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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  August 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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it is hot. dangerous heat gripping our area with temperatures soaring in the 90's once again today. >> it is real important that people realize how dangerous this is. >> the best way to keep cool and hot line helping folks stay safe. plus, see you, in maybe 2017. i'm not ribbing you. carson wentz on the side line
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with an injury. will we see him on the field here in philadelphia, before next season is this. all of a big lie. >> new line of attack from donald trump. well, sort of. he is not focusing fully on hillary clinton. why this presidential candidate is targeting the media instead. ♪ >> this just in, justin beiber, why selena gomez is telling him, hey justin, get off instagram. >> we know it is something when x gets involved. >> get off instagram you tool. good day is it is monday. sue is on vacation all week. where did she go. >> nia is getting ready to go back to college. >> her birthday, billy had a food truck in his driveway
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over weekend. >> sue's birth the day is august 16th. >> that is tomorrow. >> yes. >> happy birth the day sue. >> little early. >> my birthday was on the tenth, i'm just saying. >> i missed it. >> i will get you next year. >> good, can't wait for. that we will try to get weather, improvement here. we have a number improvement here. it was a six today. we will put it at a seven. not as hot and humid but still hot enough for excessive heat warning through tomorrow afternoon. maybe a little break for heat and humidity but it is back tomorrow. step outside, notice that different, temperatures below 80. mid to low 70's, philadelphia at 76. ultimate doppler is clear. sunshine this morning, heating things up now dew .70. humidity dropped a little bit that light breeze at eight. we will peak up to 95 degrees, heat index close to 100 a little break here in the seven
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day forecast when that heat wave will end coming up. good morning, bob. exactly 7:03 on a machine morning live look at the blue route starting to see delays through delco and see that hot sun bouncing off of the signs here creating some sun glare for the morning rush hour. live look at the freeway folks like to come right back from the shore on a monday morning from the beach right into the office and we are seeing that with extra volume on the parkway, expressway, and on the freeway here. southbound new jersey turnpike a fuel spill in the exit number two which is 322, 15 minute delays on septa's norristown high speed line for signal problems and they have tweaked the system. they made serve us adjustments two new trains on the lansdale doylestown line. one pulled out this morning. another one this afternoon and service adjust also on the following four lines. make sure you have the latest schedule on fox back over to you.
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7:04. lets get over to franklin square, within of my favorite places in philadelphia. people are out and about getting that exercise in early. >> that is because heat is back for a sixth day, steve. >> reporter: this should be the set of our show. i know you guys don't want to go outside but bob kelly could do traffic here. we have sun peeking through the trees. we have fountains here. peeking through trees and fountain look at that live traffic that bob kelly could do here every day. that is south jersey traffic, moving rush hour traffic coming right at you. just a few feet from that the suiting sound of this music. we are in the middle of a class. i would say average age of everybody in that class is in the 70's ape these people are smart. they are in the shade, not over exerting themselves but getting their exercise in at the only time of the day you should exercise in weather like this. before it gets hot. it is not hot, it is cool.
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by this fountain we have a mist. look at the that woman in the green shirt there. she could be the most senior of all but she's getting exercise in, dress add pope eighthly with the capri loose pant on and feeling good. very smart people here getting their exercise in. this guy will go a little bit further with the towel in his hand. shirt is soaking wet. he is running but also running at the best time of the day. now chris gallagher with the philadelphia corporation for aging says heck with exercise beyond this point with each passing day there is even greater danger for people 60 and above. we have got 300,000 people in this city, at that age or more and 2,600,000 people have critical illness. they are this most dangerous. >> air conditioning doesn't work. utility bill too high and they don't want to run the air conditioning. people that just don't have that. a fan in this kind of weather
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will in the help too much. matter of fact the fan could be more dangerous because people tend to shut all their doors and windows, run a fan thinking they are doing themselves good and creates a convection oven effect in their home ape gets hot for longer periods of time and it is dangerous. >> reporter: we say dressed in layers in the winter. dress in the fewest layers of the summer clothes. i don't want to add tour layers in this heat but just a suggestion if you have been watching eagles training camp. sports guys never mention this. is what on the helmet of the quarterback abe defensive backs. well, they are wearing cameras. >> yes. >> and they are doing that because they can correct the errors. i'm thinking mike as quarterback of this show why doesn't he have a camera on his head so bee can see from that angle all of the life mistakes we make on a daily basis. that way we can correct them. just a suggestion, maybe you will get our go pro camera,
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from eric our operations manager, mount it on our head, do a half an hour from that and see prompter, see all that if something is wrong in the prompter we will know it and be able to correct it what do you think. >> here's the down side. most of the mistakes are coming out of me so there would need to be a camera on me, not on my head but maybe on your head. >> so i can look at you and show everything. >> i'm the mistake guy. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> please. we should just leave camera on and see what happens after. >> no. >> i don't think we can hand that will. >> no. >> closing arguments may happen, in what about three or four hours in this kathleen kane case. man, this thing has gone fast. >> both sides rested on friday and the defense didn't call a single witness. >> she didn't take the stan. dave kinchen is on it in montgomery county. hi there, dave. >> reporter: or interpreting this whether the defense throw the towel in, others say they are in the so sure. so we will see exactly what happens today. we know closing arguments are
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set to take place here at the montgomery county courthouse capping a week of compelling testimony in a trial that has placed attorney general kathleen kane against two former aids. prosecutors will likely restate their claim that kane leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper, all for political, pay back, amid squabbles with other prosecutors, and then lying about it leak to allegedly under oath. last week kane declined to take the stand her defense team rested without only calling witnesses but also without presenting any evidence. there is no credible evidence showing kane did anything criminal. testimony included her political advisor who said kane's security team check them for a wire in the philadelphia garage and wiped his wallet, cell phone, keys, also sit down for lunch at a hotel a fix a story for a grand jury. that is what he had told people in court. kane continues to work as a ag without a law license, because it was suspended amid all of
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this proceeding, now again, closing arguments set to start at some point today and jury set to take it at some point from there. back to you. well, we're expecting to learn more today about the tragic death of the berks county family. >> the district attorney's office is set to hold a news conference this afternoon. police found the family of five including three young children and the dog shot dead in the sinking springs home in more than a week. investigators have call it a murder suicide but they have not said who was the shooter. we will learn that today. police referenced come stickish yous between mark and megan short and neighbors say that megan was planning to leave with the kids. >> leaving the relationship all together. >> yes. 7:09. >> one person is dead after an early morning accident in west oak lane. crash happened around 4:30 this morning, on 66th avenue and north 18th street. two other people involved in the crash are being treated for injuries. no word what caused the crash. a woman in frankford was rushed to the hospital after being shot twice in the leg. she was sitting in the van
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when it happen. it happened just before midnight, wakeling and sol street. police tell us that the shooter walked up to the van, fired at least ten round in toilet, the victim is at the hospital, in stable condition, only two bullets hit her but still two bullets. found in the van marijuana, was it drug related? cops are investigating. things are back to normal at jfk airport in new york after reports of the shots fire. >> pretty wild scene. flights were grounded due to the scare. look at this footage here. pretty close to chaos. it was frightening for the passengers as the police swarmed in and their swat gear. police evacuated one terminal, closed another terminal after receiving this 911 call and then they heard shots. all reports though later determined to be unfounded. i don't know what people were hearing but they were not gun shots. nobody was injured. it is not clear who made the call. they are checking on it.
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now to will walke wisconsin shots were fired. one person was shot and then taken to the hospital. another officer was injured. the raging violence comes after police say an officer shot and killed 23 year-old is aville smith saturday night. after he fled a traffic stop, the cops say that he did have a gun in his hand when he was shot. there was no widespread destruction of property last night, none like saturday night. police have not named the officer involved in the shooting. clean up continues in louisiana where at least four people died following days of torrential rains. the federal government has declared a major disaster in the state. state police delivered food ape other supplies for people stranded by high water. the despite the destruction some say it is better that bringing out the best of people to step up and helping those in need. coming up at 7:12 in the race for the white house donald trump back to national
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security today. >> yeah, and hillary clinton looks for some help from vice-president joe biden. she's stumping in pennsylvania as she's going through another e-mail scandal. there is doug luzader live in d.c., hi there doug. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be with joe by men scranton today. biden is expect to hammer away at donald trump. trump meantime will be in that critical swing state of ohio, trying to tie clinton to the obama administration. donald trump is set to hit obama administration on foreign policy today, everything from the war on isis to immigration. his running mates suggesting is there plenty of time for the campaign to get back on track. >> i would say, stay tuned, it is very earl any this campaign this coming monday you will see a vision for confronting radical islamic terrorism. last week you heard a approach to having a growing economy. >> reporter: question for many republicans can trump stay on messages specially against a
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candidate hoist running a careful well funded campaign. >> she's vulnerable but with no money being spent, donald trump being distract, all it does is help the secretary get elected. >> reporter: clinton will campaign with vice-president joe by men pennsylvania today and overnight president will interrupt his martha's vineyard vacation to hold a fundraiser. the reports that the fbi could reports release from congress notes with their interview with clinton as they investigated her e-mail scandal. there are lingering questions about the clinton foundation's influence on the state department while she served as secretary of state leaving her support tours point out that there is no actual proof of wrongdoing. >> there are no laws broken, there is no evidence there was any pay to play. frankly this is a distraction for the trump campaign which is a dumpster fire at this point. >> reporter: that is mantra,
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donald trump meantime lashing out at media on twitter saying if he was treated fairly by media would be 20 points up on hillary clinton right now. real clear politics average has him down by 6.8 percent, somewhere in that neighborhood. >> mike and alex. >> where did the term dumpster fire start? >> reporter: probably in a dumpster somewhere. >> i imagine some alley somewhere. >> now politicians are using it. >> doug, thank you. >> eventually they will be using dumpster pool. >> i like that. >> yes. >> okay. >> best way to put out a dumpster fire. what. >> make a dumpster pool. this afternoon's event by the way that doug was just talking about the president will be in his hometown of scranton, pennsylvania. so the vice-president is expected to praise hillary clinton, for offering solutions for the middle class on jobs and education. he will also cast clinton as key to building on the obama
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administration's legacy. you know, a year ago they thought that was a iffy thing to promote but they are all in on that. now tomorrow hillary clinton returns to philadelphia for the first time since her nomination at the convention. sheila tend a voter registration event in west philadelphia, over the at the high school, west philadelphia high school on chestnut street. the event is opened to the public, it is scheduled to begin at 1:15 in the after noon. >> first time back. i wonder if philly will have special memories for her. >> i would think so she made history n a history making city, dave warren. >> makessens is. >> history making weather is what we have had but we are looking good right now. not too bad. get out and enjoy it. do it early. temperatures will start to rise with that sunshine. look a these numbers lower 70's, down below 80, that is what you like to see at this hour. the last few mornings where we had lows that did not drop below 8o heat continues to build up. we will get a break, ready for the rain, nothing on ultimate
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doppler radar. nice start at 76 degrees, dew .70. it goes down a bit, not as hot or humid but it is still hot enough with that heat up decks to keep competitive heat warning in effect today and more so tomorrow. stretch it out because tomorrow we will see heat index back above one hundred degrees getting a little break. not as hot or humid. few showers or storms overnight tonight, we will see clouds at 3:00 a.m. maybe a sprinkle or two. clears out by tomorrow but by tomorrow afternoon more typical afternoon showers and storms are here and another storm is coming in, pulling backup that humidity and the heat so our heat index is higher tomorrow. a few of these storms could be strong or severe. we are in the slight risk for severe weather, that includes berks, upper montgomery, upper bucks, lehigh valley and carbon and monroe counties. seven day forecast we have a break from the heat on thursday, off and on showers, up until then, and with that high heat and humidity.
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temperatures above 90. heat wave continues. it end thursday. a one day 90-degree temperature on friday and better weekend, saturday and sunday just a few showers and storms but highs because low 90 and that comes with lower humidity, bob. >> sounds good, 7:17. getting up a and out. you know you have a bad start when you are kissing concrete barrier here. this is southbound lanes of route one near route 32 in bucks county. we are down to one lane in the right lane squeezing on by and the sun glare, every where, this morning like here in delaware county i-95 northbound for the gang coming back from the delaware beaches. watch for delays heading towards commodore barry. southbound i-95 no problems over the scudders. guess what today is. >> monday. >> national lemon marange day, wouldn't that be a great cool treat on a hot day. we got a love it. as we take a look now at the schuylkill expressway eastbound down to one lane later on today.
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the get ready. beginning at 9:00 you can eat a whole pie here down to one lane here from 9:00 to 3:00. penndot is working on the drains here gladwynn into city line. heading to the airport use the blue route 476 to save yourself sometime. fifteen minute delays on septa's are no is town regional rail line. high speed line because of signal problems. they made service adjustments on lansdale, warminster, media, west trenton, all four lines have new tweaks in it so make sure you have updated schedule and grab that, bob. >> you bring up pie. lets get on twitter what do you say. >> okay. >> do you know the top five pies. number five. >> all right. >> work up to one, is apple. >> yes. >> number four is your lemon marange. >> yes. >> number three is banana cream. >> number two, pumpkin. and my number one pie...
7:19 am
cherry. >> cherry. >> very tart cherry, my mom had a cherry tree in our backyard. my mom would make us a tart cherry pie. >> sweet potato. >> no. >> what is wrong. >> no, no. >> if you slide a sweet potato pie in and say pumpkin, i would get so mad. >> there is a big difference. >> huge difference. >> don't try to pawn off a sweet potato pie as a pumpkin pie. >> what about pecan pie. >> we have had good ones here, i love that. >> don't ever try to do this don't ever try to do, rubash, as opposed to cherry. don't slip me a rubash and say it is a cherry. >> who is doing this to you. >> it has happened. >> rubarb people. >> yes. >> pot luck. >> yes. >> i played bingo and they ate popcorn and gave us pie after
7:20 am
the bingo. >> if you captain decide between american and mexican food how about combining the two. >> sure. >> burger king is creating something called a whooper rito, a hamburger stuffed in the tortilla. half hamburger, half burrito. i will go to the burger king at eighth and market and try one of these. >> you will have it your way. >> i will have it my way. they say they won't make it until 10:30. >> the question is can mike convince burger king to make him a whooperrito an her before time. >> breaking the law. >> an outlaw. >> i am a rebel.
7:21 am
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that is a burger king. >> yes. >> no matter what. >> burger king. so, i am going to walk down from fourth and market to eighth and market, burger king people, lauren, dent know i'm coming. i will busto in there and get
7:24 am
a whooperrito. they say they won't serve it until 10:30. i will try to talk them into it. >> you are assuming none of them are watching right now. >> you know, that is a good point. i probably shouldn't have said that. >> you will try rouperito, basically a whooper in a tortilla. so whoop are meets burrito. we have beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles in sauce. three bucks at participating location is today. >> today. >> i'm thinking of the hot dog, chicken fries, i'm thinking of the mack and cheatoos. they are even going in to mexican flavors. going in to chip potle's territory to get customers going there. >> is that chipotle's territory. >> you know what, i have never been in a chipotle. >> you are so weird. we need to make this happen.
7:25 am
>> is it that good. >> we need camera crews following you in chipotle. >> there is one at 16th and walnut. >> yes. >> why have you not been in. >> i just don't know. >> it seems nice. people look like they are having fun. two nights ago i saw two people go in there on a date. >> yes. >> how about that. >> if a guy took to you chipotle you would be all right with that. >> lauren, are you okay with this. >> not on the first day. >> what kind of first date do you have, lauren. >> i don't have any, anymore. >> oh, god not a lot of them, put it that way. >> she's deflecting. >> much more fancy restaurants. >> a good first date that i had. oh, sports, i have always been taken to good seats at sports events. >> chipotle, sports.
7:26 am
>> she's probably in the box, in a suite. >> yes. >> me i'm just trying for a seven dollars burrito. >> that is her life she's basically a seven dollars burrito. >> hey lauren where did you go on the first date with your husband. >> pf chang's. >> i totally forgot. >> basically chipotle. >> no, that is nice. >> it is a long story though, it was really late, halloween night. >> yeah. >> that is like a booty call. >> it became a date. >> yes. >> we know what was going on. >> he was out with somebody else earlier in the evening. >> she has at ring now. >> and a baby. >> lettuce wrap over there is good. >> that is what they are men for. >> yes. >> there is pf change's there. >> is there one in king of prussia, pf change's.
7:27 am
>> plymouth meeting. >> okay. >> cherry hill. >> closing arguments set to begin probably in the next few hours in this attorney general kathleen kane trial. >> legal experts ken rottweiler explains most damaging testimony that kane is facing right now. >> ken, can you make this interesting. >> i can. >> we will see. i approve this message. donald trump: i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f--- themselves! you know, you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of r wherever... you gotta see this guy. ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh.
7:28 am
"i don't remember." he's going like "i don't remember!"
7:29 am
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one more reason to consider cutting back on the sewed a in the next hour could drinking too many sugary drinks make you sicker then you think. but first it looks like things changed between selena gomez and justin beiber are getting bad there celine ace criticizing her x publicly and on social media on his account, um-hmm. good day, it is monday, august 15th, 2016. yes, it is another day we are dealing with this heat, dave. >> muggy start here today. we have sunglasses, phillies won last night but humidity is here. not quite as bad as it has been. temperatures cooler in the 70's and 80's. the it is off to a cooler start but by afternoon, heat and humidity keeping excessive heat warning in effect. ultimate doppler radar we are cleared this morning. maybe a few showers or storms coming through area tonight. partly cloudy skies this afternoon a few light showers with this area of moisture working it way through
7:31 am
overnight from baltimore through philadelphia just a passing shower tonight not in the afternoon. temperatures mid 70's, lower 07's to the north and western suburbs. 68-degree temperature there at mount pocono. comfortable start but heating up quickly we will be in the 90's this afternoon peeking at 95. those storms come in late tonight and more tomorrow. there is some relief in the seven day forecast, heat wave comes to an end. right now lets look at roads with bob. >> 7:31. good morning everybody. we have an accident at southbound lanes of route one right at route 13. this is causing delays for everyone trying to get down toward the pennsylvania turnpike at philly/bensalem interchange. the left lane is block. only right lane squeezing on through, downtown we will go we have sun popping out at your back here working your way from pretty much broad street through ramps for schuylkill expressway. schuylkill your normal delays outbound from city line out to conshohocken n bound sun glare at the curve. big delay will come right
7:32 am
after the rush hour and penndot set to work today, gladwynn to city on the eastbound side down to one lane and they will be cleaning out drains. expect huge delays coming into the city after 9:00 a.m. if you are trying to get to the airport would i use blue route 476 as your alternate. norristown high speed line is running with 15 minute delays due to early morning signal problems. mike and alex, back to you. closing arguments are set begin in the criminal trial of the state attorney general kathleen kane. >> the defense rested its case on friday without calling a single witness. case could go to the jury sometime today. ken, of course, is our legal expert, welcome back. >> hi there mike. >> why wouldn't you call somebody to your defense, my gosh they have been saying bad things about her. >> that is what is puzzling everybody. there were 14 witnesses against her. it is not unusual she wouldn't testify. a lot of times defendants don't testify but the fact that she had nobody testify is surprising thing here. i think it caught have been
7:33 am
off guard. they will have closing arguments today. >> what would be the attorney's reason in their mind say this is a good idea. >> their defense is that the testimony against her, they are all liars. biggest liar is her political strategies josh marrow who testified against her. he said that she planned the week, he said she covered up the leak. their defense is that he is a complete liar. there is truth to that because he has already lied before the grand jury. now he has been given immunity in this trial. they can get up, and say he lied then, and matter of fact he lied more than once but he lied then and now. here's the problem, they have an audio tape, telephone conversation between this guy marrow and another political operative where it basically substantiates what he is saying because the night before they were going to give this information to the daily news he called one of the political friends and basically said kathleen kane is unhinged. the she's making me do this
7:34 am
stuff, making me leak this information. even if they call him a liar it seems like prosecution will say you can call him a liar but why would he lie on the telephone call the night before to a political friend when asking that political friend advice. >> didn't they cross-examine him. >> they did. they certainly cross-examine him. but the problem is that this testimony is, if the jury believes it she will be quick very quickly. i think her problem is that this audio tape, if i was the prosecution, i would get up and say members of the grand jury listen to that audio tape. it is me calling you and say my boss is making me do this, what should i do, i can get in trouble, why would i take the heat for something you do and you give me advice. that is audio tape. >> why was it taped? who taped it. >> that is a very interesting question. it was a fellow lisco who was connected to rob mccord under investigation.
7:35 am
the fbi was reporting his conversation and it just so happened that this guy marrow called him, yes, talk about bad luck for kathleen kane. that was bad luck because but for that phone call i think she probably wouldn't be convicted. >> you think she will be. >> i think she will be quick. >> what could happen. >> she could get seven years in jail. >> because she is public official and lied to the grand jury which is a complete no, no i think she will serve time. >> has an attorney general ever been thrown in jail. >> preate. >> yes. >> and i believe he did serve time in jail. i think this will happen quickly, closing arguments today, injury will not take a long time. if they quick her i don't think it will take a long time. we will necessity by wednesday. >> i think we will know by tomorrow but i'm hedging on wednesday. >> thanks, ken. >> 7:35. you know adele? she's turning down a huge offer, many artist was kill
7:36 am
for to appear on good day fill. >> really. >> why the grammy winzinger says that she is refusing to perform at the super bowl half time show. that is a big get. how nfl and pepsi which sponsors half time show are responding to her claims. wait until you hear what they are claim is about the super bowl.
7:37 am
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♪ ♪ this is the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. that one's from my friend caitlyn. "you always encouraged me to go after my dreams. well, it's my turn now. love always, your future maid of honor."
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well, it's my turn now. did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! adele and i have something in common. >> what is that. >> neither one of us will be performing at the super bowl half time show. >> okay. >> she has turned down an offer to be at the half time show. the grammy award winzinger told an audience at a show in los angeles over the weekend that she doesn't want to perform because the show, half time show, it is not about music. she doesn't dance well she said and you kind of need to dance well on stage. >> that is not true.
7:40 am
>> i will agree with her. it is more like a show not just about pure music. people want fire works, they want you dancing and all kind of stuff. if adele went on that stage and did her singing wearing all black and didn't even move you don't think people would be like come on that was boring, you didn't do anything. >> that is exactly what will happen. >> i see her point. >> they want people walking up, and flashing colors and things. >> big fire works. >> i guess she could have fire works behind her, she could have dancers doing stuff. >> okay. >> nfl and pepsi released this statement. nfl and pepsi are big fans of adele. we have had conversations with several artists about the pepsi super bowl half time show. however, we have not at this point extended a formal offer to adele or anyone else. we are focused on putting together a fantastic show for houston and we look forward to revealing that in good time. all in good time.
7:41 am
>> basically they have said no, we didn't ask you. you don't want to be on our show. >> i'm not going out with you, i never asked you out. >> exactly. >> typical response. >> maybe it is just threw it out there, we want to perform at the super bowl sometime. >> she turned down something she has not even offered. >> according to them. >> they did it, behind the scenes. >> yes. >> and then girl is like no, no, i don't think so. >> i was just joking. >> it wasn't official invite. >> do you want me to take to you burger king and get you a whooperito. >> i'm good. >> justin beiber is one of the most followed people on instant grant gram, he has 77 million followers. >> do you have a million. >> no. >> well, now he is threatening to make his account private. how would i keep my beiber updates, if he goes private. >> this is after drama involving his new girl friend, rumored girl friend.
7:42 am
>> who is that. >> lionel richie's daughter. >> he posted this picture and she's 17 years old. so-so fee a richie. he said hate is out offhand. wow make his account private, and he asked his fans, he said if you guys are real fans of me, you need to support who i hang out with. you shouldn't just trash her. try to be opened to her. >> she's 17. >> yes. >> she's about to be 18. >> all right. >> selena gomez left a comment on his photo. she is usually quiet about him. this time she said something. if you can't handle the hate then stop posting picture of your girlfriend. it should be special between you two only. don't be mad at your fans. they love you and supported you before anyone ever did. >> she's still into beiber, selena is. >> that seems like jealousy. >> maybe she's just helping him out, she has been with him a while. she knows how he is. you would think, they have each other phone number.
7:43 am
you don't to have to that. >> i know this story about her dad lionel richie, he is going to have a baby yes. >> he is in a relationship with somebody who is 28 or 29. >> how old is he. >> well in his 60's. >> who is having a baby recently. >> mick jagger. >> he is having a baby. >> who is music artist over weekend tried to get down on the dm with mallia owe bam. difficult hear that, but who was it. >> no it wasn't ti. >> he just had a baby. >> hold on, hold on. >> we will tell you after the break i'm googling. >> now that it is important but it is we are. >> ray j who just got married over the weekend and down in the dm with mallia obama. >> was that where it happened? carson wentz hurt? we will not even see him this season on the field at the link. who is coming in? we have a sports guy. >> who is that.
7:44 am
>> mark farseta.
7:45 am
7:46 am
good morning everybody. folks coming back from the shore after a nice weekend extra heavy on the expressway, parkway and freeway coming in toward the walt whitman bridge. delays on the schuylkill inbound with some sun glare there at the curve. turnpike heavy westbound into mid county. then an accident in chester
7:47 am
county route 401 just off of route 202 there and right after 9:00 o'clock look out penndot coming to clean out drains, bringing draino with them from 9:00 to 3:00 town to one rain eastbound, gladwynn into city line. how hot will it be for drain cleaners? dave has got forecast in 15 seconds good morning, heat warning still in effect not as widespread the past few days and may not be as hot and humid as it has been but still hot enough to keep that in effect today. not quite as warm as it has been in the morning down in the mid 70's, nice comfortable start but heating up in the 90's this afternoon. radar is clear for now. we will have a few showers moving through tonight but we will keep it partly cloudy and
7:48 am
then those showers and storms moving through possibly tonight mainly to the south. more showers and thunderstorms developing tomorrow afternoon. our heat index values in the 90's, close to a hundred degrees but much hotter tomorrow. we will see that heat index climbing above 100 here tomorrow have afternoon. here's relief on the seven day thursday 89 degrees. chaps of the shower on friday. nice comfortable weekend saturday and sunday. make to it thursday. >> eighty-nine is a relief. >> isn't that nuts. eagles held their april you'll military practice last night at the link and one player that the fans did in the get to see taking art in the drills was carson wentz. >> carson suffered a hairline fracture of one of his ribs during thursday preseason opener with the bucks. watch this. where was the defense there. man, untouched. nailed him. he is hurting. >> here's more where i'm conn feesed. we need to bring in mark
7:49 am
farseta. i said carson wentz is hurt. people said yeah, you didn't know. he came out, was smiling at the press conference. were you there. >> he looked like he was smiling, walk in fine, no problems whatsoever. he looked like he had time of his life except getting beat up. he looked fine. >> maybe adrenaline. >> that could be. >> but he is fine. >> that was his last play of the game so he was taken out. >> this was the play. >> i believe right tackle here is vital and sixth round pick in this past draft. that was one of the two really bad plays he had this this game allowing edge rush tore get around there and get to the quarterback. he is in the direct shot to the ribs. not a surprise to see him grabbing his rib cage. no doubt taken out. many people were tweeting during that part of the game why is he still in. he has been in there for two
7:50 am
quarters behind that offensive line which is terrible, third and fourth stringers. why is he even still in the game. this play is proof of that. >> he is our third stringer. >> why would he be in the game if he said all along wow not play. >> they knew wow play him in this game. >> but not in the season. >> you want to make sure no matter who your quarterback is first overall, second overall or seventh round pick you just want to see if he looks comfortable. to me in this game he check off that box that he looked comfortable. the moment didn't look too big for him. that is one thing he showed new this game. >> we won't see him rest of the preseason. >> he wants to come back in three weeks come back for final game of the preseason. i'm saying thanks, no thanks i appreciate the effort of trying to make it back for that but right now just take it easy, we will get you in later in the season. >> did they take him out because he was hurt. >> that was his last play in the game. >> but he walk in. >> he walk in the press
7:51 am
conference smiling. >> he knows how to suck it up. >> he just left an amusement park. >> that was fun, what a ride. >> that is not a good place to be either, okay mark. first time i have seen you since we have been talking football. >> all right. >> where are you as far as the season is concern. >> do you want my win total. >> right now, the eagles will be lucky, to win six games. >> who did we have last week seven and nine. >> sean brace. >> you know sean. >> of course, yes. >> we're twins according to some people. >> yes. >> tell me about it. >> what was our prediction last year this time last year. >> this time last year ten, 11 wins for most people. everybody bought in the chip kelly scheme. nobody is buying into doug pederson. >> are you listening to adele. >> that is worst idea ever to have her perform at the super bowl. whoever thought of that should
7:52 am
get fired good why is that because she doesn't dance. >> they want preteens in the audience like crying their eyes out. >> if i gave you free ticket to adele would you go. >> absolutely. >> can i get two tickets. >> yes. >> that is what he is doing. if you went by yourself. >> in, that is sad depressed, lonely, i would wear an adele sprayed on sweat shirt with her crying and me crying, beautiful thing. >> this guy is scarring the hell out of me now. >> you are the one who asked me. >> how do you know what people wear to the concert. >> i have googled it for humor he is totally into her. >> saturday night he was in the fetal position, listening to adele. >> so ten losses. >> yeah, six-ten. >> there is no good team in philadelphia. yes, there is philadelphia soul, arena bowl on the 26th against arizona. >> it is like their super bowl. >> we made it. >> another team we can look forward to, temple owls this he were great last year
7:53 am
building on another great season. >> it start now. >> today with jen. >> this is how good this team is, there are legitimate nfl scouts in the building. they will be here to see me with my moves, did you hear i'm going to try something here on the field at 8:45. come on back we will talk to coach, guys, with some ra.
7:54 am
my son has meningitis b. but how did we end up here? his mom thought he had the flu and that he was covered by the meningococcal meningitis vaccine he had received. until 2014 there were no vaccines for meningitis b in the u.s. now there are. while uncommon, meningitis b can lead to death within 24 hours. trumenba is a vaccine for 10 through 25 year olds to help prevent group b meningococcal disease. trumenba should not be given if you had a severe allergic reaction after a previous dose.
7:55 am
most common side effects were injection-site pain, fatigue... headache, muscle pain, and chills. ask your doctor or pharmacist about all the risks and benefits of trumenba and tell them if you've received any other meningitis b vaccines. meningitis b can be spread by typical sharing like... a drink... a spoon... a kiss. it all started here... it might have been prevented with trumenba. ask your doctor or pharmacist about trumenba.
7:56 am
>> new reason to cut back on sewed, it is linked to gallbladder cancer. researchers said eating and drinking habits of 07,000 adults and found people drank two or more soda or juicy drinks a day double their risk. >> double. >> double their risk of getting tumors. >> on their gallbladder. >> yes. >> do you drink soda. >> do i not. >> juicy drinks, concerned me because i love juice. >> yes. >> what do you drink the naked
7:57 am
juices, you ever drink that name stuff. >> i have had it before, that is kind of expensive. >> yes. >> fancy stuff. >> all right cheap skate. >> good news for coffee drinkers, we do a study once a week on coffee, is it good or bad. >> this is good, other one was bad. >> you are right. >> this new study we found it is good for your heart. doctor mike says that too. research shows that heart attack patients who drink one or two cups of coffee a day are 20 percent less likely to die prematurely from heart damage. what is prematurely in this day and age, what is the going rate now. what is life expectancy, 78, 80, sue can you look that it. >> she's not here. >> is what life expectancy foreman and with man in the you had of america in 2016. it is not clear how coffee actually helps the body but it has been found to help treat other conditions as well as
7:58 am
besides heart disease. do we have an answer yet. >> it is 79. >> i was right there. >> it wasn't 78 or 80 it is what is the difference between men and women. >> women used to live longer. >> and then what happens. >> eighty-one. >> eighty-one for women. seventy-six for men. >> seventy-six for men. >> you have to put up with me a licensing time. >> it is because, you know why. >> why? >> because women stress us out. >> what? >> you guys stress us out. >> you are killing us. >> we just stand by and watch, really. if you listen to us, you would live longer. >> you don't listen to us, that is the problem. >> now i'm sandwiched by two beautiful stressed filled women. >> your we stressed you are filling me with stress. >> just pleasure sitting between the two of you.
7:59 am
>> so nice of you. >> both off together are killing me faster. should parents go to jail if they have their kids on a vegan diet. take the meat from them. that is actually, they are considering this in the country of italy. >> putting parents in jail because they put their kids on a vegan diet. >> they are taking away the meat, milk, cheese, all that. so dangerous that is what group of italian lawmakers calling strict vegan diets for kid. they want to make it a crime to put their kid on these diets after several children were hospitalized are, for malnutrition. doctors say parents kept their children from indulging in the meats and cheeses restricting them to vegan options only. fourteen month-old baby was found weighing what a three month-old baby should weigh and two-year old was in intensive care. eleven month-old nearly died showing signs of what amounts to starvation. owe even ifing parents could be sentenced to at least a year in jail.
8:00 am
if the child becomes sick or injured because of the diet, the sentence rises to four years, six years in that child dies. of course, twitter responding and people going crazy on twitter having their opinions one way or the other. >> that is in italy not in our country. the don't babies have to have milk when they are younger do they. >> i guess not in italy i don't think they do. >> you would think they would consult with a doctor. >> i don't know. >> interesting. >> i don't have any interest. >> when is doctor mike coming back. >> tomorrow. >> we should ask him. >> we will. >> are you okay. >> i'm all right. >> as part of the society or whatever that drinks the milk of something -- >> yeah you don't see cows drinking the milk of a rhino or humans. >> i think it is truey don't drink milk. >> i grew up drinking milk. that is just what happens. >> milk makes a body good. >> that is what they say.
8:01 am
>> got milk. thanks. >> you're welcome. >> that was riveting. >> thank you. good day, monday, august 15th, 2016. a three-year old boy takes his own life after years of bullying. >> yes. >> who the by him self blames in the tragic letter he left behind. heat wave drags on. >> temperatures sore through the on's as we enter a sixth day of dangerous heat. is there a end in sight. we have trouble in rio, ryan lochte, robbed at gunpoint. how thieves got the best of some olympic athletes. plus the photo of usain bolt that people just can't get
8:02 am
over. >> who is house? >> run's house. >> yes, run's house. >> you know his music, his family and now he wants to you know more. how he is helping people in our area. >> whose house. >> run's house. >> ♪ >> i need some relationship advice. >> he gives great relationship advice. >> he does give good advice. >> it works for him. burger king is like oreo cookie company. >> they come out with different flavors. you buy oreos. so burger king is doing the same thing. they had the black bun do you remember at halloween. >> yes. >> i ate one of those. >> they had weanis, i walked from here down to eighth and
8:03 am
market, this is about a year ago. >> yes, it was raining. >> and i got them to give me a hot dog. >> yes. >> give leave me wean ie alone. >> so now they have created something available for first time at 10:30 called the whooperito. >> yes it is a hamburger, your whooper classic, number one. >> not with cheese. >> yes. >> and it is just whooper too maybe i don't know. >> but they have crammed tonight to a for tea, it is basically a hamburg inner a for tea a burrito and hamburg are. >> yes. >> here's the problem though they don't start serving that until 10:30. >> we go off air at ten. >> i have to talk my way in to this talk them into making it early. >> mike comes in and burger king people and manager to make something that they have not put on the menu just yet. >> they have ingredients right
8:04 am
there. they can do it from a half an hour. >> it is against their policy. remember we tried to get free taco from his taco bell. they are like, it started at like one. >> it was like 12:50. >> we will to have call corporate. >> we cannot give out free tacos until one. >> i waited. i want my free taco. >> they cost 07 cents and she waited for a half an hour. >> i waited ten minutes. >> i was than the worried about waiting. >> get on the phone with corporate right now. >> don't call burger king don't tell them we're coming. >> this is the mike test. >> nothing spells a hot refreshing on a hot day then a burrito. >> big bean burrito. >> at 10:00 o'clock in the morning hot and spicy. >> how hot will it get. >> it will be hot but not quite as hot. weather by the numbers are up to a seven, little improvement from yesterday, because not quite as hot, not quite as humid but still hot enough to keep us here, excessive heat warning through tomorrow, and
8:05 am
little break today but that heat and humidity comes back tomorrow but it is i-95 corridor not the surrounding suburbs like it was over the weekend. seventy-eight right now. a little better, not quite as, a little cool they are morning and humidity down a bit. ultimate doppler radar looks clear for new but this is just before temperatures climbing into the upper 90's today that heat index will feel a lot hotter then that. eighty right now heading close to a hundred but increasing tomorrow. a break in the seven day i'll show you when coming up, here's bob. >> 8:05. back to work back after a weekend. we are looking live at 42 freeway folks coming back from the shore. a lot of times on a machine we will see that extra volume on the expressway, parkway and seeing that toward philadelphia in the 8:00 o'clock hour. next camera westbound schuylkill at girard avenue ramp. everybody is off to the shoulder but we are dealing with sun glare every where here this morning.
8:06 am
delays on the schuylkill eastbound from pretty much king of prussia in and around the curve, turnpike itself heavy from fort washington over to norristown and otherwise mass transit, norristown high speed line running with 15 minute delays, mike and alex back over to you. we're in for another day of extreme heat on is what the sixth day when it comes to the heat wave. so far three people died as a result of heat related issues. people need to take this serious. >> that is why we brought in steve on our top story of the day, hey steve. >> reporter: serious story but we can take a light look at weather. we are by franklin square fountain and it feels cooler here because of the little breeze or at least there was but still without a breeze. mist blows off this because there is so much water going every which way. taking advantage of both the shade and fountain, the class here. mike, i got relationship advice if you need it. you might want to get on this class. look at the relationship and
8:07 am
ratio between men and women. this guy in the red shirt is the only guy here, look at all of the chicks you got on choose from. it is one to a dozen. plus is there girls watching this class on the benches. if you get too tired, over exerted doing this class you go to the bench and hit on these women on the bench as well. is there your advice of the day better advice comes from chris gallagher with the philadelphia a corporation for aging, listen to what he has in case you are wondering what to do to beat the heat. >> plenty of liquid, light clothing, light activity, cool bath or shower in the middle of the take can change your body temperature. but key toys get out of the heated environment, apartment, house, that is instead of being hundred degrees outside it is 115 in the house not running air conditioning. fan will not help in that type of weather. you will really want to get your self out of that environment, go to somebody else's house with air
8:08 am
conditioning, go shopping. anything like that to get your body cooled off with air conditioning. >> reporter: looking at this class surprising stats, surprise to go me from the philadelphia corporation for aging there are 290,000 people in this city age 60 or over and 250,000 of those people 60 and above have at least one chronic illness and those people are the ones most vulnerable. we have older folks here and folks as we spin around on this side of franklin square getting exercise in the shade. this is only time to exercise. with the sun up and i know you are walking to burger king you will be flame broiled walking down the street at 9:40 because you because you will feel how hot it is once you get out of the air conditioned studio. >> maybe this is a good look for you. >> what flame broiled. >> you know what i watch that tie che i can get into that.
8:09 am
>> really. >> they do look like they are exerting themselves that much. i can to that. >> is is is it being outside or finding your center. >> have you seen my che. >> no, i have not seen my che. >> isn't che just out there. >> if you see my che could you before it it back to me. >> is there a che wrought iron there is one of those good what. >> flat iron. >> called che. >> i never knew that. >> yes. >> do you need one. >> no. >> i have been around flat irons. >> yes. >> which ones, can you name a flat iron brand. >> give me a brand of flat iron. >> che. >> che. >> maybe it is chi. >> i think it is chi. >> twitter will weigh in and let me know. would i love to see you do it. >> do what. >> what tie che or flat iron. i need a flat iron. >> tie che. >> i love to see your tie che.
8:10 am
>> i need my edges done. in about an hour this is no laughing matter for kathleen kane defense rested its case on friday. the jury may get this case today. >> that is true. >> our legal analyst ken rottweiler. >> yes. >> he thinks jury will make a quick decision and thinks maybe happen today or tomorrow but wednesday at the latest. so dave kinchen all this is to say dave kinchen is in montgomery county. boy that was long winded. hi, dave. >> reporter: we can tell you attorney general kathleen kane has just arrived here at montgomery county courthouse and she is, getting ready, of course for closing statements in this trial. this is video of hear rifle flanged by security officers and likely her legal counsel. i asked if she thought she could be convicted, she did
8:11 am
not answer which is no surprise in a case like this. today prosecutors will likely restate their claim that kane leaked secret grand jury information to a newspaper and allegedly lied about the leak under oath. kane declined to take the stand herself and the defense rested her case without calling witnesses or visiting any evidence. her lawyers said there is no credible evidence showing kane did anything criminal. court set to start moment trily within the hour. she's here and then injury ill will take from it there. back to you. we will have cameras and have a full report on fox and at five. six and ten. 8:11. this is perfectible. heart break. a lot of anger. a 13 year-old look at this takes his own life because he was bullied. that is message he left. >> no one should to have bury
8:12 am
their child. no child should to have go through what my son went through. >> that is little boy's dad. >> who the by him self blamed in the tragic letter he left behind and warning for all parents.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
a 13 career old boy is bullied, and committed suicide last thursday. >> he opens up but what he experienced at school through a heartfelt letter that he left. he was found dead last week in the family's attic by his older sister, a belt wrapped around his neck, daniel holy angel catholic contacted my in brooklyn new york n his letter he wrote he was bull by classmates and tried to get help but he was ignored. school officials say he did receive three counseling sessions. meanwhile his heart broken father spoke up, about his son's death. >> he ain't never like me. he was better than me. >> my god. >> he thanked people for their support in the wake of his son's death. one of our attorneys jennifer brandt and jj cannon. jj, lets talk about this.
8:16 am
you have contacted that little boy's sister who is 17. >> i reached out because one of the first question i have had was to ask whether or not daniel was active on any social media because i was wondering if that was strictly bullying at school or on line. she responded that he was not active on any social media. >> bullying on line is rampant. >> absolutely rampant. >> i have to say i'm noticing more and more there seems to be an evaporation of empathy among young people today and i feel like part of the reason is because they are becoming desensitized to violence and sort of things very young. >> are kid affect by bullying even though bullying them is a total stranger. it still has an effect. >> if you are seeing word in print this is a whole different thing. we're talking about a small
8:17 am
private catholic school with very few students so in that situation it is almost worse because you have a harder time getting a way from those children. >> because of the smaller classrooms. >> you air around them. >> sister found him, he hang himself. >> not shannon but other older sister, i feel like her name might be kathleen. >> do they talk about knowing at all did he come home and talk about what was going on at school. >> i want to be very careful because this is so fresh. my own daughter turned 13 on the day that danielle killed himself. it is haunting, heart break go to even imagine what that family is going through but i asked her if she had any message that she wanted to share. she just basically said that daniel was all about love and he never wanted people to be fighting and he was just a good, good soul. >> good kid. >> lets get back to the school then. we talk about the private school, they say they gave him
8:18 am
three counseling sessions. >> that is right. >> can they be held responsible for this. >> this is becoming a bigger issue because so many unfortunate suicides and kids accusing schools. now teachers, counselors do have a higher duty then regular citizens in reporting any bullying incident or knowing about any possible suicide attempts but here we're talking about the proximity issue. the child hung himself in august, school has been out for a to months already. so although he may have written this note at the end of june i think they will be hard pressed to find the school liable when there is so many time that has passed. he wrote in the note teachers didn't help him but did he say there was one teach shore did pay attention. so i think that also blurs the issue a bit. it is in the like they completely ignored this situation. >> school spokesmen says his complaint did in the fall on deaf ears, incidents of bullying are always addressed at that school.
8:19 am
>> the principal defended the school in the letter to parents. she said we remain committed to arraying awareness about bullying and training teachers, staff, parents, students on prevention. >> i repose ted this on fox yesterday, my god, thousands and thousands of people sounded with comments about their experience with bullying, of themselves and their kids. >> schools will to have make a greater effort to get anti bullying policies in place. a lot of the public schools do but this private school unfortunately they have to learn from this incident and put a strong policy in place and have no tolerance for any bullying of any sort. we will see that more and more. >> they did bring some bullies together and made it even worse, how can we turn this in, i don't know, what do you do. >> i will tell new i daughter had a very upsetting experience in sixth grade with two boys to her and said extraordinarily upsetting and in a prep eighth things to
8:20 am
her. when she told me, i immediately contact the principal, and one of the main things that i told the principal is i do not want these boys to apologize to her. i do not want anymore attention brought to my child. i want to you deal with these boys and luckily they did. they actually brought the boys in the principal office with their parents and made them repeat to their parents what they said to my daughter. now fortunately i think i was more upset about this then she was, she handled very really well, but we talk a lot. we don't know family dynamic of daniel fitzpatrick. there are so many vague pieces to this story. >> it start with communication, that is key, telling your children that they must talk and keeping these lines of communication opened. you are the first person they will come to and up to you to let the school know is what going on.
8:21 am
>> thank you both. >> heart breaking. >> very sad. >> we have some trouble in rio, ryan lochte, somebody pulled a gun on him. yes, he won a medal but somebody tried to rob him and bunch other athletes we will explain. jen is over at temple getting football team ready to go. hi coach. >> you know we love him right. he is getting a little more coachy this morning, he wants his guys to do well. we will talk about preseason expectation is sound great. >> some of your expectation toss me. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> we will be right back.
8:22 am
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in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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everything naand it doesn't take is so wholesothe whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. can show you coverage options to fit your budget. oh -- ohhh! she slimed me. [ laughs ] we're about two weeks away from the home opener for the temple owls football. >> yes, yes, i'm so excited. football is coming up. >> yes. >> that is what happens. >> so harm i will invade. army will be invading philadelphia. >> they are getting ready now you will get ready you need to
8:25 am
have jen fred on your team, sidelines. >> thank god they have a coach too and that is who jen business. hi matt. >> mike. >> coach matt rule one of our favorite guys good morning. >> good morning. >> let's call it like i see it. how with the huge expectations, how do you get them doing stuff like this warming up doing drills getting ready for the whole season. >> our expectation is to win and to come out and practice our expectation was for everybody to here at 6:00 a.m. ready to go. we try to have daily expectation of doing everything at high level and hopes it works out on game day. >> last year you believed in this team but it took us a couple games. they won again. then they won again. is what your expectation for maybe december/january. >> i expect us to be in the bowl game and this year i expect to win. it was great to go last year but to not win it was disappointing. i expect to us compete for conference championship year in and year out and expect to us win bowl games. >> when i see these guys, they look at you, you look at them,
8:26 am
they know what you are thinking. you want them like that. >> i want them, to know expectation, i want them to know and have fun out here and i want them we are all part of this once we get inside these white lines iron sharp is iron. i make them better then they make me better. we push eve other like crazy. you will see i will be running with them. we're all out here in it together. >> your sonnies watching the olympics. what they say is you you are one of the coaches that knows a lot about offense and defense. do you have a child when it comes to offence and defense. >> i spend more time on offence but i love defense. it is my true love. i love being around it. i love practicing it. i love the way we coach them. we have to do up downs. there is a toughness it takes. >> i will be a super toughee. >> we need to see you bic the ball threw up rights. >> your guy is pretty good. >> fantastic. >> he can win a game. >> he can and he has.
8:27 am
>> not practice, a game. >> i will try that out. >> thanks for letting us peak in. first game army. >> friday september 6th. >> i'll see new 45 minutes at 8:45. i know you are nervous. i won't take your slot. i'm good. there is nfl scouts here today. >> yeah. i said are you a super fan or a scout. >> south. >> they are. >> they will be good. that will be fun. we have trouble in rio did you hear ryan lochte the big swimmer dude and friend of good day philadelphia he actually hates me, robbed at gunpoint. he is fine but i'll give you details who just walk in. rev run. >> in the studio. and, usain bolt.
8:28 am
let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuack, let's feed him to the sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! you all smell wonderful! i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do.
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8:31 am
♪ >> nothing trick bye this because he is live in our studio this morning rev run you know his music, tamly, relationship advice. now he wants you to know more. how he is helping people in our area with a healthier life. is it really what it seems? this beautiful food photo is one of many on social media but what is reality here. instagram users reveal what is going on behind the scenes. >> explain that to me because i don't understand that at all. >> it is a tease, but you know how when you post on social media and they want to you see only certain things. it is a stunt. you know about stunt. >> you are number one stunner. >> and you shine every. >> summer. >> people doing this on instagram, they caught it just right, put on filters and this is like someone calling themselves out, for saying hey, social media and all that.
8:32 am
>> i don't care anymore. >> you asked me. >> i know. >> you asked me to explain. >> halfway into it i have lost it. >> it is better to wait. >> do you want to look forward to hearing it later. >> i'm not even interested. >> boy did you see what happened in rio, not just olympics but chris murphy, what happened to ryan lochte. >> this poor guy, over there, we have been warned that there could be all kind of violence over there rio is known for kidnappings. right now authorities are investigating how ryan lochte as mike said and three other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. officials say robbers posed as officers and stopped taxi they were in. three suspects got away with money, they took jewelry and other stuff. spokesmen for united states olympic committee says all athletes are fine and they are cooperating with authorities. ryan lochte tweeted, thanking his family and friend and fans and he said quote, what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed. he also announced he is
8:33 am
looking forward to getting home to prepare for tokyo games of 202. how about that. now to track and field where fastest man on the planet has defended his title. we're talking about usain bolt of course. how about this. >> here comes bolt but gateling has a big lead. can bolt catch him. usain bolt. >> seriously. >> totally invincible. >> bolt definitely still has it, right. >> yes. >> he beat out justin gateling from the u.s. in the 100-meter dash. usain bolt won with a time of 9.81 seconds. he won this race three times. america's justin gateling took home the silver. >> yes, sir. >> let's, get you a hundred yard dash and see how fast you can do it. >> i can do it in 152nd.
8:34 am
>> it is aftermath that would be ugly. >> yes. >> good tv. >> how many gold medals does united states have have. >> right now, lets take a look. we have 69 total, right. >> right. >> twenty-six gold. china in second with 45. >> this is over. >> great britain 38. look at russia, these cheaters with 30 medals. >> i think we have this. >> we have this. >> hey chris, did you see usain bolt, there was a picture circulated after he won the 100-meter dash. i didn't see it, what did it look like. >> we will show it to you. >> everyone is trying to become famous while bolt is posing for pictures while looking to the side there. there is another one that says, on twitter you can tag stuff. running away from deadlines, sleep, responsibilities. >> me. >> another one when you trick the whole world in to thinking gateling has a chance. >> well, he bolted out, for half of the race, 50 meters.
8:35 am
it looked like he would win. >> it is toying. >> toying. >> we saw it just a second ago. >> hi chris, nice job. >> yes. >> there he goes. >> nice. >> 8:35. the here's dave. >> we're talking about heat and humidity but we have to talk about muggy start. phillies won last night. temperatures are 70's and 80's, not just 80's. cooled off. nice little change. ultimate doppler is all cleared maybe a few showers or storms coming through the area overnight nitpick up, by computer forecast. 3:00 o'clock nothing, afternoon nothing but overnight maybe a few showers will work their way to the south right across maryland and into parts of the delaware. you may see that tonight while sleeping. 78 degrees. cooler. humidity is down, however, there is still enough heat and humidity in the air to keep it going to day and definitely feel it back again tomorrow. ninety's, storms again later tonight and then repeat of
8:36 am
that tomorrow but we have some relief in that seven take forecast, heat wave comes to an end and i will show you when in just a little bit, bob. >> good morning. 8:36 on a monday, speedometer readings knock down rush hour underway here. turnpike heavy from fort washington in the norristown. the delays on the schuylkill with sun glare coming around your curve, in about 25 minutes or so penndot will start working eastbound on the schuylkill, between gladwynn and city line down to one lane from 9:00 to 3:00. hot and heavy pack some snacks, coming into philadelphia taking kid to the zoo. coming into center city heading to the airport would i use blue route that is way to go. septa made service adjustments on the four regional rail lines listed there. make sure you have an updated schedule before you step out of the front door. alex, back over to you. 8:36. he is off the market kevin hart tight the kthis is you have to see the stunning and i
8:37 am
do mean stunning photos, from the big day. everyone was there. except for mike of course. for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks,
8:38 am
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8:39 am
8:40 am
hey, it is 8:40. congratulations. >> look at this photo. >> kevin h art and now wife, got married over the weekend. so they shared these photos on instagram page. >> look at this. >> amazing photos. >> hold on. >> in one she's taller and the other she's not. >> well, maybe it is just placement. >> is that what it is. >> wedding took place in santa barbara there. >> she's push further back. >> that is the way it should be in life. >> right, he has two children, from his previous wife and eight year-old hendricks was his best man. >> if you want kind of some fun, go to snap chat, and because he is drunk.
8:41 am
>> so funny on his instagram he post picture of him laying in the grass this is me at end of the night. i'm still drunk. he posted a pick, they were snapping, so they are going somewhere, it looks fabulous. >> they are in first class. they have beds laid out in first class he is like, what is your last name. >> well, is what your last name. >> it is cute. >> you can tell they are so in love, newlyweds. >> i'm still drunk. >> very entertaining. >> they are funny. >> congratulations to them. love that guy. >> can't wait to see when he comes back to philly. >> he comes back all the time. >> there he is. >> yes,. >> a lot of celebrities, nellie was there, ludicrous was there, i'm sure it was the event to be at. >> nice guy. >> okay. so temple, army will play them in their home opener. i love confidence of this coach matt rule.
8:42 am
>> you have to have confidence. >> he wants to go to the bowl and win it this time. >> i believe they can do it. >> come on, jen. >> this is how great this team is, look behind me. those are all nfl scouts, talking to head coach matt rule. it is in surprise he has them on the field at this point because i think he wants them to see what i'm made of. come on back and we will do kicking. it should go well. i have all of the confidence in the world. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
8:43 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax.
8:44 am
then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs. you can read the plan here.
8:45 am
testing. we are looking at heat and humidity again today. up to 95 degrees, humid again
8:46 am
tomorrow, 94. wednesday 92. now thursday within day where we will get a break in the quite as hot, down to 89 degrees that could end this current heat wave. another heat wave friday at 90 but that will in the last, we will keep it in the upper 80's on saturday and sunday, with the lower heat index values. nice and comfortable by this weekend compared to last weekend. mike abe alex. >> 8:46. >> well, lets check back in with jen fred spending time with temple owls. you have been tweeting about how scouts and coaches are there chatting with the scouts. >> um-hmm, nfl. >> they have an amazing kicker. of course, look at his number, number 29, okay. so that guys name is austin and, he is pretty good. he is kind of like a in joke situation. this is a live practice. so we are going to try to peak in there where we can, here comes coach. >> i want to do it. >> let's go. >> can i get a tip or a try or a lesson or something.
8:47 am
>> we're going. >> we're going. >> are you going to tell me how to do this. >> i will tell you what are we looking for. >> what we need you to do. >> you have been just cut, you are replaced. >> all right. house austin. >> we have some tips here. >> our holder tom here. you take it there here, three steps back. line up your target down the middle. two steps to the side. >> now make it. >> are you tip toe or side kick. >> i think i will be a soccer person too. >> you show me how it is done first. i was going to bureau my son's sweaty cleats but i was nervous they would be so
8:48 am
disgusting i could not handle myself. >> you will do this and i will do it after. >> let's go. >> how many are in that alley way. >> too many. >> there is a lot of them out there. >> as long as they are between the uprights when they get over. >> here we go. >> old school for this one. >> three steps back, two steps over. >> you could not pick a better guy to hit in the butt though. >> i want to know which rear end that was should i try it
8:49 am
again. >> one more time. >> what did i do wrong that was on me. >> was on him. >> did you not do anything wrong. >> three steps back, two to the left. >> it was his fault. >> coach. >> soccer style. >> i love it. >> i got it overtop. >> thank you. >> i believe in each and everyone of you, thank you sir, i appreciate it. i'll practice. it is in the a game, it is all practice. it is all practice. >> lets go, what do you mean, mike, difficult okay. >> you would have this. >> yeah, i would say so. >> mike said i would have this if i practiced a little. >> another 15 years. >> keep doing it every day eventually you will get it. >> fifteen years. >> give me eight weeks.
8:50 am
>> eight weeks. >> put it threw up rights. >> talk about a scare, what was waiting for one guy, one guy as he opened up his garage door, i don't know if i could handle this, what is behind that blurry thing. [ ghost voice ] the name your price tool can save you money
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
by finding a policy to fit your budget. [ coughs ] sorry, tickle in my throat! water would be nice, but that would go right through me. ghost problems. 8:53. good morning, 42 still heavy as it has been all morning long folks coming right back from the shore to the office, heavy from the expressway in. three minute delays on the wilmington regional rail line and we are also looking live at the schuylkill expressway in, bound, lots of sunshine, sun glare, from pretty much conshohocken all the way in. eastbound we will find that penndot crew working between gladwynn and city line, beginning any minute now and
8:54 am
that will go town to one lane for all that traffic coming into downtown. mike and alex back over to you. to you are having a bad day you can tell yourself at least i didn't to have rest will with a 300-pound alligator, of course, that is what working with me is like. >> well... >> first is more like shark. >> is that what he said. >> yes. >> steve said that about me. >> we did a whole story about it, this is where your life is going to be like. >> already in the deepen. >> this is in texas where a man got quite the vice this week opening up his garage door and came face-to-face with the 8-foot 9-inch gator, making himself at home. gator knocked over a shelf, from the texas parks and wild life. look at that. >> they got it. >> took it to the alligator refuge, and research in animals. everything is fine. >> that is big. >> hold on, alex, you grew up in texas. they have alligators in texas.
8:55 am
>> we have everything in texas. >> and everything is bigger then text ago. >> big alligators. >> do they have alligators in texas no. >> in wouldn't they. >> they don't have swamps. >> it is crust different parts. >> you can see anything in texas. >> alligators. >> i don't believe this. >> do you want me to google it. >> they have alligators in lieu san, neighboring state. >> don't you think if they are neighboring state maybe area near neighboring state. >> i thought there was a border there. >> no gators. >> just a gate. >> no easy pass for gators. >> gators can get anywhere, mike. >> of course, story is all about alligators. >> it says texas residents preparing for alligator season, san antonio. >> there are no alligators in san antonio. >> this is san antonio express news. >> are you trying to tell me in my home state, southern texas. >> not as much as you but in
8:56 am
the central part of texas there are alligators. >> no way. >> okay. >> well, they are preparing for gator season. if they are not there i don't know where they are going. >> sit really what it seems? this beautiful food photo, that i will show. >> listen, we're third largest state for alligators. >> texas. >> only second to louisiana and florida. i know my state thank you you. >> you are unsure though. >> listen to this, explain this, look at this, anyway. >> you don't listen to me anyway. >> rev run is here to settle differences will be negotiating anything. >> he can help us relate. >> you know it is the family, he wants to make you a healthier person. our daughter, libby, is convinced that the washing
8:57 am
8:58 am
machine will eat her buddy antonio. so when it's time for his much needed bath...
8:59 am
...antonio hides from me. but, when i do find antonio, i wash him with tide and downy. we only trust tide to get rid of the week-old stains and downy to protect him from damage. tide and downy. great on their own, even better together.
9:00 am
♪ >> guess who is in the house this morning rev runny can see him. how are you doing rev. >> hey. >> can't wait to talk to him. he is there is something he is close to him that he wants to talk b how he is helping people in our area live a healthier life. >> one mom says that she did it, it was best decision she ever made, she's ignoring her children. well, why she says, giving her son the cold shoulder, benefited the whole family. and, swart more -- bob was making smores with the eastern pa girl scouts. now they are champions. how they beat other troops for the title of smore making champions of the world. >> back to burger king where i'm headed to day live on the air, in february,


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