrating at midnight are only going to be in the 20's. so you have to layer it up for mummers parade, on thursday, bob kelly. >> it sound good. they will work that hot chocolate i'm sure. good morning. 7:46. we are off to a good start which we had no sign of a rush hour at all this morning. the here's a live look at 30 bypass starting to see sun popping out, warming us up, live look at schuylkill expressway right here near roosevelt boulevard, no problems in or out of the city at least at the moment. we have been off to a good start. the mass transit system regional rails are running on a regular schedule and then buses and trolleys are operating on a modified schedule and in delays at the moment. south of wilmington a crash
7:48 am
along northbound side of route 13 near route 30 and move in day for fancy brigades and big presentation at the pennsylvania convention center. you'll see tie autopsies long race street, loading dock for the pennsylvania convention center. look for that delay today and an accident in the neighborhood at 16th and master. bridges look fine at least for the moment, chris and alex, back over to you. just for the moment because malls are opened early and people are expected to go shopping and make a lot of returns, they are heading out to the malls. >> quincy is out there, we will not call it madness but it looks like it might be later on, q. >> well, listen, they heard i would be out here. dan ricoto will be out there. mall is come but it won't be. >> soon it will be crowded. it is boxing day. 8 percent of all holiday gift come back. so this year retailers will sell $620 billion worth of
7:49 am
stuff for the holiday season. 50 billion comes back if not today then within the next couple days. >> if i'm at home and i'm returning some stuff. >> here's a few tips. >> certainly larger retailers have a relax gift return policy. force first two weeks after christmas, q, you can bring back anything. that gift you got yesterday bring it back. retailers are ease which that. you may not need receipt and they may give you gift card or cash but it is relaxed. >> a lot of people are shopping today, this q, is second largest shopping take of the year. a lot of folks are using these little will guys, smart phones. here's a retail tip. use an app called retaile, using gps it pinpoint our location in the cherry hill mall in front of the foot locker and apple place and it will tell you based on where we are what sales are happening right now. as we walk down we will know up to the minute where sales are happening. >> what is that.
7:50 am
>> retaile a free app tour cell phone. >> i can get savings popping up on my phone automatically. >> you can do that. did you get any gift card. >> i got a couple gift card. >> don't admit this but maybe you got one you don't like. that could happen, maybe some of you have a gift card thaw are not too crazy b you could come here and sell it in the parking lot. that the is sketchy. don't recommend that. there is a lot of sites out there, q thaw can sell your gift card for cash. gift card we reportond this before at fox 29. gift card send a gift card in and get cash. >> what did you do with my gift card. >> i used it. >> you did. >> i used it. >> yes. >> here's the thing, your wife, she made, hold on. >> we have cookies, we have chocolate chip and we have short bread cookies from the first lady. >> hold on, this is for you, she's sound sleep i'll tell her laider.
7:51 am
>> now let me ask you this, this right here, we have kevin durant sneakers coming out, lebron james and kobe bryant. >> yes. >> hoist your favorite. >> durant. >> let me just check it out because at 8:00 a.m. they will release sneakers and these people are in line right here. lets go to this guy. he has a giants hoodie, is what your name. >> my name is reggie jackson. >> that is a nice name. you are a giants fan. you are standing in line. what sneakers will you get to day. >> which ones willie get, the kobe and kd's. >> i'm sorry for your giants season. i know it was over. >> yes. >> yeah, yeah. >> it was over by like october. >> he will get a couple sneakers, maybe me and you should stand in line as well. >> kobe old school, right from the area so we can support kobe but we have to move on, q, times change. >> totally.
7:52 am
>> maybe some kevin durants. we will get some sneakers. back to you guys. >> that giants fan looked like he was still asleep. >> reggie jackson. >> he is making that up. >> maybe. >> look at him, we don't want to see. that we don't. >> you know what i like, kohl's last year when i went because i bought my most terrible gift ever. it was the popcorn maker. but they loved eating popcorn. you can make gourmet popcorn at home. >> what is wrong with that. >> they didn't like it. >> i took it back to kohl's. kohl's had a separate line just for returns. i loved. that you didn't to have wait with everybody else doing their after christmas shopping and nice to come in and out. i loved it, it was great. >> what did you get as a replacement. >> i gave them money. >> here's a broke maker, make your own bread. what about this though the miracle on market and 15th street our philly re mix on.
7:53 am
that woman gives birth on a septa bus, making national news, two officers rush to their aid, they are here in our studio, what was going through their mind when most people would have panicked. >> anybody here of labor pains. they will be here. we want to know how you spent your christmas send us your photos, use the hash tag fox 29 good day and they could end up on air. >> this is from monte g who says happy holidays alex and chris. look at my face as i caught my nephew sneaking candicans off the tree. it looks like he had a good christmas. look at those presents. thanks monte g. no matter who you are,
7:54 am
if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription
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swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®.
7:57 am
of course. >> and we're just checking with you. >> album cover of all time. >> one arizona family is complete just in time for the the holiday, it has been 14 months since u.s. air force sergeant and his dog have seen each other because of the deployment overseas. >> but now they are back together, again, and fox's ty bren on has this heart warming story, lets take a look. >> i'm sure just if he will recognize me. >> it has been 14 months since steven goodrum and his wife has seen butters. >> i'm nervous. >> reporter: their worries were put to rest as soon as pit bull made eye contact business with his owners. >> hi, butters. they have been deployed. he was in south korea for over a year. >> hey, hey. >> how are you doing. >> how are you doing.
7:58 am
>> while he was gone butters was in the careful care of the foster parent, it is all part of the humane society project active duty. the program is available to any service person free of charge for the the duration of their deployment no matter how long they are deployed. >> it helps us being the in the military that there is a place where, you can, you can give your animal and they will be well taken care of, you don't to have worry about them, if it wasn't for this program i probably would have had to, you know, give them away or sell them, worry about him being in a good home and i didn't to have worry about all those things. >> reporter: family has big plans now that they are all reunited. >> we have butters, we can go out and do anything and have fun, have a blaze and i don't to have worry about it. >> reporter: goodrum's say holiday feel more complete as their four legged friend is home. >> we are all just chill now aren't bee. >> that is sweet. really great thing that they are doing.
7:59 am
>> the members of the military they give so much but to give up that companionship with your dog especially, that must be really hard to be away that long. always remember when you get back. >> that is true. >> animals they are part of your family. >> huge, absolutely. so with that said local animal shelter is making sure our fury friend are not forgot then christmas. save me adoption center in philadelphia's poplar section served a special gourmet meal to the homeless dogs and cats that are living there right now. now listen to this, pups were given chicken and rice and little kid had gotten some fresh baked salmon. >> it was really good for the the animals. they are treated at home whether they are in our healther, and if they found a home right the now owners would be already spoiling them. so we wanted to spoil them today. >> animals got lots of new toys, thanks to donations and, of course, santa claus, great to see.
8:00 am
good day to you, it is friday december 26th, 2014. an expecting mommies on the market frankford el but her baby cannot wait he got off at 15th and market. cameras rolling as septa police goes to work, quincy? >> reporter: second biggest shopping day of the year in cherry hill mall is like the calm before the storm. they are waiting to buy kevin durant sneakers, kobe bryant or lebron james sneakers. we will talk to them, sue. >> once you get those sneakers take them outside in the sunshine. you will be able to spend the whole day however short it is out of doors today but how long will this weather pattern last? we will let you know coming up, alex. we are taking a look back at the top celebrity weddings of the year. do you remember this bright moment, angelina jolie let her kid put graffiti on her veil, and the moments, top wedding
8:01 am
moments, in just a bit. >> in a good way. >> they are doing that to the wedding dress what their walls at the home look like, crayons are out, yes. >> we only do that when mom and dad says it is okay to do that. >> yes. >> that chalkboard paint in the kids room. >> now they have this markers thaw can do on the windows. >> something even bigger here if you are listening. we know santa just came and you might think i can be bad now. who is watching year round. you have 363 days of being good. >> yes. >> it starts all over again. >> it starts today. >> speaking of today, this is so exciting, big story, transit cops that delivered kid on christmas day. i love philadelphia daily news headlines here, the first no el because it is market and it will be.
8:02 am
>> right now, there they are. >> those gentlemen are here, in our fox 29 studios, we will talk to them in a bit. >> we are providing hand sanitizer for all of our guests today. >> you will need it. >> it is on both side of the table. >> my gosh. >> go to the graphic, because at least outside it is better. nine out of ten today temperatures will be in the 50's and for late december it is unusual. now buddy is wearing shade, not waiting for school bus but still working to let you north outside. no rain at all no cloud on ultimate doppler radar a. plenty of sunshine. 37 degrees. we have a wind chill of 31. 52 degrees is our high temperature today. lovely afternoon for the the day after christmas and then tonight we are down to 37 with clear skies. we will tell you when things change and when things get colder, coming up, in just a few minutes, bob kelly, a lot of sun glare.
8:03 am
>> yes, lots of sun glare, pack your shade but won't have any company on the roadways. it has been great this morning. lack of zero rush hour this morning as we look live right here at 422 coming around saint gabriel's curve getting splashed with sun glare. downtown philadelphia come on down, no problems at all coming in or out of center city philadelphia. here's a live lot schuylkill near the vine street expressway. here's a live look, 309, 202, five points we call it. we are off to a nice quiet start. today maybe bringing the kid down into center city to check out lights. the wannamaker building there. regional rails, regular schedule today, however, buses and trolleys are operating on a mod night schedule as you wait for the bus and bundle yourself up. it is move in day for the fancy brigades, they are moving all of their props and all of their equipment in the convention center as we get ready for mummers day parade. race street will have extra volume and double parking on
8:04 am
the back side of the pennsylvania convention center. a crash in the neighborhood at 16th and master, otherwise, mass transit looking g chris and alex, back over to you. >> and see the and, and these gifts, fox 29 was the only, and, only in the school district. >> sabina kuriakose, and, good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> on mass transit, and mass transit delivery, i said it, and on christmas no less. now the the story has it all, starting with this, exclusive video, our photographer marty captured last night as septa police carried a minutes old baby boy off a the market frankford el to a waiting ambulance. the drama started when a pregnant passenger went into labor the at 6:00 last evening. new surveillance video shows septa police officers daniel
8:05 am
cabon and darryl james get on the train. they can hear this woman screaming. by the time they get to her they say the baby was almost crowning, almost here, unreal. officers didn't hesitate they rolled up their sleeves and they went above and beyond the call have of duty and got. you can see one of the officers just after the the baby was delivered, cradling him, pacing him on the train car trying to suit the the baby f that doesn't pull at your heart strings i don't know what does but just after the delivery happened we caught up with these officers, and you can just see at trend lynn. still etched on their faces. lets take a look the at what they said moments after it happen. >> i know i was at the right place at the right time. fortunately there were three other officers there. we were just getting our gloves ready and we went in delivering the baby. >> i will not take any credit.
8:06 am
baby was out and made sure cord did not wrap around the neck. >> reporter: back live at 15th and market. we have talked about this story having it all, it also has a happy ending. mom and baby are doing well. if you are wand fairing septa's new little passenger had to pay for his ride septa police tweeted that they waved his fare very cute. as you mentioned those officers will be on good day in just minutes. we should ask them how their christmas was, not, like yours or mine. we have to ask them if they have any subway related moms that they should name baby that is true, we should do that. thank you sabina. lets check back with quincy. there was a long line at cherry hill mall waiting to get necessity will you brandon shoes coming out, kobe bryant has shoes coming out. quincy, are they in there. >> they just let people in. but people are buying things. we are doing an addition of
8:07 am
what did you buy. we have a young lady name siani. >> how are you. >> where are you from. >> mount laurel. >> what did you buy. >> i bought a top and a blazer and i'm about to blow up every other store in the mall. >> what is your name. >> cher. >> what did you buy. >> so far some sweat pants from macy's, but we are not done yet. >> reporter: how long will you guys be in here today. >> all day. >> this lady right here, what is your name. >> natalie. >> these are the the kevin durant sneakers. >> yes. >> are they for you. >> no. >> who are they for. >> my boyfriend. >> om how many years. >> six years. >> she has been with him for six years. she stood in line for his sneaker. this the first time you have done to him, do you want to be engaged? i have to put the pressure on him. >> i'm going to nursing school so after nursing school. >> what is his name.
8:08 am
>> josh. >> you have a girlfriend that stood in line to buy you these sneakers, she cannot even wear them, they are for you. that is dedication. >> yes. >> josh from. >> josh from maple shade. >> josh from maple shade. is he upright now. >> he is at work. >> josh at work get this girl a ring. she just got you nice sneakers. the people that are in line they are inside buying kevin durants, lebron james sneakers or kobe bryant sneakers and we will talk about that more coming up. >> i was wondering why didn't he wait with her, he is making good work. >> are there any good deals out there? that first guy said she will go to every store. there are good deals out there. >> there air lot of deals. the department stores has deals. a lot have people are coming by they are nervous. i don't have mize make up. i can't talk to you.
8:09 am
come talk to me. i left mize make up at home. >> look at some of the windows i want to know what some of the deals are so i can know if i need to go shopping after the show. >> all right, buddy, we will check back. >> 8:09. president obama and first lady spent their hawaii vacation visiting troops at marine base. >> military visits have become a part of the annual christmas holiday. >> everybody here has done service on behalf of the country, this is a great chance for us every christmas we have an opportunity to come by and say thank you not only to you but also to family members who are here because you guys serve right alongside those in uniform the president talked about ending the mission in have again stan have after 13 years. the u.s. will pull vast majority of the combat troops out of afghanistan by years even. that is the plan. >> the first lady shared this throw back photo picture on twitter. thinks christmas from the past. check out the president's
8:10 am
sweater vest. look at that one. they must be in chicago back in their first christmas together. >> nice and opened with the shirt. >> yes. >> she was passionnable even then but i don't know about the sweater vest for him. >> she went to work on his style. >> your family is probably in town right now for the holidays and chances are they are staying through the weekend but not everyone is happen bye this. why some people are choosing their friend over their family. >> um-hmm. but first burning love, christmas to remember for two of america's finest. how a few police officers played coupe think christmas.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
forecasters warned of the blizzard. snow however is melting quickly. so sue, they got snow on christmas and we did not. >> i necessity. >> this has to be something like elevation there. >> yes, it is higher elevations. >> this is a big island. >> wow good but still, yeah.
8:14 am
>> it is the slopes there. >> yes. >> we are seeing all that rain on christmas eve, it is so sloppy and massty out there and they get the snow in hawaii. what is up with that. it is that kind of the weather year. well, tree is still up and stocking still on the mantle throughout the weekend, first day of kwanzaa today, lots of sunshine, 52 degrees, 55 tomorrow, as we get ready for weekend and sunny, skies, we will be replaced by some rain, on sunday. we will still get a high of 50. this is our transitional day into a much colder weather pattern but nothing to show you on ultimate doppler. we have to go way out west to find that cold front. so hawaii can have the snow for now, we will take the sunshine, and, show plenty of sunshine for tomorrow, by sunday though, when the cloud role in as we see wider scattered showers. and, on sunday. and, in the evening.
8:15 am
and that rain will be replaced. and we will see if that lingers, and, 37 degrees in philadelphia 30 in mount pocono. thirty-six in millville, new jersey. thirty-five in atlantic city. wind chill still most of them in the 20's, and it feels like that in the city. and yesterday, was a sunny day, and it is 65 degrees high temperature came when it was still, and, and, santa was still at work, and seven day forecast, has the day after christmas 52 degrees. the weather through the weekend. now lets talk about what will happen next week. you have to get ready for a cold change. by wednesday new years eve a high temperature of only 35 degrees, by thursday, for mummers parade, the day time high, 37 but you know when they get started early in the morning temperatures will probably still be in the 20's, so lots of layers and lots of
8:16 am
hot chocolate, bob kelly. >> you know it, good morning, everybody. not bad at all, everybody 8:15 on this friday morning. tgif. sun glare warming us up and slowing us down heading out of collegeville and in toward that king of prussia mall interest change, downtown philadelphia, no problems at all, coming in and out of the city at the moment. we will begin near king of prussia mall where all area shopping malls, like quincy was at cherry hill, king of prussia, all the of the malls will see some volume in and out of the parking lot again today but schuylkill looking good, coming in through conshohocken. septa has no delays. alex, back over to you. christmas day business creating memories. for one atlanta fire fighter and his police officer girlfriend, this will be one that they will never forget. >> twenty-nine got engaged overlooking the city's freedom parkway. fox's george has the story.
8:17 am
>> reporter: on one knee, this fire fighter matthew brown popped the big question to his girl friend atlanta police officer nicole stapelton. >> she said yes. >> reporter: yes to a team member of engine six, squad four, his fellow fire fighters were in on the surprise christmas wedding proposal, and they had help from atlanta police officers infamesly members of miss stapel ton who pretend todd take her to the store but played cupid on santa's big day instead bringing her to the bridge as arranged by matthew brown. >> unaudible. >> no chance you were going to say no. >> absolutely not. >> the couple tells us they have been dating for several years and live together after meeting on the job. fire fighter brown arrived in dress color guard uniform but he is also a swat medic, often within eyes view of his soon to be bride. >> we get to see each other, react with people and. >> comes to work mode. >> yes. >> during work they cross jackson street bridge a
8:18 am
favorite spot for city sky line photos but matthew brown's best man a fellow fire fighter suggested this spot for another reason. >> it is like a perfect day, came over and there was a good spot to do it. we protect. >> reporter: so with the diamond engagement ring in place two of the atlanta's finest continue their journey, together. >> we are all on duty right now. >> yes. >> one fire call and we're all out of here. >> yes. >> all it takes is one call but they had time to have that special moment. that was george franco reporting. wedding has been september for september of next year in the bohamas. >> that is fun, great place. one woman learn that the next time she asks her husband for a ring, she will be more specific. a red it user going by jonathan h played a cruel joke on his wife. she asked for a ring. she got what looked like a platinum ring in the jewel willry box but further examination of the ring, look closely, shows that it was actually the handle for a mug.
8:19 am
that is not cool. so if you hold the mug up, and it looks like you have a ring on your finger. not in this instant. >> she dumped this guy. >> well, the minute she wanted another ring. >> she should still dump him. >> really. >> yes. >> guys always need to be careful if you are in the married and looking for guy to propose. any special moments, you have to bend down, get down on one knee, just don't do it, or any black boxes. >> don't joke over that. >> there are emotions involved with that. >> yes. >> another christmas comes to a close so now we have just one question for you, what are you going to do with that tree. how you cannery cycle those trees and wreaths today. but first look at this.
8:20 am
>> why is shack lying on the ground. enough basketball stars in history wipes out. you won't believe what happens just seconds before this, we will show you before.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! the food and drug administration is reminding consumers not to eat happy apple brand carmel apples. the missouri base cod announced possible connection between listeria out break and its apples. three people have tied and 29 illnesses have been linked to this out break. well, nba commentator jay
8:24 am
smith, you better watch out, after this hiccup with shack in the tnt studios. take a look at this. >> ability to draw double teams, get fouled, get people... see here he is. >> wow. >> not at all. >> smith ran away yelling it was an accident but shack said that meant war but that said that meant war. everybody said they had a good laugh in the fall. >> so, sometime ago, kenny smith was playing for i believe it was sacramento kings and we went on this cruise, eight different families. he was within of the celebrities on the cruise. i kid you not he stood there in the deck of this cruise ship with the basketball, about i would say seven to ten kids and teenager were trying to get the ball from him and
8:25 am
they could do it. >> no, he is not that tall because he was made, 6-foot 26-foot three but i have never seen ball handling like that. >> he has become such a great comment taiter. he is a great guy. i interviewed him a couple times in the locker room. i shook his happen. his hand is this big, all right. that is his hand. >> my goodness. great guy. >> that is cool that he did that. he just went flying. >> special delivery on christmas. two local officers are hailed heroes after delivering on a septa train and here they are, they are here in the studio this morning, we will talk to them about this incredible experience, on christmas.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
well, we made a little snow overnight in blue mountain. it looks good there does that mean you cannot ski on that slope. i don't know. is that the cone that says do not go down this slope. i don't know. okay. they can ski. here they come. that is a live look at blue mountain in the poconos mountains. fascinating pictures. here's something even more fascinating your pal and mine bus stop buddy. you are still in the christmas spirit and he has sunglasses on, sobriety outside. it is still cold. things will be better which is why we have got a nine out of ten. milder then average by end of the day, nothing in the way oven cloud on the satellite and radar picture so here is your temperature. 37 degrees feels like 31 looking at philly
8:30 am
international. not a real active day there, at least not yet. fifty-two is our high. just lovely. tonight we are down to 37, once again. so that is your friday forecast, and, we will take you through rest of the weekend in fact through the rest of the year in our seven day coming up, bob. >> good morning. we're dealing with sun glare actually on our major roadways. we are looking live at 42 freeway heading in toward philadelphia, the not bad at all, we have had light volume coming from the schuylkill expressway at south street. light volume to boot but a little sun glare even out here along 422, coming from royersford and collegeville. for rest of the major roadways not bad at all, light volume all morning long schuylkill expressway looking good from king of prussia heading in toward conshohocken curve. no problems or delays. sun glare is only problem we have to contend with. using mass transit, septa running on a regular schedule for regional rails and
8:31 am
modified schedule on the buses and trolleys. speaking of septa, chris and alex, back over to you. >> sure. it was christmas delivery of a different kind in center city for a septa station. two police officers helped deliver a baby boy on a train. >> let's show this head line. because they made local news here and paper and it is making national news this morning. >> very, very clever. these are the two officers, this morning right here and it says first no he will because it happened on the frankford market head line. >> yes. >> lets get to the video. only fox 29 was there as first responders rush baby out of the station up the stairs and in the ambulance. our camera watched as new born was rushed out of the station at 15th and market. we were there as mother was transported by first responders sergeant daniel and officer darryl james said they got the call of the woman going in to labor and they just ran over. you could see the baby
8:32 am
crowning once they got inside the train car. witnesses say it was just amazing. >> the the people were in shock, this were excited, they were calling the baby, she is a cutie pie. everybody was happy for the mother, the baby, congratulating the police officer, it was really a positive moment, good moment. >> we love positive and good moments here at good day. we have officers here, officer darryl james and sergeant daniel cabon. welcome this morning. >> good morning. >> how was your christmas. >> wonderful. >> i bet, i bet. did you have any idea you would be all over the news this morning. >> absolutely not. >> so first point in the article it says fantastic. philly, my baby is coming is what this mom said. >> yes. >> take it from there about what you saw what happened. >> well, i was standing on the westbound platform. i saw eastbound train coming in, and it sat there for a
8:33 am
little bit. we had other guys, saying that is unusual. we started, saying help, little kid over there i started to put in the gloves month. man going in to labor. >> i said oh. >> and there could be an injury, a fall but a baby have you ever seen anything like this before. you have children of your own you both do, but in the like this. >> it was amazing. we just knew it, like this, a lot of people crowding around and giving her comfort and we said all right, you guys got this one. it was cool. we made sure mother was okay. >> you mentioned that you have been here for nine years and you have heard of this other officers have done this but not you. this is first for you. >> i feel bless todd partake in something like this. i know it was a miracle for myself and i know officer james too. >> how did you know what to
8:34 am
do. you heard bit. you are not trained for this kind of thing. >> just other experiences and other training, just not to be in a street situation but i had losses behind me. if i was doing something wrong they would have told me. they would have said hey, sarge. >> how many people are crowding around getting a look at this and you have to get the back, was there a lot of people. >> septa patron where is good to go they got out of the way. they let us do our job. once we got there, you take over, they thanked the people. we had officers a and we took action so everybody else kind of fell into place. >> and what was the dad doing? the dad was there too. >> yes, right. >> was he freaking out. >> he was calm. he left with the crowd. then he came back. we're like where are you. >> that was my first thought. >> we asked him to give us a shirt.
8:35 am
he gave us a sweater finally and we wrapped the baby up and made sure it was warm. >> no the to get too close about this but i have seep two children coming in the world, both of them mine, is there umbilical cord and all kind of gunk, what did you do next. >> we made sure it wasn't a wrap around the baby's neck. once we did that we cleared the neck, we had to clear the arm. we asked the mother if she wanted to hold the baby and she extended her arms to us and i said let's give her the baby. >> we had gloves on. i said come on, gloves. >> how was babe. >> baby is doing good. >> are you still in touch with the family. >> we were planning to see them after this. >> that is outstanding. >> we have this exclusive video of the baby coming out of the train station up in the waiting ambulance. when you guys saw that, what went through your mind when you put this all behind you on christmas day.
8:36 am
>> it was a miracle. it is something that i'll always remember this. >> do you have a nickname. sabina kuriakose is joking, but do you guys have a nickname for this baby just yet. >> do you. >> let's hear it. >> lebron james. >> lebron james has a set of shoes coming out. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> take a look at this picture does anything bother you you about this? coming up it looks like the dad was just having fun with his girls but why some parent have a problem here. >> but first, it was a year of celebrity weddings. they have come out with the top ten. did jessica simpson make
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
which celebrity weddings are our favorite. there air lot of moments to pick from but experts at bride magazine are helping out a bit this morning. >> number five scarlet johann son and her husband. >> they were married at a ranch in montana lets get to the before, everyone knows this one, george clooney and amal, the couple married in venice, italy and their friend and family arrived by boat. everybody wanted to see what her wedding dress looked like and she made the cover of people. >> yes. >> we were all so married that she took his last name. we struggle to pronounce her maiden name, alamuddin. >> yes. >> exactly. >> number three neil patrick harris and david berka they married in italy and their three-year old son supposedly stole the spotlight. he was supposed to be ring bearer but decided he would be
8:41 am
an orange boy and walked around handing out oranges to the guests. >> so cute. >> number two, solange knowles anal an ferguson, i love wedding photos. outfits were amazing. the one with the by sick were great but just great wedding photos. their wedding included some super hero style, check out the cape. >> yes. >> big one that everyone loves, own wedding party behind him in black and everybody loves that picture. >> so number one, of course, kim kardashian and kanye west their over the top italian wedding included prewedding festivities in paris, two beautiful dresses and a 45 minute speech or rant by kanye to his guests. >> forty-five minutes. >> forty-five minutes. >> i guess he is overcome with love. >> yes. >> he just could not stop talking. >> others include jessica simpson and eric janssen, angelina jolie and brad pitt, and dwayne weighed and gabriel union. >> are you surprise that had
8:42 am
angelina and brad are not in the top five. >> i am because everybody was talking about her wedding dress the fact that she let her kid draw on it the and help decorating it. i'm surprise that had didn't make it. >> maybe because they have been together so long, and they have been together. >> it is expect. >> forgone conclusion. >> lets get back to quincy, are you still doing shopping. >> how are crowds now. >> they are picking up a little bit but it is in the as packed as we thought. >> it is still early. >> i don't know because of the internet. >> we have jessica from west philadelphia you are kinda shopping. >> just trying to see what is going on out here. >> you are a singer, you know america at ol is coming back, give us a little bit. >> when we finally kiss good night how i ate going out in the storm. but if you really hold me tight, all the way home i'll be warm that was good.
8:43 am
>> amazing. >> man, that was no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise
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8:46 am
dinner at the table. look at this, if you look over on the left-hand side, it looks like, preston from preston and steve, at the dinner table. that is a look alike. >> that is the adult table. >> of course, we have an adult table and kid table. the christine received this other photo late night christmas. another christine. late night christmas from her husband because he work all day. thank a cop. we are so thankful for cops and also servicemen and women who work on that day. and then babe, says migrate niece doing what she does best, being adorable. so keep sending your photos, use that hash tag fox 29 good day we want to see how your christmas was. well, now today is being considered the second biggest shopping day of the year, so a lot of folks are not out there yet but we are expecting them to come throughout the the morning. >> lets bring in quincy and quincy, you are in cherry hill, crowd are not huge just yet but they could grow.
8:47 am
>> they are growing, they are picking up, i saw a lot of people, i saw you a couple fire fighters who said i would love to be on with you but they have a strict policy and i would love to, hello, a lot of people are playing hooky from work. they didn't want to be shown. but i have two people from cherry hill. laurie, erin. >> hi. >> how are you doing. you guys have been here since 6:00 a.m. >> yes. >> what have you been looking for since 6:00 o'clock. >> snow boots, really good sales. >> erin has the bag, and that is his stuff. >> what did you buy. >> a suit jacket. >> he has been here since 6:00. you have a suit jacket. >> a suit jacket, i'm looking for some jeans to go with it and, just bargains. >> where are you going to wear this. >> anywhere, any where, anywhere i feel like just going i will wear it.
8:48 am
>> you say you have a party to go to. >> party tomorrow night you guys did a couple exchanges. >> we have not gotten to north face yet. >> was it because you didn't like the the style or was it because of the size. >> size. >> did erin get you a good gift. >> he did. >> did laurie get you a good gift. >> yes, she did. >> you have to at least lion television. >> no, we wouldn't lie. >> nice to meet you guys. have a happy new year. >> thank you. >> there is so many sales in here. i have seen 75 percent off some stores, 60 percent off, 50 percent off some sales. how are you doing sir. what are you buying in the mall. >> going shopping. >> reporter: what are you guys getting. >> clothes. >> what else i don't see any baggage. >> nothing. >> that is what us fathers to have do. >> yes. >> hard working. >> yes. >> it is all about the kid.
8:49 am
>> yes. >> even after christmas. >> of course. >> good guy. >> they are releasing some sneakers around the corner, you didn't even know. >> is there a sneaker store. >> which one. >> i will not give them but it is right around the corner you don't want sneakers it is all about the young ladies. >> but i got to take a look, it is only right. >> give me outside the 11:00. people are coming in, but, as the day progresses people are coming in the mall but a lot of good sales out here. a lot of returns but people are more returning for the size verse the style. if it was me i would say amazing and eighth. that is what people were saying on the camera as well. we have more people here from the cherry hill mall. >> you had him for a minute there though when you say sneakers around the corner, did you see his eyes light up. >> he was like where. >> thing was i was trying, chris, all the fathers look as if we're great guys and it is all about the kids.
8:50 am
>> he is a great guy. >> yes. >> what is great you get money on christmas and today is day to shop and spend it. >> that is what those little girls are doing. >> spending daddy's money. >> yes, spending my money. >> is that a new top, is that a new top you are wearing, that is style establish. >> not at all, it is not a new you style, this old thing yes. >> yes. >> i haven't shopped, since my second kid was born. >> thank you. >> thanks, quincy. >> all right. >> he cracks me up. traditional families nor longer the normal the the new pew report is out and you can forget about that leave to it beaver image coming up surprising statistic about children and marriage.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
8:54 am
things looking good on radar for the first time in a long time we don't see anything in the offing for the next couple of days. so, enjoy the sunshine, even though the days are short it is nice when they are bright and sunny. that is ultimate doppler. temperatures they are starting to rise a little bit. we are at 37 degrees in philadelphia 38 in allentown. twenty-nine in lancaster and 38 in wilmington and 41 down here in wildwood. factor in the wind and it feels like still 31. no dramatic wind chills but just keep in mind it feels like the 20's, lower 30's outside this morning. but, the weekend forecast, get you through sunday at least, and, we will have 52 degrees today. fifty-five for tomorrow. and 50 degrees on sunday. this is day when we will get some showers and that is because of a cold front coming through and thanks to that cold front, we will be seeing chillier temperatures as we get into new years eve and
8:55 am
day, on those days, temperatures will only rise into the 30's. bob kelly. we have some sun warming us up here around conshohocken curve 8:55 on this friday morning. live look at conshohocken with sun glare and no problems with delays at all volume wise on the major roadways in and out of the city, we are looking good, live look, at 295 over in south jersey. no problems or delays at all, been a nice quiet morning rush hour. however, at pennsy turnpike westbound watch for disabled, and bensalem interchange, busy in south philly, disney on ice frozen is in town this week. we have three shots, 11 and 3:00 you will see that change over in the parking lot that will impact the the day with extra volume on both schuylkill and i-95. using mass transit, this morning septa's regional rails are running on a regular schedule with no delays. buses and trolleys still have a modified schedule and move in day for fancy brigade and
8:56 am
moving their equipment and props in the convention center in preparations for big day next week, so you'll see volume and detour as long race street throughout the the day, alex, back over to you. your family is in town for the holidays and chances are they are staying through the weekend but not everyone is happy about this. coming up why some people are now choosing friend over family.
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a little bruno mars bringing funky back. this is his latest song, uptown funk. >> you can feel that.
9:00 am
>> yes, a lot of rock and roll. >> do you like to funk it up. >> i love when you have paul mccartney doing half time, aero smith for super bowl, he was the the best though. >> i love bruno mars he can rock it. >> he was best half time show i have ever seen, in the super bowl show. >> he didn't neat red hot chile peppers. >> we are all doing elbow bump. we apologize in advance for all of the coughing you will hear in the background as other ones talk. sue is only one that is not sick out of all of us. >> we hope she comes out unharmed. >> because sue leads a pure life. >> while we're all dealing with this. >> it is friday, december 26th, 2014. >> yes. >> take a look at this picture. does anything bother you about this. it looks like this daddies just having fun with his girls. but some people they don't like it. coming up why some parents say they have a big problem with what is going on here. >> plus another chr


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