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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  March 16, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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and about today. >> the ban is block again. >> the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order that was also block by another judge. >> halted just hours before set to go into effect. how far he's willing to go to make sure it gets passed. >> how young is too young? to be left alone at home? a local mother is facing charges, after her eight year old starts to a fire while she was at work. the laws all parent should know. >> the madness begins today. >> when people say it is hard to repeat, that's part of why it is hard to repeat. because you have to deal with those expectations all the time. >> villanova's quest for another national championship starts tonight. can they get a repeat? picked to win ity team
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all. >> either way it is exciting, i would love to have another parade. >> i was peaking overlooking at yours. >> look at you! hold on now. >> scott has his filled out. >> i got mine filled out. kids were doing it, as well, kids were getting into it. >> great. we'll have them on all on line, compare, see who we pick, big reveal. stay tuned for. that will good day to you. >> is there a prize? is there a prize? >> are you provide ago prize? >> sure, i'll provide a prize. >> what's the prize? >> jelly donuts? >> breakfast with bob. >> make it a breakfast. >> i love. that will it is thursday, march 16, 2017. so we're getting ready for march madness, but also, this weather is just madness. i mean, from the wind, to how cold it is, and the ice that we're dealing with outside. >> absolutely. march madness in the weather department it, feels more like january 16 as opposed to march . we are talking weather by the numbers, scale of one to ten today. give it a five.
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not quite as harsh, but still the ice to contend w temperatures in the 20's, windchills are in the teens, and of course, if we have chunks every ice, have the slick spots out there, so watch your step. beautiful sunrise, will take place across the area at about 7:10. 24 degrees, but feels like 14 right now in center city. temperatures pretty uniform right now, 22 in reading, allentown, mid 20's right now in part of south jersey. bus stop buddy, bundled up for the frigid start. ultimate doppler dry. what about temperatures by lunch? 31 degrees, and temperatures this afternoon above freezing, bob kelly, 36 degrees. >> we will take the extra 4 degrees, we will take it, that will melt just a tiny bit. but then what's going to happen it, will all refreeze on the overnight. little bit of melt down will start some of the snow or ice to start falling off of the roof. make sure you clean the snow, which is now probably ice, off of the roof of your car.
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the hood, get it off the top of the tractor-trailer, had near miss yesterday on route 202, the whole top of that tractor-trailer, came flying back on to the cars behind us. here is a live look at the vine street expressway. oh, oh, what do we have here? this looks like the blue route, 476 with the slow down in both directions. i thought there was an accident there. but just looking like a slow down. 422, heavy from oaks into king of prussia. there is your tve double two's, on the schuylkill accident at island avenue, just off t for some falling ice, thedelaware memorial bridge blocked. all becauseice. and expect delays around the all transit system. alex, thomas, back to you. >> thanks, bob. 7:03, so it is a warning for pedestrians, we've been talking about this falling ice whether on the car, buildings, you really need to be on the
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look-out. look at the loews hotel yesterday. they had to block off the sidewalk so much ice was fouling down, they wanted to be sure no one got hurt. but not over with yet. >> not over. that will yellow tape steve keeley we will see that throughout the city, i tell you. >> you know, my neck's already killing this all day. because i am looking up at the y p there wait to go come down. st yet. we do have the sun u shutdown here, big, so you can them signs caution falling ice, not like we made these signs real quick. they have these signs because this happens a l these signs were just up february 10th, the last time we had snow on the building, 36 story classic phil building here. you historians.
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so here is cityp there. so you see peoplent another nobody does 25 miles an hour he of the buses here, bus do. ind there is people jay front of all of the bus drivers, as we look to the left toward city those people scrambling, but because so much snow and ice people standing in the street in front of the piles of snow a ice and walking in the street because there is no other choice so be careful, little girl in the pink, look, good thing she has pink hat and little sister with pink jacket. visibility good idea if you're putting out junior for school today. look, here is somebody with a wheel, cart, you know, trying to go in front after bus. it is very dangerous out here from the ice above, and because of the ice above, everybody's now in the street out here. let's go to the video.
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on the other side of city hall more falling ice, more warning signs, more close sidewalks, this is in front of mccormick's right across the street from city hall. so there is your warning. whether you're driving, or walking, or pushing a little kid in a cart or whatever you're doing today, watch it. remember, these little girls out here are out in big numbers today because schools open. and even though the sun is up, hard to see little kids when they're walking behind big piles of snow. perfect warning for you, hopefully we get through it safe before up to ooh degrees this weekend, thank god. >> even more dangerous when the temperatures start to go up. steve keel think morning, steve, thanks for the reminder. 7:06. new castle county police are investigating an incident involving carbon monoxide poisoning at a home. this happened right before 6:30 last night on the 400 block of moore house drive in wilmington. paramedics found three adults and a 13 year old boy exposed to carbon monoxide. emergency crews say there was
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a charcoal grill inside the home. now the victims, transport today christianna hospital, and they're in stable condition. 7:07. president trump has finalized first budget for the federal government. blueprint that would make deep cuts in the ep a and other domestic programs. while significantly increasing spending, on the military. the budget will be submitted to congress today. it is widely expected to cause political pain for republicans and democrats who will have the final say on spending and arduous budget process. >> and a judge as put version two of president trump's travel ban on hold. >> ruling came just hours before it was set to take effect. jenny joyce at philadelphia international airport this morning. with more. >> well, attorneys in hawaii are arguing that this revised travel ban discriminate on the basis of nationality. and us district court, judge derrick watson, ruled in favor of the argument. president donald trump's revised travel ban was placed on hold hours before it was supposed to take effect today.
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hawaii argues the ban would hurt its tourism industry, and the ability to recruit foreign student, and other states are also fighting the ban, maryland and washington state, heard arguments on the case. meanwhile, the department every justice released a statement saying it strongly dis a gross with the ruling. at a rally in nashville, president trump called the ruling unprecedented, judicial over reach, and he says he'll fight it. >> you don't think this was done by a judge for a political reasons, do you? no we will fight the ruling, take the case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. >> any sort of discrimination, if it results in any harm to our state, then we'll fight it. and i think that's the point. >> spokesperson backs the president's ban, and says the order falls squarely within his lawful authority in seek to go protect our nation security, it is unclear how
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quickly the president could issue a legal response on the argument many i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more about all of this, later today. back to you guys. >> jenny joyce, philadelphia international airport, this morning, 7:09. question: do you leaf your car running while you fill up? >> well if you don't it, might be for a different reason than what we're about to tell you. you might have another concern. a lot of people think could cause a fire or sparks from your car running. but, this video might have you changing that habit or changeable the reason why you turn your car off. look at this. so the owner pumping gas in mayfair earlier this month, when another car pulled up, a guy got out, and jumped into his car, and drove off with the $60,000 rain rover. investigators say, it is a good reminder, not to leave your car running when you're filling up at the pump. now, police are still searching for the two suspect, and anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> hard to do during the winter months, but shut off that car. take the key with you. a fun movie outing for little boy who is getting a just today life in a wheelchair.
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gets soared by fellow movie-goers. christine wide man's family won tickets to see special preview of beauty and the beast at king of prussia movie i max movie theater. it was supposed to be her son nicholas' sixth birthday celebration, perfect way to lift the spirit of the boy who has tumors on his spinal cord. but when they got to the seating area, for the disabled, two movie-goers, they refuse to move from their seat. to make matters worse, says an event employee was no help. >> told me that wasn't her problem, and that they were there first, and i said i understands that, but these are reserved. it says right on the seat reserved, came back home that night, and apologized for being in a wheelchair, that's not right, not his fault. for someone to make him feel that it is his fault, really hurt me. >> well thankfully the family did get to see the movie, but wide man, her mother and nephew had to double up seat just to watch.
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we've not been able to get in touch with the company here promote that movie but the movie theate wanted to make sure nicholas didn't miss out on a good time. the manager has invited nicholas and a bunch. of had his friend from the hospital for all expense day at the movies? hard to see nicholas sad like. that will if you look at nicholas and think he's familiar that's because nicholas was on good day back in december, he came to open christmas gift with other children from st. christopher hospital. see his outfit there? he was so adorable, so cute. and we had great time opening games with him and to see his mom was there, too, so sad this has happen. so we had him on the show for such a good happy reason, and to have him on again for this. >> he was in great shifts. he shouldn't have to feel like it was his fault because he couldn't get a seat. >> maybe this means next christmas he has to come again so we can have another smile on his face. love that. clock 11. baby boy is alive at the university of pennsylvania because of his mother's love. >> karen help-in the news room. it is a mother love.&
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>> such sacrifice, what would you do in this situation? so the mom new the odds were against her. but she gave her life for her unborn son. >> this was a choice she made willingly for the love of the little boy. the mom, three years old, her name danielle jenoffski. had mole removed two years ago, found out it was mel no, ma'am a that's her husband and also her little girl. then year later she found alum p in her breast and the aggressive cans her spread throughout her body. that's the wedding picture of the couple. she was six month pregnant when she got that devastating diagnosis. with her little boy jake at the time when she got that news she and her husband, max, said she made very brave decision to give her life to save her child. two weeks ago, little baby jake was delivered, right now, he's still in the nick u. >> when they did the c-section, they didn't think she would survive. that was her decision at that point. when she was officially diagnosed with the met that sizing melanoma was february 9th. and she had passed away
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february 27th. >> make imagine make that decision with just three weeks to decide what would you do at six month pregnant. have been married for five years, building their dream home together for their growing family. there is their little four year old girl, avery. max is an army veteran. he's also a k9 offer monroe towe department. if you can help him, because he's going have a big journey ahead of him raise that little boy and little girl of course checking some money for the fraternal order of police, in order to help him. we put link to that go fun me right on our page if you would like to donate. can you imagine? i just -- >> no, you couldn't. >> as a mom, you know? >> to have to make that choice. your little one. >> oh, my goodness. well, thank you for sharing that story, and our thought are with that family. >> our viewers wilwebsite and ho fun me page, karen, thanks. >> well, temple university has decided to hold off on increasing its meal plan costs that they say was in response to philadelphia soda tax. yesterday the school approved
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6% hike, but since halted the move after being criticized by mayor jim kenney's office. spokeswoman for the mayor says temple's decision to raise meal plan fees was being used to cover soaring construction and administrative costs instead of offsetting the beverage tax. i'm sure there will be more updates with that store. >> i according to the philadelphia school district is spending about $160,000 in ads aimed at hiring 1,000 new teachers for the upcoming school year. they say that number enough to replace those who will retire and resign at the end of the current term. media campaign, it includes radio ads, electronic billboards, and digital videos to get the teachers. >> 7:14. have you ever wondered why your car shakes at higher speeds after a snowstorm? it can be quite alarming. but don't worry, there is a simple fix for that. >> well here is video from one of our fresco users lamar. according to triple a, ice and snow bill up in the wheels causing tires to become unbalanced. expert suggest waiting for the snow to melt off, the wheels
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or brushing the snow off yourself. they say if the car is still shaking, have it looked at by a mechanic, because it is possible the pesky pothole has caused some damage. we're talking about this stuff in the news room. some people are saying it almost feels like wooden roller coaster, what's happening with the car. >> and with the plows coming by and digging up the roads even more. once the snow melt, your area going to have to deal with the potholes, flat tires, all of that good stuff, scott williams. >> not good for the par. >> it is pothole season. temperatures today little milder, yes, milder than yesterday. we didn't make it above freezing. today we top off right around 36 degrees. so coal again this morning, some afternoon melting as we climb above freezing, there could be little bit of wintery mix friday night. dry, quiet look at ultimate doppler. well off to the west. this is the moisture, the energy that will head in our direction friday night into your saturday. 24 degrees right now in philadelphia. cold across much of the lower
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48, 20's in parts of north carolina 24 right now in philadelphia. twenty-five in ac, 22 in allentown. forecast across the area, 36 degrees center city, upper 30s down the shore, stays chilly and breast i winds could gust 20 to 30 miles per hour, lehigh valley, 33 degrees with few afternoon passing flurries. how are the roads? kind of icy and dice any spots, right, bob kelly? >> yes, scotty, same deal as last couple of days. nothing really changed. haven't gone above freeze willing. live look downtown philly. now we're bumper to bumper both directions one of the reasons again all day yesterday, happened again folks trying to exit 30th street or even exit at broad street. when you come to the top of those ramps, because the snow mounds are all still there instead of two lanes at the top of the ramp only one, same deal exiting at 30th street.
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>> good morning, delays, and again, just watch it, everything that was out there yoked still out there. all matted down park down nice and tight in the form of ice, accident pennsylvania turnpike westbound at virginia driver. hold on, you know what tomorrow is? it is event patrick's day, more coming up in the next half hourment diane just going craze which her little irish jig. hole your irish jig, we got it coming up for you. back to you guys. >> it involves something free. so you want to listen to there is right? >> oh, yes, free. >> free for me. >> thomas, are you ready to reveal? >> sleepless night, crime, are you ready for this? >> ready. see your picks. >> what do we start with, the elite eight? roll the footage. >> this was the bracket yesterday that i filled out.
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in the east, villanova taking on duke, steph curry pick duke, who keeps. over in the west, gonzaga, xavier, it will be tough one, they'll get past the elite eight for the first time. >> canvas will prevail on this one, pre decking south north carolina falling to northern ken tuck. >> i you have creighton winning? >> yes, villanova, up against con saga, i have kentucky, villanova going head-to-head. i have villanova taking over. >> all right! villanova. >> interesting, how much time did you spend on it. >> lackluster, wasn't it? >> , no how much time did you spend? >> i got stuck little between duke and villanova. duke's had incredible season have, great players, playing great basketball, but the passion of villanova and the excitement, and getting past the hang over
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from last year, i think they'll get it done. >> you know the odds of doing a repeat? really slim. >> i know. >> no perfect bracket, every year we go through the upsets, surprises, but i feel pretty consider glenn when what i love about this time of year we all fill out bracket, like to compare, see our reasoning, everyone here at fox 29. so lucy noland annie age page actually pick their bracket already too. let's see who they have in their final four. >> it is bracket time, final four. march madness. >> i got duke, louisville, n. c, arizona, sorry, nova fans, you talk, i won't -- but duke is tough. un c going all the way. it is all about my wife's friend and family, a lot of them. >> all right. don't forget loyal loyalty. >> wife vaitai. via. i understand, and she is lovely woman. i have nova. i've got con sag, a because they won 32, they have to be part of the final four conversation, and i think
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surprise a lot of people, kentucky because i think they're peaking perfectly right now, and i have kansas because they have the easiest path, in my humble opinion. >> good rational. >> you think so? >> i think so. >> oh, from the sports guy, and i have nova all the way. >> nova all the way. >> i hope so. i hope so. >> sorry, vi it. a. >> good luck, guys. >> thank you. >> lucy, ian, bracket time. >> he doesn't believe. ya, i hope. >> we'll see. right, did i have creighton, kansas, i had creighton, but still in the end i had villanova. lousy and i, almost evenly matched there. >> did you guys fill out your brackets snot. >> , no i filled out mine before. i think she went in the studio and looked, maybe we'll go with that. >> maybe that's what she did. >> i'll yours, you've had yours under lock and key and hiding it. >> i'm going to try not to get you guys influence me then. >> process behind is it. >> i'll do mine live in just a little bit. making my final picks and getting everything together. so we'll see, and then, we
7:21 am
will bring in someone, because i want to get his opinion on stuff. so we'll see, in about 20 minute, so stick around. >> any suggestions, keep tweeting. i'm getting some suggestions here, some people saying u in. c, winning it all, that kind of stuff. so keep letting me know. and i might go with you on my bracket. just might. >> quick reminder we saw lucy and ian there, don't forget to catch them on the "fox 29 news" at 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00. and lucy at 11:00 you'll pick your bracket coming up in about 20 minutes? >> yes. but if you want to see everybody, i mean, karen filled one out, bob, sue, everybody, just go on the website be able to see them there. >> 72:00; flying this summer? well there is one day you want to avoid. find out which day will be the most expensive day for airfare this year. the one day you definitely don't want to fly on.
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>> heads up, if you are booking your flights, try to pick what would be cheaper, when it comes to booking that flight, there is one day that expert say it is best just not to fly. so most expensive day. >> so, lauren simonetti. >> hello. >> it is tuesday? >> tuesday. july 9. sunday july 9. >> why? >> i'm calling it doomsday. okay, well, it is july a popular month period. it is a sunday, popular day of the week. and it is the sunday after the fourth of july. so, for all of those reasons, airfare on that day is trending about $100 higher than the average airfare this summer, which cheap air. com has at $384. so, you're going to be spending close to 500 if flying july 9th. >> does it mention any particular areas where you're going, south, had he dollars north? >> just in general. most of the vacation hot spots
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for that time of year. >> i never know these days, though. you know, you book that fare. >> i don't care. >> you think you have great dial. welshing i care, because i like to get away sometimes. but you think you have great deal and do you have pay for the extras and getting a seat. then you have to pay -- >> checking bags, yes, even carry on luggage it, adds up. >> i go when can i have off. and once this is days are approved we just book. okay, we got away. ya, we pay for it, unfortunately. >> sad that i just booked two weeks from now a trip and i haven't put in time off at the same time? >> true. >> i haven't -- >> you don't have approval? >> but i bought my tickets yesterday. >> can you cans snell. >> i have 24 hours, so i'm watching the boss is watching and will a purchase it. >> he's off for couple of days. >> very daring of you not only to do that but to call your boss out like that on television? >> right? >> putting that pressure on, what it is called, pressure. >> who is the person giving this approval. >> don't get me in trouble, lauren. >> you want him to say a name?
7:27 am
ya. >> ultimately, we have the same boss there, lauren. >> calling out on television, you're correct. >> that is confidence, though, you better hope it happens within 24 hours, just because we talked about this watch something happens. >> it was a good deal though, that's why i book it. >> you couldn't resist? >> get away. >> desperate times call from desperate pressures. >> it was like a friday saturday sunday kind of trip. so i'm thinking -- >> are you rag going? >> florida, west palm beach. >> oh, nice. >> yes. >> going someplace warm. >> real cheap fly. got to be thawing out little bit. >> might as well. okay, lauren? >> i need to get out of here too. it is freezing. >> i agree, it is very cold. let me know when you're about to book. >> get my next trip approved, also. thank you, ill. >> i'll work it and let you know, thanks, lauren. >> 7:27. well, it is finally in the city. sole cycle. so many people talk about this, i still have never done it, but jen will be doing it this morning. you've heard of seoule psych
7:28 am
snell. >> the balloon, i don't know if it is big enough for me. come on, we'll show you what soul psych sell in new part of center city, let's go.
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>> beautiful sunrise across the area, but once again,
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looks, can be dough receiving. 24 degrees right now. and take a look at the feels like temperature, 14 degrees. twenty-five right now. atlantic city, and millville, 23 in trenton, a low 20's north and west. teens in the poconos. so, across the area, for today, a mixture every sunday and clouds, there might be a passing flurry, far north and west, not as widespread coverage as what we saw yesterday. 36 degrees, not as harsh by the afternoon. what about saint patrick's day? for tomorrow, look for mixture of sun, giving way to some clouds, not as harsh, what about a high of 41 degrees, and then, timing our next system, friday night, into saturday, yes, it looks like maybe a wintery mix going over to some rainfall. the seven day forecast, showing, those temperatures easing as we head into the weekend, and early next week, bob kelly? >> can i get one of those nurf dart guns, shoot him when he says about a wintery mix coming like saturday? i think that would be fun.
7:32 am
whoosh. >> you had a chair yesterday. now talking about -- i'm calling h. r. mcmaster. >> either that or squirt gun. i would be afraid that would get iced up. 7:32, southbound on the blue route, 476. disable right here at the west chester pike, you know the cold temps take or not taking a liking, the cars aren't taking a liking to the cold temps. so going southbound on 476, watch for delays there. here comes the sun. the warming g us up little bit. up and over the bernie working your way into downtown, septa running with delays, first couple every trains out of the gate were delayed on the paoli wilmington trenton lines. some of the bus route are still on detour. go to the system status, page at i also put link up on both facebook and twitter to make it real easy for you. big delays last night. all of the mass transit systems are attempting full service this morning. including new jersey transit, and all aboard on amtrak, alex and thomas back to you. >> we have some breaking news out of paris france. police say one person is hurt
7:33 am
after a letter bomb at the french office of international monetary fund. >> i know it is about 12:30 in the afternoon there. all of the information still coming in, as soon as we learn more about breaking news, we of course will pass it along to you. >> but it seems that one person has been injured from a letter bomb. so we will keep you updated. 7:33, have you ever left your child home alone? >> there is up a err darby mom being charged with endangering the welfare after child and related offenses after police say her eight year old son, started a fire, while she was at work. >> according to the delco on the 700 block of ashland avenue, shortly after 6:00. the boy set fire to paper towels while playing with a lighter. apartments -- neighbors who smelled smoke, they heard child screaming, and they called 911. the boy's mother told police cher boyfriends was supposed to be watching her son. well, after the boyfriend never showed up, they took the mother into police custody. she is free now on $10,000 bail with preliminary hearing set for march 23.
7:34 am
and luckily there were no injuries, and no major damages. it got us wondering, what's the law here? how much does the age of the child and the time factor into the decision? this mother got charges. a lot of parent leave their kids at home. so had us wondering, bringing in our attorney to discuss this. >> good morning. >> well, interesting. because pennsylvania, new jersey, and many, many other state, don't set a standard age for when children can be left home alone. so, it leaves par wentz very little guidance as to what to do and when to leave a child home alone. >> so they don't have official laws on the age, but think do have some guidelines as they like to call them? >> that's right. as you can see here, if you do leave your child home alone, earlier than they should be, and they get into trouble, you can be charged. and the child can actually be taken away from you. so usually they say around 12 may be an appropriate age. but it is based upon the child's maturity level, the child's responsibility level,
7:35 am
safety of the surrounding areas. >> i would imagine physical ability? >> physical ability, knowing right from wrong,, before you leave your child home alone, they should know their address, their phone number, your phone number, neighbor, maybe nearby, who they can contact in the event something goes wrong, and then do you have look at the time of day. when you are leaving a child home alone. are you leaving them during the day for an hour when you run an errand, this mom left a eight year old home for the entire day. and obviously the eight year old didn't know, you know becomes setting fires and certain safety guidelines. >> often teens when lee we look at the language of any recommendation we see neglect. i know gray area. but how do you define neglect? >> neglect. this may and perfect case for neglect. because you're really leaving a child home alone, where the child may not really understand what it means to be home alone. talking about a eight year old which is i think we can all agree fairly young to leave a child home alone for an entire day. i mean not talking about a 15 minute run to the store.
7:36 am
>> sure. >> then look at the time of day. do you want it leave a 12 year old home at night while go out to dinner or movie? probably not. but, you know, if they're 15, probably so. >> also interesting with this, a lot of child protection laws they say that failing to provide adequate supervision after child is also neglect. but for some people, adequate supervision, that can vare, the mother said that the boyfriend was checking in on him or something, you might say oh, the neighbors, they'll be checkin checking in periodic, how do you determine what's adequate supervision? >> really very gray area. and that's, you know, what happened here. in this instance, they said that the boyfriend, the boyfriend had said he was calling regularly. well, is that supervision? obviously not. if a child is home alone setting fires. and possibly hurting other people in that apartment building. but maybe having a neighbor check in, or having, like i said earlier, a place where the child can go, a safety net, someone they know they can call or a neighbor next-door where they can go to
7:37 am
if in the event anything should happen. a child should rat least know that they call 911 in the event after emergency. i mean, these are things that a child should be responsible for. and i think we all can say, well, you know, at a certain age you feel like a child can do those type of things, and maybe at younger age perhaps not. >> ultimately authorities hold the discretion to take a child away or to charge a parent? >> absolutely yes. here this woman is facing criminal charges now. like i said, other people column have been hurt in the area. not just this child. so this is pretty serious. and i think we all can learn from this, that you really have to consider what is your child's capabilities, and are they ready to be home alone before you leaf them? >> okay, thank you so much, jennifer. and you said that your sons are how old? >> i have 14 and 11 year old, and i still don't know if i'm ready to leave them. >> no, i'm not doing in a. >> boys? >> boy and girl, and i'm worried, them attacking each other. so that's another consideration. >> smart mom. thanks, jennifer. >> coming up on clock 38. the road to the repeat start
7:38 am
tonight. we are live at villanova this morning. we're going to show you how student are getting ready to watch their team in round one of the ncaa tournament. and it is also time in a little bit to reveal our bracket, i'm going to go and pick mine live.
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>> sole cycle, really is a movement. people leave in sole cycle what it can do, get rolex cited talking about it. have you done it? >> i want to, incredible work out, jenn fred probably, what, one of the first members to start this club there? >> so the first has happened, second class is in session. but we got to show them what it looks like, right? common in, it will be loud. >> you guys on the look-out.
7:42 am
okay? >> it is casino every like, being in a night club, and at a motivational speech at the same time. >> exactly right, fully taken full cycle before. >> yes. and i made the mistake of taking 90 minute class. typically it is a bit shorter? >> usually 45 minute, but 90 minute class with ryan lewis is pretty awesome. >> i didn't work for a month after. not because i was sore because all of my needs were met, emotional and sweat needs. >> i can believe it. >> if people are rookies, if they've never been you can walk them through. it doesn't start that exciting? >> , no we build it, so it is a journey like anything else in life, right? so when you start off, you sort of get grounded, and you get really comfortable in your surroundings. >> in, spread your wings and lawn. so cycle more than just 45 minute full-body work out. some come to unplug, recharge,
7:43 am
escape reality, if you're coming for just basic sweat session, or a therapy session, you could all find this as soul cycle. >> fight here that does flips, right? in is my flip guy. i'll go get the camera guy. if you guys don't know what's going on, we sent mike in okay? there he is. there is the flip guy, right? so i just want everyone to know that like all of you guys are super excited about all of the stuff all the time? >> all the time. >> are you an instructor? >> no. >> but you have a move? >> ya. >> are you ready? here we go. >> oh! >> okay. >> influence not included. but they are extra if you want them, right? >> is that part of the class? >> it is not part of the class. >> that's a different type of spin. >> oh, my gosh. i just want you guys it know how amazing, really great energy when you come here. >> amazing.
7:44 am
>> and you're helpful. you got the shoes on. go back in and see ryan? >> mike the camera guy? >> cocktail? >> look at her. see, we need to see jen on a bike, though, need to see her on a bike. i've been told from people, who told me that they did it, like the first 20 minutes, it is like oh, my goodness. it is painful. then you get to this moment and you don't feel anything. you just keep going. >> i've dong spring classes in new york, not quite light that, but the music makes a difference, instruct sore getting you going, motivating you, being energetic. >> maybe i'm try t i need something. i need to do something to get myself together. >> let's do it. >> all right, back in time, i made my picks for the tournament after the break. >> oh, oh,. >> here we go.
7:45 am
7:46 am
7:47 am
>> an accident out of the camera shot there, right at the vare avenue off ramp. south on 95, stack up, from cottman, into downtown! we got some falling ice, not only from the builds, but also, from the delaware memorial bridge so outer lanes blocked in both directions causing jammo up and over the
7:48 am
bridges. and because after car park and blocking the trolley tracks, the route 15 trolley, but hey it is saint patrick's day tomorrow, i invite to you come out, start your good day with us at marty magee's, out there with jenn fred, kick the party off at 7:00. do my breakfast with bob segment in the 9:00 hour get this free admission and free breakfast. >> free? >> free. it is for me. tomorrow morning see you at 7:00 amount marty magee, what's the forecast like for the shamrocks, and the leprocans? scotty has it in 15 seconds. >> bus stop buddy bundled bracing for the cold, frigid
7:49 am
conditions in the two's this morning, also little sun glare out there. >> feels like 14 degrees if philadelphia, low to mid two's across the board, so once again it is cold, bundle up. as we look at the forecast, by this afternoon, temperatures climb above freezing, so, some melting, some falling ice, temperatures top out around 36 s is covered in snow talk about warmer pattern coming up in the next hour, back to you. >> scott, thanks. let's heat things one march madness, short time ago, i showed you myanmar madness brackets, so here is a little recap, in case you forgot forget the hang over, wildcats will squeeze out another victory going northern kentucky over kansas, it leaves villanova going head-to-head with northern kentucky for the title.
7:50 am
>> should dow well? excited? are you excited for tonight's big game? >> very excited. >> they'll get it done? >> yes we'll win. >> tell me real quick about the dance? >> just going to do quick forehand, which is traditional dance, then just deal little solo. >> they're bust al, but yes, i'm here and ready to pick my bracket live. first can we take a moment to just take a look how big this bracket is? i love that this is such a big bracket. but that's good, because i want to see all of my plans, got my notes here, my research but thomas, like you mention, needs to be little trash talking if you're doing some bracket talk. yes, weaver sean bell. >> the expert is here, okay? your welcome, alex, i'll tell you what you're doing wrong. >> suddenly this bracket doesn't look so big?
7:51 am
seral he can's tournament bracket here, i'll start in the midwest, see your bracket doesn't look trash yet. >> not yet. >> yet. >> i went to maas ooh, so i'll never pick kansas to go that far, we always know they fall out easily right? so i pick iowa state. >> you're going to let your bias, have you pick iowa state? no way in the world iowa state i think they might get knocked out by nevada, that's how much i respect iowa state. a-12 game in you know 12's always get the dubs. >> never know, never know. >> out of the two i'll say louisville. will go ahead and do it.
7:52 am
>> north caroline a think they'll be able to do it, so i'll move north carolina in, does that make sense to you? >> easy dub. >> well for this one, i'm going to do, let's see, kansas state. kansas state. >> i already see some glaring weaknesses right now, in this bracket. >> how? >> first ucla lose to go kansas state? >> we need upset. >> have you seen la ball's father? he thinks he's a kardashian, okay? the guys out here parading around, wanting all of the attention, for his son, his son plays for ucla, he's a monster by the way, hopefully the sixers get him but no way, alex, you always pick upsets. >> yes. >> kansas state over ken tucky? >> here this is what i believe though. north caroline a do think that they'll make it happen and be able to do this. >> solid squad, i believe. >> that one you rock w let's
7:53 am
go west. >> i believe began zaza, began saga will do well. >> probably because i work with somebody -- >> that's how you pick them anyway. >> then i will de with florida state and arizona, i have to say arizona. >> yes. i'll do arizona. >> that's right. again they have also. >> i like, i like this portion of the bracket. >> would this -- >> arizona is a beast. you know you're nights. >> i have to saigon saga. >> listen, a lot of people, even though number one, a lot of people are picking arizona i can't be mad at you either way. gonzaga is number one. >> don't they make it far? >> to around this point. >> now gone around the different regions, weaver to finish up in the east, let's do this so for the east, i'm going to start down here, because it was hard for me between baylor and duke. because i'm from texas, baylor, wake know not that
7:54 am
far. >> but matt rhule left temple. >> i know. so little upset. >> so i'm pecking duke. with this one, thomas, i know you're there with the squad over there. >> you know who you are picking. >> i was feeling the same thing yesterday. like duke, villanova, i mean, great teams. you know what to do. >> no pressure. >> the pressure. >> all right, villanova. here is the real pressure. >> who do you have in this game? >> people are saying this is the one to watch. they say it is not fair. >> fine, fine. >> if i have to pick between villanova and duke. >> squash heart, something like that? >> you know what? i believe, i believe, villanova, i think we can do this again. >> i believe that we will. >> villanova. >> i got duke. >> you have duke? >> i got duke. >> okay. >> so then this means, my final four, is villanova,
7:55 am
louisville, con saga, north carolina. >> one, one, one, two, what is the upset? okay? really? >> we will work it out. let's go then to the semifinals. i have them together, right? >> okay. >> now, who is going to go to the championship game? >> we have almost 50% in common. >> really? >> that's not good then. i don't want to have the same bracket as you. dow believe north carolina. >> i won my pool last year. >> you won? did you really? >> yes. >> i don't believe him. >> w's, that what i get. >> so finally i think villanova. yep, i think they'll do it again, and they'll go to the championship game. >> is jay wright saluting you little cash? >> no. >> sean, how did you do last year? you said did you well, sean? i don't believe that. >> see? nobody believes you. sorry. but to win it all. >> of course, of course. >> i got to root for the homeit.
7:56 am
>> sucking up. >> encore. encore. encore. yeah. >> really? >> i think you made the right decision. >> that hasn't been done in a decade. >> no? >> i think that he we can do it, that means time for it to be done again, if it hasn't been done in a decade, sean bell. mark my words, can i get this camera here real quick? i believe villanova will be able to do it again. >> who are you? glenn encore. i believe that we will do it again. >> is that what that is? >> exactly, remember when they had those shirts, party like it is 198 a? this one, party like it is 2016. >> right here alex i'm with you. we're together. >> i'll be here next week. >> he'll get on board eventually. >> i'll be here next week. >> so in honor of villanova going all the way, villanova irish dancers, ladies, for the love of game, for the love of villanova and irish dance, take it away. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:57 am
>> ♪ >> ♪
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8:00 am
>> if you're out and about in center city watch out on the ground, for ice. >> the gift of life from a young man whose last act on the earth was to save others,
8:01 am
to retired army paratrooper, breathing freely, thanks to a new set of lungs. first-hand look at the power every organ donors. >> counting down to tip-off. can the wildcats do it again? >> march madness. >> academy award winning director, danny boyle. on good day. the man behind slumdog millionaire, 127 hours and steve jobs is going back to the nine's. he joins us few sequel to train spotting. >> i'm getting lots of reaction toss my picks, in bracket. >> still fuy for a parade, i would love to do it.
8:02 am
>> i remember i threw the press sell up and the wife caught it. >> i'm going villanova, villanova, villanova. >> let's do repeat. >> not repeat of this weather. >> you have to watch out for melting thawing ice, as well, we give today a five. what to expect? temperatures, this morning, in the two's, feels like temperatures, are in the teens. and once again, still chunks every ice, on the sidewalks, kind of some snow banks out there. so, just allow extra travel time, grab the shades, for the sun glare, but it is still cold, 25 degrees, right now, it feels like 14, when you factor in the wind. twenty-three currently in wilmington, 24 in trenton, 26 now in atlantic city, so, as
8:03 am
we take you through the day not as brutal by the afternoon, 36 degrees, yes, calling 36 degrees not at brutal. average high for this time of year 52 degrees, some afternoon melting, coming up bob kelly, wintery mix friday night? we will talk about it. >> 803 you think you're having bad start to the day? look at this fellow here. >> all of the ice and snow, still there. road is dry and paved. trying to exit at vare avenue. tires dry path, to the ice pavement, got spun around. out there, that's one sheet of ice.
8:04 am
that's example of what's out there today nothing melted, still out, there patted down even more so now, after 48 hours worth of folks driving on it. ninety-five southbound, heavy cottman, into girard, problems now on mass transit. broad street subway running with 20 minute delays, however, septa just said, they're going to attempt to get back to normal there. route 15 trolley using shuttle buses because there are cars expect delays on the 15 this morning. >> thanks forgetting us around, bob. >> back to this breaking news from france. letter bomb exploded at the french office of the international monetary fund, and we know that one person is hurt, but expected to be okay. >> also, getting word no other damage being reported, we should mention the imf primary purpose is to ensure the stability of the international monetary system, that's the exchange rates, system of exchanges rates, how different
8:05 am
countries interact with each other. so we will continue to follow this developing story, a little after 1:00. we do want to point out that france remains in a state of emergency, of course, after string of deadly islamic extremist attacks over the past two years. >> right now still heavy presence at the scene, and trying to figure out what happened. we'll keep you updated. >> also this morning, walking around the city, be aware of falling ice the message they're sends to go building owners this morning. what are we seeing out there, steve? >> reporter: we showed this in the little break, and this is one of the solar panel trash compactors around the city, and you can see it was frozen solid. people just throwing their coffee cups in the ice, because they couldn't get it into the trash can because it was the door open for some reason. it was like frozen ice, street
8:06 am
workers, they got hammer, chissle, and a steel shovel. so, here's what greg shot some video of them just about 20 minutes ago. here is the video, not easy, you need hammer and chissle, demonstrates how solid everything is everywhere. so trying to fix the trash can. and they hammered it away first then shoved, using the shovel as big he earache's toll get through. they broke through, they realize the ice had actually broken the latch on the door so pour fall. come back live, see the gentleman with the spare parts on top of the roof. there is the chills, there is the ham ever, clearing this out. they put the trash in the trash bag and fix that up. and the reason we're here we go across the street with our camera shot right now, the other side of 12th and market, and see the danger falling ice sign right across the
8:07 am
crosswalk there. >> so everybody is walking there, so drivers pay attention, everybody is walking in the street of center city because they're not an allowed to walk on the sidewalk, don't want to get conked in the head by big chunk every ice. ice still causing big problems this stuff coming down over the next few hours for sure as the ice melts t so treacherous day again, as we see bus, with ice chunks, flying off, going the ice on there. that just fell off up here. then look at this driver at the stop sign. nobody's clearing their ice off. so people, if you're driving or walking, watch out. you don't want this coming through your windshield. and you don't want this coming down on your head if you're walking around here, guys?
8:08 am
real quick, how are the ramps? are they being cleared away? >> well, you got a 5-inch clearance right here. look, looks like valley, little canyon, i wouldn't call that clear, unless you're going to put 1 foot at a time through there, then icy thing, on the other side everybody just walking over the ramps because, unless you're walking single file, there is not enough room for everybody. but even if you're on the ramp, thomas, look, you can see with the sun. >> if you're going to walk, walk slowly. >> difficult. steve keel think morning, thanks. >> today is the big day, begin repeat as national champions. >> heart pounding, tonight, they'll take on mount saint mayor any buffalo, back here, at home, it is all about
8:09 am
novanation. >> 7:10 tip-off. up inbev low, joined by the villanova crew team. just kind of stumble upon them. guys, i know, everyone here. >> i think the whole community rooting for them, i really think that the team is ready, and they've got a lot of support here, we are just so excited for the game tonight. >> what year are you? >> freshman. >> weren't here last year. who was here last year? you guys are all freshman? >> freshmen. >> all freshmen here. so exciting for you guys, you guys are a member of the sports team. can you talk, we know there are a lot of distractions up therefore the ncaa tournament. what advice would you give to these guys. >> anybody? >> i guess, i mean, they have so much pressure on them right now, i guess kinds of just
8:10 am
stay calm, ask for help where they need it. but honestly i think that the whole, everybody want them to do well. so i think everyone's trying to help them stay on track. but i don't think they need that much help. i think they're going for it. >> absolutely. we have some video of the team leaving earlier this week. they left monday. hoping to get ahead of the storm that we had this week. you guys know someone who went up there? >> we know a bunch of freshmen who left. i don't know them personally but i know apparently some people. but people are asking like, our facebook group, and a lot of people already wanted to go, even though like only freshmen. but it is cool. >> yes, we know student rent up there. alumni are up there. in terms every distractions, just reading a arm wal wall strt journal talking how coach write was take the player's cell phones the night before the game. no cell phones, no laptops. really focus, and against all of the distractions possibly the biggest opponent that they might face up there.
8:11 am
so go november a where are you guys watching the game tonight? >> game watch. game watch. >> big party tonight at the commonly center. alex, thomas, what we, will we see you there? >> oh, we will be opening. one eye open at leastment see them get it done. jenny, thanks. >> he is a social media sensation, and he's only seven months old. give un one guess why. i mean look at. that will how this baby from our area made it on national tv. >> hair is real. also ahead, the gift of life. from a young man, whose last act on this earth was to save others. to a retired army paratrooper breathing freely thanks to new set of lungs. we will give you first-hand look at the power of organ donors.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> live look at the schuylkill expressway, sideways, kissing the concrete barrier, the westbound o obviously this fellow hit patch of ice and snow, got himself spun around,
8:15 am
accident on the turnpike, at the willow grove interchange. it is right at the toll plaza. that's the second accident this morning, that we've had at a turnpike toll plaza make sure to clear the snow off of your entire car and truck, and any of the snow that falls off eventually becomes sheet of ice, and that could have been the issue, a lot of stopping and starting there and 295 southbound accident right at route 30. >> start your saint patrick's day with all of us here at good day pie joining us formatter i magee at saint patrick's day party kick it off at 7:00. jen will be out there at 7:00. i'm going to do my breakfast with bob segment there in the 9:00 hour. irish dancers, free bands, and
8:16 am
free breakfast. can't beat t we celebrate in style. what's the forecast looking like for the irish tomorrow? scotty has it in 15 seconds. >> coal, 25 degrees, feels like 14. twenty-three in allentown, 26 in atlantic city, so as we go hour by hour, it is still cold out there, 36 degrees by this afternoon, melting across the area, go 38 down the shore chilly breezy, 33 in the lehigh valley, could be a few afternoon flurries. cold start, once again, not as harsh by the afternoon, temperatures top out in the
8:17 am
low 40's next system, friday night into saturday. as we look at the seven day forecast, you can see, temperatures back into the mid to upper 40's, into early next week, back to you. >> thank you, scott. 8:17. well, there are more than 119,000 people waiting for life saving organ transplant right now. >> can you believe 22 people die each day because they didn't get an organ in time? >> and you can help change that, by supporting the donor dash. so we have two families with us this morning, to talk about how organ donation changed their thrives, we want to welcome the pratt and grugen families. >> thank you. >> first we start with you joe, you're a recipient? >> yes, i am. >> you received two lungs, double lungs? >> double lung transplants. >> what was your condition? >> i couldn't walk ten steps without having to sit down, take a break, and move on. >> really i had no quality of
8:18 am
life. my wife became my caregiver along with my youngest daughter. so the only thing i could do to improve my life is to try to get on the transplant list. and wind up getting an organ transplant. >> glow were you in and out of the hospital, i know on oxygen 24 hours a day. when the doctor walks in and says joe you'll need a lung transplant, couldn't imagine what you were thinking? >> we had talk about it before going to temple, my pulmonologist in south jersey is the one that recommended that might be the only way to go. so during the periods we were waiting, we kind of discussed, you know, what we would do, or would we go through with it, and everything was pretty positive. all the way around. really not a question were we going to do it, but whether was it going it happen. >> that's always a big question. his daughter, when they did this, we talk about how many people are waiting on the list
8:19 am
for an organ donation, were you thinking oh, when is this going to happen? >> no. >> no? >> no. we're a faith-based family. we just believe if this is what the lord had planned for us then it would be, and obviously it was. >> that's true. >> you were the one in the family, saying, this is going to happen. we're going to make this happen. i won't except what the doctors are saying initially they wanted to send your dad home? >> that was my sister, the younger, my younger sister, and because i live in norristown my sister lived in jersey at the time. so she was closer to my family, to my parent than i was. so she's got some of medical background so she was the one who did all of the intercession cents with that portion, so when they tried to dismiss him, she said i don't think so. >> so you went to see someone else, a different specialist? >> yes, she scoured shore memorial who fawn doctor adams who turned us onto thinking about transplant. >> it made such a difference, i want to get to eileen and charlie, good morning. i read something really just
8:20 am
struck me, you said about your son charles that he was called to do this. >> yes. >> he gave his organ? >> yes, yes. i believe he was. charles was a wonderful child, kind, loving, giving, funny, and wonderful friends, and he grew up into a terrific man. he always thought that he was going to do great things, or he always wanted to do great things with his life. but my son died of a heroin overdose. so the disease of addiction kind of got in the way there a little bit, kind of some of those goals we didn't think he was going to be able to. >> to the young age of 33? >> young age of 33, yes. >> so you say real a sad story but had a happy ending, right? >> oh, yes. >> yes? >> three people are still living today because of him. >> yes. >> that's great. >> i think it is also the moment you talked about, the doctor came in and asked you would you like to donate his organs, you said it was like a hand of god?
8:21 am
>> exactly. we were, charles went to paoli hospital. they were absolutely incredible. >> unbelievable. >> for three days, they did everything in their power to save him, save his life. and then it got to a point where they were -- his grave function was not working, they took news a room and asked us if we would be willing to do the donor, and we all agreed at once almost out of the same voice we all said yes, please, and i really, we really believe we are a very spiritual family, too, and this was the hand of god coming in and giving us a big hug and saying this is what he is supposed it do, this is going to be his legacy. and it has become his legacy. >> wow. so now you guys always have a big group at the donor dash. >> we do. >> how many years have you been going? >> our sixth year. the first year very soon, six month to the day after charles had passed. so we had no idea what we were . we were still in a huge state
8:22 am
of shock, and we got there, and we had about, i would say, about 35, 40 people, most of them very, very close friends and family that came. and just by word of mouth it has grown. we have close to this year will probably be over 200. >> wonderful, charles legacy. six of years now out there. it touches your heart. what would you tell anyone who is going back and forth, whether it is organ donation or participating in the donor dash? >> just do it. >> do it. >> just do it. >> i would also say if you want to be a donor, make sure you have the conversation with your family. so important that your family knows your wishes. because the family at the very end could say no, going through such terrible ordeal at that time, and making hard
8:23 am
decisions as to what is going to happen, it is a very, very difficult hour to be in. and if you have had that conversation, your family already knows that this is what i want to do, and what a better way to be a hero to someone. >> and if you have that conversation, i mean, joe, you're like a living reason why it is so important to donate. you really are. >> and usually my question is when i ask people about becoming donors, and they say give you all sort every reasons why, is you need an organ, would you except one? and if you would except one, why wouldn't you be a donor? and find out people's attitudes really change very quickly. >> that's a good question. thank you so much. >> thank you it, umps us, we invite to you join us, the 22nd annual donor dash sunday april 2nd at the art museum. still have time to register for the 10k or 5k or 3k walk. we've set up link on our website and we are a proud partner with gift of life for this event. >> so thank you so much for sharing your stories.
8:24 am
>> thank you for having us. >> we will be looking for your teams then. >> we will be looking for you. >> okay, 8:24. they may sometimes raise your blood pressure. but kids could help you feel better. why doctors say having children is actually good for your health. >> ♪
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8:27 am
>> 8:27. we have some breaking news out of south philadelphia. two people are in the hospital after a fire on the 2600 block of south seventh street. you can see the firetruck in the middle of the street there. there are a couple of them. fire broke out 7:30 this morning, under control, about 15 minute later. we don't know the extent of the injuries. we'll be sure to keep you updated as we learn more, still active presence there at the scene, so we will keep checking back and keep you update the. we'll take a quick break.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> danny boyle a ac mid a word
8:31 am
actor. >> slumdog millionaire, the film that earned him the oscar, 127 hours starring james franco, steve jobs, and who could forget train spotting, can you believe it's been 20 years since train spotting first hit theatres? finally it is time for a sequel, which opens in select theatres tomorrow. so take a look, t2, train spotting. >> wishing done it differently. life. (movie clip).
8:32 am
>> you don't seem like a sequel kind of guy there is et, i was thinking, just the other day, actually, do you remember paul newman did it? tlener, and the color every mondayy? where you go back to acharactery first plaids the part. see what's happened to them in their lives. see her, they've handled.hood t? >> and specially foreman, i think men age really bad limiter i think weadly.
8:33 am
women are much, much better at measuring out time, dealing sensibly with it. you see that. >> so talking about that,rs sinn spotting. the fans kept this going. you said. was it just the fact a cult favorite? people just love it? >> people come up to the in the street and talk to you, this is like 15 years after the film. they talk to you, like they were real people. so maybe they can be, and do an update. and at the same time, and they all come back together, and it is like they've not seen each other since then. so it is like a school reunion, which is like, irresistible, but a car crash at the same time. >> isn't that the power of film, though it it freezes a charge nerve time? >> yes. >> i mean, movies, are, as an art form, they study time. when you welcome film, all do you is compress time or extend
8:34 am
it, you can stop it, as women, when we watch movies, especially the ones we love, we freeze those actors in time. you have a kind of image of your favorite actor in a movie. you know they don't have the movies in the meantime, but you have that image of them, then if you can unlock that, suddenly they age 20 years, wonderful art form for time. >> were you at all worried about touching this, doing a sequel? because a lot of people say don't touch it, it was good just how it is. >> but not like we tried it after ten years, that would have been disappointing i think. it would have felt basically the same, like just rehash. >> so ten years ago were you thinking about making it, wasn't the right time? >> actors don't age very much sometimes. over ten years, they moisturize, i don't know, they get work done, but in a little spa, maybe?
8:35 am
but 20 years is a different, generation, really, and you see in the film, like a a number of them have had children who are grown, who are almost the age they were in the first film itself. so that's particularly poinent. >> i think what struck so many people, i mean, the film, the original had so much braun ness in it. can we expect the same? >> doesn't pull any punches, kind of quite clear about obviously original book and film t dealt with it very honestly, shockingly at time, the sense of humor, point of view, maintains in the face of this, affliction, really, and you still see that now, even though they relationship with drugs has changed, and in fact, the main drug that you see used in the film of doors because they are middle age men now viagra. a lot of viagra. >> not a sponsor by the way, not a sponsor. i notice you do such a beautiful, your method, you incorporate music into your
8:36 am
film. >> big influence? >> yes. >> i met him once. jelly. oh, i was jelly. >> didn't think it would be enough. moment of silence where you see ren ton lee leaving through his records collection from the past. you see a few albumn, turned all of the sounds off, should never do, in a cinema movie, because people think there is a fault. but seemed like the most appropriate way to imagine a man filled wormed is such amazing music for 50 years. >> we have to look for that then. you've done such great films. is there a style or type of movie you have yet to direct that you want to do? >> musical. >> a musical? >> for any director, musical is the holy grail. >> because the la-la land? >> no, no i admire enormously,
8:37 am
but for each director individually have cure characters break into song, without anybody being embarrased. >> yes? >> just like you, you breaking into song now, could you do, just incredible thing. and for people just to except it is part the story and the character, not to be thrown out of the film. amazing, ultimate extension. >> any pieces of work you want to tack snell. >> an original, original, not like adaptation, the holy grail is absolutely original music, original story with original music. >> we look forward to seeing that then. >> thank you so much. >> welcome back to philly. >> i like being here, very nice. >> and it is cold. >> nice and coal. >> can't wait to see it. two train spotting, thank you. 8:37. they may sometimes raise your blood pressure, but kids, could help you feel better.
8:38 am
why doctors say having children is good for your health.
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8:41 am
>> in your health: twenty-four and a half years, compared to 23 years, for people without children. someone argued in that year and a half is worth it? the difference is even greater foremen, reserve hers say, part of the reason could be that most adult children help their aging parent. >> oh, i see. so you have someone to look after you. that's important. that's true. >> yes. but i always think the stress? >> of having children? >> yes. >> would shorten your life? i guess it all balances out, you stress early on, then later in life say hey look you put me through the ringer being take care of mama or pappa. >> they pay it back, that's
8:42 am
true. coming up: 8:42, jenny love this every week, are you go there segment. you'll go out there and give someone, just recognize them for all of the work they do in the community. >> yes, and it time, and this time, we're in a brand new state. can you guess where i am? first go there never this state.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> sun grayer across the area, and could be a little built of flurry activity, in the pocono mountains, later on this afternoon. but, meantime, it is cold. 25 degrees, in philadelphia. not only cold for us, take a look at charlotte, north carolina, temperatures there in the 20's, 22 in nashville. 19 degrees right now, in chicago. down the shore, beach haven, 27, brigantine, 27, mays landing, 25. as we move north and west, pottstown, 22, doylestown, 24, perks see. we go hour by hour, temperatures, several degrees above freezing, so, some melting, will take place, and another cold evening, temperatures will be dropping again. into the 20's, overnight.
8:46 am
upper 30's down the shore, 33 in the lehigh valley, for tomorrow, saint patrick's day, we are talking mixture of sun and clouds, temperatures not as harsh, 41 degrees, in the afternoon. timing our next system, watching some clouds, some moisture move in from the west. maybe a wintery mix, friday night, into your saturday before it changes over to some rainfall. that weather authority seven day forecast, will show temperatures gradually increase into the mid even upper who's, what about 50 degrees by tuesday of next week? heatwave! >> you know it is sad when we're like yeah, 50 degrees. >> warm thoughts, warm thought. thanks, scott. a go there day. jen is gearing up to surprise our honoree. >> heading over the bridge for this one, jen? >> first time, in submissions in new jersey, delaware, and pennsylvania, but this one, really, really touched our heart, for so many reasons.
8:47 am
so you know how this is? i can't tell you everything about the person that we are about to surprise. because, then the person might be able to figure it out. but i can tell this, this person is a girl. a woman. and she loves scary mover ills. she also has a bunch of boyfriend, which i think is awesome. now this is a thing, like those are both intriguing, right? the one thing that our boss like about her, she loves her job. so much. that she rarely takes vacation time. apparently like every year, she loses a lot of vacation time. because she loves where she works so much. our boss at fox 29, this was like i wonder if she ' available to work here. so we are going to surprise her at her place of business. we got permission from her boss which is really cool. but here is the situation. we are honoring people who go there. >> fearless, stay late, really helpful members of society, and a lot of times they don't get recognition. so if you want to help
8:48 am
someone, get a reward, like the person we're going to surprise today, go to my facebook page, what you have to do, message me, and i basically message you back. i give you my e-mail. gleet l ball rolling from there, you have to tell me why the person needs special recognition. who you are. so again guys, i don't love that this woman is giving back her vacation time, i think it sets a bad precedent for the rest of us, and after i surprise her and give her the all-important balloons, i have to have little side conference with her about this vacation time situation. >> that's dedication, what should we do later in the day? put in for vacation. >> and bought his ticket. >> maybe she'll inspire me, i'm sure she will. jen, we will check back in with you, thanks. >> if you're trying to win your woman over, we have a gift she might like. how about a bathtub shelf?
8:49 am
a woman shared this photo on red it, shelf her boyfriend made so she can watch videos, drink wine while in the bath. now people are very jealous, and even a place for candles. like it drilled in holes so the candles can fit in. >> you have to have skills watch about a four by four? would that work. >> look, built in shelf for the wine. didn't just sit on top. it is like inside the wood there. wow. >> oh, that way, yes, that way get out, you won't knock it place to for the phone. true, how many times, even trying to read books in the tub, holding it up like this, because you don't want to drop it your phone while scrolling? >> multi task, book in hand. >> shouldn't you be relaxing? >> multi task, book in hand. >> shouldn't you be relaxing? >> ♪
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9:00 am
woke up this morning, is it saint patrick's day, wait, what? >> preview, right? >> thank you, i wore black yesterday, and sometimes you just get in a color rut. i can't wear black again, i'll wear green, then realize oh, st. patrick ' day tomorrow. i'll bewaring green, and we won't judge. >> tomorrow wearing green. there you go. >> he's' social media sensation, and only seven months old. >> we'll give you one guess why. how this baby from our area made it on national tv. we're trying to get him on good day. so if you know him or his mama, tell them we're looking for them. >> also ahead, check out these creations, restaurant in new york city, crazy milk shake concoctions, guess what? you don't have to travel to enjoy them. how you can make them in your own kitchen. >> jen has surprise this morning. >> we are honoring someone, who goes there, and


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