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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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gloves for shorts and t-shirts major changes on the way when you'll need to pack the winter gear back on. ♪ police officer called into act. >> in situations like this, it's important to let everybody know that we do do other things. >> how a routine response to a car crash likely ended up saving a live 60 miles away. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and we begin at 6:00 with developing story. a community on alert tonight after an attempted child luring and tonight police are looking to get this guy off the street. thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. happened tuesday morning just before 7:30. teenaged boy reported attempted luring outside an apartment complex in levittown. shawnette wilson live there tonight. shawnette. >> reporter: so very few
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parents that we talked to tonight even knew what had happened. so you can definitely imagine their concern when we told them. the boy says that this happened to him at the village of pembrook apartments it is on mill break creek road here in levittown. we spoke to police this afternoon. they say they received the report on tuesday that this happened at 7:30 in the morning. the boy was walking to the bus stop at entrance to the apartment complex. on the way he says a man in an suv stopped and told him to get in. the boy refused and kept walking and says the suspect then drove off. parents again who didn't want to talk on camera said their concerned for their children one father said for reasons like this he already watches his daughter while she walks to the bus stop. falls township police say that they have increased patrols at bus stops in the complex while this investigation continues. and what we can tell you right now, is that the description of the suspect is very vague. but police believe he may be driving a dark gray ford explorer or some sort of suv similar to that. back to you. >> shawnette, thank you.
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we are following breaking news for you right now. at least one person has been hurt in a crash involving a police cruiser in south philadelphia. skyfox over the scene just a few minutes ago at the intersection of 20th and federal you see all that police activity the flashing lights. we're told that one person has been taken to jefferson hospital. we don't know yet whether that person is an officer. time now for your fox 29 weather authority. forget -- people were the out fdr park playing tennis. great day to do it, right? it's a gorgeous evening for a little stroll in old city. really any reason to spend outside if you ask me. >> we move out to berks county looking live at reading. many places in our area saw records just shattered today. but a front kind of speeding up moving into our area bringing drastic temperature changes and maybe even snow. >> if you believe that. i mean it's incredible. >> i believe. kathy orr is talking about it. >> it is january. kathy orr is outside sleeve less again at 6:00. kathy. >> why not, iain? >> i know.
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>> we talked about it yesterday, right? >> yeah. >> you know, 65, 68, 69 degrees. this is the only opportunity to go sleeve less. it's this day. maybe in march we'll have another. beautiful night here in old city philadelphia. everyone just walking around trying to find excuse to be outside. why not? because temperatures are still really mild. across the delaware valley, we are looking at numbers that are pretty impressive. wilmington new record of 68 degrees. atlantic city a new record of 67. philadelphia 67. but the record was 72 trenton 65 reading we tied the record at 61. allentown we made it to 59. right now, 65 in the city. 52 in the poconos. that's like spring skiing conditions lancaster checking in at 63 and 56 in atlantic city. on ultimate doppler there is the front with some rain associated with it. by the time it moves through our region it will just be a few spotty showers at best. i want to draw your attention to the fox future cast much colder
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air comes in tomorrow although i have a good deal of sun shy with gusty winds. it's saturday morning that we're watching a snow moves in from the south. it will be cold enough to see snow everywhere and there will be a light accumulation. so coming up we'll talk about that cold front overnight. the blustery end to the work week, and how much snow to expect this saturday. it's becoming a weekly occurrence. i'll see you later in the broadcast when i join you insi inside. >> all right, kathy, thanks. don't forget you can get the weather any time of day or night by heading to click on the weather link. dozens of residents in north philadelphia have their water back on tonight after a geyser erupted. you can see it shooting about 60 feet into the air on the 3400 block of -- amazing of clearfield street. 6-inch water main broke right around 10:30 this morning. about 50 people had no water for awhile today as crews worked on the scene. officials are still looking into what exactly made that water main burst. now water main breaks have been a real headache in the city this winter. we got old infrastructure.
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such as today in north philadelphia. also, of course, there was stuff that was happening on columbus boulevard for more than a week. and several homes still have no gas nor water five days after this break that created massive sink hole in fishtown. our dawn timmeney on scene the there. i was sleeping on air bed and i woke up on the floor. that wasn't good. so, um, i haven't really gotten any sleep. >> reporter: erin murphy staying at her sister's around the corner because of this gaping hole right in front of her home on the 2300 block of east boston street. she hasn't had heat or water since sunday when an issue with the sewer caused a water main break which ultimately led to this huge sink hole. >> really frustrating. i really want to come back home and be in my house really, you know. >> reporter: water depth has to complete work on both the sewer and water mains before pgw can repair the gas main and restore service. today, pgd put a robotic camera down into the sewer to get a
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good look at the scope of the problem and make sure there were no other trouble spots. >> i don't know. it seems like infrastructure problem. i don't know. i'm sure it isn't going to be the last. which i'm kind of scared about. >> reporter: alex kauffman is showering at his gym and going on five days. adding to the inconvenience residents have no idea when life will return to normal. >> the first thing they said they said wednesday. but of course -- it's thursday now. so new york city, i have no idea. hopefully by this weekend. >> reporter: water department is not giving an exact timetable for the repairs, but says it is working as quickly as possible given all the factors involved. residents of the six homes involved can stay in a hotel and the city will reimburse them up to $200 a day. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. philadelphia police have just released this surveillance video of a robbery at a 7eleven. it happened in the northeast on the 9,000 block of frankford avenue. they say this man with a gun
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stormed in christmas morning demanded money from the register and got away with cash and cigarettes. new tonight at 6:00 we just learned a judge denied former congressman chaka fattah's request to stay out of prison while he appeals his conviction. a jury sentenced fattah to 10 years in prison for racketeering. fattah says there were errors in his trial and that the supreme court changed the legal definition of bribery after his conviction. in his december sentencing hearing, a judge ordered the former us representative to report to federal prison on january 25th. on monday the public is invited to remember young life that was taken way too soon. memorial service will be held for grace packer at the 130 -- at the new life presbyterian church in be to go and. public can pay respects and share memories of the 14-year-old who was murdered in july after the service community forum will be hell at the north penn vfw to help teach the signs of child abuse. grace' as adopt tiff mother sarah packer and her boyfriend jacob sullivan both charged with
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several crimes including murder. story that just guts me. all right. pennsylvania lawmakers want more time to revive an old law that required casinos to pay more than $140 million to local governments. senate leaders are asking the supreme court for another 120 days. the justices struck down the law in september. they had agreed to give lawmakers until january 26th to develop a replacement and now the senate is arguing they need more time. most casinos have agreed to continue paying the money. new figures release dad jersey showing internet gambling has helped atlantic city. tremendously. the city's casinos have increase in revenue for the first time in a decade. state gambling regulators say casino won 2.6 billion from gamblers in 2016. that's increase of one point 5% from the previous year. today a well-known para olympic athlete showed the it is kids at schriners hospital for children just because you're in wheelchair does not mean you're limited. 16 team medal win tatiana
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mcfadden surprised the children today and explained she was once in the same position. getting pediatric orthopedic care just like many of the children that she talked to today. now, she's considered the fastest woman on three wheels. along with her para olympic medals mcfadden won first place at the boston, chicago, london and new york city marathons. all right. check your tickets someone in north philadelphia is $120,000 rich err which will help pay off a lot of debt. lottery officials say someone hit the jackpot on a treasure hunt ticket. that person bought it at a wawa, 300 block of grand avenue is the exact store. the ticket matched all five balls. one, 13, 22, 25 and 29. hope it was you. >> well the guy walks into this camden convenience store takes a bunch of electronic. the one nickname police are hoping will land him in handcuffs. >> police officer called into action. how routine response to a car crash likely ended up saving a live 60 miles away. sean bell. lucy, the flyers going
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through a terrible stretch right now. it seems like they can't win for losing. the players talk about staying positive coming into tonight's game. that's coming up later in sports. >> before we go to break local senior citizens came together today to help children around the world. members of the west philadelphia senior community center quilting club made 70 dresses using pillow cases how cool is that? they will go to orphans in uganda. the group hopes having unique dress will help comfort those children. ♪ [a5df]
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electronic things including phone chargers from gas station on the 1400 block of admiral wilson boulevard. he was last seen leaving the area on a black bike. police think he may go by the nickname hot rod. police officers are often hailed heroes but this next story involving a cop in lancaster county is something else. last week he helped save life when he came across a strandly vehicle in the snow. >> and today we offered him our thanks. philly style. >> fox 29's jennifer joyce reports. >> reporter: picture this. you're strand are stranded on the side of the road in snowstorm and you have a donated liver in the back seat that needs to get to a patient in the or60 miles away. what a nightmare. well, that happened to lancaster county last week and thanks to sergeant derek keptly with the east calico township police department, the organ made it to the patient in need. an ambulance going to take too long so on instinct keptly says he drove the surgeon and
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assistant and the liver to jefferson hospital in philadelphia in a snowstorm. regretful sergeant keppl. ey didn't time to stop for lunch. >> so today fox 29 transported his favorite. >> can't beat geno's cheeseste cheesesteak. >> a geno's cheesesteak to him. >> thank you. >> worth it? >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> he took a bite live on our air and said the community's appreciation feels pretty good. >> i'm not normally one to like the spotlight to be honest with you, but in situations like this, it's important to let everybody know we do do other things, up, we try and help out as much as we possibly can. i was lucky enough to help give somebody a second chance. >> reporter: during our segment on "good day philadelphia", sergeant kepple keppley's wife and children and the township's chief of police proudly stood beside the 20 year veteran. >> how does that make you feel when you heard what did he.
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>> very proud. >> and it's worth noting the liver transplant reportedly wept well, too. >> job well done all around. jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. good stuff. bucks county school district getting a number of complaints after a controversial homework assignment was sent out. here's a picture of the perkasie school district assignment taken from the bucks county media center facebook page. you can see math problems asking questions about poet mia angelou with pretty adult content who sexually abused her as a child. homework worksheet was downloaded from website that allows teachers from around the world to share educational resources but the school says it's not part of the approved curriculum. the perkasie superintendent has apologized for anyone the content may have offensed and says they'll be taking steps to avoid that in the future. >> nasa giving us a rare look at philadelphia and atlantic city from space astronauts posted the photos on twitter. one of the pictures gives us a night sky look at philadelphia,
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atlantic city and of course new york city. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. take live look at the pocono mountains. probably the only place where you're going to see snow all that powder we saw from last weekend's winter storm gone after today's mild temperatures. >> beautiful out there. my goodness. meteorologist kathy orr joining us now. kathy does not feel like january. really once you go sleeve less, don't you think? [ laughter ] >> it's the only day of the year so far. 65 degrees it's got to be at least 60 for me to do this. 67 the high today. south southwest winds at 18 miles an hour our camera at the airport shaking a little bit. here's a look at today's record. wilmington, atlantic city, new records. wilmington's new record 68. atlantic city's new record 67 in readinreading we tied the recor1 set back in 1913. and as we look ahead, temperatures are going to be turning much cooler. it is still 65 in philadelphia and 63 in millville. 52 in the poconos. see that blue contour? that marks a change in the atmosphe atmosphere. right now buffalo, new york,
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39 degrees and ottawa it's 34. so there's the line of cold right about to make night pittsburgh. that cold front is moving in obviously from the northwest and as it does, we'll be seeing some rapid changes moving into the region. now first we'll see some winds and then we'll see some rain and after the rain, that is when we will be seeing the much colder air working its way into the delaware valley. now these temperatures right now not looking too bad. but once it gets colder, it's really going to stay much cooler across the region. so as we go through it, you can see on ultimate doppler a few showers or sprinkles tonight with this front. behind it a cold area of high pressure. cold enough to change anything precipitation over to some snow. so tomorrow cooler with temperatures in the 40s. it will be blustery and then by the time saturday morning rolls around, we're talking about some snow. by 10am it's in wilmington. in philadelphia by the late morning early afternoon. and we will be seeing a light accumulation. so with that weekend snow,
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temperatures in the low to mid 30s. we'll see some light snow with a little bit of sleet mixing in there possibly some icy patches and slick spots during the afternoon. our computer models pretty much between about one and 2-inches that european model little on the low side but it will be a very light event and it will be mainly late morning into the early afternoon on saturday. 40s overnight tonight. 47 the high temperature for tomorrow. talking a look at your exclusive seven day forecast from the weather authority, temperatures not so bad. but it will get wet again next week. cloudy and some showers for the holiday. tuesday 50 degrees. milder. wednesday a chance of showers, 56. and by next thursday, rain and 53 so actually warming up as we head toward the end of the month and typically we get much colder. we will see the colder air so enjoy this while we have it. we'll zen it back over to you. >> all right. kathy. >> thanks. >> here's another live look outside our old city studios. you can keep track of weather conditions in your neighborhood 24/7. just download the fox 29 weather
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authority app. what you can find in the apple and google play stores. see live radar and gets alerts sent right to your phone. >> i know you want to talk about the flyers. so do i. i love hockey. did you see this story about the baby that stopped crying every time the dallas cowboys were on i thought of you. [ laughter ] >> i cry every time i see the dallas cowboys. >> she stopped trying crying. >> i cry every time. that baby doesn't know any better yet. >> all right. >> i just had to. >> terrible. hate the boys. i hate them. to the flyers, they're back on the ice today it's been real real rough for them lately. talk about trying to keep their heads up. plus we take a look back at the unbelievable game last night by the sixers. tj mcconnell talks about that game winning shot. that's coming up next in sports.
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i'm afraid it's bad for my teeth. try crest 3d white. crest 3d white diamond strong toothpaste and rinse... ...gently whiten... .and fortify weak spots. use together for 2 times stronger enamel. crest 3d white. ♪ the flyers just can't get out of their own way rye now. they lost seven out of their last eight games. a lot of those games weren't even close. the playoffs start today, they still would be in but barely tonight they home against vancouver and trying to stay positive despite rough rough stretch. >> you have to keep going and work through it. there's a lot of games left, and we know what kind of team we have. we showed it last year at the end of the season, and this year, too, during a bit part of the season we'll be okay. we just have to settle down stay positive and keep working. >> to the sixers. what game last night. it was probably the game of the
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year for the team. now the sixers had won five out of their last five games joel embiid is screaming playoffs every chance he gets. in a clutch moment, who do you give the ball to? that's right. you give it to tj mcconnell. mcconnell right there with the game winning shot that he said he'll never forget for the rest of his life. his team and the crowd after that. mcconnell who knew he was getting the ball i didn't he certainly didn't either. >> i thought we were going to throw it to joel. so when i was when the ball was coming at me i was like, oh, my god. and then, you know, i tried to make a layup and carl mellow cut me off and i just turned around and, um, shot the shot. >> little college football recruiting season and coaches need everything to actually get it done. they have to do whatever they can do to get it done. temple head coach jeff collins is pulling out all the stops. hopping in helicopter to recruit some kids get this he didn't even go out of state.
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why not? why not flex on them when you can? temple helicopters temple all over there. going over a couple counties but hey why not? the kids love it. when they see that, can i get a ride, coach? that's how you recruit. >> impressive entry, isn't it? >> um-hmm. >> right. how else do you want to enter? exactly. >> like the boss. >> like a boss. >> all right. coming up tonight at 10:00, scary moments caught on camera inside a chinese restaurant. police say a worker gets into an argument with his own bosses then attacks one of them with meat cleaver. what investigators say the guy -- what set the guy off we'll will have you scratching your head. >> all righty. that does it for us here at 6:00. see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] he's choking to death. look who comes to the rescue. he's an american ninja warrior. >> he's doing it. >> then, bad dog. look what sunny the white house dog did to this teenager's face. plus, paris jackson fury. it's the tv show that turned her father michael into a white guy. and exclusive. o.j. simpson's sister. >> do you believe o.j. simpson is innocent of murder? >> then, she says this multimillionaire used chloroform to knock her out. >> put the chloroform on a wash cloth and put it over my face. >> now he's accused of doing the same thing to his own stepdaughter. he claimed he had to have knee


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