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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 8, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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problems. >> men going mad, the extreme americas yours some are taking to make sure they don't miss again. >> extreme. interesting. yes, we have to get ready. march madness is coming up soon. >> i know. >> but good day everyone it is march 8, 2017. >> we love this madness, though. but i don't like the madness the weather is bringing. >> all over the place. >> and it is chilly like a lot between now and the weekend, because it is mild out there right nowment it is raining, the rain isn't going to last, eventually temperatures won't last, then come the weekend. oh, and snow in there, too. >> okay? >> so yes, we will break it all down for you, let's give you eight out every ten, thinking optimist beingly, even rain nag lot of places, few showers around with bus stop buddy. temperatures in the four's, and 50's, won't last too much longer showers still over in lancaster county will move
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from west to east, that will be about it. so right now seeing clouds, in old city, taking a break from showers, and it is 50 degrees, but 10-mile per hour winds are gusting as high as 20 miles an hour, so that's really going to end up being the big thing today the winds. and we have 40's to the north every us, 30's in the mountains, and winds from 13, 16, 18, 26 miles an hour in atlantic city. today we will eventually see sunshine, and it will take us to the lower 60s, but the wind will stick with us, and stick us, all afternoon, gusting as high as 40 miles an hour at times. bob kelly, that will make for an adventure us drive over a bridge. >> we are already seeing the cameras starting to shake here this morning, live look, at an accident scene. this is the vine st. expressway, as soon as you come off the schuylkill trying to get into downtown accident here, right lane, look at this fellow, got spun around, and this happened right around the same time we were getting that fine drizzle. so, the roads are little damp.
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hopefully the wind, the fan will get turned on and dry things out. here is a live look at an accident. this is the onramp from street road to head south on 95, actually a car right here underneath the back end of this pick-up truck, up there coming offer street road. accident both ends of 495, the upper end, lower end, downed wires, lower southampton route 213 buck road. mass transit just minor delays, on some of the scattered regional rail lines. >> thank you, newborn in the hospital after a home invasion in logan. >> the child's mother simply stunned as three men burst right into their home overnight, lauren johnson from einstein medical center where the baby is being checked out this morning. >> thomas, alex, eight days old, now the baby spending most of the morning here at einstein medical center so doctors can take care of him make sure he is okay after that home invasion and robbery. all happening on the 4500 block of 18th street.
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in the city logan section. twenty-four year old mother was sleeping upstairs, cradling her newborn, when suddenly three mask men were inside her home, all of them wearing all black, gloves, and mask to hide their faces, announced robbery taking place, they demanded her get out every bed. she begged them not to enter, they put guns in her face, made her leave the bedroom leaving the baby behind. also inside the home visiting the mother two, 17 year old females, everyone forced into the basement while they ransack the home. police say they were able to get away with $3,500.02 cell phones. >> they announce a robbery, all three had guns, point the guns at her. they asked her where the money is. she was laying in bed with her eight day old son on her chest. they ordered her to stand up. she said i'm holding my baby. according to the mother, one of the males then push the baby, eight days old, on to
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the floor. >> and police say the men were caught on camera, in fact, they don't dollars four of them. the woman says only three were home leading police to believe one stayed outside as the look out. being so young and fragile, of course, police wanted to take precautions, the baby was brought here to einstein to make sure that he was not injured. as for the suspects in that home invasion and robbery, police are still searching for them this morning. >> thank you for that update. >> shows you the kind of people we're dealing with. >> eight day old babe. >> i 7:04. police investigating armed robbery this morning and shooting in oxford circle. it happened just after 1:00 on the 6,000 block of somerdale avenue. authorities say three men were loading extra -- exercise equipment into a house whether two armed men robbed them. the suspect took $450 and shot one of the men in the leg. he is in stable condition at einstein medical center. >> right now, east germantown, the search for who ever opened a fire on guy ride nag jeep,
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those shots hit the 25 year old passenger in the head. he's critical. it happened on east hey street. the driver wounds up crashing into another car. no one else is seriously hurt. but clearly police have a mystery on their hands. and thousands are still without power after peco substation goes up in flames in north philadelphia yesterday. >> we know few schools are closed this morning. and crews, steve keeley, making progress, aren't they? >> yes. not so many thousands. they're now under 5,000 as the rain begins to fall. i don't know if the rain and the winds is making the job tougher. by the way, sue serio, the heaviest raindrops we've felt all morning out here. so, you can see, a lot of police still on hand. not directing traffic, because the traffic lights seem to be all back on, everywhere, where they were off when we arrived. but this is one of the streets here on westmoreland. pretty close right across from the substation. and these people probably never in the dollars the substation, even though they come out of their front door and face it every day. but now, they'll notice it for
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sure. because beyond this big tall wall that they don't see, if they cross the corner here at fox street, look what melted and burned. here we are, with complete daylight. you can see, the aftermath. this is what were you looking at if you were watching the evening news last night. and if you missed the evening news, see the scene right here? now we will show this on tape and how it looked yesterday right around 2:00 until about 5:00 before the firefighters started being able to put water on this, once this was all shutdown, because this place is a mess. a lot of power going on through here that would likely kill somebody in a second if any of the water from a hot wire then trickled down from where the fire department's hoses were, to the feet of the firefighter. so that's why they couldn't get right on this right away. so, you're looking at the flames, as we come back out of that. keep that shot in minds. now you see flu that it is ought owl snow smell of burning plastic or metal
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around here, i guess that's a good thing, right? but you can see, a lot of warnings here, danger, high voltage, and this is the westmoreland avenue substation, runs along railroad tracks and big part of the neighborhood here forever, just like tastykake was for nine years right down the street until they moved out in 2009. but peco is really making great progress, 36,000 at one point, now we are at 4500. the weird thing is it is not just the local people close by around this substation that are without power. two schools are shutdown today. the rose middle school clearfield, just three blocks from here, that's kind of understand. but the philadelphia high school for girls, right across the street from the broad and olney big septa station, that's 4 miles from here. that's the second school shutdown because there is no power. so, this power goes throughout the city from here obviously, and whatever is taking the power from here, to the philadelphia high school for girls, 4 miles away, even though people inbetween
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obviously have power is cause that school to be shutdown. so, enjoy the day off girls. march the reason for the girls getting the power offer? maybe enjoy that day they richly deserve as well. so we will update youment looks like peco, the estimate, 8:00 a.m. for some people coming back on, and as late as noon if you go on their outage map. >> sounds like things are improving though. when we first talk with you in the 6:00 you were saying 6,000 people without power. now it is 5,000. and i am getting some tweets, i got one from candice, and she is excited. she just got her power back. and this is what she is doing at her home right now. she's dancing. she says -- >> is that mary? >> mary, no more pain, no more drama, right? she said when you have power in east mt. airy, yeah, yeah, so she's excited probably doing that in her living room right now. >> i love it. limited power and text us, hold on, save your power, we lover hearing from, never know if it will go back off. time 7:08.
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>> convicted rapist is waking up in prison this morning. >> police want to know if there are any more victims, hue lux pleaded guilty in february to attacking and raping children. investigators in media say they know after dozen victims as young as 12 years old. police say he met some of his victims in a playgrounds, in media, and lured them back to his apartment. if you have any information on other victims, you're urged to contact police. >> freight train smashing into a charte bus killing four people there is happened yesterday at intersection in bill objection i, dozen injured with seven in critical condition. rescuers spent more than an hour pulling some of the victims out of the wreckage. no one on the train was injured. we understanded the bus trip was by a senior center. just the last month they held training exercise for this very scenario.
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>> reportedly the former football player could be released from prison by the season. he's been lock up for nine years, the minimum sentence required after being guilty of rob too long sport memorabilia dealers in las vegas, back in 2007. what is next depends on outcome of parole hearing in july. >> massive intelligence leak is raising new concerns this morning about smart devices in our homes. >> agencies like the cia may be able to listen in on private conversations, exploiting new tech features. so doug has more on this, doug? >> reporter: good morning, look, this is atrocious of information. released by wikileaks, suggesting that it came from someone who was pretty close to the cia. some of it fascinating, some disturbing. >> what new tools are at the cia's disposal? how about smart phones? connected appliances in
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designed to make our lives easier. even self-driving cars. all could be turned into surveillance devices, according to new data, released by wikileaks. >> they're tapping into cars. they're tapping into the home tv's. they're tapping into every device that you would carry that has a battery in it, basically. >> i'm not going to comment on that. >> white house press secretary, sean spicer, didn't want to touch the new allegations. but others are saying plenty about what these disclosures could mean for the ia. >> when you lose capability, which you will when you have a serious dis cough what you are doing, it is a real compromise. it is really damaging. >> the leaks also show the spy agency has the ability to hack and then shift the blame to other governments including russia. for the rest every us, real questions about what we can do to stop either intelligence agencies or other hackers from listening in. and in the case of new smart sam song tv's with biggs in microphones, ability described in the wikileaks documents are profound. >> they can turn it on
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remotely, but it wouldn't put the power line on. so anybody in that room would then be discussing or talking, and being monitored without their knowledge or consent. it is a great spy utility. if that's what they're doing, which is there is no reason why we wouldn't believe that. >> now the other disturbing aspect of this would be that the cia, if these document are correct, new about these vulnerability, didn't let the manufacturers of the devices know, because one of the concerns here would be not that the cia could potentially gain access here, but that other hackers might be able to, as well, suddenlily get access to personal private information about people. alex and thomas. >> does raise a lot of questions. doug luzader in washington, doug, thanks. how about this? despite effort of a boycott, ivanka trump's fashion line reporting record sales. from january to february, sales increase nearly 350%. this comes after nordstrom said it would no longer carry the first daughter's
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merchandise, due to poor sales. on line campaign critical of the new administration has tried pressuring retail tears stop selling trump brands dollars products, but looks tike it is not affecting her sales at all. >> 7:13. happening right now, police in delaware are inch. closer to identifying a man linked to the kidnapping of two women recent days. >> new castle county police say they've boosted their patrols after the latest incident around the arundel apartments. just few days ago woman was sexually assaulted then pulled into a car, and driven around to several atm's forced to witwithdraw money. police believe the same man did same thing to another woman at the top of the hill amounts in wilmington on february 13th. comes say both victims reported the suspect as having an accent but detective don't know what kind of accent, actually. >> officer from new castle county police joining us, great to have you with us, officer. i know a lot of resident are worried, are concerned. what are you tell them this morning? >> well, we're really pushing
7:14 am
personal safety on people. >> be aware of their surroundings when walking into their ants, and walk to go their homes. you know, stay away from dimly literaries. maybe let your family members and loved ones know when you're leaving to work, when you plan on being home, maybe if you feel comfortable being on on the phone with them when you're walking into your apartment. >> but the big message, if you see something suspicious, maybe something that doesn't belong there, call us. we have more patrol officers throughout to respond to it, they're going respond right away. and we're happy to come do that. maybe it is a vehicle parked in your complex, or around your complex. that looks strange, you don't recognize, maybe there is nobody in it. but we want to come out and investigate this. seems before we came to you we showed a maps, incident, do we believe the suspect will stay in this area yet?
7:15 am
do you have reason he might go outside of it? >> i wouldn't want to speculate about that, but we do have two incidents the first incident at the top of the hill about 15 miles away. >> do we know anything more about the suspect? i know some of the victims have said that had he an accent. do we know anything else about what he may look like? victims describe him having discontinuing accent, and, you know, do you have put yourself in the victim shoes. these victims have gone through a very traumatic incident, and, we're having trouble determining what exact accent it is, but we're hoping somebody will think, well, i know somebody who has a discontinuing accent, who talks themself, who coaches themself, who may be hasn't been around during the evening hours on sunday or monday. and we want that person to call police. this isn't going to be solved, police, we need help from the
7:16 am
citizens and we've been very happy to have a bunch of tips coming in, actually sat yesterday, as the tips were coming in, and we do investigate every single tip. so, i would really ask for the public to keep calling in tips for us. >> and looking that the map, and the targeted area it, appears this person seems to know the area well? >> yes, i wouldn't speculate on that right now, really don't know until we talk to him. >> okay, and it is important to point out that these women, women were random targets. >> it appears random at this time, yes. >> thank you so much for this update. we also want to remind everyone the reward to up $20,000 for anyone who has information leading to arrest, but they're encouraging police in the area for everyone to be vigilant, make sure that when you are walking somewhere, don't be texting, maybe call someone, let them know, so if they don't hear from you after a certain time they can call police, because you just never know. >> once again thanking officer piser from the new castle county police department,
7:17 am
thank you. >> coming up on clock 17. in january, thousands of women took to the street of philadelphia, and around the nation, to shed light on women's rights. today thousands more will participate in a strike called a day without a woman, and now this is in conjunction with international women's day. and many women are taking the day off to spotlight the necessary role that they play in society and socio-economic system. the first rally in our area is happening at 7:30, and we will take you live whether it starts. i think means different things to different people. because some people are saying this is not political call. just because international women's day. they want to celebrate the role women play in so many people's lives, others may be saying differently. but i don't want people to assume if you are wearing red or talking about women's rights it has something to do with politics. >> either way an important conversation to have. 7:17. let's get a check of the forecast, good morning, glue we start with the forecast for the saint patrick's day parade sunday. still not taking snow out of the forecast. we're promising cold temperatures. twenty's when the parade
7:18 am
begins. and yes you'll need to jump like the leprochan to help keep yourself warm. flurries or snow showers, but depends on the direction of southern storm. which we're not sold on yet. beginning of the end of our rain, it is still moving through the area right now. there are some scattered showers around the philadelphia area, and temperatures, are mostly in the four's, 50's, we think sunshine will take us back up to 63 degrees, and then 60 tomorrow. then it starts to get cold. colds front coming through, and messy morning on friday. possibility of rain and/or snow to start your day. saturday a day we get to only 33 degrees. many time change happens at night. we go to daylight saving time. then sunday we start off in the teens, by the afternoon mid 30's, should see sunshine, not taking snow out of the forecast yet. bob kelly? yet. >> get my long johns ready to
7:19 am
go. clock 19 on this what's today wednesday, live look at 295. this is 295 southbound strength and police on the scene, slow going end to ends on the vine expressway, just had an accident, cleared out of the way so the schuylkill jammed both directions coming into philadelphia. traffic starting to move again, crossing town. >> to head south on 95, scene of crash. and as we heard from steve in the neighborhood, things are improving hour by hour. but through the rest of the morning, be ready for some potential traffic lights out at the intersection, school buses even the septa buses, no official detours, everything getting through, just this could be a little bit after delay with gridlock in the neighborhood. alex and thomas back over to you. >> thank you, bob. new punishments for those who record crimes then post them on line. legislation would do just that, but, will it really prevent people from doing it?
7:20 am
>> but first, want to eat like a champion? want to look like tom brady? or guess he will bun chen? >> now you have me saying it. gisele. >> how you could follow brady's same strict diet without ever leaving your home, but guess what, it will cost you. >> how do you know no guest snell. >> burnel? >> i saw the vision. i got blurred. you know what i am talking about. stay with us.
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>> begs the question, are shopping malls as we know them flying. >> so five now stores, lauren, expected to close this year? >> that's not good. >> yep, that's the latest, yep, the latest estimate. look, alex, talking to you, steel our heart, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. >> i can only go there when they had big sale anyway. they weren't cheap. >> they were not cheap. but the list goes on, hh greg,
7:24 am
pay less, lot of these stores are in trouble as holiday sales were weak, that's their big time of the year and let's face it, so much seaning on line. the death of the shopping mall. i'll come back with you with the changing shopping mall. i this i they already died. starting to see, and you might even have seen this where you guys go. >> grocery stores, some happening smalls, where they used to have big brand name store that's since closed it doors. so changing shopping mall. look, when go food shopping, are they going to carry your bags to i don't know like clothing store, try on clothes? and if you stop at the car first, and drop off your bags, you can't have like ice cream in there in the summer or something. so you have to time out your trip. >> also seeing a lot of the outdoor malls, you know, kind of the retail stores that are just based on the outside. >> yes, those are nice.
7:25 am
i have one near me but don't go there in the winter. >> not saying king of prussia, i don't know if you know this, one of the biggest malls, compared to mall of america. >> malls of america. >> not shutting down. we even seen said lower maul on bring every death. only saying some of the stores not doing so well. so in the future starting to question, right? >> they're finding new tenants. >> macy shutting down stores, i'm still waiting for sick it city. >> i miss circuit city. interesting, king of prussia just added huge addition, they built this big expansion project recently, just opened. >> so that's interesting. >> a lot of stores, it would be good example, actually creating experiences, to get people to go there we'll shop in the store if there is something for us to do there aside from just shopping. >> to tom brady, on top of the nfl world, but could he on top of everything else?
7:26 am
>> top of the meal plan? really? >> so he eats a certain way. his entire family, includes his wife, model gisele bunch kin, it is healthy eating, gluten free, plant based high protein limited use of soy, limited use of this, that. anyway, you can eat like him, you won't play like him i guarantee that you but you can reach your own peak performance, they have a meal kit subscription service, teamed up with purple carrot. $78 a week. >> for how many meals? >> three meals. >> what? >> three meals that two people could eat. >> wait, three meals for just the week, not a day, right? >> right. three meals for the week, that feed two people. >> do you have -- >> i think it comes out to about 13, you do, they give i everything you need to cook them. so competing with blue apron, for instance. >> before we go though, can you say his wife's name again, please? first and last name? >> oh, gisele bunchkin. >> i think if you asked everyone, people say it
7:27 am
differently. >> do we know how to say it the right way. >> i think it is gisele bunskin. >> earlier were you saying bizel? >> we just have it take thomas' word for it. >> seventy-eight bucks a week for three meals? >> all i know moo my college roommate used to go to a soul cycle, where gisele lives, used to sit behind her in class and saying she was so mate vat dollars and then take creepy pictures and send them to me. >> that's not creepy at all. >> that's what motivated him. >> can you imagine spinning behind guest snell common. >> yes, that would be awesome. i wouldn't want to be next to her, no. okay, thank up, lauren. >> i look terrible next to her. hello, right? >> working out is already a struggle, my gosh. thanks, lauren. and speaking of lauren mentioned soul cycle, into you one owning up soon. jenn fred i'm real concern, you're saying a lot of the popular workouts that we look may not be helping us out.
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the time is just about 73:00; bus stop buddly only need his umbrella little while longerment temperatures in the 40's, a's, you see the rain still with us, but it is on its way out. and once we're finished with the rain, the winds will pick up. so we should dry out pretty quickly, although still damp here in old citiment and still cloudy. we're waiting for maybe one more round of rain, with 50 degrees, 10-mile per hour winds, and 20-mile per hour wind gusts. right now, it is 45 in pottstown, 35 in mount pocono, 48 in wildwood. get you started. pretty mile temperatures for march the eighth. but the wind, make you feel little chillier, and again, it will dry us out eventually. so, for today, the sunshine will come out. it will get to maybe 62 degrees. even though this is a cold front coming through, but those winds, will be with us all afternoon, gusting as high as 40 miles an hour at times. then we get chilly change, just in time for the weekends, maybe even a chance of snow. we will talk about that in the
7:32 am
seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly? >> that certainly got our attention, 7:32, morning, it is a wednesday, and we got a new accident here. this is 95 northbound, the ramps coming into center city, philadelphia. so anybody coming from say columbus boulevard, south philly, trying to get into downtown, all lined up here, along the right, looks like the state trooper just pulled up to the scene here. so that's going to cause delays, heading into philly on 95. and an accident south on 295 right near route 541, over there in burlington-mt. holly. delays coming in on the freeway, you notice roads little damp? we had the earlier rain things still little damp h a lot of accidents on the on and the off ramp so right there an example. see how that just wet, could cause the car to go spinning. accident onramp to 309 ramps to the pennsylvania turnpike, here in ft. washington, and as we've been reporting live from the neighborhood, all among long, yesterday's substation fire, leaving folks without power, also the neighborhood, traffic lights, so just watch
7:33 am
for delays, along fox westmoreland hunting park all just off of the roosevelt boulevard. alex and thomas back to you. >> thank you, bob. an effort is underway, that would further punish those who tend toward violent felonies. >> not just talking about someone who sees something, hits records and butts it on line. california legislators going after the conspirators, inspired buyer 14 year old jordan shown here in his hospital bed on family go fund me page. jordan walking by a wendy's when police say he was punched by a boy he had never met before. his skull was fractured. his eardrum ruptured. and he had bleeding in his brain. this photo from the family facebook support page. so police say the attack was documented, in order to be shared on social media. jordan's family posted this facebook family every his homecoming, we should mention two juveniles were arrested. >> so attorney heather hanson tells us how legislation like this would work.
7:34 am
heather this is only if someone plans, hey, i want you to record this because i'm about to commit a crime. >> exactly right. if they can proof all of that then who ever is helping by videotaping it, is facing up to 16 months in prison, and $5,000 fine. >> the thing is they're already facing prison time, some fines, for being a conspirator. for planning the assault in the first place. if you conspire to commit a crime, a felony, you can face the same amount of time that the person who actually does the felony. so, this is probably one of those things, any time someone is hurt, family members want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> this comes from good place. but i don't -- i'm not sure it makes huge difference, ultimately. >> i know there is gray area here. so how far does this go, if a person commits a crime, say they're filming this, a person is the crime results in a person's death, could they be charged with murder? >> yes, con spur at this to commit murder absolutely. separate from this particular bill. it is purely for the person videotaping, and it only goes up to 16 months in prison.
7:35 am
so it is really what we call enhancement. it adds on time to the sentence of the person would already get it. also this bill adds on time for the person who actually commits the assault for planning to videotape t so in that respect, it is good. listen, weaver a lot of these things happening where people are videotaping, across the country these types every bills are popping up. >> my issue where it gets little confusing in the culture of social media nowadays, if people are walking down the street, they see crime happening, a loft times instead of picking up the phone and calling 911 they're pic picking up their phe and recording it, so passersby if they're doing this, does that mean something could happen to them? >> no. there are those types every bills and other states, illinois, in february, trying to pass a bill not to punish them necessarily, but to make sure what they're trying do to dow make sure instead of pick up the phone to make a video picking up your phone to call 911. hat's what the hope is. but there is first amendment concerns when do you that, alex. you can't be punishing people for posting things on line, simply for posting it. if they have no intent to hurt anybody. >> because it makes me think
7:36 am
of amy joyner francis, the delaware teen, 16 years old, in a bathroom, fight got started, and she lost her life. but on social media the video was being shared and placed everywhere. >> that type of thing sharing those types every videos, you're not likely to get in trouble for. however if the girls who were with her who whether doing the taping, if this law was in place it would be enhancement, would add to their sentence. this is meant to deter people from planning these things simply positive put it on social media. if we could back it up, teach kids to respect one another, not be posting terrible things on social media. that would be preferable but a start. >> isn't there a concern about privacy? is this part of the wiring tapping? >> more like cyber bullying. cyber billing a big deal. trying to catch to up technology and create laws to stop people from doing t and this is one of them. but the problem with these laws is you've got first amendment considerations you've got as you pointed out alex innocent bystanders picking up phone. sometimes that helps police to
7:37 am
catch the person traitor. so you don't necessarily want to discourage it, so lawmakers victims families working together to try to figure out a good balance. this particular law, i don't know that it adds whole lot. but it enhancement could be enough to deter some people from picking up that video and trying to video someone being attacked. >> okay, well, hang you -- thank you, heather, appreciate it. >> saying it together. >> one, two, three. >> 7:37. >> you got it. >> dumping trump. why actor alec baldwin says well he's no longer going to impersonate the president on saturday night live. stay with us. we didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie that space together.
7:38 am
with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. it's perfect for our family.
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>> what it would be like without women. here is a rally going on, live look at ha brown elementary school in kensington, the philadelphia felt ration of teachers taking part in this rally. but, it is just one of the events, that are happening across the city, in the
7:41 am
country today, to highlight the importance of women, in society. so, you see, there is some people out there. with some signs, and they're calling this a woman's strike. and this does fall on international women day. and like we were mentioning earlier, even though international women day, some people are choosing this day to be political. others just trying to celebrate women because this is something that we've had, international women day. so, here's an update here at this rally. we will keep you updated on some of the others happening throughout the day. 7:41. alec baldwin's days of playing president trump on saturday night live may soon be over. >> the actor said he doesn't think the public can handle it much longer. listen. >> i'm bringing jobs back, picking the best cabinet, to go ahead, ask me anything, yes, you? >> hey, abc news, i would like to ask you about your big russian pp party. >> no, i am not talking about the pp. because it didn't happen. and it wasn't as cool as it sound. next question?
7:42 am
>> obvious that's his portrayal there. baldwin said the president's attitude about his sketches well zapping out all of the fun and he thought mr. trump's rhetoric would have relaxed following the election. president trump as you know criticized, totally un watchable, in a hit job, s&l says the rate havings never been better. he gets $1,400 every time he portrays trump. >> really? >> yes, he says you kind of want to end whether it is on a high note. so we'll see. but he says he'll play it throughout the end of the season. >> isn't he writing a book about his experience, too? >> yes, with the editor, illustrate the name of the magazine, but satirical book on president trump and his first year in offers. so that's coming out. he'll finish playing out through the end of the season. >> me coincide when the book comes out, usually how they plan things, let's check in with jen. so many workouts in style right now. but are they helping you or hurting you? >> all right, nicole, let's see what you have. the question is, is cross-fit one of these exercises that
7:43 am
can help you lose weight? what do you think ronnie has to say about that? come on back. this boulder she's caring, way to go, nicole. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming it's now open in the poconos! america's largest indoor waterpark. kalahari resorts & conventions book your african adventure now!
7:44 am
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7:46. good morning, everybody, accident northbound lanes of 309. approaching the pennsylvania turnpike. talked about this on the last time around. we got camera zoomed in, again, roads are just, you know, just damp enough, we've had a lot of accident here, in the last hour or so. we don't have that heavy rain, the kind that hit you and stops you and slows you down. but, just maybe intermittent wipers going on, again, this is northbound 309, right near the ft. washington interchange, here is another accident, this is south right near the black horse pike, so we're back up from route 70 on down in toward bellmawr, the scene of the crash, also an accident, route 70 and route 73, the scene of the old marlton circle there, where
7:47 am
olga's use today sit. here we go, slow going on the freeway, working your way into philadelphia. in the neighborhoods,, yesterdao substation fire. so it will be probably through the rest of the rush hour, and into the noontime, even when they do restore power, at least to the traffic lights, not all of them come instantly back on and start cycling, have to get out there, hit the reset button. be ready for that throughout the day. some downed wires in lower southampton, 213 and buck road. also, in swedesboro, route 322, right at kings highway, there is an accident. some minor delays, too, on some of the septa regional rail lines. sue has your wednesday and parade forecast, coming up in 15 seconds. >> bob kelly just said it,
7:48 am
still damp out there thinning, still seeing some showers around, as we mention beginning of the ends, showers clearing out every lancaster county, and everything will move from west to east, and get out of here, but we still see some light rain around the philadelphia area, down around the jersey shore, around central delaware, as well. so, still need the umbrella, just for little while. 50 degrees in philadelphia, 40's to the north of us, 35 mount pocono. forty-eight in wildwood. and our big issue today, after we get rid of the rain, will be the wind. 20-mile per hour wind gusts in philadelphia, right now, same in dover, and up in pottstown, 44-mile an hour gust in atlantic city. sixty-seven was our high yesterday. we won't be quite that mild today. but, bump up to 63 degrees today, could even get to zero six tomorrow. at least early in the day. forty-two though our high for friday, messy morning, rain and/or snow to start the day on friday. and look how colds it gets over the weekend. in case you hadn't heard. and remember, last weekend, when it was also very cold.
7:49 am
so saturday the coldest day, saturday night, is when the time changes to daylight saving time. and then we have the parade on sunday, so we're committing to the colds, guys. the snow is not out of the forecast but it is if-ee right now whether we will get any snow or not. if we do, if it accumulates. >> i guess i'll take if-ee over we'll get snow. >> right. >> there is that. >> i'll take no snow. >> okay. >> if that's okay with you. >> high expectations over here. well, we know about all of these workouts that everyone is talking about, and putting on social media from the cross fit to yoga, some people are doing a soul cycle, all kind of different things. and it is cool to try new exercises but the question is, are these work-outs actually helping you lose weight? >> let's get fit with jen. what will we doing wrong here jen? >> okay, society biggest part of the article, by the way, say hi to billy and ronnie. good morning. >> morning. >> biggest part of the article that we looked at at fitness, i'm not a fitness professional. >> no. >> he played college baseball.
7:50 am
come on, they were talking about result to risk ratio, right? the people that wrote this article are more of a work out getting hurt than losing weight? >> yes. >> do you think that's a valid glenn. >> yes, it is definately valid concern. >> one thing we talk about, if you are a rookie, right, walk into the place, you're already kind of feeling nervous, but tell the instructor that you've never done this type every thing before. >> right. also, notice there is a new person, coming in. >> okay. >> so, as a new person that comes in here, or any type of gym setting, go to up that person, introduce yourself, ask them about themselves. just listen to what they've gone their life. they tell you they're brand new. now do you have kind of hold their hands little bit for the first too times that they come into your gym, just walk them through the class. >> let's get to the specific exercises, so the first one they said sorry. they said cross fit. they said cross fit is not worth it because you are so able to get hurt. whether you saw that, what did you think? >> well, like i just said, i
7:51 am
feel like as a new person comes into the gym, whether i'm teaching a class, billy is teaching a class, joey is teaching a class, anybody, you want to walk up to that person and make sure that they're comfortable right away. hi, introduce yourself. >> how can you get hurt in cross fit though? >> with a lazy instructor. you cannot have a lazy coach, lazy trainer, you need to have somebody holding their hand little bit throughout the first few weeks. i would say probably for the first month at least. >> we will go through the last three really quick. yoga. >> yoga boy. >> so they said yoga you can't lose weight. you agree with that why? >> i agree to a point. yoga more for a person who is in shape, already has some type of backgrounds, and what yoga will do for a person is really going to tone their body. >> yes. >> gain little bit of muscle. but really tone the body, gain a lot of flexibility. >> get on the bike. people are craze. >> i billy is really flexible. can't go by bill. >> i people are going nuts for like soul cycle, all of the other, you know, things. but again there is article
7:52 am
said it is good for a beginner, but again worried more about people who are more advanced with some of the those things? >> also something where it falls on the instructor, as well, being if i'm brand new, and i walk into a soul cycle class or spin class, billy ateams pretty populated spin class. if i walk in and i've never done it before, and billy doesn't take notice to a new person in the class, and he is still ramp up, keeping high intensity the local time, but i'm over here on the bike dying, my resistance up, i can't turn the pedals. >> can't get your feet out of the thing. >> all about the instructor, falls on the instructor. >> so good. we broke down the article. we got little bit of your south philly accent. >> i try to hide it. >> i saw it in the beginning. i try -- you try, why? >> look at him. he can't even breathe. >> show them solve love i. philly, all right. so, ladies, the bottom line is, and men, if you're going to be a rookie, talk to your person, and if your person is not talking to you, just leave. >> all in the instructor.
7:53 am
>> all right. >> and know your limitations. know when to say no. i tell my treanor that, i can't do it, too heavy. >> is that just complaining? >> complaining, yes. that's why i have this pair shape body. >> oh, please, please. >> it is a mess under here. >> 7:53. that time of the year again. men everywhere will be glued to their couches for college basketball. and some are going to great lengths to ensure this. the surgical procedure, yes, men are having surgery, just so they can watch march madness. >> you'll never believe what it is, i was surprised. we'll tell you straight ahead.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, preston and steve. so, listen to this. >> get out the scissors. >> more men are getting vasectomies, right now, just so they can plan out the recovery time so they can stay home and watch march madness. 10% spike in the surgeries.
7:57 am
>> smartly done. that's been, yes, that's been a phenomenon over the last several years, that people have done that, and kudos to the guy who first had the idea. and i know -- >> why not? >> some urologists will offer specials this time of year. >> really? >> as well, yes. absolutely. i'm not a big -- i'm not college hoops fan. i got a vac he can team probably seven years ago or so, kacie had a had the snip job, as well. >> you have experts here today. >> yes, it is a couple of days of recovery. and you can milling it a little bit, too. >> no pun intended. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can make it last an extra, no you can't do that for awhile. >> there is a lot more baby making going on, isn't there, during march madness? >> no, i would think contrary, because you're distracted by the basketball, right? >> honey, not now, not now. >> but whether your team wins you're kinds of on a high if you will, might squeeze it in every now and then? >> thomas, speaking from experience? >> ya, ya.
7:58 am
no, but i would think, i would think absolutely contrary to. that will at the ends of the run perhaps, but listen, tip for those who are considering a vasectomy from a man who has done there is highly rec two things, number one, don't look at any actual vast em toning procedures, beforehand. >> oh,. >> don't go search around and see what they actually do. you don't need to know. that will and number two, you can request to be knocked out for t did i not know. that will because most procedures are done while you're awake. >> what? >> i didn't want to do. that will but they cannot gave you a general anesthetic but can take you down far enough to where you're not a part of it, you don't even realize. >> but you see it? >> highly recommend that. >> i was totally awake, full on conversation. >> what? >> not that bad. >> yes. >> so did you watch what was happening? did they have a sheet up or something? >> no, no sheet up. but i couldn't really see what was going on, but no, we had a conversation, it was a nice time. actually it really didn't take that long either. >> how long is a procedure,
7:59 am
what, five minutes? >> teeth cleaning takes longer. >> i don't know, 15 minutes? it is not that -- >> are you kidding me, 15 minutes? >> go to sleep. >> didn't you also videotape it and slow it at the christmas party? >> no, no, no. re-enact philadelphia, though. here is the deal. i didn't do mine during march madness but i did sort of have similar sort of theory behind mine. i got mine on the morning of new years eve. because it was the ends of our chris ma -- we had taken off for christmas, i wanted to really relax from my last few days off. so that's why i got it done that day. >> so is the classic bag of frozen peas on the crotch works? >> most definitely. then what they don't tell you, you have to wait months about before that thing actually takes in. >> oh? >> so in other words there may still be bullets in the chamber. >> what i want to know, on scale of one to ten, how painful it is? >> casey, would you know, were you awake. >> i would say a five. >> oh, not bad. >> the recovery, five. it wasn't that bad.
8:00 am
>> compared to root can and because your dentist actually did yours, right? compared to root canal. >> well, root canal, i would maybe, because root canals aren't that bad, but wisdom team, wisdom teeth are worse. >> all right. >> like sesame street, i love it, tip of the day, milk it, what's your word of the day. >> all of that stuff. >> thanks, guys. we appreciate it. >> see, my last shot we had a guy, just took off, he made it quite simple. >> snip snip? >> good day to you, it is wednesday, i'm learning a lot of things today, march 8, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelph ia". >> the power is out so are massive schools in north fill. >> i when people can expect to see the light. >> ♪ >> a roadblock on the john toy start a family. >> this just hit me like a ton every bricks. i never expected it to be something that i would face.
8:01 am
>> a struggle with infertility leads one couple in a new direction. how they're finding comfort and peace through music. >> bears it all. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the singer strips down for a new magazine shoot. and here dom the critics. why this photo is making some people uncomfortable. new kids, new music. >> ♪ >> new kids on the block, are back. with their first new song, in four years, why you'll be thankful for one more night. >> ♪ >> okay, and i learned, and i didn't know this, so block heads, right, if you like new kids on the block, you're block head. >> i suppose. >> oh, wait, that's a good thing. good morning everyone, help owe car glenn good morning, guys. >> how are you? >> hey. half way through the week. >> hump day. closer to saint patrick's day parade. the question is, sue, is it going to snow, is it not there is weather.
8:02 am
>> i can promise you cold. >> all right? >> the jury still out on the snow. we're thinking maybe snow showers, or flurries, but need to be little bit closer to really be sure. it is a eight out of ten today. let's talk about your wednesday. bus stop buddy still dealing with a few showers, but in some places the sun starting to come out. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, and you see the showers that are left over on ultimate doppler radar. they're down in delaware, southern new jersey, few showers in chester county. so, that's all we got left. we still have clouds left, though. 49 degrees with 15-mile per hour sustained winds in philadelphia. and in fact all of the temperatures now have dropped into the 40's, they were mostly in the 50's, 60s, when we got started at 4:00 a.m. and we still have some breezes out there, as well. so, today, i think enough sunshine should take us to about 62 degrees. will still be win think afternoon. and we will get that eight out of ten for you today.
8:03 am
>> snow numbers will go down. >> as long as i don't have to put a snow shovel up my shell all. >> i 309, approaching the pennsylvania turnpike, just be careful. you probably don't see the rain, wipers aren't on, no need for the umbrella, but everything still damp and wet. >> accident north on 295, right near the black horse pike, there is also a crash southbound, right near route 30. so, double accidents here on 295, and south jersey, and right near the old marlton circle, this is a crash, westbound, 70, just off route 73. alex, karen, back over to you. >> thank you, bok. 8: zero three. peco crews have been working non-stop to restore power in north philadelphia. >> yes, did pretty good job, a loft people already back up.
8:04 am
still have thousands of people who don't have power, we've got two schools closed, steve keeley on this one, all morning, and has an update. hey, steve? >> too late of course for both the roads middle school three blocks from here and girls high school, here in philadelphia, which is 4 miles from here. so about 500, i just checked the outage map, there is at least 500 people on the other side every broad street at broad and olney. that area no where near this neighborhood that are among those without power. most are in this area, and this area now down below 4,000. but we just met a couple who came by to say hi, park in front of our van, they had death in the family last night, they finally get home. they had no idea this happened. because they're at a wake all night. they get home, they have no power. and they said the people in the silver car, greg, in front of our van, they said they have electric heat so it was a blank cold night, they said,
8:05 am
but they're smiling, because they know it could have been worse, and we gave them the news that they'll have it on by noon. but look at this shot here. here we are, and we are this cloe to -- this close to. >> this this stuff burnt to a crisp. no idea still what caused this thing. they don't think it was intentional that anybody started this, because the fire department was out here, asking peak old, they said no way could anybody get in here and survive by the way, because there is so much voltage. look at the steel, looks like roller coaster, close to us with the cables all along it looks like downhill roller coaster. that's down because it melted down. so it melted steel that's built to make, you know, with stand any of this stuff. because there is a lot of high voltage through there. investigators have been walking around here with their hard hats on. let's give awe shot. if you weren't paying attention 18 hours ago, here is the video from the sky, because that was the only way we would get anywhere near this thing to shoot this thing where we are now. you can see this exact spot where we are standing probably
8:06 am
15, 20 feet from. that's what burned for a few hours. it was too dangerous for the fire department to get in here. certainly dangerous to put water and electricity mixed together before you know these high voltage lines are down. so they're getting in here. they want to get the cause. in addition to also at the same time getting everybody back on and by the hour we are seeing hundreds turn back on, which is good news, but the terrific philadelphia office of emergency management by the way whose boss ever since she announced was leaving something big has happened every day in this town coincidentally. they're updating people. they say they're still traffic lights still out. i haven't seen any of those around here. but they are, which is no surprise, so take it easy still in morning rush hour, guys. >> thank you, steve, good advice to take it east. >> i sure s police are seaching for three ben franklin who broke into a woman's home while she and her eight day old son were sleeping. it happened on the 4500 block of north 18th street. after the men demanded cash, the baby was thrown to the floor while his mother was
8:07 am
forced into the basement. two teenage girls were also inside the home at the time. the newborn is at einstein medical center for evaluation. the mother and teenagers were not hurt. investigators are hoping nearby surveillance cameras can lead them to the suspects. it is 8:07. happening today, i just got tweet right here from the philadelphia fire department, says, today they're holding a conference to recognize women in public service because it is international women's day, and there are so many different events that will be happening. >> so many different events, some people are taking this as to celebrate women, others to be little political. called day without a woman t happens to fall on international women's day. so starting just three minute ago, here, in our area, half the faculty at science leadership academy in center city they have left class, and said teach remembers sending a, about the importance of women's rights and to underscore their contributions in education. today's protest comes from the same group who organized the women's march on washington, that was in january, it is to show how much economic power women in this country really
8:08 am
have. however, organizers of the protest say that if you can't afford to strike don't. >> irk some -- shop in women owned businesses, without putting your job on the line. >> event organizers insist that today's event is not necessarily a protest against president donald trump. >> other gatherings planned in our area, starting at 1:00 p.m., people plan to rally outside senator pat toomey's offers followed by protest, in logan square, at 5:00 p.m. so we'll have update for in you our evening shows, 5:00, 6:00, 10:00, 11:00. >> some political some celebrating women pushing for equality as well, a lot of people taking personal days. knotts just striking or calling on sick. seeing headlines around the schools around the country closed because they don't have enough staff. this of course can be a struggle, critics would say,
8:09 am
because then families have to find childcare, that's an issue, and how it is making an example and teaching children teachable moment. >> so there go. >> well, president trump making surprise appearance on the first day of public tours at the white house. >> but it is where he decided to show up that has people talking. >> he popped out behind a partition as the tourists were there, you see the portrait up there on the wall. he admired hillary clinton's first lady portrait. now crowd surprised cheering, clapping when he appeared, he takes a picture, little boy right another there, he'll go over, fine little boy, ten years old with the group, all right, buddy, takes cute picture, they posed right underneath clinton's portrait. but he never acknowledges it, clinton, got that painting in 2004. >> i wonder then if it was planned? it just happened ton there. >> everyone has a theory. cut the cost for your wedding.
8:10 am
one woman claims the key is realizing no one cares, right? what she says is the single most effective way to save big bucks. so has us asking the question, when putting a wedding what's the most important thing in the wedding? is it the ceremony, is it the food, the decorations, the open bar, the dress? let us know, way in, we'll have discussion about it. >> but first everyone's irish on saint patrick's day or even the day of the parade. this sunday tipping our hats to the men and women in blue. the special people getting special recognition. hi hey
8:11 am
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> a first of its kind, check out these pictures from red paw relieve. five raged in upper providence township, and they raised over
8:14 am
to safer three dogs, but one of those dogs is a prairie dog. >> would you like at that? so cute! >> named burn. how cute is that? oh, i love it. >> wonder if it was a groundhog at first? the fire did not hurt anyone. red paw workers say the first prairie dog rescue. i think vern is really cute. sue, don't you think? i want a prairie dog. >> just laying on his back, relaxing, and recovering, you know, from the trauma. red paw relief, they do a great job whenever there is a fire making sure that the animals are okay. yes, here's what's coming up this weekends. it is daylight saving time. you got to spring ahead. saturday night into sunday. this is where we lose that hour of sleep, we aren't always too wild about that time change this time of year. we still have few left over showers, mostly in delaware, southern new jersey. and eventually, we will start to see the sun come out here in philadelphia, it is pretty much stopped at the jersey shore, not yet.
8:15 am
>> temperatures have lowered, $45 degrees in philadelphia. at 4:00 a.m. we were at 61 degrees. so, you can see what's happened. >> winds will probably pick up again, once the sun comes out. so that's today. high of 63. tomorrow sunny, still windy, high of 60. friday morning, looks like it could be a mess, with rain, and/or snow, depends on where you live. it might just be rain for us on friday morning, but you can see, little snow mixed in. saturday it is very cold. and still cold on sunday. possibility of some snow showers for the parade, but hopefully, no accumulation. looking little better, bob kelly. >> that's good. now maybe i'll send those leprochans over your house. double jelly donut delay leaving south jersey into toward downtown philly. accident on 309 northbound. approaching washington interchange. got a picture from one of the crews, they finally were able
8:16 am
to get the trucks up on that turnpike connector bridge. you see the guys up here in the cherry pickers here, surveying the damage from that cracked piece of steel. but the turnpike connector bridge remains closed to vehicle traffic. good morning wilmington. live look at 495. no problems there. accidents on 295, one right near the black horse pike. and we take our cues from the floor directors here. a lot of behind the scenes. here's diane our there are director from earlier, time to talk about the saint patrick's day parade. keith our floor director right now is giving me -- >> a lovely last. >> he's ready. >> he looks like st. patrick himself. so that's the cue to talk about the new parade route, which of course kicks off this sunday, with the saint patrick's day parade at 16th and jfk boulevard. we will take it up to city hall. go around city hall. and then come east on market street. we will be set up with the tv cameras, and of course all of the viewing stands, right
8:17 am
there on market street between fifth and sixth. of course we invite to you join us this coming sunday for the annual saint patrick's day parade here in philadelphia. we go live noon to 3:00 right here from old city on fox 29. karen, alex, back over to you. >> thanks, so excited about it, because of course the parade this sunday, the theme every year they have a theme. this year honoring police officers, so here is our ring of honor. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> tip your hat to the men and women in blue. this year's parade theme is st. patrick protect and guide our police officers. getting special recognition, our ring of honor. chief inspector joseph sullivan. he kept us safe during the pope's visit and the dnc and parade day will be no different. >> you know, i'm very fortunate. i have the best commanders, and the best officers in the police department. and i'll be out there. >> officers patrick boil, he served and so did his son, danny, who tragically was killed. the boil's run charity in his name to help other children.
8:18 am
>> pat boyle, has a great scholarship in son of his dan high died 20 years ago. >> sergeant bob hurst, senior, president of the f.o.p., and the irish memorial. but he's most famous for being mugged 278 times as a granny cop. >> takes brave man who dress as a grandmother to catch thieves on the street. so's great guy too. >> retired officer, james lenox, a true leader. >> the emerald society one of the founding and irish society. and jim was a police officer, solved a lot of big cases back in the day. >> captain william may. he's at the police academy now, never stops plugging the job he loves. >> and we are hiring. if anybody's looking for a profession to get into law enforcement goings out to our website. log on. and you'll have an opportunity to join one of the greatest professions that there is. >> edward miller, served decades with the philadelphia police, but now is over at penn, he made news this september, when he was shot. >> here's some of the
8:19 am
philadelphia eagles, visiting with him in the hospital. >> detective lieutenant edward monahan. >> very unassuming, very irish, very low key. just a great human being to be around. >> what an incredible honor. >> assistant district attorney, dude conroy. >> jude is an excellent attorney, and prosecutor, and lovers his irish roots. >> irish, just true irish. >> injury add, president of the gal i can athletic association, lives for coaching. >> i love it. kids love it. used to work with them. >> rock earthed. >> great leader in the union movement. >> michael meehan. >> long time republican, in a city that's 09% democrat. so i think you have to tip your hats off to the other party. >> thomas o'donnell. head of the ancient orders every hibarians 39. >> to celebrate saint patrick's day, and the patron saint of ireland, one of the
8:20 am
patron saints of hibernians, a terrific honor. >> barney boyce, advocate of irish culture. >> john dougherty senior. >> oh, it is a great honor to be selected for the ring. >> it is a great long our, well deserved for all every these men who have given so much to the irish culture that they love and cherish. >> so we'll see them all sunday, leading parade, wifing and smile. so when you see them, waiver, smile, give them a little cheer. >> reminder that the parade is this sunday. rain, shine, snow, we're going to be there. >> 8:20. >> all right, so sierra, did you see these pictures, bearing all? stripping down, the they're beautiful. it is a shoot for, you know, pregnancy shoot. but as soon as you put this out there, do you see something in this picture? all of the critics are out after her. some people are saying that picture makes them uncomfortable.
8:21 am
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>> we want to get your opinion, people talking about it all over social media, this photo of the singer ciara, creating some controversy. >> a lot of people are upset over these pictures from her maternity shoot. she pregnant right now. she shear is, topless, showing her bear belly and also for harper areas bazaare, she hasn't revealed when she is due, but not this photo people are upset by, it is the other photo we're about to share. >> this one. yes, so we can see. so she posed with a naked baby future, and also russell wilson, her husband, his arms cradle them and her pregnant stomach. and the caption says just the four every us. so social media exploded with different opinions about the shoot saying she was disrespectful to her the rapper future, implying she is trying to get revenge, or block him out little bit. others claim the photo is inapropriate. they say baby future is two years old and too old to be posing nude with his mom. >> i think that's -- there is nothing cuter than a make two year old. so not their front but their
8:25 am
backs. >> and people dot baby in the tub pictures, right, washing their baby and stuff. they have that. so, ya. and then i saw one thing people are saying can you guest how many people are in this photo? it is a little interesting you can't see russell. you see his arms, i get it, artist pack, why not have group shot where you can see everyone? >> took me a minute to fick him out what happened to his hips? his big buldge arms, and however people want to do it and i think always worry about weird owes with kids. dow don't take pictures of naked kids on facebook for that reason, but nothing cuter than little naked kids two years old, so cute, chubbery. and maybe he's the father, he is the person holding down everything, but whenever people got upset about this, when i first heard about it, it made me think of internet star who got a lot of people talking about photo shoot she did with her four year old son and make. but look at this posing, a lot of people got upset.
8:26 am
>> posting series of pictures, with her, and, her son, shorts on, but she is naked in the photo. people didn't like the way she was posing, they didn't think it was okay. but she responded to all of her critics. see p caption un apologetic. i made him naked, i burst him naked. i can do a photo shoot with him as naked as i want. >> i think the difference, just struck by what you think when you look at a picture, i think the positioning of them and the expressions on their faces. >> makes all the difference. >> real serious expression sexy look as opposed to the joy smile. so sometimes just the way you're positioned whatever. >> i think everybody trying to get the like, people finding more creative ways with pregnancy announcements, pregnancy photos, so this is her way to do it. it is her family. so let us know what you think. why don't you tweet us,& facebook us. >> well, 8:26. a roadblock on the john toy start a family. a struggle with infertility. leads one couple in a new
8:27 am
direction. how they're finding comfort comt and peace through music.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> what she says is the single most effective way to save big bunks, so, asking you, what do you think is the most important thing that you're guests care about at a wedding? is it the food? is it the drinks, the dress, the decorations, the flowers? >> but certainly not the tablecloths and the chairs. like is this the right shot? >> you need the atmosphere, though. >> oh, all right. >> also, a big change in your movie theater experience, what some are installing to keep the kids occupied. and why some people say this is really confusing. >> all right, bob? >> good morning, 83 we got some problems this morning, here's a live look at an
8:31 am
accident, eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway. right at the south street onramp. this is like the third accident this morning. and the same scenario, the onramps, we had 95, the turnpike, and now here, eastbound, schuylkill at south street. north on the 42 freeway, right towards 295, we got some police and crews on the scene hereof a crash. 309, at ft. washington, an accident. and we still are looking at delays in the neighborhoods, from yesterday's substation fire here, the traffic lights most of them are back on, but some of them still out expect dredlocks in the neighborhoods throughout the rest of the day, sue has your forecast coming up in 15 seconds. >> for the little ones still waiting for the elementary school bus, still have
8:32 am
umbrella, few places where we have showers, for most every us it is clouds to deal with and wind, and you can see, southern new jersey, and southern delaware about the only places left where we have light rain, still left over clouds, waiting for the sun here in old city. 49 degrees with 13-mile per hour wind out of the west northwest wind should be an issue all day, temperatures are mostly in the four's. wind from 12 to 15 miles per hour sustained, so enough sunshine to take us to 62 degrees, sunset time 6:01. lots of changes coming, in the seven day forecast, and that's coming up next time. ladies? >> infertility issues, have the ability to lead men and women, feeling alone, broken, helpless, 29 year old fairmount woman knows the struggles all too well. >> so ann white says that someone suggested music therapy to her, to escape the plane, and help her through
8:33 am
the process, first thought when someone said to her, are you kidding me in then changed her mind, and it changed her live. >> lawyer win more on letter storm. >> i hello ladies, lover your red first of all. so we always hear researchers say music has healing powers, created support group for women struggling to get pregnant five weeks later one woman hitting high note with both tears and a smile. >> ♪ >> you know, always been really musical, always loved to sing. >> after nine years of marriage it was something they never did together. >> ♪ >> i am okay. i am strong ♪ >> until now. >> my husband and have i been on this journey for about two and a half years. >> not the musical journey. that came later. the journey to start a family. >> literally from the moment i can remember, i've always envisioned being a mom, to multiple children, and this just hit me like a ton of
8:34 am
bricks. i never expected it to be something that i would face. >> infertility is so much more common than people realize. >> heidi, board certified music therapist, has seen and heard it all whether it comes to infertility. >> they've been through a lot. been through years of treatment. been through pregnancy lost, a lot of disappointment, a lot of, you know, quote unquote failure. >> ♪ >> twenty-nine year old ann white lived that exact grief, heidi describes. >> i would most describe it as heart broken. i was really angry and really heart broken. i felt really isolated. >> after ann and evan spent thousands of dollars on three unsuccessful ibf treatment, her doctor suggested music therapy among other more whole is i can approaches. >> it sounds a little crunchy to be honest. i apprehensively signed up,
8:35 am
and i remember going to the first class so nervous and skeptical. >> nerves eased and so did her temperament. >> as time went on it very quickly became the highlight of my week. >> each week was better than the last. >> a group members talked about having a decrease in anxiety, feeling more connected to their partners, being abletomanagethe stress either with their friends or with their family members. >> evan watched music change his wife's mood and her minds set. >> it is to has definitely brought us together, definately nice to feel reconnected after things have been up and down with the struggles of the john. >> i isolation became inclusion, and anger was now accepted. >> good reminder a everything will be okay, i'm not broken that i'm strong. and that i will have a family one day. however, that may be. >> but heidi makes no promises to these women. >> look, what you're going through is hard.
8:36 am
and i can't promise you that going through music therapy is support group will ends in pregnancy. >> ♪ keep fate that things will work out ♪ >> with the lyrics, we chose to rewrite hope has a place. >> to a now special song. >> we incorporated all of the messages and themes that they had come up with. >> and ann has found some sense of comfort, and peace. >> they have tools in place that they can use in their daily lives to feel more centered, more calm, more grounded, more connected. hopefully, that also includes pregnancy. >> and their voices lifted in a hopeful song. >> to learn more about the fertility wellness support group contact the the class roughly $35 per significance
8:37 am
and there are payment plans available. that's such a great idea, because when you're going through that, that can be such a struggle. then you feel just compounds itself more stressed, it is your fault, my fault, try not to say that, but then you're angry and this can diffuse all of that. >> and evan said he wanted to go he lovers music so much he wanted to go with her to the class, no, no, i'll give her her time and space, i'll go do yoga. she did the music therapy, he did yoking, a they came back together at home it was much more peaceful than it had been before. >> and they make beautiful music. >> i always said that when i was there, wow, this is impress disbelief very calm. >> we wish them well on their journey and we hope they have their family that they hope it is that they dreamed of. >> keep fingers crossed. >> thank you, lauren,. >> just email me lauren. dot johnson at fox tv. com and let me know you have an idea. can you kidding he? >> i love it. i love it. candy lovers rejoice. lauren what's your favorite star burst can i, which one?
8:38 am
>> pink. >> oh, we have some good news for you. >> oh,. >> big changes to star burst that some people have been craving for, for a long time, especially, if you like the pink. >> oh. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance..., and my sweethearts gone sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings.
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8:41 am
>> star burst fans rejoice. lauren certainly did in the break. due to popular demands, you'll be able to get your hands on bags, of pink only star bursts. starting next month, you can buy bags of and sticks every just the beloved pink flavor, that's it. the company is saying on twitter it is true, all pink packs are real and they're fan lust, and it will be sold at target, amazon, and walgreens. so for people who love pink, because how many times admit it when you have your star burst, go through, pick out only the certain flights or. so if you're a pink fan, see how many pink ones are in here
8:42 am
so you know how much money you're getting. karen said i wouldn't be able to open this on camera. here we go. >> well -- >> all over the studio around here. okay, i can see, there is one over there on the floor. looks like about five on the desk. >> there is a good amount. that's not bad. not bad at all. >> but box maybe you think whatever 25 in it, and only five, so only at whatever that is, 20%? >> only me. this is whether you listen to camera, you should do things off camera. >> and then dump them out. >> di, how many on the floor? okay. so when you think about all of the ones that you're not, short arms, trying to reach, ya, maybe it is a good deal then? because if you only eat pink, look how many are left. >> on that tweet they said that the hashtag was impinge star burst, which is almost like a celebrity, celebrities always like i am the real, you know, blah blah blah.
8:43 am
>> yes. >> famous person name. so there you go. >> i love it. okay, i'm sure a lot of people will be buying these, one person, lauren johnson, very excited so save these things for had. >> let's check back in with jen. she's doing swim lessons with babies. oh, adorable. >> is that the most delicious baby ever? and your child is cute, too. >> all right, back with holly water. she will tell us some things that paren feed to know before getting the kiddos ready to swim. it might be your fault if they're messing up. just saying.
8:44 am
8:45 am
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>> 8:46. still have little rain left, last gasp of a cold front coming through, and the places where we're seeing rain right along the jersey shore here, ocean city, stone harbor, down in cape may, some of the delaware beaches, as well. once this is gone, the cold front is gone, and it is already gotten little bit cooler. and temperatures are in the four's, if you were with us at 4:00 a.m., and i'm sure you were. temperatures started out in the 60s today, will go back one sunshine to about 63. once we get rid of the rain completely, and then, 60 tomorrow. on friday morning, rain, and/or snow. and much colder temperatures
8:47 am
after that. so the weekend, both days, we don't get out of the 30's. we change the time on saturday night, remember, it is daylight saving time. and then on sunday, we can guarantee the cold for the saint patrick's day parade. and we're still thinking about that snow, as well. guys? >> they should have green star bursts. like the tropical ones, they do, right? >> probably. >> i feel like there is some. >> lime, lime flavor. >> yes, like lime flavor, that would be great. okay, still over here counting star buses, but it is almost summertime. a lot of people love star buses in the summer right? this means it is time to get babies in the pool so they're comfortable in the water. >> i have to do that with my son who is three, still wants all of the swimmers and stuff and getting ready to learn to swim. so jen will show us what we need to do so they can do that successfully. >> couple days to spring break, maybe going to florida or a hotel with a pool? good morning. >> good morning. >> i know that you don't ever like to be negative, so this is going to be really hard for
8:48 am
you. but off camera you toll me a little super secret. when it comes to kids that might be a little bit not excited about going in the pool, because i didn't use, you know, the words. >> didn't use the words. >> it is the parent sometimes that are messing it up. so tell me about that first. >> well, again, i talk to you about the 3c's, comfort, control, and confidence. actual if i will it comes from us, paren need to be comfortable first, then the children are comfortable. i'll walk the baby around, kind of like this during the night. >> yep. >> during the day. and then kick, kick, kick. >> okay, show us little bit more about it, so what are you doing? >> so during, yes, while i'm at an at home we swim throughout the house, then we kick. >> just to get her used to it. >> just to get her used to it and get her excited. >> being comfortable is the best thing you can do. >> then getting the confidence and getting everybody excited. >> i know i used to say
8:49 am
because aim bad parent i would say it is only half hour. don't worry. i know? >> that's the worse thing you can do. how would you change had a language. >> you. >> say are you going to be a fishy? that's when you say look on you, of course you can. zoom her up and down. up, zoom up. and down. yeah. she is happy again. >> you watch youtube, you watch the water. you really just talk it up. talk the instructor up. if you have a swim lesson. >> yes. >> you want to say like we're going to see miss hole. >> i yes ex excited about whatever they might get excited about. we're excited to see miss brianna, excited to see miss holly. excited to kick down the pool. excite today get our work out in if mommy or daddy works out. is that making sense. >> yes. what if a little anxious? >> you tell them those butterflies are excite many. you tell them that you're anxious, because you want to swim laps. like mommy and dad. >> i that's pretty cool.
8:50 am
>> will you had you. >> so all right, i'll give gorgeous baby.ctual beautiful i they she a little bit freaked out. she normally is just swimming in her deeper? >> yes. >> she swims right in her diaper. >> so again, just get them excited. get it goingment make sure the parent is super positive? >> exactly. >> last thing, weaver gorgeous, noah dillan, say happy birthday to dillan four years old today. happy birthday dillan! >> yeah, dillan. >> big kicks. >> i'm going to do that is correct you want to be like a fishy? >> new kids, new music, new kids on the block are back, first song in four years, and i'm hearing that this is a positive thing, and it is good. all of the block heads out there, will be thankful for one more night. >> ♪ ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
8:51 am
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>> 8: 54, still dealing with this accident, the eastbound schuylkill schuylkill, the onramp from south street, here comes the sun, little shadows there, gives us some sun glare, accident, 55, southbound, right near the depford interchange. and we're still dealing with some delays, in the neighborhoods, as a result of yesterday's substation fire, some of the traffic lights are still out. so just be careful through the rest of the morning, into the lunchtime hour. mass transit looking good with no delays. ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, that's donnie, danny, jordan, jonathan and joey in 1988. now, the new kids on the block
8:55 am
are back, with a new single. it is titled one more night. and they debuted it last night on the late late show. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm feeling this. okay. the song will appear on their upcoming ep thankful, which is out may 12th, and on the same day kick off their north american summer tour, features boyz ii men and paula abdul. comes to the wells fargo center june 24th, so, once again i'll say there is i said it last time, block heads, and everyone like is that real a thing? people tweeted me and they said it is, so i'm sure all of the block heads, new kids on the block fans, they'll mark june 24th down. >> i was very skeptical. it has been minute, back in the day, hot boy bands. and they look pretty good t sounds good.
8:56 am
actually real i am press dollars about you knew music. smooth. >> we'll have to see what happens then. when it comes to the wells fargo center, maybe common the show in we would lincoln financial field that. >> did you headache the jack die at the end recall titanic maybe you can change that? how netflix may let you choose how your favorite movies and tv shows and is this a good thing for tv or bad? >> and also, we want to save you some money, getting married, you know it is a fortune, prices keep going up. what are the things you can just cut some corners on some items? there are certain things that truthfully nobody really cares about maybe except for you, so they're going to give you the best things to sort of cut costs on and to have a fabulous event that everyone will be talking b so karen, you say the decorations have got to go, right? >> i mean the chairs, you need 12-dollar chair or use 4-dollar claire? >> all right, i guess i would have to pick flowers if i had to cut something from a wedding. what would you say? shake up your routine with a completely new way to clean.
8:57 am
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9:00 am
>> goods day, it is wednesday, march 8th, 2017. look at. that will looks like it will be a nice one, with you blue skies there. >> specially with the rain. >> morning. >> it was 70 yesterday. it was great. >> did you get snout. >> it was perfect. no, i napped. well, i it, i ran errands, that doesn't count though. >> adult g. >> exactly. >> i love it is a verb now, too. >> right. a big change in your movie theater experience. what some theatres are installing. >> and also, our sue tackling another project, can you pin this? >> oh, that looks amazing. >> i love that. >> oh, all right, so sue will tack they will one. shamrock, pretzel, pops. and so what she is adhese g together with the candy, this is great project probably


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