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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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franklin parkway. live on this wednesday. >> you better get out enjoy it because we have a big change coming you. >> yeah, we do. >> i'm talking snow. >> so is kathy orr. >> not just big. it's huge. >> it will be huge. >> it's amazing. >> look behind me, nothing but blue sky. the average high this time of year is 50 degrees. we are about 15 degrees above that normal. philadelphia and wilmington 64. ac63. 62 in reading and allentown. trenton topping at 61 degrees. so record on this date for philadelphia is 80. so we've had other really warm march days but this is pretty consistent. current winds out of the west at about 31 miles an hour. gusting to 40 in the poconos. and right now in allentown gus gusting to 39 miles an hour. temperatures mainly in the 60s. 58 in wildwood. 50 in the poconos. spring skiing conditions. 62 degrees in lancaster and wilmington it is 63. overnight tonight, we're talking about temperatures falling into the 40s with 30s in the poconos.
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but still very mild for this time of year. we are looking at colder air moving our way. and the threat of snow by friday morning's rush. we'll time it out and have update on those snow accumulations coming up later in the broadcast. for now, though, we'll zen it back to you. >> all right. kathy, thanks. terrifying scene outside of philadelphia home when a mother and toddler plunge from second story window. police say that woman was holding her two-year-old son when she jumped. >> neighbors rushed right in to help. dawn timmeney is following the investigation live now in north philadelphia. dawn? >> reporter: lucy, this is such heartbreaking story. neighbors and police tell us that the woman was in fact having suicidal thoughts that she was out on this same window 11 yesterday with her little baby in her arms staring up into the sky but they thought they had talk her out hurting herself and her little baby. >> when i come to run outside i just scene them laying on the ground.
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oh, my goodness, like, i'm like, devastated because it's crazy. >> danielle couldn't believe her ice this morning her neighbor had jumped out of the window of her home on the 2,000 block of diamond street with her two-year-old son in her arms in an attempted suicide. >> i just didn't expect to see that. you know what i mean, it's bothering me right now. i feel kind of like, you know, i don't know. >> it all started yesterday when she saw her neighbor sitting on the window 11 with her child. she tried to reach out. >> basically i seen her basically dangling the baby out the window and i ran over there, and got the baby from her. >> reporter: darden says she kept the baby for about a half hour and talked to the mom for awhile. she thought the 36-year-old was feeling better until she saw the ambulances this morning. and the mother and son lying on the pavement. >> his face and head and stuff was bleeding. i didn't want to look at him lik that. i didn't want to see him like that report roar another neighbor who doesn't want to be
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identified says it was a bad scene. >> yes, it was very awful especially the baby. that's what i was concerned and shook up about the baby. >> reporter: danielle darden tried to let the distraught woman know she was there for h her. >> i wish any mom out there they get help, you know what i mean, suicide is -- it could have been anybody. one of my children. anybody. it's like sad. it really is. it's sad. >> reporter: danielle darden says little boy's name is justin and that he is a really sweet child. right now he is at saint christopher's hospital in bad shape. he's listed in critical condition. the mother is hospitalized in stable condition right now. police say no charges have been filed pending a psychological evaluation. iain. dawn, thank you. 4500 people still without power tonight after a fire at this peco substation in tioga. the power outage shut down the philadelphia high school for girls and ow roads middle school today as well as building at temple. fire investigators are still
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look what starte started that fe yesterday afternoon. thankfully no one was hurt torments night investigators want to know who is behind a second bomb threat at a jewish community center in wilmington. skyfox over the siegel jcc police say someone e-mailed the threat overnight. police evacuated the building found nothing just last week someone called in bomb threat to the same building as well as two other jcc's in our area. jewish community centers across the country reported similar threats. was he targeted or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? police don't yet know why 25-year-old man in a jeep in east germantown ended up shot in the head. someone opened fire last night on the 1100 block of east haines street. the driver crashed into another car injuring himself and the two people in that car. the 25-year-old remains in critical condition tonight. developing right now in voorhees, some disturbing images spray paints on home on round hill road. the images are so offensive even racial slur we blurred them so
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you can't see them on televisi television. now police are trying to figure out how it got there. the neighbor told fox 29 off camera that there's been some on-going issues with the property although no one currently lives in the home. >> to story now about a very sick little boy. a frantic mother and the kindness of strangers. that boy with cancer was on his way to get treatment when all of a sudden his mom's van broke down. >> word spread quickly an lot of people stepped in to help save the day. fox 29's bruce gordon is live along i-95 in boothwyn with heart-warming story. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, we are in fact along i-95 because this is the route taken weekly by a dover, delaware, mom and her teenaged son to get him to the medical care he so desperately needs. well, as you said, yesterday their story and their route took a heart-warming deport. >> april mcleish's husband josh got their 2,009 dodge caravan up and running again. tuesday morning that was another story.
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>> my van shut off. 80-mile each way trip from for ant know what i was going to do. my husband had the flu. so he was down yesterday. there was no way he can come up to the children's hospital. >> reporter: what's going through your mind when that happened? >> i'm like, what's going on? i'm scared. >> reporter: your van is broken down on the highway and now -- kind of stranded. >> yeah. >> reporter: they limp the van to chop and explained they are dilemma to their doctor. he contacted their social work worker. she reach out to an organization called kisses for kyle. montgomery county based charitable organization that helps families dealing with children's cancer. the organization paid to have mcleish's van towed back to dover. then reached out to one much their volunteers, a veteran philly cop named timothy mc nicholas. he had just finish off nine hour bomb disposal shift and was ready to do some more good. mc nicholas drove april and thomas to dover and then turned
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around went to his home a nearly four hour favor for a stranger. >> it was so generous. i offered to give him money for the gas. i offered, you know, to pay for the tolls to get him something to eat. he wop accept nothing from me. >> reporter: more than year ago thomas was given just six months to live. that splotch in the miffled his brain that's the tumor. he's not out of the woods just yet. but with the kindness of strangers, he keeps battling. >> i just keep fighting. doing my job. >> reporter: your job is to fight. >> yup. >> we know there's people out there that do that in this cruel world that we have now a s amazing. >> reporter: tim and his wife who happens to be a philadelphia police officer delivered presents to needy children at christmastime, also through the kisses for kyle's program. i reached him by phone like most folks who do good deeds, he down played his efforts called eight
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little more than a taxi ride. well, for a family in need it was a whole lot more than that, lucy. >> it surely was. thank you very much, bruce. on this international women's day people across the globe are demanding equality and here in the u.s. activists are taking a stand by removing women to make an impact. let's go to logan square live right now the day without a woman march is just now beginning. as part of it national demonstration the same folks behind the women's march in january encouraged women not to go to work today or spend money to show the impact they have on the economy. and some are bringing attention to labor issue as well. the philadelphia federation of teachers held this rally in coordination with international women's day. teachers have been working without a contract for the past five years so their union decided today was the perfect day to rally. >> we have teachers and other educators all over the city who feel the same way, you know, they give their all every day
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for the children and they don't feel they're respected and they don't feel they're valued. >> the school district of philadelphia spokesperson says 930 teachers did not show up for work today. that's about 10% of the diss trek's staff. the spokesperson says nothing is going to stop the district from its primary objective of teaching the children of philadelphia. he famously wrote the art of the deal now president trump's negotiating skills are going to be put to the test. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say they're ready to secure the new republican health care bill being pushed by the president. fox's joel ad waldman is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: the american health care act put together by gop house leaders to repeal and replace obama care is now making its way through a pair of committees in the lower chamber of congress. the first to take a crack at it, the house ways and means committee with advice chair of the democratic conference new york congressman joseph crowley demanding to know why the newly proposed health care law was not accompanied by a report from the congressional budget office.
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>> it's clear that you don't have the information there to give to us and yet we're taking action on bill without incredibly pertinent information. >> reporter: democrats fear the proposal which eliminates the individual and employer mandates as well as subsidies for the poor give too much power to the insurance industry which could lead to higher premiums. the conservative house freedom caucus who's 40 plus republican members could kill the bill argue the new legislation is too similar to obama care. >> if you just look at the bill text, the very first paragraph says it amends the affordable care act. it doesn't repeal it. >> reporter: president trump who publicly called out senator rand paul in this tweet is reportedly personally reaching out to lawmakers working to make the american health care act a reality. telling congress it's what the american people hired him for. >> i think he's very much a cell mode. >> reporter: house speaker
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ryan publicly said the house would get the 218 votes needed to pass the measure while connecticut rand paul says it would be dead on arrival in the senate. joel waldman, fox news. grandmother went to wal*mart to buy a loaf of bread and ended up leaving with a couple of black eyes. >> she says i'm trying to get some bread white bleep. >> the clue her attacker left behind that police are using to find her. the lights go out on the statue of liberty. why some are saying the timing was intentional. >> you have to see this to believe it. a woman eight months pregnant chasing a man through a parking lot. what she says he did that made her so mad she took off running. >> and coming up at $630,000 smoker is back in its rightful place tonight. where the owner says it showed up weeks after someone swiped it. why are you deleting these photos?
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>> these guys look like they're swinging in local park police say they are about to attack. investigators say the two guys saw 67-year-old man walk by and jumped him from behind hitting him over the head and over and over again in the face. this happened in port richmond. the guys then went through the victim's pockets and stole his wallet before getting away. victim now has fractured knows and other cuts on his face. group of guys loading exercise equipment into a house get targeted by a pair of armed robbers. >> who started shooting. it happened just past 1:00 this morning on the 6,000 block of somerdale avenue. oxford circle. that's when police say one of the robbers shot one of the guys who was loading the equipment in the leg. police say the robbers then
5:15 pm
stole 450 bucks and ran away. the man who they shot is stable at einstein medical sent. nobody else is hurt. allentown man facing years in prison after failing to pay millions of dollars in taxes. prosecutors say james schlosser failed to file tax returns for 21 years because he considered using a social security number the same as using mark of the beast spelled out in the bible. in to time, he didn't report more than $2 million of income and then he funneled the money through foreign business trusts. schlosser will now be sentenced in june. trump administration rolling back federal fuel economy requirements that increase the efficiency of new cars and trucks. the move will eliminate president obama's requirements that all new cars and trucks average 36 miles a gallon by 2025. the administration could make the announcement as early as this week. in hang's tank you heard about it here and there for couple of years now. hahn know bees in decline and some call it colon knee collapse
5:16 pm
disorder. >> any was you cut fit bees die off it means the threat to our most prolific pollinators an threat to our food, right? hank flynn is in doylestown. >> reporter: check it out. [ laughter ] >> wants to see what's going on. >> reporter: bees are astounding. to learn about them from someone like master bee keeper vince who runs delaware valley university's april pierre program for me that's a treat. >> so bees have rules. >> reporter: okay. >> very strict rules. the spacing between the combs has to be exactly according to their rules. you violate rules, they will change things and you won't like it. >> reporter: vince and his student of his kyle mayo had me out to see the hives up close. >> let me see what's going on. nice. here we are. >> reporter: they're in good shape but other hives aren't doing as well. local bee keepers report 40% losses over the winter. study out last week from the
5:17 pm
center for biological diversity said more than 700 bee species are in decline with more than 300 facing extinction. >> what does that mean to you, kyle? >> that's pretty disastrous when you think about it. it's going to be a lot of work to keep those things -- those colonies alive those species alive. >> reporter: the study list as number of key factors for the decline. climate change, urbanization also lists pesticide use something vince says was not in play when he was growing up. >> we didn't have any money to spray pesticides all over the place. nobody sprayed their lawns with herbicides. you know the clover and the dandelions and the winds that's all food for bees. not only honey bees but bubble bees, the orchard bees, and the butterflies, you know, and you know that they're all having troubles. >> reporter: another reason the might which came from china in the '8 '80s they're big prob. >> they're on everything. absolutely. there's no way to avoid them
5:18 pm
right now. >> careful coming out. >> reporter: they agree on one thing. bee populations are stressed out right now. the question is how to stop the downward spiral especially when we depend on bees as much as we do. >> we can't do without them, can we. >> definitely not. think about trying to manually pollinate whole crop of -- orchard of apple or almond groves or adversary cad dose. it's impossible. >> they're doing well, too. report roar complex problems usually require complex solutions but in the case of saving bees, people need to care first. one bee keeper put it to me this way. if you like eating food and sustaining yourself, you need to have bees. i'm growing my hair long and going back to nature. we all need to. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ >> pesticides are a big deal. got to love this. south jersey students loving up on shelter dogs all thanks to new program where students from the brook field school read to doing at the camden county
5:19 pm
animal shelter. the kids come from a school specializes in special needs. and they say this let's them read without anyone judging th them. it also gives the dogs some desperately needed love. >> when you read in class and you mess up a word, and the kids start laughing at you, you don't -- you don't want to feel like that. that's bad feeling what we do here is, we boost their confidence. it's really a dual purpose to make sure the dog has a companion and really helps the kids to progress in their rea reading as well. >> that is great. students come to the shelter about once a month and read to the pups for about half hour. are you looking for love perhaps? because these dogs and the kiddies there very much would love to love up on you forever because shelter animals rock. parents stunned tonight after an elementary school principal is arrested. >> i send my children to the school here expecting them to be safe, and taken care of. >> what police say he was doing to kids without them even realizing it.
5:20 pm
>> do you know you know philly's history. you probably don't know these secret places. >> one local zoo welcomed a couple of new additions but they need your help. how you can help pick a name for the new zoo babies. ♪
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some people are calling it perfect timing for the lights to go out on liberty island. the lights that usually illuminate lady liberty went out last leaving her torch and crown visible. according to the national park service the outage was related to work being done on new emergency backup generator. it's one of the last remaining projects linked to hurricane sandy recovery efforts. the lights have now been repair. a great-grandmother went to wal*mart for loaf of bread but wound up with a pair of black eyes and bruises all over her body. the woman was attacked by a stranger. >> but she hopes one clue that attacker left behind will land her in handcuffs. look at this. just bruises all over sandra's body after her trip to the store on sunday. she says all of this began when
5:24 pm
she simply turned down the bread aisle and came face to face with another shopper. >> she said i'm trying to get some bread white bleep. so i back up and i went around her i said you're bleep. she kept sock mowing and right there. she hit my my nom too. it was so fast, boom, boom, boom, boom. >> they were so fast. attacker didn't realize she dropped her phone in her shopping cart. oops. police say they were anal to unlock it and get the woman's name as well as her picture from surveillance cameras and once they catch her which they will she'll face assault charges. crews are struggling to contain wildfires in four states that have killed at least six people. fires are burning in parts of kansas, oklahoma, texas and colorado. thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. ahead of those wind driven flames. forecasters say winds though should ease today which is good news for the firefighters. >> the son of former vice-presidential candidate
5:25 pm
democratic senator tim cape arrested after interrupting a pro trump rally. police in minnesota arrested 24-year-old linwood kaine and five others after they lit fireworks inside the state capital at the rally saturday. police held him in jail on suspension of second degree rioting officials released him. no charges filed as of yet against kaine or the other it's arrested. >> disgusting accusation against former elementary school principal. police say that he took videos up the skirts of 100 girls. john bean facing charges after police found about 160 videos on bean's school issued phone and laptop. the investigation started in september after bean was seen in a wal*mart following kids. warrant states he was trying to take kids. police say some of the videos were even taken at disneyworld and various other stores. >> finding out there's somebody in the store who could be doing that to my children is very
5:26 pm
upsetting. >> if he's taking them outside of the school i want to know what's going on inside of the school. >> in a letter to parents the sun says parents have not reported misconduct on school grounds or involve anything students. more fallout from the latest wick key leak document dump what cia secrets officials say coul could -- it could have exposed. >> for many of their pets they're like family. so how much would you be willing to spend to get your missing cat back. probably not as much as this woman and kathy, crackin crack k something snow. >> you know it. >> come on. >> dry for now and mild but not for long. go back to winter with accumulating snow. depending on where you live. we'll take look at that when we come back. ♪
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♪ >> hang on to your hats. it's breezy out there tonight as we take a live look at the center city skyline. you can see the camera shaking a bit. because it's that windy. kathy orr has your complete forecast coming up in few minutes. some camden residence protesting this morning to keep neighborhood school from closi closing. this demonstration over the hc sharp elementary school and they say sharp serves the needs of their kids. as it turns out, according to published reports, the board of education actually decided last night to keep the school open.
5:30 pm
wikileaks is at it again and it has federal investigators quite busy. the fallout has security experts now pouring over documents to see what cia secrets had been exposed. >> now there's word of a possible connection between wikileaks and the russian government. fox's benjamin hall reports from london. >> reporter: it could be the largest leak of cia documents in history. wikileaks releasing thousands of pages of classified material describing sophisticated software and techniques used by the agency to break into smart phones, computers and internet capable televisions. >> anything that's connected to the internet is hackable. is something that can be compromised and ultimately you've got to be mindful of where you want your device displayed. >> reporter: cia now scrambling to fine the source of the leak. some experts are saying it was most likely a lone analyst like edward snowden but other otherse the possibility foreign government stole the documents and delivered them to wikileaks. and if that's the case, the most
5:31 pm
likely culprit is russia. >> this potentially could be an additional leak that we'll have to get to the bottom of. let's let the appropriate ic agencies start to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: documents accuse the u.s. of using diplomatic facilities like the us consolate in frankfurt, germany as cover for hacking centers equipping cia agents with diplomatic passports. it's a rude awakening for many of measure's allies and the reminder to consumers to protect their data. >> in our great country, all of us have a residential expectation of privacy in our homes, in our cars and in our devices. >> reporter: wikileaks is refusing to name its sources but say the leaks raise serious policy questions which quote you are jennly need to be debated in public. in london, benjamin, hall, fox news. let's go back to the fox 29 weather authority now. you'll want to grip the wheel tighter on that commute home tonight. the winds are starting to kick
5:32 pm
up a little bit as we take live look into trenton tonight. kathy orr with your full forecast in just 15 seconds. another beautiful day with temperatures well into the 60s. still looking at that blue sky sunset not until few minutes after 6:00. 63 right now the high 64. winds out of the west southwest at 21 miles an hour keeping it on ultimate doppler you can see a few clouds to the south elsewhere very dry conditions and mild temperatures through new england, the mid atlantic and spreading westward. the cold through the planes and eventually that will win out. but not for now. at least we have one more mild day. as we go hour by hour, we're looking at thursday which will be pleasant with some clouds moving in late. then some rain and snow moving in by 11:00 o'clock tomorrow
5:33 pm
night. that will invade as temperatures turn colder. the rain will change over to snow from north to south. and you can see 35 degrees for philadelphia at 7:00 a.m. friday with some wet sloppy snow. on the philadelphia area south and east it will be accumulating on the grassy surfaces. that's just about it and it will be so sloppy and wet from the ground being so warm that i don't expect much in the way of accumulation. you could see snow showers moving toward the shore and then moving out by 10:00 a.m. still some light snow showers. by noon it's pretty much out of here. but a few random squalls are snow showers during the afternoon cold northwesterly winds. when we look at some of the projections for accumulation less than an inch pretty much to the south and east of philadelphia half an inch to an inch possible until philadelphia. and then as you go north and west higher accumulations. pottstown an inch and a half. allentown three. possibly 4-inches as you head toward the poconos where obviously it is going to be colder faster. overnight tonight, 42, clear and
5:34 pm
breezy with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, plenty of sun again but the wind will put a chill into the area look at the temperature. 62 with mostly sunny skies. and then things change. after that, it gets cold tomorrow night. friday morning snow showers. the temperature 43 with movely cloudy skies in the afternoon. saturday just sunny and cold. for the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade on sunday it's the luck of the irish. no snow. that storm days south the temperature 36. monday still a chill. tuesday some morning snow showers possible as a coastal storm brushes by. and for your wednesday mostly sunny, 38. remember this weekend saturday night or early sunday morning, spring ahead one hour. we lose an hour of sleep but we gain an hour of daylight. if that's not a sign of spring, i don't know what is. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right, kathy. i love that weekend. thanks. major shift for shopping. why your days heading to the mall could be number the. >> and here's something you
5:35 pm
don't see every day. that is an eight month pregnant woman chasing a man through a parking lot. what she says he did that made her so mad. and ahead at 62:00 men break into a home with guns they even rip a week old baby from his mother's arms and toss him to the ground. what they demanded before running out of a house.
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♪ in california, we got a brave woman who's eight months pregnant jumps no action when robber tries to steal her rent money. police say jeanette garr low went to convenience store to buy a money order to pay her rent but laying out 2,000 bucks on the table for the clerk a thief tried to grab it and run. the clerk was able to save most of it but she still went after the robber chased him out. she says it was a split second decision that she probably would not do again. >> my husband works really hard right now for that money. it was his birthday and i wasn't going to let him take it all from us. i mean it's the difference between my son, myself and my husband having place to live. >> in the end cops say the thief
5:39 pm
ended up stealing about 40 bucks so far no arrests have been made. n your money tonight, malls across the country could face somewhat bleak future analysts are predicting 5,000 stores will close this year. that's 25% more than last year. several companies are going bankrupt after weak holiday sales including hh greg and bcbc gander mountain, radio shack and pay less also in trouble. how much would you pay to get back to your missing pet? >> everything i can. >> okay. >> you know it's like your family. >> one california woman's offer might make your draw drop. she's putting up a $20,000 reward four anyone who finds her pet cat bentley. bentley's owner says she accidentally left her door open the cat went out and jump off her balance cooney and took off. now she's had search and rescue teams and blood hounds and even helicopters infrared technology search the area. some say you know what the cat rare breed and that's the reason for the reward. my thing is maybe she just loves
5:40 pm
the kitty and wants her baby back home. if she can afford it, you know what i mean. >> mark one of our camera guys he's ready to go out and look for it. >> aw see that's because he's a nice guy. >> he wants the reward. >> and he wants 20 grand. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> now that would be good. you get the 20 grand she gets her kitty back. we'e a few days away from the annual st. patrick's day parade. the special honor for some of philadelphia's finest. >> you think you know all about philly's deep history you might be walking by hidden gems montgomery even realize it. >> it's college basketball champiochampionship week ahead n sports what it was really like living with kris jenkin after he hit the shot heard around the college basketball world last year.
5:41 pm
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>> millions flocked to philadelphia every year. one obvious reason of course our rich history. the city is full of historic buildings as well. up pennsylvania hall and carpet's hall to name couple. >> but other buildings that have a storied past are hiding all across our great city. our joyce evans is giving us a look. ♪ >> reporter: we are a world heralded city. we are city where a nation was born. >> that's very unusual designation. >> reporter: not for nearly 6 million viewers to travel from around the globe just taking in the magesty of the buildings, places and homes where extraordinary history was forged. >> we're going to go to the betsy ross house. >> art museum. >> independence hall of course. >> i'm glad we kept our history many respects especially here. >> reporter: but what of the history that's hiding in plane sight. in the shadows of our world famous lapped marks? >> it's crazy. >> reporter: it's certainly
5:45 pm
not always apparent to the average eye. >> never noticed it. never. >> reporter: buildings you may have walked by or driven by every day for years. >> i'm not with it at all. >> i think they should at any time down recent build it over. >> reporter: really? that's historic. >> it isn't always pretty. it's not always just a places that are beautiful it's the places where something important happened. might be a modest little building. >> reporter: or a crumbling vacant home. >> so it was built in two piece. >> two pieces. >> reporter: it used to be a gym. the first part opened by prominent banker lloyd mifflin then civil rights activist marm ma dukes coats bought and added the second half it. >> would be a shame to lose it. >> yeah. >> reporter: it was recently saved by a team of experts. >> anybody sells an opinion. >> reporter: charged with vetting authenticating sites at
5:46 pm
meetings of the historic designation mighty. >> nomination contends. >> reporter: part of the philadelphia historical commission. >> we have so many but all of them have amazing stories they can tell us. >> reporter: they get varying lists to consider. nominations from experts in preservation, history and architecture. property owners -- >> we love our buildings. >> reporter: pretty much anybody. >> then goes to the full commission. >> reporter: chitty chair emily cooper says tension can flare over the passion to preserve or not. not this day. >> i think we should reclaim every building that we can. >> can you save them all? you never can save everything. you shouldn't. >> reporter: it's a race to save the old from increasing demand to make way for the new. >> you can't stop change. that's death for city but you also have to make sure you don't lose what's valuable. because 50% of the buildings designed in this city have been
5:47 pm
demolish. here we have a hidden gem. >> reporter: there's nothing that screams historic to mow about this building on the corner. but paul of the preservation alliance see what is we may miss at the corner of 40th and ludlow. >> up there you can see a man tarred roof that was part of frankford's original design of the building. >> reporter: i love the chimney stack over here. >> yes, that's a grade mark element of frank furnaces designs. >> reporter: 1876 splendor of the same victorian era architect's west philadelphia institute apparently needed changes to accommodate peco. and then even more cover up for the occupants who followed. >> it's eagerly awaiting the day when we peel off that terrible metal facade and find out once and for all what remains of its earlier time. >> reporter: this one i see. >> this is an industrial complex. this was hose serrie mill built in 1851. >> reporter: next door and down the block along
5:48 pm
frankford -- >> 1880s it became an elevator works. it was extended in the back. >> reporter: the old morris otis elevator plant now protected from being demolished says architectural historian oscar. >> like what is this facade? >> reporter: but inside -- >> the inside is more interesting than the outside. >> yeah. >> you see this piece of equipment here across the top? that roles all the way down. >> reporter: still works, too and victoria first uses it in her cycle shop. >> nothing has been changed. >> no. i like the it set tick of the original factory. ♪ >> reporter: >> we received a letter about two week ago. >> you're smiling. >> yeah. >> reporter: walker knew the property she's been managing all these years at 38th and powelton was special. just didn't know it was cultur culturally and socially his historic. >> it's just an exciting time for ridolfo school for the
5:49 pm
blind. >> reporter: a lot has changed surrounding the old pennsylvania industrial home for blind women. >> we worked hard to keep the building maintained and things leak. >> reporter: some modifications but it's purpose remains about the same. >> we're expecting a sign outside that tells us rear historical site. >> reporter: what do you think this building would say if these old walls could talk? >> oh, man. oh, wow. we love it here. >> reporter: josephs advance -- >> yes, we love it here. >> reporter: -- fox 29 news. >> really so incredible how much history and how rich it is in the city. >> when i first got here almost three years ago, i spent the first two weeks literally just walking around like this. then reading all those plaques. but what's so great about joyce's story, there aren't plaques on those buildings. >> exactly. >> yet they have that same type of history. >> it's incredible. >> another incredible thing happening right now. it's all about frogs and if you
5:50 pm
love them or want to know more about the academy natural sciences is the place to go. chorus of frogs is the name of temporary exhibit featurin feat5 species of frogs from around the world. >> this exhibit is really about getting people excited about the diversity and the colors and the interesting adaptation that frogs have and how important they actually are around the world in the eco system. >> they're cater species tell you the planet's health is like. the world could have 5500 species of frogs because scientists are constantly discovering new ones. aren't they cool? show runs through may 15, 14th in phill philly. mourners have another chance to say goodbye to former pro wrestler jimmy super fly snuka. second funeral open to the public tomorrow at 11am. it will be hell at christ the redeemer assumption church in atco, n. he died january at the age of 73 after battling stomach cancer and dementia. local zoo just welcomed a couple of new additions but it
5:51 pm
needs your help. how you can pick a name for the new zoo babies. >> and still ahead at 62:00 men break into a home and rip a newborn baby from his mother's arms. what police say they got away with. >> $30,000 smoker is back in its rightful place tonight. where the owner says it showed up weeks after someone swiped it.
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5:54 pm
the emerald park zoo wants your help naming these jaguar cubs. they were born january 24th to
5:55 pm
the parents ink today and jen on this or jen. i'll go jen with this one the cubs are off exhibit until the summer. you want to help name these newborns stepped e-mail to the elmwood park zoo by next wednesday. it's very easy to do. just go to our website fox 29 empty com and click on the story to send in your suggestions. >> the philadelphia sane patrick's day parade just a few days away. this year's theme is honoring philadelphia's men and women who put it all on the line to protect and serve every day. >> and that's not all. some officers are receiving some extra special recognition. our karen hepp shows us. ♪ >> reporter: tip your hat to the ben men and women in blew this year's parade theme safe patrick protect and guide our police officers getting special recognition our ring of honor. chief inspector joseph sullivan. he cep us safe during the pope's visit and the dnc and parade day will be no different. >> i'm very fortunate i have the
5:56 pm
best commanders and the best officers in the police department that will be out there. >> reporter: officer patrick boyle he served and so did his son danny who tragically was killed the boyles run a charity in his name to help other children. >> pat boyle 68 scholarship in honor of his son danny into tried 20 years ago. >> he's most famous for being mugged 278 times as a granny c cop. >> takes a brave man to catch these on the street he's great guy, too. >> retired officer james lenox true leader. >> emerald society on the founding irish society. jim was police officer solved a lot of big cases back in the d day. >> captain william may. he's at the police academy now and never stops plugging the job he loves. >> we are hiring if anybody is looking for a profession to get into law enforcement. so go out to our website and log
5:57 pm
on and you'll have an opportunity to join one of the the greatest professions there is. >> reporter: edward miller, served decades with the philadelphia police but now is over at penn he made news this september when he was shot. here's some of our philadelphia eagles visiting with him in the hospital. detective lieutenant edward monaghan. >> very unsouping. very irish. very low key just great human being to be around. >> what an incredible honor. >> reporter: assistant district attorney jude conroy. >> jude is an excellent attorney and prosecutors loves his irish roots. >> irish, true irish. >> reporter: gerald dill yann president of the gaelic athletic association. he lives for coaching. >> i enjoy it. i love working with kids. robert robert hee i don't know. he's a great leader in the union movement. >> michael meehan. >> mike meehan long time republican in a city that's 90%
5:58 pm
democrat you have to tip your hats off to the other pear. >> reporter: thomas o'donnell. head of the ancient order of hibernians 39. >> to celebrate st. patrick's day the patron state of ireland one of the patrons saint of the agent order hibernian's a trick honor. >> marty the grand marshal and advocate of irish culture. john dougherty, sr. >> it's a great honor to be selected to the ring. >> it is a great honor. well deserved for all these men who have given so much to the irish culture that they love and show. you can catch the st. patrick's day parade live right here on fox 29 sunday march 12th from noon to 3:00 and then you can watch it again we'll row broad it for you on st. patrick's day at noon. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00 police say a
5:59 pm
mom jumped from an apartment window holding her two-year-old son. tonight they're both in the hospital. what neighbors heard moments later. a theirs thousand dollars mystery. massive smoker swiped from a local restaurant is found. what police are still trying to figure out tonight. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. they cannot believe their eyes in north philadelphia a mother and her child fell out of a second story apartment window with their neighbors watching. investigators say that mom through herself and her child out the window intentionally. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. tere's a lot for investigators to sort out with this. let's get right out to fox 29's dawn timmeney with more from the scene. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, crime scene investigators and members of the special have you victims
6:00 pm
unit just arriving back on the scene within the last several minutes. neighbors say that this actually all started yesterday. that the mom was out on this same window 11 with her baby the woman across the street thought she talked her out of hurting her itself and her child. >> i just didn't expect to see that, you know what i mean. it's bothering me right now. >> reporter: what danielle darden saw was her 36-year-old neighbor and the woman' twos-year-old son lying on the ground covered in blood. police say the distraught trout mom had jumped from this second floor window of her home on the 2,000 block of diamond street holding her little boy. darden is crushed because she says she tried to help the woman yesterday when she was having suicidal thoughts. >> basically i seen her dangling the baby out of the window and i ran over there and got the baby from her. >> reporter: darden kept the little boy for


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