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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 11, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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what won't be allowed on the field very soon. >> he fought in one of the worlds war two most notable battles. >> this american hero next challenge may be his biggest yet. >> it is veterans day, good day, 11-11-15. thank you for being here. >> thank you for your service to all of the veterans out there. >> keep the picks coming. use the #fox29goodday. >> what a difference 24 hours makes in the weather. so gloomy, windy, rainy yesterday. it is improving today. >> it is a eight. >> yes, it is. and we have special veterans day elevator, eight out every ten, as things improve. we have some stubborn clouds around for little while this morning, but for this time of year, on the mild side with temperatures in the 50's, normally our highs are in the 50's, snow is good thing, the rain, has exited our viewing area. also, a good thing, now, we can start to clear out those clouds. that's happening as we speak. you see that sunshine burning through the clouds, it is 55 degrees, we had our sunrise
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official at 6:41, this to the airport, veterans day forecast for high temperature of 65 degrees. with mix of sun and clouds, throughout the day, but there is more rain in the forecast. we will tell when you that happens, coming up in just a few. hi, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 7:01 this wednesday, dealing with leftovers, leftovers from all of the rain yesterday. roads are wet. all every those leaves are still matted down on to the roadway. couple of early morning accidents. a crash at the lansdale off ramp, of the northeast extension, and another crash here, in collegeville, let's roll video from skyfox, when we pulled up up to the scene involving at least one tractor-trailer, at least one vehicle, one person taken to local hospital. but this is along valley forge road. looks like almost a head-on there, also involving that utility pole. but right now, valley forge road is closed. you can see the road is wet in that area, as we come back to the maps. this is follow edge ville.
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stretch. so there is some local detours through the neighborhood. otherwise the schuylkill expressway delays westbound, from belmont up the hill in toward conshy, not that bad inbound. >> with veterans day, some have the day off, schools, some closed, as well. could be lighter rush hour. no where near the parking lot we typically have at this hour. bridges look fine, mass transit no delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> one person in the hospital another facing charges. steve? >> reporter: police still here in the suburbs, guarding the house, and strange case because they initially thought they might have what we have in the city so often, home invasion, they thought both men, who are roommates here, one living with his girlfriend, they thought both guys were stabbed, because both guys were covered in so much blood. and they take one guy to abington hospital, take the other guy to einstein.
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that guy is stabbed three times with a broken arm. the other guy at abington is not stabbed. and they later learn despite him playing coy with the cops, they later learn that any injuries he had was just from being punched by the other guy in some defensive wounds, because he is not stabbed, and it is not his blood. so they arrest him at the abington er, they realize one guy came home, couple asleep, irate over something, got into a fight, fight spilled downstairs into the dining room then into the kitchen then it was kitchen knife involved in the fight. so a lot of blood, a loft violence, with two people who were lift together this time yesterday, and tried to kill each other apparently over something, and the police have the one guy in custody right now with aggravated assault. the woman who lived here, who finally figured out how to tell the cops the story, just left here, in a limousine, to go visit her boyfriend at einstein hospital. alex, mike? >> wild story. my goodness. >> clock 03, how but dayton the story from yesterday.
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>> gunman knocks little girl out of the way to murder man inside the neighborhood corner store. >> what is this, the girl six years old? >> six years old. >> hey, dave? >> yes, yes, that's right. six years old. now here is the thing today homicide investigators tell me they have surveillance video that they will be going through of this incident. let's go to some video of the scene right now. this is the j and r perez grocery store at north 38th and aspen in the city's mantua section, this all happening, around 8:30 yesterday morning, around the time when kids go into the store to grab a snack or some juice or what have you before they go to class, cops say the 22 year old man who was shot and killed was sitting on stack of soda while waiting for tea. now the store owner ran downstairs, he says, when he heard the gunshots, and noticed little girl inside, witnessing the horror, the owner said the shooter actually pushed the little girl out of the way, fired fourth and final shot. police again confirming they are looking at surveillance videotape right now. multiple cameras, inside that
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store in the area catching the incident. we do not know what the motive was in this case but police indicate that the suspect appears to live in the neighborhood, so they'll continue to reserve this much one and try to get that suspect and that surveillance out to us. >> man breaks into an apartment and rapes six year other girl in her own bed, hatfield village apartment complex. twenty-eight year old oscar riviera herrera broke in around 4:00 a.m. the girl's 11 year old brother sleeping in the bunk bed below ran to his parents room and called 911. their father held herrera at knife point until police arrived. detective say he broke into the apartment two months earlier, but no one was home. >> minimum wage workers again making their voices heard loud and clear in center city yesterday's protest was one of 500 nationwide. in the fight for 15. cashiers, staff food employees, other low wage workers, ended their march in front every city hall,
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protesters also picketed outside of mcdonald's in north philadelphia and the comcast headquarters building. right in center city. >> school and sit off initials camden say it will soon be easier than ever for parents to enroll children in school there. the city's public school leaders announce major changes for the current school system. program camden enrollment will streamline the process through new website. will allow families to learn about and apply to the bets public school for their child. school officials and educators say it will replace the olden rollment system, which often overwelmed some families. seventeen different applications to find a school in camden, that have nine unique monthly deadlines. that's really complicated system. and some families know how to navigate the system. most do not. so today is about breaking down those barriers. today is about just making life easier for our families. >> camden enrollment for families of children entering kindergarten through ninth grade.
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single parent friendly application set to go live on january 5th. do your the johnson family? here is a reminder. family said this is what they've been living with in their philadelphia housing authority home: rats all over caught on camera. they were fed up with the problem, couldn't seem to get any help. they reached out to fox 29. the family showed us video of the rats walking around on their kitchen counters, there is holes all over their homemade by the rodent. our cameras went back yesterday afternoon, while pha staff were at the johnson's home, patching up all of the holes, bathing the rats with poison. the family says the health department was supposed to show to up see if the house was even safe enough to live n but the family says it, rescheduled for later today. so we have to go back and check out again. >> we will do, that you know we're on. that will 7:07. bed bugs again. >> this time at the library, snuggling into the pages of delaware's library books. can you believe this? so, few months ago, downtown wilmington's main back, they started in the g the bugs in
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becomes returned to the librariment the problem was taken care of but in the last week the pests have come back. so now this is what a bed bug looks like, but it is not one of the ones found at the library. the library says they were more specific. this is what they were seeing in books. the library says they were forced to throw away some books because of the bugs. >> highly magnified of course. >> yes. >> it is not the size after volkswagon. but is a bed bug a bed bug if it is in a book? wouldn't that make it a book bug? >> well, maybe it will go back to bed once it is don reeding? >> yes. >> maybe it likes to read the book in bed. >> perfect. >> deep thoughts. >> bob kelly said that would be a book worm then. you're right. >> beautiful. >> books have worms. >> deep thoughts with mile, alex and bob. >> he fought in one of world war ii's most notable battles. local veteran says he wants to honor all of the families every those who have served in
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wars. >> so herschel woody williams, the congressional medal of honor recipient, who fought in the battle of hiro jima, credit dollars with fighting back the japanese with 70-pound flame thrower, for four hours. >> my god. >> he is the last surviving recipient from that battle. now the 91 year old wants to honor the families every those who never made it home. >> we have no national monument anywhere, that recognized a sacrifice that those people made so we could stay free. >> williams started foundation to build gold star memorial around the country. he is hoping to have gold star memorial in every state in the next five years. right now, there is one in valley forge, and another one is planned for philadelphia of the. >> that's right. >> wonderful. >> nice work there, woody. 7:09. >> well, people are finding all sort every ways to say thanks to our veterans today. >> including free rides. what do you think about this? couple of you know car services in our area are offering free rides to veterans.
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any vet, needing to go to work, job interview, someplace important today, will get no charges. the free trips are being offered by uber and lift. they'll be available throughout the day today. >> 7:10 now. >> well, encouraging news for former president jimmy carter. doctors in atlanta say he is responding well to treatment for cancer and found no new cancer growth. now he is 91. he revealed in august he had been diagnosissed when cancer and that doctors had found four tumors on his brain. doctors say they'll continue doing tests and continue to monitor his condition. great news. >> how about our current president? president obama, graces the cover of a lgbt themed magazine, you know the magazine very well, called out. this is a first. isn't it? >> yes, magazine thought the honor was fitting because of its historical rbgt right achievement and the magazine outlook to go solidify as a champion of equality. the president, first sitting president to be photographed
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for the cover after lgbt pun case, appears on the special issue with the caption: our presidential eye, hero, icon. >> so -- >> good cover that is. >> one hundred issue? >> i think so, yes. we'll have to take a look and see, i'm wonder why the 100 is on the cover. >> republicans back to debates. >> this time in milwaukee. and no debate goes without a few, you know, biting moments. >> and some couldn't wait her turn. >> okay? >> you can be strong without being involved in every civil war around the world. >> how would you responds? >> ronald reagan was strong, but ronald reagan -- >> ronald reagan walked away, he walked away, he quit taunting. >> i'm not finished. >> when it was time to quit talking. >> can i finish my time. >> why does she keep interrupting everybody? >> terrible. >> yes, i would like to finish, i would like to finish. >> donald trump accusing someone of interrupting.
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>> real. >> i but the main focus of the debate was economic issues, mike. >> that's what it is all b that's why they had it on the fox business network. they included a discussion on raising the minimum wage. most candidates say the problem is that entry level wages are too hi, as it is. one of the frontrunners ben carson, doctor carson there, used opening question on the minimum wage to argue that, quote unquote, high wages are a dragon job creation. >> people need to be educated and minimum wage. every time we raise the minimum wage to number of jobless people, increases. >> particularly a problem in the black community. only 19.8% of black teenagers have a job. we're looking for one. you know, and that's because of those high wages. if you lower those wage, that comes down.
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>> they also talk about tax plans, tax cuts, and i am graduation was hot topic, too, little debate coming up in just a little bit. >> let's get to the little kids debate. >> kids table. >> that's where new jersey governor christies tee was, got booted from in the main stage. but used his time to jab at hillary clinton. >> yes. >> if you think that mike hug a bee won't be the casino of president who will cut back spending or chris christie or john kasich, wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to this country and how she will drown just debt. she is the real adversary tonight. we better stay close republicans on her. >> yes, the other three on the stage with him, mike huckabee, bobby gentle and who else, oh, rick santorum. he decided not to even take them on, they are solo in the polls, i'll go after hillary clinton. >> christie only in fourth place among the presidential candidates in his home state according to quinnipiac university stud.
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>> i did he so well, he wasn't part of the big -- oh, go ahead. >> republicans and democrats agree on one thing about their governor. >> what. >> get out of the race. 40% of new jersey republicans, 77% of new jersey democrats polled say he should just drop out. 66% of independents in new jersey also agree that his time is up. >> interesting. i'll tell you what, though, did he so well that even though he wasn't part of the big debate, because at the kids table, he still made the front page of the fold of the philadelphia inquirer. >> that's because he is local tie, probably. >> that's exactly right. i think that's what this issue is all b rick santorum, too. >> the fate of mlb star jose race, see what happened with him? now in the hands of the baseball commissioner. jose was arrested in hawaii on halloween after his wife told police jose grabbed her by the neck and shoved her into a sliding glass door. so now he plays for the colorado rockies, shortstop. could become the first player
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in major league baseball subject to major league baseball's new domestic violence policy. so we'll see if baseball can hands this will stuff better than the nfl. high, sean bell. >> yes, i don't think they can. >> you don't think so? >> first looking at their policy, they need to stop patting themselves on the back. that's what they are doing. we are pro-active. we made sure we put in a new policy. no, you saw what happened in the nfl then did you something. policy wasn't in place before greg hardy, before ray rice. so that's first and for mostment second of all, he has the same power roger goodel has. there is no minimum, no maximum. he can basically do, the commissioner, whatever he wants. with the situation. >> just like good snell. >> just like goodel. you saw how messed up goodel makes everything. so what's rob going to do? not like first of all people want to look at the nfl say they have a bunch of major issues, they've always had this, this is new for baseball. this isn't new for baseball. okay? you have ' had darryl strawberry, guys like that,
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kurby puckett, big guys, and even in 2006, okay, you had brett myers, phillies have a situation, and then pitched the following performance. okay? >> so -- >> is this the colorado rockies, oh, we want to gather mower information. what more information do you need? >> we opportunity see if there is tape. if there is video, or is there pictures because if there is video pictures he's going for a season. if there isn't, he'll be going like ten, 15 games. let's not be -- they're hip chris, okay, that's what is going to happen, that's what they are looking for, with greg hardy everybody says look at the pictures. >> cowboy. >> look at the pictures, he needs to be going. holdup. i covered greg hard i back when i was in charlotte. greg hardy, all of the information was in front of us. we red everything. we now how bad this situation was. >> we new those pictures existed. >> exactly. you already new what it is, so what are you waiting for? why are you mad now? you should have been pro-active. >> go back to baseball for a
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second. sorry to throw awe curve ball here so to to speak. look at this, he is our closer, right? well, giles there? would they trade him? >> sure, why not? >> why not? it is the phils. everyone's on the block, okay? not like anyone is great where you can't say don't trade him. >> you got to go. >> let's get back to football now. was this guy heading for the hall of fame in his rookie year? everybody's so distraut over -- >> oh, that's michael kendrick. talking jordan hicks? >> jordan hicks, yes. >> they are talking about his past. >> his peck injury? >> he's out. he'll be out for the rest of the season. that's fine. it is okay. >> okay? we have a ton of linebackers, kiko is getting healthy. he will be back. he was certainly the best linebacker, this season, okay? you saw what he did last game. but, tom -- calm down, linebackers a plenty. if our offense just stepped it up do, something. >> can i ask one last question, about the sixers. if you are the coach of the sixers, do you even give a speech before the games now?
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>> why? for what? i'm done. this is pun time i wish the phillies were back playing, okay? that's how bad the sixers r it is awful. i'm done watching. listen, they are know got he g a win in this month. okay? no, they are not getting the win. >> they lose by zero. i don't want to watch. that will at least the phillies losing by three, i know it is baseball, that's the equivalent. but come on. >> at least we have the flyers. oh, wait a second, the worse game in the nhl. >> at least we have, oh, there you go. we got to go to a team that plays practically in new jersey, the sixers won't win until november. okay? >> november. >> oh, sorry, december. >> december. >> it doesn't matter. i don't know the month. they're just not going to win any time soon. >> maybe a christmas present? sean, thank you. we have some breaking news out of burlington county new jersey. >> police are certainly questioning student at moorestown high school after
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he allegedly made threats against at least one student. now, officers work overnight to identify this 17 year old student. >> police say there is no further threat to anyone at the high school there. we have a reporter on the way to moorestown right now. >> here is sue at 7:19. >> things have dried out since yesterday. you walk out the door, these are your temperatures, 48 degrees mount pocono. fifty-six here in the city, and inbetween it is in the lower 50's, mid 50's to the south of us. and winds have calm down a lot since yesterday, as well. so head today high of 65 degrees today. improving a lot. clouds give way to sunshine. rainy, windy tomorrow though. at least for the middle of the day. and then, it is chilly, on friday, saturday, and sunday. high temperatures in the 50's, and plenty of sunshine. that is your seven day forecast. so bob kill, we might be talking about sun glare before the morning is through. >> well, hopefully, yes. still dealing with the leftovers. everything still wet and damp from all of the rain yesterday. accident, on the drive. this is the ridge avenue drive
7:20 am
to city avenue. we got little sun glare, right through the trees here, so it is the city avenue ramp to ridge, right there where the lincoln drive comes into play, but again, so far the accidents we've seen this morning, have been on or off-ramps. so let that just be a lesson as you roll out of the driveway. vine street expressway heavy approaching the schuylkill and the 30 bypass, slow going, leaving downingtown, heading in toward malvernment mike and alex, back over to you. >> if you are a veteran and you need any casino every legal advice, you need to hang around, because in about two minute you're going to meet the man holding that award right you there. you need to talk to him and know about him. he gives free legal advice to vets. lottery numbers from last night.
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>> michael pasquale, good to see you.
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new jersey's own, matter of fact, an attorney, he realize our veterans are coming back from afghanistan, iraq, sometimes they needed legal help, right? >> no question, mike. >> representation, and a lot of them couldn't affords t so tell me what you did and don't be shy. >> well, i started ten years ago, when i was out to help out wounded veteran who served in iraq. and it was a big eye opener for me. to see what this man had gone through. after that day, ten years ago, my phone has not stopped ringing for ten years. and this region alone, excuse me, mike, 10,000 servicemen, right now, are pending discharge for their service connected injuries due to iraq and afghanistan. and we are going to provide a free attorney, our corporation is called officers of the corpse, non-profit, we provide free attorneys to wounded service members who have served in iraq and afghanistan. it is the best thing i've ever done as an attorney in my
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life, to help people who have put their lives and bodies on the line. these seriously injured people on top of losing their jobs, their health, their military carreers, they immediately have to face three government agencies, the department of defense, the department of veteran affairs and social security administration on top of all they're dealing with, forms, complex laws, procedures, lawyer comes in, we take all of that off their plate, and if it is a difference maker the results we get. >> no charge? >> absolutely free. they should not -- all of the price they've paid to defend us, and they have to come home and hire a lawyer? >> this is why councilman david oh sunday, what did you do on sunday. >> well sunday i i presented mike de pass quayle with resolution that was passed in our council to recognize and honor him for his wonderful work on behalf of our veterans, our servicemen and women and those with disability claims. here is a person who is pro
7:26 am
bono, then shifted his career to provide these services for free for anyone who needs them, and that's wonderful work. >> if there is a vet watching right now, how do they get in touch with you again? >> you can look on our website www.officers of the >> you are the man. >> michael, you are the man, thanks for having us. >> of course, counselor, a pleasure. alex? >> he is the man. that's wonderful, free services, so you may be wondering then how does michael make money he asks for donations, he does it all off of donations so if you would like to donate, help him out go to the website www.officers of the okay, 7:26. let's get to jenn fred. are you live with heather? >> yep, this is heather, talking little bit about coffee, obviously, but also talking about this new ruling, kids under the age of ten, no more headers, and then there is sunday rules, between 11 and 13, what heather thinks
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. >> in milwaukee last night, we'll highlight some of the hot moments. >> and in the next hour, one holiday at a time, folks. that's the message from one
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big department store. the one place where you won't see any christmas decorations, until after "black friday". >> good for them. >> so, they were trading barbs last night, republican presidential candidates going after each other, on the fox business network. as you can expect, some fireworks on the main stage. when donald trump and john kasich of ohio exchanged these words on immigration. >> come on, folks, we all know you can't pick them up and ship them across, back across the border, it is a sill argument. it is not an adult argument. it makes to sense. >> all i can say, you're luck any ohio you struck i am, that's one thing. let me just tell that you dwight eisenhower. >> so donald trump had said he want to deport about 11 million people out of this country. we have republican strategies rene armor, and eleanor dezzi. so who won that particular immigration debate? rene, we start with you.
7:31 am
>> you know what, john casey as far as i'm concerned, trump wasn't making sense, out every line as usual, just that simple. >> eleanor? >> i think kasich had a good point. and you can't go back to what eisenhower did. i mean it is the 50's, different time, different issues. kasich won that one. >> my prediction has been all along that the final ticket is going to be rubio-kasich. how do you think john did last night, eleanor? >> i think kasich did very well. and i think rubio, i heard his staff was back stage, doing high five's. he stayed on message. did he what was supposed to do. he looks strong. i don't think there is anybody last night that look like they had to drop out. i think it is going pretty well. >> rene, would you agree with that. >> slutly. you know, he did a good job. rubio was very strong, and people were very impressed with him. and eleanor is right, back stage they were dancing. >> let's hear from rubio right here. here is a tape. >> i know that rand is a committed isolation onist. i am not. i believe the worlds a better and stronger place when the
7:32 am
united states is the strongest military pear in the world. >> marco, marco, how is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government because you are not paying for it? >> okay, ren april, i start with you. who won that little debate there between rand paul and marco rubio? rubio is doing it, he was hurting. he was doing a good job. he was kicking it right back at him. so he won that one again. >> didn't they all say they would cut taxes, eleanor? >> yes, they all said they would cut taxes but nobody could explain their program. >> too difficult to explain. >> however, being on the fox news channel, they came across as more serious on the issue, and i think they were able to explain what they would do, but weren't explaining how they could reduce the deficit and do it. >> it really was quite serious. rene, somebody's got to come one some humor. i mean, you got to feed humor in like ronald reagan did. >> even trump, did you check him out, he was more serious
7:33 am
more like okay, trying to be presidential, because the staff said he had to get it together. no, no humor at all. >> governor christie i thought scored pretty good points in the kids debate, the four candidates up there before the big debate watch did you think? >> he did a good job. he was at the little kids table, little people's table. but he wants to get back with the big boys. so he was working hard last night. real did i a good job. >> listen to him. shear chris christie. >> if you think ma mike huckabee won't be the kind of president who will cut back spending, or chris christie, or john kasich, wait until you see what hillary clinton will do to this country and how she will drown us in debt. >> i thought that was pretty smart to go after the other three people on the stage with him but after the democrat's choice for president. >> absolutely. he also has decided he's a law and order safety and prosecutor candidate. he really is taking out after on all of those issues, but he absolutely is targeting hillary clinton. he's not taking out after the other. saying we're all
7:34 am
conservatives, all on the same page, let's go after the democrats. >> rene, what happened to doctor carson? was he there last night? >> well, you should have been on that stage, mike. he was definitely there. he was trying. he had some good points. he had a lot of low points. ben carson is ben carson. 's doctor, he is not a politician. he was trying to get people on his side. but, you know, people are attacking him right now because he's adubado bunch so he has issue with, that he tried hard to push back. >> two last things, do you have to wear a red tie in a republican debate? and also did you see maria, one of the moderators, her broch, the thing she had around her neck is getting more play on twitter than the debate itself. >> i want that. i want that broch. that's all i have to say on that. >> it was a rene armor broch. >> i have to admit, i want it too. >> thank you both very much. >> thanks for having us. >> here's sue serio, debating what? >> all right, yes, wish aid big necklace, too. we've got bus stop buddy.
7:35 am
he's wearing a hoodie, some sunglasses, too, starting to see little bit of sunshine it is mostly cloudy and the rain actually is in the forecast for tomorrow. so, we have a eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers this veterans day. it is looking like it is improving, as we look at the satellite radar picture, clearing the clouds out, slowly, but at least we got rid of the rainment still with us at about 4:00 this morning, but mostly gone. see all of the clouds, we are working on it, north-northwest winds 10 miles an hour, visibility though has dropped at the airport, to about 4 miles. still have some moisture in the air. maybe few problems with fog before the day is through. so high temperature today, 65 degrees. mix of sun and clouds, and tonight little cooler than it was last night, low of 48. so that takes care of your wednesday. we are getting little closer to the weekends. have that forecast coming up for in you just a few moments. so bob kill, at least it is not as wet as it was yesterday. >> yes, definitely. heck of a lot better than it was this time yesterday. starting to see some sun, some
7:36 am
sun glare, and drying all of the roads out. be careful. everything still wet. if you are headed out the front door, some kids have the day off. others have to tends class today. and we got veterans day parade for you. later on today in downtown media, kick it off at 11:00. saluting veterans today. live look at the roosevelt, southbound approaching the kelly drive down through the schuylkill, an accident on the city avenue ramp, to ridge avenue. here is a live look downtown, crossing town, heavy from broad, overthrew the schuylkill. live look at the 30 bypass, slow going, from downingtown, all the way in, and we have that accident, involving tractor-trailer here in collegeville. valley forge road shutdown between skippack, and twp. line road. let's go to quincy is hanging out in fishtown. wake up wednesday. we have brittany here. how are you doing. >> good, how are you? >> we're going to wake up your husband. he doesn't like to wake up? >> no. >> we'll do this coming up next, i'm excited. are you excited?
7:37 am
>> yes. >> all right.
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>> happy veterans day. >> oh, very sweet. >> way to go, dad. well, it is wednesday. what we call here on "good day" philadelphia, wake up wednesday. that's when quincy, or one of our staff members, goes out and tries to wake up people who have a hard time getting up. >> yes, so we start out with kids, but, oh, some kids are out of school for veterans day. so we decided to sends quincy -- quincy harry to fishtown, he will de his first bro man wake up. >> oh, this could be interesting. quincey? >> wake up wednesday, we have brittany, your husband, we'll wake him up? >> yes. >> he can't wake up in the morning? >> no okay, so show me where the bedroom s we're going in.
7:41 am
>> yes. >> wake up! wake up. >> wake up! >> oh. quincy. >> wake up. >> how are you doing? >> oh,. >> did you see his face, like he looked really upset. how are you doing. >> i thought it was the police or something like that. >> how are you doing? >> you're live on tv. we do wake up wednesday, you're the first adult that we week up. >> really? >> yes. >> thanks, man. appreciate that. >> hello to philadelphia. >> hey, philadelphia. >> i was a little scared. i thought he was going to -- >> i seen brittany, like damn why she let the cops in here like that. >> i didn't know what it was, i was like oh, something is going down. >> this is what happens. wake up wednesday. we're waking up adults now. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> i want to know why he thought it might be the cops? >> yes, what's he to up? >> brittany don't let the cops. >> also, was he wearing anything? >> no.
7:42 am
he is wearing a lot of tattoos, i'll tell that you. >> thank goodness for covers. >> make sure you cover yourself in the delaware valley. never know we come into your home on wednesday. >> some pj's, something. >> if you have soccer player in your house, little girls, little boys, playing soccer, the rules are going to change. jen? >> ya, mike the rules will change. the question is are they changing for the better heather myths is here, three time olympic gold medalist. can't say that enough. and mom. we will talk about it, see what she has to say about it just of after the break. (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
7:43 am
purely natural, purely fancy feast. new delicious entrées, crafted to the last detail. flaked tuna, white-meat chicken, never any by-products or fillers. purely natural tastes purely fancy feast.
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7:45 am
>> temperatures on the mild side this morning. still in hurricane season, in fact, we have a hurricane in the atlantic ocean. it is hurricane kate. it was tropical storm, then became hurricane this morning. category one hurricane with 75-mile per hour winds. happily, the track of this storm takes it eastward, and away from the east coast of the united state. so not a concern for us, and our weather, our concern yesterday was all of the rain. it has moved to the north and the east, so it is a problem for new england, and up-state new york right now. we are watching this next storm system, that's bringing snow today to denver, as it moves through the midwest, there is a pretty high risk of
7:46 am
some severe thunderstorms hearing about a lot of activity tomorrow it still moves east, it will affect us, actually hear about it tomorrow when it happens today them the weather here tomorrow, about 10:00. rain move in, yes could see pop up thunderstorms, still moving through noon by 3:00, 4:00 it is pretty much gone. >> we will probably be dry, probably about 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 when the lane will begin. now, right now we have temperatures in the mild for this time of year 50's, 52 trenton, 55, in recalled, 54 milville and wilmington being delaware, winds have calm down a lot since yesterday. what nasty day it was with the wind driven rain. although still kind of breezy at this shore, with 14-mile per hour winds. yesterday we ended one high temperature even with all of those clouds of 62 degrees, little bit above the average in the up ear's, today for
7:47 am
veterans day, 65 degrees, it will turn out to be decent day, once the sunshine takes over. rainy, windy though at times tomorrow. high of 62. then we chill out in time for the weekends, another cold front comes through, friday night, so saturday's high only 53 degrees. and sunday will be in the 50's, for the eagles versus the dolphins, looks like a good weather now we hope it is a good game, bob kelly? >> you got that right. 7:47. sue, good morning shall everybody, things starting to dry out. but sun popping up here behind the tree, roads still wet, and all of the leaves that dropped down on to the road surface from the storm yesterday, causing for some slippery conditions in the neighborhood. live look at the blue route right near broomall. benny not bad at all. looking good up and over, again, lighter than normal so far this morning. i should say lighter than yesterday's rush hour. veterans day a lot of folks do have the day off today. some of the schools also closed. typically 42 is parking lot at this hour.
7:48 am
>> up there in trenton, new jersey, though, route 29 canal boulevard watch for crash. valley forge road shutdown skippack pike. back to you. >> breaking news in mayfair. steve keeley there now. steve? >> i will turn around and show you the tour where northeast detective in both the 15th and second district police, are so they could walk to this scene here in mayfair, that ken if you i -- kentucky fried chicken, america sean stief, right off levick just couple of blocks, you see america sean. now filling with police. what happened was they had a domes i can case, way more violent than the earlier case, in this house, both had guns, manage woman, both shoot each other simultaneously, woman shoots the man in the head. the man shoots the woman in the shoulder. they're both now at frankford torresdale hospital being saved by the surgeons there. and so another violent scene here, just as the kids on the
7:49 am
street are getting red for school. police just sorting this out. that's the early word i have from the first detective, that tipped us off to this. so that's the scene here, so close to the police, as they try to figure out what this was about and how two people could shoot each other in this house pulling guns on each other this morning. alex, mike? >> wow, all right. it is a big story across the country, that's why we brought in heather myths in the wake of huge lawsuit. us soccer has decided to ban children age ten and under, from heading the soccer ball. you know? >> bouncing it off your head. >> yes. >> rules for kids ages 11-13 are still being ironed out, but appears they will be allow to continue heading balls but during games only not during practice.
7:50 am
>> doing it in practice? >> coming down to knowing the proper technique, practicing it if you can't do it and expected it do it in a game, not good thing. defensively i understands the importance of it, because they're trying to save goal from happening. but, from offensive stands point, it is not really necessary. >> yes. there is a lot of little girls, they're following carli lloyd on stain gram. we have some video of her barak at this g with coach james, your former coach, her coach. she doing the header. so you talk about this in a game situation, defensively, you need to have that shot nailed down. >> yes. because a lot of times you are having to save a shot on goal or something like that. so you have no other choice, but to head it and technique is so important, if you're not practicing, and expected to do it in a game, it is just thinking about it too much, that's when injuries will happen, i think it will increase the amount of injuries, so i think a lot of coaches will then go well if they're not practicing these, we will use more long balls in
7:51 am
the game to help us from an advantage standpoint, and that's not a good thing. >> talk about it on the other side. good things. you think that technically this ruling will help, especially the little guys and girls, because you had said in spain other countries, you don't see the ball in the air that much. >> right. the game actually moving toward more possession, and using your feet more, rather than your head. so actually i think from us soccer stant point, kind of smart. because we need to improve tactically, technically, by keeping the ball on the ground it helps us as a country moving forward. >> yes. >> i know that you have you've been injured obviously, i know our mom and mom to be, congratulations. so when you look at your little guy connor, look at the little boys and girls in camp, you have to be happy about this. >> yes, absolutely. i actually, i'm not a big fan of headers. i think that i used to teach it, the proper technique, at my camp, and i've actually gone away from that. i don't feel like it is as important any more. it is important to know the technique, but i don't think you need to practice it all
7:52 am
the time. >> moving on, there is like 14, 15 year old, right? they've already been taught the technique, they know how to use it, as a parent when you look at that kind of situation, any input on that? >> i just think that if you're going not allow it all the time, then it shouldn't be allowed at all. i think more injuries will occur because of it. >> pick a lane, either allowed or isn't allowed. >> either yes or no. >> coming up in the 8:00 hour, stick around, you have great great seminar with carly, coach, in jersey tonight. we will talk little bit about. that will it is not about -- it is a little bit with your head, it is mental toughness. how to get your kids, how to be mentally tough. >> hey jen, let me make sure i get this rice. not so much the ball repeatedly hitting a person's head but when a ball is in the air, you got two players going to head the same ball, and their heads collide. >> it is a little bit of both. it is the two players colliding which is an issue, but also when a player is doing the heading incorrectly. bad technique, that's when
7:53 am
they can get bad concussions just from the ball. >> they are saying that was the most common culprit for concussions,. >> 7:53. more with heather and talk about carli lloyd coming up in the next hour, too. >> okay, and we'll go into a break.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> men buns are all the rage right now. >> steve, would you like great with a man bun. i said this earlier. what i usually do is you. >> a ring ding to the back of my head. but i was once attack by a seagull. not good. >> for sure. >> the buns are the most stupid thing. i hate them. they look so dumb. and we actually cause the medical problems with it, it puts stress and pressure on the hair follicles and will
7:57 am
speed up the receding hairline process if you tie it back in a bun all the time. >> so these man buns can kill. >> that makes no sense. we women we wear ponytails all the time. you guys can hands allman bun. >> you know what though, i stopped wearing ponytails year ago, my hairstyle he is told me i have very thin hair, and he told me, he said stop wearing your hair in a ponytail because you're going to start to lose hair. >> and she has gigantic forehead, yes. >> of all of the show members, preston would have been the most likely to have man bun with your long hair. >> i used to have long hair. >> it looks dumb with the short hair. >> unless you are a show gun warrier. >> but new product, right, guys? >> i guess it wouldn't count as putting your hair back in a ponytail. >> groupon, should have had them here today, and i'll r wearing one tomorrow. >> oh, awesome. i got to see that on mike.
7:58 am
>> don't put it on -- put it, surrounding it will little bet of lettuce, put it in the cafeteria. >> what is the point? what what are re looking for here? hipper? what is it? >> what, the bun? >> yes. >> yes. i mean, i don't know. i used to hate them. now i don't mind them. it might work little bit. but it is getting played out. now you have one that attaches to you. now, i wouldn't quite call it hipster though. >> everyone is doing it. >> oh, completely hipster. >> it is hipster. >> the man buns, horn rim glasses, you know, no glass this them. >> i think guys shave down low, right. >> uh-huh. >> little more hippy, not hipster. >> no. ya. it is -- you see a loft guys walking around, in the city with their satchel, trying way too hard. >> that's what we call it, trying too horde. >> in our control room here at
7:59 am
the tv station, kit cat kline our producer, how much do they cost? because she ordered them yesterday. >> we don't know, we will tell the viewers. hey, guys. >> thank you. >> mike in a man bun, priceless. >> i ' agree. >> 9.99. >> oh, we can afford that. >> ten bucks for a bun. >> i might get two. >> look at that. >> like wear them right up here, like mickey mouse. >> that might be too much. >> too much? >> dad day, wednesday november the 11, that would make it 11-11, 2015. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> bird control backlash, over 100 women pregnant after taking their birth control pills? the major mick up lead to go local lawsuit. joining forces, carli lloyd and heather, teaming to
8:00 am
up toughen up young athlete in our area. where your kids can meet the soccer stars tonight. >> ♪ >> no thank you. adele turns down a duet with beyonce. what? >> you don't turn down beyonce. >> no, you turn up beyonce. >> why she reportedly does not want to work with one of the biggest stars in the world. >> national sunday day. ice cream flavor, what would we taste like? what flavor would we be? we'll find out. >> okay, you got national ice cream sunday day. this is what we will do. build gigantic sunday with the help of our friend over at scoop deville. right in center city. so we need to get on twitter. you need to get on twitter, instagram, facebook, and tell us what ingredient would you put in. i mean, goes without saying probably something that has to do with morning, like coffee.
8:01 am
>> breakfast cereals there. >> oh, cereal, we put on it. >> give us some ideas, use the #fox29goodday. we need to make this big, too. >> huge. >> veterans day number of the day eight out of ten, still stubborn clouds around, but maybe sprinkle or two. but temperatures are in the 50's, and it is getting better. there is some sunshine in a few places and the rain is gone. for now. there is more on the way for tomorrow. 55 degrees at the moment. with breezes that have pick up to 15 miles an hour. we're headed to high temperature of 65 degrees, so looks just fine, for your veterans day. but, what about tomorrow? well, that's coming up in just a few, bob kelly, what's going on? >> hey, coming up on 8:02 this wednesday morning. slow going 202, west chester
8:02 am
in toward frazier, although the un's trying to come out. still dealing with wet roads, big old puddles out there, live look at i95, not that bad. lighter than normal this morning, as we honor our veterans, some folks have the day off, sole schools are off as well. look at the benny, no problems at all coming into downtown, we got the veterans day parade in downtown media later this morning, at 11:00. and then an accident up near trenton, route 29, right at canal boulevard. mike and alex back over to you. >> back to the breaking news. >> yes, northeast philadelphia, where two people have been shot. >> apparently shooting at each other. steve, what's happening? >> well, we got the night commanders in charge of the entire city, when we work on our shift. and this is drew, captain out here, and just couple of blocks from northeast detectives. drew, again, unusual case, you got nine year old girl, two year old boy in a house, and their parents in a inside bedroom with the doors shut. two gunshots. you don't know if they both shot each other or if one, if the man shot the woman and then shot himself.
8:03 am
but do you have two guns on each side of the mattress, strange case, and as you try to figure this out with both of these guys. >> well, about 6:50 in the morning, just before 7:00, police were called out here, two adult living together, with children, in the house on america sean street in northeast philadelphia, both are 28 years old and both have gunshot wounds. the male was shot once in the head. female shot until the shoulder. he is in extremely critical condition. both are at the hospital over at aria-torresdale. like you said, steve, we're trying to find out what exactly happened in this upstairs middle bedroom, just before 7:00 this morning. the little girl told you she heard screaming and fighting before she heard the gunshots? >> she told police this, yes. so we don't know what happened. there was an argument for
8:04 am
sure. we don't know if both shot each other, or if the one person shot the woman in the shoulder and then shot himself in the head. we don't know at this point in time. police are investigating. detectives are here investigate investigate. they recovered two guns. one was a revolver, and one was an automatic pistol. they are still in the bedrooms. that's why we're still investigating all of this, interviews have to be done. >> so both guns on each side of the mattress, kids safely with family right now watch story for the little nine year old girl. >> it is. >> 8:04. more than 100 women are finding a lawsuit against local pharmaceutical company. do you want to know why? they pain became pregnant while taking birth control polls. >> lauren, sounds like big mix-up here. >> yes, costly mix-up. all of the women who filed the suit claim they became
8:05 am
pregnant because their birth control was incorrectly packaged. the pills in question were recalled back in 2011. that's because they were not sealed in the packaging, in the order women were supposed to take them, as a result, women were taking placebo pills the week following their menstrual cycles, that can greatly increase the chances of becoming pregnant. the philadelphia inquirer reports the case involves calltech, in malvern, chester county, according to court document of those 113 women that became pregnant during the mix-up, 94 of them carried babies to term, the women are looking for money, to cover the cost of not only just delivering the kids, but mike and alex, raising the children, because they say this was an unplanned pregnancy. they weren't ready for. >> this so toyed look it up. we always hear different numbers how much it cost to raise a kid. here we go. according to the u.s. department of agriculture in 2013, $245,000 to raise a kid, that's just up until 18. this is before college, mike
8:06 am
and alex, not including once go off to school when your parent pick up the bill, but most just housing, childcare, education, and feeding these kids, until 18 years old. can you imagine if you weren't ready for $245,000? >> or just ready for the responsible, too, of a child. >> 113 of these women. this is going to go on all of the rest of the week this store. >> i sure will. >> how do you determine then what kind of money each one of these women would receive? >> i think every woman in the studio right now oh, my gosh, you can't imagine, especially, if you are taking birth control pills then you have a child? >> i know. >> just -- >> this has been going on on the last couple years and now just finding out. apparently the manufacturing, what do they call that? the pills come in a circle. it was rotated the wrong way like 180 degrees off. >> so they were taking them the wrong days so certain pills you take on certain days. >> placebo pills were this there. 8:06. more on that tomorrow.
8:07 am
republican presidential candidate in milwaukee,. >> and the main focus of the debate was economic issues, boy did they tackle them this time. that included discussion on raising minimum wage, most candidate say the problem is that entry level wages are too high. tax plans, immigration reform, also dominated the deaths caution. the candidates have about a month to prepare for their next debate, which will be held december 15th. >> 15-dollar minimum wage would thwart job growth. >> that's true, and specially talk about for african-americans. >> while the gop presidential candidate battled it out in milwaukee, about, you know, the debt, taxes, rest of the country was checking out maria bart local owe's broch. this made a lot of heat on twitter last night. >> there it is, a lot of people say it was distracting, it is big. >> let's circumstance tell. >> of course social media went into jokes comparing jokes from like the hunger games, right, the emblem on that, look at that, catching fire,
8:08 am
or even harry potter. >> oh. she looks great, though, doesn't she? >> she does, but it is a very big broch. >> that's a big broch. my eyes are bigger -- >> it says glowing object in sky off california identified as maria he is broch. >> they should have put milwaukee. >> yes, this is what marie will wear for the next debate, fox news anchor always pace her debt. >> game of thrones. >> look that the one. >> it does look like a big shield. >> it does. >> but it is big. and you were saying, when you have a broch, wouldn't you want something different color so it could compliment your outfit? i'm no fashion expert. >> she was match i match i. she is real nice person too. >> wonderful. i wonder how big it is? looks like it could be the size of your head? >> size of her head. montgomery county man has won the wormed series of poker. i want to get this guy in tomorrow on our show. i don't know how to play poker. >> he is 25 years old, joe mckie hand, of north wales,
8:09 am
wouldn't seven opinion $6 million last night in last vague earnings finds rounds came down to joe and another local guy, 24 year old guy, josh beckly from burlington county. now the world series of poker start in the 1970. back more than 6,000 players were widdled down to nine. those nine competed for the past few days for the title, two local guys, that won it, and they were representing. look at this. >> he quite often wore a jersey from our franchises here in the philadelphia areament look at all of that monday any front of him. look at this. you have two guys in their mid 20's, both single, i believe. >> not for long. >> and between the two of them, they made $11 million last night. >> life is good. >> for playing cards. >> what did you do last night? >> yes, what did you do last night? bob kelly wants to know. >> i played solitaire. >> oh, please. really? >> it was cards. >> alone in your room? >> in my underwear.
8:10 am
>> nothing happening, i'm sure. >> one holiday at a time, we've won back-to-back to back. that's the message for one big department store. i applause them. the one place where you won't see any christmas demolition -- decorations until after thanksgiving. >> but first, we are honoring our heroes, you have to meet this local man, going beyond the call of duty long after his tour abroad. that's next. >> he is helping the homeless. it is national ice cream sunday day. and good day philadelphia, if it were an ice cream flavor, what would it taste like, in other words, what ingredients, what toppings should we put on our ice cream sunday? we have already established maybe some coffee beans, or something like, that because it is a morning show. >> so, they say, you all would be nutty carmel swirl because you all nutty in the head. >> are we nutty?
8:11 am
zz .
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> no longer, truck us, in the philadelphia area. so, that's good thing.
8:14 am
now, what about the next round of rain? we jump ahead in our future cast, to tomorrow morning before good day is over. we may be starting to see some raindrops, maybe between 9:00 and 10:00 in the morning. possibility of some thunderstorms, too, this same storm system, going to cause quite a few thunderstorms in the midwest today. cooler air behind a cold front, it is rather mild today, probably mid 60s, so, clouds linger through the rest of the afternoon. we think this will probably most of it be gone by evening rush hour, midday event, unlike yesterday, which lasts whole day, pretty much the whole night. right now temperatures in the mid 50's, philadelphia, 55, 54 in allentown, up to the north, 49 degrees, in hazleton, coatesville, has 54, and in south jersey, millville, woodbine, atlantic city all at 54 degrees, 53 lewes, delaware, quite bit of rain there yesterday over 2 inches of rain, and 55 degrees, in
8:15 am
dover. so, we look back before we look ahead to yesterday's high temperature, which was 62 degrees, and with some sunshine today, which we didn't see yesterday, we beat that, get to high of 65. then we get the rain tomorrow, and another cold front, friday night. so saturday's high only 53 degrees. but there will be plenty of sunshine both saturday, sunday, and for the eagles, it will be in the mid 50's, for most of the game. so pretty good football weather now hope we get good game. bob kelly? >> 8:15, good morning, take a look at this cool shot. four had 22. >> low-lying clouds, low sealing, wet roads, little bit of sun glare, as you can see the shadow here, but the roads are still wet. so it is a little bit of everything. dealing with the leftovers, left over wednesday, this morning, no sun yet down here in delaware county. north on 95, heavy kurland, up through the commodore barry, the blue route heavy, as well,
8:16 am
95 up through the schuylkill. about 41 minute trip there. just under 40 minute on the westbound pa turnpike from philly bensalem over to valley forge. and a live look downtown we go, the vine street expressway, heavy, from broad overthrew the schuylkill. alex, back over to you. >> thank you so much. bob. in philadelphia, one fourth of the homeless population is veterans. so our sponsor the veterans multi service center working to serve those who have served our country and they have a very big goal to drop the number of homeless veterans on the streets of philadelphia, down to zero, doing this with the help of very special veteran. >> experience changed his perspective on life. >> you know, doing something, there was being part of something that meant something. defending this country, we swore to defends this country from our enemy, foreign and
8:17 am
domestic, that's what we d we served. when you serve, you serve honorably, you have good feeling. >> but that feeling didn't last long once he came home and had trouble adjusting back to life, outside of the army. he tried to find his way, but circumstances ultimately left him with no job, no home, and no idea where to go for help. >> you know what you need. you know what you want to do. >> like someone's help to do those things. >> that's where my problem was. my problem was finding somebody to help. >> he decided to walk into the veterans multi service center, and that's when he found the help he was looking for. >> that's what i it, i start talking about the future. >> many resources for veterans. specially helpful to him.
8:18 am
perimeter or safe space. >> i was fortunate i was able to come out of my situation. >> two years later, he has found his success. >> he goes out on the street of philadelphia to use his own experience as inspiration, for other veterans. >> i didn't think this would be me. that's jim ' so grateful. i'm grateful to be in the
8:19 am
position i am. because it gives me an opportunity to give back. >> with his help, more than 3,000 veterans, benefit from the center services and programs, every year. this is how he sees it. it is another way to serve his country. >> but it is a good service. see, before we were in war, this is a different war. this is a war on homelessness. and we're trying to ends that war. and we're doing a good job of it, too. >> certainly r veterans multi service center has many services for veterans, from transportation, and housing, to job training, and employment, for more information, about what they do, and how they impact our community, or if you want to donate just go to vn center.ornament this is a look at our website. guck there right now. hosting luncheon today at noon, it will be free for all veterans there, so it is at 213 north fourth street in old city, all veterans of course are welcome. >> just down the street. >> it is very nice to meet him. thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
8:20 am
>> great guy. so glad that place exists, wow. >> it is wonderful. >> okay, are selfies pretty harmless? >> i guess depends. >> not so much. wait until you see what is in the background of this picture. you got to know what's behind you. >> and later, model gigi rocked victoria fashion show last night. >> hello. >> but she is under fire for another photo shoot. there is a cover controversy this morning, mike. >> oh, no. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> let me take you back when i was alive. okay? long time ago. >> was it? >> my wife, joy, went into labor with jessica, and it lasted 36 straight hours. >> oh, my gosh. >> it was horrifying. and during the time, they said, women, she got hungry, of course and the doctor said no, really don't want you to eat. all she could do was suck on ice chips. here we go. is it okay now to eat during labor? see, the scare was that she would, you know, aspirate or
8:24 am
vomit and choke on her own, you know, juices, so to speak. she would choke on the food, maybe even die. >> well, group of canadian researchers have looked at data for the past 25 years, they found that labor burns calories, similar to like marathon. researchers are suggest that women eat light meal, like fruit, soup, even light sandwich. >> even during the labor. >> while they're in labor, yes, you can eat these things. >> how about that? >> saw cosmopolitan magazine, yes, i read cosmo, you get to know about what women want, if you read cosmo. >> is that why you're reading? >> anyway, somebody started putting up photo shop pictures of women in labor, eating pizzas, sandwiches. >> really? >> hoagies. i don't think that's what they mean. >> no. >> and light meals. speaking of the delivery room, one dad to be may have gone little too far, taking the
8:25 am
selfies, in the delivery room. >> so check this out. >> this picture was posted on red it, there it is, you can see the man's wife struggling, agonizing in pain, he's like ya. >> i'm having a good time. >> that's horrible. >> i always think it is funny tv shows, movies, when the woman is grabbing the man, don't you ever touch me again, so up sit, then the husband is just like lalala. >> i'm going to kill you! we'll never have sex again. n's he is, a may, look at me. >> oh, you guys have it east. >> i speaking of pregnant women, eating stuff like that, how much weight are you supposed to be put on, 25, 30 pounds? >> depends on body and the person. >> kim adder crash yan is expecting revealing how much weight she has gained. she says, as of yesterday, 52 pounds. >> wow. she still has some weeks to go, too. she shares information on twitter. she said she still has six weeks to go. >> before birth. >> six weeks. oh, please. don't -- no, not on christmas
8:26 am
day. is she going to give birth on christmas day? >> so that would be a gift, wouldn't it? >> i don't feel sorry for the child, i always feel sorry for people born on the holiday, oh, this is your christmas gift and your birthday gift. so they don't get two gift. >> there she s miss america. >> posing. >> that's quite the outfit. >> jen, we are talking soccer today, there will be cool event tonight. i hope you can go to this. >> talking heather, very cool. >> high. >> she is also expecting, so she has been following along and it is hilarious. yes, so not only expecting do you have stay momently tough, not only in the delivery room but when playing soccer. so come on back after the break. talk about this amazing cool seminar, and carli lloyd will join us.
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8:29 am
8:30 am
>> l years old. eight year old. eight years old. and is max a girl? >> apparently local little boy with big career. what was i doing at eight? not this. his name is max simpkins here this morning talking about all of the movies he's been in over the last two years, only been actor since he was six, two years, he's met every major star in america. diane keaton, olivia while, marissa tow may, the list goes on and on and on. i can't wait to meet this little guy. >> well, hopefully this does not look like this house from hordersment the five things super obsessively claimed people do, every single day, to keep their homes spick and span. we will share that with you. >> i need that tonight. >> clean up house. >> let's clean house, well, not that way. i mean a good wayment tonight some kids in south jersey get a big, big treat. >> yes, because carli lloyd and heather myths are helping young athletes learn how to be
8:31 am
mentally tough. listen to carli lloyd. >> i'm all glammed up for glam woman of the year tonight. but i'm really looking forward to the seminar on wednesday night. i think it will be great insight on all of the obstacles that i have had to go through throughout my career and how i responded to those, about turning your weaknesses into strengths. i'm looking forward to it and hope to see you all there. >> it is tonight. and she's quite honest about, you know, what she has been through mentally in the game of soccer. hey, jen? >> ya, okay, so heather is here again. good morning once again. >> morning. >> and, you know, you got a chance to watch her, as a soccer commontator. your former teammate, go through some of the ups and downs, i mean, she, coach has talk about it, she talked about it, she wasn't in a good place, mentally. >> crazy. >> yes. >> to think that nobody remembers that. the struggles that she went through. that's what this is all about. to me kind of her helping people see that she is a
8:32 am
normal person, she has her struggles, too, and how do you work through that. so it is about education, sharing the habit, sharing the mental skills necessary to become the best player in the world, like carli lloyd. >> yes. okay, so you're not doing so bad yourself. look at some of the pictures, we talk about it off camera, like her toughness, was different than your toughness. obviously, you had to overcome injuries, and amazing stuff. so you both have had to work through it mentally little bit. i said give me three. give me little something for the tv so. you say the first one control the controllable. >> yes. >> what do you mean by that? >> well, there are certain things in life you can't control. and so you want to go back and figure out what those things you can't control. like having positive attitude, working hard, never giving up. >> yes. >> and then try to do that, rather than say having coach that's not going to play or doesn't like you. >> right. specially for our kids, who wants to complain about that all the time. don't take no for an answer. >> ever, not an option. you got to figure out different way every going about it. >> yes. >> and just never giving up. >> yes. >> and my third one.
8:33 am
>> how do you teach a child, though? i know a lot of the people that you will be speaking to tonight in south jersey, they're already, you know, young athletes, at elite level. but there are moms, everyone out, there we want our kids to never give up. how do you teach that to little guy or girl? you've had camps. >> i just think that you just tell them the type of things that help you to reach your success, maybe they can just learn from that. and when they're in a situation, they can go back and go, well, heather, carli lloyd went through this, this is how they dealt with it, maybe this is how i can. so it is about educating and teaching the habits, help you to be the best. >> yes. >> i real dow think as an athlete certain habit you have to have, and carly emulates the most professional soccer player that i've ever played w these are things that she is sharing. >> i love it. so, it is in south jersey. >> it is at the mansion. >> yep. >> 6:30 tonight. you can show up. and the coach will there, also, bridges different aspect, he is more apparent in
8:34 am
coaching. >> well, good, thank you for joining us, kind of fun. i'm going to make her come and visit more often, join the fox 29 mom squad. congratulations. so mike, control the controllable. that's something you need to work on. >> i know, that's yes wear depends. >> that's one way. >> by the way, they're at the la columbus, over by the beer garden at sixth and market. it is in the, what, del, what's the name? the dow building. >> now it is festival of families for sue. >> we sometimes call it the rohm & haas building still. even though it is not there any more. because we are old. all right, now, here is a look at bus stop buddy. and he's wearing sunglasses, because he's very hopeful that the sun will come out. temperatures are in the 50's, as we get started this morning. and for this veterans day, we will give you eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers. sure beats yesterday's three, we had all of this rain here yesterday. now, it is moving out of new york, and into new england, so
8:35 am
rainy day in boston, and to the points north of that, in mountains of new hampshire, vermont. little bit of snow. but for us it, will stay mild enough, that when we get precipitation again tomorrow, it is also going to be in the form of rain. so stubborn clouds, 56 degrees. and high temperature later on, 65, and again, we do see sunshine in our weather future. but 4:49 is is that sunset time. now, it is getting closer and closer to 4:30, bob kelly, shorter days, it is what happens. >> why even make the bed now? 8:35, good morning, everybody, live look at the schuylkill expressway. slow going inbound from city line in toward downtown. i just checked with the airport. they have some delays for flights coming in from leguardia. all because of the weather. so that will have a domino effect on our air travel throughout the day. now, still delays along the blue route between 95 and the schuylkill. turnpike slow going, philly over it valley forge, get ready for the parade, veterans day parade in downtown media
8:36 am
today. we kick it off at 11:00. mike and alex, back to you. >> kim just wrote in on twitter free haircuts to all vets at great clips today in doylestown. >> wonderful. >> wonderful. >> nicely done, thank you for that. >> 8:36. adele turns down a duet with beyonce. who says no to beyonce? >> well, why would she do that. >> we'll tell you why. can't believe this. >> all right. >> and it is national sunday day. >> ice cream sunday. >> yes. >> so, it is in good day philadelphia were an ice cream flavor what would we taste like? >> we'll try to make giant ice cream sunday, we need toppings going along with the flavor of our show, cinnamin bun pieces, because you eat cinnamin buns in the morning. drink coffee in the morning. >> and we have burns. >> here is another idea. marple bacon. oh, ya. let's put some bacon on our ice cream. >> i think she meant maple. >> like i said, maple, marne he will, maybe they is her of it in maple?
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> adele has turned down beyonce ' request to do request together for over a year. what? and beyonce generally wants to work with adele. so those close to adele say she is scared that fame will destroy her. so she sees fame as something toxic. she doesn't feel that she needs to join force was someone famous as beyonce, in order to sell records. she's like no, i don't want to overdo it. >> interesting. she want to be a singer, and she is a really good singer, which makes her famous, but she fears fame. >> yes. >> that's why she goes away for awhile and then comes back. if you hook one beyonce on a duet, you'll be really fame us. >> true. but then is that a slight to beyonce, are you saying fame
8:41 am
has overcome her? >> i don't know that you could extrapolate that. >> but yes, admit. >> i have watched it over and over. >> did you? i think you're paraphrasing. i think for adele, for her, all about of the craft maybe shear's like hey i want to keep focus on the artistry, not all of the big hoopla. >> that's why i stay here, do good day philadelphia. >> i fear pain.
8:42 am
>> ♪ >> i can't wait. i have to wait until june of 2016. >> seems sad. >> not out until next year. ellen degeneres, you noel never. >> ellen place tori, okay. >> quincy doing somebody's job. >> this is going to be ridiculous. >> i'm doing here, excuse me. >> we are where? >> i'll and hairstylist with no hair. it is weirds. coming up next! for the soccer t. for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items.
8:43 am
my giant.
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that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices have just dropped on thousands more items. my giant. >> veterans day salute, that one from years past. and on twitter we're seeing this, one, my father-in-law, william, us navy, thank you for sends that one.
8:46 am
and make sure that you call your favorite veteran, at least say thank you for your service, maybe, take them out to lunch. >> that should be about it, for the rest of the week, and, the weekend, so right now, temperatures are in the mid 50's, 56 degrees, in philadelphia. few 40's hanging on up in hazleton, mount pocono, down to the south of us, we're also in the 50's, got a lot of cloud cover out there, that reluctant to go away, allen down, delaware, 53 degrees, 55 in dover. so we head into that seven day forecast, by showing you, today, 65 degrees. much improved by the ends of the afternoon, rain around tomorrow. and it will be very windy, tomorrow, as well. breezy, and sunny on friday. both days of the weekend guys, look pretty darn good. and i'll show you back to the 60s. >> i would like to have a really colds, sue.
8:47 am
>> really? >> q, do my job. do you think quincy harris would make a good hairstyle us? >> what do you guys specialize in here? >> specialize in relaxers, shampoos, conditioners, cuts, curls, pretty much do everything here. i don't know what we'll do, but miss alice, what are you doing. >> fine thank you. >> are you nervous? >> no. >> we will do a pal until. >> yes, chemical relaxers on miss al us. >> how do we do in a? >> four sections, then basically start at the nape. put the relaxer in, and smooth it. >> put the relaxer in, sends it all the way through, just keep working the relaxer
8:48 am
through. >> so we have the relaxer, this is what they call the permanent right here. >> so we just lay it, lay it in right here. >> yes. >> okay? >> a lot of women don't really like men doing this. >> a licensed hairstylist for 20 years, very established in the hairstyling community. >> okay. cool. and i've been here for about eight minutes, and i'm not. okay, so, i'm going to the back. you keep doing this permanent miss alice, i'll come back, and work on there is okay? >> thank you. >> what am i doing in the back? >> you'll shampoo.
8:49 am
>> make sure the water is tempered, right here. >> okay. >> how does that feel? >> good. >> oh, okay. >> then we just add shampoo? >> yes, moisturizing shampoo. >> turn the water off. hair is wet. >> cool. >> look at that. >> so does that feel booed? >> yes, feels great. >> q, do my job. >> this is such a good job. >> that's a good job. >> i'm doing a curl and bump or something? i'm doing a curl and bump in a bump and curl? next hour. >> man, bump it up a little bit. >> now miss alice looks very nervous. >> you don't play with the permanent you don't want to start burning, oh, no. >> let's get to breaking news, missouri.
8:50 am
>> police say the department has arrested person accuse of making on line threats against black students and fact tull at this, on line posts discovered on quick yack and other social media. that's an app where you can post status updates. anonymously, but within a 5-mile radius of where you. >> apparently this person on quick yack said woe go there? i'm assuming it was a guy. and kill every black student on campus. >> and the person warned everyone don't go to school tomorrow because i'll be doing, that the school's police department says the person was not on or near the university campus when those threats were made. this is all happening of course in the wake of the resignation's monday of the university systems president, and the columbia campus chancellor. so student called for change over the university's handling of complaints about racism, and now there has been a lot of reactions about what's happening recently on the campus there. >> a lot of tension on the university of miss you are i. >> yes, arrested student for threats. >> so, if you post on yik yack, maybe it gives your location? >> maybe. i'm sure police are
8:51 am
investigating that, but has to be within certain radius there, so even if they weren't on the campus. >> in the area. >> necessarily right next to it, in the area. >> quick break, come back in the 9:00 hour. make the biggest ice cream sunday i've ever seen in my life.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> ♪ >> hey, it is six minutes before 9:00 in the morning, thank you for this. now, you're helping with national ice cream sunday day. so we're making good day philadelphia sunday, tail orders to whims and wants. throw in some bananas for bob, then coconut for me. sweet cream, sue serio. and for our little mini chocolate chip, herself, alex hole. >> i why do i have to be the mini chocolate chip? >> because you're mini and
8:55 am
you're chocolate. and sweet. so, keep the ingredients coming. >> this thing will be horrifying. >> it is five minute before 9:00. let me tell this. it is to has happened again. they say english is a constantly evolving language. that's for sure. >> so words are constantly being added to the dictionary. so we have some new words now. for instance, oh, all right, we are setting up for our big sunday, obviously it is huge, you can hear it. >> big table. >> bestie. definition, you're my best friends. >> that's in the dictionary now. what about this? to send text message to someone while our intoxicated. >> actually picture of me in the dictionary next to that at work. >> all right, next, fleet. it means flawly less styled or groomed. >> like your eyebrows are on freak. >> oh, thank you, might. use it in a sentence there. finally yaas. you can. >> it means yes.
8:56 am
>> yes, but spelled yass? >> no, it is yaaas. you have to have 3a's in there, that means excite the yes. i wonder who comes up with these definitions in. >> i don't know. >> yaas. >> honey, when you say ya. >> yaas. >> let's go to nordstrom. >> taking it one highway at a time. the message from one big department store. the one place where you won't see any person's decorations, no, not until after "black friday". >> yaaas. >> yaaas. >> want to see some lottery numbers? >> yaaas. >> ♪
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> thank you veterans for your service, one holiday at a time, jen. >> one holiday at a time. that's the message from one big department store, that's in our area, the one place you won't see any christmas decorations, until after thanksgiving. okay? boom. >> i know, you have kids, you lose all sense of social decency. come in. >> bad news, jen. >> yes, for all of the kerry bradshaw's of the worlds, no shoes in the house. the five things super obsessively annoying clean people do every day to keep their homes spick and span. >> okay. >> and model gigi rocked the victoria secret fashion show last night. yes, honey. but she's under fire for another photo shoot. the cover controversy this morning. >> she is one the on the right, the blondes?


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