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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 6, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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♪ >> can't stop the feeling, the winners and losers from the i heart radio music award. >> it was a big night, can't stop the feeling that it is monday morning. we feel it. every step of the way. good morning. great to have you with us, thomas drayton here with bob kelly and sue serio. >> good morning, everybody. >> it has been a good morning. cold but good. >> we got used to it over week end that cold air blew in we never got out of the 30's either day saturday or sunday. that is how cold it was. today that cold continues but end of the day will be different. lets look at bus stop buddy, he is all bundled up, he is celebrating national oreo cookie day. yum. wind chills in the teens and 20's this morning. we are giving you a seven out of 10 today. it looks like we will see some
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sunshine today, we have got partly cloudy skies and it is 27 degrees, sunrise happening at 6:26. wind chills are in the teens down in millville, atlantic city, rest of us feels like the 20's, that is cold enough for the scarves, gloves, and the hat, don't forget the hat. now later on it looks like a mild air afternoon then either day of the weekend with sunshine taking to us 50 degrees, ready for another temperature roller coaster ride. we will have it coming up. 5:01 on a monday. we are off to a good start. i'll take a big glass of million being with those oreos , bus stop budd you there we're in good shape rolling through philadelphia, schuylkill expressway in the a problem, i-95 going for a ride , we have got construction zone working your way from the betsy in through girard and center city, philadelphia we
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had a mess on the pennsylvania turnpike yesterday. all lanes are opened. that tractor trailer and fuel spill all cleaned up. you'll sianni feel the sand kicking up from your car as you roll between willow grove and philadelphia bensalem. notice concrete barrier, missing in the middle there, that was the scene of yesterday's accident but everything is opened, so that is good news. live look king of prussia, headlights heading westbound out in toward the turnpike right here near king of prussia mall no problems downtown, crews did not work last night so vine expressway is opened, for the morning rush hour as you come in and out of center city. they have moved the bus stop. septa because of construction in center city here 15th and market bus stop has been moved a block away to 16th and market. that will hit you like a stale bagel this morning make sure if you are standing out there bundled up, pay attention to exactly what corner you have to be on for your bus to pick you up. airport regional rail line first couple trains running with minor delays but mass
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transit off to a good start, karen and thomas back to you. 5:03. 400 nurses and technicians are on strike at delaware county memorial hospital. they walk off job on sunday. many say they are fighting for more than just a pay increase. our steve keeley in drexel hill with the very latest, steve, good morning. >> reporter: when they are on the job nurses work 24 hours a day. when off the job they do not walk picket lines 24 hours a day. that is why you do not see people on the sidewalk here, right next to upper darby high school but once striking staff resumed their picket lines, just before 7:00 as planned, that was their starting time, and, it it may require some of the kid to walk around the picket line. these 370 nurses and x-ray techs gave plenty of warning that they planned a two day protest strike as talks were going no where for a new contract with the new owner of the hospital. the hospital had temporary
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staffing ready to fill slots to keep this hospital open and keep patients safe and says those on strike may be out more than just their planned two days. it may be five days because five is minimum required amount of time required for the agency to used to get temps in here working. >> often times we have to turn people away because we don't have the nursing staff, we have the room but we do not have the staff to take care of the patients, unfortunately, they have made it so impossible for some of our nurses on night shift that they will have 10 patients for one nurse. this is not average. this is unacceptable. >> they think something has changed since our sale to prospect in july 2016 and it has not change. we still use the same staffing mod that he will we have, we still look at it same way we did in the pennsylvania. >> reporter: in those nine months since presents peck took over in july 2 side have
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met 21 times without reaching a deal and despite a federal mediator involved which has not helped bridge the deal so far, thomas and karen. >> all right, steve, thank you other news right now, there has been a fire, six row homes were destroyed after a pretty fast moving fire swept through wilmington. it started yesterday in a vacant property one 22nd street and then it quickly spread, three other homes were involved, and they were also vacant, but the other two had nearly a dozen people living in them. >> it smelled like smoke. they were knocking on the door i heard them to come out stairs. >> our crew did his an outstanding job. we have cold temperatures. we are get something ice on the ground. they have got lines in service real quick and did a heck of a job knocking it down. they did a heck of a job, it took them an hour and a half to bring them under control, thankfully, in one was hurt. one young man is dead, and another recovering after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. the brothers were shot yesterday, as they sat in a
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car on the 1800 block of lions avenue. twenty year-old brother died on the way to the hospital. his younger brother who was 14 was shot in the face. he is recovering this morning. no arrests have been made in the shooting. no weapon recovered. there is a probe on tap after the president had an angry weekend, if you will, filled with tweets alleging a phone tap at trump towers. lauren johnson joins us in the studio with this one what inspired the president to make such strong allegations without evidence. many people are asking that question this morning, as for the answer, they will now conduct a probe at president's request. but allegation was met with broad scepticism machining top washington movers and shakers. spokesperson for the former president said neither president obama not any white house official ever ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen and claim is simply false. fbi director james comby asked justice department to issue a
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statement denying accusations made by president trump on twitter. republicans appearing on sunday morning talk shows didn't seem to be aware of any evidence of what trump suggest s. many current and former intelligence officials are also doubtful, all of the talks surrounding trump's tweets early saturday morning which claim the former president abused his executive powers ahead of the 2016 presidential election, by tapping trump's phones during last fall's campaign. >> there was no such wiretap activity, mounted against the president-elect at the time as a candidate or against his campaign. >> let's find out. let's have an investigation. if they are going to investigate russia ties let's include this as part of it. and that is what we're asking. if this happened. becauseif it did, again, this is the largest abuse of power that i think we have ever seen >> all of this comes after trump's well received speech to congress on tuesday and analyst say tweets are evidence of his growing frustration with the ongoing allegations of his advisor ties to russia. it is rumored that the
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president lashed out at his team during an oval office meeting during the weekend. sean spicer says neither white house nor president will comment any further into the congressional probe is complete, karen. >> lauren, thanks very much. today attorney general jeff sessions will be submitting amended written testimony, regarding his prior conversations with the russian ambassador. the attorney general, re accused himself from any investigation into russia's election tampering efforts but some leading democrats say that is not enough, they want a special outside counsel to conduct the investigation. on "fox news" sunday delaware senator chris coons said he has not seen any evidence of the cooperation with the trump campaign but he has some unanswered questions. >> i have no hard evidence of collusion, i think what hard evidence there may be will be discovered through either full release of president trump's financial interests, concerns and taxes or intercepts our
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intelligence community has between and among russian officials. >> white house has not given any indication that it is considering an appointment of the special counsel. new jersey senator booker and representative donald norcross will meet with community leaders in cherry hill to discuss decline in the state's federal security fundingfor religious centers. it follows a rash of vandalism at judeish cemetery ace bomb threats targeting jewish organizationness our area. about 100 headstones were discovered toppled at mount carmel cemetery in wissonoming last weekend. governor wolf has requested a federal investigation, of crimes against jewish institutions. a $69,000 reward is being offered to help catch those responsible. meanwhile 40 toppled tomb stones were also found at a historic jewish cemetery in new york over weekend but nypd says it is not opening an investigation because it doesn't believe that it is an act of vandalism. department believe a number of things played a factor here in to why those tomb stones fell
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over the weekend in washington cemetery in brooklyn, including soil erosion, and neglect. new jersey's largest lb gt q organization say two vandals struck while executive director was in t garden state's quality'sthe was a that attack. where it was sold in our schuylkill expressway looking od parkway, kind of sueby has a forecast that will wake you up when we come right back.
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>> ♪ a very good morning at 5:13. it is the philadelphia international airport. fly to someplace warm. >> i'll tell you it was not only cold but wind over the weekend. >> saturday night was so bitter cold. the wind. we woke up to single digit wind chills if you were up early on sunday morning but things are changing, weather pattern changing. high pressure system that was to our north bringing down those cold wind has now moved off shore and that means slightly milder southeasterly wind. not much difference this morning, but you'll see the difference this afternoon, with milder temperatures. here comes the warm front that will come through tomorrow probably tomorrow night but we will have some showers ahead of it, tuesday, not today, tuesday, temperatures are many of them in the 20's, some in the teens this morning but
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were not much wind we can expect to it feel, kind of like how it is. that is cold enough, thank you very much. twenty-seven in the city. wind chill of 17 in millville, new jersey. it is cold to start. we have a few flurries in lancaster county, some of those cold wind across the great lakes but precipitation is not our issue today. it will be tomorrow. we will see sunshine, and that should get to us 50 degrees. a few showers rolling through during the day tomorrow but main event for the warm front is tomorrow night, and into wednesday morning. we could have showers early morning on wednesday but pay off will be milder temperatures in the afternoon since that is a warm front. of course, things will not stay that way either. our average high temperature is up to 49 degrees, now, we were well below average friday , saturday, and sunday, today we will get to about 50, so we will take it and then we're in the 60's for a couple of days on tuesday and wednesday.
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fifty's on thursday. that is in the bad. but a cold front comes through on friday night, now there is a lot of uncertainty about this weekend's forecast with the computer models and all but we are looking at another return of cold weather, just in time for the weekend and so things could be chilly for st. patty's day forecast, the parade i should say, on sunday bob kelly. >> we will see what happens. >> good thing i have my st. patrick's long underwear ready to go on stand by. good morning everybody. 5:15. let's do it. we're in good shape. kind of quiet on the major roadways in and out of philadelphia, a scary kind of erie quiet but we will take it nonetheless as we are getting readied for monday morning rush hour. we will hit button and zoom in here to i'm in the sure where we are going. we will go for a ride on the blue route. that is what we will do. 476 leaving king of prussia conshohocken area up and over the overpass there. in problems at all using the blue route to head on down toward the airport. they will have roving crews heading this way later on
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today after the morning rush hour, northeast philadelphia, woodhaven road, looking good, between i-95 and route one, not that far from the philadelphia outlets, formally franklin mills there. in downtown until we see daylight it is erie rolling underneath the new overpass. they have not installed lights yet, and then, they have moved the bus stop on you today. yes, first day that septa has to relocate its bus stop, because of construction, so the 15th and market bus stop, relocated a block up, to 16th street. they have got the signs, but, make sure you pay attention and just a head up if you are the only one standing on the corner wondering where is everybody elsinging ? they are a block away at 16th and market. airport line one of the first trains out of the gay, running with some delays this morning but otherwise, the buses, trains, trolleys looking good. karen and thomas back to you.
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this comes after a shooting of the sikh man in his own driveway. kelly wright has the latest on the investigation. >> to think this could happen in our community was very surprising and extremely disappointing. >> reporter: fbi is investigating the shooting of the sikh in suburban seattle as a hate crime. masked man approach 39 year-old deep rye on friday and shot him in the arm in the city of kent. >> comments were made, to the effect of get out of our country, go back to where you are from. >> reporter: sikh community is made up of 50,000 people, most including rye are mostly from india. >> it was very disheart evening to see the news that somebody was a victim of hate crime in the city that we have never felt that before. >> reporter: so far police have not made any arrests on the attack on rye but they do not believe that anyone is in any danger.
5:18 am
>> this type of activity, will generate the full force and effect of the kent police department and all resources that we could possibly muster up, to hold those people, that commit this type of crime that is completely unacceptable to hold them responsible. >> reporter: sikh community leaders say their community has recently been the target of the hate speech. >> i would tell them to continue their lives as they they are doing every day and continue teaching neighbors and other people talking to them, don't be scared, just because we have been through one incident, doesn't hold us back. >> reporter: police described the suspect as 6-foot tall white man with a stocky build n new york kelly wright "fox news". to join elvis. his name is elvis. he traveled to the middlee on several occasions. prosecutors think he communicated with a isis
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recreate and he was prepared to sacrifice himself. planting a bomb for his cause. last month when he was arrested for something else unrelated police say he told them he was leaving the country to bring an army back with him. u.s. defense department is investigating reports that some marines shared naked photos of the female marines, veterans and other woman on a secret facebook page. photographs were shared on the facebook page, marines united, some of those pictures were taken without the woman's knowledge. active duty and retired male marines as well as navy kormen and british world marines were members of the page. photos have since been taken down, a marine core official says that at lee one government contract has been removed from his job, after he posted a link to the photographs. lwmakers in pennsylvania are turning to the fbi following a cyber attack on their computers. the system is backup and running but on friday, senate democrats say a ransom wear cyber attack shut down their, computer systems. it left lawmakers and staff in
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the caucus unable to access their network or data. attorney general's office says it is taken the situation, very seriously. north korea is attempting to flex its muscles yet again, according to south korea the communist neighbors to the north fired four miss unless to the sea of japan's companies. it comes days after they promised retaliation over south korean military drills. kim john unis pushing for nuclear and missle program to deter what he calls u.s. and south korea hostility toward the north. former president george w. bush has been back in the public eye quite a bit recently and he is using his platform to focus on our veterans. over the weekend he was signing copies of his new book portraits of courage a command inner chief's tribute to america's warriors. there he is in dallas. collection of oil paintings by former president features 66 color portraits of the military members hoff served our nation since 9/11. all money raised from the sale
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of the books will get to help veterans in need. check your cabinets because is there a peanut butter substitute sold in our area being recalled due to possible e-coli contamination. officials say 12 cases of e-coli poisoning has been linked to the i am healthy soy nut butter products. so far illnesses have been reported in new jersey and four other states. if you have that soy nut butter, throw ate way. award season not quite over yet, this time it was i heart radio's turn to honor music industry's best and brightest. >> coming up on "good day philadelphia". >> i wrote this song because i wanted it to be about... >> he wanted it to be about, we will tell you in a minute. he can't stop this feeling. we will show you artist that is took home top artists, hi bruno, we will be right back.
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patients who depend on insulin has seen prices sky rocket. lawmakers are investigating if the drug makers are bringing in huge profits and possibly putting patient's lives at risk. congressional hearings looking in the issue are in the works. in the past few years cost of insulin has jumped more than $120 per vial. a federal lawsuit accused the
5:25 am
three insulin makers of including to raise prices, and the drug makers all denied the allegations, american diabetes association has collected nearly 200,000 signatures, on a on line petition, to demand the drug be more affordable. restaurant owner in shanghai is taking a unique approach to food service. he decided to fill his restaurant with robot waiters. a popular restaurant in the cities downtown area employs two types of robots here, some navigate their way around tracks and the other move freely around the restaurant. robot, takes orders and serves food. restaurant has gained international fame and continues to grow in popularity since it opened in june of last year. home depot if you are looking for work they want to add jobs and a lot of them in order for springtime rush. >> they want to fill 80,000 jobs and to speed up that process they have shrunk their application. you can do it right on your phone, home depot is letting people click on the smart phone or tablet to apply.
5:26 am
it will range from cashiers to freight handlers to customer service representatives. five credit 26. we will check on traffic and weather coming up in just a moment. >> but first lets check sports .
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fed up, walking out one local hospital the nurses are on strike but it has to do with more than just money. a controversy over those explosive allegations against former president obama, it heat up and alleged bugging, president trump is getting ready to make two major announcements this week. we have all that coming up with a live report. also ahead it is facebook 's answer to so-called fake news, how the site that is flagging links to bogus stories. good day. >> it is monday it is monday. >> my batteries are running low. great to have you with us, good morning everyone. >> coming up in this half an hour new parade route for st. patrick's parade. i took a bunch of the irish dancers out and had a mini parade. we will show that this half an hour. >> oh, good. >> preview that day and
5:30 am
finally less than a week away and this coming sunday. so we will have that forecast, like it or not, coming up, you probably won't, but in the meantime let's talk about today. it will wake you up to go outside, thomas and your battery will be recharged because it is cold, teens, 20 's our wind chills. bus stop buddy is all bundled up, the scarves, gloves, it will be a seven out of 10. we do expect a decent recovery later on in the day. right now it is 27 degrees with sunrise at 6:26 and many other temperatures in the teens and 20's and wind chills are as well. there is at lee not a lot of wind. we have moisture in the mountains and lancaster county just a few flurries there we don't expect presip there. we will expect mixture of sun and cloud. we have 45 today. it is warmer then yesterday. a high of 50 degrees. we are a minute from that 6:00 g milestone there as well.
5:31 am
we will go today light savings time. >> don't make me send leprechaun to your house, all right. good morning, everybody. it is 5:31 on a monday morning we're in good shape here on our major roadways, no problems, lights on coming into downtown philadelphia but as we go for a ride this morning light volume, this morning, but yesterday was a mess, pennsy turnpike had some good news that tractor trailer accident that it shut down turnpike for most of the day yesterday all cleaned up all lanes are opened. i'm hearing folks driving true the area i feel like we hear sand kind of kicking up underneath your car, that was sand put down to clean up oil from the fuel spill from yesterday. looking good on the schuylkill rolling out of the driveway with your coffee cup in hand no problems at all coming into downtown. vine street expressway is opened, they did not work last night. that is good news for folks coming in this morning. here's a live look at route 309, and not that far, no, this is route one, excuse me
5:32 am
in bucks county just off of the pennsylvania turnpike interchange there. curb side on the freeway, headlights coming in toward philadelphia, we are seeing pockets i call them. seeing the beginning of the morning rush hour. who took the bus? the bus stop is missing. here's what happened. septa has construction downtown so they had to move bus stop from 15th and market, to 16th and market, so no, you are not only one waiting on the bus this morning. you are a block off. just be prepared if you use that corner the signs have been posted the last couple of days, but today that is first day where the new stop is located at 16th and market, karen and thomas, back over to you. we have got a strike, we have got about 400 nursing and technician from his delaware county memorial hospital. they will walk off the job yesterday. today is day two. lets get out to steve keeley. steve, is the hospital opened what is the latest.
5:33 am
>> they have temporary service here. no nothing has changed the hospital promises. the staff that is on strike says the staff is not enough staff. that is basic reason for their two day planned work out. >> they have decreased our staffing which means that each nurse has more patients, every day and it has become unsafe. it is unsafe in there. it it it is disheart evening as nurse toes come out here. i have been a nurse for 36 years. renee has been a nurse for over 30 years. we did not want this but they will not listen to us. we have negotiated. they say it is in of our business how they staff us. >> they think something has changed since our sales prospect in july 2016 and it has not changed. we still use same staffing mod that he will we had, we are still looking at the same way
5:34 am
we did in the past. >> reporter: hospital owner says it has held 21 meetings with union representatives since taking over this hospital in july trying to get an agreement. the staffing levels they say are right along with the national average. as we come back to our live picture no picket line overnight right now but they promise to picket again at sun up. karen and thomas. >> i'm sure they will be out there 567:89:34. steve, thank you. white house tells fbi director show us what you know. >> thinks just latest strike after a whole series of presidential tweets after the weekend creating a fire storm accusing president obama of, tapping the trump tower, during the election. lets get down to washington right now doug luzader with all that and so many developments here, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. well, i guess we will start with the fbi director who according to a number of reports is asking the justice department to deny these allegations, it is not clear
5:35 am
exactly what evidence president trump is relying upon when he makes this assertion that president obama ordered wiretapping during the election. the president has denied through a spokesmen that either he or anyone at the white house ordered any wiretapping, which leaves open the possibility that it was still done by someone in the justice department. the director of national intelligence came out over weekend and said as far as he knows, it did not happen. so it is in the clear exactly what this realize upon, what this assertion relies pneumonia but congress will certainly look into it as part of the broader investigation as to what role russia may have played in the election. >> still a lot of questions remain. you have to wonder will this effect the relationship between the president and intel community. >> reporter: well, yeah, it has been a strained relationship, really from the get go, and there has been a lot of mutual distrust on that
5:36 am
front and was the president able to kind of smooth ruffled feathers over pennsylvania few weeks or not but it is an accusation leveled at the president himself and kind of personal, president obama in pretty personal terms. >> it is supposed to be a very busy week, he will have a new executive order on immigration , what are we expecting this time around. >> reporter: well, we're expecting this to come out either today or tomorrow. this is a redue of the first executive order that was shot down in federal courts. it is somewhat more limited in terms of the number of countries affected, iraqis said to be specifically excluded from this new executive order and it is also expected to have carve outs for individual who are green card holders, people hoff travel visas to the you had. idea for trump administration toys get around some of those things that caused it to be a shot down, initially by a federal judge and then federal
5:37 am
appeals court. there will still certainly be legal challenges but the trump administration hopes that this one will survive legal scrutiny, we will see. >> we will leave it there, doug lou said inner washington this morning, doug, thank you. we should point out tsa is stepping up security at airports all across the country. agency will begin a new pat down method that might be more invasive. home land security officials say you can blame 2015 study for that showing that agents were letting handguns slip right through security. under the new policy pilots and flight crews will be subjected to the new math path downs. facebook has a new feature to fight fake news, they have began testing tonight december but it is being rolled out. you can mark a story in your news feed as fake and then it will be tagged as disputed news, stories found to be fake may be subject to fact checking site. facebook has added a new help page to explain how that system all works. we have a lot more still ahead. >> coming up in sports in a
5:38 am
minute. >> fill business a double header and their new ace not looking too great in this one that one coming up next in sports. ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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good morning i'm sean bell film is roaming along in spring training they had a double header and some of the young guys are starting to impress. in the second game, roman quinn showing i have his speed and glove. shot to dead center field. he gets on his giddy up and he will make a great catch, right
5:41 am
there, later, in the sixth, darren rupp with the solo shot but it was not enough to win, phillies would lose three-two. first game clay buchholz struggling in his second appearance, in the first with two member on he gives up a three run bomb right here. buchholz has given up four runs. luckily the bats were able to come alive behind freddie galvis. great shot right there phillies will win, eight-five. little college hoops temple taking on south florida, quenton rose with the steel right here looking to go coast to coast. set and dunk. six steals in the game. owls will go on to win 73-60. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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♪ the moments that connect us happen one morning at a time, and one cup at a time.
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folgers, the best part of wakin' up.
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good morning, everybody. 5:44. waking up to a monday morning to a live look at the vine street expressway. smack the camera here, it is kind of stuck. cars are not moving. no problems or delays at all coming across town. south on the roosevelt boulevard starting to see pockets again, as folks wake up and head out. it has been quiet. everything is dry at lee for now. turnpike connection bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic, again structural issues so everybody using burlington bristol, trenton makes bridge or scudder falls and on the rush hour we will see volume build in both directions. but coming into south philadelphia or leaving south philadelphia no problems at
5:45 am
all, this situation still with us brandywine creek road closed just outside chad forward between green valley and powell road. they have were doing bridge inspections and they noticed the dirt, gravel washed away. they immediately shut it down this happened last week. you probably went through detours this weekend. school buses will be detoured around there as well. what a mess yesterday on the turnpike, good news, all lanes are opened, after yesterday's tractor trailer accident, that had the turnpike closed but all lanes are opened between philly and bensalem and no problems currently on mass transit and looking good at the airport, monday forecast, we need one, sueby has got tonight 15 seconds march is a month of ups and down. temperatures went down over
5:46 am
weekend. they are down this morning in the 20's and teens, not much wind so that is good, it feels like the 20's and teens, out there but that is cold enough for winter coat, once again so we are off to a cold start. we will see little evidence with couple flurries in lancaster county. should not be a big deal. precipitation not in the forecast today but milder temperatures are, so we will see southeasterly wind roll in and maybe some cloud in the afternoon. it should get up to around 50 degrees today. tomorrow cloud which shower or two and then at night warm front comes through with heavier rain maybe into early wednesday morning, and then we are back to spring-like temperatures, at lee for a couple days but remember that happened in the middle of last week we got in the 70's on wednesday and then by friday, saturday, it was bitter cold once again. now we are up to a average high of 49. to recap weekend we got to 36 on saturday and only 38 on sunday, where are we headed to
5:47 am
day. sixty-two tomorrow. mid 60's on wednesday. so is there your taste of spring, again. we have daffodils blooming but wintertime temperatures will return just in time for the weekend. weekend when we go back today light savings time and, of course, our st. patrick's day parade is on sunday. it is still early. is there uncertainty but it does look like we will be cold enough to stay in the 30's, for high temperatures both saturday and sunday. layer it up, karen and thomas. ♪ >> what a night, bruno mars won music brightest stars recognized in the iheart music radio muse ache ward in california. he was awarded entertainer of
5:48 am
the year. >> also, top honors going out to justin timberlake was male artist of the year and best song with can't stop the feeling. during his acceptance speech he had a touching message of inclusion. >> if you are black, brown, gay, lesbian or you are trans or maybe you are just a sissy singing boy from tennessee, anyone that is treating you un kindly is only because they have not been taught to be afraid of how important you are. >> also walking away with two award dj duo, chain smokers for best new artists and best dance song, adele wins female artist of the year. we hear bob and sue talking about it, the st. patrick's day parade less than a week away and we are gearing up for the excitement. >> we are talking with that new parade route. bob kelly has more on what you
5:49 am
need to know this weekend, one >> hi everybody we are getting ready for st. patrick's day but something new this year, there is a new parade route. so in order to make sure that everyone knows the right route we will walk it today with the macdade cara school of irish dance. then we will have some fun along the way. here's the deal, beginning of the parade this year, starts right here, at 16th and jfk boulevard, right across the street from suburban station. you want to come in from the suburbs take regional rail, boom, train lets you off right there, you come right upstairs , thinks where groups will line up, along jfk boulevard right here at 16th street and then we will need a handy map so here we go 16th at jfk is staging area for all of the groups and then walke toward city hall and work our way eventually all the way down to independent hall and our fox 29 tv station.
5:50 am
are you ready to dot walk. >> yes. >> where are we 15th and jfk. another great area we are right here, at the corner of city hall. so when we get to city hall what do we do here girls, we make a right, that way. >> we will go up to the next corner, and then make a left. basically we will go around city hall, are you okay, are you with me. >> yes. >> let's move it. >> i think we will get police officer to dot irish gig, no. everybody practice your waves to the crowd. now the other side, there is people on the other side of the street. >> no, no, no, come on, we have a parade. >> let's go. >> kick it up a notch. >> when we get to market street we will bang a right and get right on down, follow
5:51 am
me. we're on market street, let's goe down toward fox 29, come on. >> yes. >> as we marched i noticed i was different, i needed curls. what do you think. so far so good. we are here at ninth and market right in front of the gallery. it has been a licensing trip. we began at 16th and jfk. who is hungry. >> me. >> who wants a hot dog. >> do i. >> hot dog. >> wow. >> we made it. >> we are right in front of the independence hall and national constitution center, thinks where the tv cameras and judging stands will be set up for this years st. patrick 's parade. let's review. we started here at 16th and jfk. we went around city hall, bam, made a right at market and we went all the way down to right here, smack dab in front of
5:52 am
the independent hall. i'm ready for a little irish gig what about you. >> ♪ happy st. patrick's day. >> how cute. >> bob made a good effort doing a little gig. >> practice my dance moves for weekend. sweating it out for a good cause how this spin class is doing more for hearts then just raising heart rates. also taking a look at camelback mountain in the pocono mountains it was cold enough to go skiing and maybe next weekend as well. we will be right back. let life in
5:53 am
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5:56 on your monday morning. lots of streetlights out there not too many cars as we continue on our day, we want to show what you some people were doing over weekend that raised money for a great cause and they were spinning. this was a fun event, 500 cyclist came together saturday to raise money for cardiac center over at children's hospital of philadelphia. in this all day, lifestyle event fund raising teams from at lee four people participated, in each team and they spun for 45 minutes at a
5:56 am
time. one little girl seven year-old jordan daily born with half working heart but thanks to the great doctors over there at cardiac center she's thriving and showing her appreciation for all of the folks that came out. >> these people are the best, because they will be working hard and they are working hard for me, and i love people that do that because they are appreciating life. >> so cute. all right. doctors say, that there is a lot of money, hundreds of thousands of dollars that will help with research. nfl free agency period, days away rumors surrounding the eagles, continue, to swirl , which fan favorite could reportedly betrayeded, it is a price is right? timber landis back with justin particular ber lake and got a new talent show and he you know what he is doing bouncing his way on good day this morning. we're talking with him.
5:57 am
we will be right back "good day philadelphia" continuing in a few minutes. true radiance comes from within.
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