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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 10, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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his grip for while. >> a creepy case. a teen confronted by a stranger who police say stalk him on social media. your news right now the first freeze in our area. we are talking about a blistering cold and folks are bundled up. it's bone-chilling weather that just makes you want to stay inside. >> yeah. tell was.
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>> thanks for joining us on this fry jed friday night i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm lucy noland. everybody is talking about the plunge in temperatures. you know what it's so hard to believe that we were talking about 70s earlier this week. all right. scott, you warn us. it's here. this is the coldest night in, what, eight months? >> absolutely, lucy. to head all the way back to march to find temperatures this cold. we are below freezing area wide right now. look at allentown already 23 degrees. reading 25. bone-chilling 27 degrees right now in philadelphia. air temperatures we're looking at trenton 24 degrees. 28 in dover, atlantic city, temperatures in the upper 20s. it's an end to the growing season. pretty much area wide. temperatures tonight falling into the teens and the 20s with that freeze warning. look at the feels like temperatures right now. feels like 15 degrees philadelphia. it feel like zero mount pocono. it feels like 16 in atlantic city. look at the records to beat. philadelphia the record 21 for
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tonight. the forecast right around 24 degrees. allentown 18 degrees breaking the record. atlantic city likely breaking the record. trenton breaking the record. also wilmington. so it is cold area wide. our brad sattin will continue our team coverage. you're in pennsauken, new jers jersey. how are you fairing out there in the bitterly cold air? >> reporter: well, there's nothing that i could tell that you you don't know, scott. certainly threw the course of the day it continued to get colder. we're talking about temps here in the 20s. wind chills even colder than that. for most of us it's a minor inconvenience but if you have to work or live in this weather, it can be down right dangerous. knew it couldn't last, mother nature jumping from september to january. >> are you ladies cold? >> yeah. >> reporter: faster than you can say -- >> i can't feel my hands. >> reporter: temps cold enough to approach near record numbers for november and for some like this team installing glass in center city there's no choice
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but to work outside and keep telling themselves -- >> it's not bad, man. the heat is in the work. as long as you're moving shake your legs it's good to go. >> reporter: doesn't help when you're looking from the outside at this a warm fire inside cozy at least it's cozy in there. meanwhile code blues have been declared across the region in philly that means homeless out reach teams will try to convince our most vulnerable to get out of the cold. dozens of beds have been added to shelters around the city. a code blue also in effect in camden county triggering the opening of warming centers. >> staying indoors as much as possible. checking in on your elderly, your disabled residents. perhaps some friends that may just -- you may think may need some assistance. >> reporter: while the mermaids a traction at adventure aquarium macon injury warm thoughtsing. >> , it was nice and warm and the mer midst were here when made it special. >> reporter: reality is a bitter cold pill pill as fans stepped outside the penguins here seemingly with the last laugh. >> i hate winter. >> reporter: try and as this
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guy did to sell hot everything. >> hot soft pregnant also is. hot hot hotdogs. hot diggity dogs. >> reporter: most customers giving him the cold shoulder among on the cold body parts. >> i don't like it because people don't want to stop. >> reporter: still not everyone here is opposed to the chilly reception. >> i'm pregnant so i actually like this cold weather. >> reporter: it feels good. >> yeah. like a few months ago i was dying but now i actually feel good. good if you have an oven, you're you're baking something. >> reporter: that is one way to look at it. we did check in with the philadelphia water department. they're telling us it's not likely that your pipes will freeze with just one or two cold days but certainly your skin can freeze. we know that frost bite, chris, could set in win 45 minutes. so it's important to keep your entire body or as much as it as possible covered. >> all right, brad, get a hat on. would you? >> right. >> all right. this code blue also means you cannot keep your dogs out in the elements at all in philadelphia.
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the only way a pup can be outside your home is if it has a heating structure like a heed heated shed to stay in. if you have a dog outside call the animal care and control team at (267)385-3800 extension 66 every 600. in radnor a creep poe case ended with the arrest of a guy who police say is a stalker. prosecutors say this guy drove from michigan to track down a local teen who happens to be a social media star and that's not all. police say he even contacted the teen's parents. our dave kinchen is following this developing story from radnor township. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it is roughly an 11-hour drive from michigan to the radnor area, and police say that's how far this suspect drove to scare this teen and certainly his family. it's the face of an alleged stalker of an 18-year-old male instagram star in delaware county. >> this was a significantly serious incident.
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>> reporter: radnor police say 30-year-old michael lieb drove all the way from michigan to quote hook up with an 18-year-old entertainer well known on u tube after lieb was spotted at their house tuesday, cops pre tenned to be the boy using his cell phone to lawsuit suspect until he was in cuffs. >> because the parents had a strong relationship with their child, and the parents trusted the police department, we work as a team with the school district, prior to arresting him making sure that the family was safe, the school was safe. >> reporter: cops say lieb started messaging the teen on instagram weeks ago using a different name the whole time. after the first visit, late last month, cops say they track as many as five stops by the suspect as he sent chilling messages. >> officers arrived to find that there were several disturbing texts including a nine hours away specifically. the family's personal accounts started receiving e-mails saying, we are going -- i am going to take your son quote unquote. >> reporter: radnor police
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showed us this twitter page belonging to the suspect where he calls himself a model. in one tweet he seeks a guy between 16 and 22 years old to give him a back massage and comfort him for 20 bucks an hour. >> yes, i've been in contact with lieutenant out in plymouth city michigan police department. they are familiar with michael lieb. >> reporter: cops say it's a lesson for parents to share with their kids. >> it is very important for every family to go over internet safety. to know the signs of somebody trying to visit anybody is extremely dangerous. >> reporter: i did speak witness victim and his family very briefly tonight. i asked how the victim was doi doing. he sift just gave me a thumbs up says he's doing okay. meantime the suspect is facing terroristic threats, charges also stalking and harass many charges. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. road rage, gunfire and a car crash involving police cars all at 10:00 o'clock in the morning.
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philadelphia police are still investigating exactly what happened on allegheny avenue this morning in kensington. fox 29's dave schratwieser on this story night. like a bomb. >> reporter: that's how witnesses described the sound of the metal crunching crash between two city police suv's at d and indiana as officers responded to shooting friday morning. the crash so far violent it shook the surveillance cameras that captured it on video at a local store. >> next thing i know, they collided, and it looked like fast and the furious out here. >> i heard a big crash and then i jumped out of my bed. >> reporter: two, 24th district suv's collided just after 10:00 sending one vehicle crashing into a utility pole and then into this house. air bags deployed on both suv's as injured officers scrambled to get out. >> the one officer jumped out, he jumped in the back of the car. his face was filled with blood. >> two police officers were
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coming out of the car and there was blood all over their face. >> reporter: police say it all started after an argument between drivers at kensington and allegheny. one driver got out and filed four shots at the other driver. as septa police start to do chase the shooting suspect, philadelphia police responded leading to the crash. the suspect's red honda then crashed at c and allegheny. he was arrested by septa police. >> i was freak out. >> meanwhile accident investigators converged on the scene at d and indiana as tow trucks removed both heavily damaged police vehicles. snapping this pole in half as they pulled one suv from the damaged home. >> thank god i wasn't on the other side. if i was on the other side i would have didn't bed, man. police officers are lucky to be alive? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: the suspect will be charged in connection with the shooting. police tell me both the crash and the shooting were captured on real-time crime cameras.
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the crash remains under investigation much at temple hospital, dave schratwieser fox 29 news. a local little girl five years old disabled is now going to be able to get around much easier all thanks to a very generous donation. hour shawnette wilson joins us live from norristown with more on her story. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, everybody in the room tonight had a tear in their eye and this little girl is going to melt your heart. she is so cute. all the people who made this possible, well, they're her angels. >> my greatest honest to present you with the keys to your new van. >> christmas came early for the family of five-year-old julianna armstrong. >> glory be to god. i want to thank everybody that happened. >> gofundme the family raised 12 to $13,000 but donations slowed. that's when an organization called hogs and honeys gave the
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remaining $15,000 the family needed to get this wheelchair accessible van for their precious baby girl. >> getting her in and out of the vehicle, lifting her all of the equipment to get in and out it's a lot. >> she was diagnosed with a genetic disorder when she was three months old. >> it's called i carried syndrome and basically it means the part of your brain corpus company lou sum the side -- the part of the brain that connects the right and left side and kids with her condition it's either partially there or completely absent. >> the disorder also causes lesions in the back of the eyes and infantile spas spasms she will never out grow. julianne in a can have these epp let me tick seizures every day. >> we love her and she's a happy girl. hogs and honeys volunteer watched with joy as the family loaded julianna into the van. the organization provides grants for families of abused and diss advanced children in montgomery county. >> you hate to see kids suffer in any wage this little girl is such a sweetheart and to see her
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family be able to get her a vehicle to get her around where she needing to it's just heart warming. >> her parents are forever grateful for everyoe who made this possible. >> just knowing there's good people out here unconditional good people out here in the world. >> reporter: and the presentation took place here at norristown chrysler. they were kind enough to handle all the costs associate the with the inspection and tags for this van. if you'd like more information on hogs and honey... >> happy veterans day from the greater kensington vfw. i'm here with bobby orr talking about how the vfw is doing these days. needs a little shot in the arm. we'll see
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♪ ♪ tomorrow is officially veterans day but throughout our area today we paid tribute to those military men and women who have served our nation. this was the 58 many annual parade p media, delaware county, build as the largest of its kind in pennsylvania. and full of patriotic marching bands and colorful floats and of course veterans. of course veterans day as we said is officially tomorrow. time to honor and recognize those willing to lay their lives on the line for the freedoms we enjoy in our nation. yet many veterans are struggling right now with problems like drug addiction and mental illness or homelessness. so our hank flynn went to kensington to remind us of a few thing. >> ted, are you using these days? >> i do deal with addiction
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problems y. >> reporter: it's hank. i'm at kensingto ken sing one at veterans who live in the street and self medicaid. ted williams has nowhere to leave and veterans day is this year don't forget him. >> blood, sweat and tears are written in blood. freedoms we enjoy understand somebody did pay for it. >> ben torres was army field are a tiller reece off heroin for two years. seeing fellow veterans struggle makes him wonder what veterans day. >> should be more than a parade. more than free food given out once year. lock for those veterans every day. every day is veterans day. every day these veterans suffer. >> quarter of homeless people are vets according to the national coalition for the homeless. three quarters of them have drug and alcohol problems or mental illness. and vets organizations but they struggle too, which brings to us the other story. >> the veterans need more places to go to than the hospitals and stuff and the clinics. they need other places where they can go sit down, socialize
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with other veterans or even social members and watch enjoy watching games. >> sure. >> other activities that go on in all these posts too. >> bobby orr was opening up the greater kensington vfw. he says he'll be nap dozen guys come by tonight. a lot of vfw halls are having a tough time. >> possible in the city just don't care and that's a sad part. because you're having a lot of these places close up and at alarming rate and it's not fair for hopefully down the road other veterans that might want to join and there's not going to be many around to join rt report something to think about as you celebrate veterans day with all the much deserved pomp and circumstance. things aren't always great for veterans. some are having a really hard time. you may have heard what the suicide rate for vets is. it's unacceptable. ben torres was right. every day is veterans day. don't forget it. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪
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nearly 7,000 people are diagnosed with castleman's disease every year in the united states. and tonight in philadelphia, an organization did what it could to find a cure. the castleman's disease network held its third annual request for cure event tonight in hopes of raising $100,000 for research. castleman disease is a rare disease that affects the lymph nodes and causes a immune system to attack its own organs. >> i was diagnosed in my third year of medical school and unfortunately almost died five times in three and a half year period but i'm on new drug that we identified at the university of pennsylvania and we're trying to get this drug to more patients ton night is all about raising money for clinical trial to get this drug to more patients. >> attendees tease of the event were served dinner, participated in silent auction and listened to a talk from the network's co-founder. >> tonight look key here it's snow at blue mountain at the blue mount tepp resort. it's manmade.
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can you see it because it's hard. we got tiny monitors around it's all real. can you believe it's time for this. >> early this week 70 degrees. scott williams is tracking the first deep freeze. i shouldn't be laughing. i know some are crying. your forecast in 15 seconds. it's weather whiplash we've been spoiled take a look at the temperature on monday the afternoon high temperature 70 degrees. tuesday upper 40 wis that wind and rain. 52 degrees was the high on wednesday. 59 degrees was the high temperature on thursday. and right now, look at the temperature. 27 bone-chilling degrees get ready for record cold across pretty much the entire area for the overnight. this arctic front that moved through yesterday has really
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allowed for those temperatures to drop. look at ultimate doppler bone dry. dew points are in the single digits. so remember that moisturizer over the next couple of days. look at the current temperatures right now. allentown 23 degrees. 25 in reading. philadelphia 27. 24 in trenton and look at the upper 20s even for dover and also atlantic city. so here's the bottom line. look at the current air temperatures below freezing area wide right now. we have 29 millville. 23 in allentown. reading 25. 25 degrees in lancaster. already in the teens for sections of mount pocono, and future feels like temperatures early on your saturday morning walking the dog, getting the paper, we're looking at temperatures feeling like they're in the teens to single digits in the poconos. hour by hour by 10am it's still going to feel like 25 degrees in philadelphia. and then by lunch time, it feels like freezing in the philadelphia area. the records to beat
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philadelphia's record for the overnight is 21 degrees much the forecast right now about 24. allentown the record is 19. we're looking at an overnight low of 18 degrees and look at wilmington. 21 breaking the record. high temperatures tomorrow low 40s pretty much the general rule and as we look at that seven day forecast, it's a short arctic blast because high temperatures by sunday 51 degrees. maybe an evening overnight shower. lingering into monday. 53 degrees. 54 by tuesday. and then temperatures stay several degrees below average but, sean, pretty seasonal for this time of year. but tonight feeling more like january. >> scott, i see a 24. i see a 24 right there. yes. it feels exactly like that outside. definitely not baseball weather but let's start there. the phillies announced the rest of the coaching at a of today. who will row mace matt stairs as hitting coach. i'll give you that answer and the eagles will be relaxing this sunday because of the bye week
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but next week's opponent the dallas cowboys are already dealing with a huge loss. all the details and big d next in sports.
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>> are in nissan wrap on fox 29. the eagles have it easy this weekend they off due to the by week all about resting and getting healthy for the final seven game stretch of the season to take on the rival cowboys next week. it's a game the cowboys must win if they want any chance to win the nfc east. after yesterday's ruling where star running back ezekiel elliot
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told he will finally have to serve a six game suspension it only makes things a little more complicated for the boys. elliot will begin this suspension this weekend versus the falcons and here's head coach jason garrett. >> we have a number of guys on our team week in and week out available to us and some guys aren't available to us, and we don't go into long dissertations on everybody's playing status each week. the next guy up is a big philosophy for us and we try to -- we believe in it, and i think our team understands it. they understand the importance of it. >> all right. no bye week for us this week bring you the best games on sun day get you started with "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. vikes and skins at 1:00 p.m. and the main event there it is the boys at the falcons at 4:25. over to the diamond the phillies filled out the rest of their coaching staff this afternoon they announced john mallee will take over for matt stairs as the hitting coach. mallee was with the cubs the previous three seasons they led the national league in on base
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percentage over that span. also added was dusty wathan as the third base coach which has to be viewed as the best of both worlds for phillies fans. wathan who was the aaa iron pigs manager last season has been with the phillies farm season the past ten seasons rumored to be a finalist for the manager job awarded to gabe kapler. >> baseball season right around the corner. temple owls haven't had the championship flare they displayed last year but first year head coach jeff collins making a bowl would be something the owls could build on for next season. now with only three games left, the owls must win two out of those final three games to become bowl eligible. temple at cincinnati. love the friday night football. third quarter temple up my man frank new tell as a cannon of an arm. he hooks up with the kirkwood. temple up big. now to the third after the bear cats cut it down to one possession game. that's isaia write. look at him. >> he's going! >> he actually doesn't run that fast. we sped it up for the people.
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98 yards to the house. temple they go on to win, 35-24. >> congratulations. >> yeah. love the owls. one more we're bowl eligible. >> there you go. >> so we have a very big event tomorrow. the walk to end alzheimer's. >> absolutely. >> it's going to be. you're going to be there. what time? >> 9:00 a.m. and we're talking about feels like temperatures in the teens and 20's. bundle up though. >> citizens bank park. >> absolutely. >> okay. come out and help the cause. it's a great one. >> the gloves, the hats, the hand warmers. bring it all. >> that does it for us at 10:00 o'clock. >> our special ed dig of bill anderson's for goodness sake is next it's fantastic. it's heart warming it's unlifting. we'll see you right back here at 11:00. ♪
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sake. >> i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. our first story focuses on a mom haason is serving his country and her husband is extremely sick right now. she still manages to give back to veterans. >> as bill anderson shows us in her time of need, her neighbors did not hesitate before giving back to her for goodness sake. ♪ >> my son is a marine. he was on his third deployment in his four years. i knew that these guys needed things and in iraq. i started working with the commanders of the battalions to find out what they need. >> every day we hear about people like patti lewis helping others but it's also great to share a story about communities that take the


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