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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  October 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> john: i tell you. fired up. >> joe: yeah. here comes brent strawn. pederson took musgrove deep in game 4 and he goes opposite field here. this ball carried a mile. >> john: impressive. just watching gonzalez reacting the way he did. pederson has been unreal for the dodgers this world series world series. another opposite field homer. a young lady disappointed in the guy with the glove. make a catch. come on. it's 3-1. >> joe: you get the sense joc pederson had a bet with somebody on his team in that dog out he was going to go deep. his way down the first phase line, the "pay me" motion. here is ethier batting for
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maeda. those in the dugout are saying justin turner was the guy who was on the receiving end of the "pay me." >> john: i know this. this crowd, equal to the task for noise, as houston was. a combined stadium. roof closed. this place, twice now this booth has been shaking when something big is happening for the dodgers. it's been their home since 1962 here. etheir is 1 for 3 in the world series. tom verducci, give us more. >> tom: this guy had no home runs during the regular season to the opposite field. two now.
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before he came to the plate, he had at conference with the hitting coach turner ward. going over things. ward has done a great job with him. getting into a deeper stance, flexing his knees. >> joe: here's a flare into left. right drop. it's caught. nice running grabbed by marlin gonzalez. two out. >> tom: dave roberts talk to us about what a better hitter joc pederson has been paired mechanical adjustments, controlling the strike zone and using the opposite field. >> joe: turner ward the hitting coach. i don't know if we will get a chance to show the turner ward video from his days with the pittsburgh pirates. if we ever get a chance, it's impressive. must-see television. the batter is austin barnes who
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started the rally last inning when he hit off verlander. our producer and director. getting the video in the game. may 3, 1998. three rivers stadium in pittsburgh. mike piazza hits it. turner ward, now the hitting coach. >> john: watch it all the way back. is it a baseball or a grenade? you know that hurt. >> joe: down and away. he hit the concrete floor beyond the wall. he had minor cuts from fiber glass shards. came out of the game. but there is more to that story. it was against the dodgers.
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man 2: chevy's raising the bar. >> joe: joc pederson stretching out after either the home run or the celebration. he is our hero welcomed back to left field. he's made it 3-1 dodgers. kenley jansen takes over. we will show you who is at second. charlie culberson takes over at second base. you see kenley jansen has one career 6-out save. culberson takes over for utley. 0- high fly ball. should be handled by pederson. his heart racing.
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kenley jansen has been anything but automatic in this world series. he's had a lot of work. game 2. 0-2 pitch bryn mawr and gonzalez tied it with an opposite field shot. game 4. not a save situation. bregman took them out. bregman in game 5. bottom of the tenth inning. fisher came home to score. with this, the astros took a 3-2 lead. >> john: jansen wants to do it with the economy. doesn't want to rack up a lot of pitches. he would like to get quick outs. get the ball down against this guy. good high fastball hitter, gurriel. >> joe: 1 for 3 tonight. >> john: this will be a battle of the cumulative effect. it started in game 2 with tonight's starter coming out after four. the bullpen got extended.
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in the middle of the series, the bullpen got a little exhausted. >> joe: gurriel pops it up. right side. might stay and play. it will. bellinger. two out. bases empty, the batter will be mccann. fans, we have a record-breaking 103 home runs this postseason. over 600,000 tweets from you which means t-mobile will be donating over $2.4 million to team rubicon. tweet or retweet #hr4hr and t-mobile will donate another $2. mccann. two out. strike one. >> john: good news for the dodgers, everyone will be
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available tomorrow if they hold on to the two-run lead, including kershaw. >> joe: 0-1. foul. that would include brandon morrow who could tie darrell knowles is the only pitcher to pitch in all seven games of the world series. two out, nobody on. 0-2 count. jansen is going to have to work for this save. >> john: he was frustrated. he threw two balls back quickly and firmly. good job by the batboy. >> joe: mccann strikes out. barnes finishes the put out. a quick and easy eighth for
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beautiful shot from up above dodger stadium. in its 56th year. 53,000 plus packed into this place. they played tupac coming and going for kenley jansen. he had a seven pitch top of the eighth. three outs against the heart of the order for the astros. 3-1 dodgers. charlie culberson up. a strike from gregerson. culberson in the number nine spot. back to the top in chris taylor and corey seager after. good pitch from gregerson. strike two. >> john: everything gregerson throws moves. sinkers and sliders.
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>> joe: culberson has been a hitting revelation in the postseason for the dodgers. played a real good shortstop in the nlcs. he's got another. you hang one took culberson and he will hang a line drive. he is hitting .500. 8 out of 16 in the postseason. two hits all year for the dodgers. he is on to start the eighth and a quick word from t-mobile. >> #hr4hr t-mobile will donate $2 to hurricane recovery. >> joe: the biggest swing of the night belongs to the guy at the plate, chris taylor. the dodgers have seen one good at-bat after another from this guy and he's been all over the
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bases. reached base 26 times this postseason. that's a record. he has reached in all 14 postseason games. >> john: did a great job starting off this world series first pitch. he sought for a homer and put the astros on the defensive. this guy is legit at the top of the lineup for the dodgers. >> joe: taking over center field. former infielder, learn how to play the outfield this year. ball one down. two on and nobody out. the astros or half expecting a bunt. they let taylor swing away. with two strikes and a 1-2 pitch from justin verlander, he doubled into right to tie the game.
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>> john: sometimes in this game whether you throw a great pitch and don't get a great result, hitting is about hitting it where they are not. that's exactly what he did with the 2-strike swing and turned it into a double. >> joe: there is the ipad. making ipad pro available, mlb is working to help coaches and players reach new levels of team production and individual performance. john smoltz works is over before, during, and after games. >> john: my fantasy football team is struggling. >> joe: well... the lines fan. there is the 1-1.
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just missed. that is low. 2-1. >> john: somehow gregerson has got to get a sinker below taylor's ability to lift it. that's what he's trying to do, along with a lot of these dodgers in the lineup. if you can get late movement, that's where he can get it on the ground and possibly turn two. even though taylor can fly. >> joe: 2-1. that is a heck of a pickup by bregman and the tag for the out. what a play by the second baseman for the astros, who's been a defensive wizard this postseason. taylor advances the runner. down to second is culberson. one out. there is the chopper he got. >> john: unbelievable play
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behind the bag from bregman. that ball, you just don't make that play that routinely. especially in the world series. we have seen great defense all postseason out of bregman. incredible throws to home and throws like that at first, even though a little off balance. he was able to get it close enough to the bag so gurriel could make the tag. >> joe: the batter is seager. runner at second. one out. francisco liriano is ready in the bullpen for houston. he is just standing there, like, what's it going to take? he has not appeared in this world series. he's pitched in three postseason games. a.j. hinch, picked up from toronto in season.
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good pitch down and in on seager. strike one. again. strike two. francisco liriano.
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the catcher juan centeno are the only two astros do not appear in this world series. 1-2. if you are lance mccullers, jr., you've spent the night in the bullpen. you have to believe his mentality and his focus has changed entirely with an eye on starting tomorrow if there is a game 7 if the astros failed to rally. >> john: absolutely. a weird day for him. he will be going to bed, if there is a game 7, prepared. >> joe: down and in again. seager lays offered full count. >> john: i've had the opportunity to pitch multiple game sevens. one i didn't want to pitch, two of them.
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tom glavine won 1-0 in the world series. pitching in game seven, preparation the night before, nothing like it. he will experience it in a way that forever changes how you view pitching. if he's forced to pitch a game game 7, the best feeling in the world. >> joe: yu darvish is the scheduled starter for the dodgers. but keuchel will be available tomorrow if there is a game 7 for houston. kershaw will be available for the dodgers if so. 3-2 do seager. struck him out. good pitch. good job by gregerson on the deliveries down and in. >> john: 3-2. seager couldn't stay off of it. >> joe: give you stack cast powered by amazon web services.
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joc pederson and his shot in the seventh. two opposite-field home runs tonight. george springer in the third for houston. their only run of the night. joc pederson in the seventh to make it a 3-1 game. >> john: i would think these first two pages are going to determine how they attack turner. if they fall behind 2-0, i would be more tempted to put them on base and face bellinger, with or with or liriano. >> joe: 0 for 3 on the night. almost walked into that. ball one. >> john: even though you have kept him at bay, you don't like the matchup with turner at the plate.
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>> joe: 1-0. in for a strike. see who was coming up against jansen. big runs and sitting up there for the dodgers. take a little bit of the edge off. turner trying to provide it. culberson at second.
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he checked his swing. the count 2-1. talked about this being the third oldest stadium in major league baseball. fenway, wrigley, then dodger stadium. 56. the dodgers have called this stadium home. they have been denied world series since they moved into dodger stadium and it's never hosted a game 7. >> john: good now get there -- good nugget. >> joe: '59, sandy koufax. but that was in bloomington. just inside. 3-1.
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>> john: sandy koufax won that game 7 over our buddy jim kaat of minnesota. such pitching royalty with the dodgers and their franchise history. the great don drysdale, sandy koufax. >> joe: great teams of the '60s. we saw orel hershiser tonight before the game. the shortstop was out of position as gregerson brought it home. low for four. >> john: they had him picked. i think that's going to be it. they will get liriano. that will extend the delay for jansen sitting on the bench. if nothing else.
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>> joe: liriano will make his houston world series debut. gregerson allows a hit and a walk in this eighth inning. two on, two out. bellinger coming up. liriano coming in
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...what the...?! next up... what the...? what the...? what the... made entirely of fried egg. the new naked egg taco. only at taco bell. [bong] >> joe: sandy koufax, who was in the stadium tonight. we showed you. the definition of just grace, brilliance, excellence. started that game 7 in 1965 on 2 days rest after winning game 5. he had a four hit shot out. game 7, a three-hit shutout with ten strikeouts. 1965. >> john: that's pretty good. >> joe: here is bellinger.
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that is the l.a. dodgers game 7. they are hoping to force one for the first time here at dodger stadium tomorrow night. that will happen with a win here tonight. liriano now is charged with trying to keep this a two-run game which is right there for the astros against kenley jansen. he's done a lot of work and has been sitting down now for a long time. >> john: he has. funky mechanics. sinker-slider, liriano. >> joe: strike two on bellinger. before the eighth inning is overcome all of us at fox sports want to wish our very best to joe schavo. battling health issues and we are all thinking about him. that is outside. get well, joe.


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