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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  January 8, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> santa went back to the north pole a couple of weeks ago, but he decided to leave us some of the air from there. it is an arctic blast and it is here. we'll give you all of the numbers and tell you how low temperatures will go. >> sue at 5:00, breaking news for this morning fire claims life in the logan section of philadelphia new details coming into our news room this morning. >> paris officials hole on the trail of two suspects, thirds suspect has surrendered to authorities. we have the details as they un fowl. >> thank you so much for joining us, look at that out there. live pictures of the cold? no pictures from par us. >> we'll get back to you a loft developments overnight. >> it is thursday,
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january 8th, cold outside. >> it might and date to remember, sue serio, balls of this arctic blast. so it says on our screen 11 degrees but it feels a whole lot colder than that. in fact, it is actually forcing schools some to open late today in fact, we'll scroll, see brandywine school district opening two hours late. and our other that will stroll along the bottom of your screen. >> right christina school district yes because of this waiting out for a bus, a brutal experience, this morning, glad to see these folks wearing hats, and all of their ice skating and at least trying to have some fun in it. we were just realizing though christmas was two weeks ago today. does doesn't it seem longer? anyway, the arctic air is here. so we're only going with three out of ten. because of how dangerous the cold is this morning, it is un unseasonable temperatures 20 degrees below where they're supposed to be this time in january. windchill advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. so 10 degrees feels like four
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below, approaching single digit temperatures in the city. twenty below what it feels like in poconos, nine below zero in lancaster, four below in wilmington, and three below in wildwood. all of the windchills below zero this morning thanks to these breezes they're all coming out of the west. cold air really show you next time how far south this cold air has come. so folks in georgia are experiencing similar conditions, to what we have this morning. it was a windy wednesday. so 24 never felt like 24. that was our high temperature you can see, the normal high is 40, we will be 20 degrees below normal today. deceiving sunshine, oh, sure it will look like things are going to melt out there but not even close. so, we stay frozen, for the rest of the day for the rest of the night. we'll tell when you temperatures will finally inch above freezing, coming up in the seven day forecast.
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so bob what's this doing to our commute this morning? >> well, certainly making sure you give yourself some extra time. get that car started, warm it up, make sure the fan is turned down, because yesterday, remember, when you pulled into the driveway, or parked the car, you had it cranking because the heat was coming out this morning you start the car and you get hit in the face with that cold air. so warm up the carment make sure the kids are bundled. downtown charlie brown, live look at the vine street expressway, no problems coming into or out of the city, same drill as yesterday. nothing has melted. at 11 degrees, if it was frozen yesterday, it is frozen again today. so just watch out for that potential, black ice maybe on some of the on and the off-ramps, bridges overpasses, good to go here on the 42 freeway coming in toward the city. another bridge opening coming our way. it is heading for the burlington bristol. 5:25, 5:30 or so, so headed out watch the clock the talcony palmyra back from earlier opening there. otherwise we're in good shape. no problems at all coming down
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i95, looking good in and out the blue route right where we belong, zoom into the fire location, we will tell you more about this in a second. rosalynn nero gone, the deal here although the fire is out the water is now iced over the roadways, so waiting for a city salt truck before they can get traffic moving again there. and north along 295 in bellmawr, new jersey, the off ramp to the black horse pike, sits a disable tractor-trailer, in one of the two lanes, so just be aware of that. otherwise, mass transit looking good with no delays. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. >> following breaking news this morning at 5:04, one man dead following house fire in philadelphia's logan section that fire broke out in the 1800 block of rosalynn street. it happened about a quarter after 1:00. the fire was brought under control about 30 minute later but the victim was a military veteran and was later pronounced dead at the hospital. jennifer joyce will have more coming up at 5:30. >> meantime, 18-car pile up in western pennsylvania, has left two people dead and nearly two dozen injured. state police say nine cars and
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nine trucks collided during white out conditions on interstate 80, this is in claire john township. the coroner described the scene as carnage and said there was metal everywhere. police say the two people who died were hit after getting out of their cars. and in the grays ferry neighborhood in philadelphia, family forced out of their home because of flames. the fire department was called out to the 1300 block of grove street. this fire broke out in the second floor of the home. but everyone inside was able to get out and nobody was hurt. >> and if you're headed outside today be prepared, it is bitter cold weather out there, dangerous actually. >> yes, so on your screen right now it says what? 13 degrees? is that right? but the windchill is the real issue. fox 29's steve keeley live in camden this morning so it feels like it is below zero with the win chill steve. >> reporter: yerkes i don't think sue serio ever cut erred a curse word, always puts it in such nice terms. did you hear the word she
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called the wind breezes? i don't use breeze except in the summer, you know, like that famous hit, i'm going to call it a gust. because a gust is a close word to a punch. and it is a four letter word. and you want to utter four letter words when you get hit with a gust. that american flag, you can see, now wrapped around the pole, because it has been twisted all day. and it is really gusting out here, maybe we're in the worse spot not far off the delaware river here in camden, right at haddon avenue across from the police headquarters, but those wind gusts really make that windchill go even lower than the post dollars windchill in the weather reports. frostbite believe it or not hits more people in the cities say than a mountain climber. mountain climbers know what they're get nook. people in the city think they'll just be in and out in a few minutes, but frostbite sets in in minutes like for your kids walk to go school. now, we got the bus stop here. see those people taking shelter, in reality there because they got the three sided glass shelter, one guy sitting down, one guy
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standing, because the bench is so cold, that cold metal that's been out here, like sitting on ice block boy the wait for the bus is excrutiating. we see couple every buses coming. maybe these guys will be getting on the warm new jersey transit bus real soon here. but it is an excrutiating wait for anybody who has to be outside, and specially for the kids walk to go school, the man behind the camera, chris fox, his kid yesterday shows up out of school with no hat on. because little kids don't like wearing hats, gloves, too cool for that stuff, you are going to make sure your kid is all bundled up, especially if they walk to school. we saw boston schools closing for today. so we saw some of the school closings that we saw in chicago area yesterday, in the midwest, starting to go to the east coast but very dangerous for these kids walking around today. there is a guy without gloves across the street from us right now fingers and toast can also be the ones that hit the frostbite. but usually nose, ears, chin, cheeks exposed because you don't cover your face as much as you normally do, even if
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you don't have gloves on, notice little kids like to shove their fingers newspaper their sleeves, always sad site to see in philadelphia for the kids going to school. but look at the metal signs all blowing around here. now let me show you some video. just couple of blocks away from here, we saw one good sign. that was not as many homeless people or people who normally live on the streets taking shelter, in the transportation center. we did see few. some of the people really even though they were indoors, it is cold inside there. you can see, they had blankets on them. they had their heads covered. they tried to get some sleep and tried to get some warmth in there. but it was real tough even inside a building. that's how cold it is, i'm telling you we're sitting in the truck with the heater on and it is still cold in there. and the outreach people here in camden colds chris o'connell last night they were very busy. >> it is just so cold. and it is amazing the young people that were out here tonight. i mean, two gals just got released from the county jail, came out here in it. shirts, and had nothing and
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we had brand new coats hats, gloves, able to end game them in conversation, give them cards that they could connect to, hey, if you want to call somebody really need somebody to talk to help you walk along the way we're here. >> they were very appreciative. we're happy to be here. we recognize all of us could be in the same position, all one day away. we don't know what may happen day-to-day. so just honored to be able to be here and be a part of the community and provide it valuable service. >> let's come back to the live picture. you can see the american flag here away from the pole, pulling on the rope now, gives awe sense of how stiff the wind is out here. so i'm not going to use the word breeze all day today because i'm getting hilt by the win even though i have the truck blogging me. by the way nestle doesn't just make hot chocolate. they made spring water. they made the mistake i want it little cool, and look, it froze, that fast. and so now i follow this out with the truck heater. so while you guys enjoy the hot chocolate, i have the nestle pure life ice water today. real stoop toyed drink ice
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water, but i'm going to give it a go if i can warm it up somewhat. >> today would not be the day for rita's water ice thanks, my man. 5:09 the time. family and friends will gather later this evening to say good-bye to shane montgomery. his body was found in the schuylkill river on saturday. more than month after the west chester university senior first reported missing. this evening's viewing begins at 5:00 o'clock at the saint john the baptist church, funeral service will be held forefront gemmery tomorrow morning at 9:00. >> fundraiser will be held today for the slain public employee. earth bread and brewery will donate proceeds, the father of four shot to death sunday inside his car. >> let's turn our attention overseas tensions remain high in paris after police officer and street sweeper were shot, the shootings come just day after that deadly terror attack in paris yesterday. >> officials say it is too soon to tell if the incidents are related but the french government is now focused on preventing more violence. this, as the manhunt continues for two brother accused in
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that spree the french prime minister says cherif and said are known to the intelligence services, cherif specifically accused of having history every funneling gee hide fighters to iraq and terrorism conviction back in 2008. could carry out another attack on the loose but france vows to stand up for freedom. >> freedom will always be stronger than barberesm. fans always defeated its enemy when able to stand behind it values. this is what i am encouraging to you do, unity of all and everybody, should be our answer. >> france's prime minister, says there were several arrests made as police continued their hunt for the two brothers, eight journalists, two police officers maintenance worker and visitor all killed at the site of the satirical newspaper where the attack was carried out. meanwhile, it is a day of
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national mourning in france. thousands have hit the streets to protest the attack against free speech. now, the phrase i am charlie has gone viral on social media, charlie is in reference to charlie hebdo the name of the satirical newspaper where it was carried out. known to mock political figures, including going after the profit muhammad. 5:12 the time. doctors are struggling to treat drug resistant bacteria. but now there may be a breakthrough that could be a real game changer. and we'll take a live look at the airport. a lot of de-icing i'm guessing with some of the airplanes today.
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>> 5:15, your thursday morning, we've been warning but this morning, thousand will be the colds he is morning. season so far. but will tab record cold? the answer, probably not. the record low for this date was set way back in 1970. and, it was 2 degrees right now, the low he we've been today, is ten. the current temperature with those below zero windchills. it doesn't matter if it is a record or not. it is dangerous out there. so these are the numbers that we have been showing you single digits, north and west of the city, the actual temperature is 1 degrees below zero in mount pocono.
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>> how far below is her snow enough to give us end whale advisory to really layer it up and don't stay outside with exposed skin for very long. these are your winds speeds. they're not extreme. but just enough to make it feel colder than it is, and it is wind, it is not breezy out there, this morning. some places where it is also very cold, well, places we've check yesterday. it is 27 degrees below zero windchill, in chicago but look at atlanta georgia their win chill is below zero this morning the windchill in memphis, tennessee is zero right now, st. louis it is pretty cold, as women so the cold really gone pretty far south. here is a look at why. we've got high pressure that's built in. and really, just keeping that cold air kind of moving down from the north pole. so here's your seven day forecast, 20 degrees today that's the coldest of the next seven. we may reach freezing tomorrow, for the first time in about three days,
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32 degrees, the high, but with the wind it, won't feel like it. then we're back to another bitter cold day saturday, temperatures lower 20's, wind chills even colder it, starts to moderate little bit on sunday, so that looks like it will be your better weekends day. and then some unsettled weather moves in, maybe some snow changing over to rain on monday and perhaps tuesday as well, bob that will be an adventure of its own. >> totally different adventure. looking good, as you step out the front door, make sure the car gets all warm up, kids all bundled up. live look here the roosevelt boulevard right near fox street. no problems. just watch the off ramps where we will see some of the icy patches, it was there yesterday, it is still there with the temps hovering at 11 degrees, nothing melted on the overnight. live look, 95 coming up from delaware county working your way up toward the airport. we're in good shape. ninety-five, you ready set go. guess what today is? >> today is the eighth?
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>> no, today is national show-and-tell day. >> oh,. >> at work. >> look. >> okay? so look at this, good thing lauren didn't have chris come in in a dress, like bart simpson came into school. so that's national show-and-tell day today. burlington bristol delays at 5:25 talcony palmyra already completed its opening. watch the clock. ten minutes to beat there. north on 295 a disable tractor-trailer in the travel lane approaching the black horse pike, so that's causing delays. and that's in the construction zone. mass transit market frankford line running trains again, no delays on the buses trains or trolleys. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob, thank you. let's turn to this at 5:18a clinical trial for knee ebola drug is now underway in liberia. scientists are testing this drug, on patient. now, the same drug used to treat several ebola patients here in the u.s.
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researchers say there is still no cure for the virus but they're hoping to learn more about possible treatments through drug trials such as these. more than 8,000 people in west africa have died from ebola just over the pass years. >> an employee in a office got quite the surprise. yes, the woman in the dollars the water level in the toilet was higher than usual. so she got a plunger and started plunging. what came out? a snake! not just any snake. a five and a half foot colombian rainbow boa. how many it got there remains a mystery. but it is now in the care of an animal rescue group. lauren? >> let's take a look at your health, new harvard university study shows that eating more whole grains may help you live longer. researchers compared the eating habits of more than 100,000 men and women over 30 years, and found those with diets rich in whole grains actually decrease their risk every dying. those had ate more whole grains also about 15% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease. >> researchers say they've
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discovered new anti by the take one day may help fight against bacteria resistant to older antibiotics. it could one day be used to treat mersa. tests also show the new drug also killed off drug resistant strains of tb and anthrax in test mice. so the author's estimate it will take about three years before clinical trials begin on humans, the study appears in the journal nature. and the co-host of one of philadelphia's most popular radio shows revealed on air yesterday he was diagnosed with cancer last fall. steve morrison of wmmr's preston and steve he had undergone surgery for prostate cancer. our own doctor mike who detect add problem in a blood test. >> it turned out that he had prostate cancer that was enclosed within the prostate early stage there is was removed robotically, and as far as i can tell and everyone else can he's cancer free. >> diagnosed with it had surgery, had no pain, never
5:21 am
used a painkiller, i'm back to 95% of what i was before surgery, and right now as everything looks i'm cancer free. >> that's excellent news for steve. steve had no chemo no radiation, said he was up walking around hours after surgery. coming up later this morning on good day philadelphia, we'll talk with both steve and doctor mike about detection and the cancer battle. >> love both those guys. doctor mike on it. pet lovers be aware. there are treatments you may have purchased recently that are being pulled from store shelves. what you need to know. straight ahead.
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>> bbc, she and street sweeper looking live in paris there the time 11:24 a.m. >> this comes just one day after the deadly terror attack in the city, officials say it is too soon right now to tell if those incidents are related. >> keep close eye on. that will your time, looking at the money finally much needed rebound on the stock exchange s&p 500 closed 23 points higher to shot 2025. dow jumped 213 points to finish at 17,584. nasdaq up quite a bit as women. fifty-four, i should say, 57 points up to end as 46 hadn't 50. the country's second biggest pet retail is her pulling all
5:25 am
chinese made dog treats from the store shelves. food and drug administration says nearly thousand dogs have died after eating tainted chinese made treat. the agency received close to 4800 complaints, since 2007 involving more than 5,000 dogs. petco ceo said it believes it is the right thing to do. it is the first retailer of it kinds to say no to china. >> one of the questions some pet owners might ask though, well, not only that, but if they've locals the pet why they steak so long. going back to 2007 here when this was first noticed. >> travel to phoenix, arizona to talk about the economy. >> he is expected to announce lower insurance premiums for government backed mortgages and a bid to help more americans own their own homes. yesterday, the president was at a ford plant in michigan where he took credit for revitalized auto industry. despite recent economic growth, some leaders say more work needs to be done.
5:26 am
>> too many americans are out of work. too many are working harder just to keep pace in the face of rising costs and frank lip, we've got an awful lot of work to do. >> president obama will return to washington tonight then hit the red again friday, he'll travel to tennessee where he is expected to taught the state's new policy to pay for community college tuition. that would be nice, right. >> yes. >> student loans? >> okay, how can you prevent frostbite in these freezing cold temperatures? you what need to know to take care of your family. >> and just one day after that paris shooting rampage, an officer injured in another shooting, we understand, that now that officer according to bbc, has died. much more on what's developing overseas right now.
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>> elderly plan died in a overnight fire. live report coming up next. knew. >> windchill values, below zero this morning. what does that feel like? well, if you don't have to go outside, don't experience it. but, if you do, we'll help get you ready for these cold, cold winds. lauren? >> following some breaking news sue happening now an officer's injured in paris just one day after mass shooting target ago french newspaper, the bbc reports the officer has died. we'll have an update for in
5:30 am
you just minute. we're top -- we're on top of this as it develops. >> it is thursday, january 8th, 2015. it is awfully cold out there. bus stop buddy i'm sure, sue serio, has everything available, by way of keeping warm. >> right. you can only barely see his little eyes there. and that's good. as much skin as possible should be covered. layers layers, and warm shoes, with couple of pairs of socks, maybe, boots are a good idea because they're warmer, couple, pair of gloves, if you're out waiting for the bus for awhile. this is dangerous cold, with the below zero windchills. now, the numbers only going to be a three today. because we want to remind you how dangerous it is. even with the sunshine, out all morning look out the window, it is sunny outside must be better. really won't be. feels like ten below or more all day, which is why we're going to have that windchill advisory in effect, until 9:00 for most of us, but in
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carbon monroe counties, that windchill advisory will last until 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon. that's dangerous windchills. so 10 degrees, feels like four below right now thanks to that 10-mile per hour winds. and that's at philly international. it was much windier yesterday. with those 40-mile per hour wind gusts so 24 degrees was the high, but it never felt like, always felt colder. breaking down your day, it is in the 10 degrees range right now in philadelphia, with below zero, sub zero windchills, mostly sunny frigid today in the teens maybe topping off at about 20 degrees, for hi, temperature today and wind chills in the single digits. that will take care of thursday. does it get bet nerve time for the weekend? we'll let you know, so bob layers layers, layers. >> 5:31, a problem here, layers of traffic on the schuylkill, an accident, one car crash, this fellow smashed head on into the concrete barrier, everything now off to
5:32 am
the shoulder but looking here the westbound schuylkill, approaching conshohocken, so they had all lanes blocked for couple every minutes to get everybody off to the side. they got rescue squad. looks like a truck involved in the accident, as women so leaving the city headed west, out toward conshohocken, be ready to hit the brakes. coming in toward the city from south jersey, not bad pocket of volume along the way the 42 freeway burlington bristol bridge that scheduled opening happening right now all traffic stopped on both sides so headed out the front door, either throw another pop tart in the toaster or head tight or head for the talcony palmyra bridge. north on 295 in south jersey just north of the 42 freeway disable tractor-trailer, as you approach that off ramp for the black who are pike. then water main break certainly not something we need here, out in pottstown here douglas ville some icy spots along 100 and route 73. and the work crews will be there throughout the day. philadelphia international looking good, no problems if you are headed down to the
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airport, arrivals and departures looking good. and speedometer readings, south on 95, little built after delay at girard avenue. but otherwise the major roadways are in good shape. chris, lauren, back to you. >> a house foiled in philadelphia's logan section. >> live at the scene with the latest on this for us, jennifer, good morning. >> good morning, hearing that that elderly man is in his 70s, chris lauren, and the fire happened here on this block, the 1800 block of rosalynn street in north philadelphia. it was dispatched around 1:15 this morning told it was put out within 30 minute, the elderly man rescued from the home. transported to einstein medical center, where he did die. apparently, he was found on the first floor in the front part of the home lying on a sofa, and apparently the fire broke out in the back in the kitchen area, on the first floor of the home. the elderly man was home alone, and he did have working
5:34 am
smoke detectors and they were going off at this point, it is unclear why the man couldn't escape. however, we are told, he's a military veteran. did you have some sort of disability, there was a walker in the house. the fire commissioner says everyone needs an escape plan. >> working smoke alarms, next piece that far is once you have your working smoke alarm you have to have ... not just -- do you have practice and plan at home. you have disabilities, you want to plan around your disability. you don't want your escape exit to be block. you want to make sure your path is clear. have a plan to get out. if have you family members to help up get out we want you to plan around your family members, as well. cold weather, a big challenge for the philadelphia fire department battling such a severe temperatures today the fire department told us that in this particular case it was not as big after issue the biggest hurdle that they experienced was trying to
5:35 am
navigate the slick icy streets, and of course, as soon as they deployed the hose the water begins to freeze up. while we don't noah cause of this fire at this time, the fire commissioner, derrick sawyer it, reiterate cold weather tips, reminding people to be careful with those space heaters, and also, not to use the alternative heat sources like offense to heat your home. we are told the elderly man again was the only person at home at the time. how much, there are other family members who live at this home, now without a place to live. chris, lauren? >> specially on a day like today. that's rough. jennifer, thank you. 5:35 is the time. an officer has now died in a shooting in paris earlier today, another person was injured, the shootings come just one day after that deadly terror attack at a satirical newspaper in the city. >> no, if it is focused but aimed at preventing more violence. cherif and said, the french
5:36 am
prime minister says these two men are well known to intelligence services, cherif specifically accused of having history of funneling jihad fighters to iraq, terrorism conviction linked back to 2008. third suspect in the attack has turned himself in. a number of area he cents were made overnight as police conduct add manhunt. >> closer to home, authorities in bucks county continuing their investigation into a string of new years eve burglaries. >> police say jewelry was take friend five different homes in lower makefield township. the burglars broke in through the back doors of each residence. investigators recovered fingerprints dna evidence from some of the homes all of the burglaries happened when the homeowners were either out for the night or on vacation. police have alerted local jewelry stores and pawn shops to be on the look-out for the stolen jewelry. we did not think it was possible, but oh yes, there is more fall out for new jersey governor chris christie, what's happening now, over his cheers for the cowboys. stay with
5:37 am
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5:39 am
>> flyers goalie steve mason injured what i was told was his knee, but mri showed no structural damage. in the shoot-out clearly appears to have hurt that knee, it was in the thirds period okay, he will skate this morning, and he actually may play tonight against washington. sixers were terrible last night. coach said might have been the worse game of the year, wells fargo, michael carter williams, one for 13, missed the rim, missed the rim.
5:40 am
>> really bus philadelphia last night sixers lose 97 to 77. unbelievable. >> and temple boy they're hot right now. six straight against tulane on the road. they beat tulane 64 to 56. by the way jimmy rollins introduced in l.a. yesterday he dazzled them. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> look at this, let's turn to football, and politics, at 5:40. new jersey governor chris christie faces ethics complaint stemming from the dallas cowboys game over the weekends. >> a lot of people thought this would happen. american democratic legal funned say the government broke state rules by excepting particulars et cetera to a dallas game, tickets banned by new jersey state lawn, but the governor's offers says there is an exception that allows gifts
5:41 am
from family and friend. and he considers jerry jones a close friendment plans to be at sunday's game at greenbay. i just checked the weather in greenbay. right now okay, so sue serio says 10 degrees but feels like -- check this out. greenbay minus five. that's the temperature. that's not the windchill. >> but this week tends will go up to 8 degrees then to 21 degrees. >> ya, so, pottstown, you know take a little solis from that. the frozen tundra of lambeau field. what they're dealing with there. so, the windchills, as we said, what you really need to be careful b let's keep an eye on. that will bob some ice out there on the roads? >> i think the same spots as yesterday, potential for icy conditions on some of the on and off ramps, first step, as you open up the front door, and an accident here, westbound, on the schuylkill expressway approaching the conshohocken curve. all of the details, sue with the people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted
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just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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>> how town. >> ♪ ♪ >> at the academy of music thank you steve.
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>> beautiful theater. >> it is, it is gorgeous. >> you know what else is beautiful? saving money. all right i'm on line right now. we will take family trip coming up here in the spring. frontier airlines is promoting its new non-stop flights from philadelphia up until midnight last night they were offering listen to this $19.01 way to atlanta chicago, and charlotte. >> so you missed that sale. >> darn. >> what's still to come? >> well, you can get a $49.01 way ticket from philadelphia to those same three cities. that deal runs until saturday, the new flights will begin on friday march 13th. so for spring break sue serio? >> yes? >> there is a new way to go. >> sounds good. >> where are you going? >> somewhere warm. >> if you could fly anywhere right now would you go where? >> the bahamas. duh. windchill advisory, in effect, until 9:00 this morning, it is going to be feeling like anywhere from ten to
5:46 am
20 degrees below zero, in some spots, this morning we'll check the numbers right now but first give you some arctic advice, because the air is arctic, and you need to remember to layer it up. it is good to have one big warm coat. but wear some layers underneath. loose fitting clothing, always wear warm hat or scarf and don't forget the gloves. we've got this one probably the most important probably, properly ventilate your space heaters, not anywhere near anything that could catch fire. and then, your pets, please don't forget, limit your pet outdoor ac posh your. they got fur coat on, but it won't help with these temperatures. ten in philadelphia, six pottstown and allentown, seven in reading, eight in trenton nine in millville. these are the actual temperatures, your wind chills see it feels like 20 below up in mount pocono, brutal cold, four below is our win chill here in the city and in the suburbs most of them are even colder. so everybody has below zero windchills.
5:47 am
we have winds that are 10 miles an hour, that's enough to make it feel so much worse outside. just kind of bites there against your skin. other part of the country from it is -- where it is pretty bad, feels like degree below zero in atlanta georgia normally much warmer spot than here, 27 below the windchill in chicago. so the temperature trend sunday when we got to 58 degrees remember? i wasn't even wearing any socks on sunday. and now, it is 24 degrees high temperature over the last two days, and today is going to be even colder, with a high of 20. we've got 32 degrees, tomorrow friday. oh yes tomorrow is friday. well, there is a good thing. but saturday, looks even colder with a high of 22, and the wind making it feel chillier than that. it gets a little bit better on sunday, and sunday is dry because we have potentially messy weather coming early neck week. more on that to come. but we've got to get through this morning bob. >> going to be rough go.
5:48 am
give yourself extra time. make sure to have the car warmed up, make sure the kids are bundle up. live look here the schuylkill expressway, what's left of an accident westbound approaching conshohocken, it is all off to the showed, but in that stretch where there is no overhead street lamp, and if you are coming into the city, the whole power grid of the overhead street lamps is out. obviously, somebody didn't pay the bill here between montgomery drive and center city. so that will catch you by surprise. the ben franklin bridge looking good, no problems or delays watch it, slippery spots, some of the on and off ramps. we lost agree here, down to 10 degrees, who took it? burlington bristol bridge, in the middle of a opening so traffic stopped on both sides of the river give it another minute or two and traffic should start flowing once again, talcony palmyra looking good. north on 295 disable tractor-trailer between route 42 and the approach to the black horse pike. which is 168. it is in that travel lane. so some icy spots because of water main break out here in douglas ville, route 100 at
5:49 am
route 73. and septa again today no a and b service all trains making all stops and that's to prevent anyone from standing out for an extended period of time as maybe an express train rolls by that station. so with that being said, no delays on the market frankford line, the subway, and the regional rails also, off to good start. chris, lauren, back over to you. >> bob kill thank you so much. >> the murder of 12 year old girl in gloucester county is the subject of tv show next week autumn pasquale's death premiered on investigation discovery's web of lies series, went missing in october of 2012 in clayton new jersey, after two day search she was found strangled to death in a recycling container near the home of two teenage brothers who were later charge in the her killing. the show airs next wednesday january 14th. and hearts are broken at his historic manayunk church, 08 year old shrine nearly destroyed by vandals. >> parishioners want to know who would do such a thing?
5:50 am
pile of rubble all remains concrete statue of the virgin mary was toppled. church leaders say the display was an important part of the church's history but it is unclear at this time if this was an act of random violence, or vandalism, i should say or deliberate attack against that church. >> tai tack against religion, you know, would concern me more because, you know, it is open opposition to what we're trying to accomplish or do here. >> i wanted to cry. really, wanted to cry, to think anything as beautiful that far could be destroyed by someone who had no thought. so, at this point, the church is reconsidering security procedures, as it decides how to rebuild the structure. rebuilding could cost as much as $10,000. >> police say two robbers brought along an unknowing accomplice when they hit a florida home. >> yes, they brought along a baby. >> yes, he has a baby carriage. not a carriage but he is
5:51 am
caring a baby. >> frantic homeowner calling 911. he called the pair and the five month old baby in his backyard. he tried to stop them, but he says the father put the baby down and then charged him with a knife and threaten to kill him. he then took off with the baby >> the fact that you're going to bring a child that has no saying in the situation has no like mental capacity, cognitive thinking of what's going on, it is casino of just ridiculous. >> well, the main suspect got away for awhile at least. but police eventually track him down. that baby is now back with his mom, lauren. husband and wife in north carolina speaking of baby used a lot of creativity, announcing a new baby is on the way this architect couple decided to make a giant paper mural, using only tiny bits of colored paper. through a time lapse video see it there they showed us how they broke the news to the world. >> ♪ ♪
5:52 am
>> the mural took four days and about 13,000 pieces of 1 inch paper to complete their individual joe on youtube sent taught family and friend as a christmas card. >> make sure you and your kids are really bundled up. more than usual today. wear a sweater if you can like mike jerrick is dong right now just walked into the studio. we'll take a look at that the in a few minute. cold out there. and also dangerous. how to prevent frostbi
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> a building collapsed on the 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol again these are live pictures for you right now, of the scene the collapse happened shortly after 3:00 this morning so just about three hours ago no words on injuries at this point. mike and alex will have the latest from bristol coming up. first, with temperatures dipping, really, across a great part of the country health officials are warning people to watch out now for frostbite. doctors say serious frostbite can happen in ten minute or less, when it gets really cold like this. now, wet gloves, socks and
5:56 am
boots, really, seed up the process, gout to stay dry and so do smokey medical conditions that cause poor circulation, so smoking bad idea right now and thinner skin of older mean and children make them more vulnerable. 10 degrees right now windchill making it below zero. thirteen is a lucky number for group of sky divers and boy did they have a tail to tell for the rest of their lives. their plane's engine failed shortly after take off. this is in new zealand, it was supposed to be a tandem sky diving trip, and that turned out to be very good thing. six crew members jumped, and the pilot able to bailout as well, just in time. the plane then exploded, and it crashed into a lake. but all 13 on board survived with no major injuries. accident investigators are looking at into what went
5:57 am
wrong. >> you should see it is 10 degrees outside, windchill making it minus 20 in the poconos, wrightstown minus five millville minus four, how long will this last? sue serio is tracking your weekend forecast straight
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> freezing weather is making firefighters jobs so much more
6:00 am
difficult this morning. two fires break out overnight. one every them was deadly. brutal conditions, fire crews have to deal with. >> braking news from france, police are working to finds out if this shooting is linked to the deadly massacre at a newspaper office yesterday. who police have looking for now. >> female officer is dead. likely, those low gasoline prices, do you like them? well enjoy them while you can. because president obama says they won't be around for much longer. why the president is expecting gasoline prices to go up. >> a woman makes terrifying discovery in the toilet at work. >> excuse me? >> not what you think. see that? it is a snake. how she found it, and what she did, when it came after her. >> can you imagine looking down and oh, man, a python staring at you? >> my gosh! >> well, i won't get into those jokesment okay, good day to you everybody, it is thursday, can i just say we're going to have to come up


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