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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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queens new york as we speak. >> pope francis left washington, d.c. about 40 minutes ago. this morning during the first ever papal speech to congress ringing call of action on behalf of immigrants. >> tonight in new york city he'll hold an evening prayer service at saint patrick's cathedral tomorrow he'll address the united nations. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. pope is still a few minutes away from new york city but when he arrives, we will bring it to you live. fox 29's bruce gordon following the pope all week and joins us live in new york tonight where the holy father is expect. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain it has been another incredibly busy day for the 78-year-old pontiff. highlighted by a historic address to u.s. lawmakers. the first of three important speeches during this us visit. clearly more political than purely religious in nature. pope francis weighing in on a host of hot button issues this morning during a visit to capitol hill. (cheers and applause). >> reporter: pontiff's address to congress the first ever by a sitting pope was a highly choreographed event.
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>> itaipu collide add stop at statuary hall to pay respects to father junipero serra just sainted by francis on wednesday. 18th century spanish missionary spread catholicism to california though his statue is represented at state in the hall for years. >> the pope of the holy sea! >> reporter: francis entered the house chamber to thunderous applause and immediately confirmed this would be a speech full of controversial subjects. he did he nouned religious dell tree but also the demonizing of those with whom we disagree. >> to em my at any time violence and murder is best way to take the place. >> reporter: francis repeated his belief that all life is sacred. his rejection of the death penalty and lamented income in equality called for environmental stewed ship. >> he referenced the syrian
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refugee crisis. linked it to illegal immigration from mexico. >> we must not taken a back by the numbers but rather view them as persons. seeing the faces and liste listening -- (applause). >> to their stories. trying to respond as best we can to their situations. >> reporter: and with final preparations for his visit to philadelphia, now underway, the pope told congress he fears for the sanctity of the family. a fundamental building block for this and every nation. >> fundamental relations have been called into question of marriage and the family. i can only reiterate the importance above all the richness and the beauty of family live. (applause).
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>> reporter: clearly the pope's views are not universally held by all of those lawmakers but i think it's fair to say the speech was delivered without lecturing tone. these were broad bush themes. food for thought if you will. delivered with a certain amount of tact that you might expect when one is guest in someone else's home. again speech number two of these three big important speeches tomorrow morning at united nations. iain. >> bruce, thank you. pope franciscan she would his lunch with congressional leaders to instead visit the poor at a catholic charities event. lunch served to hundreds too stay at the shelter and other who's are homeless in the area. the pope shaking hands and greeting dozens at the event before returning to his accommodations. two days pope francis arrives right here in philadelphia. >> of course, for weeks if not for months the city has been preparing for this visit. and now the final security measures are going into place. let's take live look at the ben franklin parkway if we can because we'll be able to see all the work that's gone into making sure sunday goes off without a
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hitch. i'll just tell you i was just down there today, iain, and my goodness it's amazing. >> a lot going on. >> you cannot believe. there's your live picture. the city is expecting more than a million people for the papal mass. the ben franklin bridge by the way is still open but it's a different story tomorrow night. crews have been busy eye all day moving and fencing and other barriers some of the stuff is like 8 feet high. the only traffic allowed to cross after 10:00 p.m. on that bridge tomorrow people making the 1.5-mile walk over the bridge. >> some other things we don't see often skyfox checking out this v22 osprey flying over the delaware river one of many military aircraft we saw above and around curran-fromhold prison. pope francis will visit that facility on sunday morning and of course this weekend he will greet enormous crowd along the parkway. >> that is where fox 29's brad sattin is right now. brad, no huge crowds yet but it looks like everything else is almost in place. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, this is crunch time but it is certainly the calm before the storm behind me this road here
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along the parkway... >> we spotted lots of fencing being put in place. independence mall looks like it's nearly set for the pope's speech late saturday afternoon chairs and barriers up from independence hall toward the national constitution center for ticketed spectators. as we head west to the ben franklin parkway, that's where you're going to see some major street closures. more than 500 cars so far have been towed off city streets and the restrictions will kick into high gear tonight starting at 10:00 o'clock. when security screenings will begin to get into the so-called
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read zone. only those who live and work on the parkway will be allowed through for now. streets are closed, huge monitors are set up for spectators, and chairs for the lucky ones. the crowd could top 1 million people for the pope's mass on sunday. meanwhile the wider secure vehicle perimeter will also take effect tonight. residents who had been using placards to keep their cars on streets near the parkway must have them gone by tonight and into approved lots or they, too, will be towed. yes, this will be historic congestion and there are lots of rules to follow but the mayor says, come on down because it will all be worth it. >> there's still plenty of time to make your own personal plans to participate and enjoy this historic and once in a lifetime event. >> reporter: and 93 fact expects a lot of people may make last minute decisions to come on down. they're estimating maybe about a half million people here along the parkway on saturday. a million people here on sunday. and at this point he was asked
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will there be any restrictions? will they have to kind of block the area if too many people come here and right now the mayor says there are no plans to do that. iain and lucy. >> brad sattin live on ben franklin parkway tonight. thank you. we want to live look right now as we understand pope francis' plane is arriving in new york city. if we have that picture. maybe we don't have it yet. >> here it is. >> there it is. it's an american airlines plane. he travels in -- >> when he's in america he's flying american airlines from joint base andrews going to land at jfk in queens. >> exactly. of course we'll be covering this for you throughout the newscast. bruce gordon will be there. the pope has a busy schedule there tomorrow in new york and then of course he'll arrive here in philadelphia. >> you know, even tonight he's got a busy schedule, and the thing, he's going to to saint patrick's cathedral in new york city. and this thing when i was in new york city it was gray. it is now like a sparkling gleaming white because it's been
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refurbished and spruced up in part for this very big visit. almost wheels down touching down on the tarmac now. we in fact have bruce gordon live at the scene. we'll be checking in with him in just moments it's very interesting what's going on with this airplane. i have to tell you john paul and pope benedict they both would fly on these types of planes and american airlines even italia would outfit these planes there was like this big suite in the front, you know, what pope francis does. he does fly in first class but just regular seats. he said i don't need the special stuff. >> that would be pope francis. >> exactly right. >> humility and humble and preaching love and mercy. let's get a check of the weather because leaving d.c. today pope francis spoke to tense of thousands of people from house speakers balcony addressing crowds extremely important to the pontiff, and that means many of his events are outside. the weather in washington cooperated today. so will it cooperate here in filly? let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams live outside our studios.
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scott, how is it looking for the big papal visit. >> reporter: well, iain and lucy looks like we'll experience changes way approach the upcoming papal weekend, but beautiful weather across the mid atlantic as well as the northeast today. sunshine, clouds, breezy conditions, and definitely dry weather. but take a look at what's happening right now. beautiful conditions as we take live look at the center city skyline. however, the headlines will illustrate the weekend forecast we're looking at some cooler temperatures boattails chance for some rainfall for a part of the weekend. so right now, the satellite/radar it's dry, it's quiet and as we move towards sections of the carolinas, you can see clouds as well as some rainfall. so that's the system that will be watching the coast for in the coming days. high pressure off to the north. it looks like for saturday things will stay dry. but cloudy and breezy. however, you can see as we continue in time we will be watching some of that rainfall get closer to our area. the wind it's also going to be
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picking up during the day tomorrow. then especially on saturday. take a look at the winds. we're talking about those winds sustained around 20 to 25 miles per hour higher gusts down the coast. so saturday, here's the bottom line. a fall like feel, have a jacket a wind breaker because it will feel a little cooler. mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures top out in the low to mid 70s. when i come indoors we'll talk much more about that surgeon system as well as our timing of potential showers even in the philadelphia area. iain and lucy, back to you. >> we've got to keep southern system south of here. i tell was. right now in new york city, though, the weather is mighty fine as shepherd one as it's called is landing on the tarmac at jfk in queens. >> yeah, you can see there are many people waiting for the arrival of pope francis this has been a much anticipated trip to america the first time that pope francis has been to the united states as we get a look there at jfk airport and this is going to be historic visit.
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he's going to as lucy talked to saint patrick's cathedral we'll be on top of this and check in with bruce gordon live in new york for us in just a few moments. still ahead on fox 29 a woman forced to make a choice most of us would not imagine. >> her own mother believed to be drunk behind the wheel of a car. what the daughter did that police believe may have saved in the lives. >> what's more deadly, what do you think, selfie sticks or sharks? >> the answer probably not what you're thinking. why researchers say back away from that stick. >> a philly radio mogil's home taken over by strangers the confrontation his family and shakes try to get them out. >> and grabbing a bite to eat during the pope's visit could cost i was lot more than you expect. where prices are shooting up and the reasons behind it and when and if they'll come down. new at six a warning about so-called medical marijuana bars. why local police say these chunks of chocolate could hide all sorts of dangers. the warning and where they're turning up all new at six.
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welcome back. we check in again jfk airport in
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new york where pope francis has landed as this historic trip continues to america. again, pope francis was in washington, d.c. earlier today and of course he will address the united nations tomorrow later tonight. >> there it is. >> there is shepherd one as it's known and of course tonight he'll also hold evening prayer service at saint patrick's cathedral. >> what what's really neat here on the tarmac as you watch shepherd one kind of roles on in here, brooklyn -- the diocese of brooklyn very big diocese picked five catholic school students will greet the pope when he touches down. you know how much he's been interacting with the children. right before he got on that plane in washington, d.c. he was there, you know, touching the children, talking to the children all these kids with these big wide eyes looking at the pope and taking videos like everybody does these days. so this is going to be just enormous, enormous day for these five catholic school students who are also going to give the pope prayers and such about things he can bring with him
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when he goes to saint patrick's cathedral tonight. >> exactly. >> all right. fox 29's bruce gordon of course has been covering the pope in washington, d.c. he joins us now live in new york. bruce? >> reporterwe're having technicl difficulty with bruce. he's talking but we can't hear his words. why we work on stabbing contact with bruce. i can he can hear us. >> we still can't hear you, bruce. we'll get that fixed. >> okay. >> there you are. bruce, we can hear you now. >> you do hear me. >> now we can. i was just saying if i appear to be looking off camera on occasion we have a monitor here at our location at fox news headquarters so we can see exactly what's going on at american airlines boeing 777 just about to taxi into positi position. obviously takes a couple of minutes to get those portable stairs into position and you will hear a roar when the pope makes his first appearance at the top of those stairs just as we saw in washington.
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it's been a grueling schedule so far, again, this is a 78-year-old man. 76 years old when he was elected by the college of cardinals back in the spring of 2013 was quite literally ready for, prepared for and in the process of retiring to a nice quiet retirement when he was called to this highest of callings. so it's been a grueling schedule. he will after landing at jfk and greeting some of the dignitaries and some of the school children will be helicoptered to the wall street helipad. then motorcaded to the cathedral saint patrick's for that vesper service about an hour or so. one of the smaller services all things considered during his trip and then to the papal nuncioo here in new york city where he will rest for the remainder of the evening and for good reason. another busy day tomorrow as you said that big speech to the general assembly of the united nations. a trip to ground zero and other events throughout friday. so it will be a busy time for the pontiff.
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>> bruce, thank you very much. >> bruce, again, what's the mood been like there in new york of course we saw how festive it was in washington, d.c. this is a pope who, of course, is preaching love and mercy and i think you could see on this trip he's getting a lot of it back from everyone who is on the parade routes and that. what's the feeling been like in new york so far? >> again, remember, we're talking about new york. this is a big, big city, and so lots of big things happen here all the time. big crowds, famous people come and go. literally seconding a new jersey governor chris christie walked by apparently ready to make a television appearance on one of the cable channels perhaps he walked by a moment ago. big things happen here all the time. there's not quite the level of oh, my gosh look what's about to happen here there may be in some of the other cities. rest assured folks are excited. frankly i have to say the pope has not disappointed those who hoped and believed he would try to mingle with the crowd at every opportunity. every chance he has had when moving from point a to point b whether in the fiat, the francis
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fee at as it's been dubbed or the pope mobile. he's done everything he could to interact with folks in some cases make physical contact with them. in washington every time he arrived at or left the apostolic nunciature he made sure to go out and greet those who spent time waiting to catch a glimpse. the school children, all those selfies and all the pictures and so forth. he's done everything he could to kind of be that people's pope and interact with folks in a personal way. >> he is. he reminds so much of john paul. john paul was also a pope of the people as we see the -- you can see the staircase being brought up to the door of the airplane, and pretty soon we'll see the pope walking down those stairs. pope francis has a very busy agenda. tonight he'll give the evening prayer at saint patrick's cathedral. tomorrow you mentioned the address to the united nations and then a multi religious service at the 9/11 memorial visit a school. another papal procession.
5:20 pm
a holy mass. i mean this guy 78 years old it's like he's the energizer bunny. he just doesn't stop. >> reporter: yeah. i can't wait frank toll hear that united nations speech. i mentioned earlier three important speeches the first obviously in front of congress, the second of the un and frankly the third right in philadelphia saturday afternoon that speech on immigration at independence hall. these are important speeches because he has important things to say. the interesting to see the tone of the speech before the united nations again the speech to congress this morning not at all lecturing tone but more again a food for thought, these are things that we all ought to strived to and whether you agreed with the pope or not, i think it's fair to say, those in attendance this morning in the house chamber were either in awe or at very least very impressed by his demeanor, the statue cher of the man and what they were witnessing again this was history in the making the first time ever a sitting pope addressed joint meeting of congress. >> it was. i mean it was fascinating to
5:21 pm
listen you brought up point after point and point conservatives and progressives could be extreme upset and very happy about. >> yeah. there were dozens literally during the 50 or so minute speech of applause lines and moments of quick standing ovations some of them not so quick. something for everyone to be happy about. something for everyone to disagree with frankly. >> exactly. >> we can see they're getting ready to open that door on shepherd one right there. they've got the stairs up and get that door open and as bruce said when we see pope francis will hear and we'll know that he has gotten out on that stairca staircase. even for new yorkers. >> reporter: iain, such a broad smile you'll see on his face. we saw it in washington. seems genuinely thrilled to be around people. genuinely grateful for the reception that he received in washington and i'm sure in new york and obviously in philadelphia where folks simply are going to go crazy overseeing the pope and he seems to revel in it. he enjoys being around people and the broad smile you will see
5:22 pm
will literally light up your television screen and we'll see it now any second. >> absolutely. the interesting thing about this pope is his entourage his crew i guess we can call it is about a hundred strong. so i guess it's really more of a herd than a flock, bruce. that's down from when pope john paul was traveling around. he had about 400 or so people with him. >> reporter: this is a man of simplicity. we've said it all along from the small car that francis fiat to his interactions with folks the way he dresses, the way he comports himself w he lives and how he lives at the vatican. all of it suggests someone who is the humble shepherd and there's an expression in the catholic church the shepherd should smell like his flock. he should smell like sheep. that is to say he should be around and with his people. here we go. >> and here he is. if we could bring up those sounds i'll bet you'll hear the crowd roar here. there's not a huge crowd. they have to keep people at a bit of a distance. you just hear -- i think what
5:23 pm
we're hearing is 1211 avenue of the america where is bruce gordon is but you know that if we can hear what's going on there right outside of shepherd one the crowd is roaring. it looks like the winds are picking up a little bit as well. you can see his clothes and his robe whipped around there. bruce, just again as we watch this we watch this pope and again he picked pope francis the first pope to pick francis as name it tells you everything about him. how he is, how he comports himself and really his thoughts. when he goes to the united nations and speaks to the united nations tomorrow he's going to hit a number of really big topics. going to talk about the environment he's going to talk about combating poverty and i bet you as well he'll hit again religious extremism and immigration. what do you think? >> reporter: absolutely. no doubt as well in terms of immigration. the issue of the syrian refugee crisis which is more of an international issue frankly than it has been so far for the united states but obviously that's a huge issue among european nations and so you can
5:24 pm
bet he will touch on that subject as well. >> bruce, you've been covering this for a long time and of course i was there a couple of years ago in rome when pope francis was elected to new pope, and when he first came out to saint peter's square and he said, i want you to bless me and we all saw he checked out of his own hotel got into the car, talk a little bit about if you can in your years of covering this sort of the francis effect and how this pope is very different from the others. >> reporter: well, i think that he is very aware of the owe enormity of the task in front of him and the weight that is on his shoulders. this is a man who is the leader of well over a billion catholics worldwide and this is a church like frankly so many churches around the world that is in some turmoil. there is some shrinkage, if you will, in the church in europe. growth in south america which may explain why he is the first pope from south america ever. the 266th vicker of christ is
5:25 pm
the first from the americas the first from south america. that is where the growth of the church is but there are also kinds of controversies depending upon where you're talking about. obviously, in the us church, the priest child sex abuse scandal has rock the church both morally, spiritually and frankly financially. there are ramifications that have really rock the church in the u.s. he addressed that in the speech to bishops yesterday in washington. not to the satisfaction of all frankly. he thought he let the bishops off the hook to a certain degree. so everything he says and does is parsed, every word during that speech today in congress was parsed. people are going to take offense at this or criticize that. that's just the way it goes. we hear the cheering now from the location at jfk. >> bruce gordon reporting live from new york city. very quickly what you just witnessed is pope francis talking to five catholic students picked by the diocese of brooklyn they gave him flowers. they also gave him a list of prayers and iain a list of good
5:26 pm
works from catholics students from brooklyn and queens. so he will bring that with him as he heads towards saint patrick's cathedral in the borough of manhattan. >> we'll give evening prayer service and of course tomorrow as we've been talking about he will address the united nations and i'm sure he'll touch on some hot button issues there. but there you see the pomp and circumstance this historic trip continues. pope francis is now in new york and it will not be long until he is here in philadelphia. we appreciate bruce gordon's insight. we'll get back to him a little bit later in the newscast for more. he's got a lot of insight covering lot this and our coverage will continue in just a moment right here on the fox 29 news.
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♪ here's ooh live look again at jfk airport. it's hard to see, i don't know if you can, but pope francis is somewhere in that crowd jubilant crowd waiting for him.
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this is of course the continuation there you can kind of see him in the background everyone taking a picture. taking all kinds of video as you see him there greeting everybo everybody. pope francis of course continues his historic trip here he was in washington, d.c. earlier today and now of course here's in new york and after he gets through he will head to manhattan where he'll give the evening prayer service at saint patrick's cathedral. we'll continue to stay on this and follow this for you. we'll check in with bruce gordon a little bit later in our newscast. back here at home we've seen a lot of big changes across philadelphia ahead of the papal week and. here's one you might not have seen coming. the price of your next fast food combo meal is changing. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose chatting with very angry customers along market street tonight. sabina, they say the papal visit is essentially messing with that dollar menu. >> reporter: lucy, you can't even call a dollar menu any more. the prices have doubled and people are telling me it's taken the happy right out of their meal. >> id at my receipt medium is $3, small fry is $2.
5:31 pm
what is going on. >> customers like this woman at the mickey d's on tenth and mark telling us they're getting a side of sticker shock with their order. >> two big macks, two fries, chicken nuggets and two burgers. >> prices have been jacked up for the pope's visit. two days away. >> what? iced coffee have to do with the pope the prices. >> after fox 29 viewer reached out to us we went inside to put an order in for ourselves. at the register workers telling us prices were up about a dollar or more per meal because of the papal visit. and the dollar menu, doubled. >> that's ridiculous. why i'm bleep right now. >> reporter: market street dunkin' donuts telling us their prices are going up tomorrow. expect to pay at least a dollar more per cup of joe. >> that hurts my pockets. >> reporter: we talk to the attorney general's office and the city both telling us this is not illegal. the ag's office says it's only price gouging if the governor has declared a state of
5:32 pm
emergency. he hasn't. the city spokesman did say businesses are incurring more costs trying to move workers and deliveries in and out of the security zones and checkpoints. so while customers say it's outrageous, you can guess what businesses are thinking. >> make more money. >> reporter: call it comfort if you're looking for a warm meal. general manager at tenth and market referred to us mcdonald's corporate. they haven't gotten back to us. lucy and iain. >> sabina, thank you very much. let's take another live look at jfk airport in queens, new york where pope francis is of course just landed a few minutes ago. we saw that and he was greeting the crowd there very exuberant waiting to see him. pope francis is getting ready to make his way into manhattan where he will give an evening prayer service at saint patric patrick's cathedral this of course the continuation of the trip here the first historic trip to the united states which began a couple of days ago he was in washington, d.c. earlier today and now he's in new york and of course he will be coming
5:33 pm
here to philadelphia. the question what the weather will be like around here, because you're trackin trg scott williams all kinds of weather possibly that could affect us for the big weekend. >> yeah it looks like some weather changes lucy and iain. nice weather right now, tomorrow looks pretty good. but it look like mostly cloudy skies for the weekend. wind maybe even some rain as we watch that southern system. so let's talk a little bit about all of the scenarios and what we have to watch over the neck several days. but right now, the headline showing what's happening right now. we're watching that system off to the south. you can see that area of low pressure that is going to be the coastal concern over the next several days. but you can see, to the north, high pressure that is keeping things really beautiful right now across our area. most of the cloud cover still well to the south and this high could win out over the neck several days. pushing most of the rainfall chances to our south. but let's take look at the computer model as we jump ahead to saturday. that strong hi off to the north
5:34 pm
here's the area of low pressure to the south. so regardless of whether or not we see rain just because of that tight pressure gradient we are going to be talking about some strong gusty winds across pretty of much the entire area. look at the showers off to the south. saturday looks like a dry day. as we continue to head toward your sunday, we're watching that area of high pressure, but also that area of low pressure it look like some clouds and some of those showers will try and move toward our area. so that coastal storm gathering a little bit of strength and once again as we take a look at the potential rainfall, you can see places like norfolk by saturday afternoon could see almost 2.5-inches of rainfall and then as we continue towards sunday, perhaps even cape may a little over half an inch. maybe a quarter of an inch toward atlantic city and then toward the philadelphia area we could pick up maybe a tenth of an inch of rain out of this system. so certainly something that we have to watch. once again it look like sunday we could see some showers move into the philadelphia area. so what about temperatures? by
5:35 pm
saturday afternoon, we're looking at numbers low to mid 70s, and then as we move toward your sunday, temperatures a little cooler into the low 70s and it is going to feel a little cooler because of the wind. take look at those weekend wind gusts you can see by saturday afternoon, sustained wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour in the philadelphia area. closing in on 30 miles an hour toward the shore. then on sunday, a similar pattern. winds coming in out of the north and east. gusting over 20 miles per hour philadelphia. gusting close to 30 down the shore. so here's the bottom line for saturday activities. a fall feel. grab a light jacket. a wind breaker. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures by 1:00 o'clock, 72 degrees. as we go toward 4:00 o'clock still cloudy, breezy 74 degrees but once again that wind will make it feel more like it's in the 60s for much of the day. the mass on the parkway sunday we're looking ought cloudy cool conditions in the mid to upper 60s for much of the day. low 70s and once again we can't rule out that chance for a
5:36 pm
shower at about 30% on sunday. 82 that was the high temperature for today. so above average temperatures and right now really comfortable on this thursday. 80 currently philadelphia. 79 in trenton. 73 degrees in atlantic city. tomorrow morning temperatures in the upper 50s north and west. low 60s right along the i-95 corridor. so looking pretty good. comfortably cool to start on your friday, and then as we look at that weather authority seven day forecast, high temperatures tomorrow right around 77 degrees. the upcoming weekend you can see, cloud cover, breezy, 75 degrees on saturday. and 72 on sunday. so the bottom line for the pope in philadelphia, we're talking some clouds and maybe a 30% chance of showers on sunday. >> all right. we'll have toasty stand by and see what that means. >> i didn't realize it was 82 degrees today. pretty comfortable. >> it was. >> you were inside working with me. >> i thought it was chilly this morning. all right, scott, thank you. >> warmed up. still ahead on fox 29, a famous
5:37 pm
r and b singer may not be welcome down under. who australia might just ban. >> a young woman is forced to make a decision like most of would you say not imagine. why police say her brave decision didn't work out well for her mom but prob probably saved lives. >> new at 6:00 a warning about so-called medical marijuana why local police say not only are these chocolate bars illegal they can hide all sorts of dangers. the warning and where they're turning up new at 6:00. ññ
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chris brown may get the boot in australia over his domestic violence rap. singer has four concerts scheduled in the land down under in december but now public pressure is growing to ban brown from entering the country over his history of domestic abuse. six years ago of course brown pleaded guilty to assaulting his then girlfriend and singer rhianna. boxer floyd mayweather was denied to australia over his history of dough mystic violen violence. >> a young woman had to call police on her own mother. the woman 52-year-old donna bog den was behind the wheel of her car driving her 28-year-old daughter and 10-year-old granddaughter through georgia sunday night. when they stopped her daughter asked a convenience store clerk to call 911 because she was afraid to get back into that car with her mom. >> think about that, turning your own family in. it's not something any of us think we would ever do.
5:41 pm
>> officers pulled over a short distance away and she now faces multiple charges including dui endangering a child. still ahead, selfie sticks more dangerous hasn't sharks? >> if you're going to be afraid of something, sharks should definitely not be what you shall be afraid. why your selfie stick much more likely to lead to trouble. >> eagles have a whole lot of problems on both sides of ball but the number one thing they need to fix is the offensive line. the big boys up front talk about getting it right against the jets later in sports.
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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♪ it's a problem that usually involves cats but one, n1 california town because dog stuck in a tree. look closely this is the chihuahua believed the pup was chasing a squirrel when she got about 25 feet off the ground. stopped and then waited for he help. luckily somebody walking by spotted the dog and called animal control officers then they got her down safely. all right. you might want to think about this next time you take selfie. now report shows more people
5:45 pm
died from selfie related incidents than shark tax this year. that's right. think about that. there have been at least 12 selfie related deaths around the world this year. eight killed by sharks. the most recent selfie accident taking place when japanese tourist fell to his death while posing for a photo at the taj mahal in india. russian authorities started campaign that reads a cool selfie could cost you your life on posters and pamphlets. this next story hits close to home for me because as you may know i have triplet boys. >> that's right. but only two of them are identical. one is fraternal. any way it's rare to have identical triplets but it is about to happen. >> just so incredible. you must be like floored on this one. >> god bless these people. >> a couple near houston. they're about to have identical triplet girls. stephanie and brad harris league city want add child for very long time. after a recent miscarriage the news stephanie was pregnant with a baby girl was great but that wasn't the hocking part. it was how many girls.
5:46 pm
and doctors have confirmed the trio are not only triplets they are identical. >> all of a sudden she looks at me and she's like, stephanie, she said, there's a third heartbeat in here. >> i guess they can tell because they're in the same amniotic sack. >> they split in three the exact same dna. >> got to buy lotto tickets. stephanie is on bedrest until the babies are gone, they are going to be named addison, savannah and kinsley. >> a historic day in our nation's capitol. messages pope francis had for our elected leader. >> a plan to change camden's waterfront a closer look at what could soon stand tall over the city.
5:47 pm
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>> in florida a nice relaxing walk on the beach turned into a pretty stressful situation for one man. aaron of boca rah tone was taking a walk along highland beach when he ran into an eight to 10-foot long burmese python. 30-pound snake is not poisonous and doesn't -- generally docile but south florida's beaches are not its normal habitat. so animal control officers took the snake to the bush wildlife sanctuary in jupiter where they scanned it for micro chip but it doesn't have one. >> the fact that it's not chipped means that someone had it illegally. the question is did it escape or did someone decide they just couldn't take care of it any more and let it go. >> until investigation is complete, the snake will call the sanctuary home. >> a long time philly radio mogil died his grieving family
5:51 pm
was devastated again when they found his home taken over by strangers. people who actually said it's their right to live there. and now fox 29's bill anderson shows us the family is fighting to keep what's theirs. ♪ >> reporter: radio executive carney anderson lived in the wynnefield section of the city for over 30. the area has large well kept houses and close knit neighbors. anderson's house was known for hosting high-profile gatherings so when he died in december, it's not the type of place you'd expect squatters to take over. but neighbors told me that's exactly what happened. >> i see some people mowing the lawn. who are you guys? i know the owner and she would have told me, she would have told anyone of us if somebody was doing something witness property. i asked them questions. they went inside the house. whoa, how did you get the keys? who are you? we're the owners. >> reporter: as far as neighbors know anderson's daughter now owns the house. so the neighbors took pictures and video of james and marissa
5:52 pm
gadson doing yard work and claiming that they now own the property. >> the police were called but they confirmed that when they showed up they were shown a state issued identification that showed anderson's address not being able to prove that the gadsons had no right to be here, the police legally conrey move them. >> i went to the house with sh a.m. a anderson his daughter who maintains she is the owner of the house. she told me that she was amazed and hurt that while still grieving her father's passing someone would not only attempt to squat in her father' house but also claimed to own it. >> i don't know these people. um, i've never met these people. i never received a phone call from them, and they decided that they would take initiative to come and change the locks on my door into my house without my permission. >> reporter: while i was there, she had the new locks that the gadson's allegedly placed on the house removed and went in to see what had been done to the inside of her family's property.
5:53 pm
>> the file cabinet was in here but it wasn't open. >> reporter: neighbors tell us james gadson claimed he bought the house in foreclosure. then those same neighbors tell us he later claimed to have squatters rights. in a philadelphia magazine article, gadson says he never claimed squatters rights but he has said the property is his. >> how do you explain yourself mr. gadson. >> reporter: i went to see the sheriff who's office controls all foreclosure and tax sales end told me records show that the late carney anderson still owns the house. >> there's no sheriffs sale. to debt owed to the city or a mortgage company. hasn't gotten there yet. >> reporter: based on the research that you did and the system who owns the house? >> carney anderson. >> he owns the property. >> reporter: he also told me that people taking over houses happens more often than we may think. it can be a process to remove squatters, but if they break into your house, ultimately it's a crime. >> the door was locked. someone broke in there and we don't know if it's the same
5:54 pm
people broke in there, but someone broke into the property and put their locks on the door. now you got a different story now, because when you break into a property and you take possession of a property, that's illegally done. >> reporter: we of course tried to contact mr. gadson and his wife for comment, and he told me through text message that his likeness is his gift from the creator to exchange for currency and to accommodate my request for an interview would require a payment of $5,000. after getting the police and sheriff involved, the daughter thought the gadson's finally left. but days later, neighbor manuel glenn was walking by and spotted james gadson and another man trying to once again go in the house and change the locks. he confronted them and caught the whole thing on video. this time police arrived during the act. the men had no id proving their right to be there and both men were arrested. james gadson was charged with criminal trespass and criminal
5:55 pm
mischief. >> you know fox 29 is still working that story. a taste of philadelphia for journalists from around the world reading terminal market had a special breakfast for the international media this morning. we weren't invited, iain. >> yeah. >> journalists covering the world meeting of families sampled food from many of the merchants more than a thousand reporters and producers and photographers from around the globe are expected to be in philly for this weekend. >> lot of people volunteering this weekend for the pope's visit to make sure those volunteers can do their jobs, campbell's soup company is stepping up to help. approximately three truck loads of pep rich farm snacks were delivered to the convention center today. that's more than 103,000 units of gold fish, milano cookies -- oatmeal raisin cookies. new jersey based company also is donating two truck loads of v8 products like v8 infused water and v8 fusion. let's take live look at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul.
5:56 pm
pope francis will celebrate mass here on saturday. security is tight. crowds are growing and you can feel the excitement in the city. continuing live coverage coming up at 6:00. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. it is wheels down in new york city. pope francis landing a short time ago at jfk it's the second stop of his us tour. it will be another packed trip for the holy father in his first ever visit to the united states. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. pope francis is waste nothing time in new york city he's already heading to an event this evening. our bruce gordon is live in the city tonight following the pope on his u.s. journey. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, an evening prayer service at saint patrick's cathedral said to begin within the half hour or thereabouts. then it's back to the papal nuncio for much needed rest.
5:57 pm
francis actually began his day in washington, d.c. he made history with a visit to capitol hill. francis the first jesuit pope, the first pope from the americas added another first on thursday. fir sitting pope to address a joint meeting of the united states congress. >> this nation under god. >> his visit to the capitol include add stop at statuary haul. to see the likeness of 18th century spanish born missionary father junipero serra. franciscan nonniesed on wednesday in wednesday. another first whose statue has repped california for years. pontiff entered the house chamber to much fun fair and thunderous applause. then with little trace of lecturing, laid out his view of the challenges and expectations facing u.s. lawmakers. >> dreams -- >> speaking local until english not his best language, francis warned against valuing money
5:58 pm
over mankind. he diplomatically chided the us for its treatment of nay tough born peoples during the formative years of this country. >> turbulent and violence, we know very difficult to judge the past but -- >> the pope called upon lawmakers to open their hearts to immigrants. both legal and otherwise. invoking the golden rule. >> let us treat others with the same passion and compassion with which we want to be treate trea. let us same possibilities which we seek for ourselves. >> reporter: francis reminded lawmakers of his reason for visiting the u.s.
5:59 pm
attendance at philadelphia's world meeting of families. the pope repeated his call for support and encouragement of this societal building block. >> i cannot hide my concern for the family. while the pope's views are certainly not universally held by those us lawmakers, i think it's fair to say this speech today was not a lecture. he was not haranging them not beating them over the head with his views. these were broad brush strokes but in very diplomatic way generally speaking not using specific terms when broader terminology could be used. again, very tact full but the message got through nonetheless. something for everyone to like. frank allot for those to dislike if they so chose and they're not really clear whether he was really convincing anyone to change their views but, again, the moral authority is there and
6:00 pm
everyone gave him the respect he certainly deserves. lucy. >> that will happen time and a again during his visit here. bruce gordon live in new york city. things looking very good along the ben franklin parkway tonig tonight. the final preparations are moving right along and city officials are making sure everything is ready just a gorgeous view there. million people are heading in for sunday's papal mass. more of the same here in old city which is where our studios are of course. not quite the parkway but a lot happening on crest nut street. crews have been very busy moving fencing and other security barriers not to mention putting up lights and the stage where the pope will speak. however, fox 29's brad sattin live on the ben franklin parkway tonight. brad, really, this is a citywide evident. >> reporter: yeah. from old city here to the parkway there's a lot going on. this is certainly the calm before the storm. i think the locals really got the message because traffic here at a* lot of these roads are still open but traffic is very light. i'll step out of the way. you can look down the parkway. you can see it's quiet. there are about 1


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