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tv   Fox 29 News Late Edition  FOX  November 25, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EST

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♪ this is the nissan college post game show on fox 29. thompson looking, changes direction, scrambling it's in, touchdown! fort lead and for the
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win. >> better than buzzer beater touchdown to win it that's how we get the party started on a saturday night. bring it on for a special fox 29 college post game show i'm your host sean brace. you may ask sean, why is it so special? well, any time you we get to spend time together it's special but of course it's special because it's the final saturday in november and it is known as rivalry week and that is where we start. the iron bowl the best of the best auburn versus alabama and this year's game meant more than ever. the winner gets a berth to next week's sec championship game to take on those georgia dogs. a good game for sure. yes, even though alabama is undie feet add loss today bad news for nick say ban and company. beautiful shot of auburn right there. we pick it up in the third, alabama down three. scarborough takes the hand off down the side lines for 21-yard touchdown run puts alabama up that would not last long at all. now to the fourth quarter auburn up six and looking to add it to
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jared fakes the hand off and& takes it himself. he finds the end zone and that would be enough. auburn takes down number one for the second time in three weeks. they win the iron bowl, 26-14 and advance to the sec championship game to take on georgia. checking on clemson already lock up a slot next week acc champion shim game versus miami. loss for to south carolina might keep them out of the final four. clemson up big. watch this play. bryant hits renfro. 61 yards to the house. clemson wins 34-ten take on miami in the acc. championship game. let's it's let's up to an arbor. ohio state at michigan. wolverine fans are not happy with jim harbaugh. fourth quarter ohio up four looking to ice it. takes the hand off into the end zone. ohio state wins 31-20. urban meyer pretty good, six six-zero versus michigan.
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all right. one thing i know you never want to be compared to johnny manziel and that is exactly what's happening to oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. you may have heard mayfield takenned kansas last week and his coach decided to remove the c from his chest on senior day and would sit him for oklahoma opening drive as well. didn't matter because oklahoma scored a touchdown on that opening drive without mayfield and probably would have won without him as well. they rolled west virginia today and i thought this post game comment by west virginia is d coordinator summed it upper infectly he said i "quote we stunk up front, we stung at linebacker, dana meaning his head coach should fire me after that". how about that for some truth? oklahoma wins, 59-31. all right. now next week's games are everything. but a look into my crystal ball i have bad news for all you alabama fans out there. getting heat on social media today. no matter what i have the acc winner and clemson miami.
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no matter what have the sec winner auburn or georgia and guess what, the big ten winner they're getting in as well. that leaves one final spot and that's oklahoma' if's they beat tcu if they lose then alabama gets in. we'll see. we'll see what happens there. can't wait. that's for sure. hey, you remember this guy? yeah, that's right, the chipper. he's heading back to college where we all knew he was heading right. find out which program chip kelly will be leading when the fox 29 college
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♪ >> this is the nissan college post game show on fox 29. how about some breaking news here. you may have heard. former goals coach chip kelly returning to football college football that is. it is being reported kelly will now coach the ucla bruins and will be paid $23 million to do so. the chipper is a good coach i
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think we would all agree he couldn't handle professional locker rooms so college suits kelly best. good luck to the chipper. let's check in on notre dame fighting irish looking for win number ten tonight taking oh and good stanford squad. fourth quarter stanford up four. quarterback costello finds schultz for the touchdown pass. staff stanford wins 38-20. look when it comes to penn state i think we all need to agree that they are doing things right no matter the fact they missed out on the playoffs again this season. a win today would give the nittany lions double digit victories and back to back seasons for the first time since 2008 and 2009. penn state at maryland and maryland better do crabcakes right because they're struggling at football watch this play franklin drawing up some tricks. back up quarterback tommy stevens with the ball. penn state up seven early. penn state rolling and trace mcsorely roles outside to finds
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big man mike in the corner of the end zone. this was pretty right here penn state look good all game long. they blow out the mighty terrapins, 66-three. all right. let me see if i can build this up it you will comes down to this. the final game of the season for first year head coach jeff collins and temple owls it's simple. a win over tulsa today and the owls will be bowl eligible which is in the grand scheme of things might not mean that much on the surface but that extra month of practice sure would pay off for next year's squatter. they build it up enough. a lot of drama there. first year head coach jeff collins. we check in right here first quarter temple down four i'm a big fan of this quarterback right here. big things for this guy. frank new tell steady in the pocket and spins it nice toll jennings in the back of the end zone puts the owls up three. now to the second, he's making it look real easy. but this time little mobility rolls out and finds a wide open keith kirkwood for the touchdown and that's it. temple wins, 43-22 and the owls are bowl eligible. let's have a look at the
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other local scores west chester lose to iup44-ten division two playoffs. golden rams finish their season and nine and three and delaware valley university, del-val they beat husson and advance to the third round. a lot of fun tonight. that will do it for us outworks 29 post college post game show. the 76ers win again. we got the highlights coming up next. thank you for watching wean see you next saturday for championship week. good night, everybody. ♪
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