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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 25, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now on "chasing new jersey." check out this hard at work on a roof on auma loever road that was freshly made a year ago. check you have to ask yourself why would you care what amounts to basically brand-new pavement? >> who is paying for this? >> some political pundits now think there could be a reason saying that donald is just nearly sleepy. >> it's conceivable that someone is sleep-deprived is going to make interesting comments. >> the assertion that donald statements are the result of sleep deprivation is ridiculous. you got to be kidding me. >> i might hate cats but your story is perfect. >> check out this video sent by a viewer who's hard at work en route 35 north that was freshly paved a year ago. if you look over here the road
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paint is still sparkling and new. the pavement is still black, smooth and it hasn't even been through a couple of years worth of weathering at and then you get right here. you have to ask yourself why would you tear up what amounts to basically brand-new pavement? >> i call the contractor out of howell and spoke with someone. i left a message. >> i will get back to you but what you mean maybe? somebody needs to get back to me on this. this pavement is your open it shouldn't be torn up. >> what is your name? >> never did hear back so i asked the question to an on-site foreman. why do you have to pay the "x. a. just went down a year ago. i called the d.o.t. and i didn't hear back from them but it went down a year ago why does it need
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to be paid "x.. >> check with the d.o.t.. i got the d.o.t. unaligned here's what the department transportation had to say. >> is part of d.o.t.'s -- we found a small portion of the pavement didn't meet our standards and so what we are doing is clear in the process of repaving a two-mile stretch en route 35 north bound. hymns schapiro could not elaborate on what exactly was wrong with the pavement so that it had to be torn up. i had other questions. jersey viewers eyes want to know who is paying for this? >> that hasn't been determined at this point. >> i did talk with a contractor and he said no pavement contractor ever lays down any pavement without being signed off by an engineer. there have been a lot of test. second he said painting can be
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tricky especially in developed areas after the road has been paid creating problems. nine times out of 10 you the taxpayer are going to be on the hook for the bill. shocker there. how many people were dying in crashes because of this asphalt that didn't meet their exact standards? >> as far as i know none that i traveled to route 6 and other state roads and other parts of the state most of them almost all of them are paid more than a year ago. i personally would rather see those repaved and taken up great that being said it's important to note that george harms construction has a very good reputation. >> it sounds to me like they have to go by what the government says. this is another case of bureaucracy getting in the way. the question is why would they wait until there was a deteriorating issue? my expert told me this can happen with paving especially with a lot of typing going on underneath. saddles you are going to have to repay that sometimes.
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>> high-speed chase. >> illness harder a golf ball or the blade of an ask? >> you are absolutely right. here is how ridiculous this video driving a golf ball. the hidden ax blade and photography the golfballs splits they have 300,000 youtube subscribers and maybe we should start doing more. >> hi it's margaret. you are listening to bill spadea on new jersey 11.5. >> you have seen on the set of e-network/and police but judging by her sweats you can tell she's not into fashion. she's into comedy. her idol is joan rivers so i wanted to do -- and police with her daughter to carry on her legacy. she was a bit jet lagged on today's radio show because she just returned from asia.
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>> it was my homeland. they loved it. can see her perform live in new brunswick jude new jersey saturday check out her new video coming out on amazon. >> senate president steve sweeney and senator loretta -- came to new york to make sure new jersey committees are getting what they need for this five state agency. number one a brand-new bus terminal in manhattan so new jersey commuters don't have to worry about taking another bus and another train and number two money will start rolling in for the building of a new tunnel under the hudson river. $70 million to get started. i asked senator sweeney what difference he thinks his presence makes here. >> i think they are thrilled that tom is here to show how
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important is this to the state of new jersey and the commissioners on both sides of the river listen to everyone and should walk away pretty happy. >> why did it take to port authority so long to get moving on this new bus terminal? senator weinberger believes jeanne vice president joe biden didn't take the bus. for more information on this second time under the hudson river and the progress follow me on twitter at chasing sibile and fox "chasing news" hymn without touching them let me know which one most closely resembles the one that you were holding on the set. carlos alario is that the guns n' roses gun shop taking a look at the bb gun that got into so much trouble. >> what happens here is he pulled the trigger fires.
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>> is a retired cop that rents guns n' roses and an expert taught gun laws. >> they make the law knowing there'll be challenges. now, in your instance i can give you legal advice but you fall into one of those gray areas. >> carlo hugh war call is the acting -- facing weapons charges relating to holding what he thought was a prop gun on a movie set. it turns out it was a functional bb pistol and you'd need to be permitted to have one of those in the garden state. >> carlo is an ex-con and he did a little time years ago for fraud nonviolent stuff but he cannot touch a firearm and he's just the type he pushes you would have run into before his trouble onset. >> i just took it and said okay.
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knowing that you are a felony just took it. >> i didn't think was a violation to have a prop. you assumed it was a prop. >> that's what they made it sound like. it was a prop that they asserted that it was a prop. i have one sheet. bill i have that prop sheet right here. it says on the prop sheet a cell phone to assault rifles and players guns whatever that is that that's a total of three firearms. >> it's listed on the prop sheet that but we know this particular film is cutting corners. so did someone bring a bb pistol to the set instead of securing property which cost money for the rental? >> even the one that i got my son is not see through but it's plastic. it looks real but it only shoots
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how little plastic doll it. >> this was metal. by all indications it would have fallen under new jersey's gun law. >> the other question as to who on the one hand we talk to legislators who want to change the law that says there has to be criminal and tanden lawyer said the same thing, without any intent it should be up to the prosecutor to have discretion to say clearly that i had no intention. >> what's next for him? went at his trial start? >> he shot down a tentative deal that covers open anywhere from probation to five years in prison. he shot that down he will go to trial or it's. >> piazza go fund me site set up he has a go fund me site set up. jersey city's third annual prisoner re-entry conference drew a crowd of over 750 people. for many this is a moment for their voice to be heard. >> what i'm hoping to do is to change public perception.
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recidivism rates and jersey city are spectacularly low compared to the rest of the nation. so many people come to this conference is what is the best way to tackle this problem? reverend al sharpton says it begins with the family as well as the self-esteem of people living in every community spirit that's something newark mayor rob baraka also said. >> we have to invest in people's lives before they decide to go to jail. everybody was saying re-entry is a bipartisan issue however janet napolitano said this is something they would like to see the presidential candidates talk about. >> this needs to change nationally how do you think we could help those coming out of jail were integrated into communities? >> we have thousands of people trying to get in peer choubey let the men are not? some political pundits now think there could be a reason for trump saying that donald is just
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really sleepy. >> it's conceivable that someone sleep-deprived i
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>> give them a slap area of. >> this one is the sleep deprivation. so get ready to get mad. >> does he not get enough sleep
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diana? >> actually i think you did. >> read a? diana i got about four hours of sleep last night and i feel great. >> donald trump certainly doesn't talk like a politician. >> we have thousands of people that want in, should we let the man or not? >> some political pundits now think there could be a reason for that london is saying that donald is just really sleepy. timothy eagan from "the new york times" wrote an editorial on the subject late last month contributing his narcissistic or or -- behavior to sleep deprivation. trump himself said he doesn't get much sleep telling reporters he typically gets anywhere from three to four hours a night raid but does that mean he suffers from sleep deprivation? >> it's conceivable that someone who is sleep-deprived is going
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to make interesting comments and not comments that they mean to? studies have shown people are more susceptible to say something they regret later. i went to dr. robert silverman's office in westchester. ideally a person should snooze for about seven hours a night. not for and certainly not three hours. >> the brain needs sleep. needs rest and clearly if you are sleeping two, three or four hours like some of the candidates indicated that's not ample. as a matter fact your brain needs to shrink and it needs to detox so it needs to shrink in size and go back to a smaller size. >> i asked him how much do you sleep? he said about five and i said maybe he should take your medicine then. it was a joke. >> i would have said it seriously.
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>> if you take a look at all the candidates schedules this election season it's easy to see their days are anything but easy. which leads doctors olbermann to think they'll have sleep deprivation? >> when you are white you don't know what it's like to be poor. what i meant by that is --. >> it's a different kind of calculation and we didn't lose a single person. >> i also interviewed randall pinkett who is a 2005 winner of eight -- while he agreed that donald is certainly a workaholic he also said there's no excuse and donald does not suffer from sleep deprivation. >> the assertion that donald statements are the result of sleep deprivation to me is ridiculous. he's been given every opportunity to either correct or clarify the things he has said and in most instances he has doubled down. when asked whether you want to build a wall he said i'm going to build the best wall. i think mexicans are rapists and
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criminals, yes i do. >> as you can probably imagine he's not going to vote for donald trump. not a big fan. he has a great does this now. >> what i don't understand is that rationality don't get enough sleep you are xenophobic or you start blasting off on mexicans or anyone else. i have gone without sleep before and those things don't pop up. donald trump is who he is. no candidate sleeps. i get up at 3:15 and i'm on the air at 6:00 and i sleep until 10:00 or 11:00 at night to. >> plenty of time to sleep when you're dead. >> absolutely. >> today we want to say happy birthday not to too person or an
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animal but to a song. 20 years ago by the band hanson. a disclaimer for story hanson is still my favorite band and i'm incredibly partial to them. >> i couldn't tell. >> $3 million worth of cocaine and they were abandoned by a jetblue flight attendant who went running from security. she slipped off her heels and ran. >> another day in the life of a chaser. >> we report the news. >> when it comes down to it it's
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not just about the story
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coming up next yoga. for all those yoga lovers
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>> $3 million worth of cocaine and heels have in common? they were both abandoned by a jet flight attendant who went running from security at the los angeles international airport on friday. marcia reynolds was asked to step aside for random security checks before boarding a laguardia bound flight due to 70 pounds of cocaine she had stashed in a carry-on she did whatever any smart person would do and she slipped off her heels and rampage it was heels and ran pitcher was arrested wednesday at kennedy airport and charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute. authorities say they still have no idea how she got it. >> the slipping off the heels and running works. >> no problem.
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>> for all those sea lion and yoga lovers monday night i headed to the first cat café in philadelphia for their weekly cat in the hat and yoga class is pretty much a yoga class --. >> the idea is for the to have a homelike environment so they can be themselves and know their personality. often. >> kathy jordan is started the rescue decided she would set up a café like atmosphere and then you have 12 feline friendly cats roaming around.
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there are no cages or anything and it's a very open environment. i have been to a regular yoga class before but i've never been to one where a bunch of cats are roaming around. apparently cats are yogi. >> the cats are naturally flexible and coordinated an incredibly strong without being musclebound and that's the ultimate goal of yoga. >> i did love the cats being there but they did cause a lot of distractions. i couldn't seem to stay focused and watching every catwalk hime. >> your cats are beautiful to. >> he didn't look like this when they came off the street, none of them. i think they're happy to be rescued. >> with only two weeks of being open three cats have been adopted out of the cat café and
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there's a long waiting list for another cat to be brought in to be adopted. if you think you might want it adopted from the café or to hang out for a few hours to take a yoga session you can make a reservation. it was the cleanest place ever. it smelled nice. it was totally --. >> this is horrifying. this is the worst thing i've ever seen. i hate yoga and i hate cats. it's the worst thing i've ever seen. >> are they like downward facing? that was my line copycat. >> you go there because you love cats and hopefully from this program you can really get to know the cats personality. >> i hate cats but your story is perfect. >> introducing lots of toys
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mostly bunny related. >> ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. >> and good morning. i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. we have some clouds that will be rolling in and then rain. looking at plenty of rain for your friday. could linger into the early afternoon. for friday we're looking for temperatures to be warming in the wake of the rain. warm and windy with winds out of the west-southwest gusting to 30 miles an hour. better weather for the holiday
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