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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 8, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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happening right now on good day philadelphia, a baby just eight days old in the hospital after a home invasion, four robbers still on the loose. in the dark, two schools are closed, thousands still without power after this huge fire at a peco substation. >> also ahead this morning on good day philadelphia, a deadly crash. a train slams into a bus on it way to a casino. so what the bus was doing that caused this tragedy. >> light out on liberty? can you see it? it is national women's day, and look what happened to one of our most famous women. does this have nick to do with a day without women? >> we'll finds out i guess. >> good morning, great to have you with us on this wednesday, i guess we can say we're
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halfway into the week. >> it is a day without women, national women's day, so i'm wearing red. >> we already honoring that all morning long. >> you look very dapper as always. >> thank you, dear. >> there is some red in here. >> yep, there is. >> little splatter of paint. we've one more round of rain and then pretty decent day ahead. but there is the round every rain that has yet to come three. >> this was a weak cold front. really won't change our temperatures too much. we still expect to get into the 60s. and i think whatever rain you see this morning is not going to be a whole lot. look at these temperatures. we're already in the 60s. sixty-one in philadelphia, 49 in lancaster, 50 mount pocono, a 054 in wildwood. look at the seven day forecast, not what i wanted to do there. so we're going to just -- that's just -- bob kelly take over right now and let me get my act together because i loaded the wrong show, bob kelly.
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>> we get better as the morning goes on, trust me, hang with us, 4:01, a lot going on here, this is live look at the ramp from 95 north to the walt whitman bridge packer avenue in south philadelphia. early morning tractor-trailer accident here. and now they got a hazmat crew out. so sounds like this ramp will be closed for at least the start of our morning rush hour. this is just north of the stadium area. anybody familiar with this one, as you pass the lincoln financial field or the ball feeds, this is the off ramp that gives you access to the walt whitman bridge, or packer avenue, in south philly. so if you're coming from say the airport, jump of off broad street or you will have to go past this ramp and flip the u-turn at washington avenue columbus boulevard. we will will keep an eye on that one. more on this situation and what happened yesterday in a moment. but for the morning rush hour, fox street closed, between roberts and allegheny avenue. that's the scene of yesterday's peco substation fire. there is also a pedestrian
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accident on the new jersey turnpike that has all northbound lanes closed at the moment at exit 7a. that's for 195, if you typically use the turnpike to head north, jump off and use route 130 at least to get you up to exit eight. and around that closure. otherwise, off to good start on the schuylkill expressway, roads are dry this morning, unlike this time yesterday. no problems at all headed inbound around the conshy curve. looking good on mass transit. karen, thomas, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. we do have breaking news right now. there is newborn in the hospital after a home invasion, it happened in logan. the child's mother stunned as three men burst inside their home overnight to rob them. let's get right to lauren johnson up at einstein with where the baby is and what we know at this hour, lauren? >> the details just coming in. here's what we do knowment the baby boy eight days old now here at einstein medical center being examined because police were worried about the injuries, the babe i could have sustained after a home
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invasion and robbery. let's look at the videoment all happening on the 4500 block every 18th street. that's in the city logan section. mother was sleeping upstairs cradling her newborn baby are suddenly three mask men were inside her home. all of them wearing all black clothing, gloves, and masks to hide their faces, announcing a robbery. they demanded her stand up. she begged them not to injury the baby. they demanded money as they pointed guns in her face, made her leave the bedroom leaving the baby boy behind. als inside the home visiting the mother and baby, 217 year old girls, everyone forced into the basement while the men ransacked the home. police say they were able to get away with $3,500.02 cell phones. >> they announce add robbery. all three had guns pointed guns at her. they asked her where the money is. she was laying in bed, with her eight day old son on her chest. they ordered her to stand up. she said i'm holding my baby.
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according to the mother one of the males then pushed the baby, eight days old, on to the floor. >> while being so young and fragile of course police wanted to take pre augusts cautions, the baby brought to einstein to be examined for any injuries. police do tell us the men were caught on camera in this act. in fact, they say, four of them were counted on camera. the woman says only three were inside her home. so now police believe one person was standing outside as the look outment all four of the suspect remain on the loose this morning. karen, thomas? >> lauren, thank you, and we have another episode we need to talk b breaking news out of oxford circle where police are investigating an armed robbery and shooting there. this was just after 1:00 this morning on 6,000 block of somerdale avenue. investigators say three men were loading some exercise equipment into a house when all the sudden two armed men rob them. the suspect took $450, shot one of the victims in the leg, who was in stable condition, also, at einstein medical
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center. >> time now 4:06. following developing story, raging flames end gulf peco substation, knocking out power in tioga. this morning, thousands of homes and businesses remain in the dark. there are schools closed, crews are working to get the lights back on. our steve keeley is live on the scene on westmoreland street this morning. steve? >> yes, we're in the hunting park neighborhood of philadelphia. and that's where the peco headquarters commands post van is. and if it looks like something you would sleep in, that is because don't be surprised if they are sleeping in this because they're working around the clock. so, this is parked right here on the scene across from this massive substation, that is only lit up because these are big powerful tv light ligh lighg up. the only other lights you'll see down westmoreland where the fire actually occurred is the police lights blocking it off. we will walk all the way down to westmoreland. look at the guy making a left here. no trafficker light working. this is one of the many intersections that is westmoreland and hunting park avenue coincidentally.
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that building you see there that's semi lit up by saws super famous building, a lot of my bones are built on what came out that far building for 90 years. that's the olds tastykake factory that was really the headquarters of the whole hunting park neighborhood. tastykake was there 90 years and they're probably saying hey, we timed our move pretty good because that's one of the many buildings dark right now, and that gives awe sense of where this happened right across the street from the old tastykake factory which by the way chocolate junior's, 100 years old start in the 1917 in that factory. i just thought i would throw the little fact n there you go. people wandering where do we go, how do we get around? a lot of people are in their cars right now, the only way to power up your phones, sadly, the people that are most affected by the story aren't home watching us on tv, the only way to watch us if they are watching on line, on their phones, probably sitting in cars with their phones plugged into their phone charger. so let's go across the street. we have little progress here. as police are all over the
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place by the way trying to keep the road safe you see the checkers. they got their lights on, not just their outside sign lights, but see inside the restaurant some lights on. then the dunkin' donuts has some lights. we can't tell whether they are emergency lights or whether they have some power. so slowly power is being restored. but really two headlines right now, still no cause yet, accident intentional, person, equipment, or squirrel, which is known to be a cause of big power outages in these substations because they have access in there, and they can get in there and cause a whole problem. and as we look at video of the fire that errupted, the other big headline is still no power for close to 7,000, which is 20% of the highest number out at the height of this fire before the fire department can get in there knowing that the power was shut off and they could finally put water on this thing and get it out which they did within minutes it seems, as soon as they got the okay they wouldn't get electrocuted while doing. >> this among those still without electricity, temple
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administrative services building, the tasb as it is known up in these part, and two of the philadelphia schools you mentioned, it is philadelphia high school for girls and roads middle school. and residents, since it was warm out last night, in our other video, made a pretty good thing out after pretty bad thing. since it was warm out, and they took the inconvenience and made it not so bad situation, hanging out, kind of having block party, playing music out loud, and not complaining to dave kinchen out here talking to them. all-in-all it could be a lot worse. peco is doing all they can. they are bending over backward to apologize to everybody before they do anything in their interviews, and they said, hey, we are working non-stop slowly hour by hour as our weather people tends to say they're trying get more people restored. the sad part is they're also apologizing saying we can't give you an estimated time like we normally do when power will be restored to everybody because we just don't know. so there is your long update, karen, thomas. >> good update, steve. thank you and we appreciate t
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other news right now women are taking precautions for another night after a third attempted kidnapping in delaware, an armed robber still on the loose in new castle county because he is targeting women and in two case kidnapped and sexually as ousted them. the latest monday when a woman out walking her dog around 6:30, approached by armed man who took her back to her apartment, tried to force his way in, but there was a man who lived with her who came to the door, that's when that suspect ran away. this all comes just weeks after kidnapping at the top of the hill amounts on holly oak on february 13th, and another february 19th at the arundel apartments in pike creek. those victims were kidnapped and sexually assaulted and forced to take out money from atm's. >> it is scary because he has to be fairly skilled at what he is document. >> the random necessary of the cases, it can very well be one of our family members, your family members that are the
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next victim. >> police are telling people to pay attention and to avoid unnecessarily walking through dark, secluded areas alone, particularly women, and they for information that leads to0 an arrest. >> time is 4:11. police in delaware county looking for victims every convicted child rapist. twenty year old is in prison after pleading guilty in february to attacking and raping children. investigators in media say they know of dozen victims as young as 12 years old. police say he met some of his victims in a playgrounds in media and lured them back to his apartment on east baker street, including a pre-teen girl. police say he also through house parties for children, supplying booze and drugs. investigators believe there may be more victims. happening today, the day after president trump took office, thousands of women took to the streets of philadelphia, many other big cities around this country, to bring attention to women's rights. and today thousands more will be participating in a strike
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called a day without a woman. it is happening in conjunction with international women's day. many women will be taking the day off to spotlight the necessary role that women play in society in our economic system. so people are encourage today wear red. that signifies love and sacrifice, and supporters are urging women to skip the day at work and shop only at women owned businesses. but if you can't strike they say then don't. >> cia secrets revealed? >> still ahead on good day philadelphia, the stunning breach from wikileaks, does the detail have the agency can breakly break into your smart phones, your computers, even your tv's? >> and this tragedy on the tracks. several people lose their lives when a train plows into a bus stuck on the tracks. investigators are trying to figure out how the bus was stopped in the first place. >> morning, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody, 4:12 on a wednesday. we will go for a ride. 422, not bad this morning. roads are dry unlike this time yesterday. but we have the hazmat
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tractor-trailer situation on 95. the peco power play in the neighborhood. and let's go outside to a live look at the ben franklin parkway where the lights are on here, sue has the forecast, all of that and more when we come right back. clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. wow! but what other teen problems can it fix fast?
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> a very good morning to you, time about 4:16.
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we'll have traffic and weather in just a moment. if you ride a bike to get around the city then hop up on the subway, you will have more spots to park your wheels in south philadelphia. >> septa adding extra bike racks at the broad street line. they decided to add 10u racks underground at the tasker and moore station because there are a lot of demand. people are riding their bikes to get places. markers at the top of the station stairs will indicate whether there is bike parking available inside. so, sue serio, i am loving all of our women music today on this international women's day. >> right. we got to get helen red any there, your woman hear me roar. >> heck ya. and and plenty more to come. so here's what we've got going on with our weather. warmfront already came through. cold front on it way through, but won't make big difference in temperature today, i think we will still get into the 60s this afternoon burr our trade off some wind, very windy today, another colds front yet to come through, that one will bring much colder air to our
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area just in time for the weekends. so right now we have some rain entering the area again. we were sort of inbetween systems before. but if you look out the window, maybe in chester county, around east nottingham, might see few showers, none of this is heavy rain, few showers around the jersey shore, as well, from sea isle city to up little egg harbor. you might see few showers. so that's this morning. but, once this clears out, we will see plenty of sunshine today. and the wind that we talked about, just now. thursday should and dry day. now we fast forward to friday morning. look what's lurking. yes, the possibility of snow showers and/or rain showers. it will be tricky with the temperature on friday morning. and this could be an issue during the morning rush hour. so it, could be a mix of rain and snow. but it looks like whatever happens it will be kind of slippery, kind of messy. on friday morning maybe snow squawl or two in the afternoon. and then that system gets out.
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that's the colds front that's going to really bring the chilly air in time for the weekend. so, enjoy these temperatures while they're here. 61 degrees in philadelphia. sixty right now in wilmington. yes, it is the morning of march the eighth. and it is in the 50's, and 60s. it is very mild. our normal high is 50 degrees. we got well above that yesterday with a high of 67. today probably about 63 in the afternoon, and we may even hit 60 tomorrow before that cold front comes through on friday morning, with bit of a mess, and high of 42. then, we only get to 33 on saturday. remember, last saturday how windy and cold it was, here we go again. now the good news is bob kelly the chance of snow for the saint patrick's day is lessening, but it is still going to be cold. >> see that? i sent my leprochans over to your house, worked, didn't it? they were talking with you last night. >> very scary. 4:18. couple of things going on here to get you started as you zip your first cup of coffee. here is a live look at the ram
4:19 am
frost 95 north to the walt whitman bridge. overnight accident and a hazmat situation now. this is going to cause havoc for anyone trying to get to the walt whitman bridge, and also get into south philadelphia. so let's go for a ride. coming from say the airport area, you come up and over the girard point double decker bridge, as soon as you pass the stadiums, it is that sharp right curve, which also contains that ramp, to get you to the walt whitman bridge, or into south philadelphia. that ramp remains closed. so for access, to the walt whitman bridge, you're going to want to think ahead and jump off at broad street or you'll have to pass the scene, go up and flip the u-turn up there at columbus boulevard. as we heard from steve at yesterday's substation fire going to cause havoc this morning, in the neighborhood. now the fire location, fox street, right at westmoreland, that area not only is it shut off to traffic, but all of the traffic lights in the area are also out as well as steve
4:20 am
mentioned 7,000 homes. there is a lot of activity, there is no overhead street lamps. steve mentioned the one sign of the times, folks are out in their car just sitting there so they can charge their phones. imagine the craziness the kids are going through today or this morning, they don't have their cell phones or their ipads powered up. you probably got all four, five kids in the back seat charging up their ipads so they're ready for school today. location right here off the roosevelt boulevard, and fox street, that's your main interchange there. and again, all of the traffic lights are out. we mention about the schools being closed there this morning. north on the new jersey turnpike, northbound lanes are blocked, at exit 7a from accident investigation. but otherwise, mass transit looking good. so far this morning, thomas and karen, back to you. >> thanks bob forgetting us around. time 420:67:89 happening right now possible cia secret revealed at the hands of wikileaks. in fact, wikileaks is calling& it the biggest ever leak of confidential documents from the agency. it published more than 8,000
4:21 am
pages detailing the tolls the cia uses to hack into computers. smart phones, communication apps, and other electronic devices. now, we should point out there is no verification of the authenticity of the documents, and the cia isn't commenting. now if ledge it, the leak will raise questions about the inability of us spy agencies, to protect secret documents in the digital age. day 48 of the president's first 100 days in his claims of wiretapping, at trump tower. well, it is not going away. the white house press corps grilling press secretary sean spicer, asking him if he saw evidence of wiretapping. take a listen. >> as far as me, no, i'm not in a position that that would be regularly part of my daily duties for the president to sit down and go through that. that's probably a level of my pay grade. >> says the spicer has not spoke tone fbi director james comey about the allegations. however, fox news has confirmed that senior fbi leaders including comey contend there is no evidence
4:22 am
to support the claims. >> also, in capitol hill, the house republican bill to repeal and replace obamacare is being called a work in progress. health and human services secretary tom price says it is the first step of a three step process. critics say the plan either does too much or not enough to help out americans. president trump is vowing to reach out to lawmakers to garner their support for the bill. >> 4:22, developing out of mississippi. four people have died, dozens others are injured, after a freight train slammed into a charter bus. >> this happened in biloxi, there is the tragic scene, bus head from the austin texas to a casino yesterday. witnesses say the bus was stuck on the tracks for five minutes before that train hit. we don't know yet why the bus was stop, the crossing has warning lights, and it also has gates. 4:23 about right now. thomas, sends it over to you
4:23 am
for a second. >> thank you, karen. we are going get a check on traffic and weather in just a moment. but first, baldwin dumping trump? well that's a new story that we're going to have for you, alex balwynne, obviously this isn't the video we talked about. he may limit his roles as far as playing trump in the near future. >> this right here? >> from the bus accident, people talking about the bus accident. hey let's get over speaking of talking to sean bell. >> coming up in a minute, the flyers are starting their most important week of the season. see if they can start it off right against the sabres. that's coming up next in sports. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement.
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>> good morning, i'm sean women. the flyers starting the most important week of their season. three games versus playoff contender, it started last night against the sabres. second period, flyers were able to crow ate a little distance. michael with the shot right there. claude giroux, cleans it up. that will was giroux's first goal in 12 games. flyers went onto win six to three, now two-point behind the ac. to villanova getting ready for the biggies tournament. tomorrow they'll play the winner every today's saint john's and georgetown game. yesterday jay wright gave clear message to his team. >> just because we didn't can it last year, don't anticipate that we have a lot more games to play. we might only have two games. and you got to think of it that way. there has to be an urgency, and, you know, a loft you have a memory after longrun last year. that's not a given.
4:27 am
you know, we've got to earn that. >> to the phillies and tigers in spring training, aaron nola struggling in his second start. he went two innings, giving up five hits, two runs, the phils will go onto win, 11 to six. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> breaking overnight. frightening moments for a philadelphia mother and her newborn baby during a home invasion. >> preventing overdoses, what temple police offers remembers caring that's aimed at fighting drugs on campus. >> and ring every honor. so we're so excited this weekend for the saint patrick's day parade. but not only honoring the luck of the irish, but some of our local heroes. that's right. big parade on sunday. >> that's right. >> the grand marshal? >> i'm hoping i only need my long johns and not my shovel, sue serio. >> i know, all looking at you, sue. >> threatening me? this better and good forecast! >> lovingly. >> okay. >> look, yesterday, was almost 70. it was amazing. >> right? >> so good. >> we got to 67, yesterday was the official number, felt good. i think we could get close to that today. that's why we're giving it a eight out of ten even though we have some rain around this morning. there is a little bit of shower activity rolling into
4:31 am
chester county there. and bucks, montgomery, will see how long it takes to get here. but it shouldn't be a big deal. dry in old city at the moment. with 61 degrees. that's right. it is already 61 degrees, but those winds are picking up. and that may be our headline for the rest of the day, the wind. 15-mile per hour wind right now. sunrise time 6:23. let's check some other temperatures, oh, they're mild, except for mount pocono, chillier 41, in the 40's in reading, lancaster, 54 in wildwood. winds speeds, 15 miles an hour here. 22 miles an hour in mount pocono, and 26 miles an hour sustained in lancaster. so few showers around this morning. we stay in the 50's through lunchtime. we could get back into the 60s later on this afternoon, sunset time 6:00 # one. but of course, that cold change is coming. snow or no snow. but we do have another chance of snow, bob kelly. we will talk about friday morning coming up. >> you're killing me here.
4:32 am
4:31, good morning, everybody, let's get started. i haven't even finish my first cup of coffee yet. sue's already talking about snow here. but we got overturned tractor-trailer and a hazmat situation on the ramps here from 95 to the walt whitman bridge. happened on the overnight. anyone who typically use this is ramp, you know it is that sharp curve. few years ago we had an overturned tractor trail their dumped hams down onto oregon avenue in south philadelphia. that caused a frenzy. but here's the deal. as you head north on 95, come over to girard point double decker, you pass the stadium area, the sharp curve here, that's where the scene of the accident is. so we also have hazmat crew. that one ramp leads to the walt whitman bridge and also into south philadelphia. so you can jump off at broad street. that will give you access to both the bridge and to the neighborhood. or you just are going to have to go past that closure and flip the u-turn or jump off up at columbus boulevard. now, our big story from yesterday, a carry-over to this morning, peco substation
4:33 am
fire as we heard from steve peco crews are out, the lights are out, the traffic lights are out. folks are in their cars running their cars just to charge cell phones and ipads so the kids can get off to school today. so this whole neighborhood, fox, westmoreland, hunting park, just kind of spreads out from here, basically east of the roosevelt boulevard is where you really want to be careful this morning, and expect some gridlock. we had some huge gridlock of course yesterday with the fire. but with the traffic lights out, we will see a lot of police officers out at some of the intersections trying to direct traffic. we'll get more from steve in a moment. north on the new jersey turnpike, northbound lanes, they've one lane open at exit 7a. as they investigate an overnight accident. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank up. 4:33, breaking news this morning, frightening ordeal for a mother and her eight day old baby. that's when three men burst inside their logan home. it was a robbery overnight. the baby is now in the hospital. our lauren johnson has the latest from einstein medical
4:34 am
center where the newborn is being treated. lauren? >> reporter: yes, thomas, what a nightmare for this mother and her baby. as you said, the baby was brought here to einstein medical center, to be treated, to make sure he didn't sustain any injuries after this home invasion robbery. this is what police tell us. that the mother says she was asleep upstairs at her home on the 4500 block of 18th street. it was around 12:30 a.m. she heard someone breaking into the home. three mask men wearing gloves and all black forced their way into her bedroom pointing guns and demanding cash. with her eight day old baby resting on her chest, the men demanded her to her feet. she tells police one of them through her baby on the floor and left him there. back downstairs, the suspect forced mom and her 217 year old female visitors into the basement while they made a mess of the home searching for whatever they could find, the baby all alone upstairs. >> according to the mother, she was laying in bed, the eight day old baby boy
4:35 am
normally sleeps on her chest. and when at least one of the perpetrators ordered her to get up, point a gun, she said i'm holding my baby, and that's when one of them just forced the baby on to the floor by pushing the baby on to the floor. which is pretty brutal as far as we're concerned. and they got away with $3,500, two cell phones were presently in the process of trying to track those cell phones. fortunately, we did find some private surveillance cameras becomes a half block away. >> and that will be helpful. police say they're happen at this know the men were all caught on camera. police say they counted four men, in their video, so they believe one man stayed outside so co-serve as the look out. again for the newborn, eight day old baby, he is here at einstein medical center. police believe there were no major injuries that happened during this home invasion and robbery, thomas, karen? >> i know as soon as you get the surveillance images, you'll pass them along.
4:36 am
hopefully they'll redevelop something. >> breaking news coming out of oxford circle, police investigating armed robbery and shooting. >> this one happened just after 1:00 this morning. seems the 6,000 block every somerdale avenue. investigators say three men were loading some exercise equipment into a house when two armed robbers attack them. the suspect took about $500 in cash, one of the victims shot in the leg. he is in stable condition over at einstein medical center. >> developing right now, that peco substation that went up in flames yesterday is still cutting off electricity to large swat of our city this morning, thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark. there is even two schools that are closed and portion every temple. so, people are trying to do their best without all of the power. let's get out to steve keeley with the very latest on all of this, steve, good morning. >> karen, you're going swat there, never used in a good story, but i got good news. a look at this progress. here we are, westmoreland, hunting park, i'm showing you
4:37 am
the traffic light out, that's pretty big intersection, right in front of the old tastykake factory here in hunting park. look at. that will progress back on be, and then across the street the american heritage credit union, power back onto them. so they'll be happy. they'll be able to open today. you can see ourselves on the surveillance screens inside. so good news for them. good work by peco, because they promised us they were going to be working all night. so greg will turn around and show this shot. there is the power station, only lit up by our powerful tv lights. because greg is a professional. he puts enough lights out to shoot a movie, nominated for an oscar. but beyond the power station, look at that street beyond. that will you can see the rowhouses, none of them with any kinds of lights on. and i know you'll say it is the middle of the night, no one has their light on, but no porch light on, no lights on at all. so those are among the 7,000 estimated without power. doug oliver familiar face, he was a long time spokesperson for mike mayor nutter, gas
4:38 am
works, ran for mayor himself. now he is with peco. he updated us about six hours ago. >> i want to start by acknowledge that we're fully aware how inconvenient it is to be without your electric service and how frustrating it can be for that reason peco crews are working around the clock to get as many of those customers restored. here is the good news. we've been able to get more than 27,500 of them back on. the bad news is we have just around 8,000 or so that are still without service, and for them, enough hasn't been done yet. so for that reason, our crews are committed to working around the clock, until we get even to those that remain without service. >> so karen, thomas, i'm sure all of the smart alex at home we almost had a power outage too, getting doug allover
4:39 am
interview on tv our old friends chris murphy since he left, nobody gets my classic rock jokes, so i want to try another one. ready? this is probably the worse power station outage since robert palmer left that group with that name and was replaced by the awful michael de baris. now, sue serio, did you even get that reference? >> i'm laughing, yes. >> thank you. >> but we appreciate you. >> they did some like it hot, yes, that's middle 80s. but i like that one. >> yes, get it on. >> that's great. >> get it on, get our lights on, thank you, steve, we appreciate it. >> see ya. >> bringing some levity, 4:39 in the morning. speaking of light, light were out at lady liberty. >> coming up on good day philadelphia, the statue of liberty goes dark. so why did they switch the light switch off? we'll tell you. great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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this march score the perfect basket. buy 8 participating products in one transaction and get a fandango movie ticket. up to $10 total value. only at my giant. >> welcome back, developing today, for several hours last night, lady liberty didn't shine so brightly. authorities see in the new york harbor. statue of liberty went dark. and the torch. now the national park service says the outage could be connected to some work maybe on new emergency back-up generator, and hurricane sandy recovery project. speculation about this outage grew on social media, with a lot of people thought oh, maybe this is related to a day without a woman movement. out on this international women's day. so interesting. we don't have it all resolved.
4:43 am
but a lot of people talking. >> sure we'll find out shortly. time 4:43, temple university police among those with to help those overdosing on campus. >> already saved a life. that's what is so remark many about this one. offers verse been caring this opioid antidote for about a month, and they've already used to save a life. >> the temple news reports police use the drug last week to successfully revive a 23 year old man who was found unconscious on his car on diamond street. they administered the drug through nasal spray. blocks effect of heroin and opioid prescription pain killer. >> hanging up his fake tan and signature red tie? >> could it be happening? alex baldwin talking about why he would be giving that wig a rest. he may no longer see him impersonating our president.
4:44 am
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>> only couple of days away, but trying to get you around this here this morning. a closure of the ramp from 95 to the walt whitman bridge. we're looking live at the accident and a hazmat clean-up. this is that ramp as you come
4:47 am
north on 95, past the stadium area, this you would exit here for either the walt whitman bridge, or for packer avenue, in south philadelphia. so, if you are coming up from say the airport, as soon as you pass the stadium area, it is that sharp curve of a ramp. you'll know it if you use that area. so, if you're trying to get to the walt whitman bridge, jump off at broad street or go past that scene, jump off at columbus boulevard, washington avenue, and then backtrack work your way back to the walt whitman bridge. that could be with us all morning long. sign of the times, reality, in a power outage, parent are in their cars with the car running so they can charge their cell phones for in the just themselves but for the kids, and the ipads, to keep the kids happy. the peco crews are out there, as we heard from steve, making progress, some traffic lights are coming back on, you got to hit the reset button a lot in the neighborhoods, just watch for a lot of peco and police activity, fox street, westmoreland, hunting park, in the neighborhood, as you work
4:48 am
your way just off of the roosevelt boulevard. so folks that maybe not live in this area saw it on the news here last night and this morning, maybe going that way to work, the off-ramps from the boulevard to fox are open, but navigating in and around that neighborhood, could be a little tough this morning. north on the new jersey turnpike, northbound lanes, the one lane is open in the outer drive, as police investigate an early morning accident. as we've been talking about, the saint patrick's day parade. >> this sunday hey we got brand new ruth for you. we will kick it off at jfk boulevard and 16th street. right in front of suburban station. and come on, we grab your east on market street all the way down ending up at penn's landing, but the cool part is that the tv cameras on our review stands here for fox 29 will be right on market, right in front of independence hall. so make it a date. enjoin us this coming sunday for the philadelphia saint patrick's day parade. we hit the tv screen at noon. noon to 3:00.
4:49 am
we would love to see you along the parade route. get down little early, because, again, we will hit the screen at noon. and should i wear my kilt? could i wear my kilt? depending upon the wind? are you laughing? >> you can wear the kilt. >> sue has the answer for our forecast in 15 seconds. >> it is win up, i hope you do wear the kilt. we've got a look at the cold front making it way through the area right now with a little bit of rain. and then another one that's going to come through and that's going to be a friday morning, the friday morning cold front is the one that's really going to make it cold over the weekend, you remember last weekend what happened. looks like we will get little bit of repeat of that. anyway, scattered, very light showers rolling into the area, way up around binghampton.
4:50 am
it is snow. at least we're mild. boy are we mild this morning. we see some rain now, headed into delco, and parts of montgomery and bucks counties this morning, again, pretty light. and couple of showers lingering around the shore points. mostly around atlantic city, so once we get this out of here, that will be by 6:00, then the sun will come up. we will have pretty decent looking day but it will be windy today. and windy tomorrow, as well, then we talk about friday morning with the possibility of some snow showers rolling through in the morning. but they could be mixed with rain it, all depends on the temperature. but it looks like it could be a bit messy for the morning commute on friday, now we head into saturday, and the wild-card still sunday, although indications from the computer models are lesser chance of snow on sunday. so there is that. temperatures in the 50's and 60s as we start the day. fifty's is the normal high. already way above that. we got to 67 degrees yesterday. today we're expecting about
4:51 am
60, 63, we could even make it to 60 tomorrow before that blast of cold air rolls in with the mix of precipitation possible on friday morning. and now looks like the coldest day is saturday. of course, the time change is saturday night into sunday morning, and then we have another cold day on sunday. but, again, we've kind of increased the chance of some snow on friday morning. but lessened it for sunday morning, always a trade off, guys. >> always. >> that's the truth. thank you, sue. >> rain, shine, snow, we will be out there. the philadelphia saint patrick's day parade. it is just four days away. >> and this year's theme honors police officers. so this morning, we are going to introduce you to our ring every honor. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tip your hat to the men and women in blue. >> this year's parade theme is st. patrick protect and guide our police officers getting special recognition our ring every honor. clever inspector joseph sullivan, he kept us safe during the pope's visit and the dnc and parade day will be
4:52 am
no different. >> you know, i'm very fortunate. i have the best commanders and the best officers in the police department that will be out there. officers patrick boil, he served and so did his son, danny, who tragically was killed. the boil's run a charity in his name to help other children. >> pat boyle, great scholarship and honor every his son dan high died 20 years ago. >> sergeant bob hurst, senior, president of the f.o.p. and the irish memorial. but he's most famous for being mugged 278 times as a granny cop. >> takes a brave man to dress like a granny to catch thieves on the street. he's a great guy, too. >> retired officer james lenox, true leader. >> emeralds society, the irish society, jim is a police officer, solved a lot of big cases back in the day. >> captain william may, he is at the police academy now, and he never stops plugging the job he loves. >> and we are hiring. if anybody's looking for a
4:53 am
profession to get into law enforcement, so go out to our website, log on, you will have an opportunity to join one of the greatest professions that there is. >> edward miller, served decades with the philadelphia police, but now is over at penn. he made news this september, when he was shot. here is some of our philadelphia eagles visiting with him in the hospital. detective lieutenant edward monahan. >> very un assume willing, very irish, very low key, just a great human being to be around. >> and i thought man what an incredible honor. dude conroy. >> prosecutor, lover his irish roots. >> irish, just true irish. >> injury add dill yan, president of the gal i can athletic association, he levels for coaching. >> i enjoy it. kids love it. used to work with them. >> robert heenan, business manager. >> great leader, and in the union movement.
4:54 am
>> michael meehan. >> mike meehan long time republican, in a city that's 09% democrat. so i think you have to tip your hats off to the other party. >> thomas o'donnell, head of the ancient order of hibernians 39. >> to celebrate saint patrick's day in the patron saint of ireland, one of the patron saints of the ancient order of hibernian, terrific honor. >> barney boyce, the parade grand marshall, and advocate of irish culture. >> john dougherty senior. úbe selected for the ring. to >> it is a great honor. well deserved for all of these men who have given so much to the irish culture that they love, and cherish. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go. we're back to honey again.
4:55 am
who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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4:57 am
>> apparently alex baldwin days of playing president trump on saturday night live may be over soon. >> he thinks the public cannot hands it will much longer. >> what he said in a recent interview, said the president's attitude about his sketches is zapping out all of úthe fun and he thought mr. trump's rhetoric would relax following the election. of course president trump he's criticized the show calling it totally un watchable and a hit job. s&l says viewer raters have soared since baldwin took the role. >> as we are going into our next hour of good day, lot of news from overnight. we have thousands without power, and also, this, a home invasion, there were three women home alone, a baby injured, now in the hospital. lauren johnson has a live report.
4:58 am
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>> lapping now on good day philadelphia, a baby just eight days old, in the hospital, after a home invasion, four robbers are still on the loose. high-tech hit job built for performance in speed. >> in the dark. two schools are closed, thousands still without power


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