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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 8, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EST

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bill: a pro isis recruiting video appears on school web sites across the country, including our local area, isis recruiting, are your kids safe? we break it down for you. >> a former principal fired because he said he was gay. >> i think that letter was inappropriate. >> all that coming up, i am bill spadea, and this is "chasing news." >> election night, results are in. a couple contests that were closer than polls predicted, two democrats have bun governor was on the in virginia and new jersey, and mayor bill spadea
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gets another term -- bill de blasio gets another term as mayor of new york city, and phil murphy, beating out kim guadagno in a race called early. he has takes about raising taxes, diana is at phil murphy headquarters. reporter: i am comes from the hall to be party of new jersey next governor. democrat phil murphy beat out republican kim guadagno. that is what we've been hearing from polls, that new jerseyians do not want another round of republican politics, governor christie was asked whether a potential loss by the republican, kim guadagno would be a referendum to his go governorship. >> it is not, i say this over and over.
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history of this state shows that you people vote for candidates on the ballot, not anyone el. reporter: polls have tightened. but murphy held a double digit lead over kim jong-un. hkim guadagno kim kim. he has been boosted by big name democratic like bon jovi, but kim seemed optimistic. it appears the bus tour was not enough, we're hearing about mayor bill de blasio with a win beating out republican nicole malliotakis. and independent bo dietl. in virginia another democrat win. you hear, sounds like the party is getting starts, in virginia, a ralph northam has won virginia governor race, defeating republican ed gil gillepsie.
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bill: appreciate that report, bring in our panel, i am joined by republican straggest jannette hoffman and bill caruso. people would say this is a reflect of donald trump, i say not so fast. it is closer than people predicted. but what do you say about republican party in new jersey. looks like kim was never going to overcom of chris christie. >> it was tough for her, murphy campaign, just blasted her at every opportunity, tried to tie her into chris christie. and she was his lieutenant governor for 8 years. she did have that to over come. bill: as a democrat, did chris
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christie kill the republican party in new jersey? >> you can look at what has gone on over course -- >> it is easier to sit here and complaint. >> i don't have money like you. >> i am sure. easier to sit and complain, that is the joy of public service, it is serving folks -- yeah, serving -- serving folks like you that is really a joy. >> this got him here, i think what happened over course of let year, it morphed, there was no party building going on. it was around chris christie his national run. bill: a good point, but if you look at state commit i did during gas tax vote, an increase in taxes, and state committee was spending money, not helping local races. >> this is unfortunate. i think bill, tomorrow you see county courthouses, mayor races,
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and republicans are alive and well in new jersey. bill: is this a referendum on chris christie that kim could not get out from under weight of chris christie, 14 percent. >> give her credit, she closed the gap, we ran against chris christie in this race, not against donald trump or kim guadagno. we ran against chris christie, murphy, he ran a positive progressive campaign in this state, which i think -- >> i don't think it was positive. >> to left of most mainstream democrats. >> more of a progressive campaign. i think it was a positive message. a lot of people reacted. bill: referendum on trump. >> i don't think so, many played a huge -- money played a huge part in in race. >> he stuck to public financing.
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bill: donald trump, maybe he would have come in and campaigned? >> she had a resource problem, i don't know him being here would have helped. bill: congressman tom mccarther raised to knows of tos of money. >> he has his own money too. bill: where do middle class and working class in new jersey go from here, democrats in charge of senate, and legislature and neuheisenew the governor sayingm going to raise taxes. >> it is a little scary. i think you will see a lot of tax increases. bill: i think you are right, any surprise with de blasio winning. >> no,. bill: bo dietl could not pull it out. >> no. >> okay.
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new jersey senior u.s. senator bob menendez on trial for corruption and bribery. we have details from courthouse, ashley johnson with the story. reporter: after two months of testimony, 57 witnesses testifying, 18 counts, jurors in federal corruption trial of u.s. senator menendez, have their work cut out. menendez left courthouse tuesday without talks to reporters. >> i have nothing more to say. reporter: no verdict has been reached and deliberation will continue to a third day, menendez is accused of accepts over $600,000 in political contributions, free private jet rides and a luxury hotel stay in paris from the doctor. to help him dissolve, disputes.
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judge william, told jurors to rely on individual or whole recollection on what was said, a juror is going on vacation friday, if a is not reached by thursday, an alternate juror will be brought in on monday. a bribery convicttion could mean prison time, it may not result in an immediate removal from senate, it could end his political career. democrat is up for reelection next year, he did vote on election day. bill: thank you. >> all right, a look at some headlines we're chasing for you. >> as puerto rico continues to recover from damage of hurricane maria, they are getting help from "the simpsons," releasing a video promising $25,000 in aid as springfield character barney
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pays back his bar tab. >> you are paying your bar t.a.pbar tab.>> i heard about yr inheritance. 25 grand. i am sending it to puerto rico. reporter: mayor said thank you, saying we have little power by having simpsons in our corner fills our heart. >> and the uber passenger helping herself to the driver's tips for help, the it did happen in august. minnypd say its has no record. >> retired major league pitcher, dock holiday died in a small 13 crash in gulf of mexico. went down about noon tuesday northern tampa. 40-year-old holiday took
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delivery of his own a 5 last month, he leaves a wife and 2 children, that is a look at some of the headlines we're chases today. bill: a lot more chasing news coming up. isis is recruiting your kids, you are not going to believe where their recruitment videos are showing up. and meteorologist dan zarrow will have your freezing forecast, we'll be in 20s with windchill friday. >> that is cold, astounding how cold it is going to feel later this week, i'll talk about what you have to break out the winter coat in
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>> welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, we have more coming up, isis is looking for kids. they are actively recruiting, but first we check in with meteorologist dan zarrow on the cold forecast. >> i'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this cold, not just how low the temperature go but how quickly cold air moves in and how fast winds will blow, feeling blustery and wintry by the en of this week. the jet stream has dipped to south. that opens door to cooler air, we had chilly air blast number one tuesday. part of the area saw first
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snowflakes. cold air blast 2 is thursday to friday, that is where thermometers are going low. tonight, mid to upper 30s, not bad, a frost probably, a freeze likely in cooler spots. maybe snowflakes, wednesday we stay cool, highs limited to lower 50s with partly sunny skies, an isolated shower, thursday, nicest day of the week, highs in to mid 50s. par for course this time of year, then the bottom drops out, thursday night, a widespread frost and freeze across area, and friday it is winds and cold, highs will be limited to 40, you add windchill, it will feel like 20s. all day on friday, you need winter coats, i am meteorologist dan zarrow. bill: are your kids at risk? a pro isis group hacked into a computer company that hosts
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school web sites across the country, over 800 schools were impacted, including one in our area, pro isis recruiting video was up for hours before they took it down. the question is, how dangerous is this. in this time and is it going to happen against? are your kids at risk in when are schools doing about it? bringing in a security expert in counter terrorist expert, jonathan gillian, a former appreciate agent with fbi, former navy seal and federal air marshall welcome back. >> great to be here. bill: let me ask you, in your opinion is this a recurring attack in a reoccurring threat or a one off hack. >> i think this is probably more a one off attack, it was a company that facilities on-line program for the schools. >> do these videos really work?
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by just seeing it, are we as americans less safe? >> i are not going to typically see a recruiting video recruit someone who is not a muslim it preaches more toward the is isis faith. bill: did it take them 3 hours to get this down or is the -- school add mai editors showed ut 6:00. >> that is whether something occurs in system that allowed them to put it up at that point, or, the people that did it, may not have been in this country, it may be daytime for them. >> thank you, jonathan. great to have your expertise and insight. bringing back our panel. two political strategist on oppositesid side of aisle, my gs here on a similar page with this, i wonder how many time
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kids spend on school web sites. >> probably not on school web site, but they spend a ton of time on-line, that is why isis has made digital media, social media sites software games their new frontier for isis recruitment, males 17 years old, maybe spend a lot of time on-line, promising them glory and making them famous if they pull off the attacks, that is terrify. >> talking about making them famous, boston bomber on cover of "rolling stone" magazine, team look at them as almost idols, this is the problem about videos or how kids are being brought up. >> parents have number one responsibility to watch. and school caught it, what are they exposed to in other areas? you raise children in today's day and age, you have to be aware of everything they of
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expected to, and now isis. >> isis has gotten creative in making a call of duty jihadi game. bill: you are not going to solve that. >> that is why -- >> idea of playing outside does not happen. >> yes, you can, you can. >> you encourage your kids to be involved in a broad variety of things, you have to be engaged. you are right, not so much what is out there, it is out there, it is having interaction with your charge. bill: thank you. >> former edison township school principal is suing board of education, he said he was fired because he was gay. a member of the bor board of circeducation, circulated a litter, outraged and upset with. on the part of hart. board of education met his contract, not renewed, a point of condonetion that teresa ward, who wrote that letter to board
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saying that this guy should be terminated or not renewed, she referred to him as a hussey. and he saying that is say derogatory term, he was fired because he was gay, i have his attorney with us now. representing former principal in edison, timothy hart, how are you armand. >> good evening. bill: all right, so, i just need to understand, she used the term brazen hussey in the letter, that is front and center in your lawsuit against the board of education, but, sounds like according to letter, there was more to this conversation about not renewing him? >> it was not just brazen hussey. i would challenge never use that term, and wrote someone with his proclivities should not be involved in educating children, and he should be removed before
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he does something really weird. bill: the letter from teresa ward, referred to the environment as a hostile work environment working with your client. >> we didn't know about the letter until his termination, teresa ward is -- conducting her own investigation about what she thinks is a host will work environment, that is not her role, without that letter, we would not have really known what happened. it would have been a mystery, thank goodness she feels entitled enough to display her bigotry openly enough for everyone to see, it is rare where some feels so entitled. >> thank you. >> i think that letter was inappropriate, and don't tell me you don't know what she meant by term brazen hussey, and weird
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proclivities, there may have been valid claims against this principal but when you use bias language like that. >> board of education which has a duty to evaluate the employees, if she had other issues it is undone because they are sensitive over an accusation of a word, really. >> we don't know, but they opened a door with speech and language she used in letter, for someone like armand and his client to rightfully sue, they will put board members under oath. >> if you are fired from your job, you done know why, and you see your let ter, attacking you, you would okay. bill: but, that is not what happened, when i read the letter, and in is say full list of things that -- >> from this one woman. not from teachers not from employees. bill: we have to see. >> i think this -- >> i would like to see a judge
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say, we have to stop being so hyper sensitive in society and evaluate on on the merits of the accusations. >> thank you. >> bill: coming up on "chasing news," more election results, how do winners and losers impact your family, your job and
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bill: welcome back to "chasing news," i am bill spadea, all right, our last thoughts on the election, big winners could de blasio reelected as mayor in new york, but former embassy to germany, democrat phil murphy governor succeeding chris christie. bringing in our a-plus panel, what do you think your party won big. >> we did, now time comes to put party back together there are still wounds within the democratic party. i think that murphy will work on top to heal.
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there were other big winners and losers as well, sweeny was a huge winner. bill: does this show, a lot of people want to call this a referendum on president trump, but you look at new jersey, murphy was 30 points ahead, a closer margin, but in ey in a be state. i would say, given fact that murphy spent more than $20 million to win primary, kim did okay. >> she did a great job, she was always underdog in the race, new jersey has 800,000 more registered democrats than republicans. 8 years of a republican governor, i can't remember last time voters elected party there are three consecutive terms, i think that kim did a great job, she is say strong campaigner, a bright political future. bill: when do democrats turn on each other to fight over the
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spoils. democratic governor, promising to raise taxes and allege lature who has tried to raise taxes, and chris christie vetoed time after time, now they have a blank check. >> i hope you will see democrats come together and work across aisle, but i remind you -- >> do they need to. >> democrat shut down government in first 6 months of john corzine's term. bill: a valid point. >> how is he going to govern. bill: it republican party dead in new jersey. >> no. bill: why not. >> i think they will continue, we go back and forth, we had 8 years of republican governor, half congressional delegation is republican, i am not going to count the republican party out. bill: all right, i'll say, leave it there, but as it taxpayer in new jersey, we have a lot to look forward to, we hope. but bottom line is, you have a democratic governor, and a
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democratic lead legislature looking to raise taxes, i am not sure that new jersey will get more affordable, tune in tomorrow morning. for my morning show, we'll break down details of the results and what it means to you and your bank account, see you tomorrow, thanks for watching. >> some things that can be done. >> take them identify subway, ridiculous. >> spending taxpayer dollars to reward prisoners. >> positive reinforcement works.
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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. >> a perfect game. roy halladay has thrown the second perfect game in philadelphia phillies history. ♪ right now philadelphia fans, >> he was one in a million. it is a true loss for us. >> beloved former phillies ace killed in a plane crash. roy halladay died doing something he loved flying but the question tonight, what went wrong? fox 29 news at 11:00. tributes are pouring in tonight for legend roy halladay. this billboard lit up at citizens bank park to honor the life of the eight time all star and right now federal aviation investigators are lookin


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