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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  July 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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under president donald trump. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. quite a day at the white house. a new chief of staff in, hours actually -- hour later brand new communications director really out. guess that's what happens when you've got general now running the show. >> fox's rick leventhal has more from new york. rick? >> reporter: another big shake up on pennsylvania avenue. there's a new chief of staff at the white house and he's already making his mark. general john kelly the new chief of staff has removed anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director. >> he does not have a role at this time. the trump administration. >> reporter: scaramucci lasted only ten days on the job. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to be able to operate fully with the clean slate build his own team while at the same time the president felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: president trump praising his newest higher at a white house cabinet meeting where just last week general kelly served as secretary homeland security. >> we all know him.
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we respect him. admire what he's done, and at homeland what he has done has been nothing short of mack queue us will. >> analysts say kelly's military background could bring some much needed order to the white house and he appears to be wasting no time. >> the chief of staff at the end of the day he's got to be strong leader. i think that's wastrel trul tril bringing to the table years of experience. >> president trump and insists everything is smooth sailing in his administration. tweeting "highest stock market ever. best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, supreme court. no white house chaos. general kelly faced a packed agenda from day one the president still push fog health carey peel and tax reform while dealing with hostile north korea and that ever present russia investigation. in new york, rick leventhal, fox news. back here at homies are now offering reward to find a man they say is incredibly dangero dangerous. they say he shot and killed a man on the mainline and hours earlier behind a shooting in
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philadelphia's overbrook neighbor. so can 5,000 bucks flush this guy out of hiding? >> meantime tox night we're learning more about the man that he allegedly killed. our brad sattin joins us live from the crime seen in haverford township tonight. brad? >> reporter: well, iain, we know that police are working around the clock right now. they are going from business to business looking for surveillance video. they are also posting flyers on trees of the suspect doing everything they can to try to find this guy. as you mentioned iain we're also learning more about the victim describe as a gentle soul as the search for his killer continues tonight. >> i lived here for four years and i haven't seen like a fistfight out here. >> reporter: it's something neighbors on the mainline are to are not used to seeing police moving from business to business seeking surveillance video and flyers on trees in the hunt for an alleged killer. non lee seen here on his linked in page was shot to death while walking half a block from a pizza shop following a friendly conversation with staff head to do friend's apartment he never
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made it inside. >> so there was nothing going on beforehand that would indicate that there was anything out of the ordinary for him. >> reporter: haverford township police still do not know if this was a random shooting or something more. >> i woke up to two pops, pop, pop. >> reporter: brendan o'malley heard the shots from inside his apartment nearby. but didn't realize the victim was a high school friend of his until we mentioned his name. >> he's not the guy to talk about. he's the guy to have the happy attitude. and come out and just, um, cheer everybody up. he's -- that's really tragic. >> reporter: john work as accountant at sneaker villa in this building on arch street in center city the news was broken to his co-workers there today. john's family asked the company not to comment. police were able to get this surveillance photo of suspect. the same man they philadelphia police believe also shot at two men in overbrook park just an hour before the murder. the men approached the suspect in a car after he was seen lurking outside a home when they asked what he was doing, neighbors say he fired at least 15 shots before fleeing in far
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cole gray vole volvo. no one was hur as police search for video of that car and possible al license plate, they also hope a $5,000 reward by the delaware county da's office will convince someone to turn the man in. >> somebody does know him, and hopefully they'll step forward and call our tip line. he shot at two people in the city killed one person in haverford township. what's he going to do next? >> reporter: now the police chief told me a few hours earlier that he was hoping to be able to distribute some new surveillance video. no word on any new video at this point but again that tip line is now open the number to call 215-546-tips. again, lucy, there is now a $5,000 reward out there. >> hopefully it leads to his arrest soon. thank you much, brad. philadelphia police are looking for the person who shot and killed a man early this morning. they say at about 1:30 overnight on the 2900 block of north fourth street a gunman shot a 24-year-old over and over and that includes in his head. someone rushed him to temple
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hospital in their car but doctors pronounced him dead a short while later. police are not only looking for that killer. but also a motive. to feltonville now a dramatic barricade situation has ended in six suspects on the r run. police say one of their own off duty officer witnessed some guys going into a house on the 4900 block of b street. they came outside and started shooting and then ran inside another house. police and swat teams got there and declared a barricade situation. in all the chaos, a 17-year-old girl and a house nearby got hit with a stray bullet in the che chest. she's expected to make full recovery. another stray bullet entered a home with children inside. all the suspects ended up getting away and police are still looking for them right now. we're now getting a look at the man who philadelphia police say killed his next door neighbors after a long running dispute. prosecutors have charged kenneth hoyle with murder. they say the 69-year-old shot and kill his frankford neighbors after they tried to jump his fence in an argument. it happened a little more than
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two weeks ago. on the 4700 block of james street. 45-year-old bob depaul and his girlfriend 42-year-old august democracy both died. a philadelphia police officer tonight faces serious allegations. >> a woman claims that officer sexually assauled her and made offensive comments ton night we're hearing from her lawyer. jeff cole joins us live in studio now. jeff. >> reporter: iain the suit was filed last friday alleges not only was the victim sexually assaulted by a police officer, but she was subject to do racist talk. fox 29 has been told the attack is on tape. >> the long 2016 july 4th weekend was underway. it was the day before the holiday along castor avenue when according to the suit obtained by fox 29, a woman suffering with mental illness is approach by a philadelphia police officer and told to get into the front seat of his cruiser as they drive he talks of racial hatred. >> he says he fan sizes about, um, shooting and beating up the
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n word a person of african-american persuasion. >> reporter: they pulled behind the back of a school where the woman in her 20 social security sexually assaulted. the attorney says he knows it happened and so do police because investigators obtained the security camera video from the school. he also claims the officer pull out his gun. >> he then has her touch his gun, and he rubs the gun on her thigh. it's grainy but you can certainly see the sexual assault going on outside of the vehicle. >> reporter: he says the officer has not been prosecuted, a spokesperson for the district attorney decline comment monday. zeff says he spoke directly with police in internal affairs investigators. >> what did up term affairs tell you about this officer want it was going to do. >> they were going to take him down. >> and did they. >> as far as i know he's no longer a police officer. his client complained to police the morning after the alleged assault and was interviewed for hours by
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internal affairs he says she is still struggling from the atta attack. >> she was a perfect victim much she's the kind of person that has psychological issues to begin with and now she's just been devastated by this. just absolutely -- she's under psychiatric care. she's medicated and she's having a dull time. >> the suit alleges the attacker was on overtime or getting holiday pay during the 90 minute assault. the victim is described but not named in the suit. fox 29 spoke with the victim's mother on the phone monday. her claims are sim floor those made in the lawsuit. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> thank you jeff. a case we told you so down the shore over the weekend a controversial dune project ended up turning a swath of margate into you can kind of see it right there a lake. heavy rain dumped a ton of water behind the construction and the flooding is something those against the project have been warning could happen. and so now, neighbors are quite worried about public safety stuff such as the quality of all that standing water. margate officials have called a
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meeting for wednesday at city hall to consider possible legal action against the state dep and army corps of engineers. police found a philadelphia mom who they say abandoned her baby in a bensalem hotel room. 34-year-old erika lopez is now in custody at a medical facili facility. police have been searching for since yesterday. staff at the nights in hoe fell found her seven month old baby on the floor and drugs in the room. police say the mom left there a day earlier. the baby is not hurt but now in the care of dhs. your fox 29 weather authority. let's hop outside take live look at allentown. some are let -- summer letting us know it's still here and only >> scott williams it was beautiful yesterday but it is warming up out there. >> absolutely, iain and lucy. high temperatures across the area today in the upper 80s. tomorrow we'll likely hit 90 degrees. look at allentown. 89 degrees was the high temperature. 88 in philadelphia. 88 in reading along with
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atlantic city. it was sunny, it was dry and that humidity has been down right comfortable. 37% right now is the humidity. 88 degrees currently in philadelphia. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 80s. down the shore a little cooler with that sea breeze. tonight temperatures bottom right around 70 degrees so it will be comfortable. but coming up we'll talk about a potential heat wave brewing and, yes, more chances for some scattered showers and thunderstorms. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. taking a step in the fight against heroin addiction. by cleaning up one of philadelphia's most infamous drug havens. lucy the phillies make one final trade at today's deadline and allen iverson no show for big three basketball game last night may finally be explained. the answer to where the answer really was later in sports.
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♪ could philadelphia's most infamous drug haven soon be a thing of the past? city officials are sure hoping so and today they kick off the clean up
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of a stretch of conrail track in kensington and fair hill. for years heroin push schers and addicts have used it as a place to buy, sell and even overdose on drugs. >> well now the city and conrail are trying to work to change all of that. our bruce gordon has more tonight from the tracks at the intersection of lehigh and martha street. bruce. >> reporter: guys this cleanup is many months overdue and many weeks in the planning but tonight finally this haven for drug addicts is closed for business with the hope that it's consist of cuff mers can begin to turn their lives around. imagine your worst nightmare then double it. this hell on earth is a conrail track bed stretching from second and indiana to lehigh and aramingo heroin addicts like 31-year-old jillian go feed their illness. >> it's sad. your addiction comes before everything. addiction your best friend. >> reporter: jillian injects heroin into her feet to hide the marks. she took to prostitution to make the money need to do shoot up at the tracks.
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>> i'm guessing you want to quit or not want to quit. >> i never want to keep using it. it's to the point i don't even get high any more. i just maintain. >> reporter: now a ray of hop hope. conrail and the city of philadelphia began monday to clear the tracks. removing mountains of trash including thousands of drug needles and hacking down vegetation in which junkies would hide. despite the horrendous conditi conditions conrail general counsel insists they have not ignore the problem. >> we've clean it up on numerous occasions but win a few weeks it comes back. users driven off the track bed will be offered help with their addiction, homelessness with job search. >> we'll work with residents of kensington and fair hill to take back their neighborhood and bring back a positive change to this community. >> reporter: the area will be fenced off, sealed and patrolled heavily by police. >> if the demand for the drugs are here, then the suppliers will be here. if we can get the people to help they need the demand had go down and the sly will go down report
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rot addicts driven there this area will flood surrounding neighborhoods bringing their problems with them. >> go elsewhere. if they can't do it there they'll do it somewhere else. me myself personally wherever have i to go, i'll go. so i'm -- >> kick out of one place you'll go to another. >> right. >> reporter: the physical cleanup out here is expected to take about four weeks with conrail incurring most of the costs. it will take whole lot longer to figure out whether all of this work actually puts a dent in the city's growing heroin crisis. iain and lucy? >> all right, bruce, thank you. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take live look at doylestown over some -- after cool per temps and low hummed we have a heat wave on the horizon. >> cot williams joins us with check of your forecast. >> threw that. it is summer and the last month day of the month of july much the humidity will make a come back towards august along with
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more scattered showers and thunderstorms. dry for now across parts of the area. move a little farther to the north, we're looking at showers and thunderstorms that activity will stay far north and west for tonight. but take look at the heavy rain that we've observedfor the month of july. atlantic city look at that. a little over 10-inches of rain about five of that fell on saturday morning. reading almost eight and a half inches of rainfall. take look at wilmington, delaware, almost seven. philadelphia 5.35-inches of rain. so it has been a wet month. speaking of wet, take a look as we move toward florida. we had tropical storm emily. it made landfall just south of tampa. it's dissipating right now. no longer a tropical storm. but a lot of heavy rainfall especially toward the florida keys, also, as you move toward miami. so where will it head over the next several days? it will cross florida. back out into the open waters of
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the atlantic likely regaining tropical storm status sometime tomorrow afternoon. but you can see that track will continue to take it out into the open waters of the atlantic basin. back at home, temperature wise, it's been pretty warm. but once again that humidity has been low. so very comfortable stepping outdoors. mid 80s millville. mid 80s right now atlantic city. we have 85 in pottstown. 76 degrees right now in mount pocono take look at boston. 77 degrees right now. very pleasant. buffalo checking in at 76 degrees. overnight tonight, still comfortable but not as fall like feeling as it was a couple of nights ago. we're looking at mid 60s in millville. 67 degrees in wilmington. 60 mount pocono and 64 degrees for allentown. the humidity will start to creep up tomorrow afternoon. along with those temperatures. 90 degrees will be the high temperature for tomorrow. about 2 degrees warmer than today for the philadelphia area.
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down the shore, a break from the heat. we're looking at mostly sunny skies, 84 degrees for tomorrow. low 80s. 83 degrees on wednesday. don't forget that sunscreen. water temperatures mid 70s and also we'll keep that moderate to high risk for some rip currents especially as we watch what's left of emily churn out into the atlantic. so 90 degrees tomorrow. 90 on wednesday. pop up showers and thunderstorms likely during the heat of the day. typical summer like pattern. 91 on thursday. so if we get those three days at or above 90, that would mean our sixth heat wave of the year. 87 degrees on friday. partly sunny. still a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm but better chances as we watch a cold front arrive midday into the afternoon on saturday. showers and storms. not a wash out, though, but look at the cooler temperatures for the upcoming weekend. 83 degrees saturday. 82 sunday. and 83 degrees on monday. as we close the books on july
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and head into august. back over to you. >> all right. thank you scott. sounds like he's making a turn and headed for home. >> um-hmm exactly. >> i wish we were doing that. >> remember growing up the '70's we used to play let's make a deal behind curtain number one, two, door number two, door number three. >> i always picked door number three did you win a lot. >> no, sadly. still with the lotto. >> i'm still waiting for my prize to come n phillies dressed up like monte hall and played let's make a deal one final time before the trade deadline at 4:00 o'clock. we'll tell hugh is going where and for what. answers may be come to go why the answer mr. big three basketball game in dallas last night. no excuses given just the latest in the saga of being allen iverson coming up next in sports. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
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♪ major league baseball trade deadline came and wren at 4:00 o'clock today. phillies made one final deal joaquin ben what traded to the pirates. phillies taking on the braves trying to sweep them that is markelle fultz of the 76ers with the first pitch. hope his jumper is better than his pitch. herrera has a hot home stan after being benched. back flip and all. 434 feet 31 shot gives the phillies four to nothing lead. six-four to the seventh. maikel franco not quite herrera. this one only 424 feet.
6:25 pm
phils go up seven-four. seven-sick in the ninth. braves have the tying run at third. hector gets the save. phillies get the sweep, seven-six the final. the first time they swept at braves at home in four game series since 1949. from the guy flat out doesn't get it file. still no official reason given why allen iverson was a no show last night for big three basketball game in dallas. tmz sorting iverson was seen gambling at a casino illinois saturday night well into sunday morning and in different restaurant sunday night. >> eagles have a day off. tomorrow full hitting. eagles play fir first pre-game next thursday night in the in green bay. >> first official practice for new head coach jeff collins owls season opener september 2nd at notre dame. for his collins his second trip down oh to south bend much the first one wasn't for football.
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>> about ten years ago, i trained to run amara thon. and it was back when the college football hall of fame was in south ben so thing leap was at the college football hall of game 26.2 miles later it was on the 50-yard line of notre dame stadium was the finish and i won't say my time. it was respectable. broke four hours. >> your time you run amara thon i don't care if you measure it with calendar. >> right. >> just complete the damn thing. >> i don't know him but i like what i see. >> phil loll love this guy. they'll love this guy. >> he's got grit. thanks tom. join us tonight for more fox 29 news just living to be older than 100 that's something to be celebrated. how about jumping out of a plane when you're 101? that's what this world war ii vet did just part of the story. >> wow! >> yup. >> my motto is don't jump out of a perfectly good plane. that's just me. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. i witness is up next.
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