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tv   Chasing News  FOX  November 21, 2017 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> going to jersey governor, chris christie has a street named after him. social media wants to know when the lane closure start. fifteen-dollar minimum wage, a new governor legislator that wants it. it could happen in the next few months. will it hurt the people it intends to help? chaos on the subway. homeless, and a mom assaulted in front of her kids. when will it end? an investigation says it is as bad as you think. i am bill spadea, this is chasing news. records university president stepped into controversy when he went to a student government form and defended awful hate,
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anti-semitic speech is okay and protected by the first amendment. were talking about professors bashing israel in their lectures and facebook posts. not only anti-semitic posts but including swastikas found on campus including some of the door. he saying it's too far to put a burning cross on someone's lawn, but this is protected as first amendment rights. i'll bring in the first civil rights advocate. >> hello. i'm happy to be here. >> here is a guy working on the taxpayers dime, one of the highest paid new jersey state employees. talking about anti-semitism and free speech, but up to and including a swastika painted on the door building. >> it's ridiculous.
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the president's actions are ridiculous. we want to make sure professors have an opportunity to share their minds and their students. here's legitimate questions. if you can't back it up and you responsible for what you say. >> what about the professors? beyond vandalism are we moving to the point where the university won't be a safe spa space? >> i want professors to be able to say controversy of things. like conservative republicans to be professors and challenge the liberal thought and i want fascist liberals to say left-leaning things to their students and challenge them. where goes wrong is the type of communication. it encourages the kind of
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behavior like painting swastikas, i want people to feel like they can challenge drugs but they cannot commit hate speech and get away with it. >> thank you. see you soon. let's bring our panel to break it down. were joined by political strategist on a pop-culture commentator. lisa, andre, and bill, bill, it seems to me these he target are people of jewish faith. the president would have never said this if we're talking about blacks or muslim. >> i don't disagree, as an alumnus and a lawyer that graduated, i'm offended in that respect. >> this guys the president of rutgers, defending a swastika.
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>> you cannot compare hate speech with free speech. when a black person does free speech is deemed as hate speech. >> i look at the professors. their crazy professors attacking jews for being jewish. >> for the president or any professor to take a flippant remark about any race, creed or culture is disgraceful. i suspect will be a full investigation. >> i hope the new governor elect weighs in on. >> when a white person doesn't they get investigated, when a black person does that they get fired. he should be dismissed in, fired. >> we could be on the same page on this. >> why? great. >> let's talk about minimum wage. the governor, and it office. he has a legislature that wants to pass a 15-dollar minimum wage. the new governors on board. will it hurt some of the people it intends to help?
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first ashley has the details. >> bill murphy promised a has a news conference at hiking up the minimum wage is at the top of his to do list. he believes it should be $15 per hour instead of $8.44. he said families cannot afford to live in feed their children. >> i've been asked a lot on the campaign trail were folks don't see it the way we all do. what's the magic about $15 question i would say what's the magic about $8.44. >> federal leave the minimum wage is $7.25. the plaintext swiftly of getting a bill in front of the government elect. matt rennie, an attorney says raising the minimum wage would tank small businesses. >> in order to earn that money and pay back into the economy,
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you have to have the job to begin with. what will happen is when you raise it $15.11 players make the decision there setting the threshold that anyone who works at least 30 hours get paid $15, all my employees working 35 will now work less hours. >> they understand the concerns and raising the minimum wage over a number of years. i'm ashley reporting for chasing news. >> let's bring in the panel to break this down. we are joined by bill caruso, lisa and andre. andre, this is your guy, the question is, $15 that's a pretty
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big burden for small businesses. >> the more money people make the more money they will spend. it may raise good slightly. >> a legislator put it through last year, they've done it a few times and they did pass an incremental race but someone has to pay it. >> every dollar you put in the pocket of workers go into the economy. they're not putting it into a 4o1k, they're spending it. second, we met with small business owners that were for an increase. they were paying fair wages and they are competing with people that aren't. we have to be careful when bill murphy has been strategic about it. a phase-in can absorb it. if you don't what you'll see is the phasing out of minimum wage employees. >> lisa, i know where you stand on this academically. , but what happens with people who lose their jobs where they
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took the jump to $15 and it's a disaster for low income wage earners because the dollar that won't go back in. >> first of all $15 is into living wage in new jersey. right now, $8.44 an hour -- >> there's a study same people live making less than $65000 a year can't make living in new jersey. >> if murphy was down with this, new jersey, medicare for all, that's a big bill to pay private insurance companies to give people like police officers insurance, take that out of the budget and find money. >> i would love for you to sit in the shoes of a small business person to know how to justify
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the. i have to stop it there. >> here's a look at the headlines. explosions rocked a cosmetic plant in new york. the orange county plant blogs to the berlin international corporation. more than 30 were injured including seven firefighters. no word on what caused the explosions. the washington post is reporting eight women came forward with claims of sexual harassment by charlie -- heat made the phone calls, walked around naked and groped the private areas. cbs has suspended him as they look into the allegations. in a statement process quote, it's essential these women a i hear them and i deeply apologize for my inappropriate behavior. i'm greatly embarrassed. this year's macy's the thanksgiving day prayer mayor bill diblasio dressed security
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concerns. he was joined by the nypd commissioner who outlined the need for heightened security. >> it's one of the symbols of why new york is great. so important to protect the prey to make sure everyone can enjoy. >> every intersection will be sanitation trucks. will use critical command cops specifically assigned to counterterrorism duties. >> coming up, more show. cass underground in the new york subway is a mess. new investigation shows that it is as bad as you think. a meteorologist and is going to have your cold and wet forecast. >> lots of traveling, eating and shopping during the thanksgiving week. weather will mostly cooperate. .
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>> welcome back to chasing news. we have a lot more for you tonight. the subways in new york are a mess. cass underground. a new investigation by the new york times shows this is a problem that is growing.
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where's the end? first, chris christie has a new road and morris county named after him. the internet means have not stopped. the question is, when will the traffic lanes be closed as low hanging fruit? is a controversy r? what should we be doing for any government that gets elected for two terms. some people are really upset about this road. diane has a story. >> governor christie will leave office in january. for those not ready to say goodbye, feaster is on this. it is chris christie drive. >> i don't even remember his first name. >> never too early to remember sitting pas politician. he broke ground for new central access street run from central park. it's in morris county, the same county where christie lives. >> this is why you want to raise your family here. places like this that you can bring your children for them to grow up in a surrounding as pitiful as this with opportunities to compete and share special time with their
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family. >> it's designed to alleviate traffic. >> heavy notice traffic problems? >> no. there's traffic appear. >> some can't forget about other traffic problems under the governor, most notably bridgegate, involving lane closures. take a look at what some road on twitter. one said why stop at a road, why not a bridge. here, governor christie is remembered for more than that. only the fourth governor and only one since the 1800s. he'll be succeeded in january by murphy. >> thank you. let's bring in our panel to break it down. lisa, the chris christie way, what you think? >> first of all i'm very happy
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that they're not tied to -- new jersey. i've literally go there and say good laughing by people want in a buildings after each other ridiculous. taxpayers will have to foot the bill. >> we haven't been on the same page but let me tell you the other side, governor for eight years, he was reelected. maybe his poll numbers today are horrible, it's very possible three years and i murphy for sturm that will say we miss that guy, you avoid highways and tolls, to think they'll be a checkbox to avoid chris christie way? >> the new york subway system is a mess.
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and so say any commuter you talk to. you brats on the train, homeless sleeping under state seats, even a mom beaten up in front of her kids. it's a disaster. try getting to where you're going on time. just the first four months of 2017, 111,000 delays blamed on overcrowding. ridership has nearly doubled to 6 million every day. the problems are bad and getting worse. and joined by an engineer and has been with the nta. welcome. >> thank you. i'm happy to be here. >> as an engineer, do you feel safe? people are writing the subways later early in the morning, do you as an employee feel like you
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are protected? a lot of riders do not think there. >> no, we're not. between january and may of this year we had many problems and no convictions on any of these assaults. i don't think they even care to catch them. >> d feel like the timing of your pushing of a different contract is rough? yeah the average salaries almost $170,000 per year. i will point you think that you've had a fair wage and contract? >> i make 67000 year. i think the salaries they're talking about is on the railroad. >> what would you say to mayor diblasio and the governor cuomo if you could have them step up and do something. >> i think they need to be men come together and fix the city. this is cuomo's problem. but the mayor is not off the hook.
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the crimes in the subway. >> good talking to. >> lisa, i know you ride the subway regularly. you thought it was bad enough when there's nowhere do you feel threatened or unsafe? >> i have been listed on the train. people knew i never took the tray every night a come home at 10:00 o'clock at night there's no cop, no cop on the train station. were holding on its crowded there bumping into my butt and literally masturbating on my butt. this was a year ago. >> what you call 911. >> i'm scared like who's on the train.
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this is very dangerous for women in particular. >> this is probably not a isolated incident but you have to call 911. but the question is, where does the money go? the average employee earns close to 200,000 year mean you're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars and is getting worse not better. >> sounds like a lot is going to overtime. a lot of it has to do with litter or lack of there being authority enforcement on the train. the sad story to hear. >> it's very easy to blame politicians. bottom line, people are getting assaulted. the mother was beaten up. >> this has to stop.
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we beat the daylights out of our politicians. this is a systemic problem of neglect. the story of the mother being beaten. >> did you see the rats running rampant? >> it's a public safety problem. they need more police on these trains immediately. >> here's dan with your weather. >> we saw our first snowflakes monday morning. places like central park and then more snow in the forecast, things get tranquil with a few bumps in the road. i think tuesday will be the nicest and warmest day with temperatures making a run for 6. winds come from the southwest. clouds sunny and looking good and dry.
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then late tuesday night and early wednesday morning especially for the jersey shore long island. then we'll get colder. if you're going to the thanksgiving. her out black friday shopping you need to bundle up. cold there is on the way. the forecast tonight low to mid 30s across the area. mostly clear skies and quiet try weather. staying dry and tuesday, this is the warm-up high 55 to maybe 60. chance for rain early wednesday morning for the east and south you are will see clearing skies. fiftys in the morning and 40s in the afternoon. high temperatures only in the 40s as we head into the holiday weekend. pgh so, not, big football sunday.
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the giants did something that surprised people, th
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>> welcome back to jason's. i'm bill spadea. we have sports to talk about. how about the new york giants actually winning a game? george has the detail. >> that's right, still a little stunned to say that the giants won a game. let's go to the highlights, alex smith and the chiefs coming in double digit favorites. over time, 9 - 9 was the score. just two minutes left it's eli manning to roger lewis. he was dragged down but somehow managed to catch the ball. the catch stanza moments later -- hasn't been good as a kicker but he manages this one. they win 12 - 9. they face the redskins on
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thanksgiving night. as for the eagles, saving football in the region on dallas, highlights, to the great young quarterbacks 9 - 7 dallas. corey clement 11-yard run and a two-point conversion. went 11 yards to jeffrey. another two-point conversion. thirty unanswered points in the eagles go to nine and one with a win over dallas. they are the favorites in the nfc. bill, back to. >> records university president in my opinion has disgraced himself. defending anti-semitism as free speech. it's one thing to say to have
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free speech on the borderline of free speech. but he said under the first amendment the swastikas they found on campus would be protected. the speech was geared at black americans and muslims, i wonder if he would've been singing a different tune. seems to be a trend of anti-semitism growing throughout our area. it has to stop. enough. other than being a terrible university president one of the highest-paid in the state, he's gone too far. you cannot defend the swastikas on campus. forget about the professors who talked on facebook about how horrible they are. # fire bob -- >> have a great night will see you tomorrow night at chasing news.
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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 nauseated 11. >> one busy night. breaking news out of plymouth township montgomery county. police are on the scene at ridge pike and linda drive scene a includes a body. fox 29's dave kinchen live in plymouth meet township what you got. >> police continuing to investigate this very close. let's go to new video we just shot this not too long ago. it shows everything on the ground at the scene here at the 400 block of ridge pike. here's what we can tell you police say they found the body of a man who was killed possibly stabbed. they're calling this an apparent murder that took place. they do not know who the suspect is. or how this happened but this all coming


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