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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6a  FOX  January 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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t, was here last night, the vice-president is coming to town, so that will affect your morning commute possibly. we expect wheels down for the vice-president if he is taking a plane in about 9:00 o'clock this morning. hi everybody. it is super bowl weekend. >> yes, good morning. >> lets go eagles. >> no, no, wrong team. >> maybe next year. >> tom brady was in the super bowl, playing the eagles. >> yes. >> what would this be what win. >> if he wins this is his fourth. >> my gosh. >> if we just squint the seahawks colors will look like eagles green. >> yes. >> if you squint tom brady looks like nick foles. >> they are bird. >> we have our own version of the bowl here in town this morning. >> wing bowl. >> is that the 23rd. >> yes, wing bowly can't wait i heard so much about it. >> here's another thing, is
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that it for twitter. >> explain wing bowl for other people around the country in one word. >> debotchry. >> yes. >> disgusting. no. >> sloppy. >> that is a good one. >> yes. >> well, you know what won't be sexy is weather, and it never thinks time of the year. it is coal. we have had flurries overnight. today's weather by the numbers is a five. snow will move out giving way to sunshine later today. it is not all bad but wind will pick up. we have a wind advisory taking effect at 4:00 gusting over 40 miles an hour at times so expect a blustery friday night. the bus stop buddy at the bus stop with his hat, gloves winter coat on some flurries otherwise, cloud temperatures in the 20's and 30's. 35 degrees in center sit the eye philadelphia right now. your fox cast today, 37. we are at 35 right now.
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temperatures are steady as cold era pours in. early flurries giving way to sun. it will be very windy by late day and tonight wind could gust over 40 miles an hour at times. the air temperature is 13. wind chills probably around zero, bob kelly tomorrow morning. very chilly start to the weekend. good morning everybody. chill think morning but not as cold as yesterday and we're just a above the freezing mark as you can see there. 34 degrees. but as it looks wet there is still that potential it could be slippery. good morning to cherry hill new jersey. no problems on route 70 at the mall there in the background working your way out of the driveway that front step on and off ramps could be slippery this morning. as we head south on i-95, no delays just yet out of northeast philadelphia but they will work all weekend here on the princeton avenue on ramp to i-95, will be closed through the weekend as part of the construction. we have talk about this a few moments ago expect the vice-president in town this morning for event at the
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society hill sheraton. this is a wild card, gang. the last time vice-president was in town he stayed at his home in wilmington and took the mote the or cade all the way up i-95 and shut down i-95 from wilmington all the way up to the city. so motorcade madness around 10:00 o'clock, somewhere along this stretch of i-95 getting in the society hill sheraton between ten. steve keeley said he is set to speak at 10:30. prior to that we will see a motorcade either from wilmington or from the airport, heading in towards the society hill area, and of course, he will to have drive right on by wing bowl. wonderful stop at wing bowl. >> that is actually why he is in town. >> what will be interesting is because this is over at 10:00 o'clock, this crowd will start to exit or attempt to exit if i-95 is closed for that motorcade talk about a hot mess, that could all
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happen at 10:00 o'clock today. if you are heading down to wing bowl you need a ticket to get in the parking lot, they are not looking to create an eagles tailgating situation down at the wells fargo center. we are in good a shape on the bridge and mass transit no delays. >> you create a very interesting scenario on this super bowl friday bob kelly. >> yes we do. >> 6:04. dangerous levels of carbon monoxide has been found near an apartment building in norristown. >> always scary sabina is on the story sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. six people rushed from their homes at this apartment building. we are told that they are okay. take a a look at this scene. you can see peco trucks behind me there trying to figure out where all of this started. they are two carbon monoxide leaks happening a block apart from each other happening two hours apart but we are told they were separate incidents. lets look at video we a had for you on the scene earlier this morning. the first incident happened
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outside an auto zone. apparently a lamp post base of the lamp post had a electrical fire. the fire fighters responded. they realized that the smoke from that electrical fire was backing up into three commercial businesses, and jacking up, their carbon monoxide levels to lethal levels. now all of that actually happening that fire starting with an underground peco wire. that is why peco is on the scene trying to figure out exactly where that started. now a few hours later as fire fighters were going door to door to check in many other buildings were affect they discovered high levels of co2 coming from an apartment building, and then again they say it was a separate incident that was due to a heater problem that was happening inside that apartment building. the fire chief said that had been going on for some time and nobody had noticed. they were luck think happened here at the businesses it led fire fighters discovering the problem at the apartment complex. buses were brought in.
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they took six people out from their homes while code enforcement, investigated and peco tried to get those levels under control, you can see fire fighters back here live have clear the scene and peco still on the scene. and, a dangerous situation. levels of the co in the commercial building athletal levels but at that apartment building any wrong exposure to carbon monoxide is bad for your health and carbon monoxide we know is odorless you cannot smell it, see it and if you are breathing it in you might the not even wake up. those people are very lucky this morning. back to you guys. >> alex said they called it the the silent killer. >> they do very dangerous. >> horrible. >> 6:06 this friday morning. the the vice-president as bob was just saying will be in philadelphia this morning. he will speak at the session for congressional democrats holding their policy retreat
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here in philadelphia. president obama spoke to the group last night. he was in an out in three hours. democrats are laying out policies that will focus on for the next two years. coming up at 6:30 we will recap the president's visit, in a live report. but the the key question is, are we go to go get the big convention next year. >> that is what everybody is wondering. >> 6:07. eric frein, man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper says he is not guilty. eric frein made that plea from the pike county jail. prosecutors say the the 31 year-old ambushed and killed corporal brian dickson and shot trooper alex douglass in september. you will remember the 48 day manhunt finally led to frein's capture october 30th. prosecutors want the death penalty. all righty here, two robbers walk into an exxon gas station and attack the man behind the count are dragging him to the ground but who is behind those masks?
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i'll tell you what police know who they are and they are shocked. i'm not, authorized to evacuate but this temperature seems pretty high. >> weatherman forecast goes out of control how he kept his cool on this kind of forecast. >> look at the temperature it is
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i have been dating the weekend for three years. >> how are things going. >> yes. >> still in love. >> yes. >> photo of the local college student who was found dead in the river is being used in an internet, advertising. >> this is reparticular lust and without permission of the family of, shane. you know image used in the same photo, 21 year-old shane montgomery, used in flyers posters, during a search for him, the ad for a best selling book has a appeared on a number of web sites, including yahoo and in a statement a spokesperson for predictable success, the company using the ads says the image might have been put together by, you know a content aggravator.
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how about speaking english to this family, somebody who didn't know anything about the case decided to use a random picture. cot says the ad has been since taken down, for mess of their sites. ridiculous. >> it is ridiculous. 6:12. >> how about this, weatherman tries to keep his cool even when the temperatures on his map, they heat up, take a lah at these temperatures how he recovered from this scorching forecast. >> you have to be ready for that. >> you have to be smooth. >> good morning everybody. 6:12 on a smooth friday morning. we will will go for a ride a lot of events. last time we had a flyers game clipper and a president. this morning we have wing bowl and the vice-president not in the same event but things could get crazy, if the the the motorcade comes in contact with the wing bowl crowd. >> wow. >> i will have all of the details when we come r
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look at the that giant white ball. no, it is just a reelection on. >> are you sure it is in the a light. maybe a guardian angel. >> go to the light. >> i don't know is what worse, freezing temperatures here in philadelphia a or really hot temperatures, out in arizona in the desert, you know, where
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they are playing the super bowl. >> but take a look at this. >> on into the temps and we are all doing okay. wow, 750 degrees here right now. and, 1,270 here. i'm not authorized to evacuate but this temperature seems pretty high. >> yes,. >> fountain hills, they don't look good either. and, frankly wickonberg is it a total loss. we might as well get out of anywhere here very warm surprise it is starting to heat up at 1300 degrees. so again same spot seem to be mesa and chamber, scottsdale doing okay but you are surrounded by some intense heat. so again, i'm not your dad, but i would get out while you still can. i think steel boils at about this temperature so cave creek is there probably
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nothing left up there right now but don't even bother looting up there, it will not be worth it. >> that was fantastic. so they got their graphics screwed up, and, 2,000 degrees in wickenberg. >> and how about a surprise, that is surprise 1300-degree weather. >> caitlin, how will they get to the super bowl in heat like that. >> actually anti climatic it is only supposed to be 60 degrees. >> even in arizona. >> it is winter for them too. they are even get something rain today. we're sorry. not too hot in arizona but the the beats wind chills in negative territory that we will see it in and tomorrow. recapping our snow fall we wanted to show you this after this anti climatic week when it came to snowfall 4-pint 3 inches is all we've got. compared that to last january, on the 30th we had seen 37.1 inches of snow well above our seasonal average of 22. we have had snow showers overnight, we have more along
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arctic front here secondary front back toward the west reenforcing the cold and very gusty winds tonight and tomorrow. snow showers showing up just toward our south, this came through mountains over past hour and it could coat roadways. you can see snow showers. this is up in the lehigh valley where it is tarring and further north we will see showers there we have had rain in jersey and delaware mixing with a few snow flurries. on the parkway up toward atlantic city you'll encounter that. that moves off shore quickly. and, wind advisory tomorrow morning and wind chill advisory for poconos where it could feel as colas 20 below zero. temperatures right new not too bad, we're in the 20's and 30's but well about freezing here in philadelphia we have 38 dover. thirty-seven in wildwood. your seven day forecast, 37 is it for the the high temperature. we will stay where we are at and get very windy later today as sun comes out. frigid start. it will be beautiful and bright but we will start at 13. we will end up at 25.
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snow returns to the forecast believe it or not, on sunday, yes, we have snow showers moving in through the afternoon and depending on the track of this system it brings a a whole mess of the mix through monday morning and probably even into the afternoon too. watch out for some snow, sleet and maybe some rain toward our south. the that is a sunday monday system. february also beginning on sunday, ground hog damon, bob kelly and we will get cold for rest of the week. >> good morning. 6:19 on a tgi friday. live look at the 422, picking up and over to collegeville and king of prussia beginning of the morning rush hour. here is the deal for this morning. vice-president biden coming to town, morning event at the society hill sheraton, so same spot where the president is setting up shop last night right off of i-95. an event titled wing bowl chris murphy on his way down there. that is underway right the now at wells fargo center. 20,000 fans packed into the
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wells fargo center at this hour in the morning. the heading down you need a ticket to even get in the parking lot so don't bother heading down unless you have a ticket to the event but this event will be over at 10:00 a.m. 20,000 fans, exiting the building, all right. now motorcade madness vice-president joe biden coming up i-95 in the motorcade which of course will shut down i-95 while those fans are trying get out of the wells fargo center. do you think they will like him. >> i will tell you this i was in that area last night for the the president, it is a massive scene. there have been 300 police cars. >> it was a lot of cars. >> a a lot of flashing lights you could not even see, blinking. >> that same scenario will rhea peer, in society hill. you saw closure of i-95. flyers fans got stuck on the way to the game.
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it is a total shut down. it takes about a half an hour for that whole process from beginning to end. >> here's another thing that ship is really big in the river. >> that is huge. >> that is the u.s.s. new jersey, not to scale, of course. >> my goodness. >> but there may be a bridge opening coming up, i'll let you know then again if the ben franklin opens we're all in trouble. >> thanks, bob. >> store clerk punched and phone on the ground all for just ten bucks this story gets more bizarre, who is behind those masks. the the flyers are fight to go keep that are dreams alive for the n hl playoffs is that their dream? highlight from last nights game, coming up in sports. have have we won two in a
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the flyers came into thursday night's game with winnipeg with momentum, wins of three of their last four games. tied at 22nd period a scrum in fight, nick schultz, who? nick shut i said. the game winner. first goal in 126 games flyers over the jets five-two. area college football fans might remember ed marynowitz, quarterback from lasalle during the zero two-thirds season. he has a new position with the eagles. chip kelly named marynowitz as
6:25 am
the eagles new vice-president of player personnel, the 30 year-old marynowitz has been with the eagles the last three seasons. phillies added a 30 year-old pitcher to their roster thursday night, chad billingsly, signing a one year, one .5 million-dollar deal, billingsly played for first six years of his career with the dodgers but missed most of the last two seasons recovering from tommy john and right flex or tendon surgery. spring training is less than three weeks away. that is sports in a minute. have a great the day. thanks shredder. speaking of sports here, of course, you will remember this. oh, never mind. do you remember that amazing catch by odell beckham junior against the the cowboys. it would be easy if we're seeing it. now he is making more history, the record he broke why. >> one hand machine. >> one hand man. >> is a bean ace covering a developing store where people are forced from their homes in the middle of the night sabina? >> reporter: yeah, half dozen people had to be evacuated,
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after a carbon machine oxide leak, two of them in
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people living in apartment complex were forced out of their homes because of high levels of carbon monoxide. investigators think, caused dangerous levels of that dangerous gas. here's something disturbing something thaw normally don't see. >> violent robbery at a local
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exxon station but it is all who robbed the place that disturb police. why they say this crime is so different. and vice-president joe biden is coming to town. this is after president obama paid us a visit has night. what we can expect from his visit to the city of brotherly love. >> good morning everybody. it is friday before the the big super bowl january 30th, 2015. >> wing bowl friday. >> wing bowl is underway even as we squeak, speak. >> yes. >> we asked people to tweet us because i have never seen wing bowl, so tweet us in one word how would you describe wing bowl. >> one word. >> i have some responses. >> one person michael powell says feast. >> feast. >> someone else say sloppy. >> another person said unique. winget said as a former winget it is unique and it must be experienced. well thank you. >> caitlin. >> yes. >> have you. >> i was there once and it is so embarrassing.
6:30 am
i got up on the stage where the guys, you know shoved food in their mouth. all these hot women are out there dancing around. i slipped on wing juice. there is winggoo and i felon my back in front of all these beautiful women. >> a playa. >> i meant to do that. >> that is one way to play it off. >> yes. >> or you can just start break dancing and go on the floor. >> it is pretty gross but for people who don't live in the philadelphia area it is hard to explain what it is. >> right caitlin. >> so many things in our fair city, you just have to have live here to experience it and hopefully they will clean it up right sixers game tonight. >> sixers game. >> back it up. >> wow. >> bring a mop and bucket to the sixers game. >> that is too close. >> really clean that up, for one of the old players will be slipping on the wing juice, that is disgusting.
6:31 am
switching gears. weather by the numbers. it is a five. we have snow flurries around. they will move out by the afternoon. afternoon sunshine but it is becoming windy and cold tonight. if you are heading out to the sixers game it will feel different from this morning. colder by tonight, thanks to the wind. bus stop buddy, he is bundled up flurries flying, not as cold though as yesterday morning. temperatures in the 20's and 30's. 35 degrees outside at the airport right now. let's check radar with some snow showers, one moving through montgomery and bucks county, flurries in the city, and this is steadier snow right along the parkway across ocean down through northern cape may county. if you are there you are seeing snow but that should move off shore. early flurries giving way to sunshine 37 degrees. wind advisory kicks in later on today wind gusting over 40 miles an hour at times. look at that low temperature air temperature is 13. the it will will feel more like single digits. cold night tonight with your full weekend forecast still ahead, bob. >> good morning. 6:31 on this friday morning.
6:32 am
not bad at all. in reports of icy conditions but, you know that first step driveway, could be a little glaze on there as we are above freezing mark good morning to maple shade for shaders route 73, right at fellowship road traffic light turning green and headlights south, on i-95, the beginning of the rush hour and we have seen extra volume early. folks heading down to wing bowl. the here's a live look at the schuylkill right here near conshohocken curve. an accident up here on the bristol pike at tyburn road, this one may be a slippery spot. flipped over vehicle. an accident south on 295 right here near black horse pike. we have talk about this earlier, vice-president joe biden expect to be in center city today steve keeley says he will speak at 10:30. there will be a motorcade madness delay around 0:00 a.m. up and down i9 56789 you know the drill, mr. biden has probably, stayed down in wilmington. he has a home there.
6:33 am
he will come right up i-95 from wilmington shutting down i-95 from wilmington all the way into center city. that really goes over well with the crowd. there is a big crowd over here at wing bowl. keep in mind you have to have a ticket to enter the parking lot. what will be interesting is motorcade expect at 10:00 o'clock. wing bowl exits at 10:00 o'clock. picture that scenario 95, a possible closure for the motorcade coming up i-95 passing the stadium area heading in to society hill. bottom line for all of us to stay clear of i-95 between wilmington and center city just to play it safe. coming over bridges, good to go this morning and mass transit looking good with no reported delays mike and alex, back to you. high carbon monoxide levels have forced at least half dozen people out of their homes into this cold. >> what is so different is there is two different leaks less than a block apart,
6:34 am
sabina. >> reporter: that is right, it started initially at a commercial business and then fire fighters discovered another leak at an apartment building. you can bet they were anxious to get those people out of their bed. we know carbon monoxide can be deadly and when you are sleeping when there is a leak you man may not wake up. you can see peco trucks are parked there fire fighters cleared the scene but peco is trying to figure out exactly what happened. lets look at video from earlier this morning when this was a active scene. what happened was an underground electrical fire sparked involves a peco line here on east main street in norristown. fire fighters responded and they found all this smoke backed up in to three business as long that street and that elevated carbon monoxide levels to lethal levels. luckily because it happened around midnight nobody was inside of those buildings but fire fighters went door to door to check and see any other carbon machine oxide levels. it is supposed to be at zero in your home or building.
6:35 am
they came across this apartment building that had high level of carbon monoxide so they evacuated six people while ventilate ago this building and it turns out it was a separate incident. that apartment building hade heater problem, that had been going on for some time that had been leaking this carbon machine oxide it didn't lead to levels but fire chief says licensing term, exposure still very bad, for your health but those people are okay. carbon monoxide detectors are not required in the apartment building but you can bet those people might want to consider getting one, guys. >> 6:35. police are looking for two with men who robbed a gas station, and assault aid clerk. >> violent attack was caught on surveillance camera at an exxon in north philadelphia. video shows one woman grabbing the six two-year old clerk punching him and slamming him to the ground. other woman tried to break in
6:36 am
the cash register but couldn't get it opened. >> you have two females involve in the situation like this something you normally don't see hopefully somebody can recognize clothing they are wearing or recognize them by their body language and hopefully we can get these two individual off the street. >> here's the thing police say they only got away with $10, ten bucks. victim suffered only minor injuries. >> five bucks a piece. police are looking for two men that they say went on a shopping spree with stolen credit card. authorities say the suspects smashed out windows and removed property from the locked cars in front of the planet fitness in ridley. they then used the stolen credit cards in a target at the springfield mall. police are reminding residents to lock their valuables in the trunk. happening today vice-president joe biden will
6:37 am
be in philadelphia this morning, actually. >> he will speak over at congressional democrats policy retreat is what they called it, they are having a planning obsession hey steve the president of course was here last night at the same hotel. >> um-hmm. >> a lot of talk. will we get this convention or not, what are you hearing. >> reporter: what did you ask me i got septa buses all the way around. >> are we go to go get this democratic convention or not. >> very good question. now i hear it. probably would i say. you know why, they wouldn't tease us by coming here for a retreat. usually they go down to the chesapeake bay or somewhere close to washington. i think fact that bob brady and cohorts got them to come here for retreat gives them a hint where they will come for national convention because probably doing some groundwork while they are here and i'm talking about the the inner party leadership. they are making sure they have a nice hotel to stay in as a
6:38 am
headquarters and maybe check out wing bowl today to see how that building is going f they keep shrink nothing terms of members of congress because thinks least amount they have had since world war two they may be able to have this at the electric factory and in the the big hockey rink because not many members of the democratic party in congress and that is why they don't expect to get much done and have fewer pieces of legislation to get passed anywhere. so soon after getting here though, they did put out result of their own survey within the part that i shows that their own members are slamming the democratic party's midterm election message saying that the focus needed to be more on jobs middle class and the economy and so you can tell in the president's philly speech his writers put that up on his prompter for him to talk about. >> i heard people telling me about one, republican senator who shall go unname but
6:39 am
generally doesn't agree with me on much but he was suddenly shocked, shocked that the top one percent is doing really well and everybody else is getting squeezed. we need to do something bit. i welcome that. i consider him an imitation a highest form of flattery, come on board lets go help out that middle class family. lets get something done. we've got a former presidential candidate on the other side who is suddenly just deeply concerned about poverty. that is great. the let's go. come on. the let's do something about it. >> reporter: i'm sure you are wondering why would they have a head liner last night and opening act today it is like having debo go on stage after bruce springsteen does three hours. we don't know why but my sources within the secret service say joe biden, somehow hacked into the secret service
6:40 am
scheduled, computer and changed it just so he could go to wing bowl this morning. the source ads if he competes, and they let him in the contest, nancy pull lows i will be his winget. >> you know, nancy pelosi was at the sheraton last night report report she will be the last speaker. her speech, for realize entitled where do we go from here which is a question a lot of democrats are asking. she has been in town. she will be the the last speaker at the the last session after joe biden is done talking. >> where do we go from here. >> wing bowl. >> what a source you have steve. >> she's the newest disney princess and first of her kind, howie lane a is making history so meet elainea. >> there is the princess. >> princess caitlin weather princess. >> look at the her. >> thanks, guys. >> the not quite but thanks for the compliment. >> sure. >> flurries right now but we are looking and talking about
6:41 am
wind and bitter cold as we head in the weekend. how chilly, we will feel coming up next in the forecast. how do you describe wing bowl. >> this isn't one war we are asking people to be creative with one word but steve says best way to explain it you heave, you leave. >> wow. >> that is something. >> that is the rules of the contestants, if you throw up you are out of the contest. how do you describe wing bowl tour friend around the country who have never seen it use facebook, instagram and
6:42 am
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i hear preston and steve are mocking the wing bowl by having the super bowl on their radio station that would be difficult, would it be hot soup or just regular soup. >> it would go down easier, right. >> you just cringe drink it. >> let's go, remember a few weeks ago, odell beck hans ham. odell beck ham junior. some call it the best catch of all time. >> that is true. >> one handed catch i mean, wow. >> throwing it in the end zone. >> yes. >> it was pretty cool. >> it was so cool that the world record people took noticed and challenge him to do something even tougher. so watch this.
6:45 am
they are not even moving. >> i don't know if that is harder to catch but there was a guy tackling him and he was falling violently into the end zone. >> true you. >> but darn. so odell now world record holder for most one handed catches in a minute. thirty-three catches, in 60 seconds. so the guy that was throwing the ball, drew brees, did you notice him. >> yeah. >> seriously that is what it looks like. >> you know why, he is a friend of tom brady. those balls are deflated. >> that is a good one. >> could do you that. >> catch one handed i'm lucky i can catch with two hand. i'm still working on.
6:46 am
that i don't know. >> can you catch with one hand >> no, they are athletes. well, as you are watching them later on this weekend though we will be dealing with some snow coming in. we have a little bit of snow outside right now. we had a clip their didn't do anything actually but we have more snow showers a associated with the cold front pushing through the state right now and some of those showers making it in the poconos, usually, they fade away before they reach us. it looks like that is the case but still light snow east of harris burning and lancaster and berks county. flurries in the city. there is light snow in south jersey. we saw snow in the poconos that has since cleared. atlantic city through cape may seeing some snow showers moving through. it will be just one of those days snow showers coming through. we are transition nothing to a very cold night wind advisory in effect from 4:00 p.m. tonight through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. whole area, could see gusts to 40 miles an hour. where it is most i'm pack full
6:47 am
it is so cold tonight with those wind it will feel like 20 below in the mountains, all of us transitions to cold winnie weather, worst up in the mountains. these snow showers moving flaw by mid-morning, by noon we don't see flurries anymore and sun starts to come out later today but then wind will start to howell, do you remember that takes effect around 4:00 p.m. saturday sunshine, beautiful looking day just cold. then by sunday we will watch for our next system. if you have plans, early you are fine but late afternoon and evening we will start to see snow moving in and depending on the track of this storm system it could be a mix to rain to snow, really all up for grabs heading toward monday morning. this looks like rain for philadelphia but either way as usual we will get it all in the area and that will take us through monday morning. we will keep you posted throughout the rest of the weekend. thirty-five in philadelphia mid 30's toward the the the south. seven day forecast for today afternoon sunshine becoming
6:48 am
windy, 37. just 25 tomorrow. snow likely late in the day sunday and that is a messy mix through machine morning remember february begins sunday ground hog day there on whatever the day is after sunday monday. thanks bob. and then we will get very cold after that. then after that well, punxsutawney phil will to have tell us, right bob. >> that is right. 6:48. tgif, an accident here on the schuylkill expressway, brake lights heading westbound right here near belmont avenue. they have moved it the off to the shoulder. but there is a delay heading west from city out to belmont. live look at i-95 southbound heavy from a academy into center city. north bound lanes of the freeway extra tight because of an accident on the walt whitman bridge come into philadelphia. we are getting word of fire department activity here at suburban station underground which is at 17th and jfk boulevard. there is fire activity fire
6:49 am
trucks up at street level and they are going underground there in to suburban station. an accident bristol pike at tyburn road and we have an accident southbound on i295, as you approach that 42 freeway. mass transit looking good. mike and alex, back to you. >> let me give you a piece of advice here. if you are ever invited to a location where su ge knight is don't go. yeah, he runs death row record and founder on have that record label. he turned himself into police just a few minutes ago in connection to the deadly hit and run. >> this incident occurred yesterday in the parking lot of the fast food restaurant in amount on, california near los angeles. knight's attorney claims he was trying to flee attackers when the accident happened but police say it looks like a quote intentional act. the man died is reportedly a friend of su ge knight's. >> a number of his friend have tied. like i said if you are near him, get out of there.
6:50 am
well, katie what do you think she's doing right now. do you think she's feeling good. >> yeah, she's getting heldy what does she have on there. >> you are always wondering that whenever we see her. >> katie perry says her super bowl half time show will make you roar, i get it. the the hit maker says her show will include a lion and some sharks. >> how will she do sharks, live sharks. >> i think she's lying actually. >> who did she ask to be with her. >> lenny cravats. >> oh, great. >> lenny cravats will join her at the sometime during the performance and so will misty elliott. we're going back in time. >> we are. >> interesting combination. >> look at that. >> two footballs. >> is it a foot ball. >> they look inflated. >> oh, cheerleader skirt and two footballs right here. cute. >> yes. >> you can rock that.
6:51 am
>> maybe. >> inflate gate. >> with more like me it is deflated. >> well, disney introducing its first latin a princess this is elena, she will feature on disney junior next week. the she's a 16 year-old princess and fairy tail kingdom inspired by, diverse latin culture. >> more money for disney because now we have to see her movie. >> it is important, you have to represent all nationalities. >> it is just another princess i have to buy dolls, dresses, get to the stinking movie. >> then there will be a song by edina manziel that we will be sing forgo two years. >> yes elena. >> yes. >> disney will not hire us. >> absolutely not. >> are you hosting a super bowl this weekend. >> i'm ready to go you are serving up some wings then. >> yes, we will have some
6:52 am
wings. >> just how many chicken wings will be eaten on super bowl sunday. >> at my house or nationally. >> nationally. >> would i say 12 billion. >> really. >> no, that
6:53 am
6:54 am
you tell us what you want to pay and we help find options to fit your budget. nah, nah, insurance, nah, nah, nah, discount. my name's flo, you want to go out with me? no. uh-huh-huh! . let's get back to this
6:55 am
question about super bowl sunday. how many chicken wings will be consume nationally. >> national chicken count ill says 1.25 billion chicken wings. >> 1 pint 2 billion. >> yes. >> during this game. >> put that in perspective if you laid out all of those chicken wings it will stretch back and forth from central lake field in sat toll gilette stadium in facts bureau, pennsylvania massachusetts. >> it would stretch across the country. >> twenty-eight times, 28 times it would stretch across the country. they won't be consuming that many wings at the wing bowl at the wells fargo center. we sent chris murphy out there for festivities. i wonder how many wings will be consumed. >> i do believe i know that the winner last year, she consumed, a female thin women too, 353 wings. >> 353. >> do you remember the amount have of time they do it? is it 30 minutes. >> it is like three, ten
6:56 am
minute quarters. >> some other facts, how many people were arrested at last years wing bowl? it is in the paper. >> i have no idea. >> zero. >> isn't that shocking. >> nobody. >> that is great. >> that is a great thing good so this is a dangerous combination, bob kelly. chris murphy has never been to a wing bowl and he could come unhinged and he is not very controllable, ask his wife. we are sending him there today. he will go down there today. >> this should be good. >> have you been watching television series like i have binged watched break bad. >> it could pint to some serious problems if you are a binge watcher what you may be at risk for your mental health. >> i seem to be fine. >> i don't know about all that. >> again, chris murphy, wing bowl, bad combination but we will do it anyway okay. there it is that 20,000
6:57 am
people at wells far go center, watching people shove food in their face until they barf. that is a national holiday.
6:58 am
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a driver on the a attack
7:00 am
what the woman says made this lady jump out and come after her. >> ♪ >> and only in philly, wing bowl 23 is underway right now in south philadelphia. we will take through for the pennsylvania mess. >> nobody, not even adults, can just keep learning and just keep going. >> kid may need breaks but many schools are eliminating them from the school day why some teachers say they have in choice, it is all about the the money. of course, eagles are not in the super bowl but philly had has something to root for on sunday, we're talking about the puppy bowl. you need to get to know


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