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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 12, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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year, to drink and be merry what the beverage experts say you should have before that first glass of wine to prevent a holiday hang over. hey, good day, everybody. it is monday, december 12th. so, eagles lost yesterday. it was, i don't know, i have never seen this before, john dorenbos their long snapper, hurt his wrist, right? right. >> so then, there he is, trying, no, i cannot do this. >> my wrist hurts. i can't do it. so backup is brent celek and he tried to snap it with his gloves on and that didn't go well. watch this. >> oops. no good. >> then he hurts his wrist. >> so now we're down to nobody if you are looking for a job, this is it. the philadelphia eagles need a long snapper before they play baltimore. >> let's do it. >> it is a very difficult
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thing to do let's attempt this if this doesn't work out for you and me, we can be a long snapper. >> make that nfl money. >> what is weird is, it is basically throwing a pass upside down and backward, so alex, give it the a shot. so you are, it is like throwing a pass. you throw a spiral, upside down and balk ward. >> this should be a dress. >> i'm wearing. >> hike. >> she's coming out way too flat. >> this should be a nice shot. >> throwing a pass upside down and backwards. >> it is supposed to spiral. >> yes. >> spiral. see, the problem is, okay. you are throwing a pass upside down and backward. >> we need somebody to show us
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. >> it is not working. >> coming out too flat. >> this is a school. >> better than me it is hard to throw a pass upside down and backward, with the blood running through your head. >> can you imagine what his fore thearms must feel good what will happen to his magic act. >> that is right. >> jon dorenbos, magic man. >> what is number today. >> you know what i didn't do a number today. >> why not. >> because i forgot. >> okay. >> she had more important matters going on. i had a weird four to 6:00 anyway. let's just talk about rain, and how it is a little tricky still in the northern and western suburbs. we will zoom in there and show you. do you see a little pink hanging around on radar so watch where you are going and certainly allow extra time even if you are only dealing with rain this morning, and through can see a little
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closer view of those northern and western suburbs and that is what we have going on for you this morning. it is mostly rain out there but even that can give you a big old mess, especially on a monday but i can also say that with this as cold as it was over weekend it could have been a whole lot worse, then this morning. so, lets talk about bus stop buddy and what he has got on today. rain gear and also as you can see behind the fog, some cocoa for national cocoa day, hot cocoa, judge marshmallows. >> we have reduced our winter wet ther advisory to justly high val i and pocono mountains. temperatures to the north of us are still pretty close to freezing, and that is why it is dicey up there, and reduced visibility, reading, allentown and pottstown, this morning. so it is not too bad that fog in other places. so eventually we will get to 50 degrees, and then we will dry out by the time the morning is through, but there are a lot of adventures in the seven day forecast and that is
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coming up, bob. >> full of tricks, good morning everybody. 7:04 on this monday morning, here's an example of 422 working your way in toward king of prussia, all of the road are in jammo mode at this point. we have a combination of the we have i rain, further north and west you go we have had a wintry mix, ponding on the roadways, look out in the construction zones, if you are along 295, two separate accidents on the northeast extension, one in allentown, another one at mahoning valley they had a change over to snow in the poconos. she's -- here's a shot of the poconos. snow sticking to the grassy surface. out west, both directions of the turnpike closed at carlisle. fatal accident on the atlantic city expressway, westbound, at exit number four, lanes are opened, police are on the scene there, that happened at 5:00 o'clock this morning. watch for come minute necessity delays at philly international, snow, in chicago, and cancelled a lot of the nights. your plane may not be there when you get down there this
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morning. it will take a day or two before it gets back to normal. the eastbound on the schuylkill, half an hour southbound i-95 jammed up from woodhaven into downtown, mike and alex, back to you. from public office, to prison potentially. former congressman chaka fattah is about to learn his fate. >> yeah, that is where sabina is on this story just down the street here in the pouring rain, hi there sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. former congressman chaka fattah, served about 21 years in congress. he could be serving the next 20 years, in federal prison. now prosecutors are poised to ask the judge for a lengthy sentence for the former u.s. representative. fattah convicted in june on several counts of conspiracy to commit racketeering, bribe ry, fraud, and money laundering all stemming from a million-dollar campaign loan that he received when he ran for mayor about nine years ago now fattah's sonnies already serving five years in federal prison on a related case. the former congressman's
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lawyers will likely try to persuade the judge to impose a lenient sentence for far less than 20 years that the government is asking for and they will likely point to fattah's record of public service, but that is same record that the prosecutors alleged that he abused touring his time in office. now again that sentencing happening here at u.s. district court at about 9:30 this morning. we are expecting it to get contentious as both side fight to persuade the judge to impose their preferred prison sentencing. we will be here and bring you latest when it happens, guys, back to you. >> you got it. final farewell to a new jersey state trooper killed in the line of duty. >> trooper frankie williams will be laid to rest today in atlantic city just one week after the head on crash that took his life. >> jenny's on this story a the boardwalk hall right there in at atlantic city. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. governor chris christie ace monk those expect to be in attendance at the funeral for frankie williams. the trooper who died, and, one
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week after, one week ago today after he was responding to i call of a eradic driver on route 55 in millville. while on the highway a car that matched that description of the driver, crossed over a grass median and then slammed into trooper williams patrol car. the driver, 61 year-old lloyd rudly died at the scene, trooper williams died later at cooper university hospital, according to those who knew trooper williams becoming a state trooper was his dream. he is remembered as a kind, caring person who put others first and apparently williams graduated from the police academy in january of this year. he leaves behind a newlywed of just a few months. first visitation is for namely and friend beginning at 8:00 this morning at boardwalk hall a second viewing will be held for members of williams law enforcement family, that is from ten until noon with the funeral immediately to follow. mike and alex? >> owe day. we have some breaking news right where you are, there, jenny, in atlantic city.
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police say one person has died after the car they were driving crashed into a new jersey transit bus, on the ac expressway. >> it happened just before 5:00 a.m. near mile mark three in the westbound lanes. the right lane on that side is current liz shut down, there are no other serious injuries being reported at this this time. once we get more information and maybe send a crew over there since jenny was already in atlantic city. parts of the michigan facing a messy commute this morning, for sure, the national weather service, is warning of snow, freezing rain , and a whole boat load of rain throughout the region and could it be heading our way. >> so karen, you have a look at what commuters will be dealing with, this morning. >> yeah, it is, here. it is over our head, same system that started up there. dumped a heap have of snow up there, creating all kind of delays, specifically at the airport. we will take a look here at chicago they have a half foot the out there. lots of problems. so we've got hundreds and
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hundreds and hundreds of flights that were cancelled, delayed, they have all of the crews out there they are deic ing the planes. it will, i cannot even think of the name, bob kelly talking about that domino effect. planes got stuck where they were. that will create problems today as well. also, lets take a lot a the scene in other places. there was a plane in detroit, up in their airport and it slides off of the runway. luckily it land in the grassy area but passengers get off and they put these pictures on twitter. pretty scary. but nobody injured. and then lets look at wisconsin. they have more snow. they have six to 8 inches there but you know, wisconsin they enjoy it, they make the best of it. they are not unhappen bye this >> it is beautiful actually. i have never seen it like this , in december, in a while. >> i think it is great because my dream came true. i wanted it to snow today. you can make ice cream out of
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it. >> reporter: a lot of people are feeling the season right now. so that is the same system. it was there it is headed here the it will create all kind of big problems. western pennsylvania, upstate new york, maine, it is coming in, they are thinking they will get a half foot of snow and certainly the ice will be a major issue today as well, guys. >> we will see. we will see what happens. thanks, karen. 7:10. cardinal heyes is learning his fate in the fatal shooting of the saints defensive leader will smith. heyes faces 40 years behind bars. he will be sentenced early next year. heyes claims he shot smith because the football star was drunk, violent and grabbed a gun, following their crash in april. two of the victims died in that oakland warehouse fire, have been laid to rest. services, for a video artists, named jonathan burnbaum and the youngest victim, 17 year-old drayvin mcgill were
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held yesterday in the bay area this comes on the same day that investigators completed their work at the scene of that fire where 36 people, died. 7:11. final arrangements are expect to be announce today for the late john glenn. >> yeah, plans are being made for the former astronaut and u.s. senator to lie in state at the ohio state house, on friday. mourners from across the nation gathered yesterday for memorial service in john's hometown of new concord. he died last week as you know at the age of 95. president-elect donald trump is pushing back against the reports that russian hacker tried to influence the u.s. election in his favor. >> it comes as donald trump is about to name his secretary of state, doug luzader, who is this guy. >> this guy is guy behind me r ex tillerson, we think this will be announced in the come days this will be trump's pick
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for secretary of state. we will see once that becomes final. in the meantime this issue of allegations of russian hacking , it continues to put president-elect at odd with the the cia, as well as with some members of his own party. president-elect donald trump coming off a busy weekend, he attended army/navy game, diplomatically least fusing pick sides as incoming commander in chief but when it comes to the cia and reports that the agency believed that russia tried to help trump re election, he was blunt. >> i'm not the sure they put it out. i think democrats are putting it on you because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country and frankly i think they are putting it out and it is ridiculous. >> reporter: it is true there there is uncertainty here. fbi according to the washington post is unwilling to go as far as cia in concluding that the hackers who gained access from e-mails from the democratic national committee and clinton campaign chairman were trying to tilt
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the field in the direction but president other bam ace asking for a inquiry and some republicans plan to join democrats to mount their own investigation. >> we would be working in the bipartisan basis. you cannot make this issue partisan. it is just too important. a fundamental of a democracy is a free, fair election. >> reporter: it is a real test for trump just as he is poised to name a secretary of state, widely believed to be exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. >> to me great advantage is he knows many of the players and knows them well. he does massive deals in russia and does to massive deals for the company, not for him early but for the company. >> reporter: if tillerson, in fact, gets the gig, one of the things he has to deal with almost immediately is china china expressed its unhapp iness, to put it mildly over the fact that trump is defending this phone call he had with the president of taiwan. >> mike and alex. >> yeah. >> all right, doug we will see you tomorrow. thank you for that.
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74:00. lets get a check of is what going on outside with sue >> the ever changing precipitation, but it was so cold this weekend you would think it is winter but not yet , nine days away from the winter solstice on the 21st. still, we have started out every where with wintry weather, and then in the overnight hours, temperatures got warmer, warmer air moves from the south and the west, and then things changed over to rain. now keep talking about these areas of pink here, where we have had some frozen precipitation, and most of it it is up in the lehigh valley and poconos mountains. that is where travel could be very slippery, but it is raining, every where, else, and so that will slow you down , there is a look at just north of allentown around bush kill and lehigh, that is where we have seen the pink which indicates that the possibility have of some freezing rain, this morning. temperature is crucial with the type of precipitation, pottstown, allentown just 1 degree above freezing. thirty-two in mount pocono. thirty-three in bethlehem and phoenixville but malvern well above freezing, so is west
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chester and walling ford, and delaware county. most of us just dealing with sloppy wet wet they are morning. two and a half miles visibility in allentown. we did have heavier fog, earlier, and now as we look towards the rest of the morning, the next couple of hours, by 8:00 o'clock we start to see the beginning of the end of some of this rain, but it is still raining quite heavily by 9:00 at the shore. eventually by the end of the morning all of the rain is out of here. we will start to see the clouds break up a little bit and then by two or 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon we may even see some sunshine. so, that is today, and with the milder temperatures, that is a welcomed change, from the weekend, and then now, with this cold front coming through and a cold night tonight, 42 degrees, tomorrow. forty-three on wednesday. what is going on with thursday and friday? well, it is a shot of polar air where santa claus lives, bob kelly, giving us a taste of what it is like in the north pole with a high temperature in the 20's, both thursday and friday. chance of snow saturday
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morning. >> get a little test sending out that cold air, give us a sample. >> good morning. we have a couple situations, northbound on the new jersey turnpike the service plaza, they have got a gas main leak, so that is causing delays northbound on the new jersey turnpike, between exit number one and two. and a accident near exit number three which is black horse pike, all of the major roadways slower than normal because of the weather conditions, an accident up and down northeast extension, interesting, this is where we saw that change over there is an accident at quakertown one car off and down em banks many , another one at mahoning valley and out west turnpike itself is close todd carlisle. here's ab example of the pocono interchange in the turnpike where, again, what we're seeing rain here, they had snow sticking to the grass in the poconos. that express waste accident that we talk with a few moments ago, it is westbound right at exit number four taking out the right shoulder,
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so an investigation underway but at least the expressway, it itself is opened. the here's a live look at the schuykill expressway. it looks like heavy rain giving us a little bit of the break but we're still dealing with fog and wet road and expect delays at the airport throughout the day, check with the airline before you head on down there here's a nice little front lawn for you, the folks in allentown send us this picture overnight. they have the manger scene up, put it up, flip the switch, take a picture and put it on facebook, twitter, instagram. use the #fox 29 light contest, so we can continue to get you in the holiday spirit and show pictures here, on, the program , and then later on this week, we will broadcast, and, front lawn from the five and 6:00 o'clock newscast. back to you. well, there are a lot of laughs as usual on saturday night live. >> that is what that show is all about. >> yes. >> they call it a comedy.
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>> brian cranston revived one of his most popular character walter white from breaking bad , a guy that made meth. >> former chemistry lab teacher. >> that is right. >> and then he went bad. >> so, he has his character walter white. he is poking fun at some of donald trump's controversial cabinet picks. >> here he is. >> mr. white how can you be considered for this job do you know donald trump. >> no, but i'm a big fan. i like his style, he acts first and asked questions later. i like that wall he wants to build, nothing comes in from mexico meaning a lot less competition for the rest of us >> you mean jobs. >> sure. >> what i should have said was he was picked to head the drug enforcement agency, the dea.
7:19 am
if i would have said that, you would have understood what that joke was. >> yes. >> he is a drug dealer. >> so he was chosen to be head of the drug enforcement agency , thursday the comedy ensued. >> thus the laughs of sat take night live. >> you had known he had been picked as drug enforcement agency, then you would have gotten that joke. a pol guys for that. now donald trump actually did pick somebody to run the epa, right, and critics were saying it is like putting an arsonist in front of or in charge of the fire prevention. >> i think that is what they were going for. lets go talk about uber rules again because we talk about this friday on "good day philadelphia". now you you cannot even flirt in an uber. >> maybe you shouldn't be
7:20 am
flirting. >> well, i have been told that he gets a lot of compliments.
7:21 am
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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so, last friday on this show we talk about uber, the ride sharing service, you know , they have rules. that they can kick you out of car if you break the rules. >> exactly. >> especially with uber pool because that is when you can share your ride with a stranger, you do not the know they hop in the car and you are heading in the same direction. >> is there somebody you never known before sitting right next to you in the back seat. >> yes. >> so hillary, hillary vaughn, you cannot flirt, with anybody in the car, or you can get thrown out. >> no flirting. i'm not sure how they term
7:24 am
what is flirting or just friendly ban for but no flirting, no touching the passenger next to you and you cannot have sex in the the car in case that was something that people thought was okay to to. so uber is telling you that these things are not okay, and not only is it not okay from passenger to pass eveninger but driver to pass eveninger. your driver cannot ask for your number, cannot hit on you , he cannot ask you super personal questions, yes. and they are also telling us that this new set of rules, they are saying it is not okay to vomit due to excessive alcohol in the car, you cannot intentionally spill food or drink. and yeah, no personal probing questions to if you are with a stranger in a situation with uber pool ride you cannot ask personal questions to the person sitting next to you this code of ethics is now in place. i think a lot of people, most people probably understood that is how you behave in public but uber is letting people know on the record,
7:25 am
that these things are not the okay. that is what you need to know before you jump in your next uber, no flirting. >> so, i cannot, so hillary, let's say you get in the car with me. >> yes. >> so i cannot touch you. >> no. >> i cannot vomit on you. >> no definitely not. >> and i can ask you personal questions. >> exactly. >> i guess you can compliment her because that might be seen as flirting. >> what fun is this right. >> mind your business, look straight ahead and wait until it the is time to get out. >> yes. >> what is a personal question >> that is an awkward uber pool ride. >> it is interesting because how do you know if someone says this person is flirting with me, i mean does the driver decide? we don't know. uber hasn't told us. we don't know who tea sides who is flirting with who. >> yes. >> but my other question is what happens when you are ban ned do they delete the app
7:26 am
off your phone. >> they vomit on you. >> i heard if you vomit in an uber... >> laughter. >> sorry, go ahead. >> this will be a long day, i am going to vomit right here on the desk. >> can i change the subject. >> i was than the donnie did have something i wanted to say i'm so sorry. i heard if you do vomit in uber it is an automatic, fee you get out, 150 bucks they charge you automatically because they have to clean up the car. you get charged that and then you get banned. >> do you know what the vomit charge is. >> i don't know what it is specifically. uber, you know, they get in the car and talk to you. >> they want to you clean that up. they get charged 200 bucks. >> i didn't realize that. >> i will stop vomit nothing uber cars. >> yes. >> here's the thing, hillary i got a question for you, i heard yesterday and i want to you confirm this, that some
7:27 am
day soon we will be able to make phone calls while at 36,000 feet on a airplane, can you you imagine if everybody gets on their cell phones and starts talking. >> my goodness. >> this is a possibility but i don't know if it will happen. department of transportation is looking into this. they have looked into this in 204. they talked to people, and the people that weighed in 96 percent supported a ban, and say no, we don't want people talking on the phone a few inches next to us. we don't want to be part of those awkward phone calls. we will see if there is a larger support for this, you know, a few years later, but what is interesting is reason why they are having to revisit because while there is a cell ban on the flights, it does ant reply to phone calls you can make over an internet connection and wifi. that is why this topic is brought up again. dot says that regardless, they want airlines to inform passengers before they book a flight if they do how phone
7:28 am
calls on board because as you can imagine if you're booking a red eye flight you want to know if there is a possibility somebody could be talking on the phone next to you for entire of the flighty don't want that. >> we will see what happens but as you can understand flight attendants are not happy with this, could be zoom er groups have come forward and said they think there will be air rage from passenger to pass eveninger, they call it air rage. we will see what happens. >> okay, hillary, we will see you tomorrow whether you like it or not. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i had fun, so great talking to you. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> it was fun listening she doesn't take a breath. >> she has a lot to say. >> she does after lot to say. >> i noticed that a lot with our show, tv is supposed to be
7:29 am
a conversation, man. >> we all have that, aunt that comes around and just talking and talking and then you just go, um-hmm, yup. >> like an uber driver. >> wow. >> all right my bowls. >> are you all right. >> i'm all right. >> the return of kim, kim kardashian makes an unexpect return to the spotlight, thank god, the sexy photo shoot marking her come back. she's back.
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need judge hand out a chaka fattah punishment, how many years he may spend locked up. new movie fences is getting a wards buzz but you is that enough to be realized? well, what actually happen? this morning golden globes will be announced, more top contenders, possibly making the cuts. good day everybody it is monday december 12th, 2016. here's sues serio. it is still raining. >> yes, still a messy morning out there but for most of us, it is rain, only rain, we started out with snow but it was so cold over the weekend, but that quickly changed overnight, and north and west of the city is where we're watching very closely where it is still dicey but rain, fog
7:33 am
are a problem for most of us, bus stop buddy comforting himself on national cocoa day with marshmallows in his hot chocolate. winter weather advisory for lehigh, northampton, carbon and monroe counties. they are only ones left where we see possibility of frozen precipitation. we are at 42 degrees in philadelphia close to freezing in pottstown and allentown, could be slippery there, 45 degrees in wildwood. high temperature of 50 degrees and we will dry out by the even of the morning, and we will talk about, the deep freeze, coming later on this week, in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> sueby good morning. rough go as you get ready to grab your cough east and keys and head out there. look at this multi vehicle crash, live look at the roosevelt boulevard, northbound at ninth street and an example of what we are dealing with this morning, the roads are wet, it is tough to have the stopping distance couple cars plowing into each other, and folks were stopped at a red light and obviously speed becomes a factor here. this is northbound boulevard at night.
7:34 am
fifteen minute delays on septa 's paoli this thorndale line attributed to amtrak problems. john fenwick service plaza here on the new jersey turnpike, closed because of a gas main leak and that will cause problems for folks trying trying to get gas this morning on the turnpike, slow go on the freeway and a accident on 295, at the black horse pike, number of accidents on the northeast extension, and again, that is where we had the changeover where they saw some snow up there. northbound accident, at quakertown, one in allentown, another one in mahoning valley and out west, turnpike all together, closed at carlisle, and a accident west on the ac expressway at exit number four , expect delays on the regional rails, and at the airport, mike and alex, back over to you. 7:34 now. >> sentencing will be today for chaka a fattah former u.s. congressman could get 21 years in prison for his federal corruption convictions. his defense team is fighting for a lesser sentence, they want about 14 years. they are arguing that the punishment is just too harsh
7:35 am
for what he has done. >> ken rottweiler, we always ask to you come in and predict the future. >> yes. >> what will happen. >> first of all, it will be a hard day for congressman fattah. the prosecution is pressing for, you know, full sentence, basically 17 to 22 years they are pressing the judge to throw the book at him is where that saying comes from defense says it should be 11 to 14 years. there is parameters. judge bartle will decide based on all of the evidence and all of the appropriate guidelines here. >> defense is saying he has done a lot of community service work, he had 11 terms, done so much for community and area, do you think then that will play a factor. >> i think it will play a factor. what the judge has to do is balance good deeds that he did in office verse betrayal of the public trust. so is there the balance. one hand he says okay, he has been in office for 22 years. he has done good work. there has been letters sent to the judge, there will be testimony about all of the
7:36 am
good deeds but on the other side of it, the prosecutors will say but he betrayed public trust. all those good things he was doing they will argue are washed a way with the bad deeds by him taking this money and so forth and so on. it is a tough judge to weigh those two. as a lawyer i could make an argument both ways and compelling argument both ways. chaka fattah has done good thing for people of philadelphia but other side is , he did betray the public trust. so, it will be a tough one. it will be a tough one. >> just odd, this guy has served the community this long to be going to jail. it does he go right to jail. >> i think he will go right to jail. they will take him out this handcuffs, they will put him in handcuffs and take him out. >> if it is a quick thing. with the sentencing, they are going to have a lot of witnesses, walk us through what will happen. >> they will have witnesses, people will say, you know, they will talk about his good deeds and say all of the things he has done. the it could take a while. >> like a mini trial.
7:37 am
>> it is not a trial but more hearing but judge to sit back and listen and take all this information in and then make a decision. some of it could become polling. other thing is he could be sentenced, find up to $600,000 in restitution between him and his co-defendants. there is a financial penalty as well, but what the defense is arguing if he got maximum that the prosecution is saying he should get it would be longest prison sentence ever received by a member of the congress for corruption. >> is that right. >> twenty-one. >> yes, that 22 years, if he got 22 years it would be longest ever. they are pacecally saying this is unprecedented, that it ties long, too harsh. they are not saying he shouldn't spend time in jail but not that many years. >> his sonnies also in jail. >> his sonnies in federal prison for five years. his father will be in there for quite a bit longer. would i say in the 15 year range. >> is that what you are going with. >> that is what i think. >> we won't know today.
7:38 am
>> probably won't know today but it will be a day or so. >> we will see what happens. >> it that is time of the year when ken throws his holiday parties, yeah. >> i heard about your holiday parties. >> you are invited. >> i was nearly arrested at one of them. >> there is something you are supposed to drink before you start to drink. i'll tell you what that is after the break.>]
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beautiful in wayne county in the pocono mountains. >> yes. >> do you ever wonder why you get headaches after drinking wine? um, experts are revealing reason and what you can do to avoid them. maybe not just drinking too much. they say the tanons, sugar, histamines are cause of your pain. they are antioxidants in naturally occurring compound found in grape stems, seed and skin. you should avoid tan opposite on rich red wine. you can avoid a hang over by drinking two cups of coffee before you take your first sip
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of wine. okay. this is a bad combination, you have all that coffee and then start drinking? maybe you will be able to have more fun. let me know what you do. what kind do you prefer. people are tweeting me in the last hour i say i love sugary wines, guilty pleasure, i'm always doing that. people give me suggestions what i should do so i can be more refined when i go to dinner. 7:42. after another disappointing loss, from the eagles, the sliver of hope, is there even any hope or completely knock it out? i'm hearing is there a 1 percent chance we could still go to the playoffs. listen up, fellas, have you found a gift for the laid any your life? if not jen freddie's coming into help. >> okay. you you know how women we just buy, buy, buy guys want to know what the budget is. we have stuff under 25, under 50, under a hundred what will wow, really under 25. coming back. we will have so much fun this morning. my family really needs to be wowed this year.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. 7:45. good morning everybody. an accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound right at ninth street, hook and ladder, fire fighters on the scene here another one of the situations where heavy rain, road are wet, it will take you longer to stop right at the traffic light there at ninth street, and watch for a crash up here in east greenville getting reports that a child involved in this one. jefferson between fifth and
7:46 am
sixth street off q town interchange and 15 minute delays on the paoli thorndale regional rail line because of amtrak problems, septa over weekend kicked in a new timetable so make sure you are ready to go, expect delays across the board on the regional rails and make sure you have the the new timetable don't want to be standing out there any longer then you have to on a rainy morning like today. three way, 55, everything jammed toward the city. bunch of accidents mainly north where we had that change over that mix, northbound accident at quakertown, allentown, mahoning valley and out west turnpike itself closed at carlisle. when will this all roll out this sue has got it in 15 seconds. you heard with bob kelly where most of the accidents are north and west of the city where precipitation is still
7:47 am
dicey. because we're so close to freezing here in pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, even redding with just 2 degrees above freezing. everybody else we're getting rain but we are seeing a dry slot move from northwest to south east, and in parts of the berks, lancaster counties. this could be the beginning of the end this morning's rain, but still seeing a little bit of pink on the radar. be careful a how a lot of extra time this morning. eventually we will see some sunshine get to 50 degrees, and then we're in the the 40's , tuesday and wednesday, and what is going on, on thursday? it is a polar plunge, with temperatures only in the 20's during the day, down in the teens, friday morning, guys, will be the coldest morning, of the season. >> friday? >> yes. >> yes. >> looking forward to that. thanks. eagles/redskins, classic nfc east, let's role the highlights. this never gets old.
7:48 am
the highlights we have, in philadelphia right now are about the flyers. forget eagles. the it is the flyers. eytan is back. we have g. cobb here and dave uram. so, just real quickly, how about the flyers, are they on fire. >> absolutely. when you watch these games you get the sense when they are down that they are going to win which is opposite opposite of the eag wheels they are winning you get the sense that they will lose. >> that is why they are eagles highlights. >> i know, right. >> that is a good one. >> thank you. >> last time they had nine straight was a long time ago 1995. >> i was seven. >> two of their player were not even born yet. >> you see what they are able to do in konecny and provide roof, big part of the youth movement. fun team to watch. >> this happened saturday brayden schenn with the hat trick and scored the only goal yesterday. >> nasty goal in overtime. provorov said, up, 19 years old. if we must, let's role the end
7:49 am
of the game yesterday with the eagles/redskins. here's the 14-yard line, any of the three of you think he was going to throw a touchdown there. >> how cannot give tobin help. you have matt tobin who is a fourth string right tackle, you have to have the back stay in. ryan kerrigan was one that messed up the other game. you know he cannot block him. that was just terrible. >> turn style. >> turn style tobin. >> you have to do a better job of that. >> leave the running back have him hit the guy on the the way out. >> and he won't be able to get off fast like that but no way he could have block him. >> chip him with the tight end , bunch of different ways to help him out. you need to help him out. >> thing is, darren sproles, we need an advantage. >> when he got laid out. >> dude laid him out like that , he has to be thrown out, suspended.
7:50 am
>> i'm surprised he has not been thrown out. >> one of the backups has to fight somebody there. >> you don't endorse it. >> i endorse it. >> g endorse is it. >> one of the backups has to go after him and fight him and they both to have get thrown out. >> you can get him back during the game. no problem. but you have to know, you have a couple guys take care of him during the game. nobody will know. >> you don't want to have a starter, you don't want somebody that matters. there are not many people that matter on that team. >> we can have one of our receivers do it. >> they are not doing anything else. >> no, they are not. >> what will happen with the nfl today, g. >> he will get suspended because that is such a dangerous hit. >> you could end somebody career. you could tell he was dazed, he still, i don't know that he really knew what was going on. >> we talk about they better show effort. they did have effort.
7:51 am
>> that is a great sign. it is a week too late but they showed effort that doug pederson wanted to sianni for fans who can back tail that they are not a bunch of quit ters. >> despite effort they are still a lot of issues with this team. they show effort but they have problems all over the place. they are so far back in the division from everybody else, it is scary. >> effort on a professional level i cannot give you any points for effort. get paid, do your job but you have to do your job and focus and you have to play smart. this is not high school football, it is not hobby football. you you are getting paid. be prepared, show up, do your job, i don't have any sympathy for guys that don't do their job, sorry. >> have you ever seen the long snapper situation in the game like that. jon dorenbos goes down his backup brent celek goes down, they have michael kendrick hiking, everybody, it was open auditions on the side line. i have never seen anything that crazy. >> i have seen where you have one or two guys but the whole
7:52 am
team, can anybody snap. you have guys that never snapped in their life trying to snap. >> why can't the guy that snaps, into a shotgun, why is that different. >> he should be able to do it, it is not that much different. >> it is different. >> there is not a big difference. >> you have to be able to do it. >> the balance, if you have never done it. >> you are down there, snapping all the time anyway. >> kelce has enough issues snapping out of the shotgun, i don't know about snapping to the punter. do you want wisnieski. >> they should have a bunch of files able to do it. is not that hard. >> most difficult thing in the nfl, long snap. >> what does the future look like. >> bleak, bleak, bleak. >> they have to have a great draft. >> number 11 he used to wear number ten here, sign him. desean jackson bring him back. >> no. >> you know, afterwards. >> i say yes.
7:53 am
>> listening to desean afterwards, he is opened to it >> he wants to come back. >> he is a businessman trying to jack price up for a team that can afford it. >> there are 30 other people nine years younger then him. >> who are these guys. >> all right, thanks, guys. >> if you need help finding the perfect gift for ladies in your life. >> actual ladies in our lives. >> i understand. >> you have a lady in your life. >> yes. >> and then is there dave. >> look at g and his suits. >> jen has good ideas for ladies in our lives. we will goat them a gift for christmas under a hundred bucks. >> nice. >> because we're cheap. >> here's the thing, i want to say frugal because marla is right here. we know you are cheap. which one of thesis under a hundred, the gray area or off
7:54 am
white. which one can you guess for under a hundred. we will be right back.
7:55 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
7:56 am
in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
7:57 am
i've got two doubt tours buy christmas gifts for. >> you have 13 days. >> i am in trouble. >> you are in trouble. >> jen, please help me, help me, i have two daughters, in their 30's. >> yes. >> and, you know their personalities right because you have to know their personality. marla is here, good morning. >> good morning. >> when guys come in they must be overwhelmed. you have so much stuff. >> they are overwhelmed but we are very helpful in making them hone in. >> you say guys, they necessity they have 25, or they know they have 25 and hundred and they strike. >> women get a little over excited and men come in with a purpose. >> i love it. >> so one thing you always say is man need to know woman's personality. we will start with this.
7:58 am
>> yes. >> boho she can to me is spark he will but it has got really cool, natural stones. all of these things you can see can be necklacees or bracelets. they are all great. >> these are all under $25. >> sometimes guys just want something extra to put with the stuff. >> all right. so then, still under 25, the choker is necklace of the season. >> it it is trend of the season which is such a great trend. i love it. it allows to you layer on. >> okay. >> so, we talk about that earlier. there is a really short choker that will mesh with someone younger this one that i'm wearing that i love because it is adjustmentable. you can have it real long or short. this is kind of goes with every age group and under $25. >> you look great in it. i have tried a couple on. i feel like it is not for me. >> we will find one for me. >> we have less than a minute. you have amazing stuff. everybody loves this sparkling stuff. >> this is sparkling for under
7:59 am
50. >> okay. >> you can get an a nation statement earring in every color of the season. the this is great. this tear drop shape is good for every single woman, shape. >> good to hear. >> we asked, we love the bengals. >> these are all under $25. >> okay. we have asked of these two different looks, they are both evening looks which one was under a hundred and it was a trick question. >> all of it. >> yes. >> if we look at this statement stuff and everyone loves statement stuff and it is more sophisticated. >> i love spark he will. it is a big look. and these look extremely expensive, on your neck. >> yes. >> i looked at this and it is number one selling thing here. >> dog tags and all of it, it is really a little bit edgey crystal but not too glitzy has been hottest thing this season for some reason. this color stone, every store in america could not keep tonight stock. it has been great. >> people, we have said this before and bears repeating,
8:00 am
this is like your wholesales store and then you sell it right to the public, and all these big fancy prices, which has this stuff every where. people can't find you we are in suburban square across trader's joe. >> i know, i though you are opened until now until christmas. >> yes, saturday and sunday during weekend. >> guys will be asking. >> yes, yes. >> okay. thank you. >> thank you merry christmas, happy hanukkah. happy new years. >> i'm going there, suburban square, cross from trader joe'sy like the ones bracelets or necklacees. >> yes, i'm doing it, dog tags good day, it is monday, december 12th, 2016. we have a slick start to this monday morning. oh, cold temperatures, brought a lot of rain, it is pouring and even snow in some parts of the area. what you need to know before you go.
8:01 am
>> decision day, a federal judge hands down chaka fattah 's punishment today, how many years the former u.s. congressman may spend locked up. impress the techy in your life from drones to blue tooth speakers to a hot, hot, camera the coolest gadgets, for christmas. saturday night live taking a swipe at a philadelphia favorite, subtle job at will smith you may have missed. >> ♪ the. we will get to that in a second. one minute past 8:00. check out bottom of the screen , there are a few school delays in our area ones mentioned kutztown, school district, two hour delay. >> berks county and northern and western suburbs, it stayed a little icy even after we changed over to rain, you know i did finally select a number. >> you did. >> is what the number. >> i did five because it is
8:02 am
half and half dame. first half is messy. by second half of the day we should see sunshine. >> yes. >> but rain and some fog out there this morning with bus stop buddy. the fog seems to be dissipating but it is national cocoa day and any day in december is good for hot cocoa we have a look at our radar and you can see things drying out in lancaster and berks counties this morning and just about everybody has changed over to rain. we only have a winter weather advisory for lehigh, northampton counties and that that is not for too much longer 306789's to the north of us, and 40's to the south. where the rain continues, throughout the rest of the morning. 50 degrees is our high temperature today, and interesting roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast , coming up, bob kill i. where is this jammo. >> jammo westbound on the schuykill about an hour delay leaving town, westbound from pretty much the boulevard all the waste out to conshohocken. all of the major roadways are
8:03 am
in grid lock because of the weather conditions, we were dealing with. fifteen minute delays on the paoli thorndale line, and attributed to amtrak problems. and then over the weekend there has been a new schedule for regional rails. make sure you have that before you head out the front door. just expect weather delays today. an accident in east greenville at fifth and jefferson, also dominoes delays expected at philadelphia international there, we have delays, already , on arrivals and departure was that snow yesterday in chicago, your plane may not even be there this morning. so check ahead, south on the the blue route about a 34 minute trip, south on i-95, almost 50 minutes and big delays coming into the the sit friday south jersey, as well. further north you go up the extension, there is an accident at quakertown, allentown and accident out west, at car real shutting down turnpike all together, mike and alex, back to you. >> 8:03. sentencing today for former congressman chaka fattah. >> facing 20 years in prison
8:04 am
for federal corruption. sabina is on the this story over at the courthouse, sabina >> reporter: good morning. you can see we have moved over here to the entrance have of u.s. district court. we are expecting chaka fattah to arrive here with his attorneys really at any moment now because sentencing is at 9:30 this morning. he could be faithing as many years as eaved in office here in prison if prosecutors get their way. we are expecting them ask the judge to impose 20 years in federal prison, on this corruption case. now fattah was convicted in june on federal counts of conspiracy to commit racketeering, bribery, fraud and monday up laundering stemming from a million-dollar campaign loan he received when he ran for mayor, nine years ago. now fattah's son already serving five years in federal prison on a related case, and now we are expecting the former congressman's lawyers, to likely try to persuade the judge to impose a more lenient , sentence, perhaps of about 14 years. definitely less than 20 years
8:05 am
that the government is asking for. they will point to fattah's record of public service, and prosecutors, of course, will point out that record of public service also placed, and, within the time that, and back here live, sentencing, and, it is expected to happen this morning. and, arrival with his attorney s, again, he is facing 20 years, if prosecutors get their way. guys, back to you. >> okay, minute you see him let us know we will punch up your camera. >> final farewell to new jersey state trooper who was killed in the line of duty. >> yeah, trooper frankie williams will be laid to rest in atlantic city. after that head on crash, in millville. jenny's on this story outside of boardwalk hall, in ac, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. we are seeing some people, begin to arrive here, as you can take a live look outside of boardwalk hall. they have the ladder truck set up. we are expecting a large presence, of emergency responders, from this state, of new jersey, and then,
8:06 am
beginning just a few minutes ago, was the first viewing, the first of two viewings, for state trooper, frankie williams: the 31 year-old troop are died while on the highway a car, that matched description of that driver, crossed over a grass median and then slammed into trooper williams, patrol car. and, he died at the scene. trooper williams, died later at cooper university hospital. according to those who knew trooper williams becoming a state trooper was his dream. he is remembered as a kind, caring person, who put others first, and he had graduated from the police academy in january of this year. he was a newlywed who leaves behind a wife of just three months, while they first visitation is for family and friend, the second viewing will be held for members of the williams law enforcement family, that will be from ten until noon time with funeral services directly to follow,
8:07 am
we will be here, to bring all of that, to you, as the day goes on, mike and alex. >> jenny, sad day. 8:07. well, let's talk about the game yesterday, just a little bit here. eagles/redskins. there was some hope in the fourth quarter, as the eagles drove down the field in the final minutes, and then that happened. >> it was going so well they were executing, moving along. >> yes,. >> 14-yard line a few seconds left, all over. >> redskins win. >> fans may be allowed, listen to this, do you remember that. fans may aloud to carry handguns into stadiums and arenas in the state of washington. >> state representatives are pushing proposal, currently, and selfie sticks, personal football, lap tops, alcohol and weapons are not the permitted at century link field but that could change.
8:08 am
>> guns. >> and then now we have metal detectors now you have to clear that. but i guess you can bring guns >> bring your hand gun but leave that selfie stick at home. >> good lord. >> and make sure you have a clear bag. >> i want to see that handgun real clearly. well, philly and one of her, is philly a woman? >> i don't know. >> are cities woman. >> it depends a lot of people say women, don't they. >> yeah, yeah. >> we could be a guy. >> no. >> no. >> floor director says no. >> philly is a woman. >> philly and one of her beloved sons. >> who would philly's son be. >> will smith. >> oh, okay because he was born in philadelphia. >> yes. >> he is one of our sons. >> his mother is very nice. >> say that again. >> his birth mother. >> his birth mother is very nice. >> your place mother and then
8:09 am
your birth mother. >> as i understand west philadelphia born and raised, is what the next line. >> on the playground where i spent most of my days. >> that is exactly right. >> anyway, they made fun of philly and will smith on saturday night live. it was during the weekend update. would you like to hear this. >> sure. >> okay, let's roll it. >> a black man was arrested in philadelphia after he went on a pro trump graffiti spree. he has been sentenced to spend the next five years with his aunt i and uncle in bellaire. they are not making fun of philly or will smith. >> no they are not. >> a pol guys for that set up. i suck. >> have you seen it before. >> no. >> you shouldn't apologize. >> i have a life. i was not at home saturday night watching saturday night live. >> what were you doing saturday night. >> i was in new york.
8:10 am
>> i was in new york. >> oh. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> doing what? >> not watching saturday night live. >> you know what i was doing what were you doing saturday nighty was at work christmas party, thank you for coming. >> that was saturday night. >> yeah. >> it wasn't the official party. >> it was unofficial one. >> i should have gone because i saw shawnette was there. >> that is reason to go, but not the for everybody else. >> she looked good. >> she looked nice. >> she always looks nice. >> she had a white sweater on with a red bow. >> yes, right here. >> yeah. >> she was like a little christmas gift. >> little christmas gift. >> do we have a picture. >> you were supposed to wear a sweater, christmas sweater. >> that was the idea he. >> yes. >> there she is. >> yes, and dawn timmeney in her beautiful christmas sweater. >> yes, dawn forget. >> yes, she forgot. >> so, there was a great one
8:11 am
though, that i took a picture of and i should have sent this one in. >> are you ready for this. >> yes. >> here we go. >> here we go. >> that is a hideous sweater. >> oh, my god. >> danny virtualoso's sweater. >> i said here we go. i was like, you win. >> yes. >> that is one ugly sweater. >> yes. >> does it come in his size. >> mike. >> two women from god. >> god's gift to women. >> that is beautiful. >> it was a good time. >> we still have the work official party so you you can show up to that. you have a ugly sweater. >> i have a very ugly sweater.
8:12 am
>> because it has ornament on it in a certain location. >> it just seemed like something mike would wear, i thought of him. >> thank you for that. i'll don that on wednesday on this very program. kim kardashian's back. after she got robbed she went underground. >> she did but now she made an unexpect return to the spotlight. she's a sexy photo shoot because kim kardashian comes back she will have a come back >> naked y don't know about all that. >> but it is sexy. >> i'm starting a series called living on the top, philly tops, people who live in luxurious penthouses overlooking the city of philadelphia. >> wow. >> would you like to go visit this place. >> sure. >> i'll tell you where this one is and fact that it is available, to rent, right now.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. an accident on the schuylkill expressway live look eastbound a vehicle and tanker here and it doesn't look like it is causing too much delay until maybe the police arrive, hopefully is there no fuel spill there.
8:16 am
westbound about an her trip from the city all the way down to king of prussia 15 minute delays, on the paoli thorndale regional rail line, all because of amtrak problems, and septa also kicked in a new timetable over the weekend so expect weather delays, on all of the lines as platforms, the rails are slippery, watch for an accident in east greenville at fifth and jefferson. come minute necessity delays at philly international. right now philadelphia is in a ground stop. all flights destined for philadelphia not able to leave their departing cities because of the weather, and the fog, here in philadelphia throw that on top of the situation that happened yesterday and they got hit with snow and cancelled a lot of their flights. check with the airline before you head down there. multiple accidents on the extension, this morning, and northbound we have had accident, at quakertown, allentown, and then ma honing valley. also closed down at carlisle. that quakertown and the north dough varietying line occur.
8:17 am
blue route slow going. almost a hour on on i-95 this guy has all of the lights up. hopefully we didn't blow any fuses over weekend with the rain that we had. snap a picture and put it up on facebook, twitter, instagram. we want to come to your house to check out your lights. the it is a very chilly christmas. post it to facebook, twitter, instagram use that #fox 29 lights contest so we can show the lights on tv and pick a home to go visit later on this week. what night should we go out? we will look to sueby for the answer in 15 seconds. all morning we have been watching closely the temperatures especially north and west of the city where it has warmed up a lot in philadelphia, south, but it is still pretty close to freezing in allentown, and we have some accidents up there in that
8:18 am
area, quakertown because it is thin, kind of on the fence that temperature now. we have warmed up to 38 degrees. we call that warm in lancaster we are starting to see beginning of the end of the the precipitation as we look at a dry area, moving south eastward, clouds will linger for a while, still raining here in philadelphia but lightened up quite a bit, rain will end, and sun will come out today, and 50 degrees our early high temperature and then it is a chilly one next couple of days, in the 40's, but the big, polar plunge, comes on thursday, and this is even colder air, then what moved in as the end of last week with temperatures in the 20's. we will wake up try morning with temperatures teasing the city and single digits as well that is friday. with that cold air this place we will start ought with the snow on sat the day eventually changing over to the rain. lots of fun, kids, by the end of the week. >> yeah, kid. >> we have a couple things to discuss here. >> all right.
8:19 am
>> people on twitter want to know who is person giggling in the background when we talk? that is keith. keith, you walk in front of the cam why there. that is keith. keith. what is your job, what do you call your self, floor director >> floor director. >> and our laugh track sometimes on the show. >> yes, "good day philadelphia" laugh track. >> now, i'm starting a new segment here, i have always had this fantasy of living in the penthouse apartment, like in the city of philadelphia. you look out over the city. i have drawn the skies line of philadelphia here. i need to make a graphic. keith, thank you you for the piece of paper. >> no problems. >> do you have trouble tearing it off. >> he did. >> so we need to make a graphic for this segment. >> better then this one. >> it business visiting penthouse apartments in philadelphia. what it is like to live there with the views and all that. >> like your life. >> yes but i need the name of
8:20 am
the segment. i was going to go with, instead of till a pops or band or whatever they are. >> orchestra. >> philly pops. philly tops, penthouse apartment. and what is your name. >> i was thinking of pent up in philadelphia. >> pent up. >> that sound like frustration , pent up. >> you are pent up in your tower high up where to one can reach you. >> lets look to the viewer of this program that we call "good day philadelphia", because you helped me with naming this segment is it pent up, philly tops, here's the first stop of the tour, it is 1919 market street. this is about penthousees. >> yes. >> it is philly tops. it is people who like to live on the top of the buildings, okay. where am i.
8:21 am
>> you are smack in the middle of the city here at 1919 market street. >> brand new. >> brand new, first residents moved in back in march. weaver filling up the building this is one of our largest penthousees, three bedroom, two bat apartment, it is about 1500 square feet. three bedrooms. >> all of the views. >> great views. >> two full bathrooms, washer, dryer included and custom build in closets. kitchen we have full stainless steel appliance package, upgraded fixtures, walnut flooring throughout and really a great space to enjoy, cook, eat, take out, whatever you want to to. >> 1919. >> 1919 market. it was a vacant lot for 25 years and built from the ground up. >> speaking from the ground up >> two floors up we have a full rooftop terrace, grilling
8:22 am
, fitness center, resident lounge, everything that you need, you never have to leave. >> and the pool. >> we have a infinity pool opened year round heated, and it gets 40-degree warmer then outside temperature. >> it might be the only infinity pool on the rooftop. >> it may be. >> do you want to go for a swim. >> sure, let's do it. >> it is 20 degrees, shrinkage >> yes. >> package, shrinkage. >> yes. >> here's the thing, i think that is going for $8,500 a month. >> hello. >> that baby pool looks like you can swim right off. >> right on to market street. >> so we will continue this but i need a name, is it pent up, philly tops. >> you need more than a name, you need a name, graphic, open
8:23 am
music. >> i have a lot of work to do. >> kim kardashian made a big splash back in the spotlight here, the sexy photo shoot, marking this come back, we will show you the picks.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
we have a live shot here in beverly hills, california at beverly hills hilton hotel. reporters lining up at 5:26 in the morning. they are about to have the nominations for golden globe award. >> we have already had some of them coming out nominees for best television series, musical, comedy, atlanta, blackish, mozart and the jungle and transparent and ve. p. >> what about empire. >> they weren't on there. >> best animated film. >> moana disney movie that is been big, my life as a zucchini, i haven't heard of that one, and zootopia. >> who votes for the golden globes, is that the foreign press is this. >> yes. >> yes. >> we have to look that up. >> only thing good about hollywood foreign press, it is
8:27 am
a bunch of people who don't even live here. >> look at you. >> they are stupid. >> what would you pick for best animated film, have you seen an animated film this year. >> tommy and and the egg plant >> i have no idea. >> why are you thinking egg plant monday. >> egg plant monday. >> it is friday. >> this is monday here's the thing, there is a lot of gifts out there for christmas, that have to to with technology, so i want, let's say, five of the coolest, gadgets, out there, today, to we know we're on. hi. he knows the five coolest high tech gifts this year.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
we are looking at bus stop buddy celebrating national cocoa day on a foggy, rainy, monday morning but we are seeing the beginning of the even. we will see clearing north and west of the city looking at ultimate doppler radar. the rain is ending soon. the winter weather advisory has been lifted. temperatures still close to freezing north and west of the city. so watch out up there. temperatures will be around 50 h temperature but really cold weather coming we will show you in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. nasty accident here, this is westbound on the schuykill expressway. it is the opposite side there, coming toward our camera, headlights, we have everybody moved off to the side. it looks like there was a septa bus there, really not involved at that school busings on by so there is an accident westbound, eastbound about an hour delay, 15 minute delays on the paoli thorn dal line because of the weather at philly international.
8:32 am
do you need a gift that will wow your techy person they're life. >> this is not just any drone but this this is cutie drone you have ever seen. joining us is jim berry, spokesperson for the consumer technology association. all of the products he reviewed here are from manufacturers that are members of the cta. >> cta. >> this is a jet ultra. this is a starter drone. so you can just go that way. >> let me see if i can move it up. >> yes, bring it down a little bit, there you go, all right. she's down. >> that is cute. >> i like it. >> this is a hundred dollars, it is a starter. neat thing about this, it fits right into the case that is also, the controller. >> so it fits right in there. you can take that with you. drones, we do a survey every year and this year drones showed up as one of the most wanted. >> sure. >> this is 23rd year of this annual holiday survey. interesting what was on it 23
8:33 am
years ago. no drones i know that. >> really. >> this was cool. this was a seek thermal. you attach this to the bottom of your iphone and it turns the camera into a inn fat red camera, is there your hot come use man. what would you do with that you might ask. >> yes. >> this time of the year, getting cold, you want to find where heat is escaping in your house, for instance and tighten up your house, you can go ahead and do that. >> yes. >> his chest is very hot. >> yes. >> his crouch is very cold. >> you can go there. i won't. >> this is most expensive divisive on the table, it is $250. very next expensive. >> this is great. we have a collection of the kid growing up on video cassettes, your folks do. this is the mid box, $99, plug this into your vcr and computer and move those old video cassettes on to the computer. digitalized them.
8:34 am
those old videotapes aren't going to last forever. probably disappointed if you look at them and you haven't looked at them in 15 years, or 20 years, this is way to get them on to their. ninety-nine bucks. >> it is a great gift for dad. this is great. these are from sony, they call these the here. >> i have seen them around. >> these are ear budd. so they are wireless, blue tooth that is the treks we're going so you don't need to plug anything into your phone. you can do wireless and don't worry about getting tangled up those are 199 bucks. that is from sony. other great thing about them, high resolution audio. that is kind of audio for us old guys that like our vinyl. they put us back in. they put one's and zero and get high resolution audio. >> last one this is blue tooth speaker. >> yes. >> you might be able to see that. >> i love the speakers. >> they are amazing. >> also from sony, this is
8:35 am
water resistant. if it gets splashed by the pool, you wouldn't expect that this time of the year but comes in nice colors, 99 bucks wireless blue tooth speakers, one of the hottest gifts, again this year. >> you can make phone calls i can see the phone there. >> hook that up. if i got a phone call right now would you hear it right through there. hopefully, we will put that all on our web site at fox 29 .com. >> nice to see you, have a great holiday. don't walkway from that tv because golden globe nominees are next, happening live.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
niomi harris for moon light, nicole kidman, lion, octavia sensor hidden figures and michelle williams, manchester by the sea.
8:39 am
best performance by an actor in a motion picture musical or comedy. colin ferrell for the lobster, ryan gosling lala land land, hugh grant for fos florence foster jenkins, joan a hill for war dogs, and ryan reynolds for dead pool. best original song, motion picture. can't stop the feeling, from trolls, music and lyrics by justin timberlake, max martin, shellback, city of star, lala land land, music by justin horwitz, lyrics by ken casek and justin paul, faith, from thing, music and lyrics by ryan header, stevey wonder and frances farewell star light. goals, from goals. the music and lyrics by brian burton, steven gegain and igy pots. and how far i'll go from moana music and lyrics by lynn manual miranda.
8:40 am
>> best performance by an actor in a television series, drama. ram, mr. reabout on the, bob bode evenkirk, better call saul, matthew reese, the american, and lievschrieber ray donovan, billy bob thornton goliath. best performance by a anchor in a motion picture, drama. casey affleck, manchester by the sea, joel edgerson, loving , and andrew garfield, hacksaw ridge, and vigo m ort enson captain fantastic and denzel washington, fences. best director, motion
8:41 am
picture, damienergy sell, lala land land, tom ford, nocturnal animals, and mel gibson, hacksaw ridge, perry jenkins, moon light and kenneth london ton manchester by the sea. best performance by a actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy, annette benning, 20th century women, lily collins, rules don't apply, haley steinfield, the edge of 17. emma stone, lala land land. and merrill streep florence foster jenkins. >> best television series
8:42 am
drama, the crown, netflix. game of thrones, hbo. stranger things, netflix. this is us, nbc. west world, hbo. best motion picture, musical or comedy. between yet century women, dead pool, florence foster jenkins, lala land land, think street. best performance by an actress in a motion picture, drama, amy adams, arrival, jessica chastane, miss sloan, isabel le pierre, el, loving, natalie portman, jackie. best motion picture drama. hacksaw ridge, hell or high water, lion, manchester by the
8:43 am
see, moon light. well, that is basically it, of course, golden globe award will be coming up, and so those are nominations. >> it will be for best song there because trolls, justin timberlake song, and everybody was saying that and then how far i'll go everybody is saying that is new let it go like frozen. >> how far willie go. >> written by lynn manual miranda. >> well, i have got to get out and see some stuff. i don't have hbo, i don't have netflix you need to get it together. >> you need to see game of thrones. i still have not seen a single episode. >> i haven't seen any of these things. >> have you seen dead pool, kevin mccarthey was raving about dead pool. it is really good. arrival, amy adams, starring in arrival. >> haven't seen it. >> kevin says, if not the best but second best move of the year, the arrival. >> you know how i spent my
8:44 am
friday night good what? >> you know where i spent my friday night, texting kevin mccarthey about the movie arrival and discussing our theory about what happened and what was going on with that. that was my friday night. >> wow. >> we will take a break. i will go in search of a life for you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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with the same fast powerful cough relief. robitussin dm max. because it's never just a cough.
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so look what happened at blue mountain last night. they got a little bit of snow. maybe 2 inches in some other places, but it was all because of the cold air that was in place from over the weekend, and that turned into snow but now it is ending from northwest to south east we're seeing rain, move to the south , it is still raining heavily in southern delaware, and, at the jersey shore as well but lightening up here in philadelphia, eventually we should see some sunshine before the end of the day, 50 degrees. forty-two tomorrow. forty-three on wednesday. pretty tranquil days in the middle of the week. and then on thursday after a cold front comes through wednesday night, highs only in the 20's, we will wake up to the coldest morning of the season, friday, and then with sunshine it can only get to 24 y could be interesting starting with snow and changing to rain so lots of action, mike and
8:48 am
alex, in this seven day forecast. >> thanks very much. no, 8:47. >> well, new fox film hasn't hit figures it opens in january. but this weekend, jen interviewed the stars of the movie. >> jen, tell us all bit. >> okay. first of all you know it is real life story of three female nasa engineers, and you guys, probably would be surprised to hear that some of the stars didn't think it was real. they thought it was fiction. well, the producer, and one of the amazing talents in this film, ferrell williams, says he knew all along this was a real story. >> well, it makessens is, right. like how many, you have done a lot of female hat mantitions, you know a lot of female scientists, you know female engineers. you just don't see them on tv or big screen, enough, and so it didn't sound like it wasn't possible, it sounded very real
8:49 am
to me. i had met catherine johnson six years before, not known i would make a film about her. >> yes. >> nasa, mrs. johnson. >> yes. >> it has been crazy, to see the cast that we have, within of those girls are like, next level, taraji, octavia, janel, kevin costner, i mean he was just amazing and the family saw the film and said that is just like our dad. >> ha. >> yeah. >> okay. so, you know, you will hear from all of those women, coming up, they were all, amazing. they love philly so much. we have talked a little bit about all of the girls stuff that happened. so, kevin costner is also in the film. i have to tell you guys, you would never know he is an a lister. mike, i'm sure you met him a
8:50 am
thousand times. he could not have been sweeter ferrell, the same way. ferrell and i talk mens fashion and great stuff. it is a great movie. fox paid for to us travel to do this. it opens up in january. you will be seeing these interviews soon. >> okay. >> cool. >> kevin costner doesn't look like he has aged at all. >> still, with dancing with the wolves, he still looks like that guy. >> or the body guard. >> i will always love you. >> wow. >> she comes flying off the plane, that learjet, and into his arms, right, do you remember that scene. >> yes. >> good movie. >> so stupid. >> why is it stupid. >> it is. >> it is a love story. >> yeah. >> he protected her. he was there for her. she didn't necessity who she could trust but she could trust him. >> he through himself in trent of the bullet if that ain't love. >> would you throw yourself in front of the bullet for you.
8:51 am
>> absolutely... >> yeah. >> no, i would. >> okay. >> the president obama and his family, this is his last christmas. >> they are not doing traditional photo. >> no, they are doing it differently. >> we will break down this photo, like it has never been broken down before after the break. >> we are breaking down this photo. >> don't hurt yourself.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
ding, 8:54. you think are having a bad start, spun around the honk way this is i-95 off ramp to woodhaven road, an example of all of the road, wet, slippery , farther north and west you go, maybe some left over, slush, where we saw some light dusting up there in the pocono area, this is causing a
8:55 am
delay north on i-95 woodhaven still looking at 15 minute delays on septa's paoli thorndale lines and hit and miss from zero to 20 minutes on regional rails all because of the weather. ground stop still in effect at philly international, check with the airline that will have a domino effect through the rest of the day and how long will it take from here to there or vice versa your travel times, on both blue route or 95. >> do you remember when kim kardashian got robbed in the paris hotel. >> yes. >> right. >> it was very dramatic. she stayed away from social media, and appearances for a while. >> that is right the. >> now she's dealing with kanye west dealing with episodes, paranoia. >> mental health issues. >> now he's out of the hospital. >> we're hearing she made a return to the spotlight. kim kardashian make a return to the spotlight how do you think she will do it. >> naked. >> well, not nearly naked but how about that. >> what is this. >> i don't know. >> i guess it is a mag seen.
8:56 am
>> the love magazine, anybody hear of the love magazine, what is love magazine. >> i never heard of love magazine. >> well, now you have. >> if anybody can put a magazine on our radar it is kim kardashian. >> are those the northern lights. >> i believe so. >> i see her, borealis. >> she looks good. >> yes. >> doesn't it take time this kind of stuff. >> now it is getting kind of weird. >> look at her aurora game will -- >> yes. >> all of these thrills, i love when keith is floor directing. if i say a joke it will get laughed at. >> that is right. >> good enough. >> funny or not. >> we've got keith. >> critics have spoken.
8:57 am
awards season kick off with the critics choice awards that was in santa monica last night , why viola davis is getting such high regard this morning because she looks like a man, no, that is not the her we will tell but her acceptance speech, look at that is that tom cruise. taking decision to the the whole new level, a frustrated father says his wife just can't pick a name for their daughter. and so why he is pleading now for help. did you have trouble naming your kids (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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