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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> yes, we are. >> and he's in for bob, too? okay. >> so double duty there. >> what do you want to start with, weather. >> first, a loft people have been cooking, we opportunity see what you've been making, use using hashtag. >> let's take a look. >> i like, brown sugar, bacon wrapped. >> oh, wishing fox 29 crew and everyone happy thanksgiving. be sure to give thanks. molly fox 29 philadelphia reminds to you give thanks. >> wonderful. >> i think so. >> we have the thanks give day parade and weather and it will be important to note. but it is going to be cloudy. couple of spotty showers, not going to be wash out, so that's the good news with this forecast. and temperatures will be right around average, in the low to mid 50's, across the area. live look right now philadelphia international
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airport. no airport delays, 41 degrees, not as cold, either, as it was this same time yesterday. so, as we take a look at the foxcast, looking at 54 in trenton, upper 50's, in atlantic city, ooh degrees in reading, with those showers, moving in, mid to late morning, into the early afternoon. the activity right now, ultimate doppler, still out to the west. but watch the clock, as we go hour by hour, you can see, that light green, kind of showing up on the map around midday. into the early afternoon time frame. less than .10 of an inch. what about traffic? on this busy kind of day, as far as a loft folks getting up, maybe headed to the parade. we do have some road closures to talk about, here is a shot right now, just showing you what's taking place along the parkway. keep that in mind. also, the vine street expressway westbound, off ramp to the ben franklin parkway will be closed talking about some impacts in center city, spring garden, street in both directions, between 76, it will be closed, so just watch out for that. twentieth street between market street and the ben franklin parkway.
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all lanes are blocked. and 76 schuylkill expressway westbound offer ram top spring garden, closed. also, have a building fire in the telford area main street to talk about. it is at west broad street. the fire department is on scene there telford, main street. also, 95, times looking pretty good if you're traveling there. not whole lot of folks out and about on this turkey day, gobble gobble. guys, back over to you. >> there go, activity moving the flags there, practicing, getting ready for the thanksgiving day parade. >> looks like up on top of the christmas tree, light are all on. >> beautiful. >> the candles.
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>> you know, al, the oldest thanksgiving day par irks in america. >> he can act route, if you're new to town, sitting and watching in the hotel room. you might want to walk over to the start. that's at 20th street, and jfk boulevard. they'll zip down to about 16 street, steak the left, and then the rest of it on the beautiful saint lee say design ben franklin parkway. take that around logan circle there. >> and then all the way up to the art museum. >> annual picture to my from one of the top executive here, her husband dresses up in full turkey outfit. >> talking -- >> that's been posted and we'll find that for you on instagram. >> just posted too. >> yes, seconds ago.
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>> today the nineo and all macy thanksgiving day parade through new york city. that's a whole-ping balloon there. >> an accident? >> waiting for their moment so they can go out and go? >> cuddling? >> well, it is cold. >> that's the upper west side of manhattan, central park west, and now we go all the way down to harold square, around 34th and broadway. >> we have to see if we can guess, looks like power ranger, hello kitty maybe, snoopy? >> supposed to start off this year with the muppets. >> the muppets, very nice. >> you know they have 4 million people lining the streets thereto watch that? >> we just saw the movie troll. >> yep, i love it, elf on the shelf, because i have one at home. >> the dinosaur. >> why do you love that one? >> because i love dinosaurs.
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>> cute. >> so coming up at 9:00 we will head live to the parade up there in new york city. >> so the elf on the shelf is already snout. >> i think glow whether does the elf on the shelf come out? i don't know why i thought thanksgiving. maybe somebody will have to tweet us and let us know on facebook. >> you mean in stores? >> i thought when you start putting it up around the house. >> when you start doing the report to go santa. >> i would think today. with all of the relatives in. >> got to be on your best behavior. >> i would get that guy out on the shelf right now. we begin at the stores of course, today. a lot of people running into the k-mart over in moorestown. and the first thing they see? not a k-mart greeter. but that guy. steve keeley. >> even better. >> i love when you school the philadelphia viewers, about manhattan, not just mad hat and, mid town, not just central park, central park west. you got the gps down to the
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exact point. >> that's what i do. >> mike, by the way, i saw something i never saw or heard before on this show. and correct me if i'm wrong, did frederick just do complete live shot without uttering one quite frankly. did i hear that right? >> that is a drinking game here at good day philadelphia. every time she says quite frankly, we all go like this. and you might slip in the word amazing, too. i knock one back for amazing. >> and a high five. >> and high five. >> and of core everybody does the high five shot at the end of the drinking game. >> you have dare from a viewer. combine the ad a.m. levin, with the hillary clinton pant suit. will he wear this? adam levin, that's black lays, mike, you got the legs for it.
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>> you have the legs for it. >> practically the arms. all right, no answer from mike on this one i guess. >> he's speechless. >> i think i've retired the whole wearing women's clothes thing. >> yes. >> i that you segment. we have three shoppers with us, we have cindy, maria, angela. >> by the way, an hour ago, we showed that necklace, earring combination. not available here at k-mart, but soon to be. but they got them at the hallmark store, and also, available at the christmas tree shops. why do we know that? these twins are the ultimate shoppers. cindy you did pretty good. you got the top of the cart full, the bottom of the cart full. mike some things never go out of style. the game of life and yacht circumstances i see, at the bottom of her cart. and in the cart next to it,
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the twins cart, games that never go out of style, i see a candy land, these games have been made for as long as i was, look, ages three and up. you can't both that. that's one of the great games of all timement and yacht si, the game of life. >> who is the game of life for? >> my 16 year old son. >> does he need a less none life? >> no, he just likes to play games, we like to do it for family time. >> that's good. big sill err at k-mart this year, these three piece comforter sets. you got three of them. how great after deal was that? >> they're 9.99. it was a very good deal. >> what would something like that normally cost? >> $30, like 99.99. >> good time, quite frosty outside. did you well. garland, stuff for the tree, some tupperware, all set for shopping for awhile or back out tonight and tomorrow? >> i have to go back out at 6:00 for the wal-mart sales. >> what are you going to do inbetween now and 6:00 p.m. >> cooking all of my food so my family has thanksgiving
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dinner. >> do you have time to eat before you go out shopping again? >> maybe. >> maybe. >> cross my fingers. >> you guys shop and you let the family cook, flight. >> right. >> where are you going from here? >> probably have our thanksgiving dinner and then we go out tonight shopping. >> where are you going to shop tonight? >> the mall. >> the mall probably. >> tell them even before "black friday", you went to target and there was line of 20 people, because the hot item this year is what? >> the hatchable. >> what is hatch-able? >> egg inside, hatches. >> so 20 pete wait in line to open wednesday, they only had how many? >> six. >> is everybody grumbling? >> that's the thing to get. >> we'll wrap with this. i shop from him. forehead to tow outfit. all right, you think that looks good on top? check out the feet look at that.
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>> my mother, who is working as a nurse today, she is also working, we like to work holidays in this family. >> on way to work she stopped and saw me. so, there is mom. so happy thanksgiving. this is going to be our thanksgiving in the k-mart, mike. >> yes. >> go give her a hug! >> see, dow hug people. where are you off to? >> off to work. >> how many hours are you going to work today? >> up up until about a. >> what do you do for a living? >> registered nurse in home care. >> howell are you? >> seventy-six. >> and are you still in college? >> no, i finished my master's agree. >> master's agree. how old are you when you got your master's? >> seventy-two. >> all right, and didn't you tell me going for ph.d.? >> that's what i'm thinking i will do if i retire. >> if she retires mike she is going for ph.d.
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that's mom. right? so it runs, the genes, by the way, intelligence genes do not run in the family, they stop with her. and my sister. >> from islander, did you ever hear of patty wagon? it comes from so many irish people came over here to this country, immigrants, became cops, and her dad was one every them. >> look, baby. >> oh, my goodness. i -- >> she is hiding behind the joe boxer rack at k-mart. so seeing the keeley family, thanksgiving day at k-mart. >> doesn't this make a card? >> remind me of the seinfeld episode. >> she said i'm going to kill you for this. >> ya. >> did you hear that, mike? she goes i'm going to kill you for this? >> this is just too good. i want to talk to her some more. i want some steve keeley stories, man.
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>> oh, wow. >> i have a rap. mike, i got a rap five minute ago on this live shot. >> forget the rap. this is too good. >> all right, steve, thank you. oh,. >> see you later guys. >> for some reason, i thought maybe steve keeley was not given birth by a woman. >> what? >> he just appeared on earth. >> i think we're both in shock right now. >> like a rock got crushed and he came out after rock. but no, a mother birthed him. >> stop it. >> and she looks like a normal woman. didn't she? >> stop it. >> she is very lovely. did you hear her? i love you baby. >> she knows he's working, she stopped by to say hello. mothers are the best. >> i know it. >> oh. that was so nice of him to share her with us, too. she didn't want to be put on tv. get trouble later for putting her on. >> i love you baby but i'm going to kill you. >> the keeley household. ladies and gentlemen. >> that was quite enlightening. >> it was. >> steve keeley has a mother.
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>> breaking news. >> all right. >> did you think he was a hatchable? >> something that fell off the back after truck, a crate, and he popped out of it. >> steve keeley has a mother. who seems very normal. a nurse. >> what is wrong with you? >> that was a holiday gift right there. >> and the gift that keeps on giving. we have to bring her in. i meade this to be like a thing. >> interrogate her? >> there is so much we need to know. >> oh, so much to explain. >> president obama getting in all the turkey jokes he could at the turkey pardoning ceremony yesterday. here he is. >> thanksgiving is a family holiday as much as a national one. so for the past seven years i've established another tradition. embarrassing my daughters, with a cornucopia of bad jokes
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about turkeys. >> this year, they had a scheduling conflict. >> think couldn't take my jokes any more. they were fed up. malea and sasha are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't toll them yet, we will do this every year from now on. >> my job, to grant them, clemency this afternoon. >> as i do, i want to take a moment to recognize the brave turkeys, who weren't so lucky, who didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom. >> oh, those kids, so cute. >> those are his nephews, by the way, those boys. >> you can tell he's really enjoying it, too. you know someone is really enjoying themselves, telling
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jokes, when they tell the joke and smile and wait for to you laugh. ya, ya, you like this, you like this? >> that's the way i do it. a long wait. >> i think you're very funny. mike, i'm thankful for your jokes. >> keep the humor going. makes life easier. >> i'm serious. >> very grateful too for all i have. >> because? >> gratitude is my new attitude. >> specially on thanksgiving. >> that's right. and i want to be like my blood type, bee positive. >> remember who you want to see your pumpkins pictures, we have one here, well, not a picture, but wish be everybody a happy thanksgiving. >> we appreciate it, thank you. oh, tamika part of the show. happy turk tai day from the ship man's, i make southern fried corn. philly girl with southern are roots i here you. >> jennifer all ready for the oven, that's a turkey that's stuffed good. did you see that? yum. oh, look at this. >> oh, real nice.
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>> i think the pick says it all, you're right, john samson, you are so right. >> happy thanksgiving, john. happy thanksgiving, scott. happy thanksgiving, mike, and alex, on this turkey day. weather, i guess we can kind of be thankful t won't be complete wash out. we have some clouds. couple of spotty showers in the forecast, temperatures are going to be kind of average where they should for this time of year. as we take a look at the philadelphia international airport. we have the cloud cover, not as cold as it was this same time yesterday. 41 degrees, right now. by this afternoon, looking at high temperatures, low to mid 50's, mostly cloudy skies, maybe a little bit after wintery mix, in parts of the pocono mountains early this morning, 53 wilmington, 55 for the high temperature in millville. let's talk a little bit about traffic. because we have the thanksgiving day parade taking place, a lot of closures, some impacts to your septa bus route, so just be minds full until 2:00, those routes there will have detours, 31, 33, 38,
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44, 62, 124, 125 and the market and frankford nite owl. other situations that we're watching right now, you can see how traffic is kind of been detoured there, because of some closures, that one right there is at 676 west at 24th street. also, there is an accident, we've been monitoring, in the norristown area, harding boulevard, at markley street. and travel times, not that bad. ninety-five, southbound woodhaven road to i676, only 14 minutes, 14 minutes as well eastbound, 76, 476, to 676 on this thursday morning. guys, back over to you. >> thank you. let's talk about our villanova wildcats. number two in the country now you know. extended their record with a big win. >> they beat 63 to 47. just completed the nba portion of their schedule meaning they had stretch of six games in 13 days. the wildcats extended their record of six and zero.
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the team has been playing without starting guard deeing with inflammation in his knee. coach jay wright with five days off before the next game, hoping booth will be back for at the pal trees. >> the palestra. >> i would love to see them do a repeat. that would be so amazing. >> they have some stiff competition throughout with duke. >> but i believe. >> i believe. >> kansas. >> after a big meal, are you planning to hit the stores to do some "black friday" shopping? on a thursday? why doctors say it might be just the thing to help relieve some stress. and if you're being punished this morning, for that hard night of partying last night, oh, man, the city was full of people. i think we can help you. the best remedy's to get through a thanksgiving hang-over. z test text1
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>> retail therapy may make you feel better. here's (says shopping is a mood booster, because it appeals to all of your senses. it can help you escape from your own troubles, even window shopping can leave you in a better mood. >> so, get out, shop, if you're feeling funk. >> i it is real. >> yes. >> i definitely do retail therapy sometimes. >> you snow. >> by the way, when you're not shopping, notice the christmas village opens today for the holiday season. >> the market will take over the city hall courtyard, new this year, carousel. there will also be theme nights at the student discount
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tuesday, and happy hour wednesday. coming up in the 9:00 hour, we take you live therefore opening day. >> i kind of like it at city hall. >> this is basically, on the north apron, north sidewalk, of city hall. as go around it. >> yes? >> yes. >> i like the look of it. i wonder if it is crowded? i haven't been over there yet. >> probably little more crowded than the one over at love park. that god crowded too. >> so many people like to do. that will and there is a lot of local place that is come out, sell things, so it is good. support local business. >> meet a lot of german people too who comb over just for that month. >> really? >> oh, yes. >> very nice. >> meet the little boy, a survivor, and meeting his favorite basketball team.
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>> can i be thawing my turkey out in a toilet? yes, you heard me right. that was a real question to the butterball hotline. some of the craziest questions that come in through the bank every phones and computers every year. >> in the toilet?
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really? >> well, why couldn't you? i mean, the turkey would probably fit into the toilet. and it is water. >> i hope you clean the toilet well first. >> well, ya. >> and if you're being punished this morning, for how hard you partied last night, we can help. the best remedy to get you through a thanksgiving hang-over. so many people are out last night, oh, my goodness. >> i would just eat. >> just stuff it in? >> just start eating, it will all feel better. but i'm sure better tips than that. >> see, before i went out drinking what i like to do, i eat a whole stick of butter. then a whole ladle of grave. >> i butter and gravy? >> scott, what do you do? >> dow the same thing, that's the magic trick right there. >> full stick of butter and then grave. >> i antacids, all kind of
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trouble with. that will as far as the temperatures, chilly, not as cold as it was yesterday morning. waking to up 42 in wilmington, 37 millville. north watch west in allentown mid to upper 30's, trenton at 39. bugs stop buddy headed to the parade, cloudy cool temperatures morning in the 40's by this afternoon, we take you hour by hour, looking at some spotty showers, late morning, into the early afternoon temperatures top off in the low to mid 50's. ultimate doppler right now showing mostly cloudy skies, but we're dry, but off to the west, here's that moisture, we're keeping tabs on we go hour by hour, and you can see, by late morning, watching out around philadelphia between say 11:00 to 2:00. spotty showers lets than a tent of an inch of rainfall expected out of this system for today. not a wash out, that will be good news if you are maybe throw the ball around in the yards play football later this evening, looking okay for that. the seven day forecast shows
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pretty nice weekend, temperatures back above average. look at tuesday. sixty. mid 60s by the middle part of next week with few showers in the forecast. time for look at, so here is the latest on some accidents, in glassboro, greentree road at william dalton drive, be minds full of. that will just outside the williamstown area, also, here is a look at traffic. it is flowing pretty nicely route 42, of course, a lot of folks were stuck in traffic yesterday. i think a loft people left yesterday. but if you wait today leave today, looking pretty good on the roadways, also, closures, because of the parade, ben franklin parkway, jfk boulevard, mlk drive, art museum circle and bus detours on septa and patco, by the way, going to be running on a different schedule today, and also, tomorrow. back over to you. >> show of support for philadelphia boy during wednesday night's sixers game.
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>> hon orders for his courage after surviving a shooting. he's undergone several surgeries since the tragedy, but he's thought to get back to normal. >> shawnette wilson has his story. >> beaming face of precious little boy still recovering after he was shot ten times, last august. tonight six year old mahaj brown all smiles as a guest of the philadelphia sixers for their game against the grisslies. >> staff ushered mahaj on to the court during the pre-game, where he was honored with a strong kid of the game award alongside mascot franklin. >> he kissed me, right on the forehead. >> also received bag of goodies including team hat he's proudly wearing. >> they let my hold the basketball. >> how fun was that? was it up? >> yes, i took a picture with the basketball. >> the best he says his own personalized jersey. he was so excited to show me
7:32 am
that he stood up from his wheelchair. >> his mother said the award describes him perfectly. >> he said i want to run. i said i got to walk first. he said i'm not getting back in that wheelchair. >> it means a lot to him. it means like the world to me. because he would be scared to come outside. so anything that he be wanting to do outside of the house is plus, like it is a blessing. >> team officials say the strong kid of the game award started last season. mahaj is a recognized. >> smiling ear to ear. >> mahaj says he can't wait to tell his classmates about his big night. he has a message for the sixers. >> go 76ers. >> shawnette wilson "fox 29 news". >> almost got his wish last night, the sixers took the grisslies into over time before they lot. but they almost had their fifth consecutive win at home last night. >> the what a sweet special little boy. >> for sure. >> my gosh, so strong and in
7:33 am
spirit and everything else. >> and so happy last night. >> the smile on his face. oh, that was great. >> the philadelphia water department says we need to watch our water very carefully here specially the usage. city officials asking resident to cut back by 5%, the drought watch was declared yesterday by the delaware river basin commission. no word yet on how long it will be in effect, we just need some darn rain. >> pennsylvania alone expecting nearly 3.5 million cars to travel the road this weekend. yesterday, saw heavy volume, which is likely to pick up again on sunday, as people head home. be aware of state troopers. they say they'll be watching for speeders and motorists texting while driving. don't do it. be careful. >> don't, don't, don't text and drive. thanksgiving may be the quinessential american holiday, as we cap off a politically devisive year certainly. it is probably a good time to remind ourselves that all of
7:34 am
us are independents, democrats, republicans, alike, we have good reason to be thankful. doug luzader, has more on this from washington, d.c. >> clearly, donald trump has a lot to be thankful for this thanksgiving. preparing to move into the white house, and implement g his position he spoke out about on the campaign trail, plus his administration quickly taking place. >> people thal, as i say, we will make america great again. >> on the other hand, as saturday day night live is quick to point out, at trump defense, now begins the hard part. >> what is isis. >> and obviously, democrats may feel a little less than thankful about their current politicalplight, but as they regroup this opportunity. >> being in opposition is a clarifying experience. as republicans found in the obama era, it was much simpler, and much easier to be in opposition than it is to
7:35 am
have to promulgate your own policies and put things forward. >> but there is no question. thanksgiving, and the rest of the holiday season, may be rough sledding for democrats here on capitol hill, and this may be just the calm before a long storm. and who may be the most thankful for their political lot this thanksgiving? maybe the obama's, who now get to leave all of this behind. >> when what dow know, i have to take michelle on vacation. >> in washington, thankful that election season is over, doug luzader, fox news. i wonder where they'll go for vacation? >> hawaii? >> you think they'll stay in the u.s. (maybe they need a break? >> in the wintertime? hawaii. >> hawaii, okay. >> yes. >> making murmer i again this holiday season. the trump make america great again committee offering supporters the chance to deck their christmas trees with a
7:36 am
ornament version of the big red hat, became so famous, making america great again. it is a baseball cap. the ornament is made of brass, and finished in 14 karat gold. you can pick up one of these puppies for $149. >> look, it is hanging off a tree in the poconos. >> bigger than i thought. >> yes, huge, no wonder it is $149. i guess it makes sense. >> those will sell. and, remember, we want to see your pictures of you making food, this morning, as you watch "good day" live philadelphia. >> oh, i like this there is one is really -- happy thanksgiving, yummy cinnamin roll french toast. oh, that sounds good. >> what? very good. and then sweet potato cheese cake. i like that one too. from jean. >> i've never had that. >> make sure to keep sending in your pictures, fox 29 goodday, also we've had our good day pot luck. we will reveal show you pictures from that in a little bit. but let's check in with jen.
7:37 am
>> okay. >> reporter: so you know last night was the biggest drinking night of the year. and i have to say i found all of these items in the "fox 29 news" room. the question s. how do you cure a hanover so you can deal with your annoying in-laws? we'll tell you after the break.>[a5df]www.]
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>> happy thanksgiving, hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving for family and friend, different for us much in space, i'll make it as much like home as we k our crews will have a thanksgiving -- >> that's nasa commander, shane, he says his crew will be eating turkey, green beans, candid yams, cherry could be letter, blue berry could be letter, and of course, mashed potatoes, way up there in space. >> oh, very nice. and i wonder if it has to be all dried in the packages, dried food they eat? day like today, certainly thinking of everyone who is working, because getting a lot tweets, oh, i have to go into work. hopefully you have pot luck going on, so you goat have little bit of food. we did here at fox 29. so, this is with a it looks like at our pot luck, thank sony, put it altogether, asked
7:41 am
people to bring in some goodies. >> that was the middle of the night of course. >> yes, still up there. actually morning, too. >> yes. >> but i don't know. wonder if you can guess which one i brought in? >> i particular something i would have broad in. >> what? >> powdered sugar donut, just a box from a grocery store. i know what you brought in because you love them. the bottom cast roll dish there, are those your sausage balls? >> my sausage and cheese balls, yes. sony didn't believe that actually i made them, one of the co-workers, did you not make this, yes, did i. so a picture we are bea to show this is me last night, my mom was doing the thanksgiving stuff, i was putting them altogether there. i had people on facebook trying to guess, they had all kind of guesses yes, sausage and cheese balls, mikey don't know in you a chance? >> never eaten one of these. >> here go. >> more sausage or cheese? >> it is supposed to be about equal. >> and they're better warm. but -- >> it is really good.
7:42 am
>> really, you like it? >> really good. >> thank you. >> yes. >> like breakfast all in a ball. >> it is a breakfast ball. >> so that's great. so certainly thinking of everybody who is working this morning. >> did you invent this? >> no, i didn't invent it, no. actually i got it from another work pot luck that i had when i was working back in south carolina, like these are amazing, i must learn how to make these. >> you know, mcdonald's could put this on a menu. >> if they do i hope they pay me. but i didn't create it so i probably can't take the yesterday. >> i say you created. is there proof out there somebody else create philadelphia? >> i think there is. >> get to chicago as fast as you can, get to the corporate office. >> maybe fay stick a different secret ingredient, then i can make them my own. >> spit in it? >> no, i won't be doing that. >> so what did you cook? do we have any more picks? >> here's one it, says almost done. oh, that turkey is looking good. >> that's really good.
7:43 am
>> and ray says before turkey comes breakfast. bacon cooked in the oven is the only way to go. >> you do your bake nag oven, don't you? >> no, i think it is in a microwave. then this one oh, thanksgiving and mimosa's this morning. >> see, last night, sitting there, my family, what do we eat tonight? always, you know, trying to get it together. so ended up having suppan salad which worked out. i wonder what people had last night then this morning, because you don't want to do anything big, because the big meal is coming. >> then you got to knock on your door. >> yes. >> and i showed up. >> did you. >> and ate the rest of the food. >> he ate a lot of food. >> but it is all good. it means you liked t we were happy about it. >> that soup was fantastic. >> all right, speaking of last night. a lot of you ever watching the tv kind of blurry because it was a big party night the wednesday before thanksgiving. we have some hang over remedies, and some of them you have never heard of. but i think it might help.
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>> mike, i have two of the best experts in the tri-state area. look at this. how is this going to cure your hang-over? this might be the best thing we've ever tried. seriously. the best thing wife ' ever tried. come on back, we want to hear your remedies. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe.
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>> have i kelly christmas, bring on the lights. we are getting ready for the holidays and we know you are too, so why not post a picture of your holiday lights, and use the #fox29lights contest. so come on, show off your lights, then you agree could happen? bob kel coy show to up your house during "fox 29 news". and we'll also show the pictures on the fox 29 morning news and here on "good day". again, all do you have do post a picture, using the #fox29lights contest. we want to come to your house, right, scott? >> that's right. sites, sounds of the season. >> ooh lot of closures due to the parade, as we that alike at the boulevard approaching
7:48 am
76. there is a steady stream of traffic. but once again, no major delays on the highways and by ways, i think, a lot of folks were in traffic on yesterday, trying to get to grandmom's house, trying to get to their destin agent cents so they could be there already on turkey day, but if you waited until today, to leave, take a look at some of the drive times, across the area, looking pretty good on the schuylkill, the boulevard, not bad whatsoever, on this turkey day. aa lot of closures though because of the parade taking place this morning, keep in mind, that the vine street expressway westbound, that off ramp is going to be closed for the ben franklin parkway, also, center city, watching the ben franklin parkway, jfk boulevard, kelly, mlk drive, along with the art museum area. i'll have weather in 15 seconds.
7:49 am
>> mostly cloudy, not as cold as this same time yesterday. 441 in philadelphia. wind, out of the east, about 8 miles per hour. and as far as that forecast, mostly cloudy, few spotty showers, not a wash-out. hit and miss activity, mid to late morning, into the early afternoon. temperatures, low 50's, pottstown, 55 in millville, and wildwood. dover, 55. temperatures for tonight: low 40's in philadelphia, 42 in wildwood, mid to upper 30's, north and west. the seven day forecast shows we dry out, headed into the weekends, more rain though tuesday, wednesday, alex, of next week. okay, thank you, so much. well, you know what? a lot of people last night, they were out drinking, having good time, head off to work today all they have to real dow is eat. so this morning waking up it could be little rough for you. jen, upstairs with guys that
7:50 am
say they can help. they have remedies. >> yes, here's what we have here. hi, guys. we have hudson and canyon. so, i never say this correctly, wine expert, bartender, good morning. >> good morning, how are you? >> needer one every you guys booze last night? i can't confirm it so we do couple of different things, have do you one, do you one, okay? so let's begin. you say every bartender in the world knows about this item? >> i don't know about every bartender in the world. but like every malnutrition kid anbar tender which is kind of one and the same know that if you need nutrient, this is what you do. so, you know, definitely the best cure for hank over not to drink too much. >> thanks, bartender. >> over served. >> yes. >> so what you do, you take some coconut water. >> yep. >> by the way i've been at the helm of mike jerrick's haners before. >> so you know. >> great time. so coconut water, pediatric ya light. however much you want. >> right? >> depending onset err at this of your hang over.
7:51 am
>> it is thanksgiving. you have got to get through the day. >> then what you do, if you have the packets, they're great, or just take emergency dump a packet into this. >> okay. >> so like cocktail but -- >> here, try it. >> cheers to you. >> pop one of these. >> pop one of these, put it in. fizz, fizz, here we go. hudson, you take different approach? >> i do. i came one some sort of bizarre kind of fun -- >> not bad. >> hang over cures. the canadian hang over cure which canadians apparently they drink a lot. >> i have heard. >> so their cure the greasy french friday, great gravy, some cheese kurd, i got this from station taproom in downingtown last night, then little canadian beer, if you are having canadian hang over. >> i love it. >> this is haitian voo-doo cure. so apparently if the offending bottle got you inch ube ate dollars you put 13 black pins in the cork, put it in thereto kill off the evil spirit. >> through. >> classic bloody mary. and go sweat, go work out little bit. >> all right?
7:52 am
lastly -- >> if all else fails. >> if all phils, go with the standard aspirin, water. >> tell meme what the heck this water is? >> most insane watery ever found, water condensed from the atmosphere in the florida keys. >> which you would think has a lot of booze in it, jimmy buffet, flight. >> anything to do with it would you think. >> hemingway, jimmy buffet. you've had this before? >> i have had this before. i'm one of the insane to pay $25 for a bottle. >> for a booth until. >> i know. >> okay, let's try it. >> he is so dumb. he is smelling it. >> i'm bartender. >> am i skinnier and prettier and younger and taller? >> beautiful. >> thank you, hammy thanksgiving. >> i'm thankful for you. >> i want to say come on down, about to eat, jen, yes, the 25-dollar water, i would be smelling it, too, and shaking
7:53 am
it, looking at it in the light and everything else. $25? my gosh. 7:53. would you be shopping right now, if you could? well, if you want a computer at television or hoverboard, maybe you should. the big savings this morning, you may want to skip some of the meet or even skip dessert. you can try and get them. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment
7:54 am
on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> nanna are giving today for thanksgiving. >> and jenny joyce has the story from the manna kitchen itself in center sit. >> i hi, guys, manna is very, very busy this thanksgiving morning. we've a lot going on here. we've been watching people meal prep all morning long. these are volunteers. we will see hundreds of volunteers, walk through these doors, here, every manna preparing food for people with critical, chronic, illnesses,
7:57 am
eric, director of operation action, talk a little bit about how special this day is, it is really neighbors feeding neighbors. >> really important, it gives our clients opportunity to invite maybe some of their friends into their homes, to be able to make take care of some people who are always taking care of them. so it is really important for us, and for their clients, to be able to sit down to hot, home cook meal, and the opportunity to be able to bring, invite guest moos their home, so really special. >> we know 750 clients have signed on. this is more clients than in any year in the past. >> yes, in our 27th year right now, the most clients that we've her here at mann a on thanksgiving day we're feeding today. do over 3,000 meals from the kitchen this morning. >> so earlier we saw the oranges, the guard fishes, now moving on to the salads, as the morning goes on, can you explain this kitchen area gets little more crazy? >> it does, we have this continued turn over, volunteers come in every couple of hours. we do salad now.
7:58 am
we do gravy on the other side. turkeys are heating up in the oven. sweet potatoes right now. this area will flip, we start doing our stuffing and our string beans right here. so we get the coal stuff done first. and the hot stuff will move out after that. volunteers will start showing up quarter to 10:00. we start shipping meals out to the clients at that point. we have over 175 volunteer drivers, coming through the door today. so you take the meals and make sure they get to the clients safe and hot and ready to go. >> i love that. i love the volunteer aspects of this day, of the manna organization. guy, how are you doing? >> wonderful, how are you? >> first time volunteer tearing? >> yes, here at manna. >> why did you choose here? >> opportunity to give back. the companies we love volunteering in the company. >> we have peco volunteers. thank you for representing. mike and alex, we send it back to you. >> beautiful work. >> that is, wonderful work, manna does. >> perfect day. good day everybody, it is
7:59 am
thanksgiving, 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> dinner ordeals? would you trade in your turkey, for holiday sales? a lot of you say yes. the shoppers out and about right now, and we are talking to them. >> and should you join them? if you want a computer, television or hoverboard, maybe. the big savings this morning, you may want to skip dessert to go out and get. >> we get them all. may save the most cash in a unlikely place. a local couponer explains the benefits of drug store deals. with coupons. >> plus: can i really thawing my turkey in a to you -- toilet? you heard me right. that will was a real question to the butterball turkey hotline. >> ♪ >> turkey for me. turkey for you.
8:00 am
let's eat the turkey in my big brown -- >> some of the craziest, from cluely chefs. >> welcome factually. >> happy -- happy thanksgiving , darling. >> friends giving. >> friends giving. >> friends giving on thanksgiving. >> tradition at good day philadelphia, we put out big spread and stuff ourselves. let's do it again this year. people providing the food this time is a beautiful restaurant, it is fairly new, from over at third and chestnut. it is called little lion. >> first we have to set the unable. >> and i have to say, the people of little lion, they're attractive. >> they are attractive people. >> get out of the way? all right. >> i mean, can always use some help. you know you always want to help set the table. >> and you always want to be the setter not the clearer. i have a twin brother, i was always like let me set the table. you clear. >> good. you took the easy job. i will set it all up while you
8:01 am
do the dishes. >> we appreciate this. >> this is fun. >> very colorful. >> very thanksgivingy. >> we have some nice great autumn colors for you guys to go along with this great traditional holiday. >> and you guys are open today? >> of course, of course, we're doing dinners from 12:00 on until 8:30. >> oh, boy. >> okay? >> falling leaves. >> little runner for down the medal? >> nice touch. >> keeping it fancy. excuse me. >> there go. >> you don't want that? not fans. >> i true. >> i remember that was my job, too, at home. set the table. >> scotty, want to squeeze in little weather. >> let's do little weather and traffic on this turkey day, mostly cloudy, couple of spotty showers out there. it won't and wash out. less than tenth of an inch, average high temperatures, by this afternoon, topping out in the 50's, no airport delays due to weather right now, the philadelphia international airport.
8:02 am
looking pretty good. we have 42 degrees, winds out of the east at about 8 miles per hour, so, the winds, very good for the parade, as well. take a look at that thanksgiving update in the oven. sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie, what's your favorite? send us pictures what you're baking and making, 53 degrees the afternoon high temperature in philadelphia. mostly cloudy, once again, with some of the spotty showers, moving through. the hour by hour forecast, showing you, looking at temperatures topping out in the low 50's, sun will set this evening 4:39. ultimate doppler showing some of the light rain, light showers off to the west, mainly just sprinkles right now, lancaster county, also, moving into chester county over the next hour or so. so, by 11:00 philadelphia looking at some of those light showers, of course, we will time more out of the rainfall, and that seven day forecast, coming up. will the, up days on traffic. we have new accident this morning, winslow township at lake dale drive there. at williamstown road. so just be minds full of that. and also, closures, across the
8:03 am
area, but here is a closure, not due to the parade, this right here is at route 63 east, at thorton road. and this one is for a 5k. taking place this morning, so some folks burning calories, before that big meal. and numerous closures once again in and around center city, guys, i send it back over to you to see how that table is looking on this turkey day. >> we're getting there. we have a nice fall leaves on the table here. >> yep. yep. >> the table has been set. so what do you want to bring in first? should we start with just a big bouncing turkey? >> of course we want to start, start with the turkey. we will bring this in for you guys. >> as you're pulling that out, well, let's just watch this happen. i always like to see what the turkey looks like. >> oh, yes. >> that looks good. >> before you carve it? >> oh, ya.
8:04 am
>> my bird does not look that good. >> let's go ahead, put that on the table. and then go to back out to the k-mart. >> my husband? >> hey, walk in on over here. >> put it on the runner. >> look at the size of this thing. >> are you hungry? >> yes! >> yes, he is. i don't blame him. >> oh, sweet mother. >> right on the runner here. what we have guys here our brined smoke turk. >> i how long did it brine? >> half day. smoke for about six to almost seven hours. >> oh,. >> amazing. >> that looks good. >> we just want to look at that time. >> i think we all should do that, take it out, show all of your guests, and then take it back into the kitchen, and carve it up. >> i don't think i would make it back into the kitchen. it is worth a try. all right, so, you're going to eat your food and then go shopping a little bit, right? >> i think that's the plan. >> all right? >> steve has been in moorestown, where he lives,
8:05 am
over at the k-mart. >> it is weirds that he would be so close to where he lives. >> yes. >> on a holiday. >> yes, yes. steve, who are you seeing? what's it like? >> is that a tree anchor set now? is that what i am hearing in my ear? >> that's what your hearing. >> what is she? i'm right here, i'm human being. >> i know, but you have the ability to be 20 blocks away and sound like you're right there, that's why, just getting clarification. >> buy a steak, you'll need it for the black eye i'm going to give you. >> we are thankful here. >> i got daniel barkley, very patient. by the way, one of our fateful viewers, and if she new jen was anchoring, she would have shopped for her too. so you're going took back in and get jen something? >> yes, i will. >> you won't believe. >> this tell them why you came here today? you have full cart of stuff for your family, but that's not why you came here. honestly? >> i came here to meet steve keeley, and i wanted to get something for mike and alex. >> i didn't want you to say to meet me part.
8:06 am
you wanted to shop for mike and alex. >> yes, i it, i came here to get something for them. >> and you came here with some elves? most of your children, most of your children. the middle kid, home in bed. but you're looking at the good kid, the oldest first born, all right, and let's -- all right, ceasar, ceasar has serious girlfriends, because it would not be serious if she wasn't up with the family shopping, princess. all right, princess, what's on the back of your phone there? all right, pink. i didn't know if that was your name. and the most adorable kid, the youngest one, all right, look at that face, all right? polar bear on. say your name for us? >> cameron barkley. >> cameron, you have been hanging out with me for like an hour there is looks like what you will do for a living now right? >> ya. >> now, take this microphone, go bother your older brother and ask him some questions like why he's here. >> okay. are you glad you came today?
8:07 am
>> i just want to go home and go to sleep. i don't want to be here. >> oh. >> follow up question. did he sleep? ask him something else, like how hard was it to get him here, something like that? >> how hard was it to wake up at 5:00 in the morning? >> i was not about to get up at all hearing was yelling at me to get up. >> all right ask him why the older brother comes but the younger brother doesn't? >> do you know why christian didn't come today? >> i don't -- i don't even know why. >> are you going to marry princess some day? >> um -- >> i'm curious, are you? >> one day. >> okay. >> that is excellent. you have a future in this business. all right, princess, we really put him on the spot there. >> okay. >> was that a saurians. >> yes, it was. >> you're only 16. so a lot of time. >> yes. >> that's a good man you have here. >> i know. >> because you know why? he got out of bed unlike his little brother.
8:08 am
all right, what is the deal with that brother at home who is still asleep? >> extra points. >> we'll go back and talk to mom. good job. i'm product of you. i wish i was as good a kid as you. now, while you're shopping, i know a loft kitchen utensils here, you're also cooking? what's going on at home right now? >> i'm having turkey in the oven, i got to start my collard greens. >> what are the other side dishes you got going? >> mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, green beans, mashed potatoes, my son's going to make a cheese cake. sweet potato pies, and whatever else comes along. >> like this kid also cooks? not only does he get up and shop but he cooks? >> and he'll peel 10 pounds of potatoes. >> how good is his cheese cake? >> we're experimenting. today will be the first time. >> his pie is really good. >> he does make a good pie. >> what kind of pie does he make? >> sugar cream. >> oh. >> what is your favorite thing to eaton thanksgiving, cameron? >> sweet potatoes. >> now do you put stuff on
8:09 am
your sweet potatoes? they're already sweet. but you're like wegmans then, you put the cinnamin, brown shoeing flash. >> cinnamin, brown sugar, little pancake syrup, marshmellows, butter. >> all right, so, all right. we got the 22nd rap. that means we will take a minute and look at what you bought. >> all right. >> i bought a lot of stock pots, one for me, one for my neice, bun for my son's girlfriends' mom, my daughter want add couple of nurf guns. >> so a girl wants a gun? a nurf gun? >> well, this is one thing that kind of get her and her brother to play along. >> let her open that when she gets home, that's how she can open up the guy in bed, christian at home. hit him with a nurf gun. what do you think? >> uh, ya! >> all right. now, we got -- we will ' rap now. get to the gift you bought alex and mike. let's show alex's gift first. >> this one is for alex. >> yes. >> we love her. we watch her every day.
8:10 am
>> oh, i love it. >> look -- >> show the sunglasses. >> they light up. >> oh, man, that's awesome. >> that's cool. >> i love it. >> look at mike's shirt. mike, this is like your slogan. spelled better. >> that's what i said. looks like him little bit! >> that's perfect. >> she knows you guys. >> that one lights up too. >> you can tell she watches every day. >> mike will tell frederick to elf off probably 40 times. >> he already did,. >> already happened. >> steve -- >> i first was going to get augustly sweat r but i like this shirt better. >> she actually came here to shop for you guys. >> i'll wear this. >> this t-shirt but you'll wear it anyway, pretend it is a sweater? >> the t t-shirt was cuter than the sweater. >> go with the kurt kobain look, mike. >> we were going to get star wars sweater at first but this just look more like him.
8:11 am
>> it is. >> my mom yelled at me. my mom said take that hat off. they'll think i didn't teach you any manner. but i got the rocky gloves on still because they're too hard to take off in honor of the 40th anniversary. so i can still use the phone. >> again, thank you. >> went way over my time. gout. >> really? was he over his time? i felt like it was -- >> oh, i know. >> the best looking family i've ever seen. >> oh, i know, the little girl, so cute. >> i can so relate to the boy though. >> yes? >> not wanting to go. >> but he's there. >> but the girlfriend probably helped, ya, princess. >> okay, send us your pictures, do we have any more? here is one. >> my cousin made paradise pie. you guys ever have paradise pie? cheese cake on bottom, pumpkin pie in the middle, peck and instruments al crumble. i say no way. >> i say no way it is so good. >> oh, okay. >> and this is homemade by ed. that looks pretty good. keep sending your photos, fox 29 goodday. we know you're working in the kitchen.
8:12 am
come on back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> welcome back this turkey day, gobble gobble.
8:15 am
live look right here at 5k in north wales. there are some closures there, route 63 east at thorton road for that turkey trot. underway. meantime, taking septa, watch out for the detours. on several of the bus routes. at least until 2:00, because of the parade. and, folks in south jersey, on patco, talking about it, operating on special schedules. both today, and tomorrow, and we will take another live look at the ben franklin bridge. smooth sailing on this thanksgiving thursday. >> i'll have your weather in 15 seconds. >> oh, the kitchens across the delaware valerie busy, also, folks still trying to fly out of the philadelphia international airport, no weather-related delays, so looking pretty good if you waited until today, to actually travel.
8:16 am
42 degrees right now, win out of the east at about 8 miles per hour, as we take a look at bus stop buddy, ready for parade weather. temperatures this morning in the 40's, cloudy, cool, couple of light showers in the forecast, area wide, looking at low to mid 50's, once again, mostly cloudy, couple of areas of light rainfall, but not a wash out. ultimate doppler, showing some of the light sprinkles and showers, moving in to berks county, also, lancaster, and eventually chester county, we continue to keep tans on the track of that rain, and your entire forecast, later in the broadcast, back to you. >> hey, scott, come back over, weaver new guest at the table. stand rickato. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what are you thankful for? >> i am thankful for that turkey. hey, guys, let's bring the ham over. now that dan's here. in honor of dan. here comes the ham. >> good one. >> why don't we do this? can you take this off and carve it over. >> sure can. >> over at your station. >> see how pretty it is at this point?
8:17 am
>> it does look good. >> replace with with the ham so we can stare at that. >> here we have guys, honey glazed ham. >> oh, ya. >> just like our grandmom used to do it. she used to do little honey, little wine, and a little tomb rick. >> where did you learn thousand cook? >> i didn't go to school like traditional culinary shop. like i learned from one of the best, from the best in the city, i worked with like with this company, a lot of those chefs took me under the wing and showed me a lot. >> thanks for doing this. >> no problem. >> why did you come over again today? >> i'm not sure. >> to eat, right? >> to eat. >> before you even put the fork down, mike on your pumpkin pie. >> yes? >> get your credit cards and start exercising because it is thanksgiving, that means, people are shopping. believe it or not. >> i know mike you will be out shopping later today. alex you will? >> and we've got some cool deals, if you do decide to shop today.
8:18 am
there are some stuff on sale you probably should know about. >> all right? >> number one. >> how about a laptop computer for 100 bucks? >> really? >> who would have ever thought? adel end spire on laptop computer 100 bucks, uber fair for crying out loud. that is over at del. com. we also found, i know that mike you want this one, it is a fit bit ulta. so all of that turkey and stuff we're eating today, right there is fit bit will help us lose the weight next week. >> i've got two, three of those. >> how about is that? one hundred bucks over at kohl's. >> all right. >> and if there is anyone space left at all, on your tv, on your wall, right, if there is any wall space, how about wal-mart, 55-inch tv flat screen, for 300 bucks? >> that's good. >> 300 bucks. >> 300 bucks. >> couple every years that would have been double the price. >> okay? >> hd tv. sue was asking me about this the other day, she wants keurig, the one shot coffee, 90 bucks at j.c. penney. they open today at 3:00. >> she really want up. >> i think she did.
8:19 am
>> i want one to give away. >> if you really are having a hard time at dinner and you just want to bail. j.c. penney opens at 3:00 today if you would rather shop at j.c. penneyment not sure would you, and i know alex you want to go home today on hoverboard. >> why not? >> yes, go through the street of old city back to the apartment on a hoverboard. how about, what's that? 200 bucks. for hoverboard at toys "r" us. >> put it on sale for 100? >> hundred off. >> normally 300. 200 bucks over at toys "r" us. so here is the deal. shopping is down actually on thanksgiving. last year down 7% versus the year before, because consumers are starting to pull back little on thanksgiving, and because, we do this all week long, and because there is deals all week long. >> right. >> true. >> guess what? right around the corner, if you miss today, don't feel guilty, "black friday", then you have cyber monday monday, if you would rather stay home in your foot i pj's, and shop at the kitchen table. you can just do that. >> why don't you come in monday do that thing we always
8:20 am
do? >> i think i'm already scheduled to do so. >> that will be fun. >> you know, i notice some stores though are closed. and i thought might be open. >> three malls, the gallery, plymouth meeting, moorestown mall, are closed today because, again, traffic was down a little bit last year, so the merchant said rather than open and pay these folks and inconvenience them, let's give them off. right? >> bed bath beyond, cosco, nordstrom, all closed today. they made strategic decision that the retailers decided look, the shoppers just aren't there enough in those big numbers, plus, they get little pr out of it saying we're giving our employees a day off so they can enjoy a feast with their family, and we're going to close today. >> okay. >> but many are still open if you want to exercise your credit card later you will have the opportunity. >> can i lick your credit cards? i love pumpkin pie. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> are you really about to do that? oh, and he is really about to do that. >> he just wants the numbers
8:21 am
what he is looking for. >> oh, that's beneficial. >> nice. >> okay. here's a question we get, the butterball people, the hotline butterball hotline people? they swear somebody called them and asked, is it okay to be thawing my turkey in the toilet? >> oh,. >> yes. >> that was a real question to the hotline. and we have some more of the craziest can up drums that people phoned in to the butterball hotline. the toilet thing is just the tip of the iceberg.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> coming down jfk now, down to 16th street, then take another left turn onto the ben franklin parkway, go all the way to the art museum. >> tell you what, there are
8:25 am
buses up and down broad street. from all every these bands, from all of these states, all of the cities bringing these in. pretty cool. >> it is words one of the best thanksgiving parades in america. >> yes. >> it was a ranging in. sa today over the weekend. and this topped one of the list. >> yes, it was pretty cool. the best place to watch a parade. >> yes. >> makes sense. and a great thing to bring your family to and everything. >> and the oldest too. >> the oldest, city of firsts. hey, can i bring the turk any now if you have that carved up. bring it back to the middle. common. and then go for it. >> little rom there? >> i'll put the ham over here. >> because the traditional turkey should be in the mid. >> that's right. good? >> i got it. >> oh, don't drop it. don't mess that up. precious cargo, mike. >> oh, plan that's heavy. what pounds is that thing? >> that's about a 7 pounds turk. >> i 17 you mean? >> it is a big bird. >> put your hands here.
8:26 am
>> ham here. >> turn it around the other way. >> so people can see it. >> yep. >> we also have some nice cranberries spritzers. >> what? >> very nice. >> no booze in there, is there? >> not yet. >> very light. >> so what's in the cranberry spitser? >> it is seltzer water, and we actually made our cranberry sauce, so that's how it is made. couple of little lion secrets. >> did scott go home? >> he's here. >> what's he doing? working on his computer? but alcohol can get added to this. >> side dish over there. >> all right. >> filling that up. >> oh, what is that? >> hold on a second. before you get to the side dish. you're get to go something else. what's that? >> look like apple sider. >> is that sider? >> warm sider. >> apple cider, apple -- apple
8:27 am
cider, without be a holiday without the happen err side tow keep you warm, especially coming right off of -- >> oh, no, did jen drink it all? probably some pulp in there. >> so you got cinnamin stick in, there and nice fresh apple. >> yes. >> excuse me, alex. judge. >> then while you are pouring, describe the side dish. >> now the side dish actually one of my favorite sides. >> thank you. >> it is our smoke guda mac and cheese with some tomato jam right on top of it. i like the cast iron skillet. >> a lot of southern do the tow nato jam on their mac and cheese, so, you know, we incorporated that with ours, as well. very good. made with fresh herbs, as well, tyme, rosemary, planko bread crumbs. >> alex has a future in food styling. >> is this hard to make? >> also cranberry sauce here?
8:28 am
>> some fresh cranberry sauce we make in house, the only way to go. >> the only way to go is fresh. don't let your grandmom see that you're cracking open a can for your cranberry sauce, not good thing, but we make our fresh, nice cranberries, nice wine of course, and some cider. >> and gravy! >> and gravy. >> wait, wine goes in the cranberries? >> ya, we put little bit of wine, actually little cider in our cider vinegar in our cranberries. nice pop, different flavors. >> yes. >> we put cook with a wine a lot. >> great, look how great that gravy. >> nice turkey gravy. this can go. really don't need it because our turkey is nice and juicy, but everyone wants a nice little gravy on the side to go with their turk. >> i okay, we'll get more sides in here. doing great job. thank you very much. >> trying my best for you guys. >> we appreciate. >> her to than enough. >> you want some? >> what we will do, why we're
8:29 am
showing a picture after drug store? >> because, you know, when it comes to "black friday" deals, you think oh, let's go to the mall. but did you know, you can get some great deals in unlikely places. so, we have a local couponer with a drug store deal. >> okay.
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
>> 83:00 it, are you one of those people who get caught up in the madness of "black friday"? >> are you too long get up that early and go out? >> well, the questions you normally think of, local coupon. r took me shopping to explain the benefit of drug store deals. >> it is thanksgiving week. you know how it goes, everyone focusing on getting the the holiday shopping started on "black friday". here is the thing, you don't have to to go to all of those stores, different malls because they're so crowded. you can just go to your little drug store. great deals there. so i'm bringing in my friends, merium, she wrote this book, i don't have time to save money. but you found a way we can save time and save money for "black friday"? >> absolutely. >> these are tips beam don't even know about.
8:33 am
>> people don't realize there are so many options you have right at your local drug store. that's what i am showing you today. >> that is nice. look at this over here. >> soy tim i cannily, on general week, they have toys buy two get one free. but for the week of thanksgiving they have special promotion, buy two, get two free. crazy thing you can get four toys for less than $14. these say 9.99, and 19.99. do these have the same deal then? >> so the the 9.99 half off for 4.99 and the 19-99 on sale for 40% offer. >> really? so you mean this full play dough set only 4.99? >> only 4.99 drop that in too. now it is time to unload. >> i think we're ready to check out now. wow, great deals here at
8:34 am
walgreens. >> shear d the other thing we're not even finish yet. let's go to the next store. >> all right, merium, stop number two, this time at rite aid. and i already have my list of the sales right here. and so for "black friday", there is some deals when it comes to what, gift cards. >> yes, actually really great gift card deal where if you spend $50 on select gift cards, you get $10 in -- >> what kind of gift cards. >> they have it for itunes, they have it for home depo. >> what if we want clothes though? >> okay, so they actually have this really really great offer, as well. for the banana row public lick gap and old knife i -- navy gift cards. but spend $50 you get $15 in points. >> point, hearing $15, it is not like getting cash back. it is points watch are they? >> actually multi store program. the nice thing is that you can use it at rite aid, you can use it at macy, you can use it at at&t, any of the plenti
8:35 am
partners. >> the money i get from buying gifts already i can use and spend it at macy and and other stores. >> great thing. you let i letter get paid for getting a gift. >> i like the sound of that, right? >> we loft sound every. that will she likes to be called the kosure coupon laid. >> i my claim to fame. >> she has the bookie don't have time to save money. >> well, welcome to the table. >> thank you for having me. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> so, what i learned from you, guck into the drugstores, get great deals. so we went to some places but didn't get to go to cvs. >> gentlemen, cvs has amazing deals. >> the first one? start with make up? >> so they have these wet and wild gift sides. the wet and wild gift circumstances the eye shadow and the mascara. and you can mix and match. they have limit of three, so you can do the deal three times. they are 4.99, get $4 extra bucks, so, it is like paying 99 cents, for the gift set. >> and the extra bucks are
8:36 am
basically the extra points and stuff you can -- >> the rewards, yes. >> and then what else can you get with the nail polish? >> right. so the revlon is 4.99. and you get $3 extra bucks, that's like paying a dollar 99 and you can repeat that deal up to six times. >> oh, so we will be looking lovely then for the holidays. real quick, do you have any tips for people going out today and also tomorrow, and they want to do some shopping. >> whether it comes to couponing and getting the good deals? >> in general you always opportunity do some price comparison. you know, a lot of people race out. real important specially with "black friday" to have some sort of game plan. you also want to sweeten the deal whatever coupons, so check your websites, check the app, a bunch you can check over there. >> perfectment make sure to pay attention to what is the re great. >> rebates. >> cash back? >> you can do that too. personally the cash back site i like ebates. they have promotion where new customers who sign up when you spend $25, you get a 10-dollar gift card to the store of your choice or credit through
8:37 am
ebates. >> so ebates. com? >> ebates. com. yes. >> well, thank you so much, merium. so are you eating or shopping today? >> i'm going to be shopping. i'm going to be stopping by my aunts, but i'm going to be doing some shopping of course. i couldn't not shop. >> true. where can people get this book? do you have a website. >> website is the kosher coupon lady. com. my book available on amazon and barnes and noble. com. >> before you leave grab some food. >> okay? >> whole green room smells like thanksgiving. you just walk in like oh,. >> do you say coupon or coupon? >> i say coupon. i thought it was a philly thing but apparently did shall. >> people correct me all the time, but i have a strong philly accent. >> sounds good. thank you so much. >> the ham is back. but i keep asking this question. can i be thawing out my turkey in a toilet? that was a question that was called into the butterball hotline.
8:38 am
but they're just getting started when weird calls. we're going to play some more of them for you after the break.
8:39 am
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>> post a picture of your holiday lights, with the hashtag, fox 29 lights contest. so, come on, show off your lights and bob will come to your house during "fox 29 news". we will also show those pictures, on fox 29 morning news, and on good day, again, make sure to use the #fox29lights contest. look at you. >> sick and tired every waiting for grandmom. he's helping himself. >> normally though what we do, we say what we're thankful for, mike, we did that last year. >> oh, do we do that before -- >> yes, before we eat. >> oops. >> why don't you go first. >> why don't you go first,
8:42 am
yes, since you already -- >> there was the best part of the. >> i yes. >> as always, i'm thankful to all of the people that watch "good day" live philadelphia re i can usually, every day. religiously every day. >> anything else? >> anyone else? >> anything at all. >> i'm thankful for the long weekend that i'm about to take, starting tomorrow, be back tuesday, to advice the my -- the grandchildren that i love so much. i'm thankful for them. >> okay. >> anyone else? >> i'm thankful to my bosses here, to let me continue to work here. who knows why. >> i don't think we'll get what we thought we would get. >> and i'm very thankful that i get next to work next to alex holley every day. >> oh, that's so sweet. >> it makes every day special. >> yes. >> you make every day special, mike. >> so, let's eat. >> oh, i'm thankful that i have ' gotten to know jenn fred over these last 16 years
8:43 am
now. >> forty-two years. >> yes. >> jen, do you want to go next? >> of course. i'm thankful that i always sat next to mike when he's here, and i get to hear him complaining about everything. and yet he's got a heart of gold. >> yes. >> just ask teddy. and thankful for you, of course, you have come, and been so part of the team. i'm thankful that my kids are alive and have ten fingers, ten toast, despite all of the nurse wars, et cetera. the bosses forks sure i'm thankful. people come to my house, i'm thankful they're there, hoping they're doing something while they workment and finally for the firefighters and the police offers that's put themselves in harms way, they run into burning buildings, they are in harms way all the time, i'm thankful that they keep my crazy family safe. >> that's wonderful. >> now, you did mention your husband -- you didn't mention your husband. >> oh, he's fine, he already knows he's good. >> you're solid with him,
8:44 am
right? >> yes. >> solid relation snip. >> kidding. love you, steve. >> that was a lot of pressure to close it out. >> bring it home. >> mike of course i'm thankful for you. never a dull moment. you make every day exciting and new adventure, and i appreciate that, i really do. >> look. >> yes. and jen, pleasure working with you, too, and i love all of your segments and everything. keep us looking good and together. also, i'm thankful for everyone works here at fox 29, all of the people you don't see behind the scenes it make this show happen, and even when they're on their phones. we really appreciate. that will also thanksgiving my favorite holiday. and normally it has been in my family in texas, unfortunately i can't be with them. but my par event flown up that way i won't be alone, even though here in fill, philly my new home. grateful for them and my family back home. so i hope they're doing well. >> and i'm grateful because i book my flight for early tomorrow morning, i'm grateful
8:45 am
that you have invited me over for turkey dinner. >> did i? just kidding. >> your dad actually did. >> kidding. we're excited to have you. hope you're ready for a holly thanksgiving. >> so if you guys know what you're thankful for, important. >> okay. okay, let's, as we do this, i know another tradition, watch the different parades from philadelphia, up to new york, i'll check on both of them today. so, we are going first, live to new york city? >> balloons already up, and floating. >> thomas the train. >> choo-choo. >> they're getting ready. this train will move on out.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> ninety years. >> we've been doing ours 97 years. liz, tell us about the weather. >> tell us about the crowd. >> hi, good morning, megan, jena, okay right now, little bit of drizzle, not too bad. pretty warm in the 40's, so really can't complain. we've got a lot going on here, the balloons, the floats, have just been release from the their pence, 77 street here in central park wells, getting ready to. >> here new york city the past 90 years, specking over three and a half million people, to come out today to watch the parade for themselves. >> one we've seen from the nypd, decided first time ever to line sanitation trucks trucks, filled with sand, down every block of every cross street, with the parade. just to make sure that there is no funny business going on, no terror threat going on.
8:50 am
here parade route, always concern, every year. >> taking flights here, then also, the float on the ground, also fun stuff, people marching, getting ready over 16 marching bands all over the country, thousand different dancers quite the line up macy thanksgiving day parade, specking ooh million p.m. to actually tune in and watch event on tv. but real exciting to be here throughout the morning to feed off the energy, get thanksgiving going, we're live from the upper west side manhattan, send things back down to you in fill. >> i what a wonderful parade. wow. >> i do like it when it is windy and total chaos. >> flying all over the place. >> keeping it real. >> again, the one time when i was working for nbc, i got to
8:51 am
sit in front of macy's. >> really? >> it was so cold, couldn't have been above zero. >> did you have minions warming you up? >> people rubbing our feet? >> how many layers did you have on? >> 602? >> i put hands warmers in every available, pocket. i look like i was doing, no, not the pock, up against my skin. >> oh, really? >> what's that, cupping? >> yes. >> when i get done like snow boarding or being out at an event like that, you think i've been cupped, like see the red burn marks. >> so up and running, started at 8:30. >> look at that. >> it looks just as good as that one up in new york. >> the tazmanian definitely. >> yep. >> so they'll come down here to 16th, then take a left,
8:52 am
then go over to the boulevard. >> we'll show you the whole thing after the break.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> oh, man. >> getting full? >> just an observation, you poured gravy on the skin. >> i pulled the skin off. >> and i was jealous because i'm skin girl. >> me too. >> but you pulled the whole skin off the gravy, then put gravy on it. >> guess what, little lion people, they say they have more meat. >> oh, that's what we need. >> what? are those short ribs? of. >> course, you can't have thanksgiving without the short ribs. >> oh, my gosh. >> yes, we have some braze dollars short ribs, of course
8:56 am
we have our balance sam i can graze bugs em sprouts. some nice shallots. >> oh. >> brussels sprouts are like all the rage now it seems. >> yes. >> brussels sprouts is like the new going thing as far as like vegtables and stuff like that, little cabbages, that's what they look like and smell like when you cook them of course, but the glazed some nice vinegarette. >> nice. >> and we also hit it with a little bit of garlic, some shallots, and some awesome flavors in there, as well. so you guys, enjoy, eat up,, especially your vegtables, your mom would be proud of but that. >> coming up, my in, alex around turn this week, i want you guys to try and guess where i'm going. this is the place where you can cozy up by the fire, but you're not indoors. >> okay? cozy up, where in philly is
8:57 am
this? i'll tell you coming up in this week's edition of alex around town. talk about fall off the bone. >> oh. oh, look. happy thanksgiving everyone, giddy up. >> just when newman was going to eat him. >> oh, look at mike. good job. >> that's what my body actually looks like.
8:58 am
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