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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  January 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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ghters jobs so much more difficult this morning. two fires break out overnight. one every them was deadly. brutal conditions, fire crews have to deal with. >> braking news from france, police are working to finds out if this shooting is linked to the deadly massacre at a newspaper office yesterday. who police have looking for now. >> female officer is dead. likely, those low gasoline prices, do you like them? well enjoy them while you can. because president obama says they won't be around for much longer. why the president is expecting gasoline prices to go up. >> a woman makes terrifying discovery in the toilet at work. >> excuse me? >> not what you think. see that? it is a snake. how she found it, and what she did, when it came after her. >> can you imagine looking down and oh, man, a python staring at you? >> my gosh! >> well, i won't get into those jokesment okay, good day to you everybody, it is thursday, can i just say we're going to have to come up
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with different words i mean, how many ways can you say it is cold? >> i know. >> stupid cold, right? so, some schools, we have found, seven schools now that are on two-hour delay and they'll be scrolling at the bottom of the screen, in fact right there right now or just go to your computer and log on to for those school delays. no closures yet. >> older schools, they have the old furnace in there. >> yes. >> crank that puppy up. may not be as east think morning as some of the other days. >> yes, waiting for the bus the kids out there brutal, just to be outside any longer than ten 15 minutes. >> they have until sun comes up. >> i'm sure bus stop buddy all the way covered up. >> it is true, we'll look at him in just a second, after i tell it is three out of ten today because of the brutal sun seasonable, dangerous cold. old-man-winter just blowing that cold went on bus stop buddy. but he has bundled up as you can be. you need to have your eyes exposed so you can see where you're going. but that's about it. really do as much as you can to cover up as much skin as possible with those below zero
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wind chills, this morning. our windchill advisory, in effect until 9:00 this morning for every count any our viewing area, in fact, up in the higher elevations, that extends until 1:00 p.m. that's the dangerous windchills. so, right now, it is 10 degrees, that's the actual temperature in philadelphia. but it feels like four below with a wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. our sunrise time is not until 7:22. windy wednesday yesterday. we only made it to 24 degrees, we're going to get colder than that today. we expect to top off at about 20 degrees, but with the winds, it will feel even colder than that, so, we will advance to single digit windchills during the day today. and that takes care of thursday weekend's almost here, bob kelly we'll have the forecast coming up. >> sue, vehicle fire working on i95 we apologize for the shakiness. north 95 between the betsy ross and the bridge street interchange. you can kinds of see it right here fully engulfed, waiting
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for firefighters to arrive again. >> coming in from south jersey, no the bad. starting to see pockets of volume again same deal as yesterday, if it looks wet it is going to be icy 10 degrees this morning no melting on the overnight. icy spots to look for on the on and off ramps driveway, maybe the parking lot leading up to the front door and the offers, even little ones waiting on bus corn they are morning, north 95, vehicle fire at the betsy ross, southbound, you will find your normal delay at girard avenue. the schuylkill expressway not bad. we had earlier accident, out near conshohocken, that's gone. looking good up and down 476 rosalynn nero gone, city salt crews on the way water from firefighters fighting a fire, iced over, that intersection, and a police and fire activity talk about this at the top of the show here, the industrial
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park drive right near radcliff, that's in bristol bucks county, so just watch for emergency crews headed in then another on 295 watch for disable tractor-trailer at the black horse pike off ramp. looking good, mike, alex, back to you. >> the story were you talking about in bristol, breaking news out of bucks county, bumming collapsed on the 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol. about three hours ago no words of any injuries, thank goodness, at this point. >> tensions remain hi, police officers, another police offers they are time a female police officer was killed in a shooting few hours ago in paris, and another person injured as well. >> this comes just a day about 24 hours after 12 others died in that terror attack, at
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newspaper, or magazine really in the city. >> manhunt continues for is her ivan said, the two men known to intelligence services, cherif physically accused of having history of following jihad fighters to iraq and terrorism conviction from 2008. meanwhile, third suspect in the attack has turned himself in. >> that cents with a the 18 year old homeless person, that has turned himself in. back here at home, a veteran is dead, this morning following a fire in philadelphia's logan section just remind you, so many of us have pulled out our space heat earth not to say that's what caused this fire. but you know space heaters are being used all across the delaware val. >> i let's get to jennifer joyce live on the scene this morning. >> you mentioned a man dead in his 70s dead after overnight
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fire, northerly no firefighters injured, a lot to con 10w as you can see the ground still snow covered city truck out here dumping salt on the roadways weather conditions big issue for firefighters, in these extreme temperatures obviously they tell us they had to be careful not to slip and slide on the roadways getting here to the scene and also as soon as they deploy those fire hoses the water starts to freeze up, walking up to the house even they have to be careful not to slip and slide. >> apparently put out in 30 minutes, elderly man was inside, the home, he was rescued, transport today einstein hospital, that is where he died. apparently he was on the first floor of this home, lying on his sofa, when the fire broke out, fire officials say the fire started on the first floor, in the back of the home, in the kitchen area. the elderly man was home alone
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apparently working smoke detectors, again military veteran, who did have some sort of disability, there was a walker in this home, as we mentioned, we don't know the cause of this fire. however, firefighters are putting out cold weather safety tips. >> if you so have to use portable heaters, make sure you have space where it so it can't burn. again, first fatality for the year. we hope this is the last fatality want everyone -- it is very, very cold outside. we understand people will use alternate means of heating. but use your space heaters safely. >> the elderly man was home alone at the time of this fire however, we are told he does live with family members and they're now out of the home this morning. mike, al next. >> just horrible.
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all right another fire in the grays ferry section of the city. force a family out of their home, the fire department was called out to the 1300 block of grove street. apparently broke out on the two floor of the home but everyone able to get out without any injuries at all. 6:08. family and friends will gather later today to pay their respects to shane montgomery, the 21 year old's body was found as you know in the schuylkill river again saturday. more than month after family member first reported him missing. the this evening's viewing begins at 5:00. at saint john the baptist church in manayunk, his parent church. funeral service will be held for shane tomorrow morning at 9:00. >> fundraiser earth bread and brewery will donate to the
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family of bernard ray he was shot to death sunday in his car. >> on germantown avenue. >> there she is, big cosby's former tv wife comes to his defense, what felicia thinks about the rape allegations against bill cosby. >> let's take a look at this radar. when you step outside, first you'll feel the coal. then all the sudden the winds will come through and just slap you in the face. >> look at the win chill in the poconos. minus 20, here in philly. it foles like minus four. are you kidding me? like i said, it is stupid
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>> apparently a silow, not sure what they're storing in the silow, grain, salt something like that, a silow collapsed inside of an industrial park. this is on the 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol. >> the collapse happened shortly after 3:00 this morning, now we will get to skyfox seeing a live look over this area. >> hard to me? >> it is hard, it is so dark, probably better shot when the sun comes up. >> so with that can you see that? is the silow right to the screen. >> in the center see where the lights are bouncing off there? >> oh, that's it. >> on top of the silow there. >> big. >> see down the bottom left? there is the firetruck to gave
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you a idea of the size. see the ladder from the firetruck? >> yes dow. >> that's an idea of example gave you a idea, how huge this structure is. >> so the one in front that we're looking at is the silow that's still upright? >> see in the center looks like that piece every metal on angle there, to the left, i would think that is the possible collapse silow. >> if you work in this industrial park, why don't you tweet us, let us know what that silow is all b what are they storing there? is it salt? is it some casino every grain? >> and the good thing to know at this point we don't know of any injuries. seems to be no injuries. >> the riverside industrial park, up in that area there so, anybody traveling through that area, all of that activity will be in the industrial park but responders headed that way on major roadways out there. >> nope bad chemicals. of course in the middle of the night, wouldn't have people around there. but goodness, we'll check on that.
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sixty-three imagine going to the bathroom at work, and coming face-to-face with a giant snake. >> this actually happened, what one woman did when the steak even came after
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>> we have this silow collapse in bristol. better shot now. industrial park 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol. the collapse happened about three hours ago. good news, we don't have any reports of injuries. of course there won't be many people in the area at 3:00 in the morning. a lot of people in in trail erring saying filled with gypsum natural mineral i think they use in fertilizer?
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>> look at the angle that that structure at. my gosh. >> yes. >> more on, that better view in about 45 minutes. when is sunrise? >> 7:22, sunrise. >> okay, about an hour. >> officially, yes. gets light before that, of course. we have a tweet from trees a echoing what a lot of us feel this morning. wish i had a remote starter. >> this was the temperature when she got in her car this morning, nine, where theresa lives, and we understand we feel ya, theresa windchill advisory for this morning, until 9:00 a.m. because it will feel like it is between ten and 20 degrees, below zero, in many spots so let's go down the numbers for you. two below is the actual temperature in mount pocono, six in pottstown lancaster ten in philadelphia, 11 in dover. these are your temperatures, but this is what it feels like feels like it is below zero pretty much everywhere, and 20 degrees below zero windchill in mount pocono this
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morning, feels like zero in wildwood. winds speeds not too bad in some places but all you need couple of hours an hour, makes it feel worse than it actually is and it is that biting cold skies are clear worse in chicago though where we have a windchill right now of 27 degrees below zero. yesterday we got to 24. that was our high temperature. but it never felt like it was that wind. we had wind gusts as high as 40 miles an hour, even in philadelphia yesterday now today it won't be quite as windy. who cares. and just so cold. twenty is the high today. then after getting to up 32 tomorrow, another cold front comes through could get only to 22 saturday. so saturday is going to be another frigid day, we inch above freezing sunday, gets some unsettled weather moving, in maybe mix of precipitation on monday possibly tuesday and wednesday. jury still out on that whole storm system. but we've got dangerous cold to live through today and some traffic issues, bob kelly
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>> yes would do, live look at the jam cam. northbound lane of 95, bumper to bumper here, from the betsy ross bridge, up to bridge street. all because after early morning vehicle fire. engine 33, though, responded they knock down the flames, but we're seeing here the back up because there is only the left lane open. again, this is all northbound 95 between the betsy ross bridge headed up to the bridge street exit. headlights are headed southbound. starting to see normal volume pop for the beginning after rush hour. ben franklin looking good coming into downtown, we had some earlier openings at the talcony and the burlington, both cleared just watch for the slippery spots again same deal at 10 degrees, no melting since yesterday so if it was wet and slippery yesterday, it is still slippery this morning. looking good, between conshohocken and center city. looking good up and down 476 95 again southbound watch for the delay at girard. another fire location, somebody sent us a tweet we had it up here, 57 and
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greenway so one of about four different house fires working right now within the city. so just watch for some local detours also roads icy around the fire location, and the location, breaking news, silow collapse here industrial park drive, in bristol bucks county, it is right near radcliff. so just north of pennsylvania turnpike, emergency crews responding to the scene off to the industrial park. won't impact traffic what we are going to see though, is firefighters, of course with the lights and the sirens on their way into that industrial park, this morning. mike, alec being back over to you. >> talk about your gasoline prices at 6:20, among those warnings gasoline prices are too good to last, well, president obama weighed in on it yesterday afternoon, with the detroit news, newspaper up there, he was in detroit. president said americans should enjoy lower gasoline prices, but realize that they will inevitable bridge rise again given demand for oil around the world.
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thousand save money at the pump in the future. >> 6:72; officer shot on the job in new york city out of the hospital this morning. crowd of well-wishers, was released injured during a arm robbery monday night. his partner also hurt remains in the hospital. they had just finish their shift but rush back into duty, for this emergency call. meanwhile, the two suspect were arraigned in the armed robbery yesterday. the shooting came just two weeks after two other new york officers were killed in an ambush. animal control officials in san diego are trying to figure out how a snake wound up in a toilet at an office building. >> an employee noticed the water level in the toilet was higher than usual when she went to use the rest room. so she got a plunger and started plunging that is when a snake popped out. officials say it was a five
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and a half foot colombian rainbow boa. how it got there remain a mystery. but it is now in the care of an animal rescue group, anybody that knows animals get on twitter for us, again would it come through the sewer system or would it have to have been an employee after snake? >> oh. >> up through the pipes? can you imagine? if she hadn't noticed the water level and she sat down? >> and i know is terrible, but i just can't get over the fact the color of the snake is brown. >> that would make me want to plunge. >> she would go in here, who was in here last? >> really, they didn't flush the toilet again? >> you know plumber, they snake your pipes. >> oh,. >> maybe, could you snake the pipes this morning? okay 6:22 this bitterly cold morning. and 13 ended up being the lucky number for a group of people who had to jump from a crashing airplane. plane you can see crashed into the ocean. how they managed to get to the
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>> good morning, sixers are a terrible basketball team, but i think you know that. they shot 8% in the free point line 30% for the game, and the coach says worse game after bad season. to the wells fargo center, now, this is bad. one for 13 last night how do you miss the win that badly? go down there coast-to-coast, it is terrible. ninety-seven-77, milwaukee beats the sixers. another big win for temple. playing tulane, open jumper by jessie morgan, temple comes back in the second half win their six straight, and the flyers goalie steve mason injured, what i'm told was his neon tuesday night but the mri showed no structural damage, he actually may play tonight. that is sport in a minute. and i'm still howard eskin.
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>> eight percent from the flea throw line? almost impossible. look at the numbers, shout out to another basketball team, roman catholic, knocks off neumann-goretti, two powerhouse cents, high school basketball, close game. way to go. look at the windchill. minus, feels like, minus five. >> below zero. >> goodness gracious. come on back. why are windchills pink instead of blue? we'll ask sue after the break.
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>> treacherous conditions fire fight remembers working in this morning. >> four fires overnight. speaking of treacherous this weather is down right dangerous. homeless shelters, of course, are finding their beds full, even running out of supplies, trying to keep people warm. the problems they're running into, and maybe how you can help. ♪ ♪ >> judges making first stop in nashville. what all of the goal end ticket win hers in common. >> can i gave you a alert? if you live in the delaware valley, watch this season, quite a few philadelphia people that make it to hollywood. they're willing to tell that you, the producers now right up front. good day to you, it is january the eighth, 2015.
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>> we have number of delayed openings today. now they're scrolling at the bottom of your screen, also, complete list on about what eight different schools? >> why don't we just go through them right now. some people say the scroll is so small they can't read it. brandywine delaware, these are all two hour delays, by the way christina school district delaware college prep academy lehigh career and tech institute. >> new castle county vo-tech prestige academy red school, red clay, red lion christian academy, southern lehigh school district, wilmington job corpse center and woodbridge school district. >> yes. >> so we'll continue to update this of course throughout the morning as we learn about more delays. because it is cold out there sue. >> it is brutal. at the bus stop, it is one thing if you're just wack interesting your car to your offers. but, waiting for the bus and tough for the kids out, there so there are many layers, underneath what you see for bus stop buddy and you don't see much of his skin. that's the advice of course, cover up as much as possible with below zero windchills.
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so only gave you a three out of ten today. we will see sunshine but it is unseasonable dangerous cold today. our windchill advisory, for ten to 20 below windchills, lasting until 9:00 a.m. for most of us, and even longer, for the higher elevations, so 10 degrees feels like five below, thanks to that 11-mile per hour winds sunrise happening at 7:22 this morning. yesterday's high was 24, you thought that was cold? today will be lucky to get to 20 degrees. with those single digit chills during the day then tonight temperatures 16 degrees, that's your foxcast for thursday. hard to believe, bob kelly christmas two weeks ago today. >> gosh, seems like it was forever ago yes. good morning everybody 6:32, live look at i95 northbound, catching you by surprise with the delay here from early morning vehicle fire.
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northbound lanes of 95, are bumper to bumper, from approaching the betsy ross bridge up to bridge street. again, northbound delay, some problems here on mass transit. new jersey transit just sent out alert saying, expect system-wise delays, and concellations, today on the buses and the trains because of the weather. so do check with njt and make sure that you're bundled up, as you attempt to wait on the bus corner, this morning. market frankford line, no a or b service, every train making every stop this morning. and an accident on the roosevelt boulevard at harbison avenue. that's in the inner drive this morning and then delays south on 95, as i mention, out of northeast philadelphia. delays in toward girard avenue. airport looking good. here is one of the fire locations, one of the newest once here in kennett square. red clay drive right near fowl brook. and the bridges looking good at the moment.
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mike alex, back to you. >> let's get back out to bucks county, silow collapse inside an industrial park on the 7900 block of radcliff street. in bristol about three and half hours ago the collapse, well, no word on any injuries. of course not many people in the area. not affecting traffic as bob just said. >> and another person on twitter just toll me that it is also used to make wall board. >> oh, yes. >> like dry wall, something like that. >> that's right. inbetween in the middle of the driveway, jim sum, isn't it? okay of course, tensions remain high in paris this morning. >> two more officers shot, on the southern edge of paris. one of them is dead. a female officer. the officer was investigating a traffic accident apparently when gunman stepped from behind the car opened fire, hitting her and
6:35 am
street sweeper a employee, who is inside after street sweeper. search is now on for the shooter. and this incident, the shooting of course comes about 24 hours after 12 other died in a terror attack, at that satirical magazine, in the central part of the city. it is not clear if these two incidents are connected. we'll stay on it. meanwhile, the manhunt continues this morning for those two brothers cherif and his brother said. they stand accused in this magazine office shooting from yesterday. the french prime minister says the two men were known to intelligence services, one of them cherif, especially is accused of having a history of funneling jihad fighters to iraq, and terrorism conviction from 2008, our fbi says they know of this guy. french government says despite the attack, they will defend
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freedom. >> freedom will starter thank bash beerism. able to rally together behind it values, this is what i'm encouraging to you do. the unity unity of all and everybody, should be our answers. >> so, france's prime minister says there were several arrests made as police continue their hunt for the two brother. several arrests but not the two main characters they're looking for. meanwhile third suspect, 18 year old homeless guy was involved in the attack. did turn himself into police last evening. >> now at 6:36, i believe the most disturbing image out of the entire day is on the front page, can't show you the video of it, but this did play out on video. this wounded police officer on the street, outside of the magazine offices begging for his life.
6:37 am
and one of these brothers with that rifle automatic weapon, ran up to them and shot them in the head and killed them. >> reports that these men were highly train just single shots. just terrible thing. all right 6:37. new this morning, one man is dead following a house fire, in philadelphia's logan section, the fire broke out in the 1800 block of rosalynn street. it happened about quarter after 1:00. the fire was brought under control about 30 minute later but the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. we've learned this victim was a man and he was a veteran. but really fire fight remembers dealing with number of house fires this morning across the area. so let's get to this other fire. in the grays ferry neighborhood forced a family out of their home. fire department was called out to the 1300 block of grove street. the fire broke out on the second floor of the home, but everyone inside was able to get out and no one was hurt. so, if you're about to step out of the thousand start your day. >> don't do it. >> oh, my gosh, just so cold. >> ridiculous. >> yes, i had to cover up all my face basically. >> just your little picks i
6:38 am
nose sticking out. >> that's it. >> when she walked in. there is a little picksy knows for you that's one steve keel. >> i i just cut my nose out. i had it in there. but the executive producer for some reason demands to see my face, he said don't do this. >> we'll petition to get that stopped. >> isn't this a prettier look for me mike? >> so much better. >> i don't think pretty and me go in the same sentence anyway. anyway, let me mention something. remember last january remember that famous phrase, sue has not out tedder yet. remember polar vortex? >> of course, polar vortex, not supposed to say pv any more. >> that was like a year ago today, we heard about that phrase for the first time. here is another sue serio reference. she mentioned the record high for this date. 1907. >> , in wild coincidence, i was probably two blocks from here. in camden, walking to sister clareta third grass class in 1970, i'm sure with no hat no gloves. >> record low about 2 degrees.
6:39 am
>> yup. and if it wasn't a weekend sue, if it was a weekend ways going to basketball at york ship school, my first school, the public school here in camden. how about that? and i just thought that was strange. where was i? >> do you remember -- . >> birthday would have been 08. >> look, there is some serious stuff to talk b1. good things i can tell you i don't see a lot of people outside today, they're very smart, look at the flag up there, at camden police headquarters, blowing away from the pole as far as it k i was going to ask you to go outside today, you know going out for few second at the commercial breaks? i wanted to you stick your tongue on a pole. i keep telling to you do that far year. i want to see. if we have doctor mike in the building, one day, in these cold days, he could be there just in case there is an emergency and you can't remove your tongue from the pole. but, that is a great scene in a christmas story movie. and i would love to see you put your tongue on a pole at
6:40 am
fourth and market. anyhow, it is very cold out here. not a day to recommend anybody putting tounges on polls or even sticking them out of your mouth long. going video our man chris fox shot, before we started our live reporting at 4:00 in the morning. and this was another positive thing i could tell you b the water rand tran takes center two blocks from where we are at broadway right in the middle of the camden, only few homeless people in there. and that building even though it is indoors, and they've got the heaters cranked, it is still about 30 something gross in there according to everybody. it is not really much but 30 is better than a windchill every ten below which we have outside. and the people inside, still were bundled up with blanket over their heads and everything else today. and a lot of the outreach people here in camden, went out last night and chris o'connell was out with them talking to them about the fine work they did to get all of the homeless people inside. >> it is just so combed action amazing, the young people that
6:41 am
were out here tonight. we were able to end game them in conversation, give them cards, that they could really connect to hey if you want to call somebody, really need somebody to talk to help you walk along the way like we're here. >> they were very appreciative. we're just happy to be here. we recognize all of us could be in the same position. all one day away. don't know what could happen day-to-day. so just honored to be able to be here and be a part of the community and provide this valuable service. >> one positive, alec, mike, about living out here in the coal. probably not going to have a snake coming out of your toilet unless that snake has ice pick hey let me out of here your toilet may be frozen instead. so at least you're safe from the snakes at least in the cold. >> for sure. okay thanks, 6:41. >> you know, today, though, so cold, i know it is cold when i would bring out my matrix coat, what i call it, the one that goes all the way down to the gown. >> can you float and go through the air?
6:42 am
>> no, i can't do this. >> she looks like the michelin man when she came in today michelin woman. >> string of new year eaves robberies. >> jewelry take friend five different homes from lower makefield township. burglars broke in through the back doors investigators found fingerprints and dna evidence at some. homes, all of the burglaries happened when homeowners were either out for the night or just away on vacation. >> little surprising. you are always alarmed when something happens in the neighborhood. but relive in a different world. >> police have alerted local jewelry stores and pawn shops to be on the look-out for the stolen jewelry. 6:42, bill cosby's former tv wife comes to his defense what felicia thinks about the rape allegations against the comedian. sue? >> oh, the numbers are low solo they're below, below zero. those are the wind chills this morning. but how long would this cold snap last? we'll let you know in
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>> elvis' 80 birthday. >> do you have a favorite elvis song? >> oh, i have a lot of them. >> blue swayed shoes? >> that's a good one. >> so i know it is serious this is dangerous cold, but this is "good day philadlephia", so we're going to try to lighten the mood. so many bad stories out there.
6:46 am
so we will try to have fun with the cold. it is a classic comedy thing where it is so cold, how cold is it? you know johnny carson used to do it, so i'll go over to my comedy club, i'm name my comedy club club cube. >> club cube? >> the cube club, how about that? the cube club, i mean, ice cube. >> really, a mason jar? zoom out. i have the classic stool here. you can't see my stool. all comedians use it, a stool right? oh, goes off the green? >> oh, yes. >> thanks. goes off the green, we have to go back. >> just pretends us know that this stool is down here okay? trying to get the mood set here. take a little zip. >> sends in on twitter, how cold is it? >> you don't create your own jokes? >> , no i need help.
6:47 am
a woman who normally watches the show sent me jokes. >> i love norma. >> this is one of hers. the comedy styling of one norma who watches this show every day. it is so cold. >> how cold is it? >> it is so cold steve keeley and i are going to a warm bar after the show and get plowed. >> so fun. >> i all about timing. >> that's the first one. >> okay, we'll get better, flight. >> we'll work on the timing of the second one. >> all do you have do, mike, just deliver. they're giving you the jokes. >> sorry norma i needed to make the plow a little tighter.
6:48 am
>> speaking of jokes. >> speaking of old by the way, mason jars are very trendy right now. >> that's what the hip people do. >> exactly. >> all right, steve keeley was talking about this earlier. so i can give you the numbers today january 8th the record low for this date, was set in 1970. 2 degrees. so far today the lowest temperature we've had in philadelphia is ten. but we've had below zero windchills. and that's really what concerns us, as far as keeping you safe outside. so we've got our windchill advisory in effect where it could feel as low as ten to 20 degrees below zero depending on where this morning. let's check the current numbers, still at 10 degrees in philadelphia, two below in mount pocono, six in pottstown, eight in wrightstown. millville, eight atlantic city, these are your wind chills now there is not much of a winds in pottstown because they don't have one but we have a windchill of 5 degrees below zero, in philadelphia, right now, 20 bro in mount pocono, and everybody else is just below
6:49 am
zero. it is just cold. and the wind isn't helping, it is coming out of the west at about 12 miles an hour here in the city. other places, are really having hard time as well. in fact, this cold, has really sung pretty far south a degree below zero is the win chill in atlanta, george, a this morning. it feels like zero in memphis tennessee. and 27 below is our current windchill in chicago. so on windy wednesday only got to 24 degrees, today even colder, with a high of 20. sunny, brisk tomorrow, we may make it to freezing, but the winds pick up again and it will be windy on saturday, another frigid day with a high of only 22. we get above freezing on sunday, with a high of 37, and then some unsettled weather may move in early next week. it is a cold one bob kelly hope folks are doing okay on the roads. >> not that bad. had couple of early hick up the on the schuylkill and 95, both issues are cleared. so let's hit the reset button,
6:50 am
the schuylkill expressway, looking live ramp near girard, on and off-ramps where you want to be careful this morning. at what, 10 degrees, there was no melting at all going on overnight. soap, if it looks wet, it is most likely iced over that fine glaze, black ice we like to say eastbound on the schuylkill, little slow working your way in toward spring garden, 95 southbound, starting to see some volume, brake lights tap here from cottman in through girard avenue. that northbound vehicle fire cleared out of the way and traffic moving nicely again. in the northeast boulevard at harbison inner drive, an accident. also, a handful of fire locations, this morning, in the neighborhoods in kennett square red clay drive at fowl brook. one at 57th and greenway, and then all of these situations with the water now freezing over on the road surface so just be careful, they have to get the salt trucks out here, specially this one, rosalynn and ogontz avenue. where jenny has been reporting since earlier this morning. then, north on 295 starting to see delays, work your way in toward the 42 freeway
6:51 am
bellmawr. and disable tractor-trailer north on 295, at the black horse pike. a water main break with some icy spots along route 100 at route 73. mike alex, back over to you. >> bob, looks like putting together a press conference about the sallyann owe collapse up in bristol. let's listen in. >> complete rescue operation at this point. we have technical rescue, bucks county, a lot of neighboring fire companies that are here working on the efforts at this time. >> and so just one person -- >> to the best of our knowledge one person on site working at this plant. so we're under the a sum sean one entrapped as the chief said rescue mode, multiple re sources here including rescue team rescue effort are underway. the family is on site. they have been briefed. and apprised of the situation. we have high hopes that we will bring this gentleman out alive. >> do we know what he was
6:52 am
doing? >> we do not. we know he is working at the plant, in the area of a cement silow, but we don't know what his exact job task is. >> and what are operations like? do you have any idea? i know -- >> i believe at this point he was just operating the cement area, the hopper and loading area. >> like a forklift or -- >> we're not sure at this time. >> and then what can you describe? multiple fire companies here? describe the operations for us. >> right now the operations are getting ready to go in with rescue search dog, a rescue team along with other fire companies that are getting ready to get briefed. they're briefing right now getting ready to go in, it is a very tens rescue, a lot of collapsed steel in the area. so it will be a long operation. >> and --
6:53 am
>> we had couple of people on twitter saying jim sum, four other guys that said it was a cement silow. that's what it is. this is just turned to a really bad bad story. someone trapped. it
6:54 am
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6:55 am
>> silow collapsed industrial park 7900 block of radcliff street in bristol.
6:56 am
>> this happened, just about four hours ago. so we do have someone trapped. well, good thing it happened in the middle of the night. not many employees around. but apparently one employee is now trapped. they have sent in dogs, trying to sniff out the situation try to find this person. >> officials are saying this will be a very technical operation. because there is a lot of collapsed steel in that area. we've learned it was a cement silow. >> yes cement silow. >> so they said this would take a while. family is on site. they know the situation that's going on. they have been briefed on it. so we do know one person is trapped. they were working just after 3:00 this morning at the plant. >> we will try to get skyfox back over, they had to refuel, and ground unit almost there. so we should have live shot from the ground with a report in about five minutes or so. so hang with us, okay? let's get back to. >> this because i spent a lot of time in hotels and i use the hotel wyfi. >> now they're trying to block your wyfi, mike.
6:57 am
hotels are trying to block your wyfi hot spots. how they're trying to force you to pay for their service instead. >> that's just not ride right. >> let's get back it the windchills. that's the big story here. look at the wind chills minus 20 in the poconos philadelphia, five below zero. everybody's way below.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> bucks county, four hours ago, a silow collapsed at an industrial park in bristol bucks county. word that one person may be trapped. now, cement silow, we believe powdered cement, in this silo. don't know if the person is trapped inside that far material or they say quite a bit of structural damage, al next. >> collapsed steel. >> steel metal. they sent dogs in. try to find this person, also trying to get skyfox, sun is coming up 7:17. live unit, ground unit, almost there. so we've got it covered. >> whether it comes to the freezing weather making firefighter jobs so much more difficult. several fires rake out overnight, one deadly, brutal conditions fire crews are dealing with this


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