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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  August 27, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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chestnut just a few blocks from here. he was in the process we're being told of burglarizing two apps at an apartment complex there. we do not know if that is connected to the five burglaries that have taken place in the neighborhood right behind me. but tonight drexel students are clearly on alert. >> we always keep our doors lock, um, keep everything bolted up. >> reporter: drexel senior matt lives in a home on the 3200 block of powelton just off drexel's main campus. right where two apartments were burglarized this week. >> you have to think that, you know who are your neighbors and are people going to help each other out and watch each other's backs. >> drexel senior tom, is focused on the end of the summer semester and finals. but word that burglars broken into five residences here had him off guard. >> pretty shock to go see five burglaries in the course of a couple days. >> doors have to be locked. there's people down there that take advantage of them. we're in the sure if it's one or two people at this time.
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>> reporter: burglars struck five times in three days starting last weekend. sometimes they entered through open doors or windows. other times they forced their way in. >> we believe at least two of the jobs on saturday the people were home sleeping. so but no one was injured. nobody was touch. >> it's a concern it's always something on your mind but it's not something that will make you curl up in your bed. >> reporter: philadelphia police posted warnings and drexel alerted student this week then stepped up patrols across the area. several students said they were glad to see a bigger police presence. >> double locks on our doors. making sure when you open your door there aren't weird looking people there. >> reporter: now again no word yet on if this arrest of a burglar a few blocks from here in the last few minutes may be connected to this. police still investigating. we hope to have more information by the time we see you tonight at 10. lucy? >> we'll see you then, dave. to virginia and two young journalists murdered on life tv. investigators know who did the
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killing. the when, the where, but now they're trying to figure out the why. co-workers of reporter allison park car and cameraman adam ward got back to work today. >> former co-worker was the gunman. karen september live in the newsroom tonight. that newsroom showing lot of strength today. >> reporter: amazingly working through their tears. staff still not comfortable doing live shots in the field but they are getting their newscast on right now. we are learning lot more information about how that gunman lived and how over the past two years he even come out to some of the live locations some of the scenes reports had seen him but he had never said anything or done anything until yesterday. ♪ >> reporter: they remember an honor photographer adam ward and reporter allison parker with ribbons pinned on their hearts maroon for adam's beloved virginia tech. teal allison's favorite color. small things bringing them to tears. >> my sports director just said
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to me, i lost it when i saw -- walk out and saw his car in the parking lot and had saw clothes in there. >> the news team mourns investigators find more evidence in killer vester flanagan's get away car. police found disguises, a wig, hat, shawl, several license plates and a to do list. at his home authorities say he lived in squaller conditions surround beside pictures of himself and porn. >> i saw the way he behaved. >> today the tv station general manager detailed a whole laundry list of troubles leading to flanagan's firing two years ago saying they told him to get counseling for his issues. >> behavior the anger and the inability to work with his colleagues from time to time. >> this morning on good day chris hurst anchor dating victim allison parker shared their scrapbook and memories touring philadelphia. >> why am i talking to anybody that wants to talk to me? and i feel like allison would have wanted me to do that. >> reporter: while chris feels compelled to share, we all mourn differently and that young
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producer from gibbstown, new jersey, melissa ott is struggling with her fiance' photographer adam ward's murder. posting on facebook, i'm not okay. and i won't be for a long time. but the enormous outpour of love and support from so many of you near and car is much appreciated. adam, i will never find a man so happy, selfless, protective, funny, or charming like you. you were the one. you understood me. my soulmate. i will always love you ". >> adam's fiance' is obviously in tremendous grief. it is, you know, it is bad enough to find out that your fiance' is shot. it's worse to be the producer of the show where that happens li live. >> reporter: that woman from the chamber of commerce who was being interviewed was also injured she did have surgery today and is in stable condition. lucy? >> all right, karen. our coverage of this story continues on fox we are posting the latest developments in the investigation and tributes to the victims just look for a link on our home page.
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tonight the sports world is mourning a man known simply as chocolate thunder. darryl dawkins spent most of his 14nba seasons with the sixers and nets. he earned his nickname by throwing down electric dunk. he helped pave the way for break away rims. he died earlier this morning from a heart attack. he was 58 year old. a lot of sixers and basketball fans around the country sharing their thoughts and memories of us today kins career. here's what some people are saying tonight on social media. here's what the sky walker says dang, i watched all of his highlights still in amazement at what a freak of nature he was. legend falls today. rip hash tag chocolate thunder. and this from rip darryl dawkins chocolate thunder. i was just watching clips today of great nba dunks and you was all over it hash tag too early.
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chester county da says a sheriff was justified shooting and killing a man. he shot curtis smith after he stormed the chester county courthouse tuesday. smith stabbed a deputy before the other deputy showtime and killed him. in march of this year capitol police arrested smith after he jumped the fence at the white house. the deputy smith stabbed is fine tonight. we are now less than a month away from the pope's visit to philadelphia. traveling around town while he's here will be a challenge. we've told you about the various security perimeters with fancy names like traffic box. but tonight fox 29's sabina kuriakose shows us how national and law enforcement agencies are keeping pope francis safe by air and by sea. >> we don't know if a come up through the delaware river and cause damage of our assets along the river or worse launch something type of attack through missiles from the river. >> report roar massive show of force with 100 geared up swat
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officers from 10 local state and federal agencies, f2, delaware county and state police from new jersey and pennsylvania. delco district attorney jack whelan says his county is ready for the papal visit next month. >> upper darby and montgomery county. >> practicing moves, heavily armed swat teams from land to water and back again. >> tinicum island lies directly aunt a flight path for philly international airport. planes fly low. >> so close to the airport if there was ever an incident our ability of getting on to the island if we had with tens of thousands expected to travel through delco and the surrounding region to see pope francis the da says his focus is on the bigger picture. >> we want to make sure that the pope is protected but we also make sure that the residents who visit the want to see the pope
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whether they're from delaware county, montgomery county, bucks county, philadelphia or out of the entire area are pro decked. >> reporter: in an area where the terrain can be just as treacherous on land as on the water -- >> we often train in wooded areas. >> reporter: hard lessons learn in the manhunt for 11 copper erin 14 in rural pipe county are invaluable now. >> a lot of that operation was woodland operations so we thought it was great opportunity for to us train and sharpen our skills. >> reporter: sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. a decade after hurricane katrina devastated new orleans, president obama is praising the city for its resilience. today he was back in the big easy checking out the progress 10 years after katrina ripped through the president visite vid and spoke with residents and some of the hardest hit neighborhoods. new orleans mayor mitch landreau was there accompanying the president along with his tour. president obama says the city is an extraordinary example of renewal and perseverance. >> the people of new orleans
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there's something in you guys that is just irry press cybill. you have -- you have a way of making a way out of no way. (applause). >> you know the sun comes out after every storm. you've got hope. >> the president was a u.s. senator when the storm made landfall on august 29th, 2 to us five almost 2,000 people died when katrina hit most of them in new orleans. chester upland school district teachers and staff say they will work without pay to make sure school starts on time next month. fox 29 was at a school board meeting for the financially strapped district on tuesday. the same day a judge refused to get involved in how the district allocates money for special ed he had students and district charter schools. teacher and support staff voted today to work temporarily without getting paid. saying children in their community need them. school is set to start september 2nd.
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we've all run a little bit lake to work probably much i know i have. maybe you get in trouble, maybe you don't. but how about being late 111 times over two years? despite that tardiness record one new jersey teacher will keep his j job. school district of news brunswick wanted to fire arnold anderson but the hierarchal of his teaching out weighed his tardiness. quality versus quantity. arbitrator found the district did not give him enough notice to fix his behavior. only been going on two years. district has denied anderson races and keep his suspended without pay until january. new at 6:00 the local young woman who set up a clothing closet to help people at their lowest points in life. tonight she needs some help of her own. how big positive is coming out a negative of. >> and crooks go into extreme lengths to break into an atm. how if that work out, we've got it.
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>> mile austin missed last week's preseason game but is expected to play this is a. he doesn't know his place on his team yet. he talks about his role on the eagles later in sports. >> and coming up in weather, we're looking ahead to your weekend. what to expect another potential heat wave as well as new developments on erika and its projected path. keep it here. doug, we have the results, but first, we have a very special guest. come on out, flo! [house band playing] you have anything to say to flo? nah, i'll just let the results do the talking. [crowd booing] well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest!
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ohhhh! when we return, we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
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stuff like this happened here in fill al few times recently. surveillance video in brazil caught this man using dynamite to blow up an atm. you saw him light the fuse and boom. the man and a few others run back into all of that haze to grab whatever they can. no word if they got any money or if any money was left. police in brazil say these guys are behind 11 similar cases. a young woman who started a local charity that donates clothes to the needy is in need of some help of her own now. >> the night before she was about to head off to college the family car is broken into. fox 29's dawn timmeney joins us
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now. dawn, what happened? >> reporter: police are trying to figure that out. but can you imagine you are 18 years old, all excited to go off to college in california you load the car the night before, only to discover all your stuff, everything, stolen. that's exactly what happened to this young woman. >> we had packed our car. we put everything in there. >> reporter: that was tuesday night. caitlyn wanted to be ready for the trip to the airport the next day as she headed off for her freshman year of college. but when the family woke up wednesday morning, this is what they found. the back window of their car smashed to peaces. caitlyn suitcases with clothing, bed sheets, her camera, expensive college textbooks, all gone. >> i was a little bit devastated at first of course. upsetting circumstance. >> reporter: caitlyn quickly put it all in perspective. after all at 12 years -- >> everything is a ranged by size and gender. >> reporter: she founded the charity angels of god clothing closet. so this teen knows what real
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need is. first hasn't. >> i think that when, you know, you look at the whole situation it seems a little bit trivial because, you know, i still have a place to sleep tonight even though i lost most of my items a lot of is replaceable. >> reporter: caitlyn is kind of a local hero in pitman, new jersey. because of all she did for others. so when next door neighbor lisa got word of what happened -- >> i asked what i could do to help and she said, well, i don't reallreally know what anybody c. kind of in shock. >> reporter: lisa says so many people wanted to help, she decided to start gofundme page. it's already been shared hundreds of times with several thousand dollars raised. >> she's amazing, yes, she's just starting her first semester of college, and everybody is wishing her the best of lug and they want to get her off on the right foot. >> caitlyn and her mom did fly off to college wednesday night with one single dufflebag but a whole lot of support. >> now, i don't have to worry so much about how will i get the money to replace all these things. everyone has been so loving and
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kind and asking what they can do to help. so i think that seeing how people have reactioned is really warmed my heart. >> reporter: this is definitely added to the freshman college jitters in trying to be prepared as class do's start tomorrow. but she's taking it all in stride one day at a time and she does continue -- she does plan to continue her local charity work from college in california. if you want to help caitlyn go to our website fox lucy. >> you know what, she's an angel herself, dawn. >> she is. >> i tell was. that's just great. hopefully people can help her. scott is helping her with great weather, isn't gentlemen. >> we've been on quite a run these past few days. >> we really have. absolutely tremendous, lucy and iain. we're talking about temperatures below average by a few degrees. take live look outside of our studios right now? it's going to be a nice sunset if you're stepping outdoors. quiet conditions in old city and really area wide. not that bad. look at the number. 80 degrees right now. dew point temperatures in the
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low 50s. so get ready for another comfortably cool night. 81 degrees that was the my temperature for today. so below the normal for this time of year which is 84 degrees. the sun will set this evening right around 7:40. and as you you are stepping out by hour by hour, 77 degrees by 7:00 o'clock. by 11:00 o'clock temperatures right around 70 degrees much it stays nice. it stays dry as well as comfortable. so high pressure it's been in control it remains in control i was our area. so overnight tonight, it's going to be mainly clear. those temperatures north and west especially will dip into the 50s by tomorrow morning. a lot of sunshine, a mixture of sun and clouds. so if you liked today, you'll love your friday across the area and as we move into the upcoming weekend, it looks dry and quiet for your saturday. but as we move towards sunday, that humidity will start to increase along with the temperatures. speaking of the temperatures right now looking pretty good across sections of the northeast and new england but look at the 90s in texas so that heat and
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humidity will head in our direction. second half of the weekend early next week. already into the 60s for the pocono mountains. 77 degrees right now in wilmington but look at the dew points. the measure of moisture in the atmosphere below 60. it's comfortable and that is the case across the area. those low temperatures for the overnight you can see will dip into the low 50s for reading, 53 degrees. 52 in allentown. 62 in the city and tomorrow wall to wall sunshine out there. a few fair weather clouds in the afternoon. 84 degrees will be the high temperature. down the shore looking pretty good for friday as well as the upcoming weekend. water temperatures around 76 degrees. still keeping tabs on what's happening right now with erika. it is moving toward the west northwest. looking a little better organized something that we'll have to watch in the days ahead. it could weaken but could impact the southeast coast. you can see our temperatures 84 for friday and then by the weekend into early next week it look like another heat wave. >> here we go again.
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>> yup. >> all right. scott. thank you. >> sean bell. >> it's getting hot for all the coaches on what they're going to do with all these players. guys are getting injured across the league and you're wondering do they actually play them in the preseason? no matter what sam bradford will be ready to go but with all the injuries, does he have to play? chip secretive about his quarterback's playing time. there's talk about bradford suiting up saturday next in sports. ♪
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>> eagles already cutting down the roster it's being reported injured linebacker a cho was wave. he was dealing with a thumb injury he started two games last season for the eagles. injuries sort of changed the preseason script. usually start to see the most time third preseason game but teams are scared their starters are going to get hurt. aaron rodgers might not play saturday as a precaution. so what do you do with sam bradford? he took some unnecessary shots against the ravens but at the same time he hasn't played much real time in over year. so he needs some reps. chip and the eagles seem to be in a catch 22. but if you want him to be sharp for the regular season he has to see some live action. chip hasn't told us what his plans are but bradford is ready to go. >> i plan to play. look i said it's always his dig but we haven't talk about it, um, i don't know how much but,
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yeah, i plan to play. >> every week we wait till after today and we talk about what we're going to do rotation wise and then we go through tomorrow's training session and we finalize it and we go from there. so we haven't had a discussion yet. we have a big meeting this afternoon on how we're going to do. >> miles austin was held out of last week's game again the ravens. chip being safe giving a vet the day off. he's fighting for his own spot at the wide receiver position. agholor and matthews are definitely starters. so miles is working on getting time and improving in whatever spot he's put in. >> i'm never going to be complacent with whatever role, you know, i'm in. i don't want to say however i'm playing. so like even if you have a good game there's things you still have done wrong, you know, that you need to correct. there's definitely room for improvement with everything i can do. but at the same time i know what i can do and i know what i do well. so, um, i'm just trying to work on that.
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>> the eagles are a couple injuries away from need ago quarterback. every squad is. teams are now scouting real early now a days so i think i found one for them. middle school qb made for chip kelly's offense. kid scrambling, get off me, chart wheels then runs down the field and throws a dime deep. okay. sign this kid up. eight years from now he's our starting qb, right? he has to be. i'm rooting for him. unbelievable play. middle school much he's going to be like al bundy maybe. 30 years he'll be talking about it how great he was. >> unbelievable. >> good stuff. that wraps it up for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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it was yesterday around this time that we went live. >> raw emotion. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> the slain reporter's anchor boyfriend speaks out. the scrapbook of love she gave him. and this man watched his wife get shot on live tv. >> i spoke to my wife about 15 minutes after the shooting. plus the killer's active road rage caught on tape. >> okay. are you finished? then -- >> i don't wear a toupee, it's my hair. >> the donald trump hair test. >> president donald trump. >> culture on trump's war with megan alexander. >> like shirley temple. >> and kardashian fireworks blba


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