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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  November 6, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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were in there that i have no idea about. i have no idea, if they are okay. >> gunman opens fire inside texas church, 26 people killed , 20 others are hurt, and so many questions, as always, how did this vet with the criminal record get his hands on the gun. we are live in texas. decision day is tomorrow, voters head to the polls tomorrow, for some key races in our area, including election of a new governor in new jersey. we are live in trenton. and then blowing out the broncos. >> ajayi looking for the end zone, ajayi dives, touchdown eagles. >> eagles score 51 points against the best defense in the league. they helped in the bye week with a league best eight-one record. why history tells us this could be the beginning of a
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championship run. >> it is, straight up 7:00 o'clock alex holley here, sue serio. >> where is bob. >> bob's at a dunkin' donuts and he looks like he is having a heck of a time. it is monday, november 6th, 2017. weather. >> dramatic pause. >> that was. >> we might have some weather drama, later on in the day when thunderstorms roll through with the cold front. that is why it is seven out of 10. it is also national saxophone day. bus stop buddy is playing fly eagles fly on his saxophone right now, so excited. off to a mild start with temperatures mostly in the 60 's. a few 50's as well. we have a rain from the cold front that will come through and change our temperatures dramatically. we are at 64 degrees in philadelphia 18 miles an hour wind. very windy this morning. sunrise, already happened at
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6:36, as a result of the time change yesterday. so 70 degrees today. gets dark very early before 5:00 p.m. and cloudy, mild with some thunderstorms especially toward afternoon and evening. and then overnight low of 41 degrees after skies clear out a lot of changes with the weather. we will break it down for you. lets see how much fun bob kelly is having in plymouth meeting this morning at dunkin' donuts, high. >> lets just think how much fun. i'm in dunkin' donuts giving away free doughnuts today with coffee on a monday morning after an eagles victory. can we get an eagles chant. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> what is your name. >> regina. >> hthere. >> were you watching at home. >> i was watching at home. i saw seven on tv. he came all the way out here turf say hi to him and thank him. >> you are welcome. thanks for coming out. check out this everybody that comes out today gets a free doughnut. go ahead take one, kelly jelly , your name, is what your
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name. >> courtney. >> on your way to pizza hut. >> yes. >> yah. >> your name. >> marion. >> i remember you, back in the bent elbow days. >> that is right. >> good old days. >> grab one for you. >> bent elbow gang listening in checking in with us this morning. lets check the jam cams northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, tractor trailer accident right at ninth street taking out the inner drive as well as two of the lanes in the outer drive. your best bet this morning you want to use hunting park avenue. now, downtown we will go, a live look, at the accident, an overturned truck at eighth and vine, right there, at the traffic light, as soon as you come over ben franklin bridge into philadelphia if you typically use bennie, we will use walt whitman as the alternae if you are coming into philadelphia lets go to the next camera, an accident, involving a motorcycle at taylor and market streets, so we are here live at dunkin' donuts, one dollar cofee
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because eagles win and a free doughnuts for everybody and coming up, mike, karen, very special guest to celebrate national saxophone day. >> wow. >> kenney g. >> kenney g. >> can you smell it. >> coffee's on. >> special guesty need to know was free doughnut and i would be there. >> you had knee at free doughnut. >> yes. >> so a day of worship turns into horror, when a gunman opens fire in his texas church >> twenty-six people are dead and another 20 injured. thomas drayton is joining us live from the news room with more details. >> reporter: absolutely tragic deadly attack at a house of worship left a close town of sutherland springs absolutely stunned as well as entire country, as you said, 26 people are dead this morning, more than 20 others hurt, according to police 26 year-old devin kelly stormed right in the first baptist church during sunday services.
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investigators say that the victims included children as young as five and pastor's 14 year-old daughter. once again there is the suspect the shooter, the pastor and his wife were out of town during the deadly attack and then shortly thereafter heard about the tragic loss of hear daughter. shooter was an air force veteran given a bad conduct discharge while serving at a base in new mexico. >> you cannot explain it, your mind does not want to grasp the shock of it. >> no, there is no words, it is just, this happens in new york, in big cities, no one is safe. my dad has already taught me how to get the gun out of the safe and get me loaded. if it can happen here guys, it can happen anywhere. >> investigation in the early stage. they have not said what may have motivated the suspected shooter who was later found dead inside his vehicle. >> it is also being reported
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that an armed citizens gave choice with another man but still unclear how it all ended >> that young man probably helped out a lot. the attack in texas is just horrific. i don't know what other word to use. >> it proves it can happen anywhere. this is not the first time we have seen something like this happen in the church but it is still shocking nonetheless. joining us is pastor marshall mitchell, from salem baptist church in jenkintown good to see you. >> good to see you all. >> what in the world can you tell your congregation. >> continue to have faith in god, keep your eyesopened, be shrewed as foxes. >> after the shooting after shooting after shooting after shooting. >> faith is long suffering and we live in a world that we believe has fallen by the great grace of almighty god. i have to tell them to lean on things that they can trust and which i trust and preach every single week you are supposed to be safe in a church. >> i don't think that has ever been a case for some parts of the country. how many black churches have
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been burned down. how many people have been dragged out of churches. how many catholic churches have been desecrated. sometimes we are lulled into this sleepy, semblance where we are calm, everything is fine and that just isn't the case. you want to keep people calm while you still keep faithful. >> do you think this will change? do you think we will have to have security at every church i know bigger churches have it but at smaller won. >> it has already happened particularly with what happened in charleston a couple years ago. we took a lot of precautions, our church, the police district, so police are very much a presence where we are. we have security. we take precautions the same way you do here at this tv station. so we have to be careful. we have people to protect. >> when people say this how could god less let this happen >> i don't know we can know the mind of god. we are being very spiritually maim tour. most of us don't understand our own problems so how can we begin to larger society
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dynamics. >> have you talked to any other pastors? what is general feeling when you first heard about this. >> here we go again this is a scale we did not anticipate. we have seen this before. we have not seen it at this level but we have seen dynamic operating for a long amount of time. >> does your congregation talk about this openly. >> we do. how we wonder we are predominantly african-american church, we are 95 percent black. when someone from outside of our community visibly walks in what you got to do is condition people to remember my house is a house of prayer for all people so that we continue to be open, warm, inviting. i think to be christian means to be vulnerable. >> baptist churches as i remember they will say is anybody new. first time you have ever been in our church, come forward. >> or stand and acknowledge you. >> we are very full on sunday. we seat 700 and we worship twice on sunday. it is impossible to keep track of people to see who is no,
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who isn't new. we have to put our confidence, faith in god and lean on our own ability to make our parishioners safe. >> apparently this person was men to a lot of the people in the church, 500 people in the whole town. >> ironically this guy, god bless him and our role as christians toys pray for people. he has a family, to love people even who spitefully use us he was a bible teacher. >> i know it. >> one of the things we don't have anything new ingiety. guns aren't new. evil i't new. so we have to begin to ask ourselves what is going on in society that is unlocking this i think a lot of it actually is social media. >> i wouldn't doubt that too that is one thing that has change. >> true. >>ood to see you. >> you too. 7:09. well, alex, more violence in philadelphia, this time a teenager and 12 year-old girl shot while sitting on the porch. >> one of them has died. the other is in the hospital
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and neighbors are desperate to get this changed. jenny joyce over at the round house, jenny. good morning mike and alex didn't we just go through this , two, 16 years old in south philadelphia and now in north philadelphia we have a 16 year-old dead and a 12 year-old that was injured in the shooting. now homicide detectives are relying on the community, people to come forward with information so that they can solve this crime. homicide detectives actively trying to find the should eras family, friend, neighbors grief a life lost too soon. it is spot where teen was shot and killed. family members say he was a trip let. one of the eight boys in the house. police say saturday night the victim was outside talking to friend just across the street from his home with fellow children, on north 19th and somerset streets when a gunman approached and fired multiple times. the 16 year-old was pronounced at the scene. his 12 year-old friend took a bull tote his leg. he was transported and later
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released from the hospital according to family members. people on the block say they are fed up with this violence. >> it is crazy part bit my kid just walk by and gave them a hug before the shooting even occurred and then y'all turnaround and kill a kid, a baby, 16 years old, coward, why would you do it. destroy the whole family. >> and yesterday we tried to talk to that family and we talked to the mother of the deceased for a short amount of time no one wanted to comment on camera. they were too distraught as they are awaiting an update, hoping that an arrest will come in this case. mike and alex. >> let's hope so. >> 7:11 now. you better know this, ask somebody sitting next to you that they know it is election day tomorrow? >> if not they should know, they need to necessity because voters in new jersey where to elect a new governor. >> we better start practicing these names, lauren, so governor guadagno, or governor
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murphy. >> yes, right, johnson. >> reporter: that is right, that is right jerrick easier one to pronounce. lets start with phil murphy the democratic candate, he is a multi millionaire former goldman sachs executive and he has been campaigning with pretty heavy political heavyweights here lately. we have seen him with former president, bill clinton, barack obama, vice-president joe biden, they have hosted or attended events for murphy, republican date kim guadagno has acknowledged she's low in the polls but her campaign is gaining traction. she focused on the state's issue of high taxes and she said property taxes are number one issue that voters care about with so much baggage, from the chris christie era, murphy takes every chance he gets to remind vetters that guadagno is just a continuation of that. she reminds people that he is no longer on the ballot, however, and she is a new name , a "fox news" poll
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released last month did show that guadagno is trailing murphy by 14 points in the polls but mike anal and alex we know sometimes those poll numbers just don't mean anything. >> go back one year ago, thanks, lauren. 7:13. philadelphia too they have a big race people will be watching, district attorney's race, republican betgrossman is running begins democrat larry krasner who has been a public defender for more than 30 years and has endorsement of mayor jim kenney. grossman has 20 plus years in the district attorney's office and being endorsed by philadelphia fraternal order of police. winner will take over for kelly hodge who became interim d.a. after seth williams pleaded guilty, and federal corruption case. this time tomorrow night on our late newscast. president trump is spending his second day in japan, first stop on this 12 day tour of asia. president says that he expects to have japan purchase massive amounts of military equipment from the united states to
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protect itself from north korean missiles. president trump also met, well , he will meet with families of the north korean abductees, that should be very , very interesting and emotional. well, a gripping new eight part mini series premiering on our sister station national geographic, loves national geographic, this looks so good , it will start tomorrow night at 9:00. >> called long road home and tells true story of war and families left back at home. >> maybe it is over. >> no, they are just re grouping. >> i prom toys get them back safe. >> i'm going to need all of this to come back. >> everybody rebound. >> you are from blessings, blessing through sack files.
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>> i just got to go over and help some people. >> why. >> those guys in my platoon, they are my family too. >> it is good. >> it looks really good. >> it is based on the book by martha and takes place during iraqi war in 2004. platoon from fort hood was attacked april 4th in baghdad a day to be known as black sunday. >> martha she knows what she's talking about too. there is an exclusive screening of this thing at the bourse across the street from our station here, it is in between, it is on fourth street between market and chestnut. it is first come, first serve for this. so make sure you go to our web site to get your free pass, you have to have a little pass , in your hand. >> so go to the web site at fox >> here's sue. >> we have got a cold front on the way, and boy, if the changes you will feel starting
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tonight and tomorrow, but first we have to get some rain out of the way from the cold front hang later in the day. don't expect too much as far as presip. 64 degrees in philadelphia it is warmer then it is supposed to be in the afternoon right now, but as we look at this morning, yes, we could have a stray shower or two but the heavier stuff comes through a little later on when actual front enters the area and then there is colder area temperatures behind it. three or 4:00 o'clock we can see pop up thunderstorms and by 6:00 o'clock everything is clearing the coast and we will get ready for much chillier temperatures. it will feel seasonal but we will go from above average to below. average is 60. today 70. tomorrow 55. fifty-three on wednesday. 56 degrees on thursday. another cold front comes through late thursday night and we will really feel the difference on saturday as temperatures plunge to a high of only 44 degrees. our radio partner 101.1 more f m you get your forecast here
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and there on the radio and then when you get to dunkin' donuts you get a free doughnut courtesy of one bob kelly. >> we will all get a doughnut free doughnuts today at my location where i'm set up here across from the plymouth meeting mall. it is also national saxophone day, here they are saxophone, lets do it, eagles pep ban. >> ♪ >> celebrating national sachs even if day with none other than philadelphia's very own pep band in the house. welcome. big day yesterday at lincoln financial field. all i had to do is say doughnuts and these guys are here. come on. they have the doughnuts. coffee. >> can we do a fight song. >> as they sing, lets go outside and check the jam cams northbound on the roosevelt
7:18 am
boulevard, inner drive, and tractor trailer, we told but knocked down the traffic light , and, it has been causing a problem all morning long, and then also coming into downtown philadelphia, on the vine street expressway, and there is an overturned truck at eighth and vibe that is causing problems coming into downtown but there are never problems when we are with the pep ban. >> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> wow. >> let me ask you something the excitement down there at the stadium yesterday, come on describe it for me. >> my god, it is incredible. this ride is wonderful. lets just keep it going. >> you just like, we are dying for a winner. this city is dying for a winning team. we have it. this is real. >> you know what, 51 was the score isn't that also the super bowl number for this year. >> isn't that incredible super bowl 51. >> coincidence, back to you
7:19 am
guys. >> it is 52, sorry, super bowl 52. >> we're one off. >> have another doughnut. >> it was rubbing us down there everybody was wanting to see how our new guy jay ajayi that rimes with hawaii, but watch this. that is not the play. he was thrilled to be out of miami, florida. that is for sure. >> what do they say j train. we were excited about the j train. they goes. look at him. >> people were upset they gave him number 36 but we're out of numbers apparently. >> i will tell you this he is thrilled to be playing in philly, talking to him after the game. >> do you want to hear english accent out of the guy, here it comes. >> yes. >> special atmosphere, great team to play for and already the team was doing great before i got here so it is just about me coming in and trying to be part of this team and just playing my part to get where we have to go. >> i never heard him speech
7:20 am
were, that was great. london london, but he spent his younger years in access. anyway, eagles put up 51 big won -- won. we set off fire works, because of 51 points, there was a rumor going around that they ran out of fire works. >> eagles tweeted out but i thought it was a joke did they really. >> can eagles confirm that for us? can you call the station or tweet us, did you really run out of fire works because after every touchdown or every score fire works. you would think i thought maybe they will have enough fire works for the whole year but then i think, it is probably dangerous to store fire works at at the stadium. so they ship them n do you think at half time they got somebody in the car drove down to delaware. pol goodies we actually
7:21 am
ran out of fire works at lincoln financial field. >> from the philadelphia eagles. >> yeah. >> well, i'll take it. >> that is a good problem to have. >> yes. >> yes, great problem to have. >> i wish we did that every game. >> great. >> next one we have to fly down to big d november 19th of a week of rest and play cowboys. >> cowboys fans are already talking trash. we have an extra week to talk trash to get ready for this game. >> cowboys are playing well, ezekiel elliott, one week he is, he isn't. >> yesterday, it looks like they will make a decision this week if he gets to play against eagles or not. iphones are selling like crazy but not the new iphone 10. why some older phones accounts back to 2007 are going for as much as $15,000. on the internet, would you buy a 15 you this dollars fine?
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no. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family.
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christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
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honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a.
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7:25. good luck trying to get the new iphone 10. >> a lot of stores are sold ou and apple shares are soaring but people really liking it. big difference from the iphone eight. people weren't even getting that because they were holding out for this, tracie. >> yes, absolutely. this is not a surprise, we saw those lines on friday. they were around the block here in manhattan. i'm sure they were the same there in philadelphia. >> yes. >> yes so these iphone 10 sold out by sunday afternoon. you could not get your hands on one. people willing to pay that thousand dollars, sold out at major cities across the country but a little bit of good news some people were getting notification that is preordered their phones they were saying that the phones will be delivered three to four weeks not the original five to six weeks. that is a bit of good news.
7:26 am
also good news if you are a apple shareholder, the stock was up about 2.6 percent on friday hitting somewhere around $172.50. excellent news. if you can get your hands on one of these iphones, lucky you. >> here's the weird thing i heard an iphone from 2007/2008 the older won are going for a lot of money, have you heard that. >> thinks the original iphone from 2007, i just looked on e bay right new or going for 19,000 doll ars. >> what? >> it has to be in the original box, one of them was in a glass case, so they have in the been opened. these people, looking to capitalize on the 10 year anniversary of the iphone. i'm not sure who would have kept an iphone like that unopened from 2007, who though that far in advance
7:27 am
but those are going f way more than the iphone 10. >> well, true. >> but can't put anything on e bay and just put any price. this sharpe. would i like to sell this sharpe for 25 you this dollars >> i don't know fit works like that. >> it doesn't. >> who would buy that, at lee that has a novelty first one. >> i get all that but can't i just bid anything. it is in the final. >> it is not final. >> i bid a hundred you this dollars on that iphone it doesn't mean i will pay it. >> who will come after me, it is all bogus. >> bob, he is knee keep in sugar. >> ♪ >> we are here outside dunkin' donuts with the pep ban, lets get a parade, they are all lined up getting their free doughnut at dunkin' donuts
7:28 am
along germantown pike right here across from the plymouth meeting mall eagles fans are all fired up, come down here another guy, ready, we will be right back live from dunkin' donuts with the pe
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we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill.
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property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable.
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7:30. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of texas, 26 people are dead and another 20 injured after a gunman opened fire, inside of a church. according to police 26 year-old devin kelly stormed first baptist church during sunday services. investigators say victims raked from age five to 72. shooter an air force veteran was found dead inside of his car. no word on a motive for this horrific attack. >> also included in the dead the daughter, teenage daughter , of the pastor. >> that is right. >> pastor was visiting in oklahoma, i think with his wife and learned of the shooting and found out his own daughter was dead. i don't think we are supposed to call someone dishonorablely discharge charged a veteran so we will try to change that too here's sue, at 7:31. >> we have a look at the poconos, lit built of haze but you can see gorgeous colors as we are pretty much in peak leaf changing season in the
7:32 am
pocono mountains. we are getting there around the city as well. we have seven out of 10. that is your number for the day. bus stop buddy is wearing eagles jersey, that is all we need on national saxophone day to celebrate victory yesterday but don't get used to this warmth. don't stay used to it. big changes are coming after this rain comes through later in the afternoon. you will feel difference. 64 degrees. 18 miles an hour winds. sunrise time is already happening at 6:36. that is big change. 70 degrees today. showers, thunderstorms, clearing out tonight and getting cold with the overnight low of 41 in the city, 30's in the suburbs, feel difference torrow but hot coffee and yummy doughnuts on the menu with bob kelly in plymouth meeting this morning, hey. >> hey, gang good morning, coming to you live from the dunkin' donuts right across from the plymouth meeting mall come on we have a party going on in here. eagles party, pep bandies here >> look at this.
7:33 am
>> right across from the plymouth meeting mall right off of the big win yesterday, one dollar coffee and, of course, a free doughnut for everyone that comes in here this morning. guys, you have been fans for how many years. >> as long as i can remember. >> 1959. >> 1959. >> did you watch the game yesterday. >> yes, difficult. >> what do you think. >> great team great quarterback. >> do you think this is real deal. >> real deal. >> real deal, all the way. >> what is with the giants blue on, come on wardrobe change. >> we need some green. >> fear the fan. >> super bowl, baby what do you think. >> we're going to minneapolis. >> what do you think. >> we will take it all this year. >> here's the deal, this year today at this dunkin' donuts come on in, a free doughnut for everybody, check out they are dancing here, look at this fellow, doing a jigger bug across from the plymouth meeting mall. lets check the jam cams.
7:34 am
northbound on the roosevelt boulevard, tractor trailer accident taking out the two right lanes of that outer drive, the inner drive, also blocked, that is causing a hot mess this morning. we have an overturn truck at eighth and vine downtown that will cause big delays for everybody coming into center city. are we ready to do a eagles dance? do the eagles one for me. pep ban, here we go. >> fly eles fly. >> ♪
7:35 am
>> e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. >> yeah. >> boom. >> i'm just reading the program for new york city marathon from yesterday. philadelphia is in there. >> has right. >> it must be nora allen. >> yes, nora allen she's running, she says it is therapeutic. >> it helped her overcome anxiety, substance a boot and suicide attempt. she had one life long dream and that was running in the new york marathon. she volunteered at one of the marathons and it left a lasting impression but yesterday, she was able to cross that off her bucket list , she got her chance to run in the new york marathon. >> and what is left of her is here. >> how are you feeling. >> little tired. >> yes. >> i cannot lie about that. >> how many have you done. >> that was my fifth one.
7:36 am
>> so i'm up to five. >> not that the time is important but what was it five hours. >> five hours. my slowest. i had a little snag, i got sick at mile 18, encores to run the pace. >> what. >> i got sick, very determined to finish. if i started i will finish it. i walk my friend was running with me great support as was the crowd, big thing about new york and i was able to run into central park and finish. >> i have been through depression, alcohol abuse and stuff like that and you look for anything to overcome it. >> yes. >> running did it for you. >> yes, i did have a lot of great support. >> there are other treatment modalities as well but thing i found with running when it comes to anxiety it is a challenge. you get really uncomfortable and running is about taking one step at a time. running is about taking it piece by piece and it is in doing that, that i kind gained that confidence and i
7:37 am
gain that self-confidence to accomplish anything that comes my way to face any challen and one of the things former cross country coach said to me beautiful thing about running is you can take it anywhere you go. you just need your parachute and run it is sport you have for life, beautiful thing. >> when i was in rehab they mentioned important thing was exercise. >> absolutely. >> running, hiking and stuff like that. you took it to the ultimate. >> a marathon. >> how did it feel, i know we mentioned you have been wanting to do new york marathon. how did it feel to be there and to be running it is still sinking in. i have a lovely medal around my neck and still sinking in. my fiance got a video when i pick up my bib on saturday and i just started crying. now really thing that has been so special to me about new york and it is a very special race. we have people traveling all over the world to come run this race. it is within of the major
7:38 am
marathons, that people aim to get their stars for that but i volunteered on the course with my father for two years. mile stop 19 handing out water i remember seeing people on the subway with these, crazy heat blankets and being like these people are amazing, i could never do that. go figure, yesterday, i ran past mile 19 and pick up a water cup from the volunteer and we left on the subway. it was cool. they didn't make me buy metro pass. nope, that is your pass. >> when are you getting married. >> september 2019. >> he doesn't run. how does that work out because you are constantly out running >> i have a co-worker she and her husband are both runners. they have to juggle running schedule and their two beautiful daughters. my fiance carries around my supplies, he is my support, my number one fan and i could not do it without him. he is one that is there at the end of the race and pumps me
7:39 am
up and talks me up. we all have to juggle one race schedule very convenient with welled planning you are an inspiration. >> thank you. >> when is the wednesdaying. >> did she say that already. >> are you going to soak. >> soak. >> are you surey am, i have an appointment book for a 90 minute soak in a float tank back in pennsylvania. >> you should rest up girl. >> i will be. >> dublin, pennsylvania. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> major players trading in the red zone for runway do you see what i did? they are flying high and now they will get into high fashion alex and i will be again this year. let's talk eagles with todd herremans is here. we have matt owe and g. cobb is in the house. we have a surprise for g. cobb
7:40 am
>> i heard about ween nobody delivers more for south jersey than steve sweeney. he stood up to north jersey special interests to increase funding for our schools. he stopped christie's commuter tax, saving south jersey residents over 200 million dollars. and he led the charge to pass paid family leave. aarp applauded sweeney for freezing property taxes for seniors and cutting prices on prescription drugs. "i got to take my hat off to him. he's a man of his word." steve sweeney. because there's more work to do to get south jersey's fair share. wand we may not knows much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama
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by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way. i played a doctor on tv, but now i'm helping save lives for real. i'm partnering with cigna healthspring to remind everyone how important preventive care is to people my age. so go, know, and take control of your health. cigna healthspring. together, all the way.
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good morning. i have my own traffic sign. go ahead. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are live with the pep band getting you around this morning 422. lets check the jam cams. we have an accident involving a school bus but good news no kid on the bus. so that is good news this morning. lets go to the next camera north bound lanes of 309, right here near stump road and downtown we will go that overturned truck on the vine street expressway at eighth and vine. we are here live at dunkin' donuts right across from the plymouth meeting mall, your name. >> darryl brownson. >> what do you think of the eagles. >> great. >> we have eagles game day hat >> is what your name. >> paul cruz. >> most of it, yep.
7:44 am
>> what do you think. >> they are awesome, they are effort less in the way they execute, it is unprecedented. i haven't seen that in a team in a while. >> eight-one. >> your name. >> carrie bucci. >> hi. >> josh. >> what do you think. >> it is our year. >> this is it. >> it is exciting we talk to the guys that are fans since 59, we talk to the kid coming in, some kid only parade they remember is villanova parade so we are looking for an eagles parade. you know, i don't want to jinks it but we are eight-one and giving out free doughnuts all morning long here at dunkin' donuts right across from the plymouth meeting mall sueby has your forecast in 15 seconds
7:45 am
our lives changed yesterday dramatically with the return to eastern standard time, okay not that dramatic. sunrise was a little earlier but sunset, before 5:00 o'clock a big change hopefully you remembered to change your smoke detector battery do that twice a year with the time change. cold front coming through later tonight and that will change our weather dramatically. feels warm right now, still very comfortable, warmer then normal for november, of course , but after that cold front comes through these temperatures will be about 30 degrees colder then this time tomorrow thin they are right now, yeah. here's weather drama thunderstorm activity late this morning showing up on future cast but for most we will get showers and maybe a pop up thunderstorm three or four in the afternoon everything clears coast by 6:00 p.m. we will put that together with the change. seventy today, high of 55 tomorrow, 53 on wednesday, 56
7:46 am
on thursday, 50's on friday but really cold change on saturday, look at this alex, 27 degrees in the morning on saturday, 44 during the day. >> little chilly yes. >> thanks, sue. >> 7:46. man an explosion of points at the linc, how amazing was yesterday? eagles put up 50 for the first time in four years as they helped in the bye week. i had a friend at the game. people stopped high fiveing. look, another touchdown, there we go. this was our best record since our super bowl year? is it time to get excited. i think i'm excited. todd herremans is here with matt lombard owe, g. cobb, lets talk about yesterday as we get ready for the cowboys. and then jen, hey. >> hey, okay, i was just in london with josh gadd, daisy ridley, leslie odom jeff, kennett brena, johnny depp and
7:47 am
what do they want to talk about? one wants to talk
7:48 am
we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable.
7:49 am
top ranked defense in the league noise match for eagles high flying owe even if, bird put up 51 points over denver broncos.
7:50 am
oh, man, ground game powering them to the win. so we have a full panel here this morning we have matt lombard owe from new jersey .com, we have former eagles lineman todd herremans and former linebacker garry cobb. >> g, matt, how y'all doing. >> good times. >> good times. >> yes, very good times. >> maybe super bowl times. >> are we really saying that. >> well, eagles have been eight-one, five times in their history past four they went to the super bowl twice and won nfl championship other two teams, it is safe to start polish up that super bowl express train and see if we can bring it out of the garage >> we won it all in 1949. >> yes. >> and 1960. >> yes. >> okay. >> we're due. >> 1949, where was i? >> todd, you are hesitating with the super bowl talk. >> i'm still fresh out of the locker room. you have to be cautiously optimistic but i told brent, i said hey, i have been cautious
7:51 am
optimistic all year long you guys are going to go to the super bowl. i'm a fan now. >> he is like easy, easy. >> you don't want to peak, you don't want to peak too soon, way too soon. >> we were talking about it earlier, it is a long season, you can have stumbles right before the playoffs. >> what are you suggesting we lose. >> here's the thing. >> second half of the season you have to play dallas twice, you go play them, after the bye, you have that grueling stretch of playing seattle and rams back to back. >> that is tough. >> they are your two toughest test and then raiders christmas night. within of the highest powered owe even ifs in the league. >> raiders aren't that much. >> they built them self a nice cushion. now you get benefit because games will get tougher, weather will get colder. if they run the ball lake they did yesterday and faulty faceted offensive attack they are going to be tough. >> i know he is our best player, probably mvp of the
7:52 am
league, carson wentz. carson sometimes tries to do so much. a lot of times you can get caught trying to pull out of the tackle and you get blasted , that is what concerns me. he is a key part of the team. they are nut the same without him. >> i think todd is here, i will say this, running game did so well, including our new guy jay. >> the j train. >> ajayi. >> yes. >> the reason for it? the offensive line. >> they are blocking well. >> the front that denver had was one of the best in the league and we came out and ran all over them yesterday. it has got to be a good feeling for locker room in the second half of the season when running game comes into effect in the colder games. >> everything is going well. that is what concerns me, the running game, defense, they are all playing like they are th in the league. >> usually -- >> the offence surrender the points. >> that doesn't keep up. you don't peak and stay up there all the time. that is why i would like to see them, you know, they have
7:53 am
to try to win every game. >> g, your glassies half full. >> i'm concern. i'm concerned. >> todd. >> they are good solid wins we have against good team. we are not posers and we eight-one. don't tell anybody we are eight-one. >> i agree. >> we have some dips. >> emotionally it is tough to stay up. >> big question is dallas, we have the bye week and rest up and everything but dallas will be tough too don't you think. >> they have that combination of having an elite running back in elliott, great quarterback in dak press scott but eagles road is navigatable they have 20-20 record in terms of the nfc opponents on the schedule. every other team in the playoff race their opponents are above 500. eagles have a relatively easy path to the playoffs. >> you don't play the game in those numbers. and guys, emotionally, it is tough to stay on that peak the whole time. that is the thing that concerns me is that normally teams have highs and low.
7:54 am
so to stay up this the whole season where you are blowing everybody away and get to the playoffs it is one and done. >> we don't know. that we don't know. they are eight-one. they are rolling. that is what concerns me. >> i'm in love it. >> would i love them to win from here to the super bowl and win all of them but that is in the reality. it would be great, lot of fun, the whole ride. there will be a stumble, hopefully it brings the playoffs. it house they regain fm that stumble how playoffs will turnout. i think they have a good core, leadership, personality of the team is type that will recover from the stumble. >> and real quick thumbs up to corry clement. >> yeah, three touchdowns. >> yes. >> local guy. >> yes. >> how about drafting him next time. >> well, too late. >> you hang around we will do a fashion show later. >> thanks, guys. >> you didn't invite rest of us, that is cold. >> do you see that. >> no, no i'm out, i'm out.
7:55 am
>> do you see that. >> no, no i'm out, i'm out. >> that why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? >> do it's because sweeney's >> nobeen exposed as a out. >> that double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
7:56 am
when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch. when dove asked me to try out this body wash... i was excited that it was foam. it was so light and soft... not sticky. it's light. it's different. it's foam. a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
7:57 am
7:58 am
what is it 7:58. >> close but not really. one of the most anticipated move thinks year. >> yes. >> murder on the orient express, in theaters this friday, you know, jen was in london. >> let's roll the clip. >> the murderer is on the train with us now and everyone of you is the suspect. >> jen freshly back from londontown, who did you meet just about everybody, um. >> just about everybody. we will talk about that in a few minutes. we will begin this segment with the youngsters of the film, okay. leslie odom junior, from philadelphia, huge star in hamilton. we have daisy ridley you know her as rayon star wars, amazing, and then one of my
7:59 am
favorite josh gadd the voice of olaf and remember i was on the train with him in may, the actual orient express. when we reunited in london he had one thing to say. >> hey, good to see you. congrats on your eagles. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> let's go eagles. >> poor daisy like whatever. >> i love them. >> i love sports. >> we gave you jay ajayi in nothing in return i am a dolphins fan and i'm hurt. >> leslie, please. >> i dent listen when josh speaks. >> leslie and josh have been friend since they went to college at carnegie medical an more in a few moments. this story, murder on the orient express, everyone knows story, everyone knows ending, but daisy ridley says think again. >> so someone literally to me is what your film about. i was like it is about murder
8:00 am
on a train. a lot of people don't know, but i think a lot of people are so, christie is just every where and even though they don't necessity that is the person that wrote the story, that they don't know so people are like is that the ending that but a lot of people don't the story. >> the three of us did in the know the ending. >> i didn't. >> do you know the ending. i have seen the movie. i know evening. twentieth century fox paid for me to travel to go there and interview those stars. on so how about we cue up michelle pfifer at 8:45. >> we will do that. >> good day it is monday, november 6th, 2017. day of worship turns violent. >> we lost great friend is gunman opens fire in a small
8:01 am
texas town, at lee 26 people are dead, another 20 people are hurt. what we are learning about the man who pulled the trigger. going too far, larry david , slammed over his saturday night live appearance , whyome are saying he crossed the line with one pticular joke. bird best broncos but now, some players are trading in their red zone for the runway. how they are flying high for high fashion to help a worthy cause. she's one of the stars of hbo shows insecure. >> i love these. >> reporter: amanda seals who plays tiffany is in our studio . >> so did you hear i don't know what to call them, one more time, hey diddy. >> it was puff daddy, p did and then just didd andy and puffy. >> wasn't he sean john.
8:02 am
>> that is his clothing line. >> yesterday on his instagram& he said i'm changing my name one more time, and you can call him by two things if you see m today, love or brother love. love or brother love. so, i don't know. >> i think it is love aka brother love in one. >> that is kind of long isn't it. j dog, mike and something else >> yes. >> all right. if. >> call change your name to anything what wouldou change it to, okay. so chris long, you know chris long of the philadelphia eagles. >> yes he got so excited. we have all these touchdown dances. he did a sack dance, do you want to see it. >> yes. >> from yesterday. >> loses the ball and it is recovered by chris long.
8:03 am
>> what is that. >> is walking or dancing. >> shim i. >> or pelvic thrust in there. >> it looks like he could have had a walker in front of him, so good could be is weighing in, what did you think of the dance being a lineman yourself >> well, the thing is, just a little too stiff, he is just doing this. you have to that shrenk up a little bit. you got to get into this here yeah, that is what you have to get into know, come on. >> don't pull a hip, don't break anything over there. >> that is in the really my claim to fame, dancing, but i know you got to get the hipps in there. >> turn to the side so we can get the full action. >> yes. >> you got to groove that thing. >> shake that thing out. >> you have to put your back into it. >> that is what i'm talking about it. >> get that groove. >> you know what i'm saying. >> g, i don't know what
8:04 am
happened, great win or fact they are eight-one but i have never seen g. cobb like that. >> that fired up you are fired up. >> i love it. >> you get that sack, you just got to do this. >> yeah. >> is that what it is, right here. >> yes. >> g, thank. >> oh, my gosh i'm speechless. >> i could watch that all day. >> some of that right there. >> all right, weather >> oh, okay, all right. >> seven out of 10 today, is it forecast to dance about? well, enjoy it while it is warm because we have temperatures mostly in the 60 's this morning off to a mild start on this national sachs even if day for bus stop buddy just that eagles jersey and dancing at bus stop too. we have some rain on the way with a cold front, raining in advance of the cold front could see a shower or two this morning mostly north and west of the city and then we will get rain later on.
8:05 am
64 degrees with 12 miles an her breeze, sunrise time was 6:36. sun rose earlier but it will set at 4:53. and, mild out there, showers out there, late day thunderstorms possible. this is last 70-degree day we will see for a while and we will explain about that in the seven day forecast coming up. lets check with bob kill any plymouth meeting on this national saxophone day. >> little shim i, shim i. >> the pep bandies here, we are having a party, lets do a little rocky music for you. a little rocky, lets do it. as we check jam cams we will do a little shimy, shimy with dunkin' donuts across from the plymouth meeting mall, free doughnut coming by to say. the boulevard northbound right here near ninth street.
8:06 am
we have eagles fans here today , hi, your names. >> kevin. >> and. >> jessica. >> eagles fans what do you think eight-one. >> i love it, baby. >> you have eagles gear on, is what your name. >> tricia. >> what do you think. >> eagles fans. >> yes, fly eagles fly. >> number 58 in the house. >> how are you doing. >> i'm jay. >> hi jay. >> gang on their way to school everybody got a free doughnut. >> yes. >> good monday when we can get a free doughnut, one dollar coffee, check out doughnuts they have here, come on by, all morning long one doughnut per person, the kelly jelly's, who wants to dot fight song, here we go, fight song, let's do it. here we go. kid know it. >> ♪ >> fly eagles fly. >> ♪ >> maybe now a g. cobb body roll. >> i don't know what that is.
8:07 am
>> it is great. >> jelly roll. >> it has happened again a day of worship quickly turns into a day of horror when a gunman opens fire in this small town in texas. not far from san antonio at church. >> twenty-six people are dead, another 20 injured and among the dead range thomas age five up to age 72. >> five to 72. sad we have to say. that it has happened again, in a tiny town sutherland springs exactly 30 miles southe of san antonio. as you mentioned 26 people are dead, more than 20 others are hurt, according to police 26 ar-old devon kelly stormed the first baptist church during sunday services, investigators say victims young children as young as five years old, we also know pastor's 14 year-old daughter was kill, shooter we know and air force veteran given a bad conduct discharge while serving in the base in new mexico. >> you cannot, explain it,
8:08 am
your mind doesn't want to grasp it, the shock of it. >> i think mental health is your problem here. based on preliminary reports very deranged individual, lot of problems over a long period of time. we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other country but this isn't a guns situation. >> reporter: once again still early in the investigation. investigators have not said what may have motivated suspect shooter later found dead in his vehicle. it is also being reported that an armed citizen confronted the shoot inner front of the church. shooter took off, he gave chase with another man and it is still unclear how it all ended whether or not that private citizen actually shot the shooter. >> we had a quick interview with that young man, very young too he had a weapon in his truck, he said he did what he had to do. we will figure out what the details are on that what
8:09 am
exactly did he do. all right, thomas. believe it or not, tell a friend, tomorrow is election day. >> election day get ready and this is important for new jersey and philadelphia. >> that is right. >> lets start with new jersey. we are getting ready to election a new governo they are hitting campaign trail hard today. last full day for them. they are trying to get those undecided voters. democrat fill murphy will declare new jersey a sanctuary state if elect. republican kim guadagno says she will slash sky-high property taxes, and she says if they don't go down she will not run for reelection. >> if she does not get them to go down. >> district attorney's race will be also also be important former goldman philadelphia both states pay attention to those. >> tomorrow is election day. >> we have not talk about but tomorrow is election day. >> oh, boy this will get people talking this morning. >> a school district out in the state of oregon, is there a law that requires teachers to report if they learn one of
8:10 am
their students is having sex. >> what in. >> is not just to the parents but totiow would ut that. get on twitter and just fill us in, but first serio. we're walking, a we're walking andre walking and walk this saturday to end aleimer's disease, we will at this years walk to endent alzheimer's coming
8:11 am
8:12 am
a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for every new jersey family. christie anduagno left newjers. i'm serious about moving new jersey forward. ♪weee! today's the day! wahoo! there's the second-most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. phew, am i late?!
8:13 am
nah, just in time. nice. holiday scratch-offs from the pennsylvania lottery. aww. tngjust got very merry. keepn scratchin'! hey gang good morning everybody. as i told you earlier we are comi to you live all morning long the dunkin' donuts right across from t plymouth meeting mall on germantown have great eagles fanser is what your name. >> linda turner are you an eagles fan. >> most certainly a.m. >> what do you inof the game. >> those boys busted up. >> you know it. >> yes, they did. fifty-one, i don't what the heck order score was. >> it don't mather we won, we busted it up.
8:14 am
>> is what your name. >> richard. >> how old are you. >> nine. >> what grade are you in. >> fourth. >> fourth grade. >> what do you think of the eagles. >> i think they are great and they deserve that because all of the other seasons they didn't have a good chance. >> they weren't good. this is our chance. we have a good chance. i will give you a free doughnut for you and a free box of doughnuts to take home for your friends, how does that sound. >> good. >> boom. >> check the jam cams, outside we will go two situations we have been watching tractor trailer accident northbound on the boulevard right here near ninth street. then we have that truck accident at eighth and vine in center city philadelphia coming over ben franklin may try to use the betsy ross or maybe use tacony palmyra or walt whitman coming into downtown. sueby has your forecast in
8:15 am
152nd so, our lives changed a bit over weekend. we wl show you sunrise and sun sit times out there because you will just to have get used to this, again. the good news is sun rose earlier this morning a little after 6:30. look at the sunset time just before 5:00 p.m., ouch. hopefully you remembered to change that smoke detector battery when you change the time. cold front up to the north and west, this is other thing that will change our lives. we have gotten used to milder then normal weather around here but it will be chillier behind that front before that happens we will get showers and thunderstorms, temperatures in the 60's right now, we are headingo s and that is last time we will see temperature
8:16 am
in the 70's for a while.mid 50'd wednrsday. saturday is are focusi o our alzheimer's walk. we will have a h of 44 degrees, mike and alex. >> it is okay, 44 my don't necessity if i agree witht. tha i know it is that time of the year. >> i got sweaters. >> as you know fox 29 is a veryroud spoor walk to end alzheimer's, november 11th. >> we have been doing it for years and years. we will meet a team here in a second. tomim knows all too well about the devastating effects of alzheimer's disease. every 66 seconds someone in the united states develops alzheimer's disease. in 2005 tom simpson's mother received her devastating diagnosis. she battled the disease for
8:17 am
nine years until it led to her death three years ago. tom spent a lot of his time with his mother cherishing every moment and supported her during this time. he set out to help others struggling with alzheimer's disease and started entering athletic competition toss raise money for research. he is competing in three marathons and two iron man triathlons for the cause, in the iron man triathlon in hawaii he raised more than $17,000 for his alzheimer's association. today he is a board member of the delaware valley chapter and captain of the philadelphia walk team. on november 11th he will continue that tradition at citizens bank park in his mother's memory. >> he is with sue right now outside. >> iron man is right here tom simpson with kathleen desalvo
8:18 am
from the alzheimer's association. tom, you are really amazing. it is like you are on a mission. >> i am. my mom was diagnosis with always highamers in to 2005. ever since then i have been connect with the alzheimer's association, bayada home health care and my own interest interests of marathons and iron mans and we have raised money and it has been awesome. >> how many people on your team saturday this saturday we will have at least 50 people. >> anybody he from your team >> oh, yeah. >> they are being quiet back there. >> here we go. >> we will have over 50 people every year we raise at least $10,000 as a bayada team. >> this money is really making a difference. >> it is, we will fund preserve zest for folks in the delaware valley hoff a connection with alzheimer's disease. >> when your family gets a diagnosis it is not only patient that goes through it, the whole family too. >> yes, that is correct. >> catherine, fox 29 started with the alzheimer's
8:19 am
association walks in the year 2,000. we were at what is now the police touch museum, which is memorial hall. have we come a long way. >> we have come a long way. we have new things this year. >> okay. >> we are presenting an award to long time advocate orion reid. >> we know her. >> but those who don't know they may remember her as the tv and radio consumer reporter >> ight. >> for many years. >> what they may not know about her she is an alzheimer's advocate, care giver for her mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle who all suffered. >> well deserved. >> she's a wonderful advocate for us. >> that is part of our opening ceremonies. i will be there. we are there every year. all we need is you. there is still time to register. >> absolutely call 800 to 723900 or go to al >> remember team bayada layer it up, right. >> yes. >> we are all ready.
8:20 am
>> we are ready. >> we will see you on saturday morning citizens bank park with the walk to end alzheimer's. >> that is the big one, man thousands of people. >> going too far? larry david slammed on his saturday night live appearance , why some are saying he crossed the line with one particular joke. >> here's somebody that never crosses, well, here's jen. >> michelle pfifer she opened ly cried when she met >> michelle pfifer she opened ly cried when she met one of her cast maybe on the
8:21 am
he's a husband, father, veteran... but most of all, he's a fighter. chris brown has never been afraid to take on the big fights. that's why he stood up to republicans and democrats alike to fight the north jersey casinos and the takeover of atlantic city. chris brown is fighting to protect jobs in our region... a true champion for the working men and women of atlantic county. on november 7th, let's keep him fighting for us. chris brown for state senate, he's on our side.
8:22 am
8:23 am
i miss saturday night live , i normally try to see it but i was out and about out and about. >> well, just sitting out but i was than the watching. that i binged watched insecure >> oh, because you are getting ready. >> yes. >> she's in the studio. >> a lot of people are slamming larry david because of a joke that he made at
8:24 am
saturday night live appearance did this cross the line. >> i don't like it when jews are in the head lines for notorious reasons. i want einstein discover the theory of relativity, what i don't want is weinstein took it out. i have always, always been obsessed with women and i have often wondered if i had grown up in poland when hitler came to power and was sent to a concentration camp, would i still be checking out women in the camp. i think i would. >> what? >> oh, my god. >> larry david, he is edgey. so, i don't know. >> some people thought he was suggesting pattern of jewish predators. >> can you make a holocaust
8:25 am
joke, that was edgey. get on twitter if you think that was too much. i was also beside binge watching insecure, you know, i was shocked at myself. i have never seen curb your enthusiasm. >> peo >> i watched an episode. >> you liked it. >> he is freakishly like me. >> that doesn't mean you like it. >> you didn't. >> it was like looking in the mirror. >> i was watching atypical. >> you seen it. >> bits and pieces, but now i have seen every single episode of insecure. >> so good. >> two seasons. >> you had a lotf time on your hand this weekend. >> all day saturday and saturday night. >> amanda is here, tiffany. >> the bird bested the broncos but this is even better, now the players have traded in their jerseys for some high fashion and so are their
8:26 am
wife's. we are part of it this year. >> it is helping out a worthy cause and let you know this >> it is helping out a worthy cause and let you know this years events and have a honey, what are you doing? watching a cow...? what's it doing? impressions start your day with the new hash brown scramble bowl from chick-fil-a. we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno.
8:27 am
they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space. we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable. ♪ ♪ hi ted, glad you could join us! ♪ ♪ give it a try. mmm. give that to me. ♪ ♪ (laughing) ted? ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
you know this song, right, it is didy, now we have to change that song because it will not reply. he changed his name again. we will tell you what he wants us to call him now, and everybody has us thinking about our own nickname. so if you can change your name and have a different one what would you change it too. >> mike geesey. >> owe say. >> well, she's one of the stars of the hbo hit show in secure. aim so excited. amanda steals is here. she's joining us in the studio
8:30 am
it will be a fun time. >> i was watching it all day saturday, saturday night, it is on hbo. >> right. >> even i was uncomfortable with the graphic scenes. >> really, you uncomfortable. >> alex, sue what do you say. >> that is saying something. >> wow. >> we will all rush to the tv and watch it now thaw said. that national saxophone day, pared my lozenge. bus stop buddy in celebration of the yesterday's victory. we have rain on the way. later on in the day you may need that umbrella briefly. 64 degrees. 12 miles an hour breeze. we have a new sunrise time, hour earlier, we changed time over weekend. sunrise was 6:36. sunset will be 4:53, we will get to a high of 70 with late day thunderstorms. that is your monday. big change for rest of the week. that is coming up in a few minutes. lets see what bob kelly's up to their, kissing babies this
8:31 am
morning. >> look at the big smile, say hi to my friend priscilla, how oldies she. >> she's almost four months. >> priscilla give me some bubbles. >> hello. >> she's here, there you go, she's here for her jelly doughnut, littlees eagles fan and a big eagles fan, your name. >> allen. >> your wife's a big fan that is you why are here. >> we are both big fans. she's working to bring in the money to the house, thank you and fortunately i came down here to get my bob kelly jelly >> bob kelly jelly doughnut. >> everybody that stops by, take a look gets themselves a free doughnut. we have bob kelly jelly, we have eagles doughnuts, we have boston creams, strawberry frosted and we have a little accident for you. roosevelt boulevard has been a mess all morning long. first of all west on the schuylkill stack up at city avenue and we have a truck at center city eighth and vine causing delays for everybody
8:32 am
over ben franklin bridge and that roosevelt boulevard northbound outer drive still blocked because of that tractor trailer accident from earlier this morning. we will be here at dunkin' donuts across the street from the plymouth meeting mall all the way up to 10:00 o'clock. hi, priscilla. she is a cutie. shield the mike, mike, back to you. >> future reporter in the making. >> can you tell our mood when eagles win. >> yes. >> victory monday. >> makes monday so much easier >> now we will talk about the eagles and eagles are trade nothing their uniforms for high fashion. >> yes, for a great cause. we have been part of this event for four years. >> four years in a row. >> they keep asking us back. >> i don't know why. >> we are so glad. >> we have former philadelphia eagles offensive lineman todd herremans and ceo, marcus allen man who are who for some reason wants to us keep doing this event. >> absolutely, four years in a
8:33 am
row, so successful lets do this. >> it takes a little credit for eagles being eight-one. the guy feels really good and it makes them play hard. >> they have been getting fitted for these suits for the pennsylvania couple months for the show. they have been feeling good. seeing themselves in the product. >> dress well, play well. >> between the beard and hair you are still looking very fit >> thank you real lieutenant governor quickly before the eagles talk, why do we do this >> this is important. just saying to todd before the show that a lot of people they talk about mentoring and say it is something nice to do we know from the many stories that we hear this is necessary there is kid in the city who don't have a compassionate person in the live. we serve seven counties. >> big brothers, big sister. >> yes, we serve, seven counties, almost 4,000 kid. we have been doing this for a hundred years.
8:34 am
we know from the research that every kid need a care, compassionate adult in their life. if we don'tutmentors in their life they will choose wrong mentors. we are here to decrease crimes , problematic behavior, increase attendance in school we have been able to do that over the last few years. >> is it 102 years. >> we have to make money for organization and that is why we put on this fashion show. >> yes, many times we say we have an army of volunteers but a same time we know it cost to serve kid. it cost us about $1,500 a year that supports our, specialist who are experts at supporting the big, the family and little to unsure a great match between that big and little. >> 1500 per kid. >> 1500 per kid per year. you do the math on that that means we're serving almost 4,000 kid that is almost seven million-dollar a year that we have to raise every year. it is event like this. we call it a party but it is
8:35 am
part which a purpose. >> sure. >> that is you why want to do it. >> it is my second year doing it. reason why i do it on top of the perks being with suit, shoes, being with great people it is necessary like mark was just saying one in three kid in the philadelphia area make it to the age 19 without a single, single influence like a big brother or big sister or mentor in their life. >> role model. >> what is it? >> this event is november 13th so next monday during eagles will bye week. >> which players will be there >> we have zach ertz, we have brent celek, we have our guy todd herremans here who does a awesome job. >> rodney mccloud. >> i was going to talk about him. he is an awesome individual. he is now a big brother. imagine you are a little kid and rod knee mccloud is your big and he shows up on monday to take you out. he is on our honorary board.
8:36 am
rodney has said hey, marcus i want to make sure, to todd's point, mentoring gap, one in three kid don't have amen for. i want to help you solve that. >> alshon jeffery and chris long. >> chris long which i have a lot of respect for chris. malcolm jenkins has been doing this, he started with us three years ago. he is not walking but his wife marisa is walking. >> i don't mean to be read. i have seen the eagles players i want to see wife's, girlfriends and we will do that after the break. >> we will have a mini fashion show a preview. >> if you like leather pants come on back.
8:37 am
joseph, i'm steve. how are you?
8:38 am
nice to meet you sir. nice to meet you. how's it going man? the yankees? come on. [ laughing ] look at the smiles and the hard work that the people here are doing. it's like making mini sandwiches. they're no different than anyone else. they just want a job. they want respect and they want dignity. this is a nice place. yeah. he plays basketball with lauren. steve called, fairly frantic. you know, he had a premature baby and i think he had just been given the diagnosis that she had down syndrome. lauren brought out the best in me. she made me a different person.
8:39 am
deep down in his heart he feels for people who are disadvantaged. lauren's a light in everybody eye. she's the spark that has started the fire. the goal is to keep places like this open so all people, regardless of disability, have an opportunity for employment. see, i love you. i love you guys too. you know that. yeah. big event is november 13th >> use hey, what happens real quickly before this fashion show there is a breakfast in the morning. >> we are doing women's
8:40 am
empowerment breakfast before fashion touchdown, breakfast starts at 7:30. we have great people coming into speak. great friend of mean doctor jan walker first female nfl coach, coach at arizona cardinals, bruce airans and we have, heather myths married to a former eagle aj feelly, two time gold medalist and hoe of others who will be there. we will try to make a whole day of this and in the lose focus of, you know, females who support the nfl. >> by the way tickets still available for both but limited on the fashion show that night >> hurry up, get this. >> love to see you there. >> let's started to, could you tribe our first model please, this is her name is elizabeth. >> ah, i can't see. >> you know what she looks like. >> elizabeth is wearing a beautiful nicole miller leopard top, it is probably some sort of silk fab brick with nice leather pants. >> yes. >> this shirt is to be worn
8:41 am
with a fashionable belt as well if you'd like. >> look at him working it. >> beautiful toes. >> yes, you love her toes, um. >> yes. >> thanks. >> where did you meet. >> elizabeth and i met at opening day of the phillies game. >> oh, okay. >> we were set up. >> yes, by mutual friend. >> wife since then. >> how long have you been married. >> it will be three years in april. >> congratulation is by the way, do you have kid. >> we just had our son, seven weeks ago. we were at the game yesterday. our family's first game. >> it was great. >> but first we have to get to ivana in the house. >> hoist also wearing nicole miller orchestrating this fashion show and she will be at the even. >> her last name is now, hicks >> ivana hicks wearing that red dress i'm loving it. >> you probably know her
8:42 am
husband jordan hicks. >> yes, yes. >> todd, do you want to take over here. >> we have ivana nice red form fitting, what do you call that >> a dress. >> maybe. >> with a very edgey leather jacket. >> yes. >> give it a biker feel to it. >> she feels very chic. >> real quickly. >> you are good at this. >> good job. >> fashion comment taiter, fashion police over here. >> ivana, how are you doing. >> doing great. >> how is your husband doing. >> we see him right over there >> hi there, jordan. >> good. >> how is the foot. >> it is okay. >> he tore his achilles, how has he been at home. >> he has been really motivated, really positive. eagles are eight-one. great motivation for a strong come back. >> is he sitting on the couch every game. >> he does sit on the couch.
8:43 am
>> yes. >> we get to the game. he has been, very involved, meetings, when we got here going to get surgery he was back at the facility. >> hate to see you all bandaged up. can we roll a play of an interception or something. >> anything but that. >> no, no. >> look at those toes. >> yes. >> describe what jordan's wearing to day. >> jordan is wearing warrior gashes. >> he is bandaged by nicole miller. we will see you on monday. >> okay. >> jordan, best of luck to you >> yes. >> what a supportive husband. >> your suit is actually. >> my suit is a robini, in the fashion show. >> yes. >> we need to go to com
8:44 am
8:45 am
we've paid a big price for chris christie and kim guadagno. they gave out billions in corporate tax breaks. millions to whitewash the bridgegate scandal. millions more wasted on empty office space.
8:46 am
we got stuck with the bill. property taxes up. train and bus fares up. college tuition up. women's healthcare funding eliminated with christie and guadagno we're paying more and falling behind. four more years of kim guadagno is unaffordable. 8:46. another reminder of how much shorter days are thanks to the time change yesterday with the sunset this afternoon, not this evening this afternoon at
8:47 am
4:53. you did remember yesterday to change your smoke detector battery, do it today. cold front's on its way. we will see some rain, and wind are already picking autopsy head of this front but eventually we will get to a high of 70 degrees. we will get late day thunderstorms and then much cooler temperatures. we will start off at 41 in the city, 30's in the suburbs and high of 55. these are chillier than average temperature through the workweek and temperatures plunge on saturday, overnight lows in the 20's, daytime highs in the 40's, so now it will get cold. >> it will get cold it will get hot if you go to the movie murder on the orient express, michigan he will pfifer is in it. >> jen's getting us ready. it is finally coming out. >> finally. one of the biggest movies all year. michelle pfifer when she got to the set and saw dame judy dench, she physically broke
8:48 am
down and cried. >> i cried i just openedly cried. it was really embarrassing. >> did she hug you. >> i don't think so. >> it is a lot of pressure. >> she was probably taken back >> i would be. >> can you think of anyone else you might have that type of reaction with. >> i don't believe i have met meryl streep i might have a similar reaction to that. >> killer right here. >> this is how thinking about cast is people like michelle p fifer are crying when they see dame judy dench. one of the things you will notice is how authentic the train looks. that is what michelle, and i and william dafaux, said because those two actors have not been on the orient express >> sit as luxurious. >> i too had a butler. >> i hear there nor showers. >> there nor showers.
8:49 am
>> but we were on it for 24 hours. >> you can get by with no shower for 24 hours. >> scottish people, i work in philadelphia, they were very upset because in the evening we went to the bar car. we were singing. we were ruckus. so this lady was like it is not amtrak old dusty and dirty , this is the orient express for goodness sakes she was so mad at us. >> so you made us the ugly americans. >> yes. >> you're welcome, i'm continuing. philly's own leslie odom junior from hamilton he went to college with josh gadd, the voice of olaf i said what do we not know about this josh character. what do you want people to know about this guy? what do they not know about him. >> about josh. >> yeah. >> he is a real dirt bag. >> come on leslie. >> he will not have your back in the fight. no, i think, what you see is
8:50 am
what you get. what you sianni love is what you get, josh is one of the kindes, most generous people that i know. >> super duper sweet. >> the film opens up on friday , 20th century fox paid for me to go interview stars in london. if i are a christie purest and if you like what this book is and like what this book is done you will go head over heels crazy for movie that michelle pfifer still looks fantastic, she's 60 years old. >> in the movie they made her look older because of the role that she's playing and just as sweet, lovely as you want her to be, no pretense at all. >> love it. >> 8:50 thanks, jen. are you having people come over for thanksgiving? how about charging them for dinner. a woman admits she will have her guest pay 30 bucks per plate, yeah, a cover charge for thanksgiving dinner, i
8:51 am
don't know. what do you think. did i mention that amanda seal. >> from insecure. >> she's live in our studio. >> if you have
8:52 am
8:53 am
why are south jerseyans turning against steve sweeney? it's because sweeney's been exposed as a double dipping pension padder. caught spending campaign money on lavish dinners and fine cigars for his pals. investigated for being a lobbyist and a senator at the same time. sweeney voted to raise taxes 145 times while our economy continues to struggle. south jersey is a mess, and it's time to take out the trash. on november 7th, make a change. dump sweeney.
8:54 am
party's not over yet we have been having a great monday morning tailgate party. what is your name. >> shayne. >> shayne. >> oh, look at the bob kelly jelly doughnuts allf eagles fans are here today. we have a transplant. you are from where. >> new york. >> but we have converted you. >> yes. >> are you still like the jets but. >> boo the jets. we have eagles fans here today oh, come on down the line is what this guy's name. >> chase. >> this is chase. >> temple in the house. high five.
8:55 am
>> high five. >> how about we give chase a jelly doughnut. >> he loves jelly doughnutswe hg long right across the street from plymouth meeting mall at dunkin' donuts when we get a free doughnut for everybody. we have to get you jump started. we have all been in a good mood. we are not going anywhere yet. we will hang out for another hour at dunkin' donuts. give meehan eagles chance, ready: e-a-g-l-e-s eagles. back to you. >> loving it, thank you, like an eagles celebration. >> let's do this. >> 8:55. school district in oregon is under fire is there a law to require teach tours report if they learn that one of their students is having sex and they are enforcing this. why so many are upset and they are taking action. plus she's one of the stars of the insecure, also a great instagram follow amanda seals is on the show she's joining us live here and she will have fun in the 9:0
8:56 am
a bridge shut down over politics. their biggest triumph was a traffic jam. chris christie and kim guadagno's failures shortchanged our future. after 8 years- incomes are down, costs are up and our economy is crawling. we are better than this. i'm phil murphy together we'll build a stronger, fairer economy that works for evy w jersey family. christie and guadagno left new jersey stuck.
8:57 am
i'm serious about moving new jersey forward.
8:58 am
8:59 am
okay. we can call him diddy just today this is it. >> thinks it. >> he changed his name again. we will spell this one out for you. so, it has us thinking because he keeps changing his name, right. he has had four or five. >> that is right. >> we want to change our names >> hi karen. >> we will switch it up. hi, good day everybody it is monday november 6th, 2017. before we hear from diddy i want to set this up for 9:00 o'clock hour before we introduce amanda from insecure a school district in the state of oregon, they have a law on the books that requires teachers to report if any of their students are having sex. they are enforcing it.
9:00 am
they will not just tell their parents, but they will tell the law, yeah, authorities. wow. >> i was just scared if my mom would know if i was a kid but that is another thing. thanksgiving cover charge one woman admits she has to pay 30 bucks for her family thanksgiving. have you ever heard of this? would you pay. i love thanksgiving meal don't get me wrong but would you pay money to sit down and eat and have a plate. >> this is an outrage. >> think of the fights. >> we have so many pumpkins, you do as well. so what do we do with them. we will repurpose your pumpkin , jazz up your gored and keep using them through thanksgiving and here's the thing, christmas. >> so turn that orange pumpkin into something, completely holiday and shockingly good i'm looking at it right now and i'm impressed i have seen them sitting on the stoop. >> rotting. >> i was sitting on the stoop


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