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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  September 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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again, it is seventh heat wave of the summer, it is having a major impact on schools, which districts are letting the kid out early? we have the list. >> ♪ fly eagles fly >> the bird are back, this season, begins sunday verse cleveland browns at the link. we are getting you ready throwing our very own pep rally with think morning, first of the year. eagles cheerleader are here. pep ban, swoop, and who knows who else. come down to fourth and market. here we go. >> all right. >> karen, we have a cher here. is what your name. >> tim. >> from where. >> camden county technical schools. >> love it. what will we have on that table. >> today i'm going to make some parm son wings, get ready, tailgate time. >> what is better than wings on a tailgate. nothing. >> nothing. >> dj soul is here, hey dj soul good to see you. >> good to see you too.
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how have you been. >> what is up with that. >> i will be a mike vick fan and number seven is always my number good carson wentz. >> we will root for carson wentz. >> how do people get a hold of you. >> get a hold at dj, facebook, twitter, everything, just hit me up, dy soul patrol to the come. >> two of my favorite people are here. >> look at this. look at this, a big trailer. come on over here, woman. come on over here. she's setting up. >> is what your name. >> jacqueline mcdevitt. >> where do you live. >> fishtown. >> questions will get harder. >> sure. >> you live in fishtown. >> who is this. >> this is colleen. >> where is colleen. >> where can we find this i call it a man cave but woman cave. >> sure, fan cave, fine us at all of the stadiums or at home games or places of business. >> you provide a party. >> we are a mobile tailgate. >> come down, food is getting set up, we will have some barbecue and games and stuff
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like that. >> that is best news, mike, weather for the game on sunday should be fabulous. this heat wave will be over. sue, what are the details. >> we will get rid of the heat and humidity just in time for eagles to start. today we are giving you a six out of 101 because thinks another hot and humid one. buddy with the best advise, same as yesterday with, of course, a water about on the toll stay hydrated. he has his eagles green on, temperatures 75 to 80 to start the day. heat advisory in effect from noon to 6:00 p.m. we have had some showers early, you may have have noticed ground wet but wasn't that big of a deal. we will have left over cloud, the temperature right now is 80 degrees at 7:00 in the morning it is already 80. 81 percent relative humidity. ninety-three is our high. sunset time 7:19. we could have a pop up shower or thunderstorm in a couple of places later on this afternoon. weekend tore cast coming up, bob kelly.
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>> good morning, everybody. coming up at 7:03 on a friday morning, we have problems on the road, 295 northbound, this accident here, right at florence columbus road interchange in that grass median but attracting some old gaper delay there as you head northbound, jammed up southbound i-95 out of the north east from cottman down to girard. you can see, heat and humidity, and it is sticky when you step outside the trent door. schuylkill expressway no problems at the moment out of king of prussia. philadelphia public and parochial schools getting out early, so that early dismissal will see school buses back out thereafter lunchtime, dropping the kid off and again after they have already pick them up. just remember no passing when lights are flashing on the school buses and tonight double jammo in south philadelphia. bruce at the ballpark, adele across the street, expect major traffic issues later tonight, mike and karen, back over to you. >> when you talk about traffic issues last night in the city
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of philadelphia we had a big issue with flashlights, hot pursuit, big crash on the streets of philadelphia, wrong way driver, officers say, stolen vehicle, we know that there was somebody, a person driver there, shots were fired, and lots of work coming in on this one. some fresh information with dave kinchen, hi there, dave. >> reporter: i just got off the phone with police. new information here. we can tell thaw investigators say police were finishing up an unrelated traffic stop when they saw this woman driving a stolen suv right toward them. so lets take you to the beginning here, this is near e and clearfield streets when police officers saw the stolen suv driving toward them driving the wrong way down a one way street. at one point an officer gets out, fires shots but would the man continues to drive and rips down the city streets. possibly even jumping a curve at one point there. now cops continue to watch this and put out a flash
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report, that is what they call it, giving information to other officers when they noticed the vehicle continuing on ann and richmond street. this is where it slammed in the curve. now we were originally told that there was a likely a pit maneuver used to stop this vehicle but now you investigators tell us they did not use a pit maneuver but they say she lost control ape hit a police vehicle. she was arrested after placing lives, in danger. >> thank god that police did end this chase and they got the this person who was completely reckless and looking to harm police and citizens. >> female driver of the vehicle, she was transported to temple hospital. she has a your to her left hand. i'm not sure at this point this time whether that was an injury sustain as a result of gunshot wound or if it is an injury as a result of the car accident. you can see a lot of glass there. i'm not sure. we're waiting for hospital
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staff to inform us what the the jurist as a result of. >> reporter: here's another look the at the aftermath including the wrecked suv. investigate or the beginning the scene. some new information here, police were just finishing up an unrelated stop when they see this woman in the suv coming right towards them. that is when all of this began. big question is why does this woman not just stop. other than this being a stolen vehicle that is motive police have. they are still trying to check and see why else this took place. back to you. >> thanks, dave. police car comes up, behind the vehicle in the pit maneuver, taps it, on the back bumper, spinning out the vehicle in front of it. police officers can surround that car. 7:06. >> philadelphia police are investigating a triple shooting involving teenagers overnight. the this is around 1:30 this morning. the scene is fifth and erie. police tell us two, teens, 17 and 18 years old who were shot and a 40 year-old man who was
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wounded. all three were on bikes when they occurred. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. no arrests have been made. well, developing right now, north korea says it has successfully conducted its fifth nuclear explosion. they say it was just a test. south cover reace upset. so is japan, chine, united states, countries around the world. the pentagon is calling it a serious provocation, again. the nuclear test which caused a a 5-pint three magnitude earthquake, violates numerous u.n. security council resolutions. north korea doesn't seem to care. state television says this test is in retaliation to recent sanctions by western nations, including the you had. 7:07. >> a day that most of us will never forget, you remember where you were september 11th, 2001, hard to believe it is about to be 15 years ago this sunday. >> yeah, this sunday. of course, i was here anchoring "good day philadelphia". my co anchor at the time was
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donya archer, she was on vacation in italy. so janet zappala was sitting in for her. you might hear her voice and me, as well. i remember at 8:47 we were giving away tickets to an earth, wind a fire concert, and in my ear the producer says it looks like a small plane has crash in the lower manhattan at world trade center. well, the minute we punched up video from our helicopter from fox five in new york, you can tell it was no small plane. >> we thought it was a a small plane. woman said she thought it was an internal explosion. now we have reports and would i say maybe more accurately that it is a commercial plane, commercial airline their slammed into one of the towers there. throwing unusual at all to see air liners, very close to the southern tip of machine hat on because laguardia is up in queens at border at the north end of manhattan island, only about, you know, seven or
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8 miles away from the world trade center. quite often planes right town either east river or hudson river right by these world trade center. >> now we are saying on the wires, mike a witness has reported seeing a twin engine plane flying right into the world trade center? another conflicting reports, twin engine plane sound more like a small engine but maybe they mean a commercial air liners with two jet engines. this is breaking news as we are's speaking. >> of course, that is what it turns out to be debris at the bottom of the world trade center there. when second plane hit the other tower you knew it was terrorism. so minute we knew that steve keeley drove about a hundred miles an hour up to lower manhattan. i think your first vantage point was over at liberty state park in new jersey, steve. >> reporter: mike, we were driving as fast as possible, way over the speed limit and we were getting passed like we were park by every ambulance,
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police car in new jersey racing up here. we got up before that second tower fell. here we are at the site of the towers right now. this is memorial. you will see this gold chain here, real close to us, that if you do not know it means this is closed to the public every day until 7:30. but you can see how neat, clean this area is. this isn't just because we are approaching that date, this is every day, and you can see the guys over there cleaning the site of the twin towers foundations, they call it the footprints up there and it is so incredibly sad, every time i hear this solemn ground that forever is known as ground zero, described as a tourist attraction. but in a city that is top tourist destination in the entire world with so many to sianni so much to to it may be sad but also so good to know that so many people want to come here, want to be here to reflect, even cry, 15 years
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later as we look around here today and it is a powerful place to be to stand here where the towers used to stand and new towers stan tall and proud as they go up here under construction still. so while 15 years sound like such a long time ago to many, little time has passed and for so many of us our open memories make it feel like time has just stood still especially for me, standing right here. karen and mike. >> fifteen years later. steve, thank you for that. in just a little bit we will be with judy, she is the mom of josh, who was 23 at the time, working at cantor fitzgerald. >> so many people lost their lives, 3,000 people and so many from our area and so many thaw personally knew that are from all over our area. we will remember those moments, and people, who we
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lost just such tragedy. >> we will talk to jude hi who lost josh 15 years ago this sunday. early voting begins for some people in the country for race for white house. >> even in the swing states polls showing contest between hillary clinton and donald trump is tightening. >> well, some of the polls, doug luzader, hi doctor. >> reporter: thirty-seven states will have some form of early voting and one of those states actually begins today. >> ♪ >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to ref up a crowd on the campaign trail but it was location that was telling: north carolina. >> get out and vote and make it clear, we're not going to put up with that. >> reporter: north carolina can get out and vote starting to day with vote's to submit absentee ballots for any reason w other states soon to follow suit it means clinton and donald trump will need to
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lock down support. >> coming straight of the states. >> reporter: not a surprise trump was in ohio yesterday with plans to hit florida later today. new swing state poll shows florida, north carolina, ohio, and pennsylvania are all within the margin of error now. >> it is most important thing because for trum top win he will to have win all of the states that mitt romney won and on top of that he will to have win, pennsylvania, florida and ohio, so, unless those states work out for him he will not win. >> reporter: then libertarian candidate gary johnson with a major stumble. >> what would you do if you were elect about aleppo. >> and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> johnson could not identify a critical city at heart of the conflict in syria. but for all of the media that followed new york times actually had to issue two corrections of its own as it sought to correct johnson. after first calling aleppo de
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facto capitol of the islamic state, it is not. and referring it as capitol of syria. for the record the capitol of syria is damascus. it is not sure how much damage it will do to johnson campaign but coming to a time when it is trying to convince the debates commission to include him in the three presidential debates. the it doesn't look like that will happen. >> he was polling at nine or 10 percent. >> significant. >> yeah. >> we will see you. have a great weekend. we will see you monday. >> this is an unreal story, a local family is heart broken and wants answers, in a story you may find quite disturbing, they want to know how their mother's hand was left behind at a accident scene where she lost her life. here's jeff cole. >> small patch of london williamstown road in williamstown, new jersey there is a small weather memorial
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for susan faust, in her mid 50's, mother and wife lost her life in the december auto accident. her family's pain remains sharp. >> miss her a lot, little things like i will be at work and i'll see a couple dancing or something like that and think about my mom. >> reporter: memories of his mother a school bus aid is tainted, stained by what family members and their attorneys say was a horrible advertise coverry when they tried to arrest they're's their moms memorial. videoes show the small car flipping the vehicle and careens off the road. killed, her husband learns from the funeral director her hand was severed. told by police claims their attorney remains were likely in her demolished vehicle justin and his sister return to the scene to memorialized her and find her hand. an engagement ring still on. >> it is shocking.
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it is like i didn't get to see my mom at a funeral because she was badly injured. how do you leave that? how do you leave that lying on the side have the road for anybody to find. >> this is teresa grabowsky, family attorney. thanks for coming in. >> have you ever seen anything like this in your career. >> not like this. >> no. >> did you know police did take 139 photos, and her hand, susan's hand is seen in seven of them. well, we will punch up one of them here. it is so hard to see this scene here. we have put that circle, that is her hand. police officers, coroner they just didn't see it. >> those photos from the disk that i had been given from the police. when you pop the disk in and looking at your computer screen you absolutely see the hand. i was multi tasking and just
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clicking through let me see where this appears in the picture and much to my surprise, there it was. >> did justin and his sister find the hand? >> yes unfortunately they were setting up the roadside memorial you see still maintained to this day and they looked to the right and there it was, never thinking because their father had been told that the day before, that it was just fingers that were just missing and that they thought the finkers were in the the car where in reality it is better portion of the hand and it is right there wedding and engagement ring that is what began this inquiry, because when don, susan's husband, was given envelope of jewelry he noticed that the wedding engagement ring were lost or missing and he thought they were stolen. >> this is by all accounts a horrific tragedy. when you have an accident, lose someone in your family you cannot recover, it is
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devastating but it is an accident. so i know thaw are possibly bringing a case? what are you suing for? what do you hope to achieve. >> well, what we hope to achieve and, brittany, susan's daughter, has said that this was what brought done ton to me as well, no family should have to go through this. no family should be treated this way, and that is why, they are doing this. >> whose fault is it that the hand was left behind? would it be police? nobody did this with malice i wouldn't think. >> this i believe was just nobody wanted to be bothered with having to go out and address the situation. it is right there in the curb. the coroner's report is clear, 8:30 this thursday morning where children were out there at 4:00 wednesday afternoon and 8:30 tuesday morning that saying that susan's left fingers were missing, okay. from the photo, a actual all
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the way around to everyone involved. >> has anybody apologized. >> again, as i have experienced as well, it is an apology coupled with we have done nothing wrong in which case it is in the really an apology. it becomes more of an insult. >> such a tough situation. i have covered so many different accidents. the family, they went to see where it happened. >> yes good where the last moments were. nobody wants to leave evidence behind. nobody does that on purpose. >> but we have cell phone record that proves don called police and was freaking out where is her hand and that was at the 11:00 o'clock tuesday morning. >> do you have any indication that anybody went back to look for the hand. >> no. >> like i said, they wouldn't even have done much, pop in the cd and. >> yes. >> less than five minutes i
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says my gosh there it is. >> place give our best to the family and keep up doubt i had on what is going on. >> heart breaking for the family. >> all right. there is a wells fargo bank in the picture behind me, karen. >> now they have a whole scandal, this is important information because it effects a whole lot of people why more than 5,000 employees, are out of a job this morning? could you be affect by this?
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yeah, dj soul in the middle of the pep rally there i love this man cave they brought out at fourth and market. we have food lined up. if you pan over to the left real quickly here our philadelphia police officers, now, why would they be here. >> they want to play video games. >> they want to talk to jen fred? here's the deal if you need a job and thought about being a police officer they are recruiting. we have a shortage of cops in
7:24 am
our city. they have joined our pep rally. they have become a big business, tailgating has become a huge business. how big is it? >> right the now joining us from the fox business network studio we have got lauren simonetti. >> good morning. >> pretty big, $20 billion, the business of tailgating. >> what is this. >> most of us will go average between six and ten tailgate a season. >> just like every home game. >> right. >> and we will spend about 140 bucks each time on the food, on the slice, high tailgate are always very lame. i hope yours in the studio is better. i steel other peoples food in the parking lot. >> you're like i'm very lame too and i'm in charge of the process today. i'm lame. i cannot make anything. now turf make something for our tailgate today. >> what will you make, mike. >> it is so, you know what, i was going to say it was pathetic, it is inspiring what i have come up with. >> i captain wait to find out.
7:25 am
>> we cannot possibly see him cook. >> i have never turn on my stove in my apartment. >> $20 billion. lets talk about something more important to our area right now, the wells fargo scandal, what happened. >> oh, my goodness, big story because two people customers affect over five years time. this is what the bank is accused of doing and this is what they are paying for doing. bilking those customers by creating 2 million fake accounts, completely made up, and then taking real customers money and siphoning it into the account, why did bankers do this. well, they said company's sales targets were a aggressive, they wanted to meet them, make bigger commissions and they did it for half decade. >> as a result 5300, fired. >> exactly. >> customers will get money back and some have believe it or not and wells fargo is agreeing to pay 185 million-dollar fine but to let something like that go on, it
7:26 am
takes so long is a black eye. >> culture of the bank would you want to take your money out of the bank and trust in them. >> so important to the city of philadelphia too, wells far faux bank. >> the real customer whose money was taken, didn't know, so the at times they over drew from the account and had to take fees on that. >> that is just real bad news. they will get slammed with that huge fine and maybe more. >> lauren, is what your favorite football team as far as nfl. >> the jet, the jets, ticket to the jets. i mean i don't but the fan does. >> we have already beat them so the heck with you. >> we will see you monday. >> have a great weekend. >> bye. >> good luck sunday. >> i will go get a doughnut at the pep rally. >> we are having a party, and you are all invited. we have video games. we have got food. we have couches, come down and hang out with us. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
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fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole.
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7:29. basically the way you got through yesterday is way you should hand toll day. the bus stop buddy has the best advice which is stay hydrated. it will feel like a hundred today. eagles gear on, a lot of schools, will be bringing their eagles green. noon to 6:00 p.m. is heat
7:30 am
advisory just like yesterday. we have a couple showers this morning. they are gone. we have left over clouds but current temperatures, 80 degrees at 7:30 in the morning it is 80. it will be a hot one later on. if we get to 94 we will tie record for this date, in matter what feeling like triple digits or close to it. 76 degrees. we have a stray pop up storm. that is your fox cast for friday, weekend forecast coming up. >> good morning, everybody. 7:30. tgif. not that bad. we had a crazy start on i-95, now we have delays east on 422 heading in toward king have of prussia hello bellmawr live look at 42 tree way, no sun glare just that haze, it will hit you when you step out the front door, overbrook avenue st. joes having a big old block party this have afternoon and rush hour. football weekend, tomorrow it is temple, sunday eagles at the link. but tonight big jams, two huge
7:31 am
concerts, bruce concert number two in philadelphia tonight at the ballpark across the street adele a sold out concert at wells fargo center. the both of those event will bring folks in south philadelphia. it is still summertime. folks shooting down the shore on a friday afternoon, expect delays through south philadelphia, mike, back to you. >> you know what happened 15 years ago sunday nearly 3,000 people were killed on september 11th during those attacks. it has been 15 years. loved ones say calendar may change but pain remain the same. with us is judy reese, her son josh, work in the north tower there way up at the top. >> he was way up at the top. >> cantor fits girl. >> he faced the statue of liberty. >> now a at 23 years old, youngest trader. >> youngest international bond trader. he had a job with another firm and they cherry pick him because he was so good. he just was so good.
7:32 am
>> where did he get to high school. >> pennsbury, all five kid went to pennsbury. >> he went to south carolina. >> yes, and he went to new york and he worked with it was called garvin and it is icap now. >> twenty-three living in manhattan living his dream. >> he had the dream life, he was make ago lot of money for a 23 years old. we used to say what are these telephone numbers. we were go places. he would stop, to call hong kong or singapore at ten or 11:00 o'clock. >> so proud of my 23 years old. he was always that way. >> and then september 11th happened. >> yes. >> where were you when you got a call. >> i was home, my daughter, my husband had taken my youngest to school. i was just laying around getting ready for the take and phone rang and it was josh's college room mate and his wife
7:33 am
and now brooke got on the phone aid said to me a plane hit josh, one of the buildings, i think it is josh, i can't get him on the phone and i'm so scared. i hung up the phone and tried to call him. when i could not call him i call the cantor direct number i could not get anything there and i told my husband to come home. my husband said it is just a little lane, i said it is not. by the time he went and got my oldest son to start picking up my other children a plane hit the second building. >> then you knew it was terrorism. >> i knew it was terrorism. i still had my son at college andty not want him driving. my parent, mother-in-law were in florida. they were just starting to drive up because there were in planes. it was just awful. >> what is the old line, time
7:34 am
heels all wound. >> no. >> it doesn't. >> i don't know her exact word she said when it happens, it is a jarring cut, and then a scab grows over it and then a scar forms. the paper istive rent but you you know it is there and you can feel that scar every day good every day. >> josh we were a close family and i spoke to josh, my husband spoke to josh, his brothers and sisters every day. >> every day. >> he called my husband at 10:00 o'clock when my opened up his store just to see what was going on. wow instant message me because he knew i was teaching computer and my students would see an instant message pop up and tell about the weather, because he knows it is raining down below, look it is sunny out here. my students found that amazing they could instant message and send him a message and ask him
7:35 am
a question. i spoke to him every day. the one night i didn't, it is very funny story, he called me, he was leaving and drove straight through to go back to school and he didn't call me. well, i'm a typical nervous mother. started calling police, and high was patrol. >> because of one evening. >> he was sound asleep. he had just driven all those miles. the phone rings and he said mom, what is a buying big guy with the smokey the bear hat. are you okay. >> you call the cops. >> you just son you have to call your momma because she's scared. >> you never like him working in that tower, did you. >> no. >> why not. >> scared. >> absolutely. >> i know years before the empire state building a small plane went into it. many years before they would even rent out those floors. on labor day weekend i had a
7:36 am
conversation i said what if there is a fire up there. mom, eight steps i go straight down, i don't have to go back in the building. >> he had an escape plan. >> i said to him but that crazy, egyptian air liner dumped that plane these people are crazy. >> and there was a terrorist attack in 1993. >> yes, i said if you look the at history these people don't give up. i was a frayed. >> you seemed to think though that judy, he for the through the flames. >> i do. we did find, did get remains. we also got his id card to admit him in the building. it was down the street. when we got remains they feel he probably did jump. >> they think so, they are not positive. >> so intense. we know josh he would have figured hey we would lannon some other guy. he was a gambler, and if he saw he had no chance.
7:37 am
we do know he was in the building. he was on the phone with deutch bank making a trade and the other delayeder called us and told us he said a plane hit the building and i'm getting out of here. he was a little more verbal. they say they did in the want us wandering around manhattan thinking that he was not in the building and just could not reach him. >> 104. >> he was probably on the 104th, they had just moved their offices. >> people handle grief in so many different ways. you have chosen never to go to ground zero. >> i haven't yet. the hardest thing i had to do i had to be in manhattan for a meeting and i had to walk by battery park. i was not prepared to see the sphere. >> between the buildings. >> i remember when it had been out at the world's fair as a
7:38 am
little girl. >> probably 1960's. >> yes. >> they brought the sphere. it upset me. would i rather be where josh lived then where he died. i really want my memories to be all of the good things. i was unusually close to josh. i was close to all my children. josh and my daughter i was unusually close too. >> its interesting. >> i would rather be where he lived not where he died. >> when i think about what happened to him it is so terrifying. he might have been 23 but he was my child, my little boy and i cannot get to him, i don't know what happened to him, i could not be there to make it better for him. like any parent i would have much the rather it been myself then him. i had a very hard few years. it was very difficult for me,
7:39 am
my children, my husband, it was difficult to go anywhere, that was so public. >> so you so easy to talk to. >> thank you. >> but what should people say to somebody like you. >> they don't have to say really anything. they have to be there. don't ask what you you can do, just bring a cup of coffee. tell stories about the person. >> is with you. >> listen. >> i can tell you what not to say. i'm so glad you have other children. they think they truly mean well. another thing because i lost my child i don't have a contagious disease. i'm not giving your children your grandchildren an evil eye that you have to hide them behind you. you don't to have see me in the grocery store because you don't know what to say turnaround and go another aisle. >> did that happen to you. >> yes. >> you lost friend over this.
7:40 am
>> there were people that just could not handle it even today when i see them, they mean well but they still, these are people whose children grew up with my children. we car pooled. it is very hard for them as well. i don't blame them it is just not something what happened is not something that was ever expected. he wasn't sick. there wasn't a terrible accident. we didn't have a drunk driver. this was just something not in the game plan of the you had. >> how are your siblings doing. >> each one is doing really well but they have their moments. my daughter who has had ptsd and she decided, you know, it the is funny, she lived through so much trum and i don't know if you are aware but anthrax my husband's bookkeeper, from his
7:41 am
accountant's office. >> anthrax attacks that happened. >> she was the person who had anthrax, so they had to go through my entire store and office making sure if she brought something in. they didn't necessity where. they still don't know how she got it. >> can i say something to you. >> thank you for coming in and talking about it. i know it wasn't easy to do. >> sometimes it is better to talk about. >> talk to me anytime you want. >> you are so sweet. >> thank you so much. >> we love you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> take a break. do you want a hug. >> about the memorial. >> we will have a candle light vigil on saturday nile. >> 7:30. >> where should we go. >> garden of reflection. >> beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful and it is right on woodhaven road if you get off i-95 there, lower makefield and sunday morning
7:42 am
at 8:30 we will do a remembrance ceremony with the times of when the bells. >> they have done a good job with this memorial. >> it the is beautiful, i don't know if you have seen a picture but it is beautiful. >> okay good thank you. >> we will be there. >> all right. >> thank you. we will be right back. newspapers know the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead.
7:43 am
no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
7:44 am
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7:45 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. 7:45. good morning everybody. accident east bound disable eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, it is just ahead, in the right lane is closed. message signs on the schuylkill coming into downtown. delays there. crossing here, something on the vine street expressway coming off of the schuylkill between here and broad street, it is underneath that construction there, underneath parkway still causing delays. as we mentioned earlier all of the kid philadelphia public and parochial schools are getting out early at 12 noon. maybe your school add to go that early dismissal but that will cause unusual traffic patterns during lunchtime, early afternoon, when school buses come back and hit the
7:46 am
neighborhoods. the just remember no passing, when those school buses, are, dropping our kids off, what is weather like when they come home early on a hot friday. >> sue has your forecast coming up in 15 minutes. eagles game, tailgating, there will be some cloud, maybe a stray shower but by 1:00 o'clock kick off 83 by 1:00. eighty-five by 4:00. down the shore it looks like it is a lot better than last week even, mid 80's each day, rip current risk is low, so that is a big change from labor day weekend. 93 degrees today and tomorrow and that continues the heat wave, so it will be a lot more uncomfortable for temple game
7:47 am
on saturday at the link then it will be for sunday and nice cool down as we head into next week. as weather heat up so does our party, much more "good day philadelphia" coming up.
7:48 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you?
7:49 am
seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. welcome back to our pep rally here at fourth and market, eagles game against cleveland browns. etan is back, sean brace is
7:50 am
here and fellows behave because police department is here as well. >> hi. >> thank you for your service. >> let's talk eagles here. >> carson wentz, of course, big story, etan has weighed in on him. paper says on the front page of the paper he will have to prove himself. he has to be darn nervous. >> we have to really relax our expectations here. he is a rookie at the end of the day. he played one quarter in all preseason. we have to hold up. that is not what we're known for in this city but we are dealing with the rookie quarterback will make mistakes. just easy. >> take it easy on him. >> take it easy, we will all be patient, but, you know. >> until the second quarter. >> we won't be patient at all. as much as we will be patient but we will be super excited when he makes that first throw 40 yards down field and first touchdown pass. i can't wait to see it. >> but don't freak out if there are a couple of interceptions in the first half. >> rookie mistakes are going to happen, carson wentz will
7:51 am
struggle throughout the season even in game one. i really do believe that eagles fans understand that right now. they are excited. >> do you think doug and rest of the coaching staff they are brimming with confidence in him. >> i do, i do. >> one week before the season you trade your starting quarterback you will have confidence in that guy. i think that what they have been able to see in training camp, what they have known about him in college, obviously that one quarter speaks a little bit but they like had they are seeing. >> etan is what strength and weakness. >> strength is running football and defense. stopping run and pressuring quarter pack. weekness is anybody that carson wentz who is throwing the football too outside of the tightened and jordan matthews. so two guys, everybody else is a weakness. >> defense has to stop rg3. we are used to seeing him. >> would i like to point out we are strong in the cheer leading department. >> very strong in the cheer leading department. >> very strong. >> every year philadelphia eagles cheerleaders are
7:52 am
beautiful. >> they are the best in the nfl. >> without the question, in the world, michael. >> and if there is a ranking and we are number one. >> we are number one. >> couple days ago the daily news had their sportswriters predict how many victories. it the is hard to see. nine-seven was the highest. etan here we go, game sunday, 16 games is what record the at the even of the season. >> six-ten is how i had it with bradford. i actually have them eight-eight with carson wentz. i think he can that be good and difference make inner two wins, eight-eight with the rookie. >> sean brace. >> no, no i'm in the seeing that seven-nine. rookie quarter back, i think he will end up probably getting hurt too as well. carson wentz knows he has to get down. >> i don't know anything but nine-seven. i have a prediction. >> look at that. >> yeah.
7:53 am
>> tonight sean brace makes his debut as a sports anchor here on fox 29, than great eulogieses. >> i owe it all to you because you brought me on, five licensing years ago my friend. >> yes. >> i should be getting some of your pay. >> yes. >> lowered third was call the bald eagles, the bald truth about the eagles. >> we look alike. >> yes. >> he hates it. >> okay. so we're having a tailgate here at fourth and market, come on down and all week long on air people at good day fill after been in charge of making a tailgate dish. i don't just want credit for my dish, i hate to get extra credit in the the voting, how till gatey am i. it is a crock pot situation, it is meat balls. ladies, you are supposed to be following me. you will taste this and never guess what is in it.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
take over your tail faith, we have been doing this all week. alex on tuesday made her texas quacamole which was really good. bob's kielbasa and brown sugar which is always painful. sue put together pepperoni football shape. >> that was the winner. >> total disaster was chris murphy yesterday when he tried to whip up touchdown turkey chile and it wasn't finish. jen, it is your turn. what are you making. >> i made me famous meat balls, turkey meat balls, i want you to come and try them. chef tim is here. >> i'm here. >> hi baby. >> how are you doing. >> have you not touched mine at all. >> i have not touched your meat balls but i have not touched them. i take no credit for them. >> you are here because you want to be a chef but i didn't need anyone.
7:58 am
what are you making. >> we are doing spicy garlic parmesan wings straight from the camden county technical school kitchen. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, how do you feel about the meat balls. >> very good. >> excellento. >> what do you think ingredients are. >> it has got some, got the barbecue sauce in there. >> there is no barbecue sauce in those. >> no there do you have know what it is. >> brown sugar. >> anthony, so you have to be honest, when i called you, you said you wanted to part of this because of the ingredients. >> when you showed me i said no, this is not any part of that today. >> when mike greenwich said it was stupid. these are ingredient. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we have grape jelly, we have sauce and the winner. >> i wanted people to see, they drink beer during a tailgate. i wanted something to soak it up and i want something quick,
7:59 am
easy to clean up, are you surprised. >> i'm very advised but then again you will have to give me those ingredient right now. >> would i like to you try one. >> so tim, after you saw this are you ready to try one fully cook. >> go for it. >> okay. >> lets see, the secret to making good wings by the way. >> just loving them up. you have to season them up good. >> both of these guys have have been complaining about the ingredient for three days. >> mike? >> it is good. it is good. >> but. >> but, they're good. i don't know what else you want for me. >> he said they are good. he said yes. >> they are a lot better with the ingredient are showing. >> correct. >> i can, i apologize.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> i agree. >> these spicy garlic parmesan wings, these are bomb droppers. >> all right, bomb droppers. >> there we go. >> sue, mike, karen, get on out here. >> yes. >> and taste the winner, winner, winner. >> i got a winner. >> i got a winner. >> i thought that was high price from mike greenwich, that was pretty good. >> what do you have coming up. >> that is good. >> well, mine, i will finish this off in the next hour and i can just say that my dish, my dishes are inspirational. i know i don't cook. >> he hasn't even started. >> inspirational. >> you will be one at your tailgate. good day friday september 9th, 2016.
8:01 am
sunday marks 15 years since the 9/11 terror attack. we will never forget of course but what about the kids who weren't even born yet but were born on that day, 15 years old, we will go live inside a classroom of 15 year-old students who have never known life before september 11th, what are the lessons they are learning today. and dangerous heat, climbing temperatures means short are school days for a lot of kid, growing list of schools who will be letting out early today. and history at the box office, sully opens up today, in theaters, what the real sully, the real captain noticed about himself while watching tom hanks play him on the big screen. >> e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> nice. >> you know we're pumped up for sunday's season opener, come on down right thousand because you we're throwing a pep rally, big finally of our "good day philadelphia"
8:02 am
tailgate take over. >> it is already underway at fourth and market. and everybody eats, sometime. top things we do out here. everybody. >> everybody. >> yeah. >> why are so many police here? because jen freddie's here. but if you are looking for a job, they are looking for police officers. they are in desperate need as a matter of fact. it smells like garlic, all over olde city. >> it is great. >> i love it. nothing better than wings. show us your eagles pictures. your eagles green. we want to show you. >> okay, kid, adults, it makes no difference. here we go, we have so much heat it is well in the 80's. it will feel close to a hundred today sue so schools are letting out early. >> philadelphia public schools, philadelphia archdiocese schools, trenton, the school district, camden county schools, all kind of staggering their times, so we
8:03 am
will go to fox and get all of the information, that you need on that. this is the reason why. we have got a six out of ten because it is another hot ape humid day and a lot of those schools just don't have air conditioning. temperatures 75 to 80 walking out the door bus stop buddy best advice bring the water bottle and stay hydrated all day. there is your heat advisory from noon until 6:00 p.m. we had a couple showers earlier, they are gone but not all of the clouds, it is 81 and humidity is only worst because we had showers around and more moisture in the air. 93 degrees, feels like a hundred, we could have a pop up shower or thunderstorm but mostly just muggy, with a low of 76 degrees. i'll tell you what, this week coming back after labor day has been crazy on the roads. >> crazy on the road and time clock.
8:04 am
8:03, good morning, accident eastbound on the vine street expressway coming off the schuylkill right underneath construction there of the ben franklin parkway. so that is causing delays both directions on the schuylkill, coming into town, hello overbrook avenue we have a big saint guess block party later today. they will shut that down for second half of the afternoon. that early dismissal so that will throw unusual traffic patterns, on the roads from lunchtime on so add that to our friday mix. of course, as we have been trying to get used to all week school buses and unusual volume make sure nobody passes buses when those flights are a flashing. double jelly doughnut delay tonight, bruce at the ballpark at 7:30. adele the across the street at wells fargo center at 8:00. expect major jams, until the stadium area. for folks heading to the shore on the weekends now, kids are back to school we will have to go through concert volume, to get up and over that bridge. mike and karen, back to you.
8:05 am
>> lets update you, a story we have been covering since last night at 10:00 o'clock news. new details about what this wild police chase was all about in the philadelphia last night. >> one woman is facing numerous charges, including reckless endangerment, officers say she was driving a stolen suv when they tried to pull her over. right there bee e an clearfield street. you can see how she wound up on her side. she was allegedly going the wrong direction. she ran in the cruiser. at one point police fired their weapon shooting her in the finger. she eventually lost control of that suv right there where it end you had -- ended up at ann and richmond. she was taken in custody. this sunday marks 15 years since the terror attack of 9/11. >> we all remember where we were when we heard news and tell stories of hijack planes hit the world trade center and pentagon in washington and other that crashed out there in the field in shanksville,
8:06 am
pennsylvania. 2996 souls are souls looked their lives ever on the u.s. soil. well, so for now what became known as ground zero during those weeks and months and years in new york city in lower manhattan is something different as you know, memorials for these those that lost their lives, now stand high, very shiny, beautiful. new symbol of american perseverance i should say. >> little pride, they built this new symbol, steve keeley has gone back to the same place where this tragedy occurred covering the events of that day and now he is back 15 years later. >> hey steve in front of the one of the footprints. >> reporter: for those who don't know they have memorial reflective pools where the twin towers once stood, names of the victims engraved and greg we will show you fountain but a reflective pool aptly named because it is place to reflect and looking around
8:07 am
four squares here you can he see haven't coming here. as greg pans to the left he will see a man with two blue tolls wiping this down. they do this several times a day because to the right is second tower going up, that will be a second tall tower that will be way different looking then freedom tower but because they are building it sometimes dust hits these names and we are approaching that date september 11th. they do every day often many times a day. a lot of people come here. man cleaning these says sometimes often times he is wiping away tears. he used distilled waters and sometimes tears to the best job and so here we are reflecting 15 years later, it is and emotional trying to get through this and people think that is silly if you were here that day when they came down you feel the power just standing here and by the museum below here is something to be hold as well. there is a reason why
8:08 am
everybody that comes to insuring there around the world even though there is broadway shows, there is times square there are countless places to go in new york. this is number within place people go to that go to first place they come. athletes that come here, no back djokovic, rafael madal when they come here for the first time it is unbelievable to be here and if you can see behind us they are setting up, for obviously a big ceremony come sunday morning, the presidents have all been here and boy what a difference, it is making 15 years later. but for me and so many of us 15 years seems like yesterday and every day you are reminded about what happened here 15 years ago. so you people that go in the eagles game, you will have reminders because you will not just walk in and be able to carry seven cheese steaks in and sneak a six pack in like you could before september 11th, 2001. it is quite a different life we all live now and these people whose names are right
8:09 am
here in the information ground gave their lives for just being americans just for the choice of freedom, that we have for the forever since. so many more lives have been lost overseas, trying to keep people from attacking us again and so far, even though they have died they have not tied in vein they died making sure there has not been a tack here since the attack here 15 years ago. >> great job today steve and don't be embarrassed by your tears and emotion i steel feel it too. we all to in this country. and i remember that day thinking i talk to my co anchors we will never be the same again. i never even imagined we could even take, go to another football game. i thought it would change our lives forever, and, it will never get back to normal but we kind of. >> quite interesting, to have, you know, steve up there in that moment. he shows those names. they are names we have listen to. i was looking at those names from the people we have lost over years that we share in
8:10 am
our souls, and people that mean so much to us. i think it is important. >> i do too. the here's the thing there, were people born on 9/11, 15 years ago and in the year 2001. so all five years old. we found a classroom full of 15 years old. i'm so interested, chris to find out what their teachers are saying about that day. chris? >> ap history course at esperanza academy charter school is going over just that. the these kid all born right around the time of the attack. the lesson and is what most poignant about them learning about this now through textbooks straight ahead, very interesting so far the we will check back in. chris, thanks so much. >> this is something happening in our area, real simple thing one of our grocery stores in our area but it is making a huge difference in the lives of so many families. what this stories doing
8:11 am
differently that is helping so much. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market... pat toomey wrote the book. "i'm...i've got a whole chapter in my book where i... specifically lay out how i think we should... reform social security." toomey's plan requires wall street and bankers to manage... the accounts. collecting fees out of your social security that could... total billions. fees they collect, even if the market crashes and... seniors lose everything.
8:12 am
pat toomey's looking out for wall street, not pennsylvania. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the real story on pat toomey. on background checks for gun buyers... toomey has shown the courage few others have... toomey steps up on checks... toomey is on the right side... state leaders should follow toomey lead. no wonder leading pennsylvania police organizations endorse pat toomey as best to protect our families. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:14 am
we have outside the house this morning, come on down and join the whole gang at fourth and market because we are having a party. we've got the woman cave, man cave, and the weather tonight, it the is pretty warm out there tonight, right now. >> kind of sticky, even knitting to the springsteen concert be ready to sweat. a lot of folks going to the shore for a make over do over because last weekend they stayed away. now rip current risk is low, for saturday and sunday. wye could have an early shower sunday but rest of the day looks okay. uv index is high. possibility of a little bit of coastal minor flooding. 83 degrees for eagles kick off on sunday, low humidity will make a big difference as well, but before all that happened we have two more days left of the heat wave, today and tomorrow, 87 degrees our high
8:15 am
on sunday, once the humidity goes away and then it is pretty comfortable for early part of next week and much cooler breeze comes around on thursday. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly. what you do you got. >> 8:15 on a friday. we have an accident here ramps from 676 heading in towards ben franklin bridge. just a tractor trailer sitting in that spot a few moments ago. maybe we will get that cleaned up, little delay coming over been any to downtown for gang heading up to the poconos, northbound on the northeast extension heavy from mid county to lansdale, an accident involving a tractor trailer, right before the lansdale interchange, and if you get down to the concert early, both bruce, adele tonight in south philadelphia, penndot will be working north on i-95 on the ramp, to the blue route 476. expect delays coming out of the delco, throughout the midday. bruce 7:30. adele across the street at 8:00, double jammo here in south philadelphia, septa
8:16 am
adding extra trains on market frankford line and subway for concert fans tonight, mike and karen back to you. we have been wondering what does a 15 year-old think about 9/11. it has been 15 years this sunday since the attack. >> those people were not even alive, they were just being born during that time. for the rest of us we remember so clearly what happened on that day in september. we all realized it was no accident.
8:17 am
we will never forget what will happen 15 years ago but what do 15 year-olds know about this. such an interesting lesson chris will tell us about in a classroom. >> exactly. we are here at miss eaton's class at esperanza academy charter school. here is a display they have had up presumably for some time. today they are going through, you know a machine stage on the board over here of what happened on 9/11. let me walk over here. good morning. thanks for letting us be here. good morning. >> good morning. >> you're old enough as am i, what is it like to have an assignment like this for a bunch of students who weren't around when this happened or just barely born. >> this being a historical event, this is first time in history we have freshman coming in who weren't alive during 9/11. so being able to teach tonight that context over a historical event instead of the memory
8:18 am
that changes how myself and other teachers move forward as we educate our youth about what is going on in regards to what happened with september 11th. >> in school for me i remember of course november between the second 1963, jfk's assassination. and then pearl harbor and u.s. got in the world war two. they don't have any memories like. that we got to remember the memory of 9/11, should i ask some of the student what their thoughts are about having not something like that as part of the collective horror of american history. >> who wants to talk about this? maybe share some share something they have learned and talk with neighbors. you are smiling. raising your hand. thanks for being brave. >> is what your name. >> tiffany. >> so tiffany, how old are you. >> fifteen. >> when were you born. >> january 5th. >> of. >> 2001. >> so you were just a few
8:19 am
months old, nine months old, obviously don't know. where were you when this happened. >> i asked my mom yesterday because i interviewed her and i was with her and all she says is she woke up, she saw the news and she was even scared for herself because she didn't feel safe me think if i was knowledgeable i wouldn't feel safe either. >> what else did you learn about 9/11? did you feel like maybe it is good to be born after 9/11 or do you kind of feel like everybody else necessary about it and you don't because you weren't really aware, you were only nine months old, what was happening. >> i kind of feel like it is good that i was ant live at the time because now i know about my history and i know i can do things to help the world to prevent that to make foundations to have the world have peace with one another. >> tiffany, thanks for being brave. i appreciate your time. really impressed with these
8:20 am
young students and what they are about to learn and with this teacher for having mine set to know it is important to keep this memory alive. >> definitely which is why we're talking about being able to get world history, stories from people who experienced it so we can access that and use it as knowledge and betterment. >> esperanza academy charter school thanks for having us here, appreciate it. we will send it back to you in the studio. of course arc lot more memories to come as 15 years is on sunday that was really good. she was great, that student who spoke. >> yes. >> she's 15 years old. is what old line if you don't learn history you are doomed to repeat it. >> i agree with the young lady's mother, everybody was scared that day. >> it was a change, loss of innocence because it hadn't happened here. it is the before and after and we just change our security and the way we live our lives. different world today. >> within plane after the other started crashing, okay is philadelphia next, is lost
8:21 am
angeles next, i have a kid my daughter living in l.a. no matter where were you in the country you were nervous another plane was going to hit your town. >> planes stop flying. as what he try not to show video much, but when you see it again as we start to play it, it gives me chills when you watch dust covering people and horror that we faced as a nation we tuned to watch our television and watched what happens. >> for five years you start to cry, it gets easier. >> when you spoke with the mother that watched her son josh, sue and i were balling, to lose anybody. >> wow. >> well, let's change topic. >> this is making big news. >> is malia obama in trouble again good i think she was in our area. >> yes, she was at penn. >> it looks like she was hanging in frat house at university of pennsylvania. that is what 18 years old do sometimes. we will show you the photo
8:22 am
does it bother you. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
8:23 am
vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
8:24 am
fourteen americans killed in a san bernardino mass shooting... but after this tragedy - when pat toomey had the chance to ban suspected terrorists from buying guns - he voted against closing this loophole for terrorists - and with the gun lobby. katie: we have to do everything in our power to keep guns away from terrorists who threaten our way of life. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because we can't risk our families' safety on a loophole. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:25 am
cleveland browns and rg3. >> come crashing down. >> this is our pep rally at fourth and market. food smells good out there. have you ever been to a bar where they have jenga, you are sitting there trying to have a conversation and then every now and then, it crashes down. i jump every single time. >> it is part of the fun. they do that outside at our beer gardens as well. >> there it goes. >> rg3 down. >> yes. >> by the way, if you have pictures of what you will wear, to sunday's game we are get something in there. maryann thank you for this one. >> we have this one loving it dameon, thank you. >> swoop business to show up here as a matter on have fact. are you looking for a job. philadelphia police department looking for men, women, come on, they have a shortage of police officers. >> we need more, it will start monday and run for a month.
8:26 am
we have bob kelly outside with the philly's finest. >> we're dancing. we have the block party going on here, you guys having a good time. are you ready for some football. >> yes. >> are you ready for a new job. >> yes. >> well, guess what, the philadelphia police department are hiring. look at the guys over here. sergeant ryan, thanks for joining us. this is great. a a lot of folks are looking for a new job, maybe they don't have a job and police department is looking for a few good men and women. >> we are definitely hiring. we will start a new recruitment the class september 12th and end october . anyone hoping to be a police officer, thought about being a police officer, culture, diversity, members of the lb gt community, women, anybody who wants make a difference and give back. >> what are requirements. we had some changes for better. >> right now it will be minimum of 22 years of age, to apply and high school diploma ore whifflecy.
8:27 am
>> you don't need those college credits that was part of the requirement before. >> we have then change the requirements. >> what i thought was interesting when you join the academy you get paid. >> it is paid training day one full benefits starting at 49 thousands $477. >> forty-nine grand plus full benefits just to join the academy. >> yes good when you graduate it bumps up. >> it goes up to 51,000. >> full benefits. >> that is important to people. >> if you are watching. >> this recruitment drives start on monday. where can folks go to get more information. >> we have join philly pd cot come, or they can call (215)283-2677. >> are you having too much fun at our tailgate party. >> yes, i guess so. >> chanting eagles out here. >> thank you. >> best philly officers in town. about a being to you in the studio. >> that is cool we will keep track of that process next week in case you want to be a police officer in philadelphia. there is a movie i want to see about miracle on the hudson when captain
8:28 am
sullenberger landed on the hudson river. sully, it business his life. tom hanks plays him. we will hear from the real sully after the break.
8:29 am
for senate, a clear difference. katie mcginty: for background checks, for banning assault weapons, and banning high-capacity ammunition clips. and pat toomey? against an assault weapons ban and against banning high capacity ammo clips like those used in the orlando massacre. listen to pat toomey brag:
8:30 am
"i have had a perfect record with the nra." pat toomey gets an "a" from the nra. he's not for you. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:31 am
i cannot tell you how big this is, arican girl. well, let me tell you how bigot is if you have a daughter, you don't have to go to new york city you just need to go to king of prussia, what is inside a new store and how long you will have to visit, all good things must come to an even. >> it is a pop up. the crowd will be huge tomorrow. american girl could not be a bigger thing. comedian, actress kim cole is on good day philadelphia she will join news a bit. she has an inspirational message and zazi talk about some hot topics today on the show. >> love that.
8:32 am
>> two huge movies are coming out this weekend. we are so excited. big one we are all talking about is the movie sully. >> about the pilot, miracle on the hudson. here's sully. >> no one warned us. no one said you would lose both engine then any other jet in history at lower altitude this was dual engine loss at 28 hup feet, followed by immediate water landing with 155 souls on board. no one has ever, trained for an incident like that. our job is to investigate how a plane ended up in the hudson river. >> simulation showed you could make it back to the air important. >> impossible. >> i felt it go. >> we have some controversy here kevin mccarthey joining us by skype here. so, it is not just all, you know, good smelling roses for sully during this movie. >> that is fascinating thing,
8:33 am
good morning, i'm joining to you live from toronto. i'm toronto international film festival interviewing denzel washington. very excited about that. getting back to your question it is a thing wherever one knows, this hero, saved 155 lives. i never truly knew full story after everything went down. ntsb was investigating him, he could not make it back and did simulations, i didn't know any of that. clint eastwood directed this movie. spoke to him. i never had a chance to sit down with him before and wanted to necessity how to you recreate, the actual landing, on the hudson and by the way, during this answer, he just decided he wanted to eat some peanuts. >> how to you make it look like you are going down and hitting water. >> i don't know how i did that
8:34 am
you just do it in pieces. we shot all point of views of the boats coming in and then we shot, back in the lake here in california we shot with a plane the exact same plane, same type of plane and in the lake and we could move that around and make it. and we could go down in the water. >> a hazing. >> you surround yourself with people that noah lot of stuff and you can do all kind of stuff. >> eighty-six years old. eighty-six years old. >> i love peanuts just popping them in. >> it is about an airplane. >> that is funny, mike. i didn't see anything to him. i sat there. the guy is a legend. good, bad, ugly. unforgiven, hearn snipper. i said go ahead and hit what you want. i was than the speaksed to interview him. he was using tom hanks room for 20 minutes until tom hanks
8:35 am
arrived. that was a completely an accident. >> my husband's last name is sullivan so anybody last name sullenberger, you think of sully, the big movie. what did the real sully think about this movie. >> film is incredible, i gave it 4.5 out of five. so it opens up, once landing has already been done. they take you back through the landing, a couple times from different perspective. i spoke to the real captain sully about what it is like to watch within of the biggest actors of old time play you in the movie, does it teach you thinking about yourself that you didn't already know. >> do you learn things about yourself at all mannerisms wise that tom hanks pick up on. >> first of all, it is an out of body screens the first time i watch the film, to see someone else portraying me and saying my words, but that is not me and it is kind of weird, but you are right, i
8:36 am
began to notice did i move my hand, blink or the little things that he does to portray me that aren't things that you should think about but in aggregate they mean as a whole it seems like sully. it seems true, it seems real. >> wild. >> captain sully. >> he shaved off his mustache i feel like it is a violation not to have that mustache. >> tom hanks grew out a full mustache and they painted it white. it really was a mustache on his face. tom hanks is amazing. one of the best films eastwood has done in years. it is only 90 minutes. >> well done. >> have a good time in toronto. >> thanks, mike, thanks karen have a good weekend. >> so president and first lady grace cover of essence magazine. this is such a cool looking photo. now that is the cover. but the picture on the inside
8:37 am
next to the article is no getting wave reviews. i'm not sure, well. >> we will show it to you talk bit. also we're having a party, eagles band outside. >> they are already here so are cheerleaders. >> yeah
8:38 am
8:39 am
someone's finally ready to start her day.
8:40 am
time to work some magic. tada. get gooeyflakyhappy. toaster strudel. dive into delight, where chocolatey-goodness intertwines with 20% of your daily fiber. so magical it could have been called paradise of heavens. but it wasn't. fiber one. so delicious, it should have another name. ♪ >> that is right, chris wallace can you tell we're having a pep rally here in olde city, philadelphia getting ready for eagles/browns what do you think about that. >> rg3 couldn't beat you as a red skin so i don't know how he will do as a brown. just remember nfc east champion washington redskins begin their season on monday night. >> against pittsburgh
8:41 am
steelers, right with curt cousins who happens to be one of your guest which we will get to in a second. another guest you just added jay johnson, why the laid add for him. >> well, because sunday is 9/11, 15th anniversary, we will have live coverage of some have the events in downtown new york at ground zero and then we will talk to secretary johnson, the secretary of home land security about where we stand now as compared to 9/11 in terms of keeping the country safe. >> newt gingrich on the panel, is he still in support of donald trump. >> oh, absolutely. we will have a preview of one of the presidential debates we will have newt gingrich a big advisor to donald trump on one side and javier bassera a top democrat in the house and big clinton supporter and go through issues and with it being 9/11 and with that national security forum they have this week i think focus
8:42 am
will be on foreign policy and america's place in the world. >> who do you think scored the best at that thing on the intrepid, the commander in chief forum. >> i think they were very different. so interesting to see in the debates, clinton's strength is her experience and her deep knowledge of these issues. she says she's a policy wonk and she really does noah lot of the issues in detail. trump's strength is strength of his personality and the idea that he is a strong leader. so they are very different but he clearly doesn't have command of all of the facts the way clinton does. it is asymmetric warfare and interesting to go see hot american people, on day one want as command inner chief. we have car consent. -- wentz. he was number two this is
8:43 am
overall and starting quarterback. it will be who has better season some 16 games later. >> it will, and of course we play each other twice but we have curt cousins who led us to the playoffs last year. we talked to him, so trash talk is beginning all right, mike. >> yes, yes. >> curt cousins, terrific guy, very good quarterback last year. and is what so interesting. people don't care about your causes, he is playing for more than his standing in the nfc east. we will see what happens. i bet you are going to the game. welshing have fun, monday
8:44 am
night. >> are you going to the the game on sunday. >> 1:00 against cleveland browns, rg3. >> rg3, he has had a good preseason. >> i suspect there will be best as we get to the games when we face each other. i look forward to it, with carson what again but i look forward to it with great confidence. >> we have change the name of the state to wentzvania, okay. >> that is kind of weak. >> it is very weak. >> we will see you sunday. >> well, she has got it all, little northwest is spotted with a purse, what? growing woman want this purse and she already has it. >> she has a lv, louie vouton purse already. i am going to vomit. i'm not going to i will go get something to eat at our pep rally and then i'll vomit.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
fourth and market that is where our party is going on, eagles spirit out there, pep bandies here, we have got food, fun, and we just don't have you, do we. we have heat advisory today as well, just like yesterday, here we go again, by later on today we will feel like in the upper 90's for tonight, it will feel like the 80's, why you are watching bruce springsteen and then we are back in the feels like temperature in the upper 90's.
8:49 am
and then cold front comes through saturday night and thing that everything. 81 degrees right new. no where to go. how high is temperature today. about 93 degrees. same for tomorrow with late thunderstorms. they will be isolated not everybody will get one. feel different on sun take when sun comes out and it will stay that way through early part of next week. so we will break the heat wave, guys, saturday night. >> we will take that. >> yeah. >> let's punch up dax holt with tmz and has been for years. i will take a picture of a can of hair spray and send it to him on twitter. >> look for that on twitter, dax. >> yes. >> he is in there on dax holt. >> yes. >> so, this is your last time with us, you're moving on to what are you going to do, try a film career what is your dream.
8:50 am
>> you know, i don't know, it has been a great run here, i think it is time to move on and see what else is out there, harvey has been amazing we will see what happens. >> we have a tribute we are showing to you, a beautiful can of hair spray because you have the best hair in the business. >> thank you, appreciate that mike. >> makes your sure style. >> you have flexible hold, dax. >> very flexible. >> kim kardashian and their family they never let us town. you are telling me her child has a louie voutton bag already. >> yes, this is great photo, northwest, out in new york. she's walking through the streets and you look and she has got a miniature louie voutton purse and she's carrying. all of the girls are like what the heck we cannot even get them and this three-year oldies walking around with hers. we look up retail price and basically a thousand dollars for this and three-year old
8:51 am
gets to walk around. what elsie love is her handler is wearing geezy. everyone around them just gets to live the glamorous lifetime. >> she has a handler, you have a handler. hand letter, seriously. >> my handler was my mother. >> yes. >> dack, we will miss you. we know you are going on to bigger, better whatever it is, it will be great. >> check your twitter. >> i will go check it, thanks very much, fun talking to you guys. >> thanks, dax. >> good luck to you. >> 8:41. we have lottery numbers. and we have a special guest in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> is she funny. >> it is not her but she is funny. okay. when it comes to risking social security on the stock market...
8:52 am
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we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
8:55 am
you cannot have an eagles tailgate party without dunkin' donuts, green, icing, doughnuts out there, looking good, come on town to fourth and market right outside 8:55. double bubble this weekend tomorrow and temple at 1:00, same time on sun take, joint will be jumping at lincoln financial field and then tonight, double jams we have got bruce, across the street here, at the ballpark, at 7:30, at wells fargo center, jelly doughnut delay for that evening rush hour heading in to the night time, and then keep in mind, everybody that will be heading to the shore day, even though school's back in folks head down for weekend they will to have work their way through south philadelphia and tailgater, and walt
8:56 am
whitman bridge. >> the president and first lady are on the cover of essence magazine but there is a photo inside that everybody is talking about, we will tell you why. also, we are having a party, monte g is out there rocking the mike right there he has got his hat on eagles flying, ban, phillies finest we need to you come down and play games. the new family feud what's minstant game playing with top prizes of a hundred grand? survey says... (ding) winning. on the spot. play family feud from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot! keep on scratchin'
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♪ >> well, now it is a party we see joan from port richmond showing up. there is quincy. his show debuts next monday. it is time for q show monday here on fox. >> it airs at noon time. >> yeah. >> oh, you cannot have a pep rally without best cheerleaders in the nfl.
9:00 am
i don't say that lightly. they are fabulous, talented and beautiful. >> beat some browns. >> big weekend for little girls in our area. swoop is here too. >> we are getting a temporary pop up, american girl store so what are you doing here. >> we will show you eagles picture. we have been tweeting and sending them in. thank you so much. i want to be there, grand baby just came home from texas. we bleed green. >> okay. american girl pop up store the at american store at king of prussia starting tomorrow. it is just like the one we have in midtown machine hat on, we don't have to go up there but just go out to kop. >> they will give you details because it will not last forever. >> have we seen this. we have got president and first lady on the cover, essence magazine but there is a picture inside that everyone


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