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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 31, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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then you have got the russians. >> the tension between the united states and russia could be at higher than any played since and at the cold war with allegations in hacking in the 26th election process. we send you into the heart of russian control territory on long island? tell us about it. z that's right lx welcome to the goalpost of long island. some very interesting characters you. you have jennifer lopez owning a home here the woeful wall street >> the dog would come running out and we come back over the fence. >> the russian compound here in new york has sat in the spot that president obama has ordered 35 russian intelligence apparatus to get out of the country.
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they have owned his home since the 1950s and many long islanders like myself had no idea it's been here. >> obama is taking the russians out. >> one is in maryland and one is in glen cove. >> did you know there was a russian compound in glen cove? >> yes. the state department says it were used for russian intelligence activity but there's no evidence that took place here. we want to get you the best shot. now we are learning that this compound isn't there on the one. there is one in maryland and there also is one a few miles away in brookdale so i rushed over to brookville, new york. if you don't like it you all can get out of my way. bill werber road, yeah. is that where j-lo used to live?
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[laughter] c this is said to be the house. they are expected to be at this house by today, friday however they don't have to evacuate. >> this is probably the most high-profile allegation of russian spying since just over nine years ago when a russian spy was arrested and taken to federal court out of a home in montclair suburban home providing a front. what do you think about this? >> that home has been taken and neighbors are complaining it's bringing down the real estate value so i hope for your moms case diana the dozens that their vacant and they have to seize things and brings down property values for the neighbors. >> it's interesting you say that because the first thing my mother said is i'm so happy they are taking this property because it's 49 acres that needs a lot
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of maintenance and not that many people are willing to put that kind of money into it. see back the whole thing about a spy, they are very good at what they do. they can stay under wraps if they really wanted to. >> congrats to you all. you survived. >> it's not over yet. >> sometimes lessons have to be taught unconventionally to make a point. this week in arlington texas a police officer did just that when he caught at the smoking pot. so the arresting him officer keith avila made him drop and give him 200 push-ups. check out this viral video recorded at a new york city crosswalk. can see jim on the swanson eye-to-eye with this next bit
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them 15-year-old julian. julian assumes her defensive position and one final fake landed her a bit landed her on the pavement but she took it in stride by showing this video. it's gone viral so i guess it worked out well for her. >> the holidays have come and gone and the family still has no answers when it comes to the death of their beloved kelly just before thanksgiving. 58-year-old was killed in hit-and-run at the spot you see behind me for you see a makeshift memorial coming together. on november 7 in new jersey around 7:30 p.m.. a loving sister, their grandmother doted under dog misty for whom she was taken on a routine stroll in the fiddlehead occurred. nearly two months later and i'm asking on what would have been kelly's 59th birthday today and she stands in solidarity
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with her family who asked that whoever is responsible step forward. while friends and family honor kelly's memory still no one has been held accountable for the tragedy. west milford police say they have surveillance video that they have been analyzing for possible suspects but nothing solid so far. just got off the phone with the a day detective who gave me inside information. basically they are looking for a light-colored pickup and also they identified more specifically a silver white jeep cherokee laredo and older model. the information today -- the reward doubled from 10,000 to $20,000. i met with kelly's gary -- husband gary and he said no amount of money will bring kelly back. >> we are asking for permission to find the person responsible
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for this for the person to come forward we would really like some closure. >> kelly was killed steps away from where her home is in when i asked gary what kelly would have done on this day, her birthday. >> just putting around the house or possibly working but spending time with a family. >> the community is come together but we need your help it if you know anything that may help authorities bring the driver to justice and the family some closure you are asked to call west milford police. >> police may say the accident could very well of an accidental. the decision to leave the scene is not and shame on the person who hit kelly and left the scene. that is reprehensible and that person should. >> is there reason they are not releasing the surveillance video so people can see them and put in place at oh i know this car orono this person?
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it seems like the more eyes you can get onto this better especially if they say it's accidental. >> it's really good question. spent six weeks. why haven't police gone directly to the community was some sort of --. >> the detective said it they have hired an outside agency so apparently it's not that great of video. >> the police have said they are looking for as many as three vehicles. are we talking about people that were all there together or the vehicle plus what does this? >> they are talking about the hit-and-run vehicle plus others. >> i would imagine that please have their work cut out for them. we wish them luck. thank you for the story. >> jennifer hunt the casting director from brooklyn, caught up with her in the two adorable kittens that she rescued before thanksgiving at the animal veterinary hospital in park slope.
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they are two out of four that she found in a loading dock and is she on a mission to make sure no kitty is left behind. over her lifespan jennifer has rescued more than 30 cats and she says her work is cut out for her. >> this one was great for the kittens. >> jennifer's passion for saving stray cats stems from when her mother passed away four years ago. she said was the hardest time of her life and somehow she found cats coming to her. >> when she died iran out of hospice and i ended up in a parking lot crying and all of a sudden a cat came out from underneath the car and then another cat and another cat and now there were six cats around me. >> jennifer said that's when i click better person -- or purpose in life is to save cats and vine loving home yet her rescue efforts come with a high
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price tag especially when it comes to medical care. >> she is starting to get incisors, the ones in the front. >> she started the go fund me page called tribeca kitten rescue and the stranger actually gave her a thousand dollars. a stranger. they were thanking her for all that she had done and she said she's going to keep raising money because she plans on saving more cats. >> it's just amazing to see how people care. i really didn't think i would happen. >> i've got to say the kittens are just adorable. the black kittens, their furs so soft. >> whenever someone tells me there's a cat in trouble or i saw some stray cats i usually try if they are kittens to rescue them and get them into a
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it lands on the second time puts his hands up in the air and
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mrs.. >> the manhunt is selected for jeremiah modell a man who allegedly murdered his estranged wife tara on december 19 in her home and commercial township new jersey. we covered the story previously as johnson ran into the stepmother. each time it just got worse. each time it got worse. now i have a mental picture in my head that won't go away and i can describe it. >> i was in front of the home earlier and you could see a memorial has been set up by the family and community members to remember the mother of five. monell was the father to two of those children. the criminal complaint filed against monell detailed that he purposely caused her death by stabbing the victim with a knife in the abdomen chest neck and
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face multiple times. o'shea had a final restraining order in place against monell at the time of her death. friday marked 11 days that is left is quiet town of commercial township. we caught up with the former trenton police officer and also was on the fugitive task force and his job was to locate the alleged murder or monell. >> it's unfortunate in cases like this there's going to
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> wow. [applause] thanks allie, allie marx. fantastic. >> every drivers nightmare. >> she was walking on the platform and then she jumped in front of my train. was so haunted by this woman he would see her two or three times a week. >> every time the lightning would flash i would see mention of h
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>> can you just wipe the camera lens a little bit? we have a little bit is distortion, which is your finger.
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>> germane dennis is a subway driver. he loves his job but he told me
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about some of his darker days. every subway drivers nightmare someone jumping in front of the train and being killed. this happened to germane in august of 2009. he was pulling into a train station in queens when he saw a woman on a platform walking and just as he was pulling up she jumped. he said the whole experience was horrifying. >> she was walking on the platform and then she jumped in front of my train. i hit the emergency brake. four cars down i happen to find her underneath my train. >> he actually got out of the train and saw the woman. >> she was hurt and she was bleeding from her for head all the way down. she just wanted to be alone but she wanted to die in peace. >> a call for help and they were able to extract the woman. >> they came and took her from underneath the train. the whole experience was horrific. >> it's haunted him ever since, ever since that day.
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>> there was a thunderstorm that night, lightning and sometimes the lightning would flash and i would see a vision of her. that has stuck with me day in and day out and i think about her very often. >> he was so haunted by this woman he would see see her two or three times a week and he would see earnestly. he ended up having to go to a psychologist to work through that issue in three months later he was able to go back to work. >> i'm more conscious of the platform especially those very close to the platform. >> but then in april of this year a drunk person was teetering around the edge and fell. he got off the train and follow the blood trail. >> i followed the trail of lead
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and found out where he was located. that's not an everyday occurrence for a train operator. >> this time he he survived had asked germane why not quit? why do you still do this job? >> it was a dream of mine since i was little kid. i wanted to be a train operator and i didn't want to give up my dream. i wanted to start a career as a train operator. >> he wanted to retire as a subway driver. >> in balance he loves his job. >> minus these psychological trauma associated with it. >> that's got to be horrifying. >> over one third of subway deaths are accidental. unfortunately a friend in 2013 fell onto the tracks and was hit and died. there has to be something that prevents people from falling onto the track.
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>> the station can put up barriers that only open on the subway door opens that way people are protected but the only problem is they cost about $1 million per station. >> not only that but you look at europe that there are some places like paris between the london underground, no barriers but four times as many people killed. it's high if it's one but i don't think we can afford it. >> 2016 is seen to be a year of division. i was asked one of the most divisive events of the year the republican national convention in cleveland. it was a hot day and tempers were hot on the streets. protesters were struggling to get into the convention and then i heard this voice. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> listening to the small child sing a song and after she was done the entire roomful of cynical journalist and political people burst into cheers. let there be peace on earth. just another year "chasing news." we will see you in the next one. ♪ ♪ ♪
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