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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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brutal murder of an 81 year-old store owner. her family's plea to find her killer. holiday tweet goes viral for all of the wrong reasons. today is the day on a quest to make history we are live with jacob martin as owls go for win number 11 in the military bowl. great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton karen will be joining me in just a moment. lets check the forecast, good morning, sue. >> probably mildest day we will see for a while, thomas, seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. here's buddy celebrating national fruitcake day with breezes, and a shower out there. but temperatures, check this out we're in the 50's. normal high for today is 42 degrees. we're well above normal in allentown where it is 50. forty-three in mount pocono. we have 52 in lancaster. atlantic city 57. same in dover. fifty-five in wilmington.
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here in the city we have wind that are sustain at 22 miles an hour, gusting up to 29, and 7:22 is our sunrise time. today we will see sunshine but not in the morning. you can see showers went nothing to chester county and delaware county this morning. there is a little bit of to go but wind will prevent too much fog from forming. 60 degrees is our early high and a to showers to finish out the day. that is planner for tuesday from the winter weather authority, we will tell you when winter weather returns in the seven day forecast, time to check traffic, bob kelly on vacation this week. we have a look here at the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. you can see from this shot the how smoothly traffic is moving this morning. more volume then we had yesterday but with the kid off school we don't expect a whole lot today. here's an accident in tulleytown township in bucks county around levittown parkway near route 13, that could slow you down this morning. reminder that the route 15 trolley, due to a long term
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closure of richmond street and that is because of construction, it is being shuttle bused between richmond street and west moreland street and 63rd and airdale, shuttle busing until further notice, checking your travel times for this morning, at 6:02, we are taking only four minutes on the blue route to get from the schuylkill to the turnpike. so most roads looking good this morning karen and thomas. all right, sue, thank you. time is 6:02. happening right now developing story here police need your help to locate this woman and her great granddaughter. they have been missing since christmas eve. police say 71 year-old barbara briley and five-year old le my ra were on their way from mays landing, new jersey to north carolina to visit family for the holidays this were last seen in a exxon gas station in virginia. barbara is driving a silver toyota su very w plates you see on the screen, new jersey plates, c80-els. anyone who might have seen them you know what to to.
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please call the police. delaware state police after rested brandon pollack in connection with the deadly christmas eve hit and run, authorities say that 54 year-old lisa bolden passed away saturday evening, after that suspect, white chevy impala hit her on christiana road in new castle. police fun car with the front end damage in the home matching description of the vehicle that was seen leaving that scene. so much heart break and anguish as community tries to cope with the murder of an 81 year-old grocery store owner. >> this is bizarre, there is no motive, suspects or no known leads. let get out to steve keeley in south philadelphia on the scene for us, steve. >> reporter: sadly high wind are tearing apart the memorial and notes, chris, stay with me here we are trying to chase them down here and put them back but among notes and candles here one left by her favorite delivery guy, and it says, to my favorite person in the world, that is how people
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felt about her. i have covered a lot of murders, never before while i was on the scene from 4:00 a.m. on did i have person after person coming up here that knew or did business with the murder victim, telling us wonderful story after wonderful story. here is the picture if you have in the paid attention to the enthusiasms since christmas eve, an 81 year-old corner store owner for 44 years, born in 1935, survived all this time until somebody came in the daylight on christmas eve just before 9:00 . marie buck, now go to video number two, here is john rhodes delivery truck who came here for already 28 years. listen to what he says. you deliver things to her for 28 years when you heard somebody shot and killed her christmas eve morning what went through your mine. >> i was crushed. i didn't believe it. then when i heard how it happened and i was just in dis
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belief. >> reporter: you came back here today and looking at all these messages and flowers, what is going through your mind right now. >> she was really loved buy a lot of people, you know. >> reporter: what made you want to come over here today. >> i want to see the family. i know the whole family almost 28 years. i was hoping maybe, i don't even know what i can say to them but i'm sorry but it just took my heart you know, on christmas eve. i knew marie well personally. she was really into it. i never realized she was 81 years old. i thought she she was younger. she was always like a aunt to me. i know people call her aunt marie but when this happened i went right to facebook and that is how i described her like an aunt, somebody who i could always talk to. she cared about everybody, you know. when i went on facebook i
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thought maybe i was too mushy but after watching people who knew her, i mean everybody loved her. she was great. she was a great lady. this neighborhood will be different without her, you know. she cared about these people. >> reporter: you know john like so many people thought they had this unique relationship with marie and they come to find out that everybody had a close relationship with marie. very rarely did they talk business, they talked lives and she cared about john and his family. look at this those, anybody who has ever grown up near a store like this like i did, had that corner store, had that older person, that you looked up to, talked to almost every day and fed you almost every day and this those was one that touched me you always get the best hoagies. >> and entire community because be in can make sense of some. >> get a sense of how great a woman she was. time is 6:06.
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another lady that inspired people there ruben a pioneering astronomer and philadelphia native has tied. ruben is credited with helping to find powerful evidence of dark matter. she found that galaxies didn't rotate as predict. ruben won numerous award during her career including 1993 national medal of science from president bill clinton. according to her son astronomer most recently lived near princeton new jersey and she died of natural causes. ruben was 88. lets go bowling today because our temple owls have a chance to make history this afternoon. if they win against wake forest,. >> they will. >> yes, we're hoping in the the military bowl. that would give them their 11th win for the season. that is most that they have ever had in the school history exciting. lots of us will be watching that today. game will kick off at 3:30 in anapolis. in fact, we will have one of the players on our show this morning to talk about this game what they need to do. of course, we will have a new coach coming in, we have a
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interim coach. we will have a fun chat with jacob martin later. >> joining us around 7:45. tune in for that one. lets talk about president obama verse president-elect donald trump, who would win? it depend who you would ask. see what both men had to say about the possibility of facing each other if there was eerie lex for president other bam a. just one day after christmas, bad behavior at the malls, they were throwing these hey headachers and fighting all over the place, men, women, kids, even in our area. >> from here all the way to the west coast, what was causing such a scene. every single scene here has a different story. stay tuned.
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the hair and smile after hearing passing of the george michael we just can't get enough and last christmas is now number one song being streamed on spotify, other great hits by that late star careless whisper and faith. since george michael's death on christmas day the streaming of his solo music is up, 3,000 . >> big hit on line, a lot have people order ago this faith cd
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we're also learning, according to people in entertainment tonight, it was george michael 's boyfriend who discovered the artist dead in bed. he tweeted it is a christmas i will never forget finding your partner dead peacefully in bed first thing in the morning. i will never stop missing you. george michael died of heart failure leaving fans around the world in shock and grief. >> people right now are listening to music, down loading and remembering how much joy he brought us and fun >> great memories of where we were and inspired people and such a great song writer. people don't realize he was a great the artist and singer but an macing song writer. >> more than just a pop star, i didn't realize he was writing his own stuff. we will have more of that all morning long as well. 6:11. we have history being made in hawaii. there is something happening there later today that you can see we are running old file footage of a happened there. something happening now that has this is been done after that attack at pearl harbor in
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75 years. very, very interesting. also ahead, you know athletes they castle with us their skills on the field but sometimes they make us lavas well. this morning weak look back at the top sports bloopers of 2016.
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welcome back. happy hanukkah we have four candles up there on the had in other a, if you are celebrating, happy hanukkah to all of you. sue serio, i just saw steve keeley tweeted out breaking high wind this morning knocking tree branches down and power lines and incoming out some power. >> we were talking about that earlier. that is why we have not seen too much fog. we have mentioned earlier possibility of some fog but with the high wind blowing air around it really prevents fog from forming. we have seen wind gusts 29, 30 g especially at the airport. here's your early, new years eve celebration call if you want to be outside, watch fire works, it will be about 35 degrees it looks like at midnight. it will be cloudy, as we say good bye to 2016. here's what is happening ahead of this frontal system, yes, wind are picking up and we are seeing a few more showers in the area.
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new castle county delaware around delco just a few scattered showers there, lancaster county and few more rolling in over the next couple of hours, so we will keep an eye on that situation as future cast shows, throughout the six, seven, 8:00 o'clock hours we will see widely scattered showers that will continue through the of afternoon but we will see some sunshine today and this will be warmest take we will see in a while. then we will look ahead to thursday morning which could be a messy one by the after noon. there is rain and to the north in the mountains accumulating snow but that will be confined to the mountain areas. it will all depend on the temperature but either way it looks like thursday could be a messy day. so we will venture to the seven day forecast. 60 degrees today. forty-four tomorrow. much colder then today. then mess on thursday, much colder then tomorrow when we get to friday because it will be windy and it will feel more arctic out there with below normal temperatures. saturday still cold for new years eve about 35 degrees at
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midnight. by sun take we will start off with a shower or two but unfortunately for hummers parade still working on than that with a high of 50 degrees that is your forecast. lets check traffic on your tuesday morning as we count down even of the year. we will start off with this look at 676 approaching 76, approaching vine street expressway, little bit more volume then we saw on monday but looking good, an accident on i-95 southbound just past martin luther king boulevard maryland avenue exit, this is in delaware, in the wilmington area left lane is block, this is all happened right around that stadium complex where blue rocks play. malfunctioning traffic light to tell but in mount laurel, union million road at large mont boulevard so caution in that area we have an accident in bucks county tulleytown township and levittown parkway near route 13, thomas and karen. >> thanks there, sue. rescue teams have found one of the two black boxes from that russian plane that crash in the black sea over
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the weekend. this is according to that country's defense ministry. all 92 people on that plane are believed to have died, 12 bodies have been recovered so far, officials have not yet announced the cause of that crash. today prime minister of japan is scheduled to make a historic visit to the site of the pearl harbor bombings and joined by president obama. yesterday the president of japan visited national memorial cemetery in honolulu where he took part in the wreath laying ceremony. more than 2400 people were killed during the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago. the his visit comes six months after president obama became first sitting american president to visit hiroshima. 6:18. my kid had these books like who would win, hammer head or great white shark. it is a hypothetical. >> this is not very dissimilar >> we have another hypothetical, our current president obama or president-elect donald trump is this well, they are talking
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about this one. they are squaring off in a mythical race for the white house. >> is it any surprise that the two would disagree over who would win? >> donald trump tweets president obama says he thinks he would have won against me? he should say that but i say in way. jobs leaving, isis, ocare, et cetera. i started with a comment, it all started with a comment from obama during a pod cast with a former advisor, david axle rod, and there was a hypothetical reelection bid. president says it is his vision for unity that with secure him the third victory. >> i'm confident in this vision because i'm confident that if i, if i had run again and articulated i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> so the white house has declined to comment on trump's tweet. can we talk about an
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actual match up. >> yes. >> temple university. today, it is the day. >> it is exciting, bowl game, it is something to cheer for. so i love that. >> very well could make history. in fact later this morning we will talk to temple running back jihad thomas who will weigh in on the owls chances to secure their 11th win today in the military bowl.
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temple owls taking on wake for es today going for a school record, 11th win, jihad thomas talks about what they need to to, to get it all done. >> we just got to go out there and did what we do. we can't turn the ball over, we need to rush the ball well, get the o line, you know, continuing to play as well as they have been playing for the past in or so. like i said we just can't turn the ball over go out there and play effectively and match intensity. >> miami of ohio and mississippi state in the st. petersberg bowl, neither should be in the bowl at all but this was a great game. bulldogs nick fitzgerald with the touchdown run right there, later they would tack on a field goal to take lead.
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my am which one last shot to win it all and the field goalies blocked, right there, mississippi state comes away with a huge 17 to 16 win. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. more sports our sixers were in action while were you sleeping last evening. playing the sacramento kings on the road, so our big man you heard it joel embiid had 25-point, eight rebound but it was not enough, sacramento, de hashing us cousins hit a clutch three pointer. late in the game. this we go. putting them ahead. sixers fall 102-100. sixers back in action thursday night against the the jazz in utah. there is dallas cowboys taking on detroit lions in monday night football. lions were fighting for a playoff spot. game was tied at 21 at the half and then dallas took over
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bryant had one touchdown, and then in the fired quarter he throws a touchdown pass to jason witten. he scores, 35-21 cowboys. they go on to win 42-21. cowboys will be in south philadelphia on sunday to play the eagles. i wish we had highlights on, you go, to town on that egg and sirac ha, that is the worst smell. >> sorry. mike and alex are off so we are doing six hours. so for thomas, yes. >> it is like when people eat eggs on a airplane i could never understand that they pop it out and sit right next to them but was it good. >> i need my protein. >> thank you, though, from the sporting world, when things go wrong why do we like to laugh
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when bad things happen to people like when they trip or fall right before going in the end zone. i like this one, tighty whitey we will show you low lights from sports, bloopers over last year. but first good morning we are talking about a controversial tweet here. >> reporter: controversial tweet from a drexel university professor calling for white genocide. what did he mean? how is the university responding. we will tell you after the break. by peggy lee playing ]
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trulia. the house is only half of it. who will an 81 year-old woman in her grocery store on christmas eve. her family is beg to go get the begin man off the streets. and where is holiday spirit after christmas shopping turns ugly in several malls across america, and one on the big screen tv on sales. what led to the chaos. >> and. >> she's not dead, find out what happened yesterday, did you see this one that brittany spears was killed in an accident. >> several tweets. >> she's fine, she's still rocking it. good day, everybody on this tuesday. >> it is tuesday. >> yes. >> a lot of people are going
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back to work today, and others , lucky ones with the week off but we have a little bit of the treat, they are 60 degrees to day sue. >> that is right but as we said earlier don't get used to it, things will be changing again as of this time tomorrow it is breezy out there. we have been seeing gusty wind , shower or two, temperatures in the 50's, bus stop buddy has umbrella, also celebrating, national fruitcake day, let us know if you ever had a good fruitcake and if you ever made one that is really good and what is the recipe, okay. 56 degrees in philadelphia 43 mount pocono. fifty-six in millville. really mild for december 27th morning but these wind are gusting as high as 29 miles an hour, so that is something to keep in mind, and, few showers , new castle county delaware, delco, chester county and lancaster county as well and more on the way. so we will get a few peaks of
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sunshine, and especially in the middle of the day but stray shower by end of the day and around right now temperatures topping off around 60 degrees. that is your tuesday forecast. we will look at the rest of the year and beyond in the seven day coming up but right now time to check traffic right now. it is a disabled vehicle, that is bothering folks on the schuykill expressway, westbound, right at the off ramp to the blue route. we have to get around that. there isn't a whole lot of volume out there this morning, another disabled vehicle route 42, southbound in new jersey right around route 130 i should say on the right lane being blocked there and i-95 southbound in delaware just past martin luther king boulevard in wilmington near farly stadium we have an accident that has the left lane blocked, again, that is southbound side as you head through wilmington this morning. malfunctioning traffic light in mount laurel union mill
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road and larchmont boulevard use caution as well. thomas and karen. >> thanks, sue. right now police are hoping that you can help them find woman who we will show you there and her great granddaughter. they have been missing since christmas eve. police say 71 year-old barbara riley and five-year old le myr a were on their way from mays landing new jersey to go down to north carolina to visit family for the holidays. they never got there they were last seen at a exxon gas station in virginia, where barbara is driving is silver toyota suv with new jersey plate, split is right there on the screen, c80-els. if you seen them or any eye tea where they may be please call the police immediately. delaware state police telling us that they have arrested this man right here. his name is brandon pollack connection with the deadly christmas eve hit and run. five three-year old lisa bolden pass add waste saturday night after pollack's white chevy impala hit her on christiana road in new castle. police found the car with front end damage at a home
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matching the description of the vehicle leaving that scene gunned down in cold blood on christmas eve and this morning, a community is coming together searching for answers , as police searched for killer of the bee love grocery store owner. >> so, our steve keeley is used to covering bad news and tragedies. i don't think i have ever heard you said you never had a case where you had so many people that necessity murder victim come up to you, leave notes and just want to talk about the person when this all happened. >> reporter: this is certainly not about us but when we look back, you don't see many murder victims who lived to be 81, first of all and then you learn when you live that long and you that are good of a person you end up doing thousands of favors for hundreds of people for decade and that is what her life was all about, marie buck and despite those 29 miles an hour wind gust that is we are feeling here and rain that has started here the strength of those candles refuse to go out
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maybe it represent strength of marie buck and this neighborhood who left these candles here right on the steps where killer walk up and down on christmas eve. look over here to the right you can see her trash can there, if you think marie buck wasn't out here, this early every day making sure her trash men were taken care of food and drink wise you are dreaming. we heard from a man right now, with you will hear from look at marie buck christmas eve even more devastating because she would trust up as santa claus christmas eve this year she never got a chance to. >> to hear somebody not even robbing her but coming in right after you guys come to pick up the trash and shooting her to death. >> that take that she was shot, i actually saw perfect standing right there at the door. she waved. we waved back. we just kept going. so yeah, it is a shame what happened. it is amazing how people just come in the store and just
6:35 am
shoot somebody without even any remorse or what so ever. when we came here and we saw the roses, and the candles, i was, you know, just devastating. >> she did everything. if you needed something, she would lend it to you, if you needed it, she would give it to you. i just don't understand why somebody would do this. >> it is baffling why they would kill an 81 year-old lady and take nothing. if they came in she would have just said hey, take it, you know what i mean, there would be no fight, in argument, no nothing, just to kill an 81 year-old lady is mind blowing for real, like we cannot figure out why somebody would do this. >> police can't either. we're asking the tough questions, the cops obviously asked did she ever yell at any kid, did she ever catch anybody shaft lifting a heene word to say to anybody over anything that they have done, smash a bottle out front. nobody remembers, anything,
6:36 am
her raising her voice in 44 years. those two last guys grew up, around corner so we have two generations of people that knew her and i grew up around store owners like her and i remember them yelling at kid occasionally even though they were as nice but nobody can ever remember her raising her voice and it is as he said just mind blowing and baffling and no, she did not have surveillance people because she is kind of person who thought why do i need surveillance, why would anybody do anything to me. i seen goodness in everybody, i don't need surveillance camera. she never thought she needed them her family said. that why is there is in surveillance at least here. police hope maybe around the corner somewhere they will go door to door hoping to catch video from christmas eve morning of that killer even coming or going and maybe find out why, somebody would do this. >> stories extending on social media marie was a icon in south philadelphia. i grew up with her in south philadelphia and she fed federal us all in the
6:37 am
neighborhood. >> just about to retire in a month. >> yes. eighty-one years old. 6:36. just turn over to 6:37n burlington new jersey there is a 29 year-old who has been charged with luring. police say taras singh tried to get juveniles into his car. children were able to record one of the encounters that they had with this person as he was trying to lure them. judge's holding him on 25 you this dollars bail. 6:37. so officials at drexel university they are not amused this morning by actions of one of their professors. he went on social media and tweeted about white genocide. >> he said he was trying to provoke people, stir pot, generate discussion. he said people just didn't understand it was satire. lets get out to dave kinchen who can explain what he was trying to say at least according to him, all right dave. >> reporter: they needed more than 140 characters on twit tore do it this tweet coming out over the christmas holiday
6:38 am
weekend and scratching heads this morning on the campus of drexel university. philly voice did a screen grab of the tweet we are talking about here associate professor george ciccariello mayor tweet ed all i want for christmas is white genocide. you can see that the tweet instantly went viral. the story being pick up by national newspapers, international newspaper. ciccariello is white and called the tweet the satire designed to mock white supremacy, and actually is a professor of race relations and teaches politics and global studies at drexel. students we ran into gave us mixed reactions. >> pretty messed up way to state it. i don't think that is okay. >> it is hard to know for certain that someone is being satyrical in such a conn strained format but i understand where he is coming from. i think a lot have of whites are very complacent about white supremacy and he was
6:39 am
right to make a point about it >> reporter: in an e-mail to fox 29 doctor ciccariello elaborated explaining that he quote sent a tweet about an imagery concept white again site, for those who haven't about on the toward to their research, white again cities an idea invented by white supremacists. it is a figment of the racist imagination and it should be mocked and i'm glad to have mocked it. drexel university the comments absolutely inappropriate. they said they were utterly reprehensible. the exact terminology there. both side set up a meeting. it is unclear when. this is far from over as the university will take some kind of action on this. back to you. >> a rot more to come, good morning. time is 6:39. have you ever been out there with the madness in the malls and stores. >> almost every year but never seen it go all crazy. >> we need to see this scene on black friday. >> we didn't, i don't think we had anywhere in the country.
6:40 am
>> i don't remember santa still watching. naughty list. we will show you a couple scenes a the day after christmas, of course, monies supposed to be the busy time of the year shopping wise, looking for great deals and returning items. >> maybe it is better deal where we get that 70, 80 percent off. this is in our area, complete pandemonium in the mall in new jersey when someone shouts, shot fired. >> thinks at mills in new jersey gardens. it happened at 5:00 yesterday. it started out as a small fight and as karen mentioned someone said shots fired but no one had a weapon. thousands of people they panicked running for the doors trying to get out. >> lets show you another scene in texas where police officers had to rush into break up this brawl. you can see all kinds of punches being thrown right there all out mala it wound up to be because we have a lot of teenagers, 150 of them all near the food court. it got so bad that they closed the mall down early.
6:41 am
>> lets go out west here this colorado officials east vac waited the mall after a fight involving about 500 people all of this taking place outside, one of the customers captured this on their cell phone video you see officers they have several people on the ground in handcuffs. they did detain a few people but in all this mala in one was injured. we have a pretty similar story in alabama, they go at it there, lots of people had cell phone cameras there and they are going at it with each other. security had to get involved to break that one up there. 6:41. sky fox is up over breaking news coming from lawncrest. we know that there is a tractor trailer, you can see a fire and fire fighters out there they are trying to put out the flames. that truck crashed in the gas station. this is located on the 6300 block of oxford avenue.
6:42 am
we are working to get you more information but it looks like we have some people up there, on the have roof with flashlights. >> they are bat telling one, back of the tractor trailer, you can see there is on the fire. fast moving one. sue will update us on the road ape closures because it is blocking lanes there but as karen mentioned it is near a gas station so is there concern this morning. we are following this. we will keep you updated throughout the morning here.
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we are getting information in in lawncrest section of philadelphia, tractor trailer crashed near a gas station 6300 block of oxford avenue, that is all we know at the moment but this is a sky fox shot of some it the looks like maybe trying to extricate somebody from the truck but they are going through metal there. so whatever is going on there we will get as much information as we possibly can and keep you updated from that this is lawncrest. i would stay away from that area. we have another accident on route 30 westbound just after route 82, and this is carvers tractor trailer there. oh, this picture is i-95 south in wilmington delaware just past martin luther king boulevard maryland avenue exit
6:46 am
there. going southbound through wilmington left lane block near farly stadium. in bucks county tulleytown township accident still out there at levittown parkway near route 13. check your forecast in 15 seconds. >> thinks mildest night with 60 degrees around quarter of five is your sunset time these days. 43 degrees tomorrow and chance of some rain on thursday with 45 at sunset. friday, it will be around 40 degrees. and then saturday last night of hanukkah, 43 degrees at sunset with just some clouds. that his the deal. we have, of course, our cold front coming through today.
6:47 am
this won't be as strong as one that will come through with that rain on thursday and really chill us out after that but we are watching showers in the wilmington, delaware area as well as lancaster county. a few areas of slight liz heavier rain, delco, and across the river in gloucester county there is showers as well but it is a mild morning, it is a windy morning, 56 degrees in philadelphia wind out of the southwest and 22 miles an hour sustain wind in philadelphia. that is kicking things up. we will see some sunshine today high of 60 but only 44 for tomorrow, and then rain possible on thursday, it looks like thort and west of the city there is a chance in the mountains of accumulating snow but it will be just rain for us here. friday's high 40 degrees. another cold one on saturday. thirty-five at midnight outside watching fire works and we could start off with rain on new years day.
6:48 am
>> time is 6:47. this is time of the year we get to catch great games. we love it when athletes are at their best but sometimes, well, when they are not at their best we enjoy it as well >> you cannot laugh at some of these but so sorry need to help you. you have to snicker. we will look at some of those homes, bloopers, best ones from the year.
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6:50 am
this is a truck that is by a gas station, this is happening in lawncrest, we are getting reports that this
6:51 am
tractor trailer crashed near station over at 6300 block of oxford avenue, one of our facebook people, susan, thanks for sending this in. she says talking about this that explosions and fire is what she saw and heard at that scene. we are getting out there we did see fire. we noticed they are out there dave kinchen will have a live report in a matter of homes. we will be right back.
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time is 6:54. we are following breaking news , this is coming out of lawncrest a tractor trailer has crashed near a gas station , this is on the 6300 block of oxford avenue. we have been watching this scene very closely. you can see fire fighters, five minutes ago, back of the tractor trailer was on fire they did a great job trying to get it under control ape reason being, you see to the right of the screen that is a gas station. fire fighters were trying to be very cautious here trying to get that fire under control we saw them working cutting through metal so we are not quite sure of the condition of the driver at this moment but sky fox is following this one. dave kinchen also on his way to the scene. it is still very active. well, it was an intense fire, they are still trying to put water on it trying to make sure flames don't restart here this is in lawncrest the 6300
6:55 am
block of oxford avenue we are watching the scene very closely. time right now about to click over to 6:55. big rumor that was up on the internet yesterday. >> brittany? >> tweeting about this. it happens before with some stars. >> comedian sin bad every year sin bad has passed away. he is still alive. brittany spears same thing happen. she had to tweet a photo saying i'm here. >> proof of life, still alive. >> there was a report that went out saying that she was dead, hackers broke in the account of the sony music, tweeting out this fake news that she had died. that was original tweet right there you can see it rip brittany. people reacted and was like what, what is going on. company had to post brittany spears dead by accident. we will tell you more soon. was that a better answer. that is more odd reaction from a major company. that was still a hack. company has since deleted those tweets from the account.
6:56 am
spears manager says she's doing fine despite that. >> good indication when you are not dead is to say, so and so has died, more coming up in a little bit. can you imagine having a tweet , and god forbid karen hepp, in longer. >> here i am, proof of life. >> brittany ace live, sinbad ace live, company says they are investigating trying to get to the bottom to make sure this doesn't happen again. unfortunately we saw it with george michael people were like is this a hack, is this for real? unfortunately it turnout to be tree. >> in that case you were surprised because he was also so young. >> we had another comedian we will tell but later in the show, he is 54, 53, 54. so young. brittany is alive. >> that is good news there. 6:56. sue will get a check of the forecast but let tell but this breaking news happening right now as we take a live look with sky fox.
6:57 am
we can see crews fire fighters looking at gas tanks on that vehicle. we had a fire that we could see at one point on this truck crashed right here near this gas station, this is over there on the 6300 block of oxford avenue where dave kinchen is headed we will have a live report when we come back.
6:58 am
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multi state search for a woman and grand daughter who disappeared on christmas eve. the clue police want to you see to help bring them home, unharmed. also ahead, a south philadelphia community is still shocked by the brutal murder of a well loved owner. >> it is unconceivable. she always had a big smile when you walk in the door. what can i help you with. joking with you. >> her family's plea to help track down her killer. plus, a local professor's holiday tweet making national headlines and for all of the wrong reasons what he said he meant by a tweet about white genocide. and these owls are on a quest to make history, 2016 temple football team hoping to do something no school team has done before. we are live with defensive end jacob martin as owls go for win number 11 in the military bowl today.


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