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tv   Fox 29 Morning News at 5a  FOX  May 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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>> i'm getting a panic attack. my daughter's graduating in june like oh, no, this is really happening. >> be excited sue serio. >> i know, it is all good, yes, it is. it is good panic attack. on a seven out every ten in your weather by the numbers for today. why? because it is muggier today and we have a chance every thunderstorms late in the afternoon. so 71 degrees, right now 5:37, your sunrise time, should be a pretty sunrise because there are a few clouds out there. 84% relative humidity, though, so you'll feel the mugginess out there thank goodness we do have few breezes, we have rain in the western part of the state nothing here, just yet. but, increased humidity. and warmth, at 72 degrees in allentown, just degree warmer than the airport. 707 in dover, 71 wilmington, delaware but 64 degrees and six an in wildwood, and atlantic city respectfully. so it is a little cooler at the shore. 7-mile per hour breeze out of the south in philadelphia, all
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of our winds are out of the south, that's where the warm air comes f and we will pump it in all day long, 88 degrees our high temperature, warm, with a chance of pop up thunderstorms, toward evening say, for most of us, here in the philadelphia area, about 5:00 6:00. they'll get started. seventy muggy degrees overnight tonight. that is your wednesday forecast, and feels like a tuesday, because yesterday felt like a monday, on account of the holiday. right, bob kelly? >> that's right. we're all ready hump day. pretty good shape on the majors like 202 422 and the schuylkill expressway. the big problem is on the pennsylvania turnpike, here's the latest. it is an overturned tanker, on the westbound lanes of the pa turnpike right before the exit for philly bensalem. so anyone, coming from say the new jersey side, you come over connector bridge, or coming out of bristol headed west in toward route one only the left lane is open. the driver, the tanker,
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transported to the local hospital we're waiting for details there. but, this is going to tie us up here, for the morning rush hour. the only problem is real now good alternate for the pennsylvania turnpike, from point a to point b there. maybe go down 95, work your way over woodhaven. if you get on at philadelphia, and want to head west, you are going to be okay. the accident is approaching the philly bensalem interchange. down in vineland, accident investigation at elm and mill local detours there downtown, live look at the vin vine, open for business this morning, no problems coming into or out of the city. spotlight are still on here. this is i95 right near the the cottman avenue interchange. these guys will be out there maybe another half hour, 40 minute or so. and for the gang leaving south jersey, coming in toward philadelphia, so far so good on the freeway, as you head in toward 295. chris, lauren, back to you. >> bob kelly, thank you. to breaking news for you right now 5:02. three people being treated at local hospital for their
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injuries after someone opened fire near the their homes in north philadelphia. >> police say the gunmen also hit family's house in that area. fox 29's steve keeley live at philadelphia police headquarters, with more on this story. hi steve. >> reporter: well, we've had so many stories and too many times where we've seen stray bullets kill and hurt little kids who are playing out on the street. well, how but this storey? look at the video. two little boys, ten and 12 year old brother along with their 32 year old brother not even safe inside their nice, neatly kept home, and good thing this mom is a real good mom having her kids in bed like they should be at 11:30 not up watching late night tv in the living rumor they wouldn't be with us today. look at their front windows. we are talking on both sides of the front door, four bullet came through right at little boy height when you are age ten and 12, or if your honor sitting on the sofa or standing around. these bullets are now all lodge in the their living room wall. they got their whole living room wall shot up, plaster all over the floor how sad is
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that? the scene out front of the house, just as sad. we are talking kids now at 66 avenue, three guys, 28, 32, 38 it looks like all three were running away from who ever wanted to kill them, because they were all shot in the back, the 28 year old in the leg the worse is the oldest one, 38 and critical, with a bullet wounds to the back. and scott small said this could have been so much worse if those people were downstairs instead of upstairs in bed. >> not only three struck by fun fire, there was private residence on the south side of the 1500 block of kins dale street where four stray bullet went through the first floor living room windows of the property. inside the property at the time were 32 year old female, with her two children, ages ten and 12 both boys. fortunately, very lucky for all three of them, they were upstairs on the second floor, asleep when these four stray bullet came through the
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window, and ended up lodged in the wall in the living room of their house. thirty-two year old mother including the ten and 12 year old brothers. >> lot of people were up in their living rooms looked out the windowsment good thing it didn't go through their windows. those are the people who called 911 and cooperated when police when they got there saying they saw the shooter get into white car fly up 66. >> also they say to police you're welcome to look at any video we have of the guy the car, the actual shooting it self. at least 12 shots that they know of fired by the shooter, because all 12 casings are there at the corner of kins dale and 66th. boy there is could have been so much worse chris lauren, where living room could have been turned into dining room. >> interesting way to put it, steve, thank you. >> also overnight detective say two victims being treated when gunshot wounds are not
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cooperating with police, both victims, in their 20's, to hospital late last night, one hit in the shoulder the other in the ankle. investigators say when they got to the crime screw scene nearly 20 shell casings were found on the gown. >> there have been six armed robberies in just six days, all of them happening at night, near temple's main campus. >> that would qualify as a rash right, rash of robberies? it is caused police to beef up patrols of course, one was caught on video where you can see a man robbing three students on north 18th street at gunpoint crimes happened between may 14th and may 20th, student in the area are of course very concerned. >> times you need to be more aware of your suggestion, be smart about what you are doing. >> police believe the suspect are teenagers getting away with cash, smart phones book bags possible, their college student themselves. >> alleged sexting scandal has hit two schools in cape may
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county prosecute remembers charged 19 juveniles and one adult, from lower cape may regional high school. and richard titleman middle school with invasion of privacy. nude and partial nude photographs of females being exchanged between male student during text mess and and social media. authority seized 27 different cell phones. >> penn state has suspended cap a delta ro for three years after frat turn at this linked to secret facebook page where photos every nude and semi nude women were posted. an investigation also found that some members engage in the sexual harrassment and hazing. >> just two weeks after the deadly derailment, amtrak says it, will now install video cameras inside cabs to record the engineers. amtrak engineer brandon suffered head injury in the accident, and has told investigators, he can't remember what happened. no visual evidence whatever was going on inside the train but amtrak sanes, by year's end most of its northeast
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corridor trains will be equipped with video cameras. supporters say this is a god idea, because it could change engineer's behavior for the better. >> having a camera pointed inward does a number of thing including keeping the end near on us. if you know you're on camera you behave differently than if you are not on camera. if your voice social security recorded you act differently than if your voice is not being recorded. if you have a companion in the compartment, you act differently than if you had no one. >> however union's representing engineers have generally opposed the use of cameras. critics say they might lower employee more all. former pennsylvania vick san forum about to jump into the race. santorum, a social conservative, was runner up for the republican nomination in 2012. of course, mitt romney won the republican nomination.
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four years ago. >> still ahead irs hacked. criminals steel the information of thousands of taxpayers. rerising? we'll take a look at that. >> heavy rains continue to hit the south with texas bearing the brunt of t we'll go live to houston coming up next.
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[beeping] ooo come on everybody, i think this is my grandson. [lip syncing] ♪little girl you look so lonesome oh my goodness. ♪i see you are feeling blue ♪come on over to my place ♪hey girl ♪we're having a party happy birthday, grandma! ♪we'll be swinging ♪dancing and singing ♪baby come on over tonight
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♪ ♪ >> you used to not like maroon five. >> turn it up. >> ♪ ♪ >> one of those songs you just have to turn up. >> so this morning, when you heard it you turned it up? >> embraced it. been in a good mood ever since. >> little fossette owe. >> get you started. >> ♪ ♪ >> high pressure in control today, southwesterly winds again, but today because of the build up of heat and humidity, and we'll have one more humidity than yesterday we do see the possibility of yes, late day thunderstorm, all we need is a little trigger, weak frontal system out to the west. trying to get through our area, by the end of the day now looking at ultimate doppler radar unfortunately hate to report that there is more very heavy rain headed toward houston this whole southeastern part of tech as
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or the eastern part of texas has been plagued with rain for days and days. another day of rain, severe thunderstorm warnings continuing, as you head closer to houston and now look at the flood warning, in effect until friday, because they don't expect those flood watt tears recede for awhile. missouri getting some heavy rain this morning we are under slight risk for severe thunderstorms, by the end of the day today. the whole metro area, so keep your eye on the sky, little later on what time i would say, any time around 6:00, 7:00 this evening, is when we could see some of the thunderstorms firing up. lasting through the evening. >> why not look ahead to the weekend already? it is wednesday after all. so what we have got 88 degrees today chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, and same story for tomorrow friday, little less humid, we'll take it. still warm, saturday, the same deal.
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mid 80s, and sunny skies but sunday another cold front comes through so, this one looks to be strong enough to take temperatures back down into the 70s in fact, lower seven's by monday and mid 70s tuesday. won't be protracted heatwave. it is not -- won't even be official heatwave bob kelly. but will be a little uncomfortable, this afternoon. >> you know what i forgot? i forgot my white shoes again today. >> in you it is after memorial day. >> so funny on monday, actually i pulled up to get a coffee and there was a fellow with his white shoes on. >> i wanted to snap a picture. we're in good shape this morning, 422 the schuylkill expressway the problem though, pennsylvania turnpike, here's the deal. it is westbound, between route 13 bristol heading in toward the philly bensalem interchange. right before the exit, is an overturned tanker, with only
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one lane getting by. west toward ft. washington you will be okay. that's good news here, anyone leaving, say, south jersey, and coming over that connector bridge, and then headed toward philadelphia right here, is where you are going to see that delay. really only good alternate would be to jump off at bristol, work your way down to 95, and then woodhaven and then up the boulevard. i just hang with t as long as they keep that one lane open, it is going to take you some extra time but it is not worth the whole big alternate rigmarole that you have to go through here. stay with it, if you come over the connector bridge, give yourself some extra time. now, another problem further west on the turnpike, out near ft. washington, some tire debris, flapping all around the roadway and that accident investigation, in vineland, at elm and mill. otherwise bridges and mass transit looking good. chris, lauren back to you. >> developing right now, 17 people now confirmed dealed
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after heavy rain gave way to flooding in texas and oklahoma. >> robert woo from our affiliate is live in death toll just increase in the. >> reporter: it did, guys. and the latest count from houston is five. that number is expected to change, it is expected to rise, as conditions improve the water continues to recede. at least two people still missing from braze. they were september away when rescue boat capsized during the height of this storm. houston, hit 11 inches of rain in the span of six hours from monday night into tuesday morning. really took people by surprise. not much of a -- mayor estimating 4,000 homes with significant damage, 750 cashing, still sitting at i am pawn or storage lots, the vas majority of those from abandoned drivers, who encountered high waters, got stuck in the freeway resident
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say this is the worse they've seen since topical storm allison, which was about 14 years ago but things have gone significantly better, it is much easier to get around at the height of the storm around 80, 90,000 people without power that's now down to 9,000 back out liver, you are looking where water has recede add tremendous amount. >> this water was over where i'm standing right now over this. still see some of the grass even branch left behind as this water was running underneath and over this overpass, so things have certainly gotten better but as the water continues to recede i think we'll see the full scope of the damage likely this afternoon when the sun comes out. >> you mention five people dead. that is just in houston alone as many as 18 have died in tech as oklahoma and that's in addition to what, 13 just south of the board nerve mexico? >> comparatively speaking compared to places like
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wimberly, where the water actually swept houses a that's where family went missing. as bad as things are here, i don't think we took the full brunt of the storm. >> you mentioned the missing that's the focus today as many as what, 13 people still missing, so thoughts, prayers homes, go out to their families. all right, robert wood, thank you for your time this morning. meanwhile, a 18:00 the irs say thieves lewes dollars one of their on line service toss access personal information for more than 100,000 of us taxpayers. the information included tax returns and other tax information on file. >> the thieves targeted the system from february it mid may. officials believe, they are sophisticated criminals notifying taxpayers whose information was accessed. >> city of baltimore on pace for its deadliest month in 16 years, this after bloody memorial day weaken left nine people dead, another 20 injured. one area seeing in the recall
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recall -- >> can't tolerate this. not on this level not on any level. this level of violence. >> some analysts say a reason for the killings could be police office remembers hesitant to intervene in some violent crimes. now, following the indictment of six officers involved in freddie gray's arrest, overall there is year, there have been 108 homicides in baltimore compared to 79, at this time, last year. >> to cleveland reforming police department after reaching settlement with the justice department. >> so this comes after a report in december, slammed the department for using excessive force. agreement calls for the creation of community police commission consisting of ten residents, and three police union officials who will make recommendations on policy. other key elements will include, improved training, and more sensitivity when dealing with the mentally ill. an independent monitor will have to oversee the reforms a judge still has to approve that settlement.
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>> rubin amaro junior in the hot seat. explaining controversial comments about the fans to our howard eskin.
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phillies still trying to win the first road series of the season, to do, that they had to win last night and today. but, another way to lose, to new york, tenth inning, tide four-four, phillies down three-nothing, but two out in
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the tenth will america flores gets the single, mets win it five-four, stanley cup playoffs. tampa trying to wrap it up. to tampa, they needed to win the game to get to the stanley cup finals, they don't. the rangers dirt scores one-nothing, that led to six more goals. rangers win it seven-three to tie it at three moving onto madison square garden. french open the paris wrapping in the near court. court. won nine time at the french open. clinton, is the opponent. he wins it, and looking for his tenth us open championship also, cleveland wins they go to the finals in the nba. and the rangers, as i said, the rangers win and that's now tied at three. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> phillies manager has made comment more than upset about those critical. >> so recently asked about some young prospect, while guys such as pitchers, you know aaron zach, up from the
5:24 am
minors amaro told csn philly that the fans, the fans, they just don't get it. they don't understand what goes into building a team. >> in fact said quote they don't understand dollars game. they don't understand the process. we don't have a plan. we can't do what's best for the fans. >> ouch. >> /howard eskin asked rubin about his comment on sport radio 94.1. here's how ruben amaro answered his question. >> i said they don't understand. i said some fans don't understand. it is not all philadelphia fans. that was not the purpose of it. it is some fans who believe who think that bringing to the major leagues at this time is the right thing for the organization. it is those fans. >> bottom line never pick on the fans especially when they go to the ballpark, near last
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place. in fact, phillies in fourth in the nl east, the record, 19 and 29. now, put that in perspective. they won six games straight. still 19 and 29. >> right. >> amaro said he's as psychs dollars as anyone about seeing the organization's best prospects in the big leagues but there is a process that they have to go through, by the way rubin amaro's contract expires, tend of the year. so see if he's renewed. >> yes, i think just the dis pace full part, we can't do what's best for the fans. >> yes. >> even if you think that, you don't have to say that. >> right. kind of pr position. >> right. okay, we have update now to story we brought you earlier this morning we now know nine soccer officials up from six and five corporate executives, were arrest bid swiss police in arrayed at luxury hotel in surround glike so they will be extradited to the u.s. on federal corruption charges the case involves bribes, totalling more than, listen to this, $100 million related to commercial deals dating back to the 1990's for soccer tournaments in the u.s. and in latin america.
5:26 am
the six had intends today take part in conference for fee fifa, expected to win fifth term for fifa president, is not among the suspect again we learn much more today when that indictment is unsealed, and federal court in brooklyn later today. coming up newspaper study reveals how waiting few minutes to cut the umbilical cord following a baby's delivery could lead to benefit, later in life. >> plus, taylor swift won't be shaking this off. she's making her debut on forbes annual list of the worlds' most powerful women. we'll tell how else made the list.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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>> in for another day every heat and humidity. >> forbes annual list of the world's most powerful women is out, taylor swift, on it, for the first time ever, we'll tell you the other notable women who made that top list. good morning, it is wednesday may 27th, 2015. >> let's talk to bus stop buddy. take a look at him over there. >> i saw real life bus stop buddy. >> there you go. >> ♪ ♪ >> dot buddy. >> he doesn't have a lot of hair. >> low maintenance. humid day like today, you don't have to do much, right? >> summer buzz cut. >> exactly. so he's ready just polo shirt
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is fine, cackies going to school today, it is muggier start than what we had yesterday. we got some clouds around this morning, and we have a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. >> 81% relative humidity, and it is warm, already 72 degrees. usually in july we start off with temperatures in the 70s and usually may end up with temperatures in the 70s. see what i am saying here? satellite and raid radar pictures couple every sprinkles in the western part of the state. but the real rain unfortunately is still down in texas. >> lower 70s unless you're long the coast then see temperatures in the mid 60s 8-mile per hour breezes, out of the south and a high temperature today of around 88 degrees muggier to start 88 by lunchtime pretty warm, 88 the highment and as we get
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closer to evening we'll have those pop up thunderstorms. some of them could be kinds of strong and kind of loud. >> thumb err boomers 5:31, good morning. pretty good shape right now along 202, little delay along the work zone here, route 401. the big problem is on the pennsylvania turnpike, overturned tanker, on the westbound lanes, right before philly bensalem interchange. leaving bristol before you get to the philly toll plaza only the left lane is open. now, the turnpike officials say they though have it uprighted within the hour, which means shutdown of the turnpike at some point while they intend to do. >> this however if you are getting on at philadelphia, and heading west, out toward valley forge or the norristown interchange, you will be free and clear of this whole accident mess. again, it is westbound approaching the philly
5:32 am
bensalem interchange. so, the best alternate, once they get into the closure mode, would be 95, over to woodhaven, hopefully, they can wait until after the rush hour to close all of those lanes. and then further west near ft. washington, tire debris, accident investigation in vineland at elm and mill road, good morning to delaware. no problems along 495 if you are coming up from wilmington, headed up toward philadelphia international airport, looking good on the benny coming into downtown philly. headlight heading into eighth and vine. no problems yet on the schuylkill or 95, and mass transit running with no delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> breaking news for you police looking for gun hand who shot a residential neighborhood up in north philadelphia. >> they say witnesses saw the suspect escape in a white colored car, fox 29's steve keeley live at police headquarters with the key tails -- details on this one. >> many have those iron windows, iron bars over the
5:33 am
windows to keep criminals outment look at this one family's homement they may want to put bank style bulletproof glass on their windows, two front windows on both sides of the front door in their living room shot out with four big bullet holes through the glass through the miniblinds and then, lodged into the living room wall, at 11:30 lags night, right around a lot of the times most people are up still watching the late nice and getting ready to go to bed with the laugh by watching jimmy fallon or jimmy kimmel. good thing this young family, not fans of fallon or cymol. thirty-two year old mom nicely and smartly put her two boys, ten and 12 year old brothers to bed. all upstairs, safe, under the sheets, not up watching it. v or maybe they wouldn't be alive today. three guys outside for some reason started running away from a guy with a gun, two of them shot in the back, one shot in the back of his legs.
5:34 am
only one the oldest critical 38 and 22. so we could have had this situation be way worse than it already sounds that it is. twelve thoughts they know were fired for some reason. >> upon police arrival they found three victims, 28 year old male, shot in the leg, and a 32 year old male shot in the lower back. police transported both of though victims to einstein hospital. where they're presently in stable condition. thirds victim, 38 year old male shot in the lower back. was transported by medics to einstein hospital. that 38 year old victim is in critical condition. >> based on balistic evidence, 12 shots were fired from semiautomatic weapon. we found 12 spent shell casings, intersection of kins dale street and 66th avenue.
5:35 am
>> a lot heard the 12 shots a lot of people were up despite the family being asleep at the time upstairs, they all called police, and they all told police what they saw when they looked out their windows not thinking the stray bullet would come through their house, and none did fortunately, i think people looking out the windows where they saw the shooter get into a white car and speed up 66 avenue atkins tail. >> a lot of people who called also said hey me and my neighbors all have surveillance cameras because of this type of thing going on. and you are welcome to look at the surveillance video we may have captured at 11:30 last night. so here at police headquarters, chris, lauren, you are not going to believe the latest breaking news just happened at 430:67:89 same exact street, same exact block, same exact time, as yesterday's sexual assault that we led with in the morning and then through the evening, another home invasion reported again at 4:30 at 18th and right where we were yesterday, so we're going to go down there now see what's going on now.
5:36 am
detective just hearing from the victim. but we don't believe this was a sexual assault. how about that for a coincidence? same exact block, neighbor over of the woman raped yesterday, by that guy that they're looking for that they now have linked to that second attack back in march same street, same time somebody tries to break into another house. let you know from there when we get there live, bring you the latest details we hear from the detective on scene. >> steve keeley just to keep these, make sure i have these right, guy with the red gloves? they don't know if this sling today, that but the guy with the red or orange gloves we said first then the detective said later in the news conference, so that's where the story was yesterday. and again, 24 hours later because that guy broke into that woman's house at 4:30, another break-in on the same exact block. >> what block is that, steve? remind me what block that was? do you remember? >> that's 18th and rosewood in south philly in the point breeze section, so we go on rosewood and see what's going on over there. but that's strange.
5:37 am
and i was like are you sure this is not yesterday fact you're telling us? same exact place same exact time. odd he is thing i've ever heard. >> and scary for those neighbors, check back in with you when you get down to south philly. meantime coming up: design spark nationwide frenzy. now lilly pulitzer accused arafat shaming incident? we'll tell but the pictures spotted inside the local headquarters sparking major backlash. >> seemed like the perfect prank. always does. bull after tens of thousands of lady bugs swarmed a high school authorities were not laughing. the punishment some say is just a little too harsh.
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>> defense secretary, ashton carter says iraqi forces, lack the will to fight. and iraq's military suffered a major defeat in the city of ram add think month. but for now president obama is showing no sign of shifting his strategy of using iraqi forces on the ground, for americans won't have to. the white house is asking for patience and more time to train troops. >> meanwhile, a siege in upscale neighborhood in kabul after began stand ended with the deaths of four taliban attack that's morning. it lasted several hours after began officials say no civilians or security personnel were hurt or killed. >> former los angeles police department officer accused of shooting and killing a man outside night club in march has been arrested down in mexico. twenty-seven year old henry solis was captured by border
5:41 am
patrols on tuesday. now, his father, also been arrested, he is accused of making false statement about his son's whereabouts, so that they could escape. >> the united states has returned 25 artifact stolen from italy including vases for minneapolis institute of art and 17th century books from johns hopkins university. >> items turned over after italians noticed them in christy's gallery. us ambassador joined italian police to show the hall. he said collaboration from agents from homeland security and italian investigators helped return the priceless works to its rightful owners. >> coming up at 5:41, new study reveals how waiting a few minutes to cut the umbilical cord following a babe he's delivery could lead to benefits later in life. >> taylor swift makes her debut on forbes annual list of the most powerful women. but not going wing.
5:42 am
oprah topped the list for a long, long time. we'll let you know. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ >> there is big boy and andre. >> same birthdays. ♪ ♪ >> todd bridges is 50. what are you talking about, willies. >> what you just called jada kiss before were you schooled? >> some call janakis. >> too close to another word. which he has probably been called before, too. >> lauren educating me. >> he fell. on serious note. (laughing). >> i can tell how topped the billboard charts 1971. but, yes. fox 29. >> laughing through tears, my favorite emotion. all right, high pressure
5:46 am
system that's park off shore. southwesterly winds and oh, late day thunderstorms, in our forecast because this is since sunday we've had this high pressure system here. so we had a chance to really bill up heat and humidity. that will continue this afternoon. ultimate doppler, right now nothing to show in you our area. unfortunately, more heavy rain in texas. it is a mess down here. and all the business headed toward houston which hasn't recovered from yesterday's flooding just yet. so, back to us we're under slight risk of severe thunderstorms tonight. probably toward evening looking toward the future castment one of the computer model showing not really until after i would say 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon these showers and potentially strong thunderstorms come through. 6:00 7:00. look to be the bull's eye time for this.
5:47 am
by 9:00 most off sharp, that's what happens when heat and humidity build up. more likely to happen mid summer, but summer tile little earl are year. 27 degrees in philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore cooler and more comfortable there still there perhaps, after the holiday weekend and 8-mile per hour breeze out of the south, that feels good any time we get a breeze, so average high 77, but ever since sunday we've been well above average. 89 degrees, was the high temperature yesterday. today we expect upper zero's once again tomorrow, same deal with chance of pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon and evening. and then on friday, little bit less humid we'll take that, by saturday it looks pretty good. sunday, out of the two weekend days that's the one that the forecast isn't so great because we have a chance every strong thunderstorms, on sunday but it will cool thing offer by monday. bob kelly? >> good morning everybody. just got update, shutdown on the pennsylvania turnpike, they closed all of the
5:48 am
westbound lanes now approaching philly bensalem. so they can get the tow trucks in to try to upright this overturned tanker. now, the location is the key here. because it is approaching the philly bensalem toll plaza so anyone that gets on here, route one, the roosevelt boulevard, in philly and your @ tempting to go west where most volume heads for the morning rush hour, you're okay. so, from philly, headed west toward valley forge, all right. the overturned tanker, is right before the philly interchange. see at bristol comes over the connector bridge, best alternate right now with that westbound lane closed, would be jumping off here at bristol, route 413 will take you south on 95, over to woodhaven, and then back up toward route one. 422, starting to see pop out of royersford head in the toward collegeville. we had the road buckle last night for the evening rush
5:49 am
hour repaired and we are good to go. otherwise, no problems yet on the schuylkill expressway or i-95, coming into the city, mass transit running with though delays. chris, lauren, back to you. >> new study shows delayed umbilical cord clamming at birth might help kids years later. researchers say children whose cords were cut more than three minutes after birth has slightly higher social skills and fine in motor skills than those who is cords were cut within ten end. >> might have been cut within a second and a half. they think that's because post cloning of the clamming of the cord continued fetal blood from the flags end that including iron levels, essential for healthy brain development. interesting. giving birth could alternate your brain for life. >> tiff rently to a particular hormone. animal study affect hormone revealed impaired learning act of those which had given
5:50 am
birth. however, the hormone boosted learning in creatures had never been pregnant. although only perform on animals, researchers say it may be relevant for humans. think the result may mean that mothers could react differently certain drugs such as hormone replacement therapy. >> company head quart nerd king of prussia, is at the center of a fat shaming scandal. >> what do you think of this? cartoons in a employee's cubical has many declaring they're never going to buy a lilly pulitzer outfit ever again. >> so take a look. one reads: fat white and hideous, you should probably just kill yourself. another reads: i'm just saying, put it down, carb face. lilly came under fire months ago for not including plus size clothing in its price low price target line. some on line users said they took it as a joke. some other don't think it is funny. >> makes me angry to see something like that, especially from a company or someone that works within the
5:51 am
company that is so loved by women all across the country. it is just a shame. >> employee should be fired. >> puts bad taste in your mouth. you don't know whether to trust whether the company that you're buying for some or not is truthful and supportive of women. >> mall reps declined our request for on air interview. they did send us statement quote, these illustrations were the work everyone individual. they were posted in her personal work area while we are an employer that does encourage people to decorate their own space, we are female dominated company. these messages do not reflect our values. we apologize for any harm this may have caused. >> we all have cubicals here at the station. we all have pictures of family friends, whatever we put there. but i think if someone puts something really offensive don't you think management would say, you know, naught in your drawer or keep it to yourself. >> i guess someone snapped photos before. >> because that person was probably upset who ever had it on their desk was offending everyone. soap, for the first time appearing on the list, taylor swift nabs number 64 on the
5:52 am
forbes 100 most powerful women list. and at 25, she is the youngest of all of the honorees. >> twenty-five and loaded. >> yes. >> the news comes a little over a week after swift walked away with eight trophies at the billboard music awards, where she debuted her video for bad blood. also nabbed the top spot maxim 100 call swift the world's most relevant intriguing women. >> other topping the list, the women from across the globe based on influencial impact they've had how about angula motorcycle he will of course chancellor of germany, hillary clinton, melinda gates janet yellen, fed chairman and mary bara rounds out the top five. >> interesting. >> yes. >> oprah beyonce, angelina sophia also making appearance on the list. oprah always on that list. >> first billionaire, sever
5:53 am
made in the u.s. >> think so. >> still ahead: and they thought it was the perfect prank, but no one is laughing. the punishment some student are facing after letting thousands of lady bugs loose.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
(sal bumm, if a too you, i believe 1918 release great albumn. 5:55, is the time. don't want to short change you those four, five minute. senior prank at maryland high school costing some student their graduation. but not walking across the stage, not even the biggest part of their punish. after they released 70,000 lady bugs, student broke into the school, released the insect. they thought it was a harmless prankment now they are facing criminal charges. that include we, property destruction, disruption of school activities, three kids involved in the prank are being charged as adults. >> they set it burglar alarm off t takes it to another different level. we certainly don't want to see anybody get hurt. >> schooling officials say they measure the severity based on certain criteria including whether there was any damage to property, and they consider this lady bug prank to be serious.
5:57 am
5:56. coming up: police investigating a triple shooting in north philadelphia. we'll have the very latest on. that will plus: following new developments in that sexual assault and home invasion, in south philadelphia. steve keeley is headed to the scene. he's going have a live report next on good day philadelphia. i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> liver from the from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadlephia". >> violence once again on the streets of philadelphia overnight. >> this one was really bad.
6:00 am
kids hit by stray bullet. college student may be aware for summer break but you wouldn't know it from all of the police pa that have been patrolling around temple campus. rash of armed robberies over the past week, what police are saying about the suspect. and, death toll continues to rise after those dangerous storms, in texas they continue overnight. we'll show you some of the most dramatic video out of the state of texas this morning and we'll staying to you a live of the from one of our reporters down there. good morning today is wednesday, may the 27th, 2015. >> what day is it? >> it is wednesday. >> one way to put it. >> yep wednesday. >> good morning, everyone. >> it is wednesday that feels like a tuscon account of monday was the holiday. so yesterday felt lining monday, so today really feels like tuesday but it is really wednesday. >> then tomorrow would feel like a wednesday. >> and friday it will be like a happy surprise that it is friday. >> because we would have thought it was thursday. >> i don't want friday to


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